Tuesday, June 01, 2021

"It says Right Here in The Book that the Begetters, Bugattied the Eschaton. Why Would they Lie?"

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Evidence keeps coming in from virus and vaccine experts in the scientific community and that means something very big is set to appear within the next 6 months. According to many different, informed sources, the vaccines are set to cause significant damage to the systems of those having received them. A certain percentage are dying very soon after the injection, BUT... the real numbers are SUPPOSED to begin demonstrating within months, following the administration of the vaccine.

Now... they are, either, all correct in their theories, they are all wrong in their theories, OR... some sort of middle ground emerges, and that is the more likely. However... if people start dropping like a certain insect, there is going to be an uproar like we have not seen before. When Joe Six-Pack and members of his family go down after recent vaccinations, there is going to be a collective outrage directed at the government, the Hollywood Club of Ignorant Pitchmen (pitchpeoples?) and the scientific community.

I get a strong impression that the present administration is NOT going to last to full term. I don't know what form this will take, but it seems more and more likely, as the country runs off the road and right into the ditch.

Times of transformation are NEVER easy. The resistance factor accounts for this. It can be compared to being caught in a rip-tide or sucked into an undertow. If you fight the ocean, YOU LOSE. You have to go with the current and let it carry you where it will. If you don't lose your head and panic, your chances of survival are MUCH greater. It helps if you have some swimming ability. Then again, you should not be in the ocean if you do not. This is a metaphor for many another scenario, and especially in times of transformation.

A collection of radical, black coalitions gathered in a mid-western city in recent days and various attendees said, the time would come when they were going to march into the white neighborhoods and kill. The rage that is generating this has little to do with the issues given. Once again, this is an insanity caused by advanced Materialism, and the anger and usual frustrations of life are being manipulated by The Usual Suspects and others. Quite a collection of psychopaths are with us in these times. They have organized into cabals of wicked intent. It should be noted that they are just as much at war with competing cabals as they are with their chosen targets. Evil destroys itself. This is a cosmic law that we should all have in mind.

I would like to point out that there are NO INNOCENT BYSTANDERS. This doesn't sit well with those who were the biggest violators of the General Well-being the last time they were here. These Dollar Store, social reformers are agitated to beat the band about Karma. No... they want no part of that. Doubtless, there is a part of their minds that is ever aware that they themselves are offenders, and in line for recompense in respect of previous activities on their part.

I have met realized masters. These are also suspect sources for those who cannot abide the thought of Karma or a well-ordered universe. According to them, there are no masters but their own Invictus projections upon life. These realized masters, and so many, many more that I have not met, ALL are in accord about Karma. It is pointless to engage the naysayers. They are far too sure of what they know. No one is their equal, as they detail in their book-length comments at the various, intellectual scrimmage sites they attend.

Many of them are fundamentalists Christians, who know all about the letter of the law and NOTHING about the spirit of it. Why... Karma can't be a thing, Jesus didn't say anything about it. Of course, Jesus may well have had plenty to say about it, but that did not wind up as one of the important points that remain after they were done butchering the teachings and prophecies. It was REDACTED. So was the presence of The Divine Mother, and several other linchpins of critical truth that were also left entirely off of the Official Scriptural Account. We've been in a very dark period for quite some time and that is about to change. Light is breaking through the citadels of darkness. Humanity is growing restless in its chains. They are being made more and more aware of the negative controllers.

The negative controllers are in an ever-increasing climate of fear. It is a different kind of Global Warming. Light is the enemy of their relentless industries, which have been most profitable for a long time. Now... everything is changing and they don't like it. They are glomming on to every social movement. What they see are fields of cattle and they intend to herd them to the abattoir. Something very troubling is coming into their minds. There is an increasing presence making itself known. Depending on your relationship with this presence, you will either be warmed and comforted, or you will be burnt to cinders.

A cosmic sorting is taking place. It is a grand summing up. It is an apocalypse. It is the birth of a new age. The love of Heaven is coming down upon the Earth and one's fate is determined by one's reaction to the force of this love.

