Saturday, November 19, 2011

Walking with Ganesha in Top Hat and Tails

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Tomorrow I go away for a few days to complete the next book. It's done but the last 6 or 7 chapters need polishing and fleshing out. The end is always the most important part of a book, besides the general content and the tone. We carry a tone with us and we harmonize or we don't. This harmonization is a tricky thing. Harmonization is about the most important point we can concern ourselves with, as we move through the outer world. It's not just thirds and fifths that harmonize. There are minor harmonies (The Beatles) and unusual harmonies and harmonies of harmonies. Sometimes harmonization is not the best thing you can accomplish, though a temporary form of it, when you are in the 'getting out of Dodge' motif, can be very advantageous. Somewhere in the Bible there is a reference to shaking the dust off of your sandals when you leave a city that is not welcoming to the divine harmonization. You don't want to get along with everyone but that doesn't mean you can't have the appearance of it. We endure and put up with a lot of things because of a fear of the unknown. That usually implies that the assurance of trustworthy guidance is unknown too.

In a little over a month I am going away for a much longer time of several months or so and spanning several continents. It's a wing and a prayer sort of a thing. I expect I'm going to meet a couple of shamans but that's not the intent of the trip, that's just one of the inevitable features. I'm taking the trip to take care of some business that is now coming into being; to see what's out there and to see what's in here. I'll be meeting with whoever wants to meet with me, in those places close enough for them to get to. That won't be the U.S. proper because there is nothing proper about the U.S. anymore. It's looking more and more like The Hindenburg and bears similarities, such as a whole lot of hot air and a dangerous combustibility.

I'm off in search of community possibilities, concerning a community, I may or may not spend a great deal of time at but am determined to see happen and I've been told that's okay. There are a lot of good ideas out there but they don't all have the imprimatur of the invisible on them, for any number of reasons and timing can certainly be one of them. It's possible that simply not asking the ineffable in the first place is reason enough. I try to run everything and anything I'm headed to or passing through, by the ineffable. It's okay to take this to the total extreme, depending on your understanding of what that implies. Some people might get frozen in their footsteps and that's not desirable but... ironically, in some cases, it is definitely preferable to their continuing on, only they don't know that yet but they will and this is another curious thing of which we are all familiar; we know when we're going the wrong way, often even if we've been deceived about it because something doesn't feel right. We soldier on (I believe that is the correct term) and battle our way for the purpose of self will run riot, for the purpose of satisfying some imagined need, for the purpose of proving a point (many have died on behalf of this) and there's seldom any real purpose behind any of it. This is why doing things for and in the name of the divine is the way to go. You summon the divine to your side. If you don't do that then the divine lets things take their course, so that you can learn the needed lesson and also because God likes to watch. He wants to see what happens. Of course, being God he can immediately compute all possibilities and well, that's just one way; my point is that God hides things from himself for the purpose of his own or her own entertainment.

Those who do not think that the divine has a sense of humor, of quick and abiding presence, are possibly those who also do not know that this is a divine comedy. One of our biggest and most costly mistakes involves the personage or appearance of the divine in the way we interact. You could say God dumbs down and that wouldn't be too far off; God dumbs down to be with us on our level, according to how we see any of the units of the family and other relationships outside of it. Think of your mother. God is just like her in her finest hour, all of the time. The same applies to your father. The same applies to your brothers and sisters. Think of your best friend and that single most important quality they possess, which is that they understand you. The divine is just like that in their finest hour all the time. We set God at a distance and that is a bad mistake. We set God so far above us that we counteract the possibility that God can be just as simple and otherwise as we are and anyone we know.

When God speaks with me it is in a certain language. It includes slang, territorial dialects and, on occasion, profanity as punctuation. The divine is a regular guy. Get used to it and see what happens and this brings me to the technique I gave out yesterday and the burning need to clarify a few things and that includes diet as well. I'll get to that in a moment. The divine is a clown sometimes and sometimes a character from a Broadway musical. The last couple of times I was down in Italy, as a result of Ganesha showing up in the Spring before last, when I nearly breathed my last (nobody but me will ever know how close I came and I probably dropped 30 pounds in five weeks, grin), Ganesha would usually make an appearance, when I went to take Poncho for that round walk that leads over the dirt road that passes through the olive and almond orchards and comes over to a concrete driveway that ends at the end of a certain field and then I hop over the stone wall back into our property. Anyway, Ganesha started showing up in a top hat and tails, with a cane that he twirled around. He'd do back-flips and all kinds of things and we would talk and he would reassure me about the appearance of what I have been striving for and waiting for lifetimes but... as I've mentioned several times before, the divine has his or her own sense of time. He would counsel me on procedure and also let me know that I was being looked out for and not to concern myself with that. In any case, the top hat and tails was a riot and of course he had all kinds of jokes that would crack me up. Sometimes at the tail end of a K session, as I lay in bed, the divine shows up as a stand-up comedian and might have a straight man or two around and I start laughing so hard in my bed for some time that sometimes I can barely catch my breath. I need to communicate to you the humanness of the divine in his/her relationship with us. The divine, in all likelihood will not appear to you as he/she does to me but there will be similarities.

The technique I gave out yesterday is not something you do for the rest of your life, although you can, do it right and the rest of your life could go on forever. It is not necessary to snort, so that things expel from your nose. I can do it all day long without that happening. It's just short bursts of breath, which are like unto a hand pushing something or someone through a door. It is necessary to do this until you gain emptiness and that may not even take a long time for some of you. It's at that point that you always focus on the divine and the presence of the divine and open to it in whatever way suits you best. You might have to bring yourself around to this state a few times but the divine will appear one way or another at some point and you will have the assurance of that connection. None of this contradicts what Homer was saying yesterday about loving everything as an extension of the divine. In fact it is all about this. This is not a philosophy. This is not a commitment to a particular practice for an extended period of time. Some of you are confused about what is going on here and quite possibly that is because I wasn't as clear as I could be. It could well be my fault, which doesn't mean what I am saying here is going to make it any better (grin). Should I encounter some of you I will also be glad to pass on a few other things that have been of benefit to me.

