Monday, January 10, 2005

"Your Inside is Out and Your Outside is In."

“C’mon and take it easy, c’mon and take it easy. Take it eeeeeeeeeesy, everybody’s got something to hide cept for me and my monkey”

There’s a powerful amount of spiritual truth in that song. There’s a powerful amount of spiritual truth hidden in a great many things that pass for nonsense on the surface. Some of us pass for nonsense on the surface.

The general assumption is that we are in a world of powerful forces that no individual has any control over. Some there are who say the whole venture is random; accidental. I’m always amused when I look at some of the precise mathematics of the ‘accident’. I get even more impressed with the accidental nature of it all when I cross-reference all the sciences and varieties of phenomena that operate under laws of action and being. Don’t get me started on the artistic or metaphysical end; is there an echo in here?

It wasn’t so long ago that I had a fairly intense dislike for bush and of course we can add a host of names to that list. There are quite a number of people whose intentions seem to be less than benign; quite some large distances from the Benign Islands are they. Apropos of nothing, why do you think they call it the ‘pacific’ ocean? Do you think the namer just came upon it on a particularly calm day?

Yes, I’ll admit that I got- and had been- caught in the trap of the duo-fold mind. This is good, that’s bad, that’s bad, that’s good, that’s good; I don’t know what that is- and so on. I’m getting some perspective. As I back up, the panorama widens. Things that are constants were not considered by me as I was ping ponging between extremes; trying to adjust to the center. I can honestly say I feel quite sorry for bush now. Of course I feel sorry for everyone in his way as well. But I realize now that bush will have to live out every injury he has manifested... and that’s got to hurt. There are people weaving extraordinarily complex rugs of existence whose torturous threads they have decided to follow out to completion.

I’m sure you’ve had some opportunity to be in the company of pendants, pseudo-intellectuals, poseurs and art appreciation felons at some point in your life. Most of us have even had the chance to be one or the other; hopefully for a very short time which terminated in a grateful wake-up call. No doubt you have heard one or more of them debate the existence (or lack of) Truth; absolute and relative. There’s one but not the other; yadda yadda yadda.

Of course there are both; even if the one can’t be apprehended or known, one can forever be in the approach of it. I won’t be spending my time explaining how things happen to be. I’m going to rely on your common sense and previous wake-up call.

Absolute truth would have to be the thing that IS; that always IS. No more need be said. Now relative truth; or that which moves around, and may or may not be dependent on or even change according to, circumstances, is and is not.

You and bush and I and the host of other animate life forms coming and going are working with a common substance. From this substance we are building what we have learned and been told, and came to believe, is true about life. As far as we know, what we are doing makes sense; is necessary, desirable, and so forth and so on. Our efforts span the gamut between the hideous and the sublime. Somehow we came to believe something, or we’re just going along and hoping no one asks us what we are doing and why.

Whole lives are lived in reaction to a single moment. Whole lives are lived based on the demands of others, the guidance of others, the example of others. There is supposed to be some kind of a payoff of some sort down/up the road. This payoff is a temporary retirement in the sun, or its pearly gates and eternity spent around millions of bright, magnetic, entertaining, former Red State residents. Others are going to Jack’s Inferno and an eternity of being surrounded by what you can’t touch. Hunger is at the root of it.

Everything outside of you is inside of you. You can, absolutely, control everything outside of you from inside of you. You have the capacity to be invulnerable, impervious, safe and secure and satiated at all times forever. Of course, some of us like to keep a small fire going and concentrated on a specific end; but that’s just me and whoever else is like that. There’s a certain divine irritation necessary to formulate the Pearl of Great Price; a certain hunger necessary to shape the ever refining image of the beloved.

Everything that you can sense and everything you do not sense has an origin. That origin is within you. The understanding of the integrity (and therefore the control) of all things exists within you. It is in fact already being controlled by the mind you are in but unaware of. In this world we see people give life and power to shadows and die from the imagined actions of a shadow. In modern civilization it is no different than a curse placed upon you by a tribal witchdoctor. You are subject to what you believe. You believe certain things are going to kill you and they do. Most of you are already resigned to a particular fate.

Yes, Karma exists. Where you are is the moment your Karma has placed you in. All Karma is modified from that point and you are ALWAYS making Karma.

Understanding and merging with the mind that controls everything at all times puts you in charge of everything at all times. There are degrees of understanding here- but you’ve got to start somewhere. I can promise that, despite temporary setbacks and occasional potholes and bad traffic, it will get better as of right now. Of course, if you are inclined to start pissing and moaning at the first sign of rain, if you are inclined to backslide into the former rut, well... besides not understanding rain...

The marvels that wait beggar the finest efforts of words. The serene beauty of the self in contemplation of the self cannot ever be described. The larger joy to be realized from what seems to be nothing at all compared to all the world has to offer cannot be measured. I might add that you also get the world too, insofar as your discrimination allows.

You are looking at things upside down and wrong side out. You are suffering for no reason and you have given power to insubstantial ghosts. You are cowering in the corner from a hallucination you created. First you got to start laughing at yourself and the mess you made. When your eyes open it’s pretty funny to watch people. You never quite saw them like this before.

Right now, this very minute, the mind of God is aware of you. The mind of God is reading this and experiencing you as you read this. The mind of God accompanies you everywhere. There is nothing you do that the mind of God is not present for. You are not taking nearly, not nearly, the advantage you should be taking from this.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You have somehow figured out how to use the English language in such a way that speaks directly to the human soul. Impressive? Nah, that's not even the word for it. I'm going to have to start wearing sunglasses when I read this stuff. You are getting very close to something (or somewhere)...please send me a postcard when you get there.


Anonymous said...

On second thought, maybe these are the postcards. Hmmmm...


Anonymous said...

It's the post office he uses that makes the difference. Visible, you are taking language to an entirely new dimension. I have never seen this done before. It is origami alright but the creatures exist nowhere on this Earth. Absolutely masterful.

z a

Anonymous said...

Blistering prose hombre. You're cutting deep into the virgin softness beneath. I don't know where you are going but I'm right behind you.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader first time caller- very trippy stuff, totally unique and much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again dude

I'm a few years too late

but still here

Alan 19 y.o. kid from Perth



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