Monday, December 20, 2004

Heaven in a Grain of Sand.

The phenomenon of the inner and the outer world and the interplay between is the greatest mystery of human experience. Essentially it is the simplest thing but out of it comes incomprehensible complexity. One might say that on one end is the unknowable origin of the undivided self and on the other end, oh man; everything else. Surrender on the one end leads to the fountain of overwhelming joy; Heaven if you will. Surrender on the other end leads to all the permutations of what we call Hell.

Every human life is God in miniature. Those who dispute the existence of God do so because of their own failure to live up to the promise. They are those who look outward for answers. They’ve turned it all upside down and they wonder why it looks wrong. One might ask who they think is looking through their eyes? One might also ask whom it is they see when they look into the eyes of another.

The thing itself; that which we are formed out of, that which everything is formed out of is the body of God. Call it Super-consciousness for the moment. It’s the thing entire, a circle complete. The action that moves ‘from’ it is a spiral. We are a divided relationship within the one. We are Self-consciousness and Sub-consciousness. And everything in our life comes out of the interplay between them. What we tell ourselves; what we convince ourselves of is what comes to be. We lie to ourselves and then complain and wring our hands when the lie comes true. Well, we were lied to and we believed it. As children we were telepathically invaded by our parents and the world. Many of our earliest interpretations of experience were implanted into us. And we brought bags and in some cases, container loads along with us from before.

How did it get like that? At what early point did the concept of Evil come into being? You have the story of the Garden of Eden for reference. You have the serpent that you call the Devil. Yet the serpent is God. What a mystery... If we look at the thing objectively it is a story. If we look at it subjectively it hurts.

It should be clear that we are God’s in training. This is the meaning of the angels that were meant to serve us. How instead did we come into the bondage of devils? We were born as kings and queens and yet we were driven from our thrones while those designed to serve us overrun the castle, drink our wine, eat our food and laugh at the ignorance that has blinded us to the beauty of ourselves.

The very process that God used to form the worlds, to divide the light from the darkness, is present within us. We can go two ways with it. We can take our advice from two places. The superior and inferior kingdoms; or we might say the divine and the infernal have but one overlord. It’s all about relationships. A good example might be whether you see the queen of Heaven or a piece of ass when you look at a woman. What is it you think you want? And when you get what you want, who should you be pissed off at? Someone said a long time ago that “the proper study of mankind is man”... Nosce te ipsum... know thyself.

It’s good to know that every condition is temporary, even though it may endure a long time. How do you think the world could have been devised otherwise? Isn’t the most wonderful thing about life the reality of choice? The real meaning of ‘free will’ is not in the way most understand it. Our American culture is a good example of how the idea of freedom can be engineered to create slavery. Free will really means that you have the right to obey or defy. Consider the tale of Lucifer. But there are mysteries hidden here and words are not the Hierophant for this, certainly not my words.

The world is meant to leave ashes in your mouth. Everything that appears for your pleasure is designed to disappoint. So therefore, all of the miseries of this realm are here to point you in another direction. And when you go looking, looking elsewhere, yet more misery awaits. Still looking outward you encounter the trappings of religion, or the convolutions of philosophy. And you will still seek to form it all to your desired state. You will play God no matter what. The thing is though, that only god can play God with any hope of effective result. So it would stand that the only way to do it is to become it. One could think of The Prodigal Son at this time.

All the bad acts upon the stage are the result of the human mind working out of ignorance to satisfy appetite. It’s all hunger. Hunger is a fire and it will burn until there is no longer any fuel. It would seem that the wiser course would be to treat with your hunger like a gas flame... adjusting... tweaking... a blue white flame... warming... enduring.

“Yeah but,” “Yeah but,” “Well then, how come...?” How about shut up? I’ve heard all the arguments. The thing is; what do you want, a lie? ...or the truth? If you wanted the truth you would find it but the truth is not convenient to the demands of appetite. Your mind is a garden and you have cleverly planted weeds among the flowers. One has to patiently weed. Weeding is achieved by casting out thought. What is real is not affected by this. It will remain. At a certain point enough emptiness has occurred to allow for instruction. You can’t put anything into a bucket that is already full.

Now, I’m not here to say who or what is wrong. I don’t know that. In any case I could not know how it was for you. It is possible to control the entire world from right inside yourself. Everything you see and hear, the way you interpret it, defines the world you move in. If something hurts, you got something wrong. At the heart of it all is selfish intention (you like that haven?). But what if I give up, what if I let go and nothing catches me? (Grin) well now, I guess you’ll have to find out won’t you.