Look people, trouble is coming. You don't want any part of that. How do you avoid it? There are various ways and this is one of them. Nature abhors a vacuum. Once you push all the junk out of your head and your mind gets used to being in that state, someone is going to show. If you are calling out to your 'higher self', there's a good chance that will show up. It happened to me and I am not The Lone Ranger. Consider also that if you are headed (allegorically speaking) for a certain city for a certain reason, what you are after is not the only thing you will find there. There will be all kinds of variations on a theme and all kinds of possibilities, as is the case with the result of this practice and it is also one of the keys to telepathy as well. I'm giving this out because I'm not always going to be around. That's why I'm called Les Visible. Now there are those who don't care one way or another whether I am around or not and some who would prefer I left as soon as opportunity provides (grin). I can understand that, though why they come around here anyway is a bit of a mystery, well, not really.

Since I do not take myself seriously in terms of my personal importance, in relation to that which I find important, I can talk a certain way... because even if others don't understand where I am coming from all of the time, the divine does and that is all that counts because a lot of what gets said here are depth charges, for all of us, me included. I don't want to feel that I didn't leave you with useful things. They have proven useful to me. See this technique as a foyer of sorts that's all. It is an insistence on presence. Where you go from there, once the connection is made is something else. The key to anything of a higher nature has to do with the condition of your mind. If the contents of your mind are battling with the most desired occupant well, you got a problem and until you fix it, you got a problem.

Now, about diet and soybeans and all the rest of that, sure, diet requires a certain amount of attention and being informed. Meat is a corruption and it plugs you into certain things that I prefer to avoid and I don't eat what I wouldn't kill so that leaves me with fish at the moment. Meat corrupts in your system because of the much larger length of your intestines, as compared to that of an animal carnivore. The relative distance is significant. However, some people can assimilate this and some people need to continue at it for a time for various reasons. I just don't do it myself for very good reasons, one of them is all the animal, fear hormones. I don't need that but... there's a whole lot of reasons I don't need to get into at the moment.

The most critical thing to be aware of concerning diet is to bless your food and offer it to the divine and turn it into prasadam. This is a lot more important than organic vs commercially farmed or anything else. Yes, anything else is important but not nearly so much as offering the food to the divine and engaging in transubstantiation. I've eaten tofu for decades and it's been fine with me. You can find something wrong with anything if you want to and get bogged down in the details of this over that, until you don't know whether to shit or go blind. Bless your food and be filled with gratitude. Do this first and worry about the rest of it later. I'm aware of the intricacies that get mentioned here by a number of people. They just aren't important to me because the divine decides all those things for me. I'm a simple person and getting more so as there is less and less of me, thankfully. Bless your food.

End transmission.......

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If you get the idea that you would like to get together in the deeper southwest in a month or two, let me know or make it known at and we'll see about it.

There will be a radio show Sunday night as usual, I'm going to get right on that because I'll be gone tomorrow. Erik the Good will be posting your comments during my absinthe (grin) so don't be shy. Have a good day and I'll see you next week, if there is one.


DaveS said...

I'd be interested in hooking-up south of the boarder if you're going to be there. The lady friend and I have southern dreams to escape the cold clutches of our deep Rocky winter and could maybe swing a visit.

And thanks for all you've done to help create a cool community of freaks, geeks and weirdos that I feel I fit right into :)


kikz said...

fare thee well. :)

Anonymous said...

Les, Thanks
I have been blowing the air out thru my nose as instructed since yesterday.
I am willing to give anything a try to shut off the monkey mind. As the evening progressed and thru this AM I am feeling more peaceful. It is subtle but recognizable. It's not as difficult as I thought it would be.
I will stick with it and let you know of my progress
Thanks again

Visible said...

And it gets easier and easier each time until you can command it to be still and listen. When the mind comes under your own command it is a wonderful thing, trust me on that. It is like turning your worst enemy into your best friend.

Visible said...

Out demons out!

Anonymous said...

awwww les (tear) happy trails to you.....
thanks for everything
i'll see you where the sun goes

Anonymous said...

I missed commenting on smoking mirrors yesterday so...another best one. (again?) (smile)

On a serious note;
I once asked a native american elder how I can expand or experience more of the gifts that I've been given or been blessed with and he simply said "empty your mind".

You have helped to explain the why of this technique.
A Big Thanks!

To All Here,

Another serious way to be able to "see and feel" energy fields.

In a dark room place a lit candle in front of you,(I stood in front of a desk and I suppose you could sit on chair)
let your arms and hands hang down without touching anything.

Close your eyes,

Empty your mind,

look up, down, left, right, left up, right down, down left, up right.
(only important to look in eight directions,opposite each other)
Roll eyes in circle left 3 times then right 3 times.

(Eyes closed, mind empty. Repeat eye movements)

Slowly bring hands up in front of chest and touch fingertips then palms together.

results in energy surge in body if done properly.

Slowly drop hands to sides and shake slow to relax a few seconds and slowly bring back in front of your chest and (feel your energy field between your hands and fingers without touching)Then after feeling for a little(30sec.1min.)Touch fingertips and palms again.

Open eyes and pick up ANY object and turn away from candle and see the field of it?

This will work if done properly.

I believe, eye movements with candlelite fucks up your neurological system and when you touch fingers/hands(accupuncture points?) it syncronizes your left and right side brains to work together, at the same time, to "see and feel" the "Life Force"

Anybody that tries this and experiencing any results could please put on Visible's blogs.

I would be thankfull to know if this helps anyone !

Truly, Love and Peace to All !

Thanks Visible and All.

walking hawk

wv: impess
(I hope some of you are impessed with this technique)

Robin Redbreast said...

Something I'm working on - trying not to get others' backs up (but so many have a chip on their shoulder).... whilst so many others are so asleep they find it hard to stay awake long enough to even notice me!

