Tuesday, December 07, 2004

There's Only One Mind, Like it or Not.

There is only one mind, no matter what you may personally think, you don’t influence this fact to be otherwise except in your own head (grin)... and thereby the benefits and understandings attendant as well, for better or worse.

In order for life to be lived and experienced as it is, it is necessary for consciousness to undergo limitation; the perception of me and thee as separate entities, the idea of one within a group, self-consciousness and sub-consciousness are two aspects of one thing. Think of an iceberg.

Everything is a part of super-consciousness which contains, permeates, surrounds and makes up everything that ever was, is or will be- right now. So why do the majority of people on this planet appear to be suffering most of the time; whether they admit it or not, whether they recognize it or not? If there is only one mind and if everything is under control and working toward the liberation of all creatures; why all the crime and poverty, greed and selfishness? Why all the wars and injuries of the body, the heart and mind?

It’s about the relationships.

Even though everything is all one and perfect and even though the divisions made of the one in order for the experience of the whole are filled with bliss, beauty unseen and standing under a golden rain of Love reverberating across the ether, we don’t have a clue.

One of the reasons we don’t have a clue is because we insist we know. If we acquired “I don’t know” as a mantra we would instantly begin to remove most of our problems. Another reason we suffer is because we listen to people who don’t know, believe people who don’t know and allow ourselves to be led by people who don’t know.

Things have an actual relationship to one another and then they have the relationship we give them. Our understanding of the relationships is made up of personal assumptions and influenced by group assumptions. The immense group of humanity is a collection of many, many subgroups overlapping within incomprehensible intricacy- all really part of the whole... regardless. No matter what we think and no matter what the people in any group thinks, the real relationships in life remain unchanged. The false relationships and identifications belong to us. The real is not affected by the unreal. When the church decided that Galileo was wrong, the Sun did not immediately adjust its course and its relationships to accommodate the church. The truth does not adjust to preference. It doesn’t bend or convolute. However, ignoring it might cause folding and mutilation.

Quite some time ago, William Crooks devised a measuring scale of vibrations beginning with 2 a second. He continually doubled the pulses and got a series of octaves. Octave 15 is where sound becomes inaudible to the human ear. Several octaves follow whose functions the general public doesn’t know about; but some people do. Octaves 20 to 35 are electricity. Octaves 36 to 45 are the nerve currents of the human body (re; Dr. Frederick F. Strong). Octaves 46-48 are heat vibrations. Then follow the Octaves of ‘light’. Following these are some more ‘unidentified’ vibes. Then come X-rays and who knows what, on and on. Although these discoveries came about some time ago no ones come along to disprove them.

Sound precedes light. Something precedes sound because something or somebody said, “Let there be light.” First there was The Word...

What’s my point? Where am I going? I think I’ll pause for a little strip-tease here and then some of my associates will be moving among you and accepting donations at this time. We’d like to thank all of you for coming and be sure to check our website for future events where we may well continue on in this vein.

There is a place where things are what they are. I don’t know about you but that sounds like someplace I would like to be. Definitely. Then there are lots and lots of places where things are not what they are. Because things are not what they are, people suffer and do bad shit to each other. They ‘think’ they have to. It’s a given in this world (the world that isn’t the real world- although they surely call it that) that you got to get the edge on the competition; even though, you ARE the competition; if you think about it. If you feel everything that you do and think about others, because you are everyone else already, well then, the idea of Karma becomes pretty understandable. Like I said, you need to understand the relationships. This is where God, or Truth, or The Tooth Fairy, whatever you are inclined to call ‘the divine animating principle’ (call it DAP, what the heck) becomes real important. The totality of the one mind is God. God is the superconscious, surround-sound envelope that also pulses in the midst. You can run but you cannot hide, cause God is everywhere. You are God in miniature; you just don’t act right, because you don’t think right, because you don’t understand the relationships. What’s it take to get it right? Hmmm.

