Friday, October 09, 2020

"Dancing with the Monkey Mind and Chasing the Ignus Fatuus across a Desert of Emptiness."


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In continuance with the trend of thought, concerning the mind and its functions and the practice of the Presence of God; let us consider the questions that everyone SHOULD ask themselves, the earlier the better (in life). Why am I here? Who am I? What is and is not important in life? I add also; who or what is God? How do I find him/her? In what manner should I worship and celebrate God?

The first period of the Aquarian Age is ruled by The Sun and lasts until 2188. Venus is next up after that. You need to get it into your mind that human history, AND THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, is far greater than any one life. It pays BIG TIME to set a course in life that reaches beyond it BECAUSE... you will find yourself beyond it; beyond this life and into another AND... if you have set a course, that course WILL CONTINUE, until the objective has been reached. This is COSMIC LAW. Of course, there are those whose Karma DEMANDS conditions and circumstances having to do with previous behaviors; I am talking about NEGATIVE intentions that require negative attention. These are not the sort to set the course(s) I am speaking of in the first place. If you do not have such 'holds', warrants, or BOLA's associated with you, you will have leeway and that leeway will expand or narrow (as the case may demand) measurably with each succeeding life.

You can, this very day, set a course to the heavens. What we do not see, going on behind the bandwidth of the physical senses is... a great deal. There are architects and builders of all sorts. There are those who guide the plant kingdom, in its full array of expressions, and the same with the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom. It stands to reason that the same applies to the human kingdom. Every kingdom gets focused and deliberate attention from those members of The Devic Realm, created for the tasks they perform, whether it be the elementals or angels, EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is monitored. When a human being makes a decision FOR GOOD OR FOR ILL, attention is given to it IMMEDIATELY. Then steps are taken to measure the determination and conviction involved.

Many times, decisions are made under the force of Karma. People stray into all sorts of areas of enterprise, often without even knowing why, or under the force of another will, be that a parent, society or government; bad companions and good companions, invisible influences across the spectrum of intention BUT... the Will of God is unopposable. IF you align yourself with the Will of God, every other influence will be swept aside.

Most of us have a problem and that is whatever Karma attends our every action and which is also responsible for the transparency or opacity of the veils over our eyes. HOWEVER... if you care to... there is a solution for you and I am telling you the GOD'S HONEST TRUTH here. You may not think this is a big deal. You might think; “who the Hell is he to tell me my business?” That would be Karma too. It's ALL KARMA, my friends... except in the case of Grace, though some would say that that also is Karma from another time. I do not presume to rule on this matter. The ways of God are inscrutable to ALL. The Wise simply know this more profoundly than the rest. WHY... do you think all of the truly wise are so utterly HUMBLE? There must be a reason, yes?

One could say that Humility is only another quality that comes to one who has taken a true measure of him/herself. Where do any of these qualities that distinguish a person from the rank and file come from? They come from The Divine... everything Good... Bad... and Imponderable comes from God and when it comes to Evil, it is necessary for balance. If there were no Evil, there could be no Good and there could be no Human Drama, which is the whole of the nature of manifest human existence. You can argue about it all you want. It doesn't change it. This is from whence come the words in The Lord's Prayer; “Lead us not into temptation.”

It is God that tests us and it is God who frees us. This might seem hard to understand BUT both aspects of this have our ultimate freedom in mind. I suggest that the first thing you do is stop fulminating about the starving children and all the other apparent ills in life. The REALLY first thing you HAVE TO DO is to accept... even if you don't slightly understand... that GOD KNOWS the ways and means and the ins and outs of EVERYTHING. God, inexplicably... is before, beyond and within EVERYTHING, is... in fact, EVERYTHING and so... experiences EVERYTHING, (after a fashion). Imagine that!!! AND if starving children bother you so much, then... DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

They are fools who presume to know and that is why The Wise are Humble. At some point, ALL OF THEM had a direct experience of The Divine and it changed them profoundly and NEVER again were they able to take themselves seriously. Be wary of ANYONE who is not as humble as the dirt. They WILL mislead you. The Wise attribute ALL the good they do to The Divine and accept for themselves ONLY their errors and mistakes. That too... those mistakes and errors, are Karma and it is the job of the angels of God to take the willing by the SHORTEST ROUTE out of their Karma. This is what all the Yogas are for. There is more than one Yoga, to adapt to the differences in human personality.

There are people who will argue about this and about which of them is better. STOP ARGUING! Stop placing importance upon yourself. Stop wanting. Stop wanting, period, except for The Presence of the Divine. As Lao Tzu said, so succinctly... “Cut down on senseless craving.” Your appetites are the source of ALL of your MISERIES. Doesn't simple logic tell you to desire God ONLY? Why is it so hard for people to get this? It is because they STILL want that which causes them SUFFERING. As the Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” Simple enough. Yet there are many who will argue about that. They argue from Karma. They haven't suffered enough. I HAVE.