I refuse to sit in the corner and 'act', I can only do my best, and that is the best... I can do.

I think God (I use God, he/she/creator etc..) speaks to us in an individual way that we can deal with.

I have never heard his voice - but he has always answered my prayers, he gives me what he knows I need, and I am grateful for that.

He speaks to me through nature, through birds, dogs, cats etc and what provides these things to help me be more present, and advises me when I am doing wrong/good.

He talks through me through music - turning up just when I need to hear those words.

He talks to me through the television (and this will sound wierd....: through commentary of sport, live news reports, other shows, the radio (not that I watch much of the idiot box). Whilst something else is being discussed, its relevance to something else in me - it hints at the future, it hints at timing, it advises me of what will happen, what might be the best approach, it hints at the way forward (but I must point is NOT that the TV/Radio is talking to me! - I am not mad - yet!! - or perhaps I am...)
anyone else get that?
LLPP xxxx

Anonymous said...

that's right! between 'handing over the ball of light for those who know all to shine down' and 'out demons out' and now the breathing, which I too, have incorporated into my being since you shared with us yesterday :) there is no where for us to go but upward and onward... your encouragements to 'endure' is what got me through a hard tight space-thank you les visible.

My condolences with your loss of Lilly-sharing that has made me a more loving mama to my furry children. Grateful for every day we have together.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Stick words together in the right order and whats inVisible becomes Visible-doesnt matter how long ago they where written either-there like an arm that supports/lifts/carries keeps you going until you learn to stay connected yourself-may such words never cease-peace!

Alpha Silex said...

Vis, best wishes on your travels and may you be protected and safe. I've been expelling the air out of my nose since yesterday, as well and feel an increased sense of peace and more centered. This is another good method of "letting it go" and beats the alternative method of blowing my brains out. There's no question "it" is imminent. Whatever "it" is, we'll see soon enough. To anyone who has not yet given up meat, I urge you to strongly consider it and act soon. Fish was the first thing I cut out of my equation, so take that for what it's worth. Probably nothing. The air, the food, the water, is all compromised no matter the source and as Vis said, bless what you've got and be thankful. I know I'm thankful for my Brahmin Noodles, here on the outpost.

Robin Redbreast said...

By the way Vis - you will be greatly missed -but am relieved this is not goodbye (grin)

Visible said...

Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't. One never knows.

MIH said...

The vertical way:

Passion/Sambhogakaya/Child of God
Darkness/Nirmanakaya/Holy Spirit

All languages are useful to the degree they are used in the pursuit of wholeness. Place your hand below the stomach; that is the seat of darkness. Place the other on your forehead; that is the seat of passion. Between your arms is the seat of goodness. These three strands are how ego separates two into six. The first confusion is that the top is found in the middle.

The second confusion comes from the top not being the top, or the end.

Devil is not the opposite of God - the very idea is meaningless. The devil instead is opposition to the nature of the relationship of Child and God. And this idea only appears meaningful to the Child, and only the Child could have asked for this idea’s demonstration; to forget the relationship with God… The Child saw a reflection devoid of light, and gray, and by God’s nature the Child was within its projection. This Ego is separation, and so divided the Child’s eternal nature in two; from gray came black and white as future and past. And time now divided again as up and down; the two are the father and mother of the world and its gods.


In the vertical way above the first language describes the father’s and mother’s body as one. The second language describes the father’s and mother’s mind as one. The third describes the father and mother as one, and what follows is confrontation with Ego; the devil offers dominion of the world to distract from the last step, which is the Child’s eternal nature.


There’s no right or wrong path, instead there are two directions. At the climax of a right turn there is a call to return to the left female god, a seeming reaction to redress balance, but really a continuation of imbalance. The way of the past does not undo the future.

Poet of God, blessing the Child with your water; what more can be said?

Anonymous said...

someone(you all know) once said,

"It's not what goes in your mouth, it's what comes out that counts"

I try to live with that.I eat everything and give thanks.
No problems.

walking hawk

wv: prewish!! Ha Ha !

neeal said...

It sucks when only true lovers are the only ones that remind you to breathe, then that other stuff sticks.

Being that, well, there are always words, and intentions, but there you go.

When those tremors get quiet, it can be hard to walk with these heels.

Dust builds up regardless of any judgement, whether repeated or otherwise managed.

There is that, and the thing not managed, why would anyone out here care.

It's like radiation sickness, nobody's fault, just that thing passed on, it's not like anybody was ever really here when it started, just trying to manage the things caught up, and down, without screwing this up.

Emenations, and responses, play that way up in the Air, we don't make the rules, or hold to that, just trying to pretend that this matters. Maybe so, or not really not, for just no one.

The one we serve, the one that breathes for us.

gurnygob said...

Les been trying blowing air out through my nose, wife says I sound like an angry old bull but you know what, I don’t feel like one.



bholanath said...

Well, sir, never saw our friend Ganapati in top hat and tails...must've been attending a formal engagement; but he showed up once in full black leather (or maybe it was faux leather (grin). Didn't check outside to see where his chopper was parked either, probably with his gang of Devic Angels - 'the wild ones'.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Sincerity is a synonym of devotion, and the offering of prasadam is an act of sincerity or devotion. When we offer our food as prasadam, we recognize that the process of eating involves sacrifice (because one living thing is food for another), and that all food should be treated in a sacred manner. That principle applies to all food and to all eaters.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for this psrticular offering, Mr Visible, for what you have been saying over the years, and for the websites you maintain.

For those who want to know some details about marketing, research-funding, and perhaps, what is really the case,

Thanks, and prayers for all -

PSO said...

Dear Les, thank you very much for all your posts, full of wisdom and knowledge, and always a pleasure to read. I will especially miss your Audio messages.

Please let us know when a hardback/cover is available for the newest book (the Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World one)
I want to be able to carry it around with me everywhere I go.

