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The Revolutions of the Outer and Inner Worlds

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

I can speak with some small authority, only on those things I have experienced. I can speak with some intuitive reach, concerning individuals, forces and conditions that I have not experienced and... I can speculate to my hearts content. This is one of the reasons I use my own life and experiences in order to communicate something I might find important, given that we’ve heard, by now, more times than need be researched, that I have some kind of a Zeitgeist thing; by example, all the times people say they were just thinking about that in a ‘you read my mind’ kind of a way. I’m not trying to claim any special significance for myself, because God will inform my mind concerning that, post haste, should I be so foolish.

I’m a person. The position I occupy is a state. States of consciousness exist very much like the levels in a video game and are also attended by degrees of difficulty, which is why perseverance is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. Possessing faith makes it much easier to do so and you don’t get faith without trials. I’m going through some right now and will continue to for at least a certain period longer. Next time someone flies over to visit me I’m going to make sure they bring a good amount of herbs with them. They’re trying to make Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda impossible to perform.

Revolution is an imperative. There is no way around it. There are two states of revolution and those are the inner and the outer states. If one focuses on the inner revolution, the outer revolution will take care of itself. That is a critical thing to remember. Every time you feel the need to revolt externally, try driving within with the same intensity. I’m not saying you shouldn’t print up hundreds of stickers and paste them in public toilets and on any available wall; the windows of restaurants in the booths where you are sitting, official cars, especially Homeland Insecurity vehicles, buses and wherever you can manage. (I am a little disappointed that this very powerful medium is being so routinely overlooked. If you don’t know what to say, we can put dozens of comments in the comments section.)

In respect of the things I’ve just mentioned, I want to talk about some recent events in my life because I suspect similar things are happening to some numbers of the readers. I also want to mention it because there are some things you can do, to greatly assist in the process. My talking about this may also stir some recognition which is presently subliminal.

Two nights ago, I retired to my bed. I spent the rest of the night shifting from one position to another until dawn arrived. After a time following, I finally did sleep for a couple of hours. What caused this to happen to me (and this kind of thing has been happening off and on for awhile now) was the entrance of another intelligence into my mind. I’m going to have to paraphrase and simply sketch out the general idea because the actual details are not with me. You won’t miss anything important by just accepting the substitution.

This voice said to me that, if I would allow it, several adepts were interested in taking up residence within me. One of them was an exempt adept and there might even have been someone from the final two higher ranks. In any case, my visitors would be in contact with such personages anyway. I didn’t think about it, I just said “Yes’. I was informed that that was unusual for someone in my position to just automatically put aside any questions or concerns.

I was told that the presence of other minds within my own would subtly and possibly not so subtly, change me. I said, “Isn't that the point? Isn’t that a good thing?” I was told that it was and that it was of considerable benefit all around but that I might lose some parts of myself I would rather hang on to, since they were me and mine and I don’t really have to let them go. I said, there’s nothing in me or of me that has any value if it can be replaced by something of a higher order. He/She seemed to like hearing that (grin)

All through that night I was pondering what was taking place and traveling within to communicate with these new invisible friends. When I got closer to a couple of them, as happened through that night, I noticed that they still seemed far off but according to a different kind of distance. There was so much more space within them and I could feel my personal discomfort at yawning distances; the kind you find walking on narrow paths on a cliff side. It wasn’t dangerous, it was just an awareness. I realized I would have to grow into this and when I did, then it wouldn’t seem so empty and devoid of presence. I suspected that this space was full of presence but beyond my present capacity to appreciate it or... I would have to grow to fill that space as the greater presence of my deepest inner self expanded into the dimensions of its theater of expression. At the same time I realized that, in fact, I had to grow smaller and smaller until I was no more than a pinprick of light.

I welcomed this, even though I knew that a tedium was going to attend it as it made many things that formerly had my attention, unimportant and suddenly no longer desirable by comparison with what lay ahead, even if I had no clear idea of what that was. That has proven to be the case. This morning I got in the car to drive Susanne to the train station and at one point, my attention was drawn upwards and I saw one of the adepts there, stationary in his holding position and I entered it automatically because that was what he was there for. I realized then that the purpose of their presence was to remind me of a state of consciousness that I could come into, until that state of consciousness was my own. I was going to lose a lot of things that had previously entertained me and gotten my attention but... am I serious about this or not? That’s the question you have to ask yourself.

Every one of us has a guide or guides, standing by and waiting to see if we acknowledge their presence and wish to invite them in. Just like vampires, they can’t come in unless you invite them. There are all kinds of rules of engagement that apply to this area of activity. Take some time when you can and see if this is not true of you. You may not get anything at first but you will if you persevere and they speak through the intuition and this quality becomes more and more palpable, as it is exercised. Because of the nature of the times, this opportunity is presenting itself to the willing and aware. It is an extremely valuable relationship that you really do want to take advantage of, even though it will change you. Consider how much your world is going to be changed in any case.

I now understand the attraction for the arctic emptiness of the wild and vast space that is so often identified with yogis and mystics. It takes some getting used to. It’s not oppressive it’s just the Big Empty. It’s not empty but it seems that way at first. The consciousness needs to adjust so that it can identify what it presently isn’t in a position to perceive.

As I have said in the past, an aperture is opening into another dimension. Those indifferent to or unwilling to enter in are going to be routed to Wardrobe for the coming cycle, 'here'. Those perceptive and wise enough to avail themselves are going to get an undeserved gifting from the largesse of the universe. Think of it like this, “I know it’s not your birthday but I just wanted to get you something special”.

It’s not like you won’t earn it or provide a return on the investment. This naturally follows out of your new inclinations and awarenesses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and invite your guide(s) in for the good it will do you. The good will be considerable because many things unknown to you are visually apparent to your guide(s). Practice in association will result in regular updates and bursts of information concerning actions and directions you might take. Remember, Shambhala is going to appear out of the mists of concealment. To fully see it as it is requires you to fully be what you are.

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DaveS said...

Sending a link to this far and wide. Good feces!

A million thanks for what you do, going out to all of you who do more than just doodoo. WooHoo!


Erik said...

Hey Visible,

"States of consciousness exist very much like the levels in a video game and are also attended by degrees of difficulty, which is why perseverance is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire."

