Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Push and Shove Dancing in the Public Square

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They came out of nowhere, at least from what I was able to see. I had been wondering where they were. Now they are everywhere. I had developed a bad habit of accepting most of what I read posted at various alternative news gathering sites that I visited. I told myself this was the other side of the story. In recent months I have begun to doubt what I was reading a good deal of the time. In recent days I have begun to see the particular shadings that are put on various perspectives. It’s possible this is all a matter of perspective. It’s possible there is some element of agenda too. I don’t know what to think sometimes. It makes me tired to try to get deeper insight from so many conflicting reports.

I saw an appeal yesterday from some organization that wanted donations for some group in a particular city. They wanted the donations for food, sleeping bags and sundry items. Then I noticed they were also asking for donations for fleece lined sweaters and pants. Who goes to a protest setting without pants? The original appeal was for 5,000 dollars. Then they upped it to 6,500 dollars. The reason wasn’t very clear and neither am I, when considering it. I have this little bell tone in my head that starts to go off when I am reading something. It tells me whether I am reading the truth or not. It doesn’t tell me what the truth is or how much or how little of it is present. It just goes off and I note it.

I see all of these people gathering everywhere; all over the planet. I know the difficulties they are facing, depending on their age and present situation. I know there is no way that the forces which caused the problems are of a mind to correct them. There will be no correction of the situation until those corrections are forced upon the people causing them. So, I am waiting for that pending occurrence, that spark of tinder in the optimum state for combustion; that Fort Sumter moment. It’s just a matter of time and the right circumstance.

Tens of thousands of people are camped out all over the place. They are in it for the long haul. Some of them are getting permission to hang around for months. They are marching and they are chanting. They are brandishing signs and sending Fox News packing. They are making statements and presenting demands. The hacks and whores who serve the money men are making negative commentary and the media is slandering and scorning and acting like the fools they most certainly are. At the same time, the conditions set in motion by the bankers are getting worse and worse. They tried to take too much when they already had too much and they are presently thinking about how they can get even more, one way or another. I’ve tried to get my head around what all of this means and how it might play out and I don’t see how there is any way around the pitchforks and torches at the gates of the vampire’s castle.

I’m not suggesting or defending this pass. It’s just what I see. What I see is an intensifying of the demonstration with an intensifying of the containment, with some unpredictable series of reactions once bad things happen in the process of the stand off. We’ve never seen anything like these things that didn’t result in violence at some point, whether it was Kent State or the final result of the efforts of Martin Luther King.

These bankers and brokers are not human beings and those who serve them are ready and willing to use the corrupted courts, legislatures and police forces with the certitude that they will prevail. Meanwhile, they have put the public in a situation where the public has no options either, except to go home and endure worse than they are already left with. It is not a workable situation. It’s possible these bankers and brokers and the like were human once, but recovering your humanity, once you have given it up and once you have used your lust for money and power to cause the desperation and deaths of large numbers of people, is an unlikely affair. It doesn’t compute in terms of possibility and likely outcome.

I can’t see the reality of this movement being controlled by the very forces they are up against. I can see that there are efforts afoot to accomplish this but I can’t see that in the genesis. What I see is a recipe for chaos and disaster on an epic scale. I see revolution that cannot be contained, soon to emerge once the right or wrong things happen.

The most recent permutation of the money men against the people of the world must have gone into operation shortly after the murder of Kennedy. It’s been going on for a long time but I am referring to an uptick in the whole process. The Zio-Nazis began to come out of the closet. The courts became corrupted. Decent men and women were no longer allowed to be elected or appointed. It had to be clear to the people running the show that you were willing to follow orders, or else. The result of this has been that now there are very, very few people with good intentions anywhere in any agency of government in the northern hemisphere, or anywhere else for that matter. The whole dynamic is top-loaded with evil and weak functionaries and they have to go or nothing changes. Things get worse and worse and do not change. Push has come to shove and there’s no room outside of that.

Greedhead and godless psychopath, Steven Schwarzman said that Obama’s tax proposals were like when Hitler invaded Poland. His companion Zio-Nazi predator, Eric Cantor is talking about the mob effect of the protestors and he doesn’t like it one bit. Both of these men know that they are major players in the horrors of the time so what else are they going to say? Sooner or later it comes out what they are. The Apocalypse will take care of that. Both of these men should be in jail, along with all of their associates and enablers. They are not of a mind to be cooperative and understanding. They don’t give a shit and that’s not gong to change, until they are facing something seriously dramatic and they aren’t likely to change then either. Jamie Dimon is the same way. Push has come to shove as these money junkie criminals drink their single malt and look down on the dirty hippies in these streets they control.

I’m hearing people bemoan the addition of union workers and teachers because they were Obama supporters but my first thought is that they are just more people who were deluded by the man. Then again you have vicious Zio-Troll Stuart Appelbaum who heads the AFL-CIO looking to hijack the operation. You can say the unions are corrupt and just out for themselves but that’s the case with everyone. Is that the case with all unions? Everyone wants something so what are we to do about that? Should we just say we are all corrupt and deserve nothing and leave those who took everything to continue as they have because if we are all corrupt then who cares?

