Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wayback, Pay it Forward Machine

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet!

I've been mostly background scenery for a few days, trying to absorb all of the positive changes and developments in my life. I feel a little like the guy in Malachi 4:10 (funny, I remember the location, after all these years, right off the bat) these last days, though I have yet to experience the outworking of what's come down, the presence of it is unmistakeable. It's a kind of “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” thing in a good way. Howsa bout you? Spring has sprung in a big way hereabouts and that certainly adds some color to my daily palate.

Visitations of a high order are on the calendar and I am looking forward to that, with overnights in secluded cabins, around fire-pits and trips to favored locales, where all kind of cool things tend to happen, as will be remembered by some of the readers who have been with me in those places before. Looks like a lot of warm weather, short jaunts into 'The Wayback, Pay it Forward Machine' with Mr. Peabody.

It's funny how you can go through so much of your life with so many incidents of unmistakeable supernatural influence, that confirms things and bring them into the indisputable and then have one series of episodes which, for some reason, contain a much greater impact of affirmation that lingers with such a sense of real authenticity. The events and transmissions may not have been as outrageous or intense as many that had preceded them but the impact is just so much greater.

The intensity in the world and the reactions to it have certainly gone up a few notches. Outbreaks of random violence have become a daily affair and war zone catastrophes, such as the recent craziness in Afghanistan and Gaza, seem to indicate the genesis of coming clustermucks on the horizon. No amount of exposure, or good sense, seems to have made any impression on the international criminals operating on the world scene. That mass murder tandem of Obama and Cameron is geared for ignorant action right up there with Bush and Blair. They are in the unshakeable control of the Zionazi ogre whose unbridled appetite for destruction, in search of a stapled stomach, is a wonder to behold.

I sense the destruction of this vicious and relentless enemy of humanity cannot be far off. What kind of serendipitous breath of fresh air will sweep this planet once that has taken place? Add that to the list of consummations most devoutly to be wished. There's no question it will happen. The whole world is tired of it and no one more so that those most compromised by it. The very public resignation of one of Goldman Sachs' poster boys is something of greater significance than may be presently apparent. I sense parallel events in both government and the military soon enough and they can't come too soon. Enough!

In the meantime... In the meantime, it just goes on and on in one direction and on and on in the other. My apologies on this day for being unable to get it together with any degree of eloquence, continuity or other device; too many things buzzing around like companionable bees making honey in the ethers. It's like whatever I could say or want to say isn't possible at the moment. It's like I'm simultaneously thrilled and annoyed at the same time; if that makes any sense. I'm a little hot off the trigger at the moment at small things. I was told that was understood and permitted, tolerated, due to it being well understood at a much higher level, but certainly not by me (grin). I'm trying to rein it in, all the while the horses are snorting and stamping in the courtyard. Can I get an Amen! I hope so.

Ah well, trying to hold it together, while contemplating the shards of my mind, glittering like broken glass on the ground in front of me (grin). I heard some things over recent days, a lot of them I can't remember, only the echo of meaning and intent. I heard details in more specificity than I am used to. I heard the kind of details I'm not used to, about particular things in type and content that I am not used to. I'm used to a lot of things but nothing like this. I guess you have to expect this sort of thing in times like these which none of us are used to.

I suppose by now, most of us have the sense that the world is not going to end but that it will certainly change beyond recognition. Certainly it will end for some people because it ends for someone every day but... it's going to change for everyone. This is something that doesn't occur to most people; Armageddon comes every day for someone.

I've been toying with, playing with, tinkering with and trying to avoid this post for several days now (grin). It is possibly the worst and least interesting posting I have made since I can remember. It's a hodge podge amalgam of throwaway Twitter submission and I hate Twitter with a passion. I won't go near it. I can't avoid hearing about it because there are twits everywhere. Twitter is the internet equivalent of public toilet walls. It's the ultimate, superficial trivialization of life, at the most cutting edge location of our times. It's cyber, air kissing, let's do lunch. It's what Hollywood Blvd actually looks like, on any given day, as opposed to the fabricated glamor. There's nothing going on there, you just think there is.

