Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ruminations on Nature and Ourselves

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet (R.I.P. Silky Lilly Nelson 11/11/11)

In my recent Smoking Mirrors of 11/11/11, I placed an obit reference as seen above, to the loss of our first and oldest dog, Silky Lilly Nelson and a possibly abstruse comment referring to it in the following text. It passed by without generating a comment by any of the readers. That's fine. I simply mention it in passing. Lilly was a great teacher to me and many a time on our walks (I would take her out alone) she was instrumental in bringing about a conversation between me and the angel that the divine uses to communicate with me. Some of the lessons were profound and had archetypal significance. Susanne was temporarily devastated by the loss. Lilly meant a great deal to her. Pets represent the subconscious and are one of the mechanisms that the ineffable uses to communicate with us. Everyone who has a pet is aware of this feature in one way or another.

It was evident to us that Lilly was on her way back to The Devic Realm. Lord Ganesh is the ruler of that kingdom. I had some talks with him about receiving her and that was yet one more teaching experience for me. I recognize that there are probably any number of people who think I'm a tad looney for carrying on conversations with my invisible friends but it's as real as real can be for me and has been for some time. That is just the course my life has taken and it is an option that is open for all of us who choose to take the trouble and make the effort to establish contact. The historical record is filled with individuals who have engaged in dialogue with the higher ups. You don't need temporal credentials or high born parents to achieve this. It's not an exclusive club, where membership is determined by the usual criteria we see down here; actually quite the reverse. All it takes is effort and sincerity. As I have mentioned in the past, it is like priming a pump. If you are familiar with the pumps, that used to provide water for homesteads in older times, then you are familiar with its primary above ground instrument; an extended arm that you pump up and down. No water comes at first but you just keep pumping. Then, dirty, discolored water will begin to appear. As you continue, the water will eventually run clean and clear and then you can take your hand off of it and the water will continue to run on its own. There is nothing more to any of it than that. If you are persistent, you will make contact.

I don't take any credit for being able to do this. It doesn't make me special among my fellows in any way. I had no choice. My life was so difficult and hard for so long that I had nowhere else to go. It just happened by default, given that all other doors were closed. Whatever we have is a gifting from the supreme lover. Our part in it might even be completely incidental but I suspect our response of enthusiasm and tenacity play an important part. Then there is the testing. Most people aren't determined and sincere enough to keep at it regardless of the trials and lack of initial success. Far more people pick up the guitar than learn to play it and the same can be said for anything. I just wanted this more than anything else and it is available to anyone who does. The divine used Lilly in our lives and our lives were made richer by her presence. She had to take those heart tablets that so many dogs require because of heart-worm, so we knew her days would be shorter than normal and they were. Toward the end she was taking a great many water tablets and that came with its own complications. Then she had that same coughing that eventually took Bessie the Hoover from us. She was so named because she was like a vacuum cleaner when she covered the surface of the floor looking for dropped food or whatever.

These are the things you deal with when your dogs are all recovered from the streets or from kennels. People who have been coming here for awhile will remember when I found The Little Guy in an olive grove in Italy. It had been raining and I saw this bedraggled little creature who was moving through the undergrowth. At first I thought it was following this old man with an umbrella, who was a little ahead of him but The Little Guy couldn't even make it up on to the sidewalk. Part of me thought to drive by but the other part of me wasn't going to allow that. There was no doubt in my mind that he was not going to last very long in a relatively indifferent landscape, where people toss their dogs on to the streets without an after thought when they tire of them. I took him home and cleaned him up and he was a lot of fun. A few weeks into his residence, I was sitting by one of the woodstoves and wondering what happened to one of my work gloves. I said it aloud. The Little Guy disappeared into another room and came out with my glove in his mouth. Consonant with that my jaw dropped. We found a fantastic home for The Little Guy, with a dog trainer and they love him so much. They even had a small book published, detailing the adventures of his arrival and time with them and gave us a copy, which brought both of us to tears. Now we hear that some kind of black stuff is coming out of his ears and they don't know what is happening. The doctors say he should be in terrible pain but he just acts normal. They've spent a lot of money trying to find a fix and have now turned to Ayurveda and are hopeful that all will be well. I am hopeful too but... such is life. Life has a dark companion we don't like to talk about and a sidekick called Loss that attends him wherever he goes.

A Jyotish astrologer told me I should be wearing emeralds and diamonds close to my skin (grin). He's been pretty spot on about everything. I laughed and said, “Sure, I've got plenty of those lying around”. I don't wear jewelry anyway but... a couple of weeks ago I found a piece of costume metal jewelry; a wide metal bracelet that kind of resembles the Native American work you see in the Southwest. It's green and gold and I said, “Well, let's see”. Strangely enough it comforted me. A few days ago I noticed it was no longer on my wrist and I thought, “Huh”? I looked around for it but couldn't find it. The night after Lilly passed, Susanne went down to take the dogs outside. When she came in she had left Poncho outside (she does that a lot-grin). So she went to let him back in and I heard her call, “Visible! You have to come here”. Then she said “Wait”. Then she came up and handed me the bracelet. She said, “Poncho just came in with this in his mouth. He wouldn't give it to me but went and laid it on his bed”. His bed is at a landing on the stairs coming up to where I was. He left it there and Susanne picked it up and brought it to me; shades of the glove. Events like this have become commonplace. I find myself saying “God is Great” many times a day. The degree of smooth running these days is off the charts. I wouldn't know where to begin to describe what my days are like recently. It all has a 'too good to be true' aura about it. The one I speak with told me, “Get used to it. You haven't seen anything yet. You have no idea”. I'd like to say this is very comforting but it is scary too. When you juxtapose it with the way my life has been in former times, it can be hair raising; if I had any hair.