Funny that you mention the video game metaphor ... (big grin)

This is exactly the metaphor I now use to reflect on my own experience. I used to play "Myst" and "Riven" on the PC. Beautiful scenery and music, combined with very intricate 'puzzles', that needed to be solved to advance in 'the game' ...

I have always been 'stubborn and headstrong' which, when translated to the positive side, can be seen as perseverance ;)

I admitted one special guide, had no idea one can allow more ... (grin)

Mouser said...

Thank you for your post Les.

I cannot deny the idea of guides awaiting to come into our lives in accordance with preset rules of engagement strike me as the holy spirit aka the devine on earth as whatever one personally perceives it to be.

God wants to give us a present even though it is definitely not our birthday, but we must be sincerely ready and willing to accept it before it will be given.

Peace, love and truth,


Neko Kinoshita said...

"To fully see it as it is requires you to fully be what you are."

I strive with much effort, and with none at all small steps are taken.

Listening from the alley,

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 4.11

ye yathā māḿ prapadyante

tāḿs tathaiva bhajāmy aham

mama vartmānuvartante

manuṣyāḥ pārtha sarvaśaḥ


As all surrender unto Me, I reward them accordingly. Everyone follows My path in all respects, O son of Pṛthā.

Anonymous said...

revolt? against? oh thats right, just like most revoultuions of the last 300 years, the people will go thru all thre toruble and jusrt hand it right back to the masons (1776)

I;ve tried to like oy ou but your stance on freemasons make you and I permanent enemies. All the rest of your writing becomes quickly irrelevant. Don't worry I'm checking out today so you won't have to listen to it anymore. You helped put the nail in the coffin of any hope I had though. For that I am eternally grateful. ANd yes, if you support them or are one you are a deluded liar to the max and nothing will ever change it now.If you are one, you are the most disinguous tool I've ever seen. PS good job ignoring their square and compass across the US magically with the leypoints on "disasters" and "terror" attacks. I wonder if they have this over every counotury or is it only the one that pretends its free. And you have the nerve to call these people "not evil" or join or what? Whatever, I'm out, and you are a disappointing joke.

Visible said...

Your massive intolerance supported by immense ignorance concerning the subject you are presenting makes communication between us impossible. Therefore I am no longer directing anything I have to say in your direction. You're either extremely dumb or you play one on TV, in either case the result is the same. You can imagine my inconsolable sorrow at your graceless departure.

Anonymous said...


Well on a non masonic note...

I'm hoping I can talk to me through you and this forum.

I won't go into details but I can say life has been a little rough for many years now.

This constant state of stress leaves no room for peace or any thing other than near panic, desperation, depression, anger and constant angst and exhaustion.

I can't get a foot hold. I would do the things you suggest in your post if I had any clue how to?

It's really not like me to ask for help. Even as I write this I feel a little embarrassed.

Is there anything you can suggest or any of you out there ?

I've read everything, listened to everyone, and I'm just lost.

If I had a shred of knowing anything at all It would be such a relief.

I don't want fortune or fame just the basics and above all peace no matter what the circumstances !

I am mad at myself for letting this world stop me from getting back to myself, if that makes any sense?

I know there's a place in here that I need to get to but I can't find a door.

Thank you for Your Blog Les

Thanks to other forum members for your comments. I enjoy reading most of them as much as the blogs.



Visible said...

By way of explanation I will mention something. Masonry is an evolution of an Egyptian system with numbers letters and geometry very much at the center. Creation is composed of arrangements of the same. it's neither good nor bad. So it is with masonry. It is a system. Systems can be applied with different motivations and this is what defines the practitioner. At a certain point you do encounter what is euphemistically called The Devil. It's a matter of importance and unavoidable. Your character will determine where you will go from there. Our understanding of good and evil is seriously flawed in relation to a pure objective awareness. There are a number of systems, like masonry which lead by degrees to gaining that objective awareness. I am not a Mason. I belong to no external orders but I am most definitely a member of a brotherhood that has been around a long time.

Our ertwhile associate with the condemning tongue will find that attitude and mental constructs invariably lead to situations and incidents that bear on their viewpoint and I might also add that things can well become what we imagine them to be in relation to ourselves. It is best to make no sweeping judgments concerning anything. This is why I do not engage in wholesale condemnation of the Jews.

It is true that they possess the largest amount, per population of, nogodnicks but that does not account for the whole grouping. Part of the reason is predisposition and part of it is that the power went to their heads and created a sense of privilege which led to seeing everyone else as lesser creations. They are about to find out in a very big way how very wrong they are.

You cannot get very far on the path condemning all secret societies and traditions. Most of the people doing this have little or no idea what is contained within, then there are those who say certain things in order to deceive people because the one they work for is The Grand Deceiver.

Openmindedness (and openheartedness) is of high importance on the path and you will only get so far and no further without them.

Avops said...

Hello Les,

Just wondering what instrument you use to check the source of your spirit guides........seems as though there are a vast number of spirits wandering this earth in search of a residence, I sense them knocking at my door constantly.

My concern is that while they may appear to be spirits of enlightenment, I am also aware they, being of the spirit world, have abilities to deceive mere mortals such as myself.

If you have a sure fire way to discern the source of these spirits guides, I would be indebted to you if you would share your technique.

Thanks for the post, it definitly fueled some thoughts for today ;-)

Anonymous said...

les said:

Openmindedness (and openheartedness) is of high importance on the path and you will only get so far and no further without them.

Once again, this sentence is a meditation in itself.

Visible said...

Avops; I use a three quarter inch ratchet with 50X10 scope. I spin it on the bolt as fast as I can and then very quickly look through the scope and whatever I see I divide by two.

Heh heh, that's a good question. First off, no true or useful spirit guide will tell you anything that is not true or urge you to do anything that is contrary to the well being of all concerned. Second, I would suggest maintaining high mindedness and that will create a powerful aura that will protect against unwanted intrusion. Meditation and prayer as well as conversation with the divine are all powerful safeguards and anyone following some combination of these will not likely have these kinds of problems.

Visible said...

Patrick; well, the first thing to realize is that your own efforts are not helping so maybe you should give up on whatever it is that you thought was going to be of assistance.