So, I'm wrestling with something right now, feeling my way around the best manner in which to exercise my less than considerable finesse in the diplomatic arena. It's complicated because I have all kinds of good reasons not to even get engaged, while at the same time, it serves many interests for me to engage. It comes down to my walking the talk and taking the left hand side of the matter, regardless of what my instincts, information and experience put in front of me. Along with that, there are these things that just happened to me and have got me spinning like a top. Yesterday was a nightmare of disorientation, with my subconscious burbling and bubbling like a cauldron full of mysterious soup at some apocalypse after party. The frustrating thing was that there was all this crosstalk going on and I couldn't hear any of it but... it was having an effect. It was being accompanied by a voice-over that was telling me all kinds of things that were as mind-blowing as anything I've heard since I don't know when so, I was bumping into most everything and tripping over whatever was left. I was typing like a myopic with one eye. I was instead of I, is. Or, would that be, I am?

It only follows and makes sense that people would pop out of the woodwork looking for, exposure, association and either a rocket booster or a sparkler, when visible is not into fireworks, wouldn't go around the corner to see them and has no rocket boosters in any case, because he is already in outer space. So, I'm dancing in different dimensions, while trying to do the dishes; take care of the shrubbery, interact with the dogs, saw off tree limbs, soon to be logs and thank god I don't have to slop the hogs, because pork doesn't relate or integrate into the mix, though I hear stealthy, Mason Verger hybrids, are popping up in various locations to mirror the culture of the moment.

Here's the most incisive and well written explanation for the main problem that I have seen in many a year. Both of the just mentioned phenomena are directly linked and similarities in temperament and behavior are not to be overlooked. Well, I did digress but I also wanted to leave you with some things of interest given that I haven't done much of that up to this point.

All I know is that I am moving into uncharted waters and that means all kinds of new currents and different looking fish, maybe unseen shores, islands and atolls, not to mention ships on the surface and submarines beneath. There are possibly also things that go boom when you bump into them but that's what radar and sonar are for and, if the fish are your friends, you got enhanced sonar.

I am only too happy to get this indefinable patchwork quilt off of the desktop and into Sal's Boutique, without having to go through retail on the way. I do have a lot to think about, or a lot not to think about, because both the approach and non approach work in their own way. Most hopefully, I can 'solve et coagula' certain unresolved concerns but... if life on the outside is like it usually is, no matter how different life on the inside may now be, one can generally enjoy mixed results. One thing I do know is that this time will set the standard for future actions of a similar nature.

Anyway, tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, we'll be back with something to say about the last link you visited here and whatever else gets said. In the meantime, I wish you still waters and calm seas; most likely they are the same thing.

End Transmission.......

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PSO said...

I was thinking this is first post in a long long time where you did not mention a previous thought of mine a day or week or so since your last post. Always there is something that causes me to say "aha! this post is relevant because he is stating my exact thought from last night..."

Well, this was almost a post like that however I am proud to admit you have nailed another one with this comment:
"There are possibly also things that go boom "

Last night I watched an old Pat Travers video "Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights" from Palladium when they opened for The Outlaws. 1976 was the year, a fine year for music.
As far as last link and BIBI goes:
"Bibi Netanyahu opined that the 9-11 attack on the US benefited Israel because it linked the US closer to Israeli interests."

Put another shrimp on the bibi for me baby.
He is all washed out and please Mr. Bibi, never, ever opine in any way, shape, or form again, ever, please.
So MArch 22 is around the corner and I live on New Madrid fault.
I wonder if that means anything to me?

See you next time Vis.

Gordon M said...

I love that bit from James Petras - "Decline results when a nation is betrayed by craven leaders, who crawl and humiliate themselves before a minority of thuggish mediocrities pledged to a foreign state without scruples or moral integrity". It is surely true of the UK as well, except we are the dog's dog. Israel tells the US what to do, and the US tells the UK what to do .... each hath smaller fleas to bite 'em, and so proceed ad infinitum.