They used to hang 9 year old kids in England for stealing a loaf of bread. If you steal big you win big because nothing happens; witness that not one person from the Wall Street crime syndicate has gone to jail yet. It’s hard to find anyone more corrupt than Eric Holder and he is the chief law enforcement guy in the country. Not much is going to get fixed with him in power. Not much is going to get fixed until all of these weasels and pigs are tossed out of the seats of power and... how is that going to be accomplished when voter fraud and rigged elections are the order of the day? How are the righteous concerns of abused citizens going to be addressed when law enforcement is nothing more than the police force of the rich?

For the moment, Push and Shove are circling each other in the town square. The clear and defensible, legitimate demands of the people are calling out, while surrounded by those whose guns and weapons are tools of Wall Street and the rich. How can this possibly play out given the conditions that brought it all to this point and the likely actions of those under fire for crimes against humanity and total indifference concerning them? The Constitution says they have a right to steal everything in sight. We all know that The Constitution now says whatever anyone wants it to say as long as they have the power to declare it through the mouthpieces and diligent distortions of lawyers paid to accomplish it.

Nothing positive in the public good is going to get done until the media is taken out of the hands of the enemies of humanity. Nothing is going to get done until law enforcement is compelled to recognize who they are actually empowered to serve. Nothing is going to get done until the depraved judges are tossed out of their positions. Nothing is going to get done until both houses of congress are swept clean. Nothing is going to get done until lobbying is outlawed. Nothing is going to get done until trading in derivatives is dealt with and the banks are forced to operate in the public interest instead of at the public’s expense. Nothing is going to get done until the military has its own revolution. I can’t imagine how this is all going to play out but it doesn’t look good given what presently exists.

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Unknown said...

I rather like pigs and weasels. I'd use the term 'virus' as an analogy, as opposed to somethin' as intelligent as a pig, or the abused weasel which people tend to think of as good for nothin' but a fur coat. (But ferrets are kept as pets?)

I suppose somethin' is gonna blow in the next 2 1/2 weeks if Carl Calleman is right. Not long to wait. We shall see. Perhaps if not Wall Street, then the undersea volcanoe off coast of El Hierro, or the Yellowstone Caldera? Then there's Iceland and Indonesia. Maybe.

My, isn't life fun these days? Reminds me of just before the fall of Rome. Though aren't the last vestiges of that horrid empire finally gonna be put to rest now?

We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

As you have stated Les, only One knows the beginning from the end and all in between and... everything is under control. That's good enough for me.
I'll add one more gem, 'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways' (Isaiah 55:8-9), so it is to be expected that we will not understand what is going on.
My belief is that the answer will come when the time is right and then you can pass it on to us.
Good article Les; your thoughts must be on many minds at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for organizing my thoughts for me Visible (grin)

from a remote area in Oregon

Anonymous said...

The problem we all face is systemic violence... military, police, economic, political, religious.

The only logical antidote to systemic violence is the pragmatic use of creative nonviolence. That's our only recourse. The only way we get a planet free of systemic violence is by phasing in the widespread employment of creative nonviolence.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

you hit the nail on the head in so many ways today...

the corruption is deep...and so vile...that there is only one way to winning the war of essences...

the Apocolypse is the only way...and part of that is the exposure of ALL EVIL...for we must understand from a divine nature why this dimension is to be transmuted and those deemed unfit by our Creator will be dealt with in such a harsh manner...they have been warned over and over a time like that would come...

these Sons of Darkness have been given more than enough chances over and over through free will to change their ways...it has become abvious this will not happen...

it is sad to say that i feel like you Les...the only way to end this EVIL is through warrior ways...we will see our Divine Warriors in action soon enough...it has come to this...

Best Wishes Always

Anonymous said...

Brother Vis, brothers and sisters;

The once loud hums of cash registers clinging are growing fainter as the file takes a bite out of the tine of the fork and provides a point of no resistance. The laughter and gaiety of airport travel has been replaced with the sounds of sex and abuse, yet the sliding of ammunition into the chambers now echoes through the breezeways between gates and the targets keep insisting on wearing blue Nitrile gloves as bullet proof vestiges of civility and authority to command the populace not to; "Ready, aim..., FIRE!"

Will it take crossbows with wooden stakes, gold and silver pulled from teeth, backyard, and till then fashioned into projectiles to be flung with force and vigor to pierce the heart of the the dragon? It may take that which it craves most to kill it; tough love for the mother fuckers. I cannot deny I pray for a force to come to shake off the cold of the dead and breath life back into this wondrous species of God. It makes no sense to my puny gray jello that the internet (Electronic Christ; no gender?) is barely recognized; it's here kicking tables already. Maybe the new form of Christ is being offered through baptism in electronic rivers like yours, John the Visible? If there is no body this time can there be a cruci-fiction?

I believe that is why I come here to bathe and drink from the waters.



Anonymous said...

Conditions are still too good for most people in the U.S. for something like OWS to take hold. At the moment it's just passing media amusement. A 25+% unemployement rate would begin to set the process in mother, however. We're only at abouto 20% at the moment.

Only until the middle class begins to feel the same degree of economic dispair that the working class now feels there will be no real change. Think in terms of unemployed lawyers, homeless layers, lawyers living in cars, stockbrokers collecting scrap aluminum in a shopping cart, etc...

To make a comparison to the Vietnam era antiwar movement--It wasn't until December 1969, when Nixon announced the end of student deferments--which had essentially allowed middle class kids to avoid being drafted-- that the antiwar movement really kicked in. It wasn't until Harvard and Yale kids' asses were suddenly on the line that the middle class and above turned against the war in a way that was other than a fashion statement. Self interst kicked in.

