Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Fixation of the Volatile- Quicksilver Messenger Service.

I’ve mentioned it many times and I’ve heard and read it many times and, like you I get it or I don’t get it; I remember it and I forget it- it’s the nature of the thing and one of the mysteries that make a balanced life problematic… And that is that there is ONLY one mind. There is no ‘your mind’ and ‘my mind’. There’s no such thing. I know it appears to be the case but it is not. This individual mind that we ‘think’ we possess is an illusion. It is an illusion just as certainly as the one that makes us think we are something apart from everything else. We aren’t. Like it or not. Our thinking so is what puts us into conflict with everything else and makes our life so much less fulfilling and enjoyable than it might otherwise be.

We are a ‘school’ of fish swimming in a common ocean. Our idea of an individual mind is just that place where we touch the one mind. We are individualized by our personal perception of it. What we think it is is based on what we have so far reasoned it out to be according to the report of the senses. The idea of a separate conscious and subconscious mind is also fallacious. They are just different levels of the same mind. People who are able to enter into deeper levels of trance know this.

The one mind is eternal. The idea of the individual mind is mortal. In your lives you progress to ever more refined states of expanded personal mind limitation until you are able to resolve into the one mind. Now here appears a phenomenon that seems to be at odds with some of what I just said. You do not lose your individuality when you become one with the universal mind. You lose your wrong perception of what that individuality was and you recapture it in a whole new way. I am not so foolish as to attempt to go into further explanation of this. In any case, you’ll find out.

There are enormous practical benefits to unifying with the one mind, not the least of which is a reduction in suffering. The more desperately one holds to the idea of a separated self the greater the suffering.

The mind is quicksilver, mercurial, ever restless, never still. Stilling the mind is the point at which, one might say, life truly begins. The manner I use to effect this is that of casting out thought. I practice emptying mind of extraneous chatter; a deeper conversation emerges. This conversation- the voice of the silence- has ALWAYS been going on. You just haven’t been hearing it. Maybe long ago you heard it but you didn’t like what it was saying because what it was saying ran at cross purposes to what you want. The universal urge is not toward a greater intelligence. That intelligence is behind the urge. It precedes it.

I don’t empty my mind just to make it empty. I make it empty so that it can be filled with something else. This is an important point.

The alchemists- practitioners of The Western Mystery Tradition- speak of the seven precious metals, more commonly known as the planets. The Eastern Tradition speaks of the seven chakras. Each of these chakras is an entire world; a planet. If you could take an elevator up the virtual spinal column and it opened up into any of these environments you would be impressed at the scope of comprehensive detailing; truly they are an entire world. The alchemists also speak of three elements; Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. The Eastern Tradition speaks of the three Guna’s; Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. You can think of them as; thought/thinking, passion and inertia. Of course there are many permutations but this will do initially. If you think of Rajas as a fire, maybe add a little Tamas and you will get smoke which will cloud thought. You can extrapolate exponentially on this.

The one mind is conscious. That would seem to be obvious but often it is not. Therefore if it is conscious then you would share in its consciousness if you were conscious in it. “I and my father are one.” Everything you see is a product of thought manifested through precipitation. For most of us this precipitation happens over such a period of time that we see nothing magical about it. Speed it up and it becomes very magical. It is magical. Adepts can precipitate things instantaneously. The speed at which things appear is not necessarily the most important feature. That they appear at all is what’s important. So, whatever level you are at you have this capacity since you have the capacity to think. You are capable of this magic. Focus is key and a mind empty of chatter is far more competent at it.

Passion, Rajas, Mars, whatever you want to call it, gives energy to the precipitation of what is thought. Life is very simple at the essential level, regardless of the complexity of possibilities. A cluttered mind further complicates ones capacity to act and think clearly.