Remember in the Lord of the Rings where the author was describing how Orcs and other creatures of the night were constructed? Orcs were perversities on the composition and nature of elves. Certain groups of humans were also engineered to the Dark Lord's specifics. The author said that The Dark Lord couldn't create anything on his own. He could only pervert what was already in existence.

There are billions of people here. We have no record of anything like these numbers from the past. There is no past beyond a certain point. That alone should make an inquiring mind curious. Listen up, visible, it says right here in the book that the begetters, Bugattied the Eschaton, and if it's not in The Book then it doesn't exist. That is preposterous to any reasoning mind. Only two religions have this “my way or the highway” system of beliefs. Those are the fundamentalist Christians and the fundamentalist Muslims. There is an older system that is also exclusive, and paints all outsiders as less than human, and says that bilking them and hunting them for sport is how it is because their books say so.

There is no need to convince these people of the errors in their thinking. Life will take care of that. As much as one might consider it a tenet of compassion, you CANNOT drag these people kicking and screaming through the gates of Heaven. You had best attend to your own status. You must inquire within and prove out all conditions and circumstances before you make them Articles of Faith; trust but verify, are the watchwords of sane continuance.

You are caught in something that is much more intricate and complex than any watch ever made. It is a jeweled precision that no human mind could equal. All the human mind is capable of is creating Orcs and other mutations of our finer possibilities, and this we do under the guidance of The Prince of Darkness. Only God can make the human prototype, which rises to a spiritual magnificence under the guidance of Heaven or falls to utter ruination under the guidance of the Infernal Kingdom. Go into any city and observe the behavior patterns of the residents. Yes... it takes all kinds.

It stands to reason, not that it would seem so to the unreasonable, that with all these billions and the looming threat of food shortages, bizarre weather, insane politics, harnessed (and unharnessed) rage, and unbridled hunger that it is not only possible but likely that some significant number of people are not going to be here any longer, sooner or later. It is the panic and the insanity that will kill them, one way or another.

If you have consciously thrown in your lot with the fate of The World, you will share in it. If you are mindful and have stepped back, you can be guided through and around the chaos. There is a voluminous record of those having experienced the Grace of Heaven, and finding shelter in the storm. A storm is coming. All the indicators suggest this. The old is to be stripped away and remade according to the new archetypes that are replacing the former archetypes.

It is NOT hopeless. It is only as terrifying as your imagination fuels it into appearing. IF your fears are feeding your imagination, the shadows will appear far larger and more menacing than they really are. If you are lost in the woods at night, it is not a wise course to go screaming through the darkness when you can't see your hand in front of your face.

Once there was an entire Smithsonian research team that perished during a storm. Why? They persisted in continuing on, instead of finding what shelter they could and waiting out the tempest. When you can't see, be still. If you can see, the question does not arise.

It doesn't make sense. So much does not make sense, but people simply continue on the path of not making sense. When conditions and events do not make sense, it is time to gain a perspective at some remove, and to reflect on WHY it doesn't make sense. Gee... maybe it's Karma?

A thought-provoking link.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Looks like all the psychopomps are gonna be workin' overtime for a while. But hey, maybe then they'll be able to switch to part time, or get a long vacation afterward.

But hey! If we ain't here, we're somewhere else, and somewhere else is way better than here if you're of the right mindset. Not so sure about the wrong mindset, but what ever. They made their bed, and they can be impaled on those nails for all I care. Speaking in analogy, of course. I find it hard to stress about what's going on. After all, I volunteered for this; as did we all, according to mine studies.

Me thinks I better stop now.

Oh, right. Just one more thang.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Damn, I closed previous comment out too early. No innocent bystanders indeed. We're just as eternal as Source, being a part of Source. Always were, always will be, been on this ride countless times, and will return again until 'tis no longer necessary, and we go to the next level up. Kinda like going from kindergarten to first grade. Or from the looks of it these days, pre-school to kindergarten. Our higher (lower?) self is what knows.

It seems like slum clearance is on the way. My vaxxed better set of parents are on the list to be transferred. I just called 'em up, and told them to leave me out of their will. It's funny, but my step-mother told me she and my sperm donor talked about this, but now that I mention it. . . They're gonna leave everything to their grand crotch dropping who I think is like three or something at the moment. As if any of it is gonna matter in the New World. The so called 'Out of Matrix/5D/Devoid of Willfully Ignorant Idiots.

