Monday, April 18, 2005

Just Because You Can't See it...

doesn't mean it isn't there.

Those who study in the metaphysical realm know that there is a specific process by which everything manifest comes into being. It’s called precipitation and is moves through four actual realms to the product in your hand. It moves from the archetypal to the creative to the formative to the material plane. It starts as an idea. Paul Foster Case gives a good example of the process. Imagine the idea of sitting down- that is the archetypal realm. In the creative realm all of the blueprints of the various kinds of chairs exist; the things you might sit down in. In the formative world is the process of making the chair; you can include procuring the wood and shaping and joining it here. On the material plane you have the actual chair. This principle applies to everything you can see and touch.

In the same way, all of the qualities of your persona exist as well. You are shaped. Unfortunately for many of us, we were being shaped before we had any hand in it and have had to work after the fact, were we so inclined, to improve upon the bundle of reactionary impulses that we achieved through telepathic invasion. We shape ourselves, or not and we ‘are shaped’ inasmuch as we allow ourselves to be, from a higher mind, or haphazardly according to our idea of what we should be. Independently we exist as something perfect already. True evolution is really a matter of unloading false identifications and embracing an original idea. But, we know better, don’t we?

I cannot hope to include all of the various associations and levels involved in this in a simple piece such as this. The onus is upon the reader to follow these thoughts out to obvious conclusions in respect of things like, ‘karma’, ‘samskaras’ and the like. People have the natural inclination to remain as they are. It’s why they ‘grow up’ vertically as children and then ‘grow out’ horizontally as adults. We are opposed to change, no matter how desperately we believe we wish for it. Enter pain; pain is provocation for growth. We don’t like pain but it is necessary for us in order that we might attain to that blessed destiny so far beyond what we can imagine.

Individuals have their challenges as do communities; nations, planets and planetary systems.

A few years ago, when I still lived in the former land of the free; The United States of America, I managed a jungle resort on the road to Hana on the island of Maui. This resort existed on about two acres of beautifully landscaped jungle gardens. It was a mini Shangri-La. I noticed one morning, out of the corner of my eye, what I can only describe as a shimmering sheet of iridescent silver following me as I walked on the property. It was a rectangular affair, perhaps a foot long and four or five inches wide. It was not constant but rather fading in and out of view. This would not be the first supernatural phenomenon I’ve ever run into. There have been many and many of them were far more powerful in the time they lasted than this. On this occasion I wasn’t psychedelicized. Over a period of several days this shimmering presence followed me around the grounds. I was ecstatic. Sometimes there was more than one. Sometimes there were none but most of the time there was one around.

I didn’t know what to make of this. I ran into a former girlfriend of mine during this time and I told her about it. She said she would have to come and check it out. When I returned from this encounter I found that this presence(s) was gone and it/they never returned. I was very disappointed. Later this girlfriend and a number of other people came out to the resort to attend a party I had thrown. The subject never came up. 'They' heard me talking about them (even at the distance of some miles) and they went away. I hope that I have learned to keep my mouth shut about things I would prefer not to lose.

I’m mentioning this because something similar just happened this morning. I won’t be saying anything more about it. Recently I’ve had a number of brief moments where something similar happened. The other times I have found myself in a state of dis-ease and low energy, grasping for some clarity and stability through what I can only describe as periods of intense pressure that I have had difficulty processing.

It’s said that we all have a Guardian Angel. The definition of this relationship is sometimes called; The Intelligence of Trial or Probation. Most people think initially that our Guardian Angel is a protective influence and that isn’t untrue, it’s just incomplete. The major job of this force is a process of ‘testing’ designed to guide us out of our confused state into a greater knowing (although ‘knowing’ isn’t to be confused with knowledge per se.). The combination of fire and water produces steam. We can become ‘steamed up’ as a result of situations that result from our engagement with this force. Anger and resistance are two by-products that occur when our acquiescence is not gracefully applied.

We are always dealing with a recurrent misperception in our minds about our role in this process. It’s just natural for us to think that we have something to do with it. In fact, the entire process is going on all the time independent of our efforts. Those of us who long for a heightened state of understanding believe that we must strive and aspire at all times. The conundrum is that this is true and untrue simultaneously. We’re really most required to be remembering constantly that the process is taking place and to allow, as much as possible, for it to take place unhindered. This process, which seems so complex from every perspective, is in fact, very simple.

Once again I find myself talking all around something with the intention that comprehension will occur as a by-product of reasoning it out. I am not alone in having cried out more times than I can remember, “Why don’t you just take over completely? Why don’t you just bypass all of my resistance and defeat every misguided effort on my part to interfere?” The thing is that we are meant to be co-participants in all of it. We’re not just robots; even if, in the end we find that total surrender is our only contribution. No doubt some of us would be glad to totally surrender at any time. But we have not yet touched the deeper parts of ourselves that we need to surrender. We are not in comprehension of what it is we are supposed to be surrendering. I guess I would say that the moment you discover anything, let it go, no matter what it is. But that’s just an idea and hmmmm… well now… words…

It’s been said by various oracles and teachers that we often are making our greatest progress when we seem to be the most confined; confused, despairing, lost, and out of touch with any sense of presence or grace; when we don't 'seem' to be progressing at all. We can think when we feel abandoned that that is the case. We too often define God according to our experiences of the world or what we understand about ourselves. Long before you thought about coming this way you have been guided here. You’re not dealing with the fine print on an insurance claim in this relationship. You’re not dealing with temporal agency.

Nothing you do is more important than to remember that, appearances and emotions aside, you are in the presence. A time will come when you will feel a sudden consciousness that has a will, clarity and a discipline of self far beyond anything you have ever discovered in yourself. You will feel understandably bereft when it departs. This is the benefit of faith. Faith has been called “the SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” And everything is made out of that substance.

So, when the mundane seems everywhere about, both within and without; when the gravity of manifest appearance presses down, when you’ve lost it and turned your ire on yourself or on others, it is good to remember (my motto), just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.


Anonymous said...

This one really hit home today; it's just what I needed to hear. It's always neat when that happens. Thanks Les


Anonymous said...

Your back! This is a great one, all sinuous and curving back on itself. I'd say I was beside myself but then it would start to feel crowded.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

walking across the desert, losing strength, an oasis appears before me. But, is it? I fall to my knees hoping to fill my hands with water, expecting sand and find it is water after all.

Need I say more?

z a

Anonymous said...

That was another of your consistently great presentations. Les, you alter my reality every time I come here. You are getting a lot of page views. I wonder who those people are?


Anonymous said...

I just came from Smoking Mirrors. I can't get over how you can be two different people at the same time. I wonder if they don't cancel each other out in terms of contrast.

Whatever the final resolution in terms of what you are, there's nobody else like you around. Every day I expect to tune into one of these sites and find that the world has discovered you. Then I remind myself that there are a great many things that the world is at great pains not to know.




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