Andrew of Sydney said...

We have a lot of cane toads where I am now in northern Queensland, no frogs and you kinda find it hard not to step on them!

Yes, new uncharted territory alright, all new and it feels different. Your posts resonate well with me, thank you as always...

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad some are well tended and groomed to the max with their designer clothes and epicurean delights laid out for them.

This must have been the celebratory party after last week's visitors (all 13,000) of them. Funny... I didn't hear a sniff about THAT or THEM being here that most powerful week of very serious energies.

From the smell of it-I do believe this country is going to have to go through a fundamental theocratic experience just because it gives so many reasons for persecutions, torture and annihilation. I awoke thinking of the 'handsmaid's tale'-the part where her 'atm card isn't working'-in that story, it came down really fast-from one week to the next.

PS-Cameron, like Obama is a lefty-as was Clinton. Don't remember if Bush or Blair were lefties.

the gardener

Visible said...

Yikes! I am left handed, ambidexterous at some things but write left.

Kippa says... said...

I love you man! Look,i've been coming here for maybe?3years now.Usually can catch you 30+minutes after your latest dosage of wisdoms.i am sorry I've never commented till now,I dont type much[at all] unless i'm dialing in something to read.And besides,i've been so split leveled for soo long,I can't make a good conversation in person.[grin?}.Les we are in tandem my broher!What has happened to me {us}? Is our shadow gone,vanished,in hiding?Man! I have complete beaten spouse syndrome!HA!Is it really what it is & we just wont let it be?Or is it so much more?I think it's the latter Les!& im dying to love this.I'm sure you know the truth.Again i love you,thank you for being the only person &{persons,commenters} I can relate to for the past 3 years,{it's sleepy hollow around here}.Anways.This is it!Amen! Enjoy! We can do this. p.s. it took me over 45 min.s to type this!!..[grin?}

Anonymous said...

Visible @ 2:58 PM
I know you are sweetie, but there was no way I could include you amongst those freaks.

Bush jr wasn't a lefty was he? Weird that at least two out of the three past selections have been lefties.

the gardener

Chinese Sneakers said...

Thinking about how different this read was without the embedded links, at least till near the ending--?

Definitely different.

Still good stuff.


Anonymous said...

in the midst of the moment, amidst the warmth and at once brow cooling mists of 'spring fever', refreshment of the spirit returns, our pall of concerns lift, and a rush of well-being returns to the child.

been away. glad to find you in good spirits.

Anonymous said...

The busy bees of the hive were signing this new piece of work into law whilst we had so much company...

The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (PDF) may sound like a landscaping measure, but it is also being called the Trespass Bill, the Anti-Occupy Bill, and the First Amendment Rights Eradication Act. Under this bill, it is a felony to protest at or in the vicinity of a venue or event that is attended by anyone who has Secret Service protection. H.R. 347 passed the House on February 27th by a vote of 388–3. The Senate version (S. 1794) passed unanimously. With President Obama's signature, the Act became law on March 8.

link to the rest:

There was also a thread over at rumormillnews about 'dream invaders causing scary dreams to feed the beasts'. Cause they just can't get enough of that feed in real time.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Amen Visible.
Annoyed and trilled at the same time, mostly annoyed though. I prayed for relief last night. To many crazy interactions right now. Thanks for giving me something to relate to

from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

Vis --

I know a lot of readers say you read their minds and they look forward to those synchronicities in your posts.

I graduated from that state many years ago and I now read your posts to actually see how I am feeling, so your jovial mood in this post tells me I must be feeling better, which is what I thought before I learned that what I think is not always who I am... hehe


Clarity said...

Visible, you get an "Amen!" from me.

I'm happy to hear that there are so many positives In your life now. Along with that, the difficulty you had coming up with what to write seem like good signs. I am having many strange and strong feelings, both physical and emotional. I'm trying to sort them all out, but I see them as signs that positive changes are in the works.