Second read of the day. Ahhhhhh. A nonlethal overdose of the second best euphoriant in existence. Well, maybe third if I ever find me a red nose hair coat.

Anonymous said...

"Many of them are fundamentalists Christians, who know all about the letter of the law and NOTHING about the spirit of it."
Doctrine and rebuke is their religion.

Justin Virden

Visible said...

Greetings, Justin; I'm guessing your comments at Smoking Mirrors was for a post previous to the latest one. I will answer you here where I can more easily find you. Yes... what you said about shining the light is just another way of putting it. It is less important how we come to understand something than it is THAT we understand it. I most appreciated the sincerity and simplicity with which you spoke (so to speak). I always look for that in whatever anyone has to say.

Visible said...

By the way, Justin, how did all that legal drama resolve itself, if it is resolved? I mentioned that you commented and I was told, "I still pray for him."

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Les. Words are used to lead us to the truth so that the live truth might dwell in us and set us free from "self" making us "alive". Words are marvelous and useful in leading us to the live truth but as you pointed out the power is in the spirit not the letter.

It's funny that you ask because tomorrow I will probably be finding out. I'll pop back in and let you know.

Thank you for checking in with me. Much love.

Justin Virden

Anonymous said...

VO is now full Qanon. No words.

Anonymous said...

I really like your comments, Love to Push those buttons, :
"As if any of it is gonna matter in the New World"

The new world is gonna be quite amazing, i think, after the dust clears. Back in 2014, I was reading the Gita-Govinda, a 1000 year old text where a poet is describing the love of Radha and Krishna in very great detail (wink), and it finally dawned on me, that the new world would be where all the ancient practices are revealed again. I also realized that less than 10% of humans are probably capable of evolving into that new paradigm, and thus for that new world to dawn, that other 90% has to either be removed or forced to evolve, which is all up to God. I think i was doing kundalini yoga at the time, and then had a clearing of all 7 chakras, an awakening of sorts, and a superhuman energy overtook me, by the grace of an indian girl i was talking to at the time. She had awoken the kundalini, not the yoga. Same thing basically, with the peak of an LSD trip i did in 2003, i realized we are all gods and the purpose of existence is to experience pleasure. Now HOW that pleasure is experienced, is one thing. One person feels divine ecstasy pleasing God, and a pig feels pleasure eating shit in a ditch.

Anyway, the new world is gonna be heavenly. Let's get this party started already, the clearing, so that the new world can finally start.

Thomas said...

Lots of good stuff in this post.

I don't find either what I understand of the japanese report, or the doctor's words in the link worrisome. Maybe the spike proteins will be troublesome to a few people, but to many? I don't think so. That would correspond to your third option, somewhere in the middle (although a low middle, I guess).

What the trouble with the spike proteins binding to various other things in the cells is I don't see - this is very natural, as there is a constant coupling and decoupling of all kinds of molecules going on incessantly in the natural course of the workings of the cells. Proteins naturally degrade anyways, which is one of the reasons that we need protein in our food. We'll see what comes of it. If *a lot* of people start dying from it, I think it will be something like an instant loss for the whole power structure. Hell to pay, so to speak.

We'll see. God is good anyways and always :)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It is a Sham and a Sad Masquerade of Doomed Fools, Passing Through the Wheel of Fire, Again and Again."

Anonymous said...

Hey brother. I found out good news today. Nothing finalized but it looks like I'm going to be offered drug court or TASC Probation instead of the 10 years they were talking. They were going to have me do one of the 2 back in January but the State's attorney heard that I had relapsed and pulled the offer. I was given zero hope of anything but prison and told it would be a chore to get me 8 years. I have been doing what needs to be done regarding myself and the State's attorney is curious to see if I keep it up and if so he doesn't want to send me away. So all is well. All is well inwardly so no matter what happens all will be well.
I appreciate you Les

Visible said...

Fantastic news, Justin! This is what we were expecting actually. I was set free after facing 60 years and it had never happened in that demographic before. God is truly real. I would say, AS REAL as we are.

Anonymous said...

Well said Les. Love ya brother



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