For most people, the idea of the one mind deciding what is best is an intrusion. Somehow we have the idea that we know better. Of course we are given the opportunity to find this out. That’s where suffering comes in. The greatest delight in life is to want nothing. There’s nothing wrong with sampling the foodstuffs at the buffet table. However, the need to over indulge will eventually lead to your being bent over a trough. It’s not about the food usually that is causing you to act like a pig, it’s the lack of something else. Yeah we look everywhere for what we want but what we want isn’t out there. Tag, you’re it.

Now whether you are of the ‘come to Jesus’ mindset, or dwelling in Buddha mind, or whatever your inclination may be, they are all essentially the same. This I have on good authority from those who have directly experienced it; Ramakrishna for one. Most people lie to me, some few don’t. I’ll listen to all of you but I will only accept some of it. Most people don’t lie intentionally or with intent to mislead or injure another. Most people don’t even realize they are doing it most of the time. One of the reasons I can’t be lied to is that I let everything I hear vibrate in the universal mind and the universal mind reverberates in respect of its degree of reality. It’s not that I know anything. I don’t. I don’t have to… heh…heh…

It is far better to be a little kid and to be able to ask your parents for the answer to everything; especially if your parents happen to be God. It is much less beneficial to have to rely on the extreme limitations of your own information; not that that stops most people.

If you are in a crowd of noisy people it is much harder to hear someone speaking than it is in a quiet room. It is possible to have the degree of concentration necessary to ‘tune out’ the interference but that takes work. Learning anything takes work and application. It depends on what you want. Your desires are what drive you to know about specific things. To each their own, so they say; for myself I would rather weave my desires into a single strong cord. After all, when you get down to it there is only one thing any of us really want. Call it Peace of Mind. Call it Harmony. Call it Love. Depending on your disposition it could be any of them. Just as the various paths lead to the same thing, though it may seem different to you, so are these all the same essentially and more could be added.

The place you begin anything is inside. Eventually your environment will reflect what you are; “as a man thinketh- so is he” You can literally think your way into paradise just as certainly as you can think your way into Hell. Words and actions follow thought. “Where your heart is, so therefore are your treasures also.” Is all of this just too simple to understand? Then why is it so hard for so many people? Is it too complicated? Uh …duh. Is it not on good authority? Maybe Jesus and Buddha got it wrong? Think about it.


Anonymous said...

This is your best yet, truly extraterestrial.


Anonymous said...

I think what makes it so hard is that there are a million voices telling us to go the other way. We are bombarded with all kinds of messages telling us that happiness lies in certain things and on the surface, appearances seem to confirm this message. We are conditioned to the extreme to associate 'success' with a whole variety of material and sense-gratifying phenomena that at the end of the day only leave us wanting (or worse). Furthermore, we're conditioned to believe that the only endeavor worthy of our efforts is achieving this misguided definition of "success" (which really can't be achieved anyway because it is a moving target). It is only in realizing that absolutely nothing this world has to offer can provide us any real or lasting satisfaction, that we even begin to start looking in the right direction. And this is a very very hard point to come to because there is always something else to "get". In my opinion, it is a matter of learning yourself. That is, learning what really gives you fulfillment/happiness as opposed to what the world says will make you happy. Once a person has looked in a thousand and one different places - and in many cases experienced a tremendous amount of suffering - there is only one place left to look.

You've said it better than anyone I've ever heard ; there is really only ONE thing we are after, whether we realize it or not.

(You're on a roll Les...whats this, 5 days in a row now?)

My continued thanks,


Anonymous said...

extraordinary. i have never heard it put better. super intuitive graps of the essentials.

Anonymous said...

As near perfect as words will go. Congratulations, you just hit a new level, doesn't seem possible but you did.

z a

Anonymous said...

I took this and put it in Photoshop then I added some framing effects. I'm making it into a poster to put on my wall. this is a great one!!!


Anonymous said...

You're a Roman candle and every day is the 4th of July.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess there's nothing until tomorrow, sigh. I'll come back then.



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