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Lost in the Libraries of the Dead

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Scoffers are a dime a dozen and in an age of doubt and materialism they attach themselves to the ships of our industry and aspiration like barnacles, which they resemble in more ways than one. There is a very interesting quote in The New Testament that states, “faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN”. That goes along with the idea of precipitation. Everything that we have on this planet. All of the items and environments are the result of precipitation, which first emerges on the plane of ideas, moves then into the plane of plans and blueprints, then into the formative plane of action and construction and then the next step is the thing itself. We all engage in this in our own lives, individually and collectively and bring about conditions and situations for which we are altogether responsible. There's nothing wrong with the magic. It's the magicians that are the problem.

Depending on the connection established by the practitioner and the aggregate of virtues in the practitioners possession, on that the speed of actual manifestation depends. There are some among us, very few, who can do these things in a very short time. It's like when you see a portion of a film speeded up to show the progression of a day in a minute, via the change from light to darkness, the clouds whipping across the sky, or the cars moving so fast they are only blurs. The rest of us have to operate in degrees of real time or even less and quite often don't get what we visualized in the first place for a variety of reasons. I don't get into the applied end of this because I figure I'm going to get what I am supposed to, via the cosmic visualizer, so I visualize that.

The practice of visualization and applied magics are something I may or may not have engaged in in former times, with or without some form of success. Very few of us are called to operate with oversight in these areas and when we imagine we are called we are, more often than not, used as object lessons, primarily for ourselves. I've given a great deal of time and study to this field of endeavor and not just in this lifetime. I'm more of the Bhakti infused, Allah Akbar school, with no particular denomination because all religions are constructs built upon what can't be comprehensive ever. The time comes when the road appears that moves into the mysterious and the door closes behind you, although your footprints might remain, if that makes any kind of sense.

If one does not have faith in god and seek god's advice and direction, one is certain of getting lost and will become more lost and stay lost until one comes to such a state of desperation that they have no choice but to call out to God and then, depending on the circumstances, it can be a long walk home for the prodigal. Prudence insists that one does not come to such a pass, although it is my considered belief that all of us become lost at some point because God likes to play hide and seek. The whole point of existence in the first place is this. God separates into everything in existence and then, through the time continuum, goes about collecting it all back into the ineffable. It is the very lucky, fortunate for god's own reasons, or wise who get it in gear the moment the understanding comes upon them to meet the master halfway. One part of the divine is the manifest plane, including those portions hidden from the sensory operative eye. One part of the divine manifests as living things and one part of the divine remains apart. This description is more simplistic that it really is but it will do for the benefit of those actually interested in truth, however relative is may be at the level we are operating at here.

A great teacher told me that you must ask God for his qualities. He also said, “get wisdom, steal it if you have to”. The new age pundits and marketplace aficionados are all about how we can do all of these things on our own. It might look like that but that would only be for the purpose of demonstration to the effect that it is not true. You get lost and have to wander through the libraries of the dead searching for what isn't on the shelves. It is the library of the dead anyway, isn't it? I seem to remember something about 'search for me among the living' and 'let the dead bury the dead'. We've heard these quotes so many times over the years, when we were so many different people that we don't consider that they might mean something deeper and more revealing than what we used to get back when we were more into concealing. This is a primary consideration that ought to be near number one on everyone's list of things to consider; 'what am I hiding from myself'? This gains a super nova importance in the time of The Apocalypse, when uncovering and revealing becomes a cosmic dynamic instead of an occasional personal epiphany. Everywhere is potentially the road to Damascus these days, if you happen to be in the mood.

I'm not saying that the other paths are not effective, through time they have proven to be, in other times. These are not those times. Whatever you need from those other paths is automatically conferred as the result of awakened Love, which contains all of these things within it. This is just my take on it as it has been transmitted to me and that's all dependent on how close to the tap I am. We're all closer to that tap than we think but we don't accept that and operate as if it were true. Faith is required because we can't see it and that is the plane that scoffers operate out of. If they can't see it it isn't there. Obviously they haven't studied the frequency of rays and what they do, or any number of 'in your face' realities that can't be seen but actually can be seen by relationship to the seen and by inference accordingly. However, if you don't want to see then you won't, unless, of course, you are in the time of The Apocalypse, when you will see whether you like it or not and if you don't like it you aren't going to like it. If you do, it's going to be a wonderful thing, exponentially firing on all cylinders.