Same goes for OWS. Too many in the middle class are still clinging to the illusion that they will
remain relatively secure just as long as the boat isn't rocked too much. They have no reason to abandon the lies.

Looked at one way, Nixon inadvertantly did more to bring about the end of that war than anyone realized at the time. Nothing like that could ever happen today. We've been in Afganistan for ten years, Iraq for eight, with three more percolating and a big zio-wetdream hardon for Iran with no sign of letting up, and it's all still just peachy keen.

Not one of the 537 lobotomized whore imbecile puppets in Washington who hold federal elective office can connect the dots. And neither can their whore puppet conterparts in the media. And that's still just fine with most of the middle class for the time being.


Anonymous said...

We live in interesting times.


Robin Redbreast said...

....we can trust our maker that all is in place, all is working according to the plan, and we can keep our faith (whatever that means to you), hope and pray, as we continue with good intentions in all that we do, everyday

Anonymous said...

dont know if anyone's read mr kirwans latest,a bank run could hit tptw from another angle....also their is a small group of people trying to co-opt behind the scenes,sneaking off and coming back with orders,marines need to get rid of them,make sure everybody knows who this small group is,,,make sure they dont turn up anymore,....
now I know our good brother immortal technique can speak those fine words and has the respect of the young also lupe fiasco and innumerable other musicians of every differing type...
leaderless revolution folks,must remain leaderless....

tptw need to know that they are finished and their is no going back,every scam they try will just be another nail in their coffin.....

anyway just felt like saying that
deep deep respects...neil

Chinese Sneakers said...

Maybe I don't know much about it, being as i hail from canada these days; but it seems to me that the people of the u.s. still have at their ready disposal those two brilliantly enlightened documents--The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the U>S. along with its essential Amendments.

Perhaps people might want to print 'em up en masse and even dare to read the damn things. If someone can come up with something better and more genuinely American, bring it up immediately by all means, because we're desperate wives at this point.

While waiting for something better to arrive, we might want to consider going beyond that initial buzz of conflict. To begin, we could do a whole lot worse than implementing the reforms in the following paragraph, which was Les' last for today (as annotated by me):

"--media is taken out of the hands of the enemies of humanity.
--law enforcement is compelled to recognize who they are actually empowered to serve.
--depraved judges are tossed out of their positions.
--both houses of congress are swept clean.
--lobbying is outlawed.
--trading in derivatives is dealt with
--and the banks are forced to operate in the public interest instead of at the public’s expense.
--the military has its own revolution." (Les Visible)

Only then will there be a chance of saving this once great country.


Also wanted to point out how the tribe is trying the ole' triple/double whammy, as i call it. Let me explain briefly.

As we all should know know by now, their game is to multiply force by either enviSIONing a narrative or taking control of a story once it begins to unfold itself, ie. co-opt it.

However, you can see that this protest movement is genuine and proving hard to counter with the usual dis-information techniques--at least for now. Yet, at the very same time, the tribe has been blatant in trying to convey the message that they have already grab the reins of the beast--which is not nearly the case, as of now anyway.

So, on that third level of deception, it can be inferred that they are lying about being in control of the situation because they need to; because they are simply not on top of this thing for the time being.

Witness jerry rivers, aka. Sprawl-do rivera. He will never be the same after that smack down he received the other day. There are definitely heavy meds in ole' jerry's future

In regard to that same jerry/rivers' video, let me just say on more thing: That the blonde protester who put him to shame simultaneously gave an immense boost to the image of the movement. Just saying.

as always,

Anonymous said...

If the 99%'ers can't see, these people in government positions are violent and violence is their only language by now, they never will. Let these gov. thugs try earning a living without the gun, they can't and never could. They are useless and not needed. Begging them to make the rules of the game fair is begging for the crumbs that fall from their plate on the way to the garbage can. It should be beneath a natural person to beg, vote or whatever you want call it it's all the same thing.

You can not solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created the problem. People believing in government is the problem no matter who side your on.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting fact.....

There are more hunters in the United States of America than in any other country in the world....

Bankers and Politicians would be advised to be aware of these so called hunters:)

missingarib said...

Les, it feels like (reading so many conflicting analysis from MSM and bloggers venues about the people calling for help and justice)riding in a car about two in the morning with a favorite station playing on the radio but every so often another station intrudes, in and out, it seems like multiple stations are crowding in and we just have to ignore them and not spoil the moment.
thank you for trying to make sense of it all-
thoughts from the ring side seat

Anonymous said...

2pm (US&Canada)

CNN is making it known that the CIA just foiled what would have been a terror attack on American soil. That Iran was the major player, that it was training Mexican drug cartels as potential terrorists.

HA, ha, ha ha haaaa

Television media has totally lost it's collective mind.


katz said...

TPTB are nasty old men, mostly....and they have names, addresses and telephone numbers. some of them have twitter accounts, and FB. They are not all that. they got the money, but lack the smarts. it's obvious they are morons, bc look at the mess that they made! how smart can they be? so, they got all the money, so what? they are still mortal, even if they do live forever, like old man Bush and the other old geezers....david rockefeller..kissinger....the "queen", etc.

so, there are more of us, then there are of them.

Anonymous said...

Good day one and all.