I'm thinking of 'you take the high road and I'll take the low road and ...'

Love and Blessings to you and yours (and all he commentators here)-


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Anonymous Nov 19th 9:59 PM:

Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel tells some lies about soy in her book. (Why does she go to that extreme?) Here's one of those lies:

"Claims that soy beans have been a major part of the Asian diet for more than 3,000 years, or from 'time immemorial' are simply not true. Asians consumed their [soy] products only in small amounts, as condiments or seasonings, and not as substitutes for animal foods like fish or pork. They rarely – if ever – baked or boiled soybeans, ground them into flour, or roasted them to make nut-like snacks." - The Whole Soy Story, The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food, Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD

The truth is that: "...tofu is known to have been a commonly produced and consumed food item in China by the 2nd century BC. Tofu and its production technique were subsequently introduced into Japan in the Nara period (late eighth century) as well as other parts of East Asia. The earliest document of tofu in Japan shows that the dish was served as an offering at the Kasuga Shrine in Nara in 1183. The book Tofu Hyakuchin (1782), lists 100 recipes for cooking tofu. The rise in acceptance of tofu likely coincided with that of Buddhism as it is an important source of proteins in the religion's vegetarian diet. Since then, tofu has become a staple in many countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Korea, with subtle regional variations in production methods, texture, flavor, and usage." - Tofu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"...the Chinese have long considered tofu to be a food that promotes long life and good health--a good way to provide a rational explanation for Liu An's immortality. In fact, Sun Ta-ya (Jap. Sontaiga) of the Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) wrote that Liu An ate tofu, grew younger, eventually sprouted wings, and ascended to heaven, thus clearly linking the eating of tofu with immortality. Finally, since tofu later became a key protein source in the meatless diets of many Chinese (especially Buddhists) doing meditation or other spiritual practice, it might have been assumed that Liu An and his Taoist friends practice a similar diet, with tofu as their protein source. Kento priests, who went to China to study Buddhism, brought tofu back to Japan during the Nara era (710-794). Tofu was eaten as part of a vegetarian diet for priests for their protein content. The word "tofu" is first mentioned in Japan in the dairy of the Shinto priest Nakaomi. Tofu was used as an offering at an altar. Tofu gradually became popular among the nobility and the samurai class." - History of Tofu - SoyInfo Center: Soy From A Historical ...

katz said...

I hope you are OK. I don't like the tone of this missive. It's as if you are telling us the last things you want us to remember.

I can't picture your life. I hope this is all good.

If I can help, let me know. I'm not near Mexico or Canada, but near to NYC and DC. I have a guest room, if you need it.

All you have to do is ask.
I'll be checking in on you, and will say prayers for your safe trip.

Also, I'm a lawyer, if you need one, let me know.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your pages for a couple of years now, & have always been impressed by how you clarified a lot of things about the nature of the Divine in a manner that surprised me ( I never thought of God as being friendly before ) I try to turn my friends on to you, but most of them are either empirical atheists, or Crowleyite satanists, & an alcoholic, Christian friend who is concerned that I am being seduced by Islam .......
( I never even read the Koran,& he claims not to be a bogus Christian, though his problem with the booze should be a clue).
(perhaps I should talk with my penchant for green butter).....
I will keep trying to exhale thru my nose to clear my head (though with emphysema ,& on oxygen its a little weird)
Blessing my food is a good habit that I'm trying to remember every time I eat, & given that I reside in the center of the belly of the beast, I must keep focus on faith & endurance in the coming nightmare...
Weird thing is how I originally came to your site because of your 911 t-shirt.
Thanks for everything

missingarib said...

when a child smiles we are all cheered -will you be near Vera cruse Mexico ?
regards missingarib

Gregory F. Fegel said...

I just watched "Saint Misbehavin," the Wavy Gravy Movie (2010). It's on Showtime cable until December 15th. It can also be seen free online on Youtube at I highly recommend it. Brought tears to my eyes.

Andrew of Sydney said...

It's been a pleasure listening and reading your take on the world. A voice of reason amidst adversity on every front.

I have found that space with which I might aspire to being who I am, you are an invisible friend!

Alpha Silex said...

MachtNichts said...

Sayonara, Vis, auf Wiedersehen und gute Reise. I don't even know why I am saying this because it is too early to wish you a good trip. But I do wish you much success with the next book, whatever that means.

A couple or three years back I learned, through Acim (a course in miracles), how to focus by repeating a different phrase each day every hour on the hour. I didn't practice the whole required 365 days, maybe close to eight months. The synchronicities, coincidences, wow-moments followed by happy laughter were amazing. Unless I am stark raving mad, to use one of Mike Rivero's favourite expressions, I sailed through some unfavourable conditions in my life without harm. And it wasn't me doing it!

Und die Moral von der Geschichte? Which means the moral of the story and this question ended most of the fairy tales I read in my youth, is that you can 'Pavlov' yourself for your own benefit. Anything dogma should be rejected; try, bless and practice.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I go and do some snorting, gotta work on the emptiness.
Love to everyone, Silvia
expunh: expunge the friggin' ego

Kray Z8 said...


Thank you for the wise words and the breathing/clearing technique. Your statement, "Bless your food and be filled with gratitude. Do this first and worry about the rest of it later.", really struck a chord with me. For some time now my personal practice has been to do exactly that. I also thank the living beings, be they plant or animal, that gave up their lives so that mine can continue. This is especially important as we grow a significant portion of our food here, and I develop a strong bond with the plants during the growing season. I also ask the Divine to cleanse our earth, air, water, and selves. Experience has demonstrated ;) that this is precisely what is happening. Faith is built upon faith, I suppose, but I'm still amazed and grateful.

Your blogs continue to be powerful and resonant for me. I appreciate all your efforts. May your travels be safe and fulfilling.

Friends, thanks for sharing your energies; you're the icing on Les's cake. Stay light.

Peace, Love, Harmony,


Denny said...

