Thursday, December 30, 2004

Nah... Never Mind; You're not Interested.

Over the last several years, slightly preceding the rise of bush and the suborning of The American Constitution, fascism has been on the rise worldwide; Sharon coming to power in Israel after sparking the Intifada, Pen vying for power in France, Heider in Austria, Stoiber in Germany and movements elsewhere as well. The primary cause of the rise to power is the force of global corporations and the immense disparity between the rich and poor in combination with explosive population growth.

Much of the problem with the poor peoples of the world comes about through foreign and domestic exploitation, crippling debt and this is all exacerbated by conflicts engineered by foreign powers with the willing collusion of their domestic leaders. These conflicts have spawned massive refugee migrations to First World countries and the problems of assimilation have driven the political fortunes of fascists.

You can get more dense and precise about this but I’m in the ballpark. I’m not going to delve too deeply into the geopolitical game of Risk. It really comes down to protecting the private property and obscene wealth of the privileged classes. Whenever these forces, which control information and media are challenged on their behavior they scream “class warfare” as bush has done. The ministries of Public Disinformation are about the business of turning reality on its head and attacking the opposition with the very claims most applicable to themselves.

Recently a flack from the House of Lords in England wrote a bizarre piece for either Time or Newsweek in which he drew comparisons between bush and blair and Roosevelt and Churchill. He said when we know what we don’t know; this newest finest hour bunch will be candidates for Rushmore. “Thank you; I will have another helping of sautéed bullshit.”

All budding and earnest fascists know that you have to control the sources of information and entertainment. The one has to be uniformedly supportive and the other banal in the extreme. You also need a boogeyman that you can trot out whenever you need him. Bin Laden is your go to guy. Odds are Bin Laden has been dead a long time. The other option is that he was an asset all along. Israel has been setting up, and getting caught at setting up, Al Qaeda cells. Cui bono?

Your Jason the Hockey Mask Boy has to make regular statements and bad reception appearances so that the nation can be kept in a state of tension about imminent attacks that never occur. It doesn’t matter if experts debunk these things, or if experts prove that Bin Laden didn’t say all the things he is supposed to say. Most people have no interest in inquiry. Most people go along. It’s the patriotic thing to do; pause for cheering crowds, flag waving, flag draped bodies, rousing speeches by fat boys in suits; cue to vague shadowy threats of rampant immorality, religious differentials and the need to be tight and warm and locked in the cellar.

The fact that no forensic teams were allowed at Ground Zero in New York while Mr. Oops I Guess I’m not Going to be Homeland Security Czar was porking his publisher with a window view isn’t interesting. The fact that all the metals and debris were hauled away under guard and/or melted down or buried and then the metal shipped immediately far away to India isn’t interesting. The temperature that jet fuel burns at isn’t interesting. The fact that nearly half of the hijackers weren’t even on the plane isn’t interesting. The logistics of flying those planes at the speed they were flown and all the sundry difficulties involved measured against the actual experience of the given pilots isn’t interesting. The change some months earlier in the chain of command of who should call out fighter jets in the case of such an emergency and the subsequent failure to do so by the party of the first part is not interesting. The discovery of Mohammed Atta’s passport on the ground following the planes incineration above isn’t interesting. The discovery of a Flying for Dummies videotape and a Koran in the hijackers car at Logan airport (what? They were boning up last minute with the VCR- powered off the cigarette lighter- on flying technique?) nah, that isn’t interesting. The thousand and one other things that have also come to light isn’t interesting either. Neither is all of the election fraud of the last three elections.

It might be useful to think of ignorance as a living thing; and it has armies too, which not only clash by night but in the daytime as well. Still, it’s always dark there anyway; it’s as dark as the dungeon which purpose it serves.

Malice and greed are living things too, vast bodies that squat above and within the minds of the acolytes of ignorance. Ignorance is the primary, all the others follow. Wars are feeding grounds. If you had the psychic apparatus working you could see the ghouls and other astral larvae feeding among the dead.

Those who make wars are often thought to be working from a profit motive or a variety of ancillary motivations given out from the Press Secretary after the rhetoric has been hammered out at a think tank. The recent war in Iraq was justified by virtue of an immediate threat to national security. It was a good bid on the heels of the WTC attacks. As the blatant lies were revealed the motivation shifted, shifted again and then shifted again. The clutch was smoking but it didn’t burn out. But really, this war was about providing food for them as eat’s it.

Do the makers of war know this? You won’t go broke betting that some of them do. Of course this is all science fiction for most of you; if you were interested which, we know you are not. It’s ironic about that Skull and Bones moniker. It’s further ironic -forgetting for a moment that irony is dead- how the Skull and Bones stalking horse bowed out with nary a whimper. But remember, none of these things are organized or intended; they just happen randomly- it’s just coincidence.

Okay, we know that the vast majority that has bought into the game are just fodder for whatever’s on the way. They’re sunning themselves on their own beaches somewhere while the ocean broods, or they are toiling in the pits and repeating, “Can I have another one Sir!” If you make any effort to loosen the shackles they will beat you to death with the chains and drag your body before their masters for a “good doggy” or two. Sometimes it just has to play out.

But what about you? You know better. You know what’s up. Ah well... We really have to go back over the last several posts for the answer to that one. The key thing to remember, besides remembering, is that you got more power in your one little heart than they got in all the tanks in front of you. Whatever is going to result is not what they expect. Sometimes when you look at things the way they are you just have to shake your head at the seemingly pointless condition achieved after all those thousands of years of struggle and hard work. If it really were the way that the reavers who believe in nothing but themselves says it is, you might have cause to worry. You ever see that poster of Meher Baba that was around in the sixties? Bobby McFerrin wrote a song about it; “Don’t Worry Be Happy.”? There just might be something to that.


Anonymous said...

The tip of the ice berg, haven

Anonymous said...

"word" as the homey's say. I expect there's a followup coming.


Anonymous said...

Excellent as usual Master Wordsmith. We really ought to have to pay for this. Thanks for the generosity of your heart and your time.

Fraysnooper, don't worry about that bombastic clown. Most of the people at the fray laugh at that dude and the ONLY people who support him are sworn enemies of Appolonious to begin with. Hes an ongoing embarrassment to himself. It's hard to watch but it's what he's chosen. He couldn't shine A's shoes and even then the glare would blind him.

z a

Anonymous said...

ut oh, I came over here to get away from the fray and here they are talking about it again. wadda cesspool. anyway, hey appy, your sterling work continues. i like dropping by here and I do regular though i don't say anything. i'll bet you feel a lot better here on your own. it's not very nice usually around all those microsoft buttlickers and human tea cozies. you never did fit in with that crowd. i guess you know lots of them come over here to read you but they won't leave ther names. i know cause i know, trust me. well, carry on.




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