You really think you’re just a meat puppet trapped in a world of random event? Do you think it’s just some blind evolution toward... what? Few people consider that both evolution and the totality of God may both be true, though neither of them is entirely what has been stated. Intelligence is not the result, it’s the origin.

You could well ask at this point, “If that’s the case Les, how come you wrote that recent post?” Did you really read that post? And can you ever know what might have been in my mind when I wrote it? Behind everything you think you know (or ‘beyond’ if you prefer) lies something else... and beyond that ...and beyond that ...and beyond that.

On the day that you decide to be sincere; on the day that you can honestly say, “I don’t know.” in the moment that you are willing to risk everything you don’t have anyway, for the possibility of realization, the process will start. It’s been ongoing but along the lines of a treadmill gradient. In the Bhagavad-Gita it says, “Success is speedy for the energetic.” It all comes down to how much grief you can stand before you admit you have been going the wrong way. One has to be fundamentally honest with themselves. Otherwise you are still planting weeds and watering them with your tears. You sub-consciousness faithfully reproduces everything you tell it to. Don’t tell me you didn’t order this. There’s your address right on the shipping label. The same can be true of half efforts. You work at the right thing for a couple of weeks, don’t get your ‘over the weekend enlightenment’ results and so you abandon the work. It’s as if you moved. A few weeks later a package shows up at your door but you are somewhere else.

Well, we wouldn’t have so much great art had it not been wrung from anguished hearts. We wouldn’t have all the movies and the plays and those great novels. Yes, you’re a fool, I’m a fool, but that’s okay. You can tell the right direction by the amount of people laughing at it. You can also tell by the emptiness of the highway, road, path etc.

We see but we don’t see. We hear but we don’t hear. We know better but we do it anyway. We eat and eat to fill the empty space. We long and long, we cry, we scream, we fight. If we took all that energy and put it to the right pursuit, angels would fly to our side, doors would open, things would change and you might find “eternity in an hour.”


Anonymous said...

I am very proud to witness a contempory (not necessarily meant as one might take it "heh-heh")who chooses to expend the effort to break down the deva-lution of the aparent purpose of all and everything.

Could a true master be one that has humbly learned to master oneself.

Keep up the good work.

To learn to slide on the razors edge with no friction is the hardest thing, maybe its trying to tell us something, personally I still suffer from intermittant road rash. haven

Anonymous said...

Now that was incredible. I read the other two and they were also fantastic, but this Didn't somebody say "Do not seek illumination unless you seek it as a man whose hair is on fire seeks a pond".

You always say it so well. I can really only say thank you. Sure, people could read these same truths in many an ancient text but you're real, your here now, and your witness to this present day world of self-indulgence and instant gratification. That's important. Tell me if I"m wrong but this has to be one of the most difficult ages for those seeking spiritual wisdom. Your a beacon for those on the path. Keep it up.


Visible said...

Howdy haven;

Well, we both have our less effective moments I assure you. I’m no master of wisdom by a long shot. I have to smile when I think of my less photogenic moments. Gratefully they are fewer than they were. I puzzle the Hell out of myself sometimes; how I can see so clearly and behave so badly. Thankfully my moments of bad behavior usually take place in private when I am wrestling with something I don’t understand and lose patience; often while trying to accomplish something for which I lack the technical expertise. It’s not easy trying to do everything by yourself but for some reason I’ve been put in that position and denied the company of suitable left-brain associates. I keep getting the feeling I am going to spend a lot of time laughing at myself in the not too distant future.

Visible said...

Greetings Ben;

You hit the nail right on the head. It is a rough go at this time in the world to maintain a strong and convicted sense of purpose in ones spiritual life. Part of the reason is that we are on the verge of a great summing up. A major cycle in human events is approaching resolution and the pressure is on. Luckily for us struggling, the real force of support- though hidden- is very much at hand. All I know about handling it is to play the thing close to the vest. It’s a real load and a half here in the home stretch. I’m sure we’d all have it otherwise if we could. I suspect we just don’t see the benefits that are precipitating in respect of our struggles. I find myself, quite often in each day, having to seek a seat in the sun, a quiet hour in a room- some place somewhere- just to repeat over and over, “I love you.” And “thank you”… it seems to help me

Visible said...