Gregory F. Fegel 12:08 00 AM

Re: Doctor Kaayla T. Daniel:

As far as my own personal health and wellbeing in this world is concerned I'd rather believe in fairies anyday than the professional liars of the global industrial medical complex.

Even though potatoes are from the belladonna family I still grow and eat them, but that doesn't mean I'd touch McDonald's processed "potato chips". The same applies to soy products in general. Along with just about 90% of everything out there on supermarket shelves, I don't consider the mountains of processed soy products as healthy food.

Anonymous said...

Safe journey LV....and for you this beautiful song from Beatle George Harrison. Many roads can take you there, many different ways
One direction takes you years, another takes you days

Dehra Dehra Dun...

Many people on the roads looking at the sights
Many others with their troubles looking for their rights

Dehra Dehra Dun...

See them move along the road in search of life divine
...beggers in a goldmine

Dehra Dehra Dun...

many roads can take you there, many different ways
one direction takes you years, another takes you days
Dehra Dehra Dun...

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

There is no doubt about the authenticity validity of the Vedic perspective and cosmology but sorting the wheat from the chaff here is just as problematic as it is in all the other polluted systems.

The right or left nostril breathing crap is typical of the shoddy exports from India; must be remnants of that anal British Colon ization hangover. Facing east or west or how to cross your legs properly in meditation, babble chants ad infinitum tofu or not tofu, starvation with perfectly good beef walking the streets…. GMAFB !!!

Distil all that crap… demystified the kundalini is only about pushing the spinal fluid up into the back part of your brain and causing the secretion of the pituitary gland which in turn secretes the pineal gland.

Gored sacred cows and all.... end of fucking story.


Alpha Silex said...

Cool George Harrison song. Never heard that one, thanks for sharing.

Robin Redbreast said...

Today, in this country at least, we write the date today as:
20 11 20 11
LLPP xxxx

Robin Redbreast said...

BTW Vis -
I thought you said there was no such thing as goodbyes (or somethin like than),
It's just
see you later ?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Denny:

Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, Dr. Mercola, and you are lumping simple tofu in with highly-processed soy products. The writings of Dr. Daniel and Dr. Mercola are opposed to soy in any form -- not just highly-processed soy. Their Doctorates make Kaayla Daniels and Mercola professional liars too.

I don't eat highly-processed imitation-meat soy products; I only eat tofu. I stopped eating at McDonalds' and other fast food chains more than forty years ago. However, there is no proof that the highly-processed soy-based texturized vegetable protein is any more dangerous to eat than meat, fish, poultry, or eggs.

On her website, Dr. Kaayla Daniel advertises her lectures as "Meet the Naughty Nutritionist, and Lose your Veganity. My talk is Recovery from Vegetarian Diets." Dr. Kaayla Daniel's stated agenda is that she is anti-vegetarian. Speaking of "the professional liars of the global industrial medical complex," who does Dr. Kaayla Daniel and Dr. Mercola actually work for?

Robin Redbreast said...

A Hopi Prayer for Peace
Great Spirit and all unseen, this day we pray and ask you for guidance, humbly we ask you to help us and fellow men to have recourse to peaceful ways of life, because of uncontrolled deceitfulness by humankind. Help us all to love, not hate one another. We ask You to be seen in an image of Love and Peace. Let us be seen in beauty, the colors of the rainbows. We respect our Mother, the planet & our corn fields, with our loving care, from Her breast we receive our nourishment. Let us not listen to the voices of the two-hearted, the destroyers of mind, the haters of self-made leaders, whose lusts for power and wealth will lead us into confusion and darkness. Seek visions always of world beauty, not violence not battlefields. It is our duty to pray always for harmony between man and earth, so that the earth will bloom once more. Let us show our emblem of love and goodwill for all life and land. Pray for the House of Glass, (United Nations) Pray for within it are minds clear and pure as ice and mountain streams. Pray for the great leaders of nations in the House of Mica who in their own quiet ways help the earth in balance. We pray the Great Sprit that one day our Mother Earth will be purified into a healthy peaceful one. Let us Sing for strength of wisdom with all nations for the good of all people. Our hope is not yet lost, purification must be to restore the health of our Mother Earth for lasting peace and happiness, Techqua Ikachi -- for Land and Life! "Together with All Nations We Hold this World in Balance" Hopi Elders, Hotevilla, USA

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The offering of our food as prasadam should be done with a conscious acknowledgement and meditation on the fact that we have sacrificed the life of an animal or plant to support our own life. Without that acknowledgement and meditation, the offering of prasadam is just an empty ritual. This is one example of how introspection is superior to ritual for achieving Self-realization.

Caltus86 said...

Dear Les, I hope you find all the joy and fulfillment you seek on your travels. I am missing your regular post already, but I will read your books and old post until you return to us with more insightful knowledge for us to digest.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Alpha Silex said...

Awesome post from the Hopi Nation, Robin!

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Sovereignty wrote: "demystified the kundalini is only about pushing the spinal fluid up into the back part of your brain and causing the secretion of the pituitary gland which in turn secretes the pineal gland."

If that were true, anyone who experiences an increase in the pressure of the cerebro-spinal fluid should also experience an increase in brain activity or higher brain function. If that were true, medical patients with elevated CSF pressures should be experiencing genius and Enlightenment states comparable to the John Travolta character in the movie "Phenomenon." But we know from medical history that such mental stimulation does not happen with increased CSF pressures.

The Vedic scriptures describe Kundalini as a psychic or spiritual force, not a physical force.

A.Mouser said...

Fine post Sir.

"If you get the idea that you would like to get together in the deeper southwest in a month or two, let me know or make it known at and we'll see about it."



Anonymous said...

The title of this piece alone went straight-to-the-heart.

And you laid it all out in one place.

Tip of the hat to you, sir.


Anonymous said...