I have had many examples of my own willful stupidity BUT my past is no longer relevant. I have cut it loose and refuse to remember or acknowledge it at ANY TIME that memory prompts me to. Memory is one of the keys to Liberation. It serves to know what is useful to remember. Regret and recrimination are pointless. Learn and move on. It ALL comes down to the mind.

The mind is a monkey and until it is stilled, it will give you no peace, nor will you accomplish anything meaningful. You MUST still the Reactive Mind. That is the PRIMARY TASK. If you can do that, you are at the portal.

For whatever the reason, probably Karma, so many people prefer to lean upon their own understanding. This will get them NOWHERE and they will go round and round, dancing with the monkey mind and chasing the ignus fatuus. We are in a desert of hunger and emptiness, surrounded by apparitions. One HAS TO get the awareness of this. One HAS TO understand this, and the emptiness of it, BECAUSE... OTHERWISE, life will see that you do. Yes... life will make this ABUNDANTLY clear to you, over the course of your travels, from birth to death, from birth to death, from birth to death, ad nauseum. That is if you let the world set your course and do not pick it yourself.

God KNOWS if you are looking for him. God is present within you, WHILE you are looking for him. EVENTUALLY... every sincere seeker FINALLY realizes they should LOOK WITHIN; and what would be the best possible method one could follow? What would ALSO be the best method for this Aquarian Age? That would be to Practice the Presence of God. How long you will need to do this is an individual matter, BUT... ONCE AGAIN... as Krishna said, “Success is Speedy for the Energetic.”

It all comes down to how determined you are; how fully committed you can be. Some people go to church on the religious holidays and some go every Sunday. Some go more. They are going to the wrong church. They ARE the church. Of course, you COULD BE in the right church, while being in the other church. That would be the best.

Practice the guitar for an hour a week. Practice the guitar for an hour a day. Practice the guitar ALL DAY. What do you think the result is going to be with the first one? Will it be the same as going to church one day a week? MEANWHILE... God the Guitar is there to be played with and celebrated every minute of the day. Success is speedy for the energetic!!! Practice the PRESENCE!!!

You have everything you need WITHIN YOU ALL THE TIME. But... but of course, people will argue. People will insist on being right, talking about The Way, The Truth and The Light, when they don't know The Way and don't have The Truth, and could really use a Light. If you can't say, “I don't know.” Then you have a problem. God knows. God surely does.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

WEll, I'd say when the world holds no more interest for you, you're on your way.


Well, I'm a'tryin' harder to work WITH Source for the common end; and that seems to be enough for me.

Nostrils into orbit for this one.

Asil said...

“All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” This is too all encompassing to be true. Love is the catalyst for pain and without love you will never know pain. I am 70 years old and have taken in cats and dogs all my life. Now I hope to live long enough to see my last six dogs and two cats to the door that opens into their heaven. Last week I had to let my 17 year old cat go because he was dying from kidney disease. I wished and prayed (desired if i had the power) to make him well. I cannot tell you the pain that my husband and I are in each day without him. Of course, this has happened so many times over the years to all our beloved cats and dogs. The thing is the pain never goes away and now at this age it is quite amazing to me that a heart can break so many times. It seems impossible but it is so. So I believe that pain is caused by love and for all the joy that love brings it also has a dear price to pay.

Thomas said...

Sound advice on the mind -

A monkey for sure... mine can be like a howler monkey at times. (Hehe... ever saw one of those? They are *noisy*.)

When it is still - it is like a different world entirely.

Visible said...

conversely, that is too narrow a focus to be true. The problem with anything anyone says is that it is SUBJECTIVE. Change the POV and the state of the perspective changes.

Anonymous said...

Asil, you wrote: "he thing is the pain never goes away and now at this age it is quite amazing to me that a heart can break so many times. It seems impossible but it is so."

This reminded me of a poem I wrote a while ago, I hope it helps you.

Heart broken once again,
he reaches for the kintsugi glue
to join the pieces back together.
Looking at all of the previous cracks,
he wonders if one day
it will be more golden glue than heart.
In that moment, he realizes where those with hearts of gold come from;
from those who have had them broken,
and mended, and broken again,
countless times.

Elliott Eldrich

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'mindful' article. Thanks!

About the monkey mind: I have two aspects going-on. First, I have an inquisitive mind. It delights in making new associations and discoveries. It is hard to "turn off." So, I just set it to find curiosities about all-God. Off it goes, and all kinds of interesting and deepening things turn-up...

Second, at the same time the above is going-on, I have more and more periods of just Being. No thoughts. It is not me willing myself to just Be; it is completely involuntary. I just find myself "being in stillness."

I suspect the second is related to the first...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"This Month, Hypocrisy and Fear are the Athletes on the Front of the Wheaties Box."

Asil said...

I returned to the comments section today because I regretted what I posted. It was personal and I felt like an idiot. I read the poem by Elliot and it was the beautiful expression of a loving soul. It was an act of kindness to share it and so I will keep a copy of it to hopefully share with someone in the future. BYW, I did not know what kintsugi glue was and read about the Japanese Art of using it. It brought an exquisite image into my mind’s eye. Thank you Elliot.
And, always love and thanks to Visible for his amazing and wondrous thoughts.



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