A certain and very small quadrant of anonymous types have been at work lately in an effort to misrepresent and diminish me in various ways. Certain blog postings have been sent to me where people are complaining that I don't say the word, “Jew”. Well, of course I do. I just don't hate them entirely, like they wish I did but my life experience proves otherwise and I have to go with that. Some are objecting that I have a donate button on my site. Some are complaining that I am publishing books and might actually be making some money, overlooking the fact that I already set it up so that a significant portion of anything I make goes to others. Some are objecting to the spiritual angle because the spiritual world is bullshit, according to them and it might be true for them as well. I don't have all the details on how that works out. I do know that I personally possess very little in material terms but no one can or should argue in their own defense, when the intent of those attacking them aren't based on rational or evidence based arguments. To argue is to lose. Let the evidence speak for itself. In time it certainly will. Things like this come with the territory and wouldn't even happen if the divine didn't permit it so... there's a reason for all that and I suspect it is just another case of the divine checking to see what I will do about it. Nothing, I think, is my considered response. When I start driving Rolls Royces and flying in private planes, I'll take these criticisms under advisement. For the moment, I think I'll just sail on with the cosmic wind at my back, or find out otherwise.

The key to all of this is whether one is affected by any of it. The key to that is to hold only one opinion of being of any importance and that opinion is generated by the one who has everything under control at all times. People are very angry these days and the irony of those complaining about one not bringing water to people in the desert, or on the spot, physically feeding starving children is that they aren't doing it themselves. My position has always been that those so engaged are not having the time to criticize those they imagine are not working alongside them. They are too busy doing it. We are called to different things. The key is to be of service somehow in some way. Some of us bring things to people's attention and that improves the world if these things awaken useful understandings. Some of us donate our money. Some of us donate our effort to improve the lives of others in the necessary environments. Some of us protest and march against injustice. We all serve or do not serve, according to what does or does not motivate us. Accusations are one thing. Literal proof is quite another. Base emotions of jealousy on the one hand and a sense of non inclusiveness are generally at the heart of these things.

Many of those enraged are enraged at their own sense of impotence because they equate success and the positions they desire for themselves with a badly concealed desire for self promotion and the fulfillment of self interest. When they don't get it they scoff at those who do. Anyone can succeed at anything if Love motivates their efforts. Anyone can succeed in the marketplace and the newspapers if they are willing to pay the cost and many of them don't count the cost at all. The reality of the cost has yet to present itself. To quote an old Arab proverb, “The dogs bark but the caravan moves on”. Time and destiny will reveal the truth about all of us; what we did and what we didn't do, what we were publicly and privately. The past will accuse us. The present will reveal us and the future will judge us. There is no escaping this. It will come to each and everyone of us and most of us will be forgotten as if we never were for reasons that should be obvious but often are not.

This is another reason that I am at pains to say, “I don't know”. The contradiction here is that sometimes I indicate that I do know but contradiction is inherent in conversation. Then again, both may be true at different times or even in the same time. Some people want to understand and some do not and we have no control over that. We are supremely lucky if we even have some control over ourselves. Time and the river will sort us out and crush us or elevate us for whatever good or following ill it happens for. I like to think about it in terms of baseball, which I played for many years. If you can hear the noise of the crowd and opposing fans, you will not be able to fully concentrate on the ball. We used to call that 'rabbit ears'. It's not a good thing to have and if you are certain of your course you won't have that condition, on the field or in your life. It's not in our hands and never was.

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Pete said...

Only now do I realize the guts it takes to lay yourself open like you do. Like Like you mentioned in your post and other posts, when you truly start to advance you come under major attack. The attacks can take so many forms. In my case it has been those closest to me, my family. I try to not take it personally. I see the attackers not so much in personal terms as I see them being possessed by an "it." The it seems to inhere in matter itself as it tries to maintain its temporary integrity as matter. Matter does not like being transmuted as it will, in its limited vision, die. Fear and resistance to change inhere in every atom of matter and are therefore in everything in this dimension. The stronger the aspirant becomes, the stronger the pull of matter. I look forward to the point where I can fully dictate to the matter that now is so challenging.

Anonymous said...

Nice post les. Tim Earl of Stirling lost his old pup, Teddy, a day or so ago. We do love our animals, don't we.

kenny said...

I'll paraphrase ...

"Dogs will help get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dogs."

I gave my little friends an extra hug after reading about your sad loss.

"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's."
Mark Twain

Bonnie said...

I just want to say "Thank You". I've been coming here a little while and it's your spiritual insights that are helping me to dig deeper and be more honest with myself about myself. You seem to hide nothing and I would bet this is partly why you have more peace and joy appearing in your life. You provide a great service to those that are ready and willing to listen to what you so eloquently have to offer. Looking forward to buying your new book soon as I can; it would be the least I could do to give you something back. Heartfelt sympathies over your Lilly's passing - Hugs to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Life is often experienced like swinging at a change-up.

What a pitch!
The greatest of all, I think.

One rarely hits a change-up and usually ends up on ones knees, trying to.

I guess it's how you feel when you get back up that counts.

Some curse the pitcher (and themselves), some smile..

DaveS said...

Dog Poet,

This was a good post... kind of sums up the way many of us feel about our own lives. I'm sure I'm not alone in being thought of as a freak amongst my friends, but I don't mind because when I put myself in other's shoes I can see that I am a freak.

As Hunter Thompson wrote, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." and that's been my inspiration. Another way to put it is as Al Einstein says, "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."


As for the passing of your dog, I'm sorry. I noticed the notice and never commented – I apologize, I know as well as anyone how important dogs are in our lives. I don't think it's a mistake that dog is god spelled backwards.


Anonymous said...

Damn, Vis, I'm very sorry to hear about your dog! I think dogs are put into our lives to give us a glimpse of what unconditional love really is.

est said...

when the heart speaks
you have to listen

there's no other choice
and it's always there

DaveS said...

Another thought...

I just finished reading the comments on a thread over at a financial blog I follow and I can't believe how ignorant people are... or maybe they want to be? Sigh.

People have been told to see blue as red and green as purple for so long, they actually believe what they see and hear. So easy to derail any real protest in the world when most of humanity hasn't evolved very far from happiness = three hots and a cot. Even the rich in their gated enclaves are doing this, but in huge empty spaces as opposed to other places.

What I'm saying is most people are in prisons built within their own minds. Once trapped inside there, it doesn't really matter where the rest of their real estate is located.

