Monday, April 25, 2005

Absolutely Everything; it's All in your Mind.

I regret that I have often been away of late. It’s possible that my usual inclination to write at only a certain time is at fault. There’s no imperative that demands I do this. It’s just habit. Perhaps if I adjust my mindset to include any time of the day there will be less obstruction in the processing. Thanks for all the emails. I am sorry to disappoint through my infrequent offerings here. I’ll try to do better. I’m in the midst of attempting to move my external reality to another location and dealing with all of the considerations of other people, finances and the like, while still remaining active at my projects has narrowed the time window on other things- such as this. Alright then, let’s get on with it, whatever that turns out to be…

/ It’s all in your mind. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. You’ve heard it when you were imagining things and someone told you it was all in your mind. You’ve observed people laboring under grave delusions that eventually compromised them or cost them their life. If you didn’t see it up close then you heard or read about it.

We’re all aware of the meaning of allegories that tell us about the mighty trees that grow from little seeds. We’ve also been told that if we had the faith of a mustard seed we could command a mountain to throw itself into the ocean. Let’s consider the first aspect. Problems, all problems, start as a single idea. They’re easy to attend to when they are small. A wise person catches these problems before they gain any great size. A wise person, always mindful of propensity for error and the capacity of lies to hide like weeds among the flowers is watchful. He is smart enough not to trust himself.

Every thought that you think is potentially an object or a situation. We seem not to be aware of how things grow over time, even though we can see the examples externally at all times. People ask, “How did things get like this?” they wonder what deception allowed for things like the Gulags and the rise of Hitler and all the bad guys that history shows us came and went. We wonder how entire nations were deceived. Large groups are deceived the same way individuals are, in their minds. ‘Seduced’ might be a better word. We get seduced through specific avenues; our appetites, desires and our fears are the primary courses. We are often seduced by the idea that there is an easier way.

As I’ve said before, there’s only one mind- period. What we consider to be our individual minds, which house our sense of identity apart from others and makes up our personalized expressions, is only the place where we touch the one mind. As long as we think of ourselves as individualized expressions of something apart we are susceptible to lies and misdirection based on inclination. We are also in peril, certainly doomed as an individual expression and played off and against the myriad of phenomena.

One who knows they have no real personal existence is spared the constant sense of gain and loss that is the inevitable cosmic re-balancing that takes place. Such a person also acquires a real identity. You may lose one thing but you gain something else. Every force in this world, everything you are told about world conditions and behavior is a lie. The biggest lies have the largest P.R. firms at work in their behalf. You are nothing more than a host for vampire operations that suck you dry and throw you aside. You cannot win in this game because just like the carnival and casino games, they are either rigged or favor the house. Over the long haul, you lose. It doesn’t matter what you have accumulated or how powerful you appear to have become, you lose.

The very seed ideas that brought Hitler, Mao and Stalin and the rest into power are at work today. They feed off of the fears; enmity and misunderstanding that exist collectively in the psyche of humanity. The engines of agenda are always at work to build the armies of the future. Everything that happened in Germany; Russia, China, Rwanda and Cambodia are rebuilding the stage for a repeat performance. Today, as Americans kill Arabs; as people are slaughtered in the Congo, while corporations poison and bankers exploit, everyone who dies as a result becomes a warrior and a revenge driven engine for retribution. Everyone participating has a role. The former victor will find himself behind the concertina wire of the future. It is a certain, definite result. It has been said that from a single drop of innocent blood spilled, ten thousand warriors will spring up. This is truer than we know.

Sure, you can believe this life is all there is. You can believe you are a meat puppet. You can believe you got to get yours now. You can look upon your holdings and smile inwardly at your acumen and savvy. It is to your sorrow that you do not see that the bum in the street; the statistic in the paper, the crack whore on the avenue and the patient in the I.C.U is your next template.

It doesn’t have to be this way for you. You can make a personal adjustment at any point. Even if you have to climb out of a world of shit you can do it more expediently than you might think. The first thing you have to do is let go of all resentments toward anyone and everyone. You have to accept the dharma of a righteous portal. You have to unequivocally admit to yourself that you do not know and refuse to accept the lies that are manifested like flies round an open toilet. You have to give way and allow ‘the’ mind to reorient you. The whole of the world around you is collectively going in the wrong direction. It may be hard to grasp this, but observing the realities that result from what you can observe, it is not hard to see.

Those who presently sit atop the world’s order and wield the powers of life and death are grooved toward painful instruction in the not so distant future. Those who support these efforts of violence and obfuscation are themselves grooved toward supporting roles in the drama. You need not wonder how millions came to be involved in tragic spectacle. You can see that it happened. Are you interested in a part? Are you rehearsing at this moment?

The sad fact is that nothing in this world is worth having. It just isn’t. It is set up to break your heart. The good news, the very, very good news is that it is all happening for a reason and the sooner you catch on the sooner your suffering will go by the way. The reason that nothing in this world is worth having is that it is all temporary. It is also because this world is a shadow of the real world and you are being tested and sometimes tortured into learning that this place of endless struggle and loss is merely a launching pad. There are other, better locations and you can rehearse for them just as surely as you are rehearsing your next tragic-comic role. You can enter into a relationship with another location while still in this one. We should be very careful whom we seek out to be our friends. We should make every effort to make friends in locations that make the priciest resorts and residences of this world look like a culvert dwelling outside Calcutta by comparison.

There is a Buddha called the Buddha of Unbearable Compassion. This Buddha looks upon the carnage of this world recognizing he can do nothing to change a thing. It is all a matter of choice. Those who have passed through this vale of tears with messages of hope and redemption should be listened to. One should inquire in ones heart as to the truth of their offerings. One should be most careful of the official interpretations and institutions erected upon their seeming departure. These who have brought us these messages have not gone anywhere. You can place yourself under their protection. They are not all different entities. They are the same, appearing differently for the benefit of catering to particularized inclinations within us. We are not all inclined to the same face. One should search among these great portals and see which of them appeals.

Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch; the Pope and all institutions and Las Vegas style amusement parks of the mind will not help you one bit. All the big examples and millions of smaller adherents to temporal gain and dogmatic mumbo jumbo are not the ones to follow. I know it has an overwhelming appearance. It looks real. Why would people throw their lives and money at these things if they weren’t real? The whole world can’t be insane, can it? As a matter of fact, yes.

Find a good friend. Good friends are hard to find. You have to look. You have to surely make as much effort as you make for all the illusions you work so hard to materialize. In the end, it comes down to what you want. Do you want a piece of the action no matter what it costs? There you go. Do you want the truth, even if it requires the end of you as you know yourself at this time? Do you want to go on believing that you are who you think you are? Have you had enough and just want to find your way home? These as the questions you have to ask yourself. One thing is certain; whatever course you choose, life will instantly begin to adjust around it and turn it into your world. That’s an example of a very real power that you have.


Anonymous said...

I read always and comment rarely, except in email, but I have to say - there's an answer here. A real answer. thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Just wanted to say thanks.


Anonymous said...

If this were a movie it would be called a tour de force. Hopefully many will take your invitation and avoid becoming an on screen casualty in the next disaster flic.

Roland Keller

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This is actually an expression of a "real power" that you have. I am constantly floored by what you do with words. Your capacity seems bottomless. I love you Les Visible and I can say no more.

z a



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