That's a pretty looong list of shit that needs to happen before anything good happens.

Seems like this is a job for DIVINE INTERVENTION !

There are unconfirmed reports that Mr. Apocalypse parked a wood paneled station wagon outside the casino, told the kids he was going to buy a pack of smokes, and hasn't been seen since ?

If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please contact the proper authorities.

Patrick V1.0

Anonymous said...

another dismembered child
more ruined familys
traumatised people
in falsified tragedys
by disfunctional mind
blind inhumanity
systematic abuse
controled by insanity
inseminating sickness
deprivation and worthlessness
dischord and chaos
evil disturbances
the crimes of the shadow
hidden concealed
depreciating reality
full wholesome feild


katz said...

BTW, FYI, MR posted a link to this blog, again.

maybe it's time.

Anonymous said...

spontaneous limitless
hatchet of thunder
bolt of a lion
a clap from on under
the sign of the hunter
vibrance's brightning
four charging buffalo
carving through lightning
crash through the west
piercing the beast
on the feild of the essence
of the systems disease
the heart of earths deep
the streams and the rivers
the birds and the sounds
leave the death cult withered


Anonymous said...

Don't know if you heard this yet but our fearless FBI just set up errrr broke up a terrorist gang of two who planned to assassinate the Saudi amassador to the US and blow up the Israhell and Saudi embassies in Washington. Wouldn't you just know it, they had ties to Iran. It seems Iran will do anything to get the US and Israhell to bomb them into the stone age.

Just saw Texas congressman Ted Poe give a speach. At least ten times he said this is a act of war. Don't know if he is a joo or just kissing joo ass. Guess it doesn't make any difference. Anyhow this is serious stuff.


Visible said...

Yes I saw it. I knew it was due to happen anytime and I figured it would be before the 20th of the month and here it is. Of course it's bullshit, just one more example of how truly corrupt Eric Holder is.

Anonymous said...

synagogue of satan
cloud of falsity
collapsed in continuum
in fabricated conformity
parasitical worm
colonial deformity
ruthless savage
disfunction and disorderly
swine of the feild
corrupting the ordinary
disturbing the natural
cut off like a fallen tree


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Part one:

Everyone is watching the OWS protest group trying to figure out who they are and what they represent, including the regular nefarious forces circling to see how they can play the situation dynamic and co-opt it to their own ends. Let’s remember that all groups, including Judge Viz’ Court, self define themselves by virtue of their common denominators.

Any particular group provides us with a mirror for which to see more clearly our own group.
So today our introspection inquiry asks, what does the Judge Viz group have as its common denominators, strengths and short comings?

I can only speak for myself and say that the Judge generally broadcasts right down the center frequency channel of my soul’s receiver apparatus. I find a comfort in this space that is very difficult to find anywhere else. I also find myself spending a disproportionate amount of time here when I have a full life with much yet to accomplish.

Our group has a surprising diversity and ranges from the scripture quoting Christians (I still cringe whenever a scripture post comes up, but ours are not the garden variety scripture quoters) and are special in that they too have the bandwidth and telemetry to tune into Viz’s signal. We are Alchemists, intellects, artists, poets, victims, spiritualists, Buffalo Hunters, Vegans, engineers, technologists, Hare Krishna’s and way too many Anonymous’ (and we’ll keep encouraging them to come out of their closets) but in each and everyone of us, we hear that powerful signal of compassion, love of god, and we all delight in hearing him wax word smith wisdom from the laser penetrating special insight gifts that he has.

One of the troubling aspects of the group for me is that we are all harshly judgmental of the nefarious Zionist Globalist Scum and their minion villains all about us today, killing, raping, maiming, pedophiles and doing some nasty stuff with those whole chickens. Troubling for me is that this judgemental indulgence of ours is the greatest limiting factor in our group field potential, this when a group like ours has near limitless potential for good, and the power to drive the change we all yearn for in these dark times.

Our indulgence field capping limitations flow from group’s violation of one of the cosmic laws of the universe. The Law of Allowing.

Back in the day of 911, I saw through the neocon lies from the get go. When Collin Powell lied at the UN, every time that scum Rooody Julyaaana came on the tube selling the terrorist crap, and when that black hearted bitch CONdi Rice showed her face, homicidal rage would well up in my being. I saved my darkest scorn for Daddy Bush (the Shrub was just too pathetic to even arouse my scorn) and my favourite of all, dear Dicky shootem up Cheny.
This was a time when I was still struggling with integrating the law of allowing and I knew enough of the law at the time to know that if I wanted to be free to create what I chose to in my life that I could not afford to judge another’s creation as that would violate the universal law. I had no choice but to become an Allower and this meant honouring my dear dicky shoot em up cheny as a fellow creative entity. Talk about a HARD PILL TO SWALLOW. Nothing even going as far as to kneeling down on my knees and giving the sick man head, could be more distasteful than for me to be an Allower in that instance.

Yet I had to be an Allower. So figuratively I sucked Dick. And I had to be cosmologically integrous about it and mean it.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Part Two:

Delving further in our group’s self capping limitation is that we are all against something, when our real creative divine power is to be for something. We are letting what is not wanted to define our vision and disempowering ourselves in the creation of what we do want.

I’m afraid that the OWS group suffers from the same self limiting potential cap if they can’t find a way to create something new as opposed to just tearing something down.
Father time is exponentially running faster every hour and as a group, we really need to shape up or will invariably drift off from the high road into the bush of irrelevance.