At least those of us who believe in fairies, hear voices and talk to gods are expanding the possibilities of our interior worlds... and usually in a more positive way than 'normal' people who worship at the money changer's idol, or any of the other sanctioned illusions, considered 'normal' that are out there for us to believe in.

There are so many lost souls bumping into each other on the planet now, I feel really bad for the souls of the various native tribes people who thought they were coming to earth for some kind of spiritual vacation and instead end-up in a bus wreck of cultures. Sigh again.

Peace and positivity to all you nice folks,

Richie (Dana) said...

Hi Les,
I am sorry for your loss with your doggie friend. I have believed for a long time that God put dogs here especially for us and I am very close to the two fuzzy friends in this house. They both have cancer which I sometimes think is my fault for some reason, but we have been giving them both anti-cancer supplements for the last 2 years and they are hanging in there.
I do not know much about aura's and the like but it is interesting to place my little female miniature Dachshund on my lap and rub her tiny body. I can almost feel this negative energy pass from me and she takes it on. She will then just do this yawning thing and a little shake and it is gone. I really wonder what is going on there but am deeply grateful as I always feel a bit better. Now that you have verified my suspicions regarding these friends, I can assure you that I will pay more attention.


Visible said...

Thank you my dear friends for the comfort of your support. I wasn't concerned in any way about people not catching the mention. Had I wanted it noticed I would have been more explicit at the time but I wanted to mention it at Origami.

As for the small but concerted attack on me at the moment. If the person(s) knew how little effect it has on me and how often I laugh when I read what is said and the degree to which they reveal things about themselves they would probably not bother but they convince themselves that they are having an effect or hurting me but they don't. It's the mark of a coward to attack someone under the cloak of anonymity. I always use my name, no matter what I have to say because I stand behind it. When people don't it tells me all I need to know about them.

This one fellow, who is pretending to be all of these other people, including Sven, do not realize that some of us have been dealing with comments and the way phrasing is shaped and all kinds of 'poker tells' to the point that the evidence is glaring.

Interestingly, this fellow, in between bouts of cursing and the like keeps saying that I have been stealing his material for my posts (grin) yet he never gives any example of it. I taught myself long ago to take praise and blame the same way and it truly works.

Anonymous said...

I have been inspired by a native anerican woman from the cuyuga nation of upstate ny. She has told of her tests both here and in the dream world and earned the respect of her grandmothers and grandfthers who work with her from the other side. They started giving her amazing dreams early on in her life and told her to start writing them down over ten years ago.
You can see her on u tube doing a presentation in a mohwk comunity.

WENDY A HILL "Understanding life..what my ancestors taught me

search u tube wendy a hill 'why I wrote this book"
thanx les for trying to be who you are meant to be xoxo

Me of very little (close to nun) faith said...

♫ don't get me wrong ♫
♫ i know everything's all right ♫
♫ even though i ain't got the belief or the faith ♫
♫ something got me here and i've always been warm, fed and safe and allowed to play around and not to know my place ♫

DaveR said...

Sorry is all I can say. I call my fuzzbucket (amongst other things) the Blissomatic. 5 minutes of petting and I'm far, far away. Other have suffered this effect as well.

As for accumulating "stuff" I offer this for the contemplation today. If you're interested enough you'll copy and paste.

I'm off the the big city for a couple hours. Be well friends.

Richie (Dana) said...

I am sure this is to be expected, but once you commit to the pursuit of the Divine it is like putting yourself in the crosshairs of the rampant evil in this world. I read your book carefully and took many things to heart and the troubles began immediately. I am not complaining here, only observing with amazement that the world of my material life is falling apart.

A week ago I get this virus on my desktop that I fought for 3 days and finally had to give up and format the machine and start over. This is no small thing because I cannot even function at my job without the computer and the software on it. This caused me great stress and fear. You may as well cut off both my arms and my head.
On Wednesday of last week my work laptop begins to act up and sure enough, another attack. This time I did not fight and just began preparations to format that one as well. By yesterday afternoon it seemed I was in a safe zone again, but at 8pm last evening the computer was polluted again. I cannot do my job without this machine. I am sitting here going what the hell? You say that God is intimately involved in even the smallest parts of our life which means that he is involved in this as well.
I am calm and quiet this morning wondering what is next. Am I missing something here?
I know that you cannot answer that question.

Just a bit lost at the moment.


Robin Redbreast said...

Excellence surpassing excellence!
Love does indeed hurt when we loose it (your dog) but to avoid it avoid potential future pain of loss is self defeating when you consider the joy love gives against nothing of nothing to save pain. Does that make sense
To me it does

onething said...

I find it very strange that I never saw the RIP on yesterday’s post, but immediately noted it today, although I assumed it was probably a performer. Recently a friend, the biggest animal lover I have ever known, lost a tiny little terrier companion of whom he was extremely fond, to predation by coyotes. He put it on facebook and it was days before I could bring myself to respond. The wrongness of it.

I simply love dogs. I communicated telepathically with one just yesterday. I saw it way up on a far hill looking tentatively down at me, and I saw its friendliness, and so I sent it speech-thoughts, of great affection, and it right away reacted as though it heard me, and came running all the way down hill and through the field to the road and greeted me whines and cries of happiness, although we had never seen each other before.
I have loved many a dog but two broke my heart.

Alpha Silex said...

So sorry to hear about your pup, Vis. That really sucks. I had a black and white male cat who I had to put to sleep at age 21, two years ago. He was an amazing creature. When I was finally able to get another cat this past September, I went to the pet store to look at the ones for adoption and an older woman approached me and after talking for a while, told me how she had a cat she needed to get a home for. He was a "nipper" and even though he was doing it out of playfulness, was tearing up her 103 year old mother's skin. Long story short, I wanted another black and white, male cat and that day came home with a new friend. He's an awesome cat and I'm so thankful I "coincidentally" crossed paths with Evelyn that day. I don't care what anyone says, but animals have souls. You can see it when you look into their eyes. This is a big reason why I decided to give up meat last April and it turned out to be a great move for me. My sympathies again for your loss.

Rob in WI said...

