Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whipped Onward and Hammered Home.

Dog Poet Transmitting........

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I grew up in the House of Authority. My father was born on May 10th, the day of the strictest disciplinarian in the zodiac. He was also a cop, more or less. Sometimes he would read about some petty crime in the newspaper that had to do with an event on the base and he would look over the paper at me and say, “That had better not be you” with a menace that had the effect of Darth Vader in a black neoprene, Waffen SS suit, holding a cat o' nine tails. Imagine Patrick Willis on a bad hair day. Sometimes he would whip me for something I had not done. His rationale was that I got away with plenty that he didn't catch me at; not true. I was pretty well behaved, given the circumstances; until I wasn't, given the circumstances. I've no idea why I'm opening with this but my invisible friends do, so... I don't have to concern myself with that.

Last night I was trying to accomplish something and the amount of obstacles that were placed in my way, finally turned into something out of the theater of the absurd. For several years now, I have been hearing, “rely on me, rely on me utterly for everything, even the smallest detail”. The sense of that necessity and the force of intention from the invisible has increased, slowly but surely, until this moment I find myself in. Last night it got hammered home. The thing is, I forget. We all do. It is no easy task to assign everything in your life to something, even when you implicitly believe in it, even when it has gone out of its way to prove its existence to you. We have this automatic thing that responds to a lot of life's duties and challenges without thinking about it.

I was after something and I had figured out all the steps to get it happening and then? And then? “And then along came Jones”, so to speak. Now I'm at an impasse, except I only think I am so, we'll leave that as it is for the moment. What I don't get is that an informed and helpful soul, named “Hippie Lovegods” showed up to help me out, near instantaneously, when I put out a call at Facebook. It seemed destined, so I naturally assumed and... I guess I'm not supposed to do that.

During a recent international flight, I began to notice something right away in a small airport. The assistance level and ease of passage was remarkable. They didn't even ask me for a certain custom slip. In the process of observing what was happening, my invisible friend said, “Watch closely. Watch closely everything that happens in the process of this trip”. The trip was as smooth as glass. At one point I set off the buzzer (only time it happened) and the lady told me to take off my shoes. I was backing up through the radar when I said, “I have a pin in my leg”. This guy appears out of the mix and tells me to go through and I mean in a very friendly and commanding way. It went on like this and when I got picked up at the airport it was a full on reversal of all things that existed prior to, when I set off in the other direction to begin with. This ties in with 'rely on me'. I was being shown this and I was also doing that.

I'm about as forgiving as it gets. I have to be. One of the reasons, is that most of the things most people find important, I don't consider to be important at all. However there are a couple of things I sometimes struggle with; treachery and meanspiritness (I command the genesis of new words around here, heh heh). The two times I was in deep shit with the temporal orcs, it came about because people I helped out decided to conspire with the wolves, about what they were going to have for lunch. The second time there were actually two of them. They didn't know each other beforehand, or maybe they did in some former time. One of them stayed in my home for two months, on my dime, while I helped him study to become a police officer. He did not contribute anything during that time and I finally showed him the door, when he couldn't be troubled to stay with my infant daughter during the half an hour window between my arriving from my restaurant and Lauren heading off for her catering job. This fellow is/was something of a psychopath. I had not known that initially. I had met him at an ashram. He was also a pretty good Kung Fu artist and at the time I was less adept than later on. He promptly called the cops and told them I stole his handgun. Once again the invisible was on the spot. I told them it was in his bag and that was the end of it, only that wasn't the end of it.

Well, I beat the Big Kahuna of a life sentence a couple of years later. He had to leave the police force and the other guy got arrested by the Washington state authorities upon his return from testifying against me. It all should have been a movie but, then again, it was. I have been dogged by this kind of behavior from people I have helped, off and on through my life; not so much anymore but it's there in the underbrush like those isolated red eyes you see in comics. This also comes back to “rely on me”.

I used to perform stand up comedy with Bud (the Birdman) Clifton. We were pretty funny. One time on stage, Bud said, “Visible is a comedian but he doesn't make people laugh. He makes people angry”. That got a laugh. There were a few times I got off stage and somebody wanted a little one on one time. This also comes back to rely on me. Well, I am a far different fellow than in those days but I am not by any professional definition, sane and I am extremely grateful for it.