We don't only have believers and scoffers. We have the indifferent and the specifically obsessed with any one of the numerous distractions that have appeared in this time for that very purpose. Essentially we are engaged in a war for souls and The Synagogue of Satan has its preeminent power of the moment to work at effecting the downward pull of the DE-evolutionary spiral. That's why their control is so great in all of the areas that affect the senses for the purpose of misinformation, lies and the arousal of dark passions. As I have been at pains to state, this does not include everyone from any particular genetic code; especially so, since these malefics are not even representative of the code they present themselves as but are like a masking virus, such as we have seen appear in recent times; nor are even all of them representative, which makes for a sticky wicket in terms of sorting them out, which is not my job in any case; let God sort them out; to borrow a portion of a quote from times past.

The ill-doers hide among the clueless, whom they arouse in their own defense, while they practice their arts surrounded by human shields. The truth is concealed in the midst of ancient lies that have endured through the length of an age or more but the truth has its own way of exposing itself to the righteous seeker, once the motive has reached the level necessary to ignite the process. The whole process is effected by the angel in charge of it. The job of angels is to engage in the varieties of the expression of the will of the divine. They are extension of the divine, which they represent. They come from The Devic Realm. Devas are angels. You hear people talking about wanting to be angels and obviously they are unfamiliar with the higher destiny of the human being. The Devic Realm is a great place to visit but you don't want to stay there, given what is possible for you.

The amount of what we can discover on our own is very limited. The amount we can discover through the intuitive connection is without limit. The amount we can accomplish on our own is very limited. What we can accomplish under the aegis of the angelic extensions is without limit. You've heard it said that none of us have seen god at any time and that is because mortal eyes cannot perceive it. It's kind of like you can only see so much as you are now but there is no telling what you might see when you no longer are as you were, once you become what you are and you can't get there on your own. It's something that descends when the right part of you rises; possibly the way yeast operates for all I know.

We've been wandering all around the point today and that is because the point can't be expressed in words. It can only be inferred. The good news is that the historical record tells you that incredible individuals have walked here. You have the record of what they said. You have the record of what they did and whether it is analogy or fables, it indicates something. The symmetry of the cosmos indicates something . The urgings of your own heart indicates something . The strange coincidences, ironies and moments of inexplicable protection indicates something. Everything indicates something if you are in the mood to have it presented to you and if you are in the mood to comprehend it. Nothing indicates anything otherwise, except blind faith and random occurrence, regardless of how untrue it may actually be. It looks real to the people that believe in it and the ease of belief in the seen is far greater than the demands of belief in the unseen, especially when it is tested for the purpose of increasing the faith so that you can get into the position to reap the substance of things unseen.

Some portion of this is true, insofar as it can be relatively inferred. Some portion of this may or may not be true but still indicates something that is as true as your capacity to believe in it and some of this may well be nonsense but that is the totality of what you get from the world itself in its adapted form.

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Anonymous said...

Anything that seperates you from God is NOT of God, therefore, be advised and act accordingly.

Pax y'all.

pax verbum

katz said...

The Beatles, "All You Need is Love"

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Wonderful beautiful words.
More than words. Much more.

"Don't misunderstand that we are preaching that mahatmas are only in India. No. By the order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead there are mahatmas even amongst the birds, even amongst the beasts, even amongst the lower than animals. Because this Krsna (God) consciousness movement is going on in different places, in different circumstances.(Srimad Bhagavatam 5.5.3 --vrndavana Oct 25, 1976)

amarynth said...

This Visible Origami stands as a complete holy book all by itself!

Anonymous said...

(quote) "The Devic Realm is a great place to visit but you don't want to stay there, given what is possible for you."

That makes sense. However, while you've moved on, I am still wondering about what happened. In regard to "the great work" and the stone that one gets from starting with piss (or blood or else) (a couple of blogs back)... why would one want to do that? That is, why would one want to live here in this physical/material dimension longer than required? (Re: Devic quote above).

Well, I am putting thought into that... with wonder emerging... moreover, it's the same with 'magic' (that is, the overt type of magick, precipitation) which seems to be a form of greed (desire) and a presumption that 'I am naked' (ie. I am incomplete).

Philosophically, the salient question seems to be... "What is it that we believe we need that isn't already given?" I don't know.

In this case, I thank you for emerging the questions that give me pause for thought. Anyone who can do that is real gift indeed.

And now, prior to sending this on it's way, I notice that the word verification that I need to type in is 'nesse'. (c; Is not life metaphor? It does my heart good to consider how chance is probably not that at all. Perhaps there's always been enough.


Robin Redbreast said...

Beautiful - although I will have to reread to get more out.
That is the first time I remember you have spoken of Angels.
LLP xx

Bhagirit said...