It seems when one accepts life in this world as a spiritual construct, but doesn't subscribe to a particular brand, lots of people consider you fair game for attack. Arrogant atheists seem to me to be the worst. I tried to address intelligent design on a talk show (Wis. Propaganda Radio) with Richard Dawkins, and I swear, if he could have unleashed a string of profanity, he would have. When I tried to explain that one can believe in intelligent design without accepting a creation "story", but merely by being an idealist, he refused to continue. Which came first, chicken or egg? How can there be either without the idea of such a thing? Its what makes nature such a wonder to behold.
Thanks again for providing these blogs, Rob

Django said...

Each one is irreplaceable. They get to be such good friends after a while. Going through the same again.
My old friend ( a human) ,a real lover of animals ,finds it too crushing any more, he gets to loving them so much.
So sorry for your family's loss.

Allison said...

To DaveS.
Great prison analogy. I have had the same thought many times. Especially in the past when I first moved into my current home. Down the road there is this giant house that is gated, etc. I looked at it and fantasized about what it would be like to live there. I fantasized for about 10 seconds before I realized I would be the same schmo with the same struggles and the same dissatisfaction with material existence.....I would simply have more bedrooms :) A prison is a prison no matter how ornate the bars or how delicious the meals.

bholanath said...

God is great.
Allah ho akbar.
Love is king.

I always love it when you're a tad loony. Animal-teacher stories are the best. I could write an entire book on the personal aspect. Or, maybe a blog post is better, since Derrick Jensen already wrote "A Language Older Than Words"...which is how our Devic friends talk to us.
Actually, denying it is blasphemy, but that's how most humans roll.


Anonymous said...

A Little Peace of Paradise

Doggone it, Dave S., ya beat me to the punch today. Back in the fall of '64, in one of several transitions between doing what i knew how to do (being a student) and attempting to cope with the materialist world about; i spent many an evening at the Golden Gate coffeehouse in St. Louis. Began writing poetry, mostly doggerel, really:
"Once there was a man called god
transposition makes him Dog."
Another from that unfolding:
"Bits and pieces
bits and pieces
coffee freezes
even Jesus
sometimes sneezes".

Some of the inspiration for the doggoned doggerel came from the old Burma Shave signs gracing the boring highways of the nation before LadyBird Johnson got em wiped out in her Beautify America campaign. Personally, i feel she should have set up a commission made up of poets, artists and mystics who would have had final say on which signage stayed and which got deep sixed. Were i on such a commission Burma Shave signs wouldda got the thumbs up.

Class system around my house. Pardon me. Life in a cathouse can be psychologically complex. Integrating the young is a major challenge. Mostly they get deported outdoors once achieving the terrorist stage and then need to prove their people- cat credentials before maybe getting the call back to the household.

Living a few miles east of Eden, up on the fringes of the Northwoods of Minnesota, close to farmland but totally surrounded by trees, swamplands and small lakes; my two dogs are strictly outdoorsOouffs. In most ways it is doggie paradise. Their roles are as police for the gardens. Big problem in the neighborhood with wily whitetails. Overgrown rodents and major garden predators. Awful Oouffs keep them at bay. Little arguments with a neighbor about the dogs roaming on his property. But dogs do not usually recognize such boundaries, particularly when the criminal element have no such compunctions either.

Lately one of the major religious holidays of the year, at least among Minnesota menfolk, is just coming to a conclusion. Deer hunting season. It's Mac and Macuzho's favorite time of year. Gutpiles. Over the past week they have waxed extremely fat and sleek. Getting ready for the coming week as temps hereabouts will be almost entirely below freezing. Soon the snow.

Comes a really cold night sometime soon and as usual two or three cats (at least) will join the local policeforce in the carpeted woodshed where they hang out when the weather insists. The snuggle/cuddle factor sometimes rivals that of the gartersnakes in their winter dens.

Life in a cathouse is balanced by near constant attendance of loyal and faithful Macuzho while at the homesteading tasks and fancies around the little patch of paradise which we 'own'. It does not get a whole lot better ~ or more inductive of the feelings of deep gratitude. Thus is a bit of balance maintained to offset the hell which all too many have to face in this day and age.


Richie (Dana) said...


Anonymous said...

Alpha Silex: Just finished reading about your black and white male cat 'reunion' when a small commotion at the base of my chair got my attention. Though he was laplanding here only a few minutes ago, Mttzfftttz II wanted up.

Some five years ago, my black and white companion of some 20 years, Mr. Mttzffttz breathed his last on the kitchen floor and has been resting at the base of an upright limestone slab ever since. By intuitive intention i made it known that i would appreciate a "reincatnation", if not spiritually identical, at least with the identical or very similar look.

Three months ago Miss Twinkletoes presented the household with four kittens. The one currently lightly nipping and hooking my left wrist as this gets typed out happens to be a near-perfect ringer for my lost companion of a totally different bloodline.

Spirit has my full gratitude.


Rob in WI said...

Alpha Silex,
So glad you found another cat to be, I guess, a confidant, as housepets seem to play that role to humans who are sensitive to it. There are "working" dogs and cats, (watchdog, pest control, herding, etc.) but those that have no job can be great companions. Great to see all the condolences for Visible's loss. There seems to be more thoughtfulness and understanding here, than anywhere else on the net.

Anonymous said...

My parents sent me to a jew shrink as a kid. The only good thing to ever come out of it were my pet frogs, fire belly toads to be exact. I buried them each in my yard when they passed and grew close to Sister Death as a child.

Whether or not one knows it does not negate that to know that one knows knothing is certainly something.

Say that three times fast!

abe in ELA

wv: barbyeli - a yenta blow up doll?

Anonymous said...

Les, as you know my Svetlana passed on 31 Oct. I don't know........
Mo visible

Visible said...

David, I remember getting your email and am saddened at myself for not sending off a reply to you. I sat there thinking about you and our tool and die exchanges and for some reason, since forgotten, I did not get a response in the air. This happens more than I wish because there are a lot of emails and I have several pages open to mails that came through the website apart from the usual emails that I still haven't gotten around to, primarily because they are very long letters from what I saw at first glance.

You have my deepest sympathy which I can accordingly resonate with given my own moment in concord. I'm working on a lot of related themes for tonight's radio show. I believe we are all in line to lose a great deal more shortly but in most cases we can certainly afford it and probably need it as well. This is offset by the tremendous gain that now approaches the willing.