Next I should say, and this applies across the board, if a person is drinking or getting high on a regular basis that is the problem right there and one needs look no further/ Stop that and everything will come into order.

It is foolish to make a long distance prognosis based on no more than the idea of sensitivity to incoming data. However, without question there is something at the center of this which is causing the problem. Honest self inquiry will reveal this. We all have a certain level of dishonesty and that is a lever we use against ourselves while thinking we are employing it to practical ends. This is where I would look. Following that, maybe more can be said.

Anonymous said...

Hello, "Les."

What you seem to describe in re invisible friends, unless there is much you DO NOT elaborate on, is mediumistic in nature and should be further investigated by you.

A powerfully accentuated influence from Pisces, such as Pisces moon, ascendent and nativity along with (perhaps) Neptunian influences in the aspectarian, would indicate mediumistic ability. There is much more to it, however.

Mediumistic ability is a lower stage of spiritual awareness where development has run along one or more lines but remains "hamstrung" along other, equally important venues.

After reading and becoming interested in your posts, Les, I have thought to enter these comments as a cautionary against the inherent dangers you face, in the hope that you will henceforth be willing to read from trusted sources that more fully describe what you seem to be experiencing.

In a nutshell, Les, contact with discarnates is very risky. As a general rule the latter are unable to harm persons of high moral and spiritual character who do not imbibe drugs, such as opiates or alcohol.

. . . But if such potions are frequently relied upon to. . . "set the mood," etc., or should one of mediumistic ability be addicted – then there is great danger in allowing discarnate entities to enter the personal aura, as such persons will not be able to perceive whether such entities are from the higher human levels, let alone, as you assert, "adepts" – which is a term implying states of consciousness the greater majority of all people everywhere are unable to fathom.

What I'm getting at here is that the empty spaces between so-called "solid" objects are literally filled with entities, many of which are above the human lever; others being below human awareness and potentially harmful.

Lower humans who have suffered separation from their divine benefactor in death and who have been "cut adrift," are so wicked and vile that the divine spiritual Nature can no longer tolerate association.

. . . These will attempt to "get in" through any available door that presents an opportunity for material sensation. They will lie and deceive in order to do so.

Once "in" and able to gain control to some degree, they will grow more and more powerful until finally the host-victim comes to a great crisis: Expulsion, or cessation of his very life.

If any of these words resonate with you please post something that will allow us to communicate.

If you don't care, well and good. But you are hereby sternly advised.


Anonymous said...


Here is something to consider.
A test, if you will..

Sometimes things work even if you have no faith in them or even if you disbelieve..

Srila Prabhupada:
It is practically experienced. I know that the ghost, if you go in a house ghostly haunted, if you chant Hare Krsna mantra, they’ll go away. They cannot tolerate. In my life there was several incidences like that.

In 1969 I was guest in the house of John Lennon in London. So there was a ghost in… It was a big plot. There was a guest house. So they complained, “Sir, here is ghost.” So I advised them to chant Hare Krsna, and the ghost went away. Yes. This is fact. When there is Hare Krsna chanting, these ghostly, demonic living entities, they’ll not be able to stay there. They’ll go away.

If you chant the Maha mantra will this then attract benevolent spirits?

DaveS said...

A mind closed to any idea or belief is a closed mind indeed!

Evil is really a concept for small minds, don't you think? I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that... but I guess the larger mind sees beyond our short life spans limited viewpoint; basically what at the moment is painful might just be the breaking of some mental/emotional hymen and ecstasy is just a few short thrusts away, umm, so to speak.

In many ways, the PTB pretending to own the Magic arts, is the best way to keep the masses from learning of Magic's potential. We either think it's beyond our ability, or we assume it's not good because of the number of obvious assholes engaged in it.

I think there are a few here who know better...

I'm off to turn a few more bankers into rodents so my feline familiars have something to keep them occupied while I work on more important spells.


Visible said...


You've got a poor understanding of mediumship ad opposed to spiritual contact and I will measure that against your capacity to give advice based on no exposure and too much presumption. Here is a little something to ponder and this way you won't be compelled to write so many words that didn't get read once the essence had been transmitted.

The difference is in 'speaking to' and 'speaking thru'. If you can distinguish between these then you may have some idea of what I was attempting to communicate.

I feel confident that most people will get it and that very few here would assume that I am interested in psychic as opposed to spiritual matters.

My suggestion is that if you want to force concepts on people where they don't apply and pontificate where they are unlikely to listen that you should get a blog because there is definitely an audience for everything and anything on the internet. I'll even send the occasional person who gets pissed off at me over to you. You can't ask for more than that.

nina said...

Please include today's VO in Best Of.

I've had a similar experience, it came out of nowhere for no reason I could understand, I just held it for about an hour and let it go. Ever since, I've been trying to get it back, but just because I want it back doesn't mean it has returned. I failed my test that time, but then there are these constant sleepless nights...

Anonymous said...

I am a little tripped out by Patrick's post. Being that I am also Patrick and I could have written that myself. I too have been on a roller coaster ride of life that has left me in not to pleasent of circumstance.

I agree with Les on the clouding of mind. Not as fun but these are not fun times. These are times to cherish the 'within'.

We are and experience, for the most part, a three dimensinal world that is but a part of a many dimensional world.

A thousand mile seperation on one dimension is the same place in another. So, we are never alone. We exist in many dimensions, so we never die. Love permeates them all.

Hey, I am hanging on, so you hang on to Patrick.


wv: psynal this has been a very psynal experience.

Visible said...

Heard during the new film, "The Mechanic"

Good judgment is the result of experience and that usually comes as a result of bad judgment"

Terrance said...

Thank you for reminding me to communicate with my guides. As humans, we are continually having to re-member. People who would like to contact their guides can easily do so by playing a simply game of pretend. I recommend a quiet place and visualizing a gold sun filling the room with light. I don't use white light because it attracts the dark. Then ask to talk with one or more of your guides. Just pretend your having a conversation and ask the questions you want answers to. It's amazing what will happen it you let it. love

ericman said...

Hello Mr. Visible ...