"As I have been at pains to state, this does not include everyone from any particular genetic code; especially so, since these malefics are not even representative of the code they present themselves as but are like a masking virus, such as we have seen appear in recent times; nor are even all of them representative, which makes for a sticky wicket in terms of sorting them out, which is not my job in any case; let God sort them out; to borrow a portion of a quote from times past."

Yes, it's not a "Jewish" thing. I know you know that. I just really appreciate that your getting better at articulating it with more and more clarity.

The reptoids of the synagogue of satan are mirroring the "i-am-special" virus in a way that is purifying for all us if/when we're willing to seek the cure within or in this case, Love it to death.

Thanks, Brother Visible for another priceless offering :~)

Neko Kinoshita said...

Well Visible,

Such good poetry in the images you form today, that I just have to quote another poet. (since my own limitations do not lend me to torture you with my abilities)

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.

There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can't move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind and you jump to the skies.

And one last little tidbit:

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

A little Frost before Friday,


Anonymous said...

It dawned on me what I see in others compared to myself. I have my take on the universe and other people see what they see. The explanation is too large, so suffice to say that my universe is fate. Everything is as it should be, must be, and will be. It happened before and will happen again. I believe in destiny. Every atom is exactly where it was already certainly going to be.

The thing about fate is, I find it more than difficult, I find it impossible to share in the panic of everyone else. I don't have a frightful need to hurry up, catch up, fix things, escape things, change things, find the mystery - the whole spiritual crisis.

In light of that, I like mine much better. There is a spoon, when my soup is ready.

As I observe people, I have to wonder if their problem is a direct result of their efforts. In my world, running from fate was your destiny so you meet on the road just as planned. Perhaps everyone's frantic efforts to escape what you already have and what already just was and is - is the cause of all the anxiety that makes you want to change whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

People take life so personally, and it seems to be stressful.

On a side note, this anti-materialism. This was in a book I wrote, but the short version is this: After your 'not-materialist' generation passes; I mean, you do grow old and die.. people die.. after your generation is gone, and another generation is here and looks back at what you were - you anti-materialists, REALLY SUCKED when looked back at from later generations, no monuments, no palaces, no really awesome crazy expensive architecture, no castles, or space cities, or Rolls Royce Phantom Ghost cars made out of diamonds. Only that single issue... you are no fun to see at the museum. You were BORING.

Alpha Silex said...

Wonderful and beautiful words. Thank you! Funny thing I noticed, as I was walking home from the store last night. The Pearle Vision store had three lights out and it said "Pearle Vis". You ARE a pearl Vis, glad it's almost time to leave the oyster. :)

Erik said...

Wow Vis,

just wow ... and thanks

Here's an e-booklet of this post

Boulderdash said...

I'll be pondering this sentence in the coming days:

"It's kind of like you can only see so much as you are now but there is no telling what you might see when you no longer are as you were, once you become what you are and you can't get there on your own."

Thanks for all you do...

Wilma Olive Winston said...

_ _ _ ___ _ _ _
| | | |/ _ \| | | |
| | | | |_| | | | |
\____|\___/ \____|

I am just such a sucker for those Les Visible Lozenges, you know, they really soothe even the worsetests of bad old scoffs in no time at all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Ebook version Eric.

And thanks for your version Vis, you never cease to amaze me.

Cpt Spadgett

a Captain without a boat is like an alcoholic without a drink, might have to change my name.

los Gatos said...

Hey Homer,
I feel the need to read your stuff. Sounds like you have a rich full life. you're so prolific. I am in some fashion bound to you. Though each time I finish your words I am more perplexed than before and mildly suicidal.
Thanks I think.
Los Gatos

Anonymous said...

corporate scavengers
government shills
media captains
of cultural ills
community breakdown
institutional lust
divided society
misguidance untrust
debasement of value
the clothes of despair
political punditry
deviants unfair
broken down system
absurditys rule
the house of the dead
down the push pulls


Caltus86 said...

To all those that came before, those that are still here and those that are to come, to the seen and to the unseen I pay homage and give reverence.

Peace, Love and Blessings

missingarib said...

les,sometimes it feels like a prolonged malaise of the spirit -your blog is like a medicine for our time.
regards missingarib

Richie (Dana) said...

Anon @ 6:39
Okay....So your entire argument is based on history it seems.
Personally speaking I could give a fuck about history. There are people alive today who do not know who some of the biggest stars were, of only a few years ago. Your awesome architecture, palaces, and diamond studded cars will melt to dust in some future age. Just how exciting to those who are alive in this moment, is this history? It is useful to some extent if the "real" truth is told so that it may benefit your existence today.....otherwise it is just a story of the past and not relevant to your life.