Hi Ci-Inc;

You make some interesting references in your response over there to Herr Manjiro. I realize that all the explanations in the world don’t do much when people are determined to believe otherwise. It’s even more chronic when, as you say, people’s reasons for disliking one aren’t even the reasons given; as has been the case the majority of the time over at that cyber-leech field.

I’m a fan of both deductive and inductive reasoning. I am also a mathematician of sorts, though differently aspected than you. With my methodology I can also see around corners and I don’t need a table of absolute facts in front of me to come up with ‘more than’ a reasonable hypothesis.

When I say I suspect that Mossad, along with the forces behind British Intelligence, in collusion with certain American interests, were behind 911- I came to my perception of the affair by several routes, all of which gave me the same conclusions. I didn’t pick this out of the air; although intuition was a factor, as well as ‘cui bono’.

The knee-jerk reaction of course is to smear one with anti Semitism. There isn’t such a word to apply to criticism of the other forces. It’s an observable fact that the Israeli’s are one of the major proponents of anti-Semitism due to their treatment of the Palestinians. A prevailing attitude among many Israeli’s is that the Palestinians are vermin. They treat them much as blacks were treated in segregationist times. They are of fascist intent in a regard that also parallels the Nazi treatment of the Jews in Germany. Of course they would say the Nazi’s were worse. What is it; a matter of degree? It’s okay because they were worse than we are? Go figure. Justifications for bad conduct are always available.

Fray slander was an ongoing affair for me and usually for the reasons you accurately describe, not for the issues given. You can imagine I was well aware of this and referenced it often enough. When they were unable to make this stick they went on to accusing me of ‘kiddie porn’ and also death threats; none of which were ever true. They couldn’t get this to stick either. But it all makes for damage. After awhile, even decent people have their judgment clouded by continuous negative affirmation of a lie.

I was unaware of any ‘cult of appolonious’ but Manjiro is one of those people who was once favorably disposed to me who changed after time. A number of people who were favorably disposed became otherwise due to the rise in appreciation of my work by a body of other posters. Some of the compliments I received regularly were of a sort seldom given out and this hurt the egos of otherwise well meaning writers who found themselves in competition with me inside their heads. It is one of the main reasons that I left. I also was less than appreciative of the fluff bunnies who twittered on ad nauseum about banal, superficial little cutesy games as well as the constant bitch fights and shifting alliances.

I came to my impressions of 911 and other things through hundreds of hours of research. None of my critics ever spent any time on research on this, or on themselves. Self inquiry is sadly lacking in that environ.

I gained nothing good by presenting my reasoning’s. I knew full well the sort of circumstances I would encounter too. But the truth is far more important to me than winning at popularity contests. I know the things I said hurt me in the eyes of posters who consider themselves rational and circumspect. Too bad. I meant what I said sincerely and I’m always open to being proven wrong.

The actions of certain Israeli’s in New York, the apprehension of Israeli’s spying in the U.S. and in New Zealand, The Philippines, Kuwait and numerous places around the globe enhanced my findings.

An argument could be made that Israel is justified in any means to protect themselves. Once again it is a matter of degrees. How bad it too bad?

I gain nothing advantageous by holding controversial opinions. Perhaps the truth matters too much to me.

I am now beyond making any points about any of these things. This isn’t my fight. The only battle I care about winning anymore is with myself. No doubt these things will be dragged up at another time. So what. I call em’ as I see em’. But that’s over now, at least for me. The truth will out and I fear at great cost for some.

I appreciate your comments and support. I understand how you see me. I’m not blind to what accompanies and moves through me. I am not altogether sure of why. I know that it annoys a number of people and I know why. Any one who wants to pay the fare can ride this train. If some cannot ride this train it is due to their own cheap and fearful nature. All they have to do is work harder and look deeper.

I’ve spent the time I would have spent today answering this as I felt it was important. I expect we can talk about all of this at the time we meet as we surely will. I imagine you have plenty on your plate but consider that you are always welcome here if you would like to come for a visit. We’d love to have you.

Warm Regards,

Les Visible

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking you can't possibly imporve but you do. The Dickenson allusion was a nice touch.


Anonymous said...

and now the judges decision, 9.9, 9.9, 9.8, 9.9, we have a winner. Great one, as they all are.

Slate got sold to the Washpo. I wonder how that affects the grafitti board? Some of those semen stains will never come off. It's like decoupage laquer at this point.

Now that you aren't making anyone pregnant over there I think the race will just slowly die out for want of a thought in their heads.

z a



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