I have been following your articles for about the last year and listened to your podcast on Feet to the Fire.
Somehow .. I felt some sort of connection to your spiritual journey ... this feeling has become stronger and stronger over time. Thank you for the courage to reveal your innermost thoughts ... they encourage me to remain on my path as I have stumbled quite badly off it in the last 3 years ... hopefully it is not too late.
I was quite surprised when in one of your articles you mentioned the attributes of a certain prophet. This prophet has been the foundation and initiator of my own journey and for you to mention him draws me even closer to your perspective. I feel in one sense that God has deserted me ... and in another sense that he is waiting for me to make the right and destined decision on my own ... the one you suggest.
Purity truly is the way and sacrifice of self .... reality becomes liquid and we commit to serve humanity.
I have seen the light beings and felt their love ..I hope I haven't disappointed them ...
Thanks again ....

Anonymous said...


I don't think you should be so hard on people who use marijuana. It elevates thoughts and allows insight when used properly. We all have our mediums and ways to get there.

Patrick: Don't worry, you're taking your first step by being here.

-Some guy

Visible said...

Occasionally I will hear from a reader who wants to hold me in higher regard than they already do but who find that difficult due to the tone and tenor of my responses here- now and then.

I have a policy where my responses are meant to mirror the comment in tone. Should that prove to provoke a particular reaction that's good because I want to know about that in the reader. I'm not from the Department of Sweetness and Light. That is actually down the hall and to the right. if you came in here by accident and you were looking for that, my suggestion is to go there because their staff is trained to answer everything in a loving and patient manner. They do job lot and wholesale work. I do piece work. They generalize and I specialize. I'm not for everyone and that accounts for some of the things I say and the way I say them which might mystify someone expecting me to be above it all and constantly (metaphorically) gazing at you with a far away distant look of fathomless wisdom in my eyes.

I am not here to blow smoke up your ass or to convince you of what a splendid fellow I am. I automatically adapt myself to the level of my environment. Aspects of my kundalini have made this elevator feature a sort of fashion accessory that's proven useful in as many ways as you can imagine.

If you get something useful, use it and ignore everything that does not apply to you. There's no charge beyond what might be required of you if any of it happens to actually work.

Visible said...

Some guy; Please read more carefully so that I don't have to spend my time writing this. I actually have a lot of ongoing projects that demand my attention.

I didn't even mention marijuana. I wasn't hard on anyone. Look at what I said and remember that the person I was talking to was having a lot of problems that would not go away. Now I have no idea if substances contribute in this particular case but it is always something to mention because in many cases it is the problem. If it's not the problem then the person should ignore what I said and move on to the next thing. Possibly the person will respond at some point with more information. I don't pretend to have the answers. I simply state what I might consider if in the same situation.

I myself use substances, in fact you could color me "Desperately seeking Ketamine" due to certain properties it has that magically clear up a condition I am saddled with for this part of my journey. Unfortunately, even though it is as common as rain in the UK it does not seem to find its way to me.

I use ayahuasca and mimosa hostilis as well as mushrooms at certain intervals in the year. These things are part of my 'specific' path and I do not recommend them to others because we are not all the same and most people don't have a dispensation for this sort of thing, primarily because you can get lost in the underbrush, or become disoriented in the water and think you are swimming up when you are swimming down. Some of us are so fixed on our location or so firmly in the grip of our master that these things do not interfere. No matter what, one shouldn't rely on these things and I understand that this may be the last year in which I have to engage in any of this because divine intoxication is on the menu.

Now I will return to my previously scheduled broadcast, already in progress.

Anonymous said...

deprived existance
material restrictions
convictions of self
in illusive conditions
repetitions of consequence
obstructing excellence
diversions on the path
conducted in evidence
of their is a higher place
onwards to the gates
natured minds observe
lifting which vibrates
constantly provides
developing inside
rising inner sanctity
reaching through all life


Anonymous said...

patrick who seems to be in turmoil at the mo,been their on a number of occasions myself,it seems to be if I measure my material wealth with everybody else around me I immediatly become depressed,I have never really worried to much about wealth,my mind doesnt think about gathering wealth,so it is my own fault that I have nothing,where I live most people do care about wealth so sometimes when feeling down this becomes a tool to torture myself with ...neil

Anonymous said...

Has anyone evr noticed that your problems get better when helping others?

In my post to Patrick from Patrick I felt uplifted from my own morass.

Through the holidays I maintained some level of inebriation. I tmay ahve helped, or not. The same chellenges were there on the other end.

I even tried going down the hall to the dept of sweetness and light. I found the room empty. Nothing to gained there.

Below is a poem I once wrote after a love affair of a very deep kind. From pain came creation.

Standing There

As the sunlight shines upon the cascading water
I saw you standing there, in white silk wrap,
wrapped around your softness

In the sunlight's glow, I saw you there
Your dark hair flowing
With rays of pure white about your beautiful presence

In that stolen moment, my heart was yours forever
leading the thoughts of my soul beyond the ashes
A haunting song will guide me now

To that moment once again that we stand by the ocean
Your windswept hair blowing as I touch your hand
As you touch my soul

A thousand journeys may separate that moment from now
The golden cord will someday bring us together, again
Our souls to intermingle in the purity of a lovers call

Amicus aka Patrick

Anonymous said...

Are there two Patricks, or did I write something in the middle of the night? Will the real Patrick please stand up.

Maybe we should have a Patrick1 and a Patrick 2. Reminds me of a Star Trek episode.

Patrick2 (I guess)

Visible said...

There is, at the least, in most cases, two of everyone. That's been the problem from a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

I once had an employee who could impersonate anyone but himself.

Anonymous said...

quote..'you read my mind’

we each are able to do the spirit realms its the only true form of communication.

Q..'God will inform my mind"

we get god wrongly...god is that life force..that sustains us our living...[every life lives because god[good]..sustains it to be ...sustains life to be.

Q..'The position I occupy is a state"

as we all do..but the state is primarilly emotive/reactive..inter-active with-in..which..Q.."States of consciousness exist"

Q.."Possessing faith makes it much easier to do so and you don’t get faith without trials".

faith can only take us so is about question...and ask the question ..IS to allready have recieved the answer

it is our lack of comprehending the answers/facts or aplications..that originate the question..

your quote reveals much good info..but its stuff we allready know..[within]..but arnt applying[without]..but that isnt the reaason for my reply.

the in-flux [in-spiration]that you speak of in this a normal state of affairs for all living beings...whatever thoughts are in our current us directly to those others recieving/percieving believing thinking doing the same thoughts or actions..

but that being said...both good and ill can be the influx..the inflow isnt all good..nor indeed all bad..[its only us bringing into realisation [doing]..the becomes bad]...indeed it is only by doing the good..the infux is revealed to be good or benifitial.