What is more important to you when you are hungry? The spoon next to your bowl of soup or the freaking diamond studded car of 90 years ago? Perhaps you are not fortunate enough to own the 90 year old diamond studded car and even if you did, you might just starve to death looking at the dam thing. I might ask at that’s your life going?

You seem to have missed a very important least to some. A little thing called empathy. As this is probably a foreign word to you I will edify with a definition.
"The intellectual identification with, or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another."

At this point I would ask...What does it take to actually build one of those palaces? Not that you would care, but it takes the efforts of many human beings to build a palace. If we look at the real history we find that perhaps many even died to achieve this. Of course, that is no concern of yours as the beautiful history lesson is all important.

The reason for our condition is called empathy. It just does not sit well, having to watch millions die for the gain of the material. While you eat your bowl of soup, thousands die so you could. They have no history because someone else took it from them.

I am just going to say here, that it is not okay to take from others to maintain what you feel is your “deserved” standard of living.

Actually the first paragraph of your little treatise rings quite true.
“Everything is as it should be, must be, and will be. It happened before and will happen again.”

Following your boring history lesson….let us just go one million years into the future. Today I give you the entire world and all the riches in it. All of the Material things of which you are so proud are yours. Your name is on every tongue. You are the greatest man to ever exist on this earth. Many museums will be built in your name. Every accomplishment will be glorified. For thousands of years after you die people will speak of you with reverence.

One million years into the future, you are nothing.
You got your reward and now you are done.

Here I stop to wonder why I even bother to respond to something this ridiculous.
I guess it is possible that I was just meant to.

When your material world fades and is gone, The Divine remains. We seek the Divine because we know that he is forever.
That my dear Sir, is the opposite of boring.

Your words create a cesspool of rotting garbage. I implore you to seek something better.
You want some riches and something of real value?

Seek the Divine


Disclaimer; There is no guarantee of comfort, expressed or implied, in the pursuit of the above recommended course of action.

Chinese Sneakers said...

For fun today, i thought i might add how i'Ve seen an angel twice, making for two different angels. And each time was a prelude to someone leaving off for good.

One was a head, basketball-sized, bluish, habit-wearing, nun-like, but without facial features per se. She appeared in the folds of my towel as it hung over a door in a Sicilian pensione. My traveling partner from that time would die five months later.

The other was a giant arch of brilliant sunlight, appearing in the clouds, at about a kilometer off and about a kilometer up. It was super-vivid, way beyond normal, with enormous, perfectly outlined wings and a long even-flowing torso, and yet completely without a head. At the very time when it was appearing, there also screamed an ambulance heading to an emergency situation somewhere very nearby. Later it was reported that a prominent person known to be living in this very area had passed away around those very same moments as the great aegis was appearing to wailing sirens.

Thanks for everything, as always.

Oh, by the way, darrel bradford smith said some very nice things about you on his last broadcast (which is well worth a listen). He called your writing "genius". Sounded like an olive branch to me--but what do i know?


Thomistic Methods said...

Thanks to everybody here. Visible you are amazing and useful. Thanks. Lots of Love. Tim, Cape of Storms.

Anonymous said...

"God likes to play hide and seek."
243 comments on Sundays Smoking Mirrors.
13 comments on a great Oragami Les son?
Where is everyone?


gurnygob said...

Such profundity Les.

I took a moment this morning to remember Jesus and welcome him into my day, his day. I was remembering the dream from which I had just awoken in which I was able to partially fly and make great leaps, leaps of faith for I could not be sure I would land safely on the ground beneath, but I did. It was a bit like Avatar only without the tail and the pointy ears. I felt free and full of life; I felt love and possibilities just waiting to be discovered. Nice dream! I opened up my laptop and this was the first thing I read.Praise the Lord.

Wow, Thanks Les!


Anonymous said...

Beautifully stated. On the same wave bro.

The heart is the Sun and the throat it's Moon.

~ abe in ELA

wv: horpr - what a politician does when getting it's belly rubbed.

Kray Z8 said...

It seems you are still in Turbo-Truth mode! I've taken to reading your blogs wearing goggles and a helmet C8)! Exaggeration, but not by much. Thank the Great Spirit and Thank You.

