Monday, January 24, 2022

"Sometimes a Great Disappointment is Necessary to Understand and Appreciate the Beauty of Simplicity."

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Since we are all alive at this moment, we are all aware of our lives going by over the course of time. We've all seen someone come and someone go. We might not have been present for their passing, but we haven't seen them since, and word has it that they moved on.

What are we doing with this thing called Life? Everybody got a paintbrush or an iPad and they're involved in some part of it for some material reason, but... we come and go. The reason I am often talking around something that I can't directly say... ... ... is because it has huge implications for the life of anyone who encounters it. It would be a shame to pass it by.

I have always been in pursuit of Beauty. She is one of the manifest, AND... unmanifest expressions of The Divine Mother. Meaning we can see it around us, but we can also see it within us, and perhaps that would be how we were able to see it at all. Beauty, Harmony, Loyalty, intelligence, (I love you for your mind, baby.) these are all attributes of The Divine Feminine. They come into play in a big way in this Age of Aquarius. She is now in the ascendant. People get all mixed up about it in the transitionary phase. The loudest and most perverted and disturbed characters sound off first. It turns to sexual action what is meant to be spiritual. Some of us are not confused.

Anyway, the decadence always dies out sooner than later, as the casualties fall by the wayside. Certain lifestyles have costs. If you don't mind paying for the experience, it is yours to have. Even if you do mind, it's still there. I've seen The Big Highway. I have seen the swamps and the mountaintops; deserts and oceans. I got to see Lady Nature more in some places than others. You can spend a long time looking for her to show up inside. When she does... she is irresistible force. She will burn through everything. She is Spiritual Fire. She is the unleashed goddess, Kundalini. It's probably going to hurt at times (grin) but even that goes away eventually.

What we are most deeply and desperately seeking is TRULY within us. There is an alchemical marriage. It exists in yogic terms as well. It is The Great Work. Once you venture upon that road the process begins. Your spiritual evolution is hot-housed. Then there is the apocalypse. You add in all these streams of thought and feeling that are the waters of experience and time... coming upon the moment that never ends. It is real simple. Do not be a foolish virgin. Save oil for your lamps. This is where The Love of God is key. He sees where your heart is... and will replenish your store if your Love got away from you.

We've already seen signs of it. Soon it is going to be more and more common, and that is... that those in the shadows will have their secret acts, inexplicably... revealed to The World at large. An apocalypse encompasses a series of stages in which certain events take place. We are seeing some portion of that at all times because we are in it. It is like video reports during a storm. Still... it is weather and it will pass. Revelation is one of the key definers used when describing Apocalypse. We are in a time of Revelation and what has been hidden shall be revealed.

The World goes through phases. Some of them are inexorable. They come, like it or not. The World can be a scary place. Of course, there were always those places where it could be generally scary at all times. I've been in those environs. Don't lose your shit is probably the best advice I could give. God is everywhere that you are, if everywhere you are, God is. That is the most important facet of Faith. It's been said, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” Given that we think things into being it is Faith that shines upon and waters them.

You only need three things to survive... Wait a minute! You only need one thing and that is Love; okay... let me rephrase that. There are three items that will prove irreplaceable on your way to The Kingdom. They are Faith, Certitude, and Determination. Guru Bawa used to mention them all the time. I see why... now. He also mentioned, Divine Luminous Wisdom, often... and I also see why... now.

Yes... he was a Sufi. That is the sane and mystical branch of Islam. You can find pockets of sanity. I haven't found those in ashrams too much because of the Pecking Order Thing. People are constantly jostling for position, and all you want to do is get some of The Water from those sparkling springs. Such souls are rare enough at any time. These days, I don't know where I would look except inside. LITERALLY... an entire universe is there... to be found.

It is impossible to convey the possibilities of interior peace and serenity that comes, simply from singing in tune with life. People are more and more out of sync with life and with themselves, because of Material Culture. There will be a great turning away from this... as it rings more and more hollow in the human heart. Sometimes... a great disappointment is necessary for people to understand and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

I never cared much for The Things of The World at any time. I came here for the experience, not to collect shit. Very early, I saw that God was the answer to every question one might have, as well as the absolute purest source of good advice. God is that clear mountain stream before it turned to water. All these elements and their combinations are the adaptations that The Emerald Tablet speaks about. We are in a process from the moment we are born. There are two main ways you can go with it. Most of The World goes in one way, a few swim upstream against the tide. Even when you tell some people why you do it, it still doesn't make practical sense to them. NOTHING could be more practical. We are talking about Eternal Life.

Eternal Life is a real thing. You get that anyway, after a fashion, with all those temporary lives but... they are not the same thing. Some find this through Jesus Christ, some through Krishna... Buddha and others. Each of them is a portal. Each of these is a perspective. Imagine several people separated by 30, 60, 90, or 120 degrees but they are still close enough, in the same room, to see each other. From where they were sitting it would look different for each of them. Yet... they are all looking at the same thing that is there in the room with them. Each of these is a way that God has come here and demonstrated himself. He has come numerous other times, as people of which there is no record or scant record... or Stratford on Avon-type records.