My love to you, and love to all,

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,
I hear ya regarding this sense of background noise, with no directionality. Maybe this harmonious conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, have the hate mongers and destroyers stumped for a few days. Be happy..
You mentioned a while back; the incoming influence of Chiron as a potential healing energy. All this is good. Get some rest (if you can) eat well. Take care. Long road ahead for all who know the way...
Best Regards,
Paul Von

maya seri said...

Thank you once again just wanted to bring this to your attention Malachi Chapter 4 goes as far as verse 6 maybe verse 10 was intended to make us think a little...


gurnygob said...

Talking about ambidexterous.

'A teacher at a polytechnic college reminded her pupils of tomorrow's final

"Now listen to me, I won't tolerate any excuses for you not being here
tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury,
illness, or a death in your immediate family, but that's it, no other
excuses whatsoever!"

A smart-arsed chappie at the back of the room raised his hand and asked,
"What would happen if I came in tomorrow suffering from complete and utter sexual exhaustion?"

The entire class was reduced to laughter and sniggering. When silence was restored, the teacher smiled knowingly at the student, shook her head and sweetly said, "Well, I suppose you'd have to write the exam with your other


Eamon said...

visible: "I am left handed, ambidextrous at some things but write left."

I have a similar situation. All that takes a more delicate touch, I use my left hand: writing, eating, painting, etc. I throw, kick, etc. with my right, but my left is not too shabby as an alternative.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Spring, my friend. There are many birds outside my window singing as I write.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Iridescent Dreams ROCKS! Right up there with 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'.

As for the post, I am expecting next week to be one of the most interesting news weeks of my life/lives.

Anonymous said...

Holy fucking Springsteen Dylan that's good song. I still crack up these years later remembering Oral Roberts sailing off on a prayer rug with Ben Franklins picture on it. You're not an engineer but you are a hell of a tour guide :)


Visible said...

Gurnygob that is really funny and more so because of Eamon's comment. This is the outer limits of resonance for me to this point and the birds are singing here too.

What a beautiful walk I just returned from with dogs and others, in a temperature, stolen from May. Horseshit on the path, cowshit on the fields and no other dogs or people over several klicks of In Country.

It's a strange thing to see all the promising emergence of beauty juxtaposed with the crap in the links of this posting.

I'm supposed to do some things now, shortly, soon, which involve such similar things, with real people, in real places with varieties of shit where provenance and causation can either be stepped in, stepped around, or sorted and cataloged and used as evidence or displayed as art. I'm not surprised that I sit here drumming my fingers on the table like that character, Ash in my next book.

I can't make sense of a whole lot of things in recent times. Things that should have happened didn't happen and things that shouldn't have happened did happen and fantastic things happened like they were riding alongside, as in today's song.

I'm just going to have another cup of tea and think about it cause I am really tired of not doing the right thing at the right time, which is now complicated by not knowing just when is that? (grin).

Anyway, I'm sure there is something else I could be doing besides writing this in the meantime.

gurnygob said...

Seen that Les hee hee!

Eamon said ..........."I use my left hand: writing, eating, painting, etc."

Well Eamon, what exactly does the etc, stand for? Wait a minute, on second thoughts, maybe you should just hold (no pun intended) onto that for now. Boy, is it getting hot around here?


Doug Pearson said...

Glad to see you back. Have thought about where you might be for the last few days and was hoping for the best which I got. Sometimes you gotta shake it all off and do what we all should be doing all the time instead of trying to keep up with this growing fiasco of insanity.

missingarib said...

vis,spring ,a time when the flicker rate of the movie begins at a slow pace .

A dense cloud, spreading over and everywhere covering the whole three-thousand great-thousand fold universe, pours down [its rain] equally at the same time. Its moisture universally fertilizes the plants, trees, thickets, forests, and medicinal herbs…[all] receive its share. From the rain of the one cloud [each plant] according to the nature of its kind acquires its development, opening its blossoms and bearing its fruit…

I look upon all [living beings]
Everywhere [with] equal [eyes],
Without distinction of persons,
Or minds of love or hate.
I have no limitations [or partiality];
Ever to all [beings]
I preach the Law equally;
As [I preach] to one person,
So [I preach] to all…
[But] beings, according to their nature,
Receive it differently,
Just as among plants and trees
Each takes a varying supply.


live long,and be well

PSO said...

etc means exercising the charmer, right?

or is it exorcising the controller?