As usual, synchronicity was high with this one. Been doing introspection on manifestation lately and, lo, here you are sharing your take on the matter (pun intended). When we confine our thoughts to only that which we can see, then only the superficial and known can be manifested, which explains the quality of our present consensus reality. In addition, by ignoring our subconscious and unconscious aspects, we guarantee that their contribution toward manifestation will be all the negative, fearful, frustrated, angry energies which we have neglected to deal with consciously. So we end up co-creating a reality with exactly those features and then bemoan the terrible state of our world. Those who seek to reconnect with the Creator tend to try to balance and adjust the energies in all levels of consciousness toward that goal. In so doing, a blueprint of love, tolerance, respect and unity is put in place for the energy to manifest from. In both scenarios the same perpetrator is responsible, but with vastly different results. It really brings home the meaning of adages such as "Right thinking leads to right living." and "Be the change you want to see." Faith becomes not so much a leap as an end unto itself; a recipe of self fulfilment. Well, I'm still walking, wandering, wondering, but now I know I'm not alone. Never was, actually.

Once again, my gratitude Dog Poet, for your guidance and encouragement. Please continue.
Friends, thank you too; your comments of late have been like gems. Thanks for the Nov. Frost, Neko K. That first one is among my all time favorites. Keep howlin', all.

Peace, Love, Clarity,


MachtNichts said...

Another wtf moment, Vis! Or should I be more ladylike and say: "The amount which we can discover on our own is very limited. The amount we can discover through the intuitive connection is without limit."

I don't like to regurgitate but here we go: If faith is the substance of things unseen it follows that we can take from the river of thought and use it in whatever fashion tickles our fancy. We just have to choose wisely with our blinders off.

And as you said, Vis, if one is okay with their own situation the rest will follow.

Robin Redbreast said...

Richard - great comments
I love the focus on empathy
Your disclaimer at the bottom (!) made me chuckle!
LLP xxx

Ben said...

Vis, All,

Wow! How did I miss this yesterday? I try to keep current on Vis's blogs but did not find this one until this morning.

Huge resonances throughout here.

The author that Vis quotes “faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN” also wrote this: "And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him."

I believe Vis succinctly points the second quote out for us in the form of his fourth paragraph, and what a masterful pointing out it is.

What, for me, is marvelous (but even more humbling) in all this is that throughout both the Old and New Testament it is repeatedly noted that God accounts to us "righteousness" because of our faith.

I really love what Richie (Dana) says: "When your material world fades and is gone, The Divine remains. We seek the Divine because we know that he is forever."

Robin Redbreast said...

I had 2 emails from someone, who obviously has an issue with what I say (and that I happen to be gay!).
Thought I would post my response (I have not said who they are purposely):
Dear *****************
I'm so sorry I irritate you
Is that my problem
Must I fix myself for you?
I have no intention on getting married -
Where did you get that
Prejudgement from?
That I happen to be gay
In a stable relationship for 13 years?
Is it because I mentioned I am happy with myself?

Thanks for the messages
Thanks for the proposal
I have enough going on in my life
In the real world
To be bothered by people who
Are online (in Vermont)
And get irritated
Because they don't
Like what I have to say
Who judge
Me on what
They think I am
From what little
I choose to
And they don't even know
But I wish you all the very best
LLP xx

est said...

alright robin

in the interest of full
disclosure here they are :


is wrong
with you ?


don't bore me
with a reply

just think about it

and i - never - give advise
but start with the gita
then maybe we'll talk


to clarify

i live in vermont
we have same sex marriage here
i am all for it
if you want to be miserable
chained to another
be my guest

as i've said robin
it's not that your gay
it's that no-one cares

i don't know why you
personally irritate me
but it's no big deal

we are all loved equally
this i know absolutely

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

los Gatos,

Please feel free to email me at

If there is anything you need to say or talk about or do, I'd like to help, if possible.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
(second try, first one didnt fire off )

anything that is, IS , and is part of the ALL (according to a book I read the other day), which must include anything that seperates me from God, if God is ALL. the question is the direction and degress of change that little 'ol me goes in/through.

and the bit in the book (Hermetics) about the spinning out cosmically and, apocalyptically reeling in, but reeling in individually - I like it - just say when, hell, just do it, and leave the talking to us monkeys.


wv: inhidder. that's what peripheral vision and the whole of mind is there to see.

kf said...

Well, here I go again. . .my comment was not processed, so I repeat myself: Your writing reminds me of Jim Kirwan's recent piece which talked about personal codes. I have a personal code in one sense, however in the area of "faith", I have remained an outsider. This essay of yours seems to bring the absent one closer to the other.

Thanks - Kathy

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

Well then,"You're nothing but a Pack of Cards.

Visible said...

Your comment never showed up. It happens.



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