God is about to be very generous with me. I have already seen the signs. This is not unexpected; all those planets in the eighth house and their relationship to legacies and benefiting from associations. I kind of knew if I made it this far that certain things were going to happen, for the purpose of demonstration and also because, when you actually have relied on The One; been forced to rely on The One, then there are all kinds of payoffs in the latter days. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. These things do not arrive without certain prepackaged dilemmas. Getting into things is a lot easier than getting out of things. I have certainly learned that and understand what it means to, 'cut your losses'.

That my kundalini is activated should be fairly obvious. It certainly is to those who have spent any time around me. What many people don't understand about Kundalini is that it is not just a force. It is a goddess. It is a being, a superconscious being that perceives and sees through the vehicle it is awakened in. She has an agenda that may not be the agenda of the horse she is riding. Horse and rider have to come to an understanding and that is often not easy. She's unpredictable and capable of all sorts of outrageous displays; you can trust me on that. She's also in touch with everything and afraid of nothing.

Once I had to hitchhike out of Palm Springs, Ca. I was hitching with an acquaintance and we both thought it a good time to leave. We had both been arrested a couple of days before for trespassing. We were staying in an abandoned cabin on some lower slope of San Jacinto. Thank goodness we didn't get charged with having underage girls at the cabin but nothing was happening in any untoward way. They were runaways I suspect. Anyway, I had looked at a map that showed a short line between Palm Canyon highway and the highway to Arizona. It didn't look like it could be more than a few miles. It turned out to be at least 35. You catch this little dirt road somewhere short of Indio. We set out on it, through orange groves and ahead were high sandstone cliffs that were on both sides of the road for a long way. I didn't know this or anything else. We'd gone a few miles when a state trooper pulled up and wanted to see ID. He had us unroll our sleeping bags and I had a few oranges in there. Technically that would have been misdemeanor theft. He said, “I saw you guys yesterday at the station.” He knew. He said to my companion, “You're coming with me”. Then he just left me there alone. It was getting on toward dusk as I entered what I later learned was a haunted Indian burial ground.

I had not eaten for a couple of days, except for some oranges and I was very high, not on anything but I had been having epic acid adventures and that was followed by a lot of regular meditation and such. The first thing I noticed after awhile was that someone was speaking to me from a sagebrush. I bent down and saw a black king that looked just like the ones off of a chessboard. He was speaking to me and I couldn't understand him but it didn't sound good. I continued on as night fell and the sense of other beings all around me was unmistakeable and as real as it gets. I soldiered on. There were few cars in the day. There were none at night and I was miles from any other human being. I came out of the sandstone canyons into a wide flat space. In the distance, I could see the headlights of cars passing. I thought, 'Thank God, that can only be a little ways off'. It turned out to be at least ten miles. As I came out of the canyons, large winged creatures came out of the night and began to howl around me. For anyone sane it would have been terrifying. I cannot transmit the degree of force and presence that attended these things and they were big. They were jinns.

There was a moment when time stood still and the thought that this might be the end of me, when suddenly a course of action came into my mind and I turned to these beings and said, “Hello my friends! Will you come with me”? I spun around and danced a bit and they howled and they howled and swirled and danced all down the highway with me and into the dawn, where I caught a ride with an anthropologist who smelled like an ape; true story.

I learned a very important lesson that night and it has served me well since. It is a critical point that one must comprehend or serious trouble waits up the line.

Continuing about The Goddess. She knows things I don't know and she will go to various lengths to engineer situations in which these things can be revealed to me. It's another matter whether God then engineers that people respond in a certain fashion, or whether they are self-compelled to demonstrate in a particular manner. They always do however, but not always in the same way. Some reactions are justified for any of the usual 'human reasons'. Then there are reactions that are far beyond what are reasonable and have only injury in mind. This is what The Goddess wants me to see. I ponder it all and thank my lucky stars I have a friend inseparable from me, who appears to genuinely like me and have my best interests at heart, even though I can't often see that.

