Sunday, January 09, 2005

Just Because You Can't See It Doesn't Mean It Isn't There.

Nature is alive. Perhaps it would be better to say ‘conscious’; though they imply the same thing. Nature is aware. Nature is waiting on you and watching you. Most people don’t think of nature in these terms. Nature is treated like a crack whore, a dumping ground; a drag queen dressed by blind men who hate women, a mystery, an untouchable shrine (not so and quite so), a place to get away from all the bad efforts practiced on her and anything you can imagine, really. Some of the larger approaches to nature are classic examples of the bad lovemaking referred to previously.

Nature has a soul and a vast abundance of treasures hidden from the carnal and covetous eye.

In the Protestant faith there’s a little ditty called Doxology. The first line goes; “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.” This implies that God is the origin of all good things if you consider blessings to be a positive sort of thing and curses less so. This gives added weight to the Biblical statement, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Well, it makes sense that if you don’t know the ‘right use’ of something you probably can’t get the best out of it. And if everything comes from God, it would make sense to go to God about whatever.

In light of the understanding that God is the author and origin, it would seem both prudent and wise to go to the source. As you proceed away from the source the quality goes down. Consider Cocaine as it passes through myriad hands; getting stepped on each time. A lot of people speak for God, meanwhile adjusting God to the demands of their personal schematic. Of course only God can speak for God and anyone who might appear to be doing so wouldn’t actually be there except as a medium; if, in fact, God were speaking.

Any man or woman, no matter how simple, who understands the correct relationship, is wise. Any man or woman, no matter how smart, connected, clever; wherever their IQ falls on the cosmic Richter scale, who does not understand the correct relationship, is out to lunch and missing lunch. No one who is not connected to the source who speaks for the source is communicating from the source. You can water it all down until you are getting the Gospel according to Donald Duck and some people prefer it that way. Most people prefer it to match up with their own purview; a little anthropomorphic quid pro quo.

There’s no real plus to fine dining if the food tastes like sand; if you can’t appreciate it, if your gut is boiling, if you think you deserve it, if you like the idea that you can afford it and others can’t and if, as is usually the case, the dining isn’t really all that fine; it’s just the result of cooks getting ever more and more far out in order to come up with something you haven’t eaten before, or so pretentiously out of control that only an Afghan hound eating in a window seat could enjoy it; so long as every stray in the neighborhood could see him.

We’ve been told that we should love one another but we don’t really know what that means. Does that mean there are no people with evil intent and that, regardless, we must love them too? Why? That doesn’t make any practical sense on the surface. Actually, it is nothing if not practical. Practical is what that’s all about; that and ‘right use’. It comes down to what is strongest and will rule the day. If the hatred and scorn and ill intent of those who are inimical to you are able to provoke the same in you, then they have won the day. If, however, it only feeds your love; if the steam from the pressure of your testing and trial goes to turn the wheel of the Love Train, you win and rise to a higher level all at the same time. You do the math. Other people's hate is fuel. All raw, negative energy is fuel.

Love is an automatic shield against bad intentions. Love doesn’t make you into an appeaser, a doormat or a loser. Love is, in hoc signo vinces- fait accompli.

Nature is waiting for you to do something, say something and think something. Nature outside and inside is waiting. Nature is watching and waiting all of the time. Nature is reacting and responding all the time. You can’t often see Nature reacting but it is. You stand in the midst of your accumulated efforts. A really effective relationship requires a deft touch and a firm hand. This latter is possibly where the mining and timber companies got their tactics. You take the truth of something and you say; “Now if I use it like this it’s better for me and really, that’s ALL I care about.” Of course it isn’t better for you and you will find that out because it is ‘your’ nature you are dealing with.

When you pervert Nature you pervert yourself. Everything takes place in front of a mirror with a video camera filming from the other side. Can you move faster than the image in the mirror? Can you anticipate his movements’ in advance... funny question huh? There’s a real key to understanding the martial arts here, both in application and theory.

You might say, after a fashion, that we stand between God and Nature. Many of you might want to write a book called “Clueless in Cleveland”- I am certain it will sell to everybody on both sides of the mirror doing all of the things that bring the resolution on and who think they are only the part they are playing and not actually everyone involved.

Maybe it’s because it’s so obvious that it’s so hard to get. Of course one of the problems is that most everyone wants to bend the thing out of shape, because most everyone knows what’s best. Most everyone feels they should be doing the shaping instead of being shaped. The thing about becoming a little child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven comes into play here. One really does have to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove. One really does have to walk in all ways contrary to the world. Of course the world is going to go on being the world in all of its permutations. Nature is going to go on responding and reproducing the results of the finest tracing of suggestions; and remembering every single feature.