'Re-volution is an imp-erative'
[thats funny...i wasnt going to write this]..i was going to say we need to not revolt..but evolve..[not r-evolution...simply just e-volution]

we are eternal-spirits having..[serving out a mortal life sentanance] let us chose which of the influx...inspir-ration..we chose to do.

then when we get freed..we have eternity to inspire others with our let them chose which of our inflow..they wish to real-ise.

[or something like that]..

god [good] is with-in us all sustaining us each our living..thus that we do did to the least..we do did to him..

est said...

once i'm
up on the roof

i always
kick the ladder away

Anonymous said...

10 59

Do the people that know you tell you that you are a very annoying person to be around? I'm wondering. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I just listened to Queen and then looked the wv and behold: queenu

Now how does that happen and what does it mean? :)

Patrick2 (the one with the typing problem)

Anonymous said...

The best selling book on the planet, and its teachings have been brought into disrepute (bible/Christianity). Corrupt men have infiltrated the ranks of this belief system, which has caused Christianity to become so called christianity instead of the real thing. Now people have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, and they believe nothing that is associated with Christianity. That is a shame...This belief system teaches that there is a God and His angels. There is a devil, and his demons. Two sides of one great war. The spirits you have invited in are surely demons. Before you laugh, consider whether it is any more ridiculous to say that these spirits are demons than adepts? The devil and his servants rarely approach people with horns and fangs out. They approach you with their best foot forward.
The demonic spirit requires you to suppress your own spirit so they can act through you. The Holy Spirit never does this. There are many unpleasant "side effects" to having unholy spirits living within you. There are no unpleasant side effects to having the Holy Spirit living within you. Let experience be your guide in these matters. If at some time in the future you determine that there is wisdom in these words, please forget anything religious people tried to teach you and pick up a bible to determine what the truth is according to what is in that book alone.
You have invited evil spirits in, that does not mean they have to be permanent residents. May the Lord of all creation-who can be found in the bible-be your guide.

Anonymous said...

"it was just an awareness. I realized I would have to grow into this and when I did, then it wouldn’t seem so empty and devoid of presence. I suspected that this space was full of presence but beyond my present capacity to appreciate it or… I would have to grow to fill that space"

I've always felt an emptiness, yet a protected space (and quiet) when I walk into the bedroom/sitting room upstairs since we moved in.

Thanks again for identifying what I feel.

I'm not too well versed on getting inside myself, but it feels right.

Speaking of subliminals; a couple commercials I've seen; Hyundai's sheeple/"Snap Out of It" message, and Halle Berry's perfume called "Reveal" seem to be putting subliminals into MSM&SM in reverse. Nice!


gurnygob said...

Les you mentioned The Grand Deceiver.

Are you not worried that one/some of these guides might be agents of the above mentioned.

The very name (The Grand Deceiver ) or as some call him (The Father of lies) suggests to my simple mind that he could convince you/me/anyone that black is white and so forth. I think it was Christ that warned us to test the spirits before opening the door to them. I believe in guardian angels (messengers of God) but I would not trust a voice in my mind or a vision that said they were my angel without testing it in some way and even then?????????

The grand deceiver is not one to be taken lightly. Think Lord of the Rings and Saruman. Think of Sauron, the Dark Lord.

“Nasty hobbits, Tricksy Hobbitse, you can’t trust them my Precious”


siamsam said...

anon 10.59.........

Seems that millions of people have been around Les and most of them choose to stay around. How about you? Do you allow people to be honest? What do you see when you look in the mirror. No really look.....

Old Soldier said...

Les - you said: "It takes some getting used to. It’s not oppressive it’s just the Big Empty. It’s not empty but it seems that way at first."

Yeah, spent the last two years in Mongolia. Talk about Big Empty. You literally can hear birds fly. A ways away from you. Standing still, and your heartbeat is a constant companion. They say Shambala is out there, somewhere, either in what is now Mongolia, or maybe the Tuvan parts of Russia, or maybe the eastern edge of Khazakstan, in the Altai Mountains. Who knows? Could be. It's a big place, and empty. Or, maybe inside each of us is also a big place, plenty empty when we stop staring at the little pieces we have built around us into feeble walls to keep out the all that space, could be Shambala, could be lots of others, some waiting to help, some on their own ways, but willing to walk along with you if you can keep up, and maybe some others who simply don't care one way or the other, but if you follow along, you might learn something. Old monkey mind keeps talkin' and you can't hear what the others are saying. Best thing for it is to try and listen to the birds' wings. When you can hear them, you are generally not thinking about monkey stuff so much.

Take care of the bod, winter can be a tough time.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Always good stuff to be found here.

On the other hand, there seems to be a bit of static lately.

Still dealing with my own limitations, and trying to let go of the dusty illusions, always a challange.

Then again, I am hearing more and more from the "friends and guides" I just need to stop interpreting through my desires.

Good plan, Jessie loves to catch rodents. Then she plays with them until they "break."

Meow all,

GTRman said...

Funny , I watched that film " The Mechanic" just yesterday and that quote stood out for me too! Not bad for an action flick.

Les and or readers may enjoy this movie:

" Punching The Clown " , a moc-doc about Henry Phillips , a comedy / satirical singer songwriter trying to make it in LA. There's a revealing riff on jewish networking ; an innocent remark about a bagel , ( thanks to paranoid 'chinese whispers' and snide journalism ),leads to Henry being branded a white-supremacist neo-nazi anti-semite racist , ( yeh , the whole pic-a-nic basket!) and subjected to boycotts and protests.

Let's get guitarded , indeed :

This is good , too:
How TV Ruined Your Life - s01e01 (Part 1 of 2)

How TV Ruined Your Life - s01e01 (Part 2 of 2)

Anonymous said...

The US President is backing Hosni Mubarak
Are you sure of that, Mister Obama Barack
Who bets on the dead horse
Shouldn't you limit your loss
Get rid of the bastard to avoid train wreck

Anonymous said...