If there is something that knows, then you should know what it knows. But, you already know something else. What you know is wrong. So you have to not know. If you don’t know, then God does know and everything is all right. If you know, then God doesn’t know and then everything is messed up; sooner or later. Think you’re stylin’? Give it time. What causes people to insist they know when they don’t? All sorts of ‘selfish’ (me first, you later... maybe) reasons. Here’s the deal, first I’ll screw you over and get rich and then I’ll be generous and apologize and be a good guy. Usually that’s not even in the mix. In the world that isn’t, it is every man for himself, because that is how it looks. It is a world of shadows and things under the bed. It is a world of criminals lurking in alleys, climbing security fences, making bombs in basements and taking a dump in Mom’s apple pie. Horrors! Poor Mom, poor you. Yeah, it’s scary to let go and trust. It’s scary to be the fool and not take any of it seriously. It’s demeaning to be at the ‘common’ level of life. It’s no fun to give in secret; how will people know how grand I am if I don’t tell them? What’s the point of being rich unless most everyone else is poor?

We are all welcome to hang out in any world we can imagine for all long as we can stand it. I don’t want to be in any world other than the real world any more. The real world has a habit of showing up if you just focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. We only have, we will only ever have ‘here and now’. Here and now has a tendency to expand the more that you focus on it. It becomes all encompassing eventually.

You get the Satori signposts as a direction finder/reminder.

Well, there really never was anywhere else anyway. Just like there is only one mind, there is only one place where that mind resides. It’s right here, right now. You aren’t going to ‘get to it someday’. You don’t go to Heaven unless you are already in Heaven. You go where you are. You are what you think you are, except, well, you’re not; you are what you are. The difference between what you are and what you think you are is the plane of your personal struggle and suffering. Depending on the imaginary distance is the intensity of the sense of separation. Hey, hello? Game over. The good guy already won. Enjoy.


P.S. I’ve gotten a lot of emails lately about why don’t I just come back to where I was posting and post again. I’ve been given all sorts of reasons. Somehow many of you think it was fun for me in a virtual mosh pit. What I do there is similar to walking into a country western bar and ordering a Rasta-shake. No one is entirely happy and violence is always a possibility; especially when you’re not in a real bar.

I’m not about playing dress-up. I prefer un-dressing. We are talking cross purposes. I’m ‘here’. I’m not going anywhere. And all of the same people are reading here as read in the first place; minus the carping, whining and bad display case settings. I don’t fancy the environment. It’s a trashed out fern bar; the cyber equivalent of the beaches at Tripoli as they look presently; not the sort of place to sunbathe on the rocks of time or skinny dip in the tide-pools of infinity. You like tar on your heels? You like sand mites? You like the zoo at feeding time? This isn’t a war that can be won. The idea of being somewhere just for the contrast is pointless to me without a high salary included. The people that own that site don’t even care enough to take care of it. They don’t respect the readers as can be seen by the writers they hire and they don’t respect the posters by the way they attend to the interface. They just don’t care. I do.

So, let that be the end of it. Okay? ...Moving right along.


Anonymous said...

Thats pretty close to the point(.), some have come a long way, hopefully many will follow. haven

Anonymous said...

You get jivanmukta in this life. You know that right? It's the progression following the experience of conscious immortality. The signs are all there. You're a sage.

a z

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the hard parts over.

z a

Anonymous said...

Kevin started posting as IOZ and gave himself a star. Now he's the head gay cheerleader for a sports team that Slate doesn't have. That's why I stppoed posting. I'm surprised no one points out how much he copies your style.

Lest I forget, great writing! It's like extra, extra, extra, extra, extra virgin olive oil. Everything goes down easy.


Anonymous said...

even so, you still have the monkeys from 2001, mostly monkeys really. It doesn't matter and you are still part of that too.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for some of the hard stuff. I know you can't go too long before you have put your foot in someone's ass. Of course, all this is educative and informative and even entertaining but I like the bloodsports best.


Anonymous said...

terrible archaeological losses at the fray. mental midgets who spent all their time talking about make-up, hairdo's and other people's personal lives have had their entire posting history sent to the Slate septic tank. people are wailing and tearing their hair over this tragic event. it's the afghanistan buddha statues all over aghain. war on the horizon.

little birdie.



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