This world will keep on burning forever; before and after the intermissions and it will keep reproducing the same scenario’s while appearing to constantly be different; even ‘new and improved’. You have to “separate the subtle from the gross, suavely and with great ingenuity.” –or not.

Most people don’t care at all about this and get seriously pissed if you get between them and what they want; question what they think, point out the insanity of their passage or cause any inconvenience of any kind. But we’re not about most people here. We’re about moving on out of the line of fire and into the light of Love. Surely the sun shines equally upon the good and the evil; regardless of your inability to tell the difference between them and regardless of the fact of whether either of them exists. Think of yourself as an author and just write yourself out of the plot... or change your role ...of change the plot... what do you want? Whaddya got?


Certain things have been said about me here and elsewhere. It's more likely I'm a herald; even more likely a medium, than a major power face. In the same way that one shows a child how to tie his shoes; I may be a teacher. Rather than special it would be better to say that I am specialized. I know what I say is true in the main. I also know that the personality is interjected; sometimes by the angel and sometimes by me, to maintain an aspect of incomplete humanity and to discourage the sorts of misguided attentions that follow one, as surely as do the pariah dogs, angry villagers and pseudo-intellectual academics who track us with another kind of stones.

When I was younger, people tried to follow me around the country, a couple of them wound up in institutions for a period of time, trying to get their heads around something that displaces them. The police followed me around with about the same level of fervor but much less success.

I did all that I could to dissuade people from following me about but as you can imagine, this never helps. So I purposely behaved badly, became hard to find and did whatever I thought I had to do to take the sheen off the rose. This was successful up to a point but never entirely. It was however, not of great benefit to me; nor did I achieve any real integration at any time into the greater warp and woof; I did manage to suffer mightily for my reactions against my own true self. Well, I'm done with that now.

I have no intention of leading the chosen out of Egypt, unless a roadmap materializes in my hands. I'm certainly not going to be checking the credentials of anyone who winds up on the trip; other forces do that work. I'm not going to go around to the myriad Marin Counties and Sedona's of this world giving speeches or seminars on anything, or attending New Age conventions and getting my picture taken with Dr. Dwyer and the rest of the sinuous little ferrets making lunch out of the intellectually challenged and spiritually myopic. I'm not going not going to sit in the lotus and do Q and A like so many I have seen and known. I have only the one goal, that of getting closer to the source and after the fact, or simultaneously, leaving tracks in the sand. There are plenty of tracks already in the sand but it may be that my particular tracks are of a greater use for some and in any case you can hardly avoid leaving tracks.

I've been called worse things than an avatar, and no matter what I may actually be in the spiral scheme of things that will no doubt continue. For some reason I have always been a threat to certain quarters which pursued me with a diligence well beyond what would have been called for; not that anything was really. Claims of this nature will only heat up the adversity if it ever actually even comes to anyone’s attention outside of the few.

But in any case, I'll be keeping to myself. This blog, the CD's and other writings are all I intend in terms of public contact. It may be I have no control over that. But insofar as I do have control I will remain les visible, which is why I took the name after all. I've been very skillful at moving on every time the spotlight moved in my direction. I'm done with avoiding anything to the degree that it compromises or annoys me in the future; but I'm definitely not dressing up and going out looking for it like some kind of horny pub crawling yob in search of sex or a beating; whatever comes first and perhaps; usually the same only differing in the degree of following pain.

I've had and continue to have experiences that tell me something’s up with me. But I continue to remain clueless as to just what that is. I've got my job to do and you got yours. If your job is 'the job', recognized and pursued as such, well then, we'll meet up anyway, sooner or later and exactly as scheduled, whether you know it or not and whether a roadmap drops into either one of our laps.

Ave frater.


Anonymous said...

Awesome Les. It's Sunday morning and this is better than any 'sermon' I could have laid ears on. Thanks as usual.


P.S. To Ci-inc - I tried to email you and was having some problems with either my pc or hotmail. In either case you probably got the same message from me multiple times or not at all. If it's the latter, let me know here and I'll re-send.

Les - my email to Ci-inc is regarding the issues you mention in your "Disclaimer" here. If your interested, just let me know and I'll forward it to you.

Anonymous said...

What a great seamless piece Les. Excellent, not to mention stacked below the surface- "like a Playboy Bunny beneath the surface of a rippling lake" (you remember saying that?).


Anonymous said...

Your theme continuance is great. I'm visualizing a book sort of like "The Prophet". You've got more than a little Gibran in you anyway; love the disclaimer. Of course you know, in present sense general parlance, you could most certainly be an avatar.

z a



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