My apologies for not replying to you. I have no excuse.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about your loss, dear Vis. I lost one of my Yorkies over 3 years ago and still experience sorrow when I think of him. The one consolation that I had when he passed was when someone who I greatly respect suggested that he would probably gain a human rebirth in his next incarnation. I do believe that dogs are practicing to become humans especially when they are living in such close proximity to humans 100% of the time. And, as you know, the human realm is where our consciousness can make the most progress towards an enlightened state.
I find it so easy to love animals, especially dogs..... my heart melts when I watch their antics. I only wish I could have the same ability to love the humans I encounter...I am working on that!

A.Mouser said...

Nice post Visible. RIP Lilly - you were loved.

Peace and love to all who read here.

Sincerely, Mouser

Odin's Raven said...

Nature spirits may not be confined to an Indian format.
Here's an interesting account of someone who met them as subjects of the god Pan.

Richie (Dana) said...

Rob @ 7:47,
Your last statement is certainly true.
All of you people amaze me repeatedly.
When I think of things to be grateful for, Mr Visible's little blog spot is at the top of the list.
After all this time, it is quite a pleasant surprise that so many here have an affinity for critters.

Of course Vis never tried to hide this, I just never clued on it I guess.

"Dog Poet Transmitting" (smile)


MIH said...

Art…is the perfection of action. Any activity sufficiently understood and continually practiced will come to a moment of unthinking movement; this is skill. The doer of the skillful action decides to what it is applied. To the extent this doer considers himself separate from others, or individuation, his decisions are not manifestations of perfection.

There is no art in well executed activity; however, the accomplishment of unthinking skill is precursor or consequence of art. In this sense then art is not dependant on activity, but activity naturally arises from art. Is this a contradiction? Any action derived from a view of individuation is ultimately divisive because of identity in this perspective being implicitly two or more. The action then, even if skillful, is not perfect but self serving.

No individual can compose a thought that enacts a perfect action unless, of course, there is no thought (grin), or identity is not individuated and service is to all. Art, or perfect action, is not how mind controls body; instead it is how mind does not negate the heart and skillfully assumes it and the body as its identity.

Poet of God, no war or extinction diminishes life as a quantity, but notice they come in new shapes. And though the new shapes maintain their previous mentality, they are the form which is expression of communicating God to all beings; the vehicle of the Artist.

Visible said...

How true Kilaya and very much the thoughts that have been passing through my mind concerning Lilly. My impression of loving others is that when we truly love the divine, the divine confers that ability. I suspect it is impossible otherwise.

MIH... whoa!

Alpha Silex said...

Stickman, that ROCKS! That just made my day. InCATnation, Ha! As I was rereading what you wrote, I heard a little meow and Mr. Mojo Rising appeared by my leg and tapped me with his paw. Cool, cool stuff. I realized I didn't mention that Mojo is a tuxedo, just like Kirby was. When I met Evelyn that day, she said she had been praying to find him a good home and it all seemed meant to be. I replied that everything is meant to be and those who minimize these kind of "weird" occurrences, as "coincidence", don't experience this sort of thing as much because they fail to recognize the blessings that are all around us. You can't receive them, if you aren't open to it. I really got a great new friend here. A better friend than most people, I hate to say. That's why I'm glad I found this place. It's nice to see there are still some out there of like spirit. Thank you too, Rob and yes, you're absolutely right.

Rob in WI said...

kilaya @ 8:24,
If you like novels, you might enjoy "Road Racing in the Rain", which is written from a dog's point of view.
It's about the incarnation of dogs as human. I don't recall the author.

Rob in WI said...

I figured you as living up this way.
My guess was UP (know some good people from over there). My son was hunting just east of Tower last weekend. No luck, no gutpile. Like your comments,and the forum we share,
thanks to LV.

Robin Redbreast said...

The words of Grandfather Tlakalelel:

It's quite hard work (as it is translated into english after spoken )but it's worth it - video are here: (cut and paste - sorry):






Around 2000 years ago, the Great and Ancient Nations of The Americas once again reached the point in Evolutionary Consciousness where they realised that Earth must once again Be United As One - as it was in the days of the Ancient Ancestors.
They Knew that Every Single Human Being On Earth Are Cosmic Brothers And Sisters Of The One Father Who They Named "The Great Spirit".....

Caltus86 said...

Dear Mr Visible

Please keep on doing what you do. It is for a great purpose, the end result of which we may not able to see at the present time. You are an inspiration to me and no doubt to countless others. As I stated before, with the energy and vibes like yours around, our blessed world is not yet lost. You reminds us of endurance, so please keep the fire burning. How could you do such good work without being criticised? You can tell it is working, the seed is now a vibrant plant, let us keep on watering.
Peace, Love and Blessings

Rob in WI said...

Sorry, I've been hogging the bitwaves here. A plan with temporal friends for this weekend didn't happen, so am leaning on my (hopefully) virtual friends.
A question to Visible and guests: Did you experience a surge of awakening power specifically in early 1989? It happened to me then, and to others I've met and read. Is there anything significant about that time slot? Very curious.

onething said...


Richard Dawkins is considered a great intellect, but really he is a shallow thinker. He wants to be right, and certainly doesn't want to undo any of his talking points which he thought of decades ago, and therefore sticks to the more silly and surface arguments. His approach to spirituality is likewise shallow, and he is arguing with 19th century religious ideas. He has a very cushy existence in every way, and isn't interested in an honest pursuit of truth and does not have a truly curious mind.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I had to read this one very quickly, missed quite a bit, because I got very teary reading about the loss of Silky Lilly Nelson. There are no finer friends than those who appear to walk below us but whose spirits soar above ours. Guess that's why we love to get down to eye level with our pets and nuzzle. We can get closer to their diviness eye to eye. Heart thumps to Les and Susanne. I'll reread everything later because I know there are more gems (the real kind) in there that I do not want to miss. (There always are with your writing, Les.)

