Friday, December 31, 2004

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

(Yesterday haven said (about my last post) “just the tip of the iceberg.” Coincidentally Bruce intuited that I had intended a follow-up. They were both right. It’s interesting how minds link up but it isn’t surprising considering there is only one of them. Ci-inc made reference to a shared understanding between us and that is also true. As I have been told, he was later mocked for it as he had posted it elsewhere; all things in good time.)

These times in which we live dance like a drunken jester at the cliffs edge. Uncertainty is everywhere and further complicated by the great confusion of rebellious hearts and minds which, in a temporary state of assumed security, imagine that they are sunning themselves on a peaceful beach; individually and collectively.

Life is metaphor and pregnant with emerging combinations which impact on every little destiny in accordance with their assumptions of what is real. What is real is God and what proceeds from God is a balancing act; a constant adjusting. It would be better for the prancing fool if he were not drunk on bad wine; if he were not a dry drunk convincing himself he was not drunk; if he were drunk on the wine of God.

I take no pleasure in comeuppance, but comeuppance is certain. It is all a matter of adjustment. When the lightning strikes the false tower- and it will –it is just equilibrium at work. Equilibrium is the basis of the great work; in the affairs of the world and individually as well.

A summing up is at hand in the greater life and the individual life. It may exhilarate and it may utterly destroy. The outcome is determined by the relationship and whatever intransigence there may be; whatever the distance that exists between the minds idea of itself and the one minds idea of it.

The full picture of what is going on behind the curtains is unknown generally. Many industrious agendas behind the curtains believe this to be a safeguard. But when every object, every phenomena is formed out of the body of God; when all consciousness takes place within the originating consciousness; the mind of God. When God is ahead of, within and behind all things, there is no hiding place to be found. There are no secrets but one.

While humanity is looking for dangers from identified and familiar quarters; which dangers are manufactured to some degree from quarters other than those identified, the real danger isn’t seen at all; back to the safe sunny beach. Two days after the major tsunami and the multitudes of bodies, tourists once again sun themselves upon the beaches- even while cleanup and mourning proceeds apace. Here is a real insight into human nature.

What do you suppose happens when you warn a drunken dancer about the cliffs edge? What happens when you tell a man who says that he doesn’t drink that he is still quite drunk?

When civilization is in order –though such an event is rare- there is a unity of mind. Lao Tzu addresses this better than anyone in The Way of Life (Witter Bynner edition please). When civilization is way out of order; out of balance; in universal sanpaku, then balancing is axiomatic... certain. When a drunk who thinks he is not drunk goes about in reactive drunken anger, balancing is certain.

Everything is mind and there is only one; so from that mind comes the balancing force. That could mean anything; tsunamis, earthquakes, plagues, wars, famine; or all of them. It could happen anywhere and as you have seen, without warning. Although there was warning wasn’t there?

God is the heart of the integrity of all things. God holds it together and pulls it apart.

"The universal nature out of the universal substance, as if it were wax, now molds the figure of a horse, and when it has broken this up, it uses the material for a tree, next for a man, next for something else; and each of these things subsists for a very short time. But it is no hardship for the vessel to be broken up, just as there was none in its being fastened together.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations.

There are always signs and we have had signs a plenty; environmental disorders (laughed at), dietary insanities, ubiquitous alcoholism and drug frenzy, wild sensation seeking and the extreme Yin end of ambiguous sexual polarity- all of it championed by offended adherents; all speaking great imbalance. The breaking down of longstanding religious traditions and the cementing of ridiculous dogma and cant by the luddite mind, along with the bankruptcy of their mercantile focus, all speak of a major revelation upon the horizon.

Whenever excessive materialism has raised its bestial head; when the actual purpose of life has become so obscured and the people enslaved to that ancient god infernal; the real power is soon to make a practical demonstration. The false prophet is everywhere afoot; “deceiving even the elect” as it were. Understanding the Bible is predicated upon understanding the cyclic nature of events. There is no one golden Calf, no one moment, now past, for all the tales of cataclysm and warning; they repeat.

Among all of the relevant quotes in the Bible (I’m not a Christian in the traditional sense but I am a scholar; however poor.) one stands out in respect of this offering. I cannot recall it verbatim but it goes something like this; “two men will be standing in a field and one will be taken and one will be left. It goes on to give other examples of the same.

Every spot on Earth is holy ground. Every particle is sacred. Every particle is imbued with the presence of God; herein is the grand secret of the alchemical art. It knows you are standing there. It knows you as yourself while you are standing there. It knows everything about you and it knows it now. It knows from where you are come and where you are bound. Through every pedestrian event; in every circumstance profane or sublime, it stands central in the midst of the moment. It is unknown to your separated mind. However apart you are from it in your thinking is how tense the rubber band is and how severe the snap-back. It’s really all physics. ‘Meta’ is only the inquiry into the consciousness behind force. This is why you may go undisturbed amidst the clamor. Keep your heart where you wish your fortune to be. Let go of striving and let your real self do the work. This is all you have to do. It is much, much closer than you think; in every sense.


Anonymous said...

oh well done!

Happy New Year timeless one.


Anonymous said...

People sure do like you. I actually know you and I like you too, a lot. You're even more impressive in person.

Well, I figure I'll catch you here in the eve your time. I know you don't go out on New Years Eve. I remember once somebody telling you you were insane and you told him that if anyone was nuts it was him, you didn't go out on New Years Eve and he did, never to return. Of course "genius and madness hold hands on the bridge of truth and they never cross over alone"; you said that too. You've said a lot of things, too bad so few have heard you but, that's won't always be the case. "What is real about us remains as evidence of the way we've gone.", you said that too.

I toast you across the waters.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bra

Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!!

You da man!


Anonymous said...

no New Years Day address? Well, sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.

z a

Anonymous said...

All the best Visible. I wish I could give back one small part of what you give me every day.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I just came over from Soundclick with the blog link. This is fantastic stuff and every bit as good as your songs. I'm seriously impressed. I'll be a regular now.

This is Jeff. We've been in touch before.



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