God is the master of Hide and Seek. There is no world, not really. There is no anything; just chimera passing across the mindscreen of Desire. All there is... is God playing Hide and Seek. This world is his Lila... his play. Everything else is window dressing. It is the temporary draped over The Everlasting. Most people buy into The Temporary... the appearance of which conceals the steps to The Upper Room and Eternal Life. Let God find you. Stop hiding. I was very, very fortunate. I went looking for him. It wasn't easy. Anyone who tells you it is easy is lying. To pull out of The World in a Time of Material Darkness can only be described as painful. It has to be done in stages. Finally, from what I can see, it gets tolerable, and, in the latter stages... something more than a pleasure.

As you will see in the links below, Alien Musk is going into intense trials with human subjects in order to use the power of thought to affect technology. This should tell you they are way past that, and also explains the manufactured virus and killer, mind-parasite vaccines. They are bound and determined to pacify and enslave The World. Little do they know that they are themselves bound and that this IS all God's Play. Learn to never doubt for a moment that everything is under control to a higher purpose that ALREADY controls everything by thought, carried throughout the universe on the trade winds of Love.

God is in command of everything. This I KNOW. There are only a few things that I know, but... the ability to see anything at any time in its true form and being... is a working aspect of The Presence of God. God does it all. The key is to facilitate him doing it through you. This you accomplish by getting out of his way. This is where the selfless, God-loving Bhakti comes in. You don't get to channel The Divine if the focus is on yourself. All those smudges and dark areas on the stained glass of your personality, are the residue and Karma of old mistakes and misunderstanding. God has a power-washer. His love will burn through these shadows and illusions of false memory built from ancient misunderstandings. Let the past go!

If you do not understand why things are the way they are... it is because you are trying to get The Cosmos to match up with a personal perspective. Ah... I'm going to need you to let that go. (grin) Try matching up your perspective with The Cosmic Perspective. You can't get there bypassing “I don't know.” Stop informing The World about what you don't know in the first place, and... allow yourself to BE INFORMED. What do you think that means when Christ says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

Children don't know. It is what makes it possible for them to learn so quickly. You begin to lose that when Puberty divides your world. Now they want to divide and ruin that world for you before you can even get around to it. Children have innocence and the true objective of this, or any life, should be Regenerated Innocence. This innocent wonder is also why Childhood is the longest period of your life as you once understood Time. After that, in most cases, people live in redundant routines. It calcifies on the way to the grave. Step away from the grave and into The Light.

End Transmission.......

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When objects and lines of force are properly arranged... you get Feng Shui. When everything is wrong by intention and design, you get Fau chi.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm a reformed materialist, myself. Bad programming, but at least I saw it eventually. BUT I STLL WANT MY NOSE HAIR COAT, TAIL AND AKASHIC LIBRARY CARD! Everything else. . .meh!

Anonymous said...

So macron is involved with lola. turd-o is castro's bastard child, Jack-Linda had to postpone the mar-rage and the truckers gonna shut the continent down. Good to know all these things eh! Good times incoming. I was never really a materialist so i can't be reformed, what now? Quo vadis?
From what you rote today seems to me you read that book I suggested.

Words to live by:
As a general rule, the earlier you recognize someone is trying to kill you, the better off you’ll be.
Nice work Vis.


Anonymous said...

Pierre said...
Thought you'd like this one, perhaps new to you Visible.
Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand 1979
"In solitary confinement, we could not pray as before. We were unimaginably hungry; we had been drugged until we acted like idiots. We were as weak as skeletons. The Lord’s Prayer was much too long for us—we could not concentrate enough to say it. My only prayer repeated again and again was, “Jesus, I love You.”

And then, one glorious day I got the answer from Jesus: “You love me? Now I will show you how I love you.” At once, I felt a flame in my heart, which burned like the coronal streamers of the sun. The disciples on the way to Emmaus said that their hearts burned when Jesus spoke with them. So it was with me. I knew the love of the One who gave His life on the cross for us all. Such love cannot exclude the Communists, however grave their sins."
Well I did put a dozen red hot chillies from my garden in my front thigh shorts pocket today, so I had some idea about the burning. The stupid, it burns.

Franz said...


Franz here. This from a linguistic site. Revealing in a way not maybe intended:

"Words indicating labour in most European languages originate in an imagery of compulsion, torment, affliction and persecution. The French word travail (and Spanish trabajo), like its English equivalent, are derived from the Latin trepaliare – to torture, to inflict suffering or agony. The word peine, meaning penalty or punishment, also is used to signify arduous labour, something accomplished with great effort. The German Arbeit suggests effort, hardship and suffering; it is cognate with the Slavonic rabota (from which English derives “robot”), a word meaning corvee, forced or serf labour. In romance languages, words from the Latin laborare have come to mean ploughing or tilling the earth, although in Italian, lavoro also means work in general. The Latin meaning was anything accomplished with difficulty and struggle."

Visible said...

Greetings, Franz. I had noticed some amount of that. the word 'travail' often came to mind. I went to school in France, grades 5, 6, and 7. It came up (grin). Rather an amusing extension into the subject.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"If You Want to Find God, First Find Love. It is The River that Runs from The Source of Sources.

Gregory said...

“There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.” -- From "Hamlet" (Act V, Scene II) by William Shakespeare



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