Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Uh... Uh... Actually, I Don't Know.

Do you want more freedom? Practice saying, “I don’t know.” At a certain point it will become apparent that, in fact, you do not know. You are presently a prisoner of what you do think you know. It circumscribes you. It limits you to that. Most people don’t think before they answer, nor do they actually listen to others when they are being spoken to. Often they are only waiting for their turn to speak. I don’t see much difference between self-involved people talking to each other at a society soiree and two mentally disturbed people on different street corners talking to themselves. Of course there is a difference in circumstance but the one will change into the other over time.

Yesterday I briefly mentioned absolute and relative truth. I said the former absolutely exists and the latter does and doesn’t, depending. I’d like to say that absolute evil absolutely does not exist but that relative evil certainly does. You only need to travel the world a bit, or talk to participants on either side of a common conflict to see that evil- as Alistair Crowley once said about Magick- “is anything I say it is.” I try to look at evil as undiscovered good, a process or condition I haven’t yet understood. Of course I’m not always successful at this but I try.

There are people who have considered me evil. Over time some have changed there minds, possibly due to the perspective I just mentioned. Some may have not changed their minds. In a relative sense I could be evil. What if a viewpoint I held or things I said or did compromised the desires or beliefs of another? They might think me evil. Even if what I thought or said or did stopped or hindered them from committing actions that others considered evil. Evil’s a funny thing.

What is it that Pol Pot wanted to achieve with his agrarian reform revolution? In the beginning, members of the Khmer Rouge would gather the residents of villages together and would ask if there were any educated people in the audience; teachers, doctors, lawyers; basically anyone who could read or write. Everyone who acknowledged this was taken out and shot; or where bullets where in scarce supply, clubbed to death or what have you. They also would check a person’s hands. Soft hands were unfortunate.

Stalin killed and tormented a lot more people than Hitler and Mao did more than both of them together. But Hitler is considered the most evil. However, it can safely be said that The English killed and displaced and tormented more than all of them together over the last couple hundred years or so. Consider the slave trade; India, Africa, Ireland and just about everywhere; they outdid themselves with the Boxer Rebellion. They wailed in the Caribbean. Evil’s relative, but according to my calculations England is relatively more evil than any of the rest over the long haul. How do you think this argument would fly on a discussion panel on American or British TV?

I’m not trying to say The English are the most evil people on the face of the Earth. I’m not saying they aren’t either. I don’t know. What I am saying is it all depends on who you are and how you look at it. One could make a pretty good argument that Central Control for Relative Evil is in London. Look at their influence in Australia and Canada and India and, well, just about anywhere. England doesn’t have any resources. They’re just a tiny little country. How do they manage such incredible influence? It’s not from tabloid exports or sausage futures and it certainly isn’t from dental know-how or must have cuisine.

How do you feel reading this? Would you rather not think about it? Do you scoff and feel last night’s martini’s turning your face red? Does it make you angry? Personally, I don’t know. I’m just presenting an argument about what’s in front of us; presented to us and what’s behind that and behind that and behind that and what we think we know and what is considered evil.

The fact is, I can do this with just about anything. You name an evil or a condition and I’ll...; well, Hell, you don’t need me. If you possess an objective intelligence you can do it yourself. You might find yourself in a place where nothing is what it seems any more. You might find yourself in a place where nothing means anything. You might find yourself upside down and turned around. You might find that you just don’t know about anything. Can you afford that? On the other hand, what of the things you believe that are not true; where does that leave you? Where does that leave you later on down the road?

If you believe something that isn’t real doesn’t that put you in danger at some point? Well, if there’s no God and no interpenetrative, ubiquitous Truth I suppose you’re in no more danger than anyone else. Then you could do like Crowley and say, “reality is anything I say it is.” Of course that’s true, relatively speaking.

Some people look at the dollar’s disparity against the Euro and say, “Oh, that’s a bad thing. That will bring evil results for America. I submit that this particular feature is being manipulated for specific reasons. Why something happens is very often different than the reasons you are given. I pointed out long ago that the assault on Iraq had to do with the conversion of Petro-dollars to Euro. How hard do you look and to what degree do you reason things out? I’m not sure you should exclude something because it seems absurd. You may exclude it after but... You really should think it through first. How would you know? How can you know anything unless you test and try it and reason it out; sift and weigh the evidence.

There are people who don’t like me and people who don’t like you. The reason they don’t like you is your color; no, not the color of your skin; although that’s possible too. They dislike you for the color of your ray; the color of your aura; hey, call it vibes. They most likely do not know this but it doesn’t matter. There is an instantaneous aversion reaction that takes place when your force fields meet, when your ideas are heard, when they see you, when they hear the sound of your voice. Every now and again, a whole bunch of the same people get together in the same place and set about wiping out a whole lot of other same people. They could be Indians. They could be black people. They could be Jews. They could be Armenians, or Rwandans or Cambodians. And no matter how powerful is the PR mill by any one group, no group has any more value than another.

They wouldn’t actually, actually be these people essentially; no one is, these are just overlaid garments that we wear into the life; cultural wraps. The idea that so and so is killing so and so because of such and such is a blind coming and going. It’s all about way back before in another time when they were confused also and the reverse happened. Much of the horror of the Serbo-Croatian affair harkens back to 1391. How far back do you want to go?

You’ve heard that two things can’t exist in the same space at the same time; that’s not true actually, but let’s assume it is, if one thing naturally displaces another; as I mentioned a few days ago about Love and Fear, then what you know displaces what you don’t know. If you can’t put more water into a bucket that is already full; if you can’t pour Wisdom into a bucket of stupidity; what have you got to do? You have to empty the bucket. Think of “I don’t know.” as a ladle. Think of “I don’t know.” as the starting point on your journey. I was mucho surprised when I found out how much I didn’t know just by thinking about it before I responded without thinking.

Some may read this and immediately assume that I’ve gone after The Brits or any pick any number of false associations just waiting to be made. What I do here is not what it appears. Sometimes I’m not even talking about the thing I am talking about. One thing you can be sure of, I don’t know; not really. I also know that no one else does either. I must say though that I am fascinated by the assumptions I encounter and certain obvious lies that most of the entire world has bought into and buys into every day.


Anonymous said...

I love your honesty. And what's funny is that the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know (and the danger in thinking that I DO know). Hell I can remember a time when I thought I just about knew it all...boy was I lost.


Anonymous said...

Well, you know what David Icke has to say about The Queen and her henchmen.

Of course you were making a point. In fact I think you were making at least three points at the same time.

The usual brilliant offering.

z a

Anonymous said...

Wild stuff. Love the music.

Anonymous said...

you know, you're right. But The Stupid's can't hear you.

Anonymous said...

That's a good one vis. We really don't any of us know anything. We just assume or borrow a common pose. The more time passes the more ridiculous everything looks to me. Your site gives me what drugs once gave me. I cannot compliment more highly.




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