In appreciation to all of you in Judge Viz Court, kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

old mother humble
cross the tree tops
on wind tips and light braids
through obstacle blocks
on sun tails and harmonys
rivers to seas
in limitless motions
wholesomely weave
the beams of the lotions
of divine inner sense
aligning and growing
and glowing essence
flowing and gleaming
upon the great feild
of full of vitality
medicine heal


Anonymous said...

(I didn't finish my thought on paper, my apologies for intruding again {c;)

I believe that is why I come here to bathe and drink from the waters. God feels at home here and I receive much needed nourishment. Thank all of you!


Anonymous said...

It kind of bothers me that you compare these psycopaths to "pigs". I happen to raise pigs and they are good, honest acting animals. Maybe you could call them "ticks", a blood-sucking,disease carrying parasite.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Beaucoup und zvanzig resonance here.

Mainstream media (on-line that is, since I stopped watching TV about eight years ago) seems to be all over the map on the OWS movement.

I have a sense, though slight, that TPTW have already lost the dialogue. I think Jerry Rivers getting the boot is significant. I could be wrong on this... don't know at this point.

However, I strongly suspect the tribe is about ready to shit bricks; they would dearly love to be able to co-opt this movement but the internet, now so vital to commerce, will make that difficult, if not impossible. They have lost control of the gateways of information; they no longer "control the narrative" (to use a phrase from my military days).

The reason this is so intriguing to me again has to do with Bible prophecy... and Biblical types and shadows.

In Biblical history the gates of cities (particularly Jerusalem) were places of note; this was where information was received by the ruler or his minister; this was where information was posted or cried out; this was where judicial cases were heard by the judges and elders, this was where the city was closed by night or by day during perilous times. When a city was conquered, the decision was left up to the victor as whether or not the gates would be rebuilt. The Bible has much to say regarding gates and those that "kept" them. Almost the whole book of Nehemiah has to do with the rebuilding of the city gates and who it was that was assigned to their keeping.

In Proverbs we read:

Out in the open wisdom calls aloud; she raises her voice in the public square; on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech:

Another passage from Proverbs:

At the highest point along the way, where the paths meet, she [wisdom] takes her stand; beside the gate leading into the city, at the entrance, she cries aloud: “To you, O people, I call out; I raise my voice to all mankind.

Isaiah says this:
In the streets they cry out for wine; all joy turns to gloom, all joyful sounds are banished from the earth. The city is left in ruins, its gate is battered to pieces. So will it be on the earth and among the nations,
as when an olive tree is beaten, or as when gleanings are left after the grape harvest.

And this:
We have a strong city; God makes salvation its walls and ramparts. Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter, the nation that keeps faith. You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.

And this:
This is what the LORD says to his anointed,
to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him and to strip kings of their armor, to open doors before him so that gates will not be shut: I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze
and cut through bars of iron.

There is more but I won't beat it to death. Since I do not believe in coincidences, I find it interesting that the name of the man that made computers (and thus the internet) available to the masses is named (Bill) Gates.

The fact that so many of us can read Vis's blogs and unite spiritually is something of a marvel... not so much that we are doing it but the technology that has made it possible.

So the gatekeepers can no longer keep the gates and this (I believe) will play a significant, if not major, role in the upcoming collapse of what the Bible calls MYSTERY BABYLON. And, I remind everyone; the Bible says that the saints rejoice when BABYLON falls.

Anonymous said...

sentiment climbing
vitality rise
harmony glows
instance aligns
essences scatter
unity beams
continuum opens
paradise streams
gleaming and flowing
evergreen smiles
weaving the motions
spontaneous isles
of up up beyond
away and above
on the tips of moment
fly peace and love


Visible said...

anon 1246

Then someone will come around and be upset that I defamed ticks. I draw my inspiration from the association from George Orwell and the general associations over time in that regard. It's an imperfect medium, this process of putting ideas into words. Subsequently I will annoy someone and some point and possibly every day.

aliceliveshere said...

I walk around this earth, sharing with the ohsofew who see, what I see and hear, what I hear and then I come to this heavenly spot, where we all seem to be one. I love stopping by, love what you "say", love most of the comments and am grateful for Bill Gates, right this minute....Gates - def not a coincidence; neither was Jobs along that line of thinking, eh? Full moon tonight, could prompt a new development??

Myself, the feeling that's been ohso onmy mind has been one of "walking on ashes, in ashes, among ashes".....can't shake it. Past few weeks I've felt this way....when I pause to think and feel, that's what I get.....thankfuly I'm not alone and feel free enough to admit that here...

Keep on keepin' on, Les - you're more appreciated by many more than you know.

Thank you, thank you.

RT HICKS said...

1 step, an idea for a start. Request a simple (?) reversal of the FCCs policy or act or whatever it's called that allowed corporations ownership of multiple media outlets.

Implemented (Not a real law... right?) by appointed 2nd gen. Colin Powell Jr. who stated "I would like to buy a new Cadillac too" (paraphrased) when interviewed (I saw it live) in the 1990's about the acts consequences.

So obvious and easy, planned purchased signatures, could maybe be reversed. And these corps. wouldn't lose money if broken up and sold... so "they" couldn't cry about that. "They" would only loose the power "they" have over us as citizens/humans to legally use "their" 1st amendment right to voice "their" opinions, one sided or not granted by Honest Abe.

