Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Siphoning Felator Fugue in Flagrante Delecto Major.

"When I find myself in times of trouble"

I am the shape of the thing entire
The central heart that does aspire…
Vitruvian Man
I am
spread out upon the quicksand
in endless suspension
of doubt
faith is the join
that holds at the points of the Star
and under the Rose
I am
Born in a fit of splendor
out of the womb of God
Twin Mary's bespeak the reconciled throne
for I will not sit here alone.

There is an odd twist to profanity; to what is considered profane. We seem to want to profane what is sacred. It serves the wider purpose of the suppressor to diminish the capacity of the divine. Maybe it is part of the war on the feminine aspect and maybe it’s just business.

It’s okay to suggest blowjobs in advertising and entertainment- even though the idea of one in our culture is essentially evil. The posture suggests in the automatic consciousness a further enforced servitude of the feminine, instead of the glorification of higher union. It is sort of like the suggestion that kindness is a show of weakness. It is quite odd. The Sanhedrin of the moment proclaims its view of what is sexually permissible, what is sexually sanctioned. At the same time, the business end of the Sanhedrin’s enterprises works the whole gamut for profit. The liquor, drug and tobacco industries are as AOK as the NRA but it always depends on who you are and who you know.

A moment of silence for my old friend Wilhelm Reich.

The sex force is THE force. We see some aspect of it in everything we do. We’re all making Love but most of us do it badly. The ones who do it with the least sensitivity and class are the arbiters of morality and technique. I find that strange.

My research has shown me that the point of sex is to eventually understand the object of union. Ultimately, sex with God is the real object. Most people are having sex with all sorts of partners every day. They don’t realize it but they do. And they have children from each union as well. The Kundalini is a feminine force.

Consider the fable of the princess locked up in the tower and held hostage by The Black Knight. I could make an argument that The Princess is The Kundalini and the tower is the established church and state and The Black Knight is ignorance.

Fables are truth with clothes on. I like to undress truth. Unfortunately for me I often do it in public and there are laws against that. I don’t mind breaking those laws and I don’t foresee a time when I’ll stop. Of course this means that some people won’t like me but I expect they’ll get over it when they take my place.

The main thrust of most major religions is the brutal subjugation and control of the feminine. If you look closely you will see that most of their dogmas are directed toward this. They’ve got this celibacy thing that seems to be engineered toward the creation of homosexual priests. You rarely hear of a Catholic priest who grooms the attentions of young girls. On the other hand you have the strange feature that father daughter incest is highest in the orthodox Jewish community. Well, I guess the links in the chain break at different points depending on where the pressure is focused.

Depending on where your attention is focused, you are the recipient of felatio though most of your waking day. It’s a siphon of sorts. You energy is being harvested by a number of engines. When you watch TV; walk through the mall, have a cocktail or a cigarette, your energy is being siphoned. As long as your energy can be kept at a certain level you can be milked like a dairy cow. Some few can concentrate their energy toward an object beyond the siphoning machines and achieve liberation from the milking process. It’s no easy go however.

Your feminine nature has been dishonored and you suffer. She is the high end of what you are. If the high end is made to appear as the low end, misery is automatic. You’ve been told that woman is the fall of man. It may be that there is a fall into the sensitive life but surely it is only through woman that you may rise again.

I could not hope to address all of this in one simple post. I’m just throwing out ideas for thought here. We don’t really understand something unless we have reasoned it out for ourselves. Intellectual grasp of a concept is not real understanding. Truth needs to be visceral.

Millions of women were burned at the stake for manifesting the wisdom that is part of the essential feminine. Somehow, without my ever seeing just how it happened, the church is now OK and very much the official source of truth, cause there she sits. I’m perplexed when I see a doddering old man, literally drooling on his expensive robes- his face pressed to within an inch of his reading matter, giving out with rules of conduct- calling for peace on Earth when his own policies make for massive daily suffering throughout the world. I’ve been in the company of enlightened teachers. They need no notes and can speak extemporaneously on any subject with vast eloquence.

Sometimes I think the church is a karma fabricant. You repeat these sayings over and over and roll on a rail from cradle to grave, on to an invisible processing plant on The Moon where a new body is manufactured for further service to the temporal Felator. Maybe I’m nuts but the whole business looks awfully strange to me.