Oh my yes the tone...yikes Batman!
Apprehension due to unknown outcome
for us all here on planet Visible.
Yet alas! Exciting, none the Les:-)
Safe travels indeedy! I will pick a perfect ti leaf today and send it on virtually for a safe Polynesian style voyaging...we all know you already have your Navigator on board so no need send you any Honu.
[more on travel after digression-"digestion"]
We too bought into the "healthy" soy hoax until we realized it was designed, presented/promoted lies.
I mean we were just totally dense & demented about things fermented.
But over the last several years, living in a sea of kim chee culture we now understand ancient methods that render soy healthy as tofu or the awesome miso paste that results after extracting the tamari.
[Miso is credited with helping many of Japan's 1945 nuke survivors live along with fruits veggies brown rice and less meat/dairy post bomb]
BTW never boil yer miso as you kill it that way...add at serving time!

Many foods are made more nutritious and of course more storable this way besides just beer and wine. Yep
just like sprouting increases the food value of seeds, grains & nuts
so it is with fermentation of fresh dairy, breadfruit, poi, cabbage etc. Why there is even a way to extract one of the planet's very healthiest fermenting the freshly grated meat for a short time in it's own water.
Imagine...(bigass grin)

OK now back to travels...time to un-digress on digestion while the sourkraut bubbles away in da crock.
Hee hee...

Uhm Les if youse guys happen to go wander way west and south of Frisco
we have a free spare room as well.
I only offer cuz you seem open to it and know of the place's beauty already it seems, and know dis rock in da deep blue seas has way way mo avocados possibly, than in even yer most vivid guacamole-heaven dreemz!
Jus sayin'{%^)
Oh we have had the occasional flippahs in slippahs running amok on ice fer sure, but like you we seem immune. And the hounds of hell are losing their power day by day. much to share.
It's been an economic nighmare to come here for life saving health benefits but alas it's all good as we perservere so we may endure, eh. Thank GOD! Amen
Peace love N' doan B a dope to all!
Occupy your minds with ALOHA! eh?
NotTaj{but I play a purdy mean uke}
And I hope I fixed all the typos!

Denny said...

Gregory F. Fegel:

Okay, all things considered I'll take the risk and start eating tofu. But if I start growing breasts and turning gay I'll be getting back to you...

One of the reasons I at least have some doubts regarding the claimed toxicity of soya products is that they're never advertised on TV along with all the rest of the toxic products being shown 24/7 ie - canola margarine, high acrylamide crisp bread, aspartame yougurt, pharmaceuticals, nano-particle shampoos, hair dye ad nauseam...(unless of course they also happen to be harmless and turn out to be part of a far more sinister "Mercola conspiracy"...).

Incidently, I must be the only vegan in Sweden who eats organic salmon.


Les, many thanks for making all this entertainment possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les
I surely do wish you safe and wonderful travels and success in any trials you still have to pass through. But I think we all will need your best wishes for the success of our first baby steps on the water all alone...
Love from Lebanon--maybe the safest place now on the planet because we have "been there, done that" before all the other countries in the world even if we didn't get any coverage for our change of direction.
And because

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

Happy Trails


A.Mouser said...

"It's not only soft-peddled the whole concept, it is no longer even listed in the new Code of Canon Law. It's not even a consideration ... no longer a high-ranking evil that destroys not just the userer but also the usuree, and finally the society."


Usury is the root of all evil. Usury is orchestrated by zionist jews. Usury is a veritable "sin" against mankind.

Wars are indeed now fought with the blood of gentile children to preserve and prolong Shylock's scam.


Joe Cortina said...

If I - an ordinary citizen - was able to uncover the monumental lies committed by our OWN government regarding the Holohoax at a time when we are facing WORLD WAR THREE whenever the Jewish neocons who STILL run the show decide to set it off, just HOW MANY MORE HUGE LIES - FALSE FLAGS - SUBVERSION OF TRUTHS - are now being prepared that we don’t even know about yet?

The Jews who run the Western world’s mainstream media have not only stolen our minds - our freedoms - our Christian heritage - but have stolen history and the present from us as well.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Gregory .. well read fellow like yourself…. just assumed your would have red the god molecule by rick strassman.

Obviously you’ve never hit 70 milligrams of pineal juice or DMT.

Not much more I can say ....


DDE said...

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children. This is not a way of life at all in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Robin Redbreast said...

UK Media Ethics Enquiry happening....
The shit is being exposed and is hitting the fan - spreading all over the UK press - exposing their intrusions and dirty ways to make money and lower the level of decency that most people still do have...
Very very interesting....

Sooke said...

Love to you on your travels.
Miss you already.

Anonymous said...

Concern for animal welfare is something that we share. There is also a middle ground between refusing to acknowledge animals as sentient beings that share the planet with us, and refusing to eat meat. That is to respect them, respect their needs, and understand how we and they fit into our common ecosystem.

Most people don’t live on farms anymore and are just that much more removed from interaction with animals and the various biological processes related to death, decay, composting, and rebirth. Death is a vital part of the natural cycle of all living things, and plants and the soil need to be fed with the bodies of dead animals, every bit as much as animals need to eat plants or other animals.

And who decided that all sentient beings have a choice? That’s not really a law of nature, it is a political idea. It sounds good, but it doesn’t really make sense in the big picture. Nature (or evolution by natural selection, or god if that’s what you believe) set up this system wherein all plants and animals are subject to becoming someone else’s dinner. Humans are in the position of having the brains and tools to interfere with nature more than any other species, and it behooves us to study nature and learn from it. *We* can indeed choose whether to eat meat, and we can protect ourselves from predators and even embalm our bodies and bury them in caskets, but that only delays the inevitable: even we humans are destined to become worm food and nourish the soil. Our culture just doesn’t deal well with death.
Happy travels to all from Minnesota

DaveR said...

DDE said...

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every [...] it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron." -- Dwight D. Eisenhower

DDE. Would this be the same Dwight D. Eisenhower who ordered the death by starvation of 1.5 million German soldiers after the war? (

Or the Dwight D. Eisenhower who probably wasn't entitled to be president? (

I found a biography of him lying on the ground! I tore it in half and threw it into two trash cans.