I realize that all of us are subject to some degree of 'doom and gloom' due to the tenor of the times but I can tell you with confidence that along with the nasties on the menu, some extraordinarily wonderful things are going to happen to some of us. It will be as if God whacked the sky like a pinata and the door of heavenly blessings came off its hinges. It may not seem apparent to many of you at the moment but I get the coming attraction trailers as a download from my personal internet. Be confident, hopeful and expectant. That should do for the moment and I'll see you in the next post if there is one.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"I'll see you in the next post if there is one."

Don't make plans, huh? Good time for that. Everything does seem to be in a major flux like never before. 2012. The winds of change are sweeping by. The year so many of us have been waiting for, when all that was gets turned on it's arse.

You deal with these little challenges a lot better than I. I also have problems with forgiveness. I don't do it. I'm still seething over things that happened over 30 years ago, but it has made for some interesting art in various forms. Hate can be very inspirational in a constructive fashion on occasion (Muahahahahahahaha!). Hey ma! I wrote a song about ya! (Mama Was A Psycho Bitch From Hell) Hate can be a lot of fun some times. I'm not gonna let go. The jokes will never stop, though they do make some cringe. Convinces me some of my ancestors were cats. They don't seem the forgiving type. It's like, if they're mad at you, you better let them have their way with you, or else. After all, you gotta sleep some time. You don't want the demi-gods mad at you. That's what they are, and they know it.

Know what you mean about those you helped turning on you. I don't do it anymore. In fact, I only come out of my 'den' when I absolutely have to. I've come to see the majority of the human race. . .with a few exceptions, a liability to associate with. Better things to do with the time and resources. Makes life easier as I wait for whatever's next.

Anonymous said...

Is this story about a jinn and tonic?

Good to see you've shaken the dust from the road Vis.

Visible said...

Jinn and tonic, shaken and stirred... heh heh, in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

LV - I can attest that the sort of bounty and blessings that you assert are in store for some of us have been manifesting serendipidously in my field... a chance for the Pats to settle some karmic scores with the Mannings and denizens of Gotham included.

Love the optimistic tone, I'm stepping one foot in front of the other right into it with ya!

btw, John Lash has mentioned your work a few times recently in some epic talks he's conducting... fyi-



Richard said...

in a wagging the tail kind of way.
Good thing Patrick W. is NOT having a bad hair day, as the the heretic productions of this posting will be a whole lot of mescal kind of heart warming. Just discovered the the Semillero and even better Pierde Alma brands.

Good to see that you keep rolling on, over dusty terrain and maybe even the palm tress in yucatan.

Thanks again for letting the fingers on the keyboard be guided by the ' invisible friends', after all we are only being pulled by strings, the only choice we at times have , is who is pulling them.

May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.


I Was A Teenage Buttfucker said...

Cool tales from the road LowVis! This page always cheers me up. Kiki says hello! =^..^=

Allison said...

5 years ago you would seem a madman to me. Now you are the sanest person I know. A little pranayama for relaxation and boom, k-train city. Voracious reading of esoteric works, siddhis, a complete change in outlook on everything, diminution of materiaslism, hatred, anger, etc. Strange times we live in, seeking the divine. Must be a karmic ripeness factor involved. God doesnt call the qualified, he qualifies the called sort of thing.
Peace and thank you.

Visible said...

Wow Pete! That's one hell of a quote, "God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called" That is epic. I had one of those 'I wished I had said that' moments.


I was a teenage buttfuker? heh heh, what will they think of next. It's two for one day, Smoking Mirrors is coming up anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vis,

How has the Kundalini been outwardly mainfesting in you physically of late?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Global War and Hunger Porn on the way to Fat City.

Visible said...

At present it is dormant but it was jumping all over the place not so long ago. I'm used to it kinda sorta (grin).

Anonymous said...


In your travels along the countercultural landscape of the
60s and 70s (and beyond), did you ever encount Art Kleps and the Neo American Church? I came across a BooHoo Bible about 25 years ago. Interesting artifact. Still wondering as to the huckster quotient of Kleps.


Visible said...

No most of the time I was in isolated kingdoms and a lot of the world went on without me. I have heard of the Neo-American church however.

katz said...

I had a feeling that this was the case.

Recognize the walls that stand between here, and you, and figure a way around other than a straight on head butting attack. that way, less painful headache. just scheming a way around, under, over or somehow outside the box/ie the wall.

this entire blog has changed, dramatically. even the people reading it.