I’m sure there are rules. I’m sure theses rules are not the same rules given by those who engineered the scriptures to represent the travesty that is the day to day. It seems like you can see the feminine as either whore or God. That seems like what my choices are. I’ve heard about the whore with the heart of gold but I suspect there’s more resentment there than anything else.

I suggest you restore the feminine to a divine state. I suggest you turn your attention to her voice within. She’s not the same there as she is on TV or in advertising copy. Remember that this engine depends on you for its existence and it is very protective about it. There’s this illusion that it has overwhelming power. Not all of its seeming power marshaled together at the same time has anywhere near the power of your smile of assurance when in contact with the original source of everything you experience. It only looks like it does because you’ve turned it upside down. Demons are angels in disguise. Don’t punish yourself with a false presentation of the true image.


TheArdent said...

I have long believed that the very first male female union was one of the spirit and of the spirit realm in a sense and a manner far beyond the mundane understanding that we apply to it here in the carnal realm. While those who dwell in concentration camps for the mind, here in this domain, push on with their abuse and contra speak, spilling their bitterness and disappointment onto the ears and hearts of their victims and continue malingering the dark reaches of emptiness which they both perpetuate and become prisoners of, we walk in freedom and light with the knowledge of how the spiritual unifies and ultimately glorifies the carnal.

The words of Christ about letting your light shine are of particular significance here. Light, in an of it self is a beneficial quality for those who are seeking guidance but a repulsive quality for those who are seeking to establish falsehood. For the seeker it becomes the illuminator, the goal, for the cosmic curmudgeons who dwell in the troll swamps of their own
primordial hate soup, festering with their own urine and excrement, light is the revealer, the hated adversary, the one thing that takes away their illusion of acceptance and so they hate both that light and those who dare to bear it.

It is fascinating that you have observed the parallel between the denigration of the female spirit, which spirit dwells either latently or actively in each of us, and the summoning of darkness by the perpetrators or false and harmful teachings. In every case it can be seen that they are most interested in control, as the promulgation of their teachings always leads to that end. It seems it is they, the makers of mandates and the emanating beacons of rules and regulations who take up the fangs of the spider while they seek to capture the innocents by virtue of money, deceit and sexual robbery.

It is so good to read the writings of freedom friend, your abscence from that god-forsaken place that I will not mention by name has doomed its dwellers to wandering in the darkness while they trip and slip on their own shit as the walls are closing in around them.

Les, I will be ordering some discs for my sister in law
she particularly enjoyed the ones I played for her from my collection. Do you stiill respond to the lesvisible mail account?
If so I will contact you there..you know that I can be reached at justoffal@hotmail.com or Stewartmmichael@yahoo.com ...latley there have been some thefts of passports..I am not sure how it happened but I am unable to acess the justoffal blog I created for this site though I noticed someone else using it. In any case theArdent is secure and so are those e-mail addresses. If you still feel unsure you have my mailing address which I will send off to you once again via the sound click mail program.


ciinc said...

Les -

Now you're scaring me, cause I know you that know that androgyny is a characteristic of the true ....

I was wondering since your last post how you were gonna handle this one? I mean:

Les? The martial-arts guy who everybody has down as a gay-basher? Androgynous ?


And here you are, steppin' up to the plate to hit the home run you said you were goin to in your LAST post, just like the Babe.

Oh man - why don't you just go away. I didn't sign up for this shit; I really didn't. It's getting too heavy.


Anonymous said...

I never know where you're going to go from day to day. This ones great, as they all are, but this one requires more work on the readers part than I think most people are up for.

z a

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! It needed to be longer. There were all these wide open spaces I had to think about but that was your point.

ciinc said...

LesV -

Because of your martial arts background, you will understand androgynous duality of compulsion and restraint illustrated by the partners in the tango
of this poem:

Poem: "Tango a la Rilke" (for my sister)

In the Argentinian cafe
at 50th and 8th
the dancer's skirt stays
furled in pleats for just
one moment as her partner
stops her motion

Outside on the avenue
the staggered lights
in deference have gathered
up their traffic into
small sloughs and peaks
like the ripples
off El Retamar

Best regards

Anonymous said...

I am Amazed! Your friend, TheArdent, also has said his say about the feminine spirit as well as you have done! Amazing! That there are beautiful souls that still abound in this universe!~ Without rancor, deceit and enmity as a mask for communication!

Best regards to you and your friends, also!

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