I slowed down a bit over the pump priming part. I never saw water come out of a tap until I was almost seven when we moved from a very small prairie town to a large city near the Rockies. Everyone in our town had a well in their backyard and most used mechanical pumps (some, I believe were electrical). What we called "priming the pump" was a bit different than Les describes. It was when we would toss water from a bucket down the pump shaft to get the pumping action started (sometimes merely pumping the handle like mad would not do the trick). That bucket was kept full at all times and in the winter it was kept indoors to prevent it from freezing. The meaning doesn't really matter though because I understand the point that Les was making.

wv: "impea" -- An ambidextrous word which can mean on one hand to impea(ch) the 1% and on the other to impea(ce) the 99%.

Visible said...

This is what I had to say about Richard Dawkins. back in 2008.

Rob, so many things happen to me at different times I wouldn't be able to remember when they were. In '89 I was living a very clean existence in Woodstock working at various construction jobs. I know a lot of powerful things are happening right now.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss.
There are many times when I think about how it will be once I leave here. I always imagine I will see
all my departed 4 foots again. That I will recognise them and they me. I would like to think we can tell stories of all our memories together on Earth and I hope they know how much I loved each and every one of them. The people come later but first off I want to see my horses, my dogs and cats.

Anonymous said...

Dawkins and Company

Rob, OneThing, Les:

Friend of mine happens to be a rationalist, Darwinist, atheist, positivist, Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite and deep denialist of anything vaguely resembling a conspiracy running the world.

He is the most religious man i know.

You see, it happens to be a religion with these academicists and their scientism. Yes, it is primarily a 19th Century construct which undergirds their belief system. Of course it is a belief system. They have their dogmas, ritualistic formulae, holy books and a canonocracy of saints such as St. Marat; St. Bentham; St Rousseau; St Voltaire; St 'I think, therefore I Am'; St. Darwin; St. Marx; yada yada all the way down the line to the likes of St. Dawkins.

In one sense the rationalistic mindset was a useful antidote to the premises and promises of revealed religion. We can exercise Hegel's dialectical method and regard religion and rationalism as the thesis and antithesis. Marx and the positivists, however, do not allow the dialectic to continue and propose an end to history with the victory of their points of view. Sheer nonsense, but as in all deeply held religious belief systems they are totally adamant.

The total lunacy of the concept of scientific materialism never tended to ensorcel me. Somehow i always felt there was something deeper, something transcendent of day to day 'reality'. Now, as has been pointed out on this blog, quantum physics has embraced the spiritual dimension, while the stuck in the 19th Century scientistic types, highly intelligent but generally educated beyond the capacities of their imaginations and their intuition; prattle on in their pretensions and professions, rattling like so many dead cornstalks in the winds of November.


Anonymous said...

Dear brother Vis, sister Susanne and ya'lls sweet momma,

May the memory of Silky Lilly warm your hearts until the sound of the spin no longer records your heart beat. The loss can not climb on the scale to be measured against the gain and gifts provided to you from the Divine through an exemplified creation of ethics and integrity such as the manifestation called dog. Many of us are introduced to this divine aspiration as we enter this realm; we are lucky dogs. When I arrived it was Beagle that welcomed me and was my ramrod in the many adventures of Aaron and Beagle. We were inseparable right up until I was 5. My first lesson of death and loss of a confidant, a buddy - my best friend.

Today we share our humble home with an 18 year old black and white, 4 lb “wench” cat that whipped the ass of a fox, coyote, cactus, chicken wire, the grip of my daughter by the throat numerous times; while both were infants, swamp cooler a/c unit blower motor, rattle snake bite, 3 full-on skunk shots, porcupine quills in the grill #};, 4 boxers, 2 mutts, and it is just to much to go on; hoochie cat, if you've had one you know the kind. She never got to reproduce and you're welcome! We also share the house with a 15lb, 8 year old powder white, mellow feline deemed Snowy. Who I believe is a trapped Asian dude; prolly Tibetan, living in this “casa” and though he doesn't speak Spanish he comprehends everything. Slobbering on my leg as I type and wondering why I'm writing to you all and not petting him, is Max the 8 year old boxer. Over on the doggie couch; I felt compelled to build them to get mine back, is Mary Jane. She's our 4 year old, red nose pit; that ate a bag first day home from the shelter. Ikronic isn't it?

Cuando caminamos los dos perros, el gato blanco de gordito likes to stroll with us on a complete 3 block hike. 2 bully's, a white cat and no leashes as the neighbors smile and shake their heads in amazement. (Sorry about the Spanish, if I would have proof read that part in English the 3 would have bullrushed me towards the door.) {c;)

God is kind to tortured souls sent to hell to wake the fluck up. How else can you explain Dante's Inferno right in front of our eyes and throughout history? Is it happening to us all in our degrees for time eternal here, yet the Supreme One provides the Devic as a guide to our split or blind vision to climb out? God Love from a Love God.

Go in peace Silky, you brought Lilly's to a brutalized garden that still blooms God's love and virtues; hand sewn.

God bless us one and all of you kindest of kind hearts,


wv; primp (swear); this is what the Chinese PM called Netandyahoo when he heard that the French and American head prostitutes called Nitwit a liar. "Ha Ha, he's their primp!"

Smyrna said...

Richard Dawkins and his ilk are so mired in the matrix and the material plane that they can't see the forest for the trees. Crown chakra shuttered and nailed. Either that or they are merely propagandists, a la Al Gore; not believing what they say but doing it on their masters behest. I fancy the latter for Dawkins, the rest in lower circes of academia are more likely genuine adherents of Atheism and serve the purpose as useful idiots nicely. I have found the mindset of most joe public atheists to be "my former religion, or church, or all religion is wrong, bad, etc; ergo there must be no god". These people have no time, inclination or capability of contemplative thinking. Same goes for religious fundamentalists. they are two sides of the same toilet brush.

Alpha Silex said...

Sorry if you just didn't get a chance to post this yet. Maybe it got lost in the wormhole. It happens. For Vis and Susanne, love from Lilly, courtesy of Grohl and company. Lyrics in description:

Anonymous said...

Les, I feel I'm down to the bone now, maybe not but however the lord wants to use me or teach me or anything at all, I'm here, until I'm not.Thank you Les for your light. Svetlana is light in Russian, I can use all I can get now.
mo visible

Anonymous said...