Amicus aka Patrick,

The poem you wrote, the last two paragraphs specifically, reminded me of a spiritual experience I recently had with someone. I thought I was 'over' it. I'm reminded of how much it hurts and how much I'd rather not think about what I'm feeling, and how it seems to come out of nowhere. This is insane, I've never known anything like it. It just comes and goes at random. (But the fact that I almost spelled 'nowhere' as 'knowwhere' made me giggle like a schoolgirl, makes up for it.)

All I can do is be thankfull for this torment I can't explain or describe, and thank you for being yet another catalyst. I guess it's not over yet...

Anonymous said...

It was Iraqi Muslim who throw at Bush his shoes
Egypt's Muslims threw out the supporter of Jews
What about Americans and Brits,
When you gonna hit the streets ?
It's revolution time - haven't you heard the news

vv said...

Will have to go back and re-read later Vis... I had to stop at "exempt adept..."

Perhaps it was because I just finished watching The Magician (Bergman film)

Crazy for all of us



John said...

I feel inspired(inspirit)to reply to you. I was exactly where you are now and I sincerely asked God for help and from strange and unexpected sources I did, and still do.
What inspired me is that your call for peace and knowledge and what I was reading earlier "Peace is the prerequisite for knowledge". Coincidence?or what?
Anyway Patrick, I can't tell you how it will be for you as IT is highly individualized for each of us. But realize that you have been led to the position you are now so that you can make this choice.
As Les alluded to,He(the Holy Spirit) won't come without an invitation from you.

Unconditional Love


Anonymous said...

sacred wander
earth and sky
river weave
eagle fly
mothers cry
truth profound
rising peace
calming sound
a pound of freedom
light inspire
roll the heavens
spark the fire
lifting free
pulsating essence
reaching truth
rising presence


Anonymous said...

Patrick(and everyone else going through similar unpleasantness);

I came out of a trial recently which lasted about 7-8 months -this after a very powerful spiritual experience- where I would just burst into tears for seemingly no reason. I had little to no control over it. I had no one to talk to. I knew it was bad when I'd try to meditate -clearing my mind- but then this feeling would swell up inside me and I'd start crying uncontrollably which has NEVER happened before; meditation would always clear stuff away. As much as I felt it in my heart, I knew the anguish was coming from deep in my soul. I wasn't sure if I could live with what I was feeling; despite my best efforts, I couldn't lift it off. Being someone who's survived a lot of awful shit I can safely say it was one of the worst periods of my life.

You know that saying, "let go and let God"? That's what I (eventually) did after I got my head out of my ass. Sometimes I put my head back in there because I'm fun like that, but I ask for forgiveness and try to move on.

Introspective work is a must. Ask God to help guide you through yourself. Try and get some perspective on what you're going through. Try to see it from the broadest possible angle. Obviously there's a lesson(s) you need to learn, and something inside you (not outside) needs to change.

Aside from the work you will do on your own, ask other people to pray for you! This has helped me more than anything! I saw real, tangible results in my life. There are hundreds of websites out there that accept prayer requests. Your intention is read by people who will pray for you, people who make it their life's work to pray for others. Prayer is POWERFUL. Collective intention is part of the element. Denomination is irrelevant, but most of what I've found is Catholic.

You must ask for EXACTLY what it is that you want. Be specific. Be as concise as possible. Be prepared to receive what you ask for. You won't find the solution to your problem until you know what your problem IS. Maybe you should ask to find what your problem is first.

Here are a few links:

Go to a search engine and type 'prayer request' to find more links.

Make a concerted effort to focus your mind on God every moment you can; I've used music like this to help me with that:

Do what you can to invite the presence of the Light into your life. You will always find what you need (not what you want) if you're earnest in your effort to find it.

May God be with you.

Anonymous said...

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

- Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Thank you for your lovely writing.

My only experience with guides has been dreams about my ancestors at crucial times on the path. That they are genuine and not demonic is unquestionable, as the intensity of the love is there. Love is one of the important guideposts in the Bible for separating Light from Dark. Because of this Love, there is no fear. Lack of fear is another important guidepost given by the Bible.

They rarely speak in words of their own, so I need not dither over whether their "language" is demonic, because they do not need to use human words. Rather, they radiate silent love to me and then show me a picture of possible futures that I need to help choose by my own actions.

Examples: multiple warnings about dangers in nearby woods; warnings about letting my children near certain people or places; warnings to prepare for something; and sometimes just fond, silent greetings to remind me that my connection to Spirit is far beyond quantification and qualification by the fearful limitations of earthly religions.

Blessings Friend.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

The Hidden History and our Invisible Guides.

Anonymous said...

Who believes in God more than the Devil?

Anonymous said...

Well :

I've learned two things from my request for assistance here.

1) Seems that most people named Patrick have messed up lives and that people should stop naming their kids Patrick as soon as possible as there are already too many of us.

2)Some of the most beautiful and great souls in the universe lurk around these blogs.

I can't express how GRATEFUL I am for each and EVERY reply I received to my request for assistance.

Where else could I have written these words and not been attacked and ridiculed.


You all really helped more than you can know.

Patrick Version 1.0

Erik said...

Dear Patrick Version 1.0

This is from my own experience, but I can safely assume this goes for almost all of us here...

Your 'coming out' here was no coincidence, though you are maybe the first that was pre-announced in Les' post and comments (grin)

I also assume that when you re-read your 'primal scream' you thought 'Did I write That?'

You wrote "You all really helped more than you can know" ...

Maybe not, we all have used similar words of gratitude when we realized what 'magic' just had happened (no t-shirts yet though ;)

Erik van Wees (My Facebook name)

WV: tryogi

John O said...

Hey Les,

A Large part of my way through this life is to practice sending love and healing energies to all aspects of my life and past life that comes to mind when it comes to mind.

I started this practice at first by devoting a small bit of time daily in remembering and sending love to myself. I would deliberately remember horrid things that would bring the blood rush of shame at my behavior and embrace myself and send love. I would love myself in times of desolation and despair.

I did this until it is just ingrained in my way of life both waking and sleeping.

I invited my higher self by being my higher self to myself here and now. I know tomorrow I will be doing likewise and have no reason to believe I will ever stop doing so.