Allison said...

Thanks Les,
Permission to plagarize granted (grin) Half of my thoughts on different issues are plagarized from your writings (big grin) but again its a resonance thing like you always say. Ishwar Puri's Sant Mat lectures mention the philosophy that when its your time to go home, its your time to go home, warts and all, and I have warts aplenty. Once a week I have dreams where I find the shedded skin of poisonous snakes, so hopefully that means I am being qualified and sheeding the poisonous elments of my eons long entanglement with matter, hopefully. Ya never know, it could just be a siddhi whereby I am going to get bitten by a poisonous snake, like you say, you just don't know, but faith and hope spring eternal and whatever it is .......something BIG is going on with us in a "collevtively individual" kinda way, to quote you. I have already hit "Mission Abort" so I am starting to feel as if my signal was picked up and the mother ship / soul / master approaches ;-)

Anonymous said...

Reading that felt like a journey in and of itself. Love the part about the little Chess King, reminds me of my old man - we didn't get along either and playing chess with him is one of the few memories from that time that I actually cherish. I would, and still to this day, only play as black. The old jerk would always beat on me as white with the spanish opening (1 to e4). It was overkill, especially playing against a kid who barely knew the rules. But I got better as thematches went along and even beat him once. That one victory, Checkmate with a pawn no less, is all I have to show those years and isn't much - but it is a jewel of a memory that I will never let go. Chess was invented in India too.

May Kundalini be a kind rider to everyone else in the visible paddock.

abe in ela

kikz said...

hey les, hope all is well...
if you have time, interesting article on K.


interesting take on how they think it works on the glutamate sys in the brain....


Anonymous said...

i love your writing. i had a kundalini experience just this past fall with the monkey jumping from my feet to my head. you help make sense of the experience and i could tell that you had your kundalini experience too. i wish everyone the best. thank you!! will keep checking back for more.

tammy pearson said...

Forgiveness can be most difficult. I personally have struggled with it for years, as some horrific cards have been dealt to me. However, I realized one day that we all need to be forgiven. By who, you may ask. I think that Almighty God is who we need to be forgiven by; for has any of us ever been perfect. No person I know has. So, how can we even ask God to forgive us if we can not forgive others who do us wrong. Tpea

Smyrna said...

That was a ripping post. I hope you have got a cool pair of shades to wear into your future, Vis.

Also the called/qualified quote from Allison/Pete is staying close to the front of my mental rolodex.

Visible said...

Kikz; you see what I mean? It really works. I've always suffered from depression, which I am told came about from being hit on the head so much when I was younger and the attendant psychological factor. This stuff is instantaneous and long lasting. There is nothing like it.

I finally found a source but now I can't seem to get Bitcoins anywhere.

onething said...

Re one of your recent radio shows, I'd like you to expound on what you mean about God's counterpart. Are you thinking of a Shiva/Shakti kind of thing, God/Holy Spirit kind of thing?

Visible said...

I'd need a little more context than that.

onething said...

I believe it was the January 22 radio show.
One will be taken and one left...

You have the abiding eternal divine who sits behind all phenomena and projects all phenomena out of himself through the vehicle of his counterpart which He is indistinguishable from in the essential way but distinguishable in the distinguishable way (with a laugh).

Barbara said...

Your dad.....I believe you. I had an uncle like that, and he treated
his son in just the way you've described. I thought my appalled
feelings about his menacing bullying were just my own ignorance as a
child: 'Perhaps a lot of parents are like that? Maybe it's normal??' -
but no, when I grew up and looked back on his behaviour, it seemed
even more repellent!
May 10th, eh? I looked up the zodiac degree of his sun position. This
is what it says:

Symbol: Two furious bulls goring each other.

'This person will easily fly off the handle and quickly work himself
up to a climax of frenzied and bloodthirsty rage, even if his own
peevish and quarrelsome temper has sown the seed of discord. According
to his background and breeding, he can make a sabreur of a ruffian,
and can reap the hatred of many, running the risk of wounds or death
in arguments or brawls.'

Visible said...

People are having a hard time commenting because Zio-Blogger is shutting them out. If you have that problem then email the comment to me and also where it goes.



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