Dog Killed By Coyotes, Elephant Carries Body Home..

An elephant's best friend..

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

Richard (Dana), you might like to look into a backup program like TrueImage (Acronis) that does the whole drive, and takes around 15 min to get back the whole thing at once, a format and restore scenario. There might be free ones out there if you search.

trivia: saw Hellraiser for the first time last night, it being mentioned here a month or two ago. Just as the scariest scene takes place a rather large Huntsman spider scurries frenetically from it's hiding space up the wall. I turned the sound down for it.

wv: vaturrec . (mock German accent) what is that you are wrecking?

Richie (Dana) said...

A two-fer on this day.
I carefully read the piece from 2008 and of course my first thought was that you and the people commenting were every bit as awesome as what goes on today.
I have to wonder what happened to those people. I saw many names that do not show up today and cannot imagine them deserting you willingly.
I cannot help but wonder if perhaps you reach a certain stage of understanding and just get beamed the hell out of here, with Les being the man who volunteered to remain and help us poor slobs.

That post is excellent and had me laughing.

All in all....a very good day for which I give thanks.


Richie (Dana) said...

"Dead cornstalks in the winds of November"

Most excellent prose Stickman

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, all
Sorry about you losing a good friend. Of course this is nothing new for us (my children and I) since we moved out of the city to a place with pine woods and flowering fields in 1981. The first year someone presented us with a pair of goats which we knew nothing about caring for. The neighbors, who dreamed of being in a city, laughed because we kept them, researched how to care for them and how to milk them and built for them a small "logcabin". They taught us to walk in the fields as they ate grass and other greens. They grew to a herd of fifteen goats and gave us hope every spring with the new births--during a time when the war was destroying so much. They taught my children to deal with death long before losing a human relative. They taught us to make cheeses and other delicious products when we were surrounded by an Israeli-American blockade. My own favorite part was staying with them in a green valley (overlooking the wortorn city) where I was in constant and direct "widescreen} contact with the ineffable.
Those were very fulfilling years for all of us but all things come to an end. One of the militias bombed the grazing land that was near us with phosphorus bombs. That spring the newborns started just falling asleep and dying. My husband had asked me if I would please give him a goat for the mother of a friend in the south--so I told him, if he will bring a truck I will give him the whole herd if he will take them to "greener pastures".
Since then,and since the city has now surrounded me, I don't have animal friends except the birds that nest in our trees and gutters. I have turned to raising plant friends--every seed deserves the right to better I plant trees and various plants not everyone pays attention to. If I don't know how to plant something Ilook it up.
Well, the result is the same, some propagate, some die and I mourn them, but life goes on and every little creature teaches me and my children something new. Now its the turn of my grandchildren if I can just show them how to learn....
Thank you for listening to my boring stories--but like everything else they have something to learn from.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Sometimes spell and grammar check make you look dumber than you already wuz. Forgive my lousy punctuation.



You have carried precious eyes and a heart that blazes like a diamond forever my brother.

dorothi said...

our furry friends have an honesty rarely found in humans,unconditional contact with divine Nature opens as much as your heart. even the trees and the winds, the Earth herself, longs to be loved with all of your Self~and will speak with you in ways you know.
control? indeed. all we might ever control is within, for the without; control may only get as close as a molecule away from our fingertips...
ahhh but intake of information, upgrading, purifying, enhancing, opening...all things are possible. its come to the individual. its come to intent and almost instantaneous karma. shit is getting interesting...

MachtNichts said...

Oops, i saw the R.I.P and thought it was a musician with a funny name that i don't know. I am truly sorry for your loss, Vis. And sorry, no doggy tales to share, but i appreciate all the ones that were posted. Love Silvia

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.
Ours is nine years now and I cherish every moment clinging to her eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis and all

I'm very sorry to hear about lilly's passing. I always know that these words never provide comfort. But we try.

One of my first posts on this blog explained the death of my dear Mandy. She was a 5.6 lb papillon. Pronounced 'Pap pee yon'.

Not a single person acknowledged my post. I never expected any would. Like every lesson I've had to learn this one wasn't simple.

I am described by those closest to me as a force. Mandy was brought to me because of a movie that changed my life.

You can see it here it's at true story and testament to Edurance.

My heart goes out to everyone here who has lost a beloved creature. We know we're not anywhere close to them in innocence and truth.

My sister was born retarded. I was her protector until I was slain. Dogs and retarded people have a lot in common. I've never seen either less than optimistic and full of hope. I see God in these beings.

I intend to get more retarded everyday.

Vis you don't take no shit and tell it like it is. That's why i love u bro.

Patrick V1.0

Smyrna said...

Your '08 take on Dawson(sic) was a great read, Les. Your 9th paragraph was the well articulated version of the gist I was crudely putting forth, in my earlier post, as to the mindset of the average atheist.

Also consider that the idea of there being no 'God' etc, nothing more than this temporal plane, much suits the ego of many a smug academic/public 'intellectual' as of the ilk of a Dawson(sic), Hitchens and so forth.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

International Free Range Chicken Ranches of The Apocalypse.

Visible said...

Ah Patrick, a poignant rendering of your butterfly. I will surely watch your video as time permits today.

Much love

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,



Anonymous said...

I've had dealings with your antagonists.

Long before 911, I used to go to an evolution chatroom and see their arguments be destroyed and annihilated, continuously. No sooner did one leave in embarrassment, I thought, another one just like him would walk in, starting it at the top again. You're scratching your head wondering "Are they made in a factory?". Here's what was a cold slap in the face wake-up: They're not made in a factory. It's the same people leaving and changing names and coming back to do it all over again. They have code misspellings to identify themselves to the other ones. You can speel the word right 5 times and none of them catch on. Anyway, it became obvious to me that I was the one arguing on a false premise. That false premise being that they're human and ever had the capacity to understand proof.

Answer not a fool according to his folly.

Your antagonist who writes in caps fancies himself a commander in the WN bowel movement. He just likes to quote the talmud and toss in the obligatory "Fuck jews" for digestibility. He does not respond to intelligence.