Kevenj said...

Good luck Les. Travel safe and come back in one piece!

gurnygob said...

God bless Les and happy Harmonization.


Anonymous said...


Is your sojourn to Mexico timed to avoid an oncoming shitstorm in Europe? Did the the Divine posit a specific hint as to what is coming down the pike?


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Safe journey, Les.

Anonymous said...

I found myself almost weeping this morning.
Where else can I go to find some
Truth. Les and all the rest of you are an oasis in a dry parched and doomed land. The sand storms are on the horizon. Where to go from here? Any suggestions?

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Linda asked: “Any suggestions?”
Reading between the lines of the post contributors on these blogs, my guess is there are some pretty good paths followed in the Viz community… All of them work to some degree and some may even resonate and feel great with you. Many suggestions are available Linda but there is one already Taylor fit personalized suggestion living inside of you, and the question more aptly would be. “How do I discover my own personal path?”

Seeking or looking is one thing, choosing is quite another. Say to yourself in the mirror, I Linda, from the deepest part of my divine being, Choose to start on my transformational journey. I choose the path that is best suited for me producing the best results. So Be It!!

For when a being chooses, it sets in motion a cosmological dynamic that isn’t there when we seek, look or decide to do something.

From that point just stay in a knowing trusting frame of mind and it will present itself in due course and your job is to be ready to do the work.

Good luck on your journey.


DaveR said...

News. Could they wave a bigger red flag? Former Director of the FBI is to 'investigate' Penn State! Nothing to see here after all I guess. Just move along.

amarynth said...

And this community is building itself on beauty and truth telling, each in our own way.

A community member, a brilliant and committed and creative dancer, choreographed a dance to the I Do Believe piece by The Level Shift!

Here it is:

or here in the community ...

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

one thing I do a couple of times a week is pull a few hairs out of a nostril, then sneeze-fit. I call this little orgasms (sad to say), might call it breathnic cleansing (rape style). if it is an Archimedes moment there is real danger in dishing the baby out with the bathwater. just joking here probably, but revelations ought to be so gutteral and obvious.

duming out rather than dumbing down, leaving an empty placemat for the divine to occupy. greateful even for an empty placemat given all the rubbish of a lifetime piled on high, when I could do better with less.

welcome to the southern hemisphere (albeit from the eastern quadrant). likely 90% less Fukushima here so far.

currently reading Zanoni , 2nd half better, much deep stuff in there, a bit like Goethe's Faust. power to those who can responsibly use it and tests to see who can, makes more sense of this world.


wv: scowel . cranky SOB's, oh! that's me in the mirror!

DaveR said...

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Freeh was employed from 2001 to 2006 as vice chairman and general counsel to MBNA, a financial company that had a lucrative arrangement with Penn State that gave the credit card issuer access to the university’s student and alumni addresses. MBNA also had ties to The Second Mile Foundation, a charity founded by Sandusky.

The story also reported that Freeh’s former boss at MBNA was Ric Struthers, a Penn State alumnus who is on the board of The Second Mile Foundation.

A spokesman for Freeh downplayed the link.

Richie (Dana) said...

Linda @ 4:04
I can understand your pain and loss.
You are on the road marked "For the lonely ones"
I honestly do not think there is another place to go. I searched the internet for years until I found Mr. Visible. The guy kinda creeps up on you and you begin to take the magic for granted. I have considered the fact that someday Les could be gone for good. Nothing ever lasts in this life.
If I may make a suggestion....
Go to the archives and just read. There is no need to comment as it is in the past. There are hidden messages there, if you but open your mind. You will feel better.

Additionally, I think Les left us with some very strong hints in the last few blogs. Try to find the Divine within. He is waiting for you.
By the way, I am on that lonely road myself, so that is why I had to respond. I know how it feels. A week or so ago, Les called me a dickhead and told me to Endure. I think that is some pretty good advice.
You just do those exercises and I will do them with you. This thing just has to turn out Okay...We just must hang in there.


Robin Redbreast said...

We're all
Still here!
We're all
To some degree.
I suppose its where
Size matters!

A pause.

But nothing stops
Or ends
It just goes
Round and round
At different levels
Different degrees
For you and me.
LLPP xxxx

gurnygob said...

Linda. The kingdom of God is within you. Go inside. It is in the inner depths of your heart that you will find peace and truth and life to the full.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Wisdom and good advice.
Richard, you are so right, it is a lonely road. Perhaps as more of us wake up it won't feel that way. Sovereignty and guys are awesome.
Love and Peace to all

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


You will not find a lonelier road.... but it makes one just that much more appreciative when a fellow traveller is met on the road.



gurnygob said...

Linda maybe this will help. I have a new post up at.


Erik said...

Hi Linda and All,

You can meet many fellow travelers here:

and i would strongly recommend Visible's latest book
"Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World" as your 'Travel Guide' (grins)

Visible said...

Although I shall include this with my next posting tonight or tomorrow, I wanted whomever may pass by here to take a look at this now. What can I possibly say? I am greatly honored, to the point of tears.

est said...

'i do believe'

very well done
my most

excellent friends
i did weep

i include this :

she fell gently
leaf from a tree

down to the earth
she floated free

she never did
hit the ground

still out there
whirling 'round

Visible said...

The hits just keep on coming, what a collaboration between Patrick Willis and The Level Shift. I'm running out of superlatives and don't know what to think with all of these things greeting me on my return and there are some number of news flashes I'd rather not mention yet.

Anonymous said...

Les, among my many impairments I'm technologically impaired (old puter & 26k dialup), many more joyful tears to you and all from Minnesota.

amarynth said...

Two administrative notes :

1. Just to reply to all the many requests for Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World in a physical softcover book, we are ready to go to print now. We're simply sorting out who to work with in the printing process. It will be available ... I trust .. before end of the year if you want to give it as a gift.