(see the 2nd 13th amendment, the 1st being "Titles of Nobility & Honor" http://freedom-school.com/truth/10/missing13th.htm )

Remember when stations aired political equal time spots? They were wiped out as the result of said FCC non-law pen stroke which, if overturned could implement real change .... of military attitudes, election and poll coverages, OP Ed columns, talk radio... and TV.... all of the necessary apps to change the way our sleeping brothers and sisters get their (MSM) info/lies....
Who could/would buy these stations, newspapers or broadcasters?
That would be the trick.
Same old reptiles? Kill me now.

Just a idea... streching it, I'm aware...

But the FCC is where the 4th branch of Gov. went up for sale... & not that long ago when compared to the congress being bought in 1913.

Who's got the recipt?

Anonymous said...

Damn, Vis you are on FIRE!
This would make a perfectly precise
synopsis for any MSM nightly newcast
IF there was anyone with the balls to
approve it's airing.

The telltale takeaway:
"We all know that The Constitution now says whatever anyone wants it to say as long as they have the power to declare it through the mouthpieces and diligent distortions of lawyers paid to accomplish it."

This one concise sentence takes my breath away with it's depth of understanding.

Thank you Les for this, and all that you so freely share.

marilyn said...

dear all,
it doesn't have to be this way. it doesn't have to come down to violence between us and them..i've drawn my line in the sand. i don't know how to get my plan in front of the people but i do know it would work for the benefit of all humankind..i would love to interrupt whatever news hour program and talk to the people of the world...you know, where your tv gets snowy and a new face and voice come on...it's an outrageous plan compared to what's normal but isn't 'what's normal' why we are in this mess to begin with.
love to all,

Anonymous said...

-Stickman sez:

Les: Much resonance with your citation of the tailspin beginning when they took down JFK. He made a mistake. Kennedy attempted to do an Abraham Lincoln. His full intention was to BE the President, not merely an acting president.

JFK annoyed almost every one of the primary power interests. He was fending off the Zionists in their attempt to make sure Israel got the bomb. He was about to end the Vietnam experiment ~pissing off the prime military Brassheads. He got the CIA's knickers in a knot by calling off air support for the Bay of Pigs. But what really sealed the deal on JFK was when he issued the Executive Order for the Treasury Department to start printing up those $2 U.S. notes. That shot across the bows against the Rothschild/Rockefeller et al owners of the central bank was simply the last straw. So they were all out to get him.

High drama. Intense in your face assassination of the human symbol of the Republic. That sent a message to every politician, office-holder and journalist in the country. Like Woodrow Wilson, the blackmailed enabler of the Federal Reserve Act and of U.$. entry into WWI admitted; there is a powerful force operating behind the scenes and you damned well best better not cross them.

Needless to say there were those who did not get the message: RFK; MLK; JFK Jr.; Mel Carnahan; Paul Wellstone and many less prominent individuals. Object lessons.

Since the takedown of JFK the pattern in the U.$. has been for the cream to no longer rise to the top . Instead, what we now bemoan is the fact that it's the scum which has fritzed upwards.

The House of Representatives do not collectively represent their constituents, but rather the money behind their campaigns. The Senate has long been known as the Millionaire's Club. Our Extreme Courtesans, highest court in the land, currently consists of two recognized Tribalists (one of whom, nominally anyway, descends from Khazar royalty); one crypto-Tribalist and no fewer than four members of Opus Dei ~ a ruling majority for Cabal interests and policies.

Scum on top. Have a peek at the MainScream media: Five gigantic Zionist ruled corporations are in full control. And, oh, the faces: Sumner Redstone, Barry Diller, Rupert Murdoch. There must be something about total surrender to evil that reveals itself in an individual's physiognomy. These men may have a tiny, barely glowing ember of divine love buried deep within them; but it's an ember constantly doused by high-pressure hoses turned to full-blast by the dark forces who rule those souls. Look at those faces and it is really a leap to detect even a scintilla of humanity within those visages.

Twin Towers are also a metaphor. See the Tarot. Believers of the official 19 Arabs with boxcutters conspiracy theory are getting more and more shrill in their denials of the truth. Screechy even. Massive cognitive dissonance, particularly amongst those credentialed folks with their precious degrees of acceptability to the system and those high-paying positions predicated on those credentials and the credibility of maintaining "on message". Whenever you lie to yourself it does tend to shrivel the soul.

The young and the disinherited are getting it now. Working class folks and people of color have had no problem getting it for a good long time. Grunts and lower officer levels in the military are getting it. Veterans of the imperial wars suffering from PTSD and "Depleted" Uranium poisoning damned well should be getting it. Even small business owners who are not getting their credit lines extended are starting to get a sharper idea of who the real enemies of humanity happen to be. Nurses, airline pilots and union members galore are no longer merely occupied with their occupations, but also with the Occupies.

Gentle souls ~ it is now merely a matter of time ~ and time is imploding upon and within itself.

-stickman on this full moon of 19 Libra, 33 A.E.

est said...

i'd keep a pencil
and paper handy

just in case the
lights go out

maybe a couple
of candles

if it all unravels
we'll weave it again
how did we
come to this

what's to
become of us

the end of an
age you say

then let the
new one begin
i wanna be
first in line

i'll stay up
forty nights

just to collect
my senses

and empty i
free my mind
i'll go to
the side door

try to let
you guys in

we'll sit way
up front

badda boom
badda bing

Richie (Dana) said...

