Friday, April 29, 2005

And, Coming into the Stretch, The Truth is Ahead by a Nose.

I keep getting that feeling that this summer and fall are going to bring remarkable changes. I’ve always held that comments of this order are best restrained. After all, what’s the point of such a wide generalized comment? It prepares us for nothing. Something’s going to happen in the woods tonight, somewhere, somehow… It sounds like it could be a song.

Lately though, I’ve been taking my own measurements on gravity and density and watching the gauges of social and environmental pressures. There’s been a pattern of exposures and discoveries. We see that a 1200 dollar a night male prostitute has been having regular sleepovers at the White House for the past couple of years. How far out is far out?

Menawhile, David Ray Griffin, an eminent and respected theologian; the author of 22 books, will be on C-span 2 at 10:30 EST tomorrow with a powerful indictment of the administration on the 9/11 attack. Mr. Griffin says it’s patently obvious that they ‘orchestrated’ it. He says it is clear that the towers came down by timed demolition and points out much of the same information that I’ve been at pains to record since 2001.

He received a standing ovation from a packed hall at Claremont School of Theology in California. This is a well respected scholar and marks the first time that such a thing will receive such widespread viewing. It’s been mentioned in various press reports that at least 50% of the public now believes the administration lied about Iraq. Slowly, like a plant materializing from the darkness of the Earth the truth is sprouting up everywhere. Bloggers across the globe are noting the connections between Mossad and 9/11. Blair has been exposed by Lord Goldsmith’s testimony. Everywhere, if you are watching, the truth is leaking through the seams; even my own “9/11 was an Inside Job” album is due to be played on the internet’s #1 radio program which is broadcast in 60 countries, complete with an interview. I’ll be providing the details for that when the time approaches.

Mainstream media is silent. But it is apparent that somewhere in the background, massive forces are at work toward exposure. It is the way of it. The affairs of humanity work according to the laws of nature. It is possible to counteract these forces for a time, but the forces always remain. Take away an airplane’s capacity to resist gravity and you get the predictable results. When you throw in the news of economic indicators and a host of correlative information you get the ingredients for big change. I don’t want to go into much detail here; that’s more for Smoking Mirrors. This isn’t the forum for temporal sludge. I do point out a few major indicators because they give some weight to my introductory statement at the beginning of this post. In other words, I have my reasons for saying what I do.

People get rich or go broke trying to anticipate change. The thing with change, especially as it affects large bodies, is that it is always slower than we expect and then faster than you anticipated; Einstein anyone? The huge form in your rear view mirror may not be gaining on you with any great speed. It’s a curious feature of life that we often can’t remember when it first appeared or how it got so big. It’s there now however. It’s there and it is not going away and it is not getting smaller. Incrementally it is a degree closer every day.

When big things go out of balance it is not at any one point that we notice the effects. We begin to notice the effects everywhere. Often the effects seem unrelated. This is because the cause is often submerged below the level of the appearances. Often the appearances are not themselves indicators of the cause but, rather indicators of other appearances on the horizon. Most people can see that there is no captain at the helm of the ship of state, or worse; the captain is drunk. There’s too much overcompensation in the steering. The speeds are varying and erratic. Reactions in other locations reveal evidence of the whole world seeking to come back into balance. We see what Yeat’s implied by the ‘widening gyre’.

Some might say I am an alarmist in this respect. I do not intend to be unless it is the observations of a good neighbor informing you that your house is on fire. My feeling is and always has been that all things work for the best. I believe that all of this is the long awaited actual balancing of grievous errors. God is about to set our house in order. This may not come about in any entirety over the summer and the fall, but it is coming.

Those who have studied the matter know that God sends us the great benefits of a world teacher every 2000 years or so in consonance with the dawning of a new age. This teacher’s impact may be one thing during that teacher’s time of direct physical presence and something altogether different over the course of ensuing history. That time is at hand. This teacher is composed of the actual conscious, living substance of God. This teacher is God. I’m not going to hair-split about obvious anomalies in chronology, such as Buddha and Lao Tzu appearing at midpoint in a century, or Mohammed for that matter. These were not avatars. Avatars are world saviors and have a particular job.