About 4 years ago, Bill White was rattling the cages of this WN movement, exposing the frauds and perverts in it. I clicked the link he found to their satanist website. That's where they get their indoctrination, I know by their words. Bill White found himself in supermax getting tortured for the next 3 years. Never charged, never convicted, never even on trial. Coinkidink? I think not.

The biggest Joe six pack TV brainwashed couch potato in the country is not about to trade the devil he knows for that one. They're a repulsive obscene insult to white people, first and foremost. And I have to believe that's just what their game is. Get in the way and keep white people on the couch with their talmudic and atheist garbage dolled up in patriotic words and cliches. They're there to be in the way. They've succeeded in it.

They're anti-jew the way that anti quarks are quarks phase shifted 180 degrees. They're the mirror model. The more I investigate their bullshit, the more disgusted I am.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Les, my sympathy and condolences on the loss of your Silky. When I read the notice, I was uncertain if I should respond. BTW, your Silky could be a Selkie.

I clicked your Link and read "what I had to say about Richard Dawkins." I too admire Ramana Maharshi and his "Who am I?"

According to the Mahabharata, Yudishthira refused to enter Heaven without his dog.
It was explained that Yudishthira and his dog were one and the same, both Avatars of Dharma (Yama), the god of Justice and Death. Compare Egyptian Anubis and Set, Greek Cerberus, and Shiva, whose name means Jackal.

Regarding the souls of animals:

As a child I was taught by parents and relatives, Catholic school and Church, public school, the media, and every adult that I encountered, that animals have no souls. I was obsessed with playing war when I was a child. I became Cruel Frederick, shooting birds, turtles, frogs, and snakes with a .22 rifle. One day, when I was about twelve years old, I tried a cruel experiment; I pointed the rifle at my dog Brunhilde. She cringed and cowered, looking at me with an expression which said "How can you do this to me? I am your friend." That incident taught me that animals have both intelligence and souls.

A short time later, my mother used the same rifle to shoot a kitten in front of our family because, she said, "no one had fed the dog and cats before we went to Church."

At age eighteen I became a lacto-vegetarian, and I've flip-flopped between lacto- and vegan ever since. (I feel guilty about consuming milk, but worry about malnutrition when I don't.) When I was nineteen, I spent seven months eating only fruit (because I didn't want to harm any living thing, including plants), a diet which badly damaged my teeth.

I don't want to have a carnivore as a companion if it means I have to supply the carnivore with meat, because I respect the right to life of all animals. My ex-wife had cats, and I had cats for a few years after I left her, and I fed them meaty kibbles from a corporate bag, but I felt guilty about it. To my way of thinking, no killing for food can be completely "cruelty-free." Five years ago, I had to find homes for my cats when I moved into a tiny no-pets-allowed apartment. That move was very traumatic for the cats and for me.

As a matter of personal preference, I don't like living with or near dogs because I find their barking and aggressive behavior disturbing to domestic and public tranquility. Last year the brother of a friend of mine, while walking down the street in India, was badly mauled by five dogs -- and they were domestic dogs, not wild. I often walk my sister's dog, and I must keep him on a leash, because without one he will attack people. I prefer dogs that seldom bark, never aggress strangers, and do not hunt because they are fed at home. I am not amused when I see well-fed domestic dogs chasing squirrels in the park -- I want to intervene to protect the squirrel. I like cats because they are not noisy and aggressive, and they are usually friendly.

James Delaney said...

Max Nordau (1849-1923) was the co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl.

Have a look at this Max Nordau quote from Ben Hecht's book 'Perfidy' - which is available for free in PDF format at (on page 232 of 261):

In the Zionist Congress of 1911, 22 years before Hitler came to power, and three years before World War I, Nordau said, “How dare the smooth talkers, the clever official blabbers, open their mouths and boast of progress. . . . Here they hold jubilant peace conferences in which they talk against war. . . . But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six million people, and there is nobody, except the doomed themselves, to raise his voice in protest although this is a worse crime than any war . . .” unquote.


And take a look at the article from The American Hebrew, October 31 1919 (see attached reproduction below), prophesying a 'holocaust' of 'six million':

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
By Martin H. Glynn
(Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help, and eight hundred thousand little children cry for bread.

These children, these men and women are our fellow-members of the human family, with the same claim on life as we, the same susceptibility to the winter's cold, the same propensity to death before the fangs of hunger. Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. We may not be their keepers but we ought to be their helpers.

In the face of death, in the throes of starvation there is no place for mental distinctions of creed, no place for physical differentiations of race. In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand.

Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life; eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the laws of God or man; but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood.

In this threatened holocaust of human life, forgotten are the niceties of philosophical distinction, forgotten are the differences of historical interpretation

neal said...

bright blue is just red, that's maybe talking about it, for now. zzzzzzzzthis might lead to other things, just without any of the rest, so needed. We think those kids are all right, she traines us, and so you sow, it'd be noir, and so it goes.

Anonymous said...

@ richie(dana)

I got hit with the same thing. It is a very nasty "rootkit" program and I can tell you without a doubt that it came from the "opinionMaker" web site. over and out. Jimmy

fioan said...

I don't know whether this will help or be of use but yesterday got on to a website speaking of Zara's Herb Tea which people have used to heal dogs and people of all sorts of ailments. I notice that all the herbs that are in Essaic a 'help!' for cancer are also ingredients in this 'remedy'. Having computer problems at the moment and can't get page up but google 'Zara herb tea'. I think it must be effective because after the department of health approved it, MEFRA (financed by pharma..) then stepped in and made it impossible to sell commercially because it licensed as a 'medicine' which obviously means need millions of pounds to put it on the market i.e. making sure only pharma can.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

The Forces of the Last Gasp, on Meat Street.

Dan Leach said...

Your insights and observations typically leave me with a sense of understanding of things within me and around me that I haven't always had a grasp on. It's like the word at the end of your tongue that will not come to you but is painstakingly behind your next breath and thought. You often bring light to abstract thoughts which enables me to use the light to understand things in my own darkness. I always look forward to your next post. Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope to have a few more years with mine (he's getting up there in age) like others have said dogs are a gift to mankind.

Dan Leach



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