Sovereignty at 12:10

I have appreciated your comments very much.
One little question.....Do we have to be a "group" or "club"?

So sorry, but this happens to be one of my little problems.
The humans currently attracted to this site do so because they can feel that it is not just another freaking club.

My friend....This is not about a club Okay?
It is about making a Divine connection with the source.
You can call the source what you will.

I am really trying to just let the Divine flow through me, so I am sorry if I offend. You do truly have some great insights.


Richie (Dana) said...

Collective consciousness is dangerous. It does not work.
We need to be individuals....Relating only to the Divine and letting his light shine through us all.
We shall all return to God, so best not to fight it.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

What makes the transition to a better future precarious is not the billionaires who run the show, but the suck-butts who work for them. There are plenty of mercenaries who have hitched their wagons to the stars of the Forbes Listers and are ready to go down fighting in their defense. It is those mercenaries, many of whom wear uniforms, who fight and die for the Oligarchs in Afghanistan and Iraq, and they will also fight and die for the Oligarchs when the war comes home to the USA. The mercenaries have a deep loyalty to their masters and their elitist ideology. They are exactly like the barefoot troops of the Confederacy, most of whom were not slave owners, who fought and died for the right to own slaves.

While I acknowledge the greatness of the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the reality is that those documents and the laws of the USA never prevented the takeover of this country by the elitist Oligarchs. Nor did the founding documents prevent the oppression of women, blacks, and Native Americans. Those minorities had to struggle against the US government to obtain their rights. After the second American Revolution, if we want to establish "a more perfect Union," we'll need some new laws to prevent what happened before. It will not be enough to throw the bums out if the laws allow a new set of bums to take their places.

My opinion is that the only sure way to prevent wealthy individuals or corporations from running the government is to prevent the accumulation of extreme wealth by individuals, corporations, foundations, churches, NGOs, and what-have-you. We can establish an egalitarian society with a very narrow gap between the highest and the lowest private incomes via a graduated income tax, and we can finance business ventures with community capitalism provided by thousands of small investors. We can provide full employment by reducing the standard work week to create more jobs -- the right to work should be considered a basic human right. The founding documents of the USA spoke very highly of human rights, and the USA should respect the human rights of foreigners as well as US citizens.

gurnygob said...

Les I hope you won’t mind if I do a little shameless self promotion in your comments box (I promise not to strip off.)

I am trying out a new blog and would appreciate any support, well almost any.

The blog is called “From where I see it” and the link is



Anonymous said...

Yes the linear math does not extrapolate well from here.

Some of us have known this for quite some time. Observed for decades, eyes wide open to the incremental unfolding of the reality that is all but upon us now.

Foreseeing from afar, it turns out, is not quite the same feeling as experiencing the impending approach.

But we have learned a few things along the way. Knowing that something is about to happen does not always imply the ability to change it. Some things happen not because of us or despite us, but simply through us, hopefully learning something about ourselves sooner than later.

There is a balance to the Universe that applies absolutely to all within. Not everyone gets it. There are those who would seek an exception - that will simply not come to pass.

Their interest lies not in money, they can print all they want. Joyless, absent any discernible empathy, disconnected from everything save their own fear and self-loathing it is control they seek to anesthetize the emptiness inside.

It is this seemingly inconsolable contempt for life, so pervasive now in human and environmental affairs, that would consume piecemeal and wholesale this world and everything within its path to would-be godhood ... or self annihilation.

(And we wonder why so many souls cannot bear to see it?)

Upon a chance and the willingness, however, we also come to see that this is not a linear world. One need not look far to see that there are many dimensions to ourselves and those around us. Could it be
that the root of all evil is the limitations we put on how we view ourselves?

We live in a world of appearances and, no doubt, many of them are pretty convincing. If it weren't for the occasional 'co-incidental'
reminder, you know, the one that lets you know you're in exactly the right place, right on schedule, you'd probably find me out somewhere cursing the stars and wondering if any One was actually steering this ship.

Tom Lowe said...

Soveriegnty, your synthetic detachment is wearying, and definitely not going to see you through.

You must learn the Universal Law of Pest Control, which is:

"Live and let die."

Anonymous said...

A short vid on pigs.


Anthony65 said...

Weirdness extraordinary at a protest in Atlanta.



est said...



est said...

anon@8:14 am

liked that one

kikz said...

@anon 7:34P

inre hunter's army. y, the knowledge of that makes me smile. my understanding, it's the largest armed force on the planet :)

further extrapolate, non hunting gun owners :)

kikz said...

it would appear, the so called unwashed, are turning their attention to a millionaire's march on the 1%'s homes. this may get even more interesting.

i'm hearing monty python mutterings of;
angry mob, angry mob!

Anonymous said...

Our Father

Our Father

Who art ...


With this hand

With this hand

I thee ....


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Transparent Lies from the Division of Dumb and Dumber.

Anonymous said...

Thanx EST. Aint this a site for sore eyes?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


As groups go this one is as organic as they come. Nobody has intentionally joined this group; we simply showed up having heard a sweet song in the distance and followed it here. Les will not be handing out any merit badges and nor will we where peaked hat and coloured shirts. Utility of linguistics gives us the term group when you have more than a few people clustered in a given space.