Not only am I sending this energy back to myself in time I am receiving now the energy I am sending back from tomorrow.

It appears to me that those searching for love and higher guidance have neglected the obvious. No one knows one better than ones self and most certainly ones higher self that exists entangled with us all in this moment.

Channeling ones self in love is the doorway to higher energies that also exist entwined with us all and will willingly come into our consciousness when one is opened in love.

For higher guides to manifest one must first love themselves and their lives. I suggest that all practice lifting themselves up by sending love and light to the darkest places and embrace the parson that once was and still is if not embraced and released.

Unlimited love and guidance is our birthright and is awaiting us at every turn. For those who are wary of "spirit guides" I would say that if one is in contact with ones self then one automatically knows what is truly helpful and evolutionary and what is manipulation.

As for Les Visible, I say thanks and keep thinking out loud. It is much appreciated by many.

Peace, John O

Kelly Ann Thomas said...

"...that I have some kind of a Zeitgeist thing; by example, all the times people say they were just thinking about that in a ‘you read my mind’ kind of a way"

I don't know how many times I have written that, but I must have thought at at least fifty times more than I have ever written it in the comment section. Every single time I read any of your essays/posts, I am overwhelmed by the synchronicity. I just finished reading "The Valkyries" by Paulo Coehlo - a random purchase at the airport bookstore because I left the book I was reading in the taxi. It's a true story of his search to see the face of his angel. I am still processing it and then I read your words. I think I will be doing a lot of meditating this evening.

As always, thank you for sharing your soul.

kevin blumer said...

who belives that there is more good than evill not me its not thinking posertive

Visible said...

cocktail hour running a little long?

Erik said...

Jeez Vis,

I almost choked ...(grin)

WV: sopilist (another grin)

Karma Stuff said...

Just wanted to echo one of the most important things mentioned:

If you want things to improve/ get better for you, it's essential that you do good for others; this activity could take many forms. You're options concerning 'good deeds' are not restricted to any one thing, so long as you bring a little kindness and compassion to another being. Karma and all that!

est said...

when i was a kid
riding on a hay-wagon
[we threw bales every summer]

i tossed a stone
at the tractor wheel [tire]
it bounced back and hit me square between the

instructing me directly
about karma

i remember thinking
'now that was stupid'

i'm still learning
this same lesson
every day

Anonymous said...

John O said...
Channeling ones self in love is the doorway to higher energies that also exist entwined with us all and will willingly come into our consciousness when one is opened in love.

For higher guides to manifest one must first love themselves and their lives.

Thank you for saying that. People forget how important it is to love and be kind to themselves, and I don't mean in a selfish, self indulgent, self centered way. I've found many people who were having problems in their life, the root of which happened to be that they weren't loving themselves, or they were hating themselves! You won't get anywhere hating yourself. I like the saying, "God is the law, and God is love." Love is everything... the agape kind, the one that only seeks the other's highest good.

I remember watching a program where these two Poor Claire nuns were being interviewed. The eldest nun used to be a therapist for troubled families and children; she did this for over 30 years. She said she decided to go into the convent because as much good as she was doing in her chosen profession, she felt she could do more for people by devoting her life to praying for them.

The other thing she said that struck me was, that in her experience over those 30+ years, she realized that the people she counseled all had ONE thing in common: their ability to give and or receive love, was somehow compromised/impaired; she felt that THAT was at the root of ALL human problems. I believe she's right.

laurel said...

promise you all wont laugh? 1997, terrible stresses in my life, things i could not handle, too much at once, and i thought i was at the end of my rope. (wish i knew then that now, at 50 yrs old, that THAT time was only a training session for what i have to handle now, i guess. worries me what will be coming up after THIS, you know?) but anyway, i was drivign home, on a warm cloudy day, worrying myself to death as i went ot pick up 2 of my young ones at daycare. womdering all the stuff about why oh why, and what will become of ___ and so on. the clouds sort of became more of a big grey room. BIIIIGGGG room. really big. there were people. bright shining calm faces. nice clear colors of their clothing which was sort of discernable, but not quite in a way that i could say i had seen before, but they were wearing colors, i guess. even though i was driving, it seemed like all motion had sort of stopped. the car was not driving, but i knew it was. and i could see the road, and the traffic, but it was so quiet right there and then. i had the windows open, but my mind did not hear the traffic. which was very nice, i admit :) .....the craziest part though, through all of this, was the people. they were smiling or talking to each other, moving around this huge room, DOING THINGS, but always in a calm and purposeful manner, very agreeable bunch of people, all very very nice-looking persons, they really were. a very attractive and nice bunch of calm and purposeful persons. as i slowly, and i mean SLOWLY drove down westchester avenue,(it seemed slow in my mind anyway) these people would nod at me, some smiled, some just went back to their business, some spoke, but the words were like water, like if i were to hear you under the water in a big swimming pool. some reached out to hand me a thing or two, but i was not able ot do more than touch the things, i could not grasp them to retrieve. it was slow, but steady. these people were so unbelievably tall. some were tall like to the height of what must be only thousands of feet. some were much taller. some seemed to just go on forever up into the sky, but i could still see their faces. hear their watery talk. they were so tall. it went on for most of the 20 minute drive to the daycare to pick up my youngest two children. i ran to a psychiatrist after that, i did not want to be losing my mind at a time when my children were so young and had only me, and needed their mom in one piece. the doctor said i was just experiencing some kind of stress reaction. but there were too many other things over the years, since i was very young. i am not a psychic, nor will i ever wish to brag of such things, but this moment in my time of these very very tall people struck a peculiar note within. they were not scary, they were not strange, it was like i was back with a bunch of old old friends. that i had just returned form a trip. maybe it was stress. but it was likely the nicest stress reaction anyone could ever hope for.

John O said...

Hey Les,

"States of consciousness exist very much like the levels in a video game and are also attended by degrees of difficulty, which is why perseverance is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire."

Human capacity to persevere is boundless. The most irritating truths come when you need them them most. I hated hearing from those whom I consider enlightened that all that I have ever been and all that I will ever be I am already. I was told on more than one occasion that if I persevere I will one day know this.

I personally believed that self knowledge was always bad news. The more I learned of myself the less I liked it. The less I liked myself and mankind. I was thoroughly lost in the funhouse.