Your new avatar is in process of manifestation now. One of the curious effects of this being’s approach is that he drives all the darkness before him. The avatar comes from the inner planes gradually assuming a greater density as he comes into manifestation. Students of arcane teachings know that the real enemies, the really bad (relatively speaking) enemies of humanity are resident on the inner planes. The avatar scours this area first. So it is that we see so many outbreaks of insanity as the avatar moves. These entities are basically stealing cars to get away. They hi-jack warm bodies, inattentive warm bodies, with a result much like that of the Garadene Swine. On the surface it appears that people and events are going haywire. You can think of it as a mother bathing a muddy child. The child isn’t very happy about the affair.

It may be that the housing for the avatar walks here already, awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit, as did Jesus prior to the baptism at the River Jordan. Or it may be that he is quickening the womb of matter as I write these words. These logistical points aren’t the compelling issue. The compelling issue is the ‘issuing forth’.

Like so many things; like the big object in the rear view mirror or through the windshield- if you prefer, it’s suddenly, suddenly, just there.

All through human history there has been this arrogant assumption, in the minds of those who seek to control events and circumstance, that they are the arbiters; that they have the power, the connections, the intelligence and grasp to orchestrate and effect conditions. It often seems so and that is because our sense of time is not nearly vast enough to see the time lapse unfolding and resolution of the whole. But history shows us of the coming and going.

There is but one power and all of us are mere vehicles for its expression. We are willing stewards, fitting examples- or a particular lesson for the rest. We do nothing of ourselves and even the most cunning among us do not know whose intentions we actually serve.

So, be watchful as the grand drama unfolds. A personal surrender to the greater balance, always rebalancing, is the best way to go; “Be of good cheer.” as you have heard. We now live in the times so long spoken of. You’ve got a ring side seat to the greatest show on Earth.

Dozens of lines of scripture enter my mind as I write this but I will not thicken this work with the references. Maybe you can hear them too. In the final analysis there is one comforting reminder that we can take everywhere with us. There is one thought that will banish fear and assist us in our own desire and efforts to slip the cloud of our unknowing and help wash away the film of our ignorance. God is Love. God is Love.

A SMALL NOTE. We are now approaching visitor number 10,000 (it should happen today some time) since this site started to gain a readership about 6 months ago. Thank you one and all.


Anonymous said...

Another awesome thunderbolt by the inspired mind. This is great!


Anonymous said...

Actually Les, I'm sure many of us get counted over and over again as we come here several times each day, throughout the day. 10,000 hits is still damn impressive though.

You've been doing this 6 months now and still somehow manage to keep it just as fresh and inspiring as the first one I ever read over at the Fray. That is quite a feat.

My continued thanks to you for doing this...


Anonymous said...

That thing you do where you start off in some commonplace location, or situation going on on the material plane and then, like a hawk on the thermals ride it ever up, up and away is one of the most fascinating aspects of what you do. this one was exceptional in that respect.

Anonymous said...

A really great one Les,


Anonymous said...

Once again, more interesting landscape I haven't traveled before, with a tour guide who knows the terrain. You have a fascinating writing style and unique way of sorting out your thoughts for public consumption.

I came here infrequently and now I come here every day. You site needs a warning label.

jurebasu said...

The future will definitely be very interesting.

"The only way of ending poverty is giving power to the poor. Knowledge and consciousness are the main power!" – President Hugo Chávez



Anonymous said...

Well, if he's coming he'd better hurry up or there won't be any world to save

Anonymous said...

I have all those same feelings and I'm laying as low as I can. I did not know about the evil being driven forth from the inner planes but it certainly explains a lot of things. A wonderful piece of writing as usual.


Anonymous said...

What a contrast of images. You're my best read on the whole internet.

Jason Swan

Anonymous said...

I got number 9999 by the way.




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