Stickman: Agreed, to clean up this mess justice must reach back to at least the JFK crime scene and the broom must dig deep into the hidden oligarchy corners or be only a superficial sweep of their minions.

Tom Lowe: Synthetic detachment….hmmmm….not a descriptive term that would be used by anyone that knows me. Though I will try and locate the keeper of universal laws, and petition for a 5th law “Live and let die” and call it the Tom Lowe Law of the universe. :)

Noticing the October quickening.

Kindest regards,


Anonymous said...

Stickman - IN THE FACE of would be revisionist history. Spot on.

Someone's been doing their homework.

Anonymous said...

Richie(Dana) at 6:21:00

You are right about group consiousness. It's easier for TPTB to steer OWS into the nearest ditch just as soon as they can slap a big group label on it.

It does indeed appear that the zio-crowd are struggling to get a handle on what's happening. Notice how quickly they concocted this 'Iranian'-inspired terror plot against Israeli and Saudi Arabia.
They're going to push this angle as hard as they can.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I'm sick of the universe.
I want to go home..

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

still, wouldnt it be nice if it didn't seem the case that things will come to that (violence/upheaval/disfunction). wake up to a brand new day (of infant people given a an easy platter from the Cargo Gods)
I'd also feel more confident if more people lived on farms, like in the 1920's, and weren't dependent (like me) on the system. (though I could grow stuff If I really had to - health issues). what would I pay/foresake on the line and on the street? (dunno until I am in that situation - there's an inner wrecking ball swinging low inside of me, for a long time now).
still, covered in warts I wouldnt complain about a reskinning procedure that left a few scar tissues or odd moles, as long as the wart virus was contained or eliminated.

interesting and interstinger

wv: farattee. ♫ faratte they are jolly good pigs on the wing... and so say 99% of us ♫ followed by ♫ build a bonfire, build a bonfire♫

Anonymous said...

I am a dreamer but at least these days I can share my beautiful vision that I had: Diogenes came back to earth and found Mr. Visible and Mr. Rense. He told the world that these are two honorable men. The world took notice and events unfolded so that the shadow government was shattered, and zionism was splintered beyond repair and Mr. Visible and Mr. Rense became holders of the executive branch of the United States in 2012 and reform of this splintered planet began and the hearts of those that had suffered so long began to be mended. Oh well, we are still here in this evil realm, but hope springs eternal. May Allah bless....

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Extract from the Watchmaker Chronicles.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

In the Mosh Pit with the Black Pots and Kettles.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

The Mossad Merengue of the Dancing Disco Dead.

Anonymous said...

Until you start calling it for what it is, because your FEAR of being called this-or-that, you cannot even begin comprehend the problem.
It is pure and simple, it'a a conspiracy; a Jewish conspiracy.
85% of the perps - on ALL levels - are JEWs. It is IMPOSSIBLE to escape this fact, it takes a deliberate willful disregard combined with stupid blindness not to see it. The NAMES tell it ALL. If the names don't look Jewish, do a search on the individual or if that fails, just LOOK at them (like Bill Gates) and see the Khazar archetypes.
It's incomprehensible to me, how the people are unable to see the blindingly glaring facts.
It's a bloody CONSPIRACY because all the markers are there, clear as day, for any person with a modicum of intelligence.

Visible said...

Thank you so much anonymous. I should point out that you missed a couple of blogs with your comment; just trying to be helpful. I should point out that it's all the ants that are taking our food and which bite us at our picnics and not just the ones that don't bite and live on Bikini Island. Without a name and a means of identifying you the greatest likelihood is that you are one of these and seeking to stir up shit.

Anonymous said...

I'm Anonymus on Oct. 20th.
No, I haven't been reading yuor posts regularly lately, I just buried my mother, and am trying to clean out the incredible mess in her (now mine) condo.

As for the comments, "stir up shit"? I'm completely LIVID about what's going on, and the naked brazenness of it.
I see it ALL crystal clear.
What I'm saying, should be shouted from every streetcorner, until the morons get it. (Fat chance of that). Like I said in another comment (which didn't make it) I was privy to private conversations of the Cabal ("us" vs. "them") because a stepfather was in the communist nomenclature in a European communist country who was a physician and had a rank of major in the Interior Ministry and pretended to be a Jew (he looked the part, and by the way, his ex was a Jewess - also in the Interior Ministry - of course). Me being a kid at the time, I was ignored, "them" forgetting, that I had comprehension, paid attention, and had also a very-very good memory. They has an exclusive club for the HIGHER rank Interior Ministry members/employees (KGB equivalent) where we went for lunch every Sunday (absolutely fabulous food) and in the various rooms of the palace (it used to be one) the conversations went on OPENLY.
Stupid little kids were not paid attention to, besides they probably surmised that I was also one of "them".

I could tell you many stories about this whole episode. BTW the marriage didn't last, he split after 7 years.

Visible said...

I recognize your rage and anger, trust me on that but I cannot myself wholesale any group of people. Whether what you say is entirely true will be determined by the fates and we are in that place. I just hope you understand that it is not cowardice on my part that causes me to be restrained. I'm simply not entirely convinced of this and catch shit for it regular. I have to speak only what I know until I know. I will agree that they compose the largest percentage of the worst in the smallest percentage of the population.



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