Then the unlikeliest of things happened. I met a woman who loved me totally and absolutely and I her. My learning began.

It was at the beginning of this state of grace that it came to me that all the dark memories and reflections I was plagued by previously had been cries from myself for release. It was then I began to summon all my past and embrace myself and I began to love myself as my wife loved me.

I saw all my hidden time lines and they all converged in the present.
This is the point of power. The future time lines also are embedded in this moment as well.

It was this point of revelation I began to practice sending the love and light to all myself that comes to mind.

For those who might confuse this practice as totally self centered, you could not be more mistaken. Opening the door to all you have been over the ages is frightening. But, to see, embrace, forgive and release gives one true compassion.

Understanding you are not above any depravity, that you are not above anybody anywhere brings forth true healing. Self righteous I am not. We are all interconnected in more ways than you can imagine. The reality is we are all in this together.

You are responsible for all that lies in your consciousness. That being said, I imagine that many that follow the blogs are carrying Egypt, the federal reserve, the whole magilla inside of you. Do something about it by looking within yourself and ask forgiveness for all the ways you and your ancestors fed the energy that brought us all to this point in time. Embrace, forgive and release. All else is feeding the demon that will eat us all. This point in time is the day of release. All the energies are crying out into our waking reality for release.

Teetering on the cusp of a new age or.......what? Oblivion? My timeline tells me we persevere. We do so because we awaken. It is the inner hidden revolution that takes us all to the next level. Don't feed the beast.

Peace, John O

est said...

they might have been
- 'ents' -
as described by tolkien

some of the oldest
and wisest of living

Kadamose said...

My question is - why is it that every individual that has voluntarily chosen to serve mankind at crucial moments, always meet a tragic end? For example, Joan of Arc was guided by a spiritual hierarchy (or beings from a different dimension, if you prefer), and, ultimately, stopped a war from happening between England and France - but, in the end, England viewed her as a traitor and burned her at the stake. Another even more profound example is Nikola Tesla, the greatest genius this world has ever known. This great man started receiving 'visions' at the age of 6, and would later invent Alternating Current, lasers, robotics, remote control, wireless communication, and, basically, every technology that we take advantage of today. If it weren't for this man, our cities would still be dark, and we would have virtually no time whatsoever for critical thought because we would all be stuck in survival mode. Regardless of these amazing contributions to humanity, Tesla was literally wiped out from the history books and died virtually penniless.

If this is the price of service, even if the ancient biblical proverb of 'he who is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first' were true, would anyone do it? I am still uncertain.

laurel said...

est: CAN I BORROW THAT POST OF YOURS??? oh that was a keeper :)) i love it!

Erik said...

Hi Laurel,

Would you care to share some of your current predicaments, if any ... maybe we can help you cope with them ;)

We can surely empathise, and my guess is that we all together here might have experienced similar things ...

So don't be shy please...

Pstonie said...

Amicus and anon 4:49: Allow me to commiserate if nothing else.

I've been dealing with unfinished business as a theme in my life for months now, and have been stuck on seemingly the same issue over and over for almost as long, and it's been kicking my ass. I seem to get through it for a while, and then comes along one of those dreams like a category five hurricane to F up all my S. I suppose eventually I'll try something that works.

PS: The other thing about video games is they keep getting more and more difficult up to the very end, and all that's left then is to start over, if it was a good game.

WV: deratism
The condition of only being able to come up with derivative ideas.

laurel said...

kadamose......i had to borrow your post too. excellent, you and est both :)

laurel said...

hi erik....i think for myself, that coping is not really the goal, or at least, i sure hope not. maybe just learning something or another through it or as a result of it, but coping would be a waste of such opportunity, if that is what these hell moments should be called. i still think that if i or anyone dwells ON the problem or the incident, it distracts my focus from what i might do as a result of encountering that incident or that environment. does not make it fun though. but my mind, oh, that is different. i still think everyone does see things, know things, and for many or most it is not a "mental problem" it imagination? what else is imagination supposed to be, or do, or come from, anyway?

to EST......i am not familiar with tolkein, what are 'ents?

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I note "spent the rest of the night shifting from one position to another until dawn arrived"

Any advice for someone on the path that 3 to 4 times a week at least "spends the rest of the night shifting from one position to another until dawn arrives"?

With the exception that I awake regularly around 4am burning hot as if an exothermic reaction is taking place within me, drenched in a cold sweat, the sheets and mattress beneath me soaking wet - moving to a cooler part of the bed I become chilled....roll back to my previous position and I roast.....and instead of delightful guides offering me a download I am plagued by a jabbering monkey mind that latches onto a veritable Rolodex of thoughts; bringing into my gradual waking conscience only that which is worrisome, one after the other, some of consequence and some not but each thought equally negatively effecting my mental and emotional health - and as I fully awake, miserable from lack of sleep, heart racing and adrenaline coursing through my veins another day begins.
Within one hour of getting up I am grounded and the worries and thoughts that woke me are a distant memory until I rinse and repeat the next morning.

It is exhausting - advice welcome

Many thanks, I love your writing, I read often and post less.

Sublime Alchemist

Visible said...

I too can sweat right through my pillow, although I'm not sure why except that it has something to do with the kundalini.

I too 'used to be' plagued by that monkey mind thing, though it didn't keep me up at night. That is a recent phenomenon. Now I look forward to nights like this and could care less if I sleep. I very much look forward to going to bed because of what awaits me.

I imagine the monkey mind either became subdued when there was nothing that was important to me anymore except for the divine, or it retreated due to what I am engaged in.

I am constantly repeating, "I love you" over and over and engaging in loving monologue, much of the time, concerning any detail of my life being dependent on the divine. Whatever comes up I take directly to the divine and discuss it in the context of the divine and lately it seems that everything really is about the divine, which is the truth to begin with.

One needs to leave all material concerns and lose themselves in the love of that upon which everything is dependent. It can be easily accomplished once it is realized that nothing can be experienced, enjoyed, understood and the list is very long... without the presence of the divine and that everything ever sought is contained there in its truest form.

That's how it works for me, in any case.

Anonymous said...

Doffs cap - thank you sir

Erik said...

Hi Laurel,

I don't know why I used the term 'coping'... ,maybe to sollicit this response from you, thanks



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