We turned things a little upside down and first prepared the e-book version .. simply because it takes long to get a physical book properly prepared and ready for print.

2. Details of the Visible Visit to the South of the Border Climes will be published here as they become available. It is going to be a feast and a gathering of shining souls, sharing, goodwill, making music, talk and more regarding community, and Visible.

We have 3 people coordinating this part of the Visible Visit, so feel free to register on this event page and we will keep all updated on this page - as Visible makes the announcements of the plans. We are arranging for very affordable accommodation, some meals together and generally preparing to welcome all that Visits Visible.

Robin Redbreast said...

When for a walk in the hills near us - with the aim to collect some holly - I'm going to make some wreaths for the festive season. I saw many beautiful things on my journey - nature, birds, the sky was amazing, felt the breeze. After searching for an hour and finding no holly - I decided to return home - by a different route. I accepted that I wouldn't find any holly today and put my cutters into my back pocket. As I walked for a minute - I came across a holly bush! Packed with red berries!! I cut some of - making sure I toook only what I needed and not to distress the bush too much. I said thank you out loud and smiled. Often we try to hard, when he give up- we often find the answer comes like water - easily from a tap. Today reminded me of this. Sometimes we might try to hard LLPP xxxx

Robin Redbreast said...

Les - what wonderful videos- and such juxtaposition of style. The elegance of dance, the simplicity of black and White film, the beauty of the dance, the music and your voice- slowed to an amble.
The second video, modern, futuristic, strong, clear, succinct, visually intriguing, mesmerising and coordinated magically with the message.
Wow! What talent- what potential to reach out to others through this alternative medium
Exciting - praises be to those involved in these art pieces
LLLP xxxx

missingarib said...

vis,are you going to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe?
regards D

Anonymous said...

sentiment highway
tip of a star
shining and reaching
birds travel far
mountains and blue sky
vibrant truths live
fast rolling rivers
harmonys with
fully and lasting
nourishing whole
where the truth gathers
the candletip glows
where the truth brushes
conscious vibrates
a sense of all paradise
sky and earth makes


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@Amarynth . I found half a dozen typos in the PDF version of Spiritual....
do you want me to email them to you ASAP?

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Denny: I'm defensive about tofu because I've alternated between being lacto-vegetarian and vegan for more than 40 years, and for a vegan, tofu is one of the best and most available sources of protein. Some people tell me that milk is bad for me, and some tell me that tofu is bad for me, but not eating milk and tofu would narrow my vegan protein options down to only beans, nuts, and seeds. For a vegan, eliminating soy as a food choice is a big deal. I think that antivegetarian "health professionals" are working for the meat industry to demonize tofu and soya because they are a mainstay of the trendy vegan diet.

To meat eaters: In my comments here about tofu, I am not attacking your diet; I am just defending the vegan diet against false claims.

To sovereingty: Based on my own experience with psychedelic or psychotropic drugs, and what I have observed in others, I think that the drugs may have some value in showing us some of the potential of the human mind, but for Self-realization the drugs are no substitute for self-discipline, critical thinking, and introspection. Self-realization is about developing character and equipoise, not about having trippy, astonishing experiences -- which is not to say that experiencing some astonishment isn't a good thing. In short, I think that drugs might be useful sometimes, but they are no magic bullet, and they can even become a hindrance.

Visible said...

actually I was hoping she would drop in on me. She has the much tighter schedule.

onething said...

I tried to sign up and become a member but got the username wrong and am trying to redo it...I have gone to the event page but can't tell if I am signed in or a member and don't see any way to leave feedback.

amarynth said...

Yes please pierre. Although I think most of that is dealt with now that a professional proof reader went through with a fine tooth comb. But email anyway and thanks.

Use the 'contact us' on .. top right hand corner.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Divine for Les Visible -for all he does - always; to Patrick Willis for all of your fine productions (all of them)! particularly LV's (& special thanks for the Ezra Pound "Usura"); to "Level Shift" for video with Les Visible's reading with beautiful Choreography & Dancing by Erin Parsley and for Level Shift's website with music (first time visit, won't be the last); to all who help Les Visible as he explains The Divine and work with the websites, books,...; to all who come to the website and share knowledge, wisdom; and for his "virtual community" (which is as close to a real "home" as some souls will ever be).

Smyrna said...

Gregory F. Fegel,

In regards to psychedelic drugs and so forth, a must read is Graham Hancock's book 'Supernatural'.
He does his own 'Doors of Perception' studies with Ayahuasca and shamans in South America. The chapters dedicated to DNA are worth the price of admission alone.

gurnygob said...

Les I wasn’t expecting your voice on the dance video “I Do Believe” I was thinking to myself ,,,,I know that voice from somewhere, before it hit me. The dance and the words/voice complement each other well. They, level shift, also have a song track called “get what you got” you should listen to it, it’s very good.

Good to see you back les.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Thanksgiving and the Absence of Gratitude and Manners.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...


Too much tofru Pal…. you seem to be running full on with the theme of my drug recommendations.
I would never recommend that anyone use drugs including even caffeine. That being said without the experience of the DMT pipe (a chemical synthesis of the pineal glandular secretion) I would never have known, just how important the discovery of that same chemical was in my own brain. The fact that I had prior experience with DMT literally saved me years of personal inquiry and brain mapping confusion.

The novelty of cosmic joy riding with the nose cone rocket ride soon wears off and the adept refocuses on the business of topping out the DNA accent. Would I ingest DMT today…. not likely.
Strictly vino, cigars and the Stone and am presently off the vino and cigars.

Do get a nice buzz on clean mountain air and will now go sharpen the chainsaws and head up the hill.


Neal said...

Unless those books are alive, and the rest, they are good for rolling papers, and wiping what is asked for.

It's not their nature to do more than what is asked, pointing to it helps, but that is just help, not so much the thing itself. Not to disparage the function, or those that are affected by it.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Hermit Crabs of Leviathan.



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