King of Siam?etc, etc, etcetera anyone?

Steve said...

About half way through Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World.

Man what a book! Suspense, thriller, horror, beauty, Mystery. What's going to happen next???
Whip reminds me of what a young Visible may have been like in many ways.

I'm sending a copy to my brother. He has been climbing the corporate ladder the last few years, but just returned from a month in India a changed man. I think this book would work wonderfully as an introduction to you and your works. Also the many differing layers and mysteries, good and evil that encompass this world.

Thank you, I see it as an important work, one in which you haven't shied away from the truth, as ugly as it may be. Even though I haven't finished, I don't think I have spoke to soon.


JerseyCynic said...

I've had my broom in hand for quite a while now.

I'm looking forward to the MOTHER of all Spring Cleanings!

(I can't listen to your song... "missing plug-in" message - will try again on a pc)

Patrick V1.0 said...

Glad you found what you were looking for Vis (AMEN)

Here's an interesting twist to the KONY thing. Holy KONY 2012 wtf ?

Clarity said...

What's up with this?

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012

This could be different things, both good or bad. I'll hope it's good. Does anyone know anything about who put this out?


Clarity said...

This is only 1 1/2 minutes, but I think it's pretty clever and there should be more of this. Wake people up with humor, and the bonus is it pisses off TPTW, as they are totally made fun of.

We the people have been controlled through fear, and what better way to take away that power than to make fun of them, and to show them for the asses they are. I picture them watching a marathon of these, getting more and more infuriated until they explode in complete self-destruction. People have been afraid for a long time. How awesome would it be if the masses just started laughing in their faces. I'm thinking they'd have a little trouble executing their plans while the world laughs at them. That's what came to my mind anyway.

My favorite line, right in the beginning: but enough about ...
(No - I wouldn't give it away!)


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Vis, with respect, Malachi chapter four ends with verse 6. I'm assuming perhaps you meant chapter 3, verse 10: "Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it."

I sense that there are a lot of rats now hoping to abandon a sinking ship; this latest yahoo that bailed out of Goldman Sachs ostensibly did so for honorable reasons but I strongly suspect his real reason has more to do with saving his khazar skin then it does honor. I expect to see quite a few rats turning on each other as they realize the lifeboats were pilfered and holed by fellow rats and ultimately there is no escape off this ship.

I had read your last link earlier today and it is an excellent summing up of the whore riding the beast's back, described in Revelation. The nations hate this whore and will see it left desolate, as Revelation describes. Its fall, I believe, will be roughly commensurate with the fall of Mystery Babylon, which I believe is quite imminent... it might even happen this year.

I for one will rejoice when that happens; I might even indulge in a bit of Schadenfreude when I see bankers brought to justice.

Visible said...

This is the cause of my scriptural error.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

"I was instead of I, is. Or, would that be, I am?"
then in present tense, if am I was then I would say "I wis".

anything I see in the Zionist media (thinking of Brother Lawrence) I am sceptical. regardless of the contents why are they giving publicity to this thing rather than that thing? 10% truth, 20% downright lies, 80% distraction and neglect I reckon.

I appreciate your integrity in this relaxing episode, no point forcing it even though you have the juice for lubrication (truth is a lady).

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I've listened many times to James Petras (a frequent guest on Stephen Lendman's radio show) and as old as I am, those two make me feel like a little kid listening to and trying to absorb the wisdom of favourite uncles discussing world problems at the kitchen table. Thanks for the link to the Petras website -- my usual curiosity failed me because I never searched for it. (Luckily I think I found most of his previous pieces while making the usual rounds of the alternative news sites.)

If anyone is interested the latest Lendman-Petras interview (March 15th) is here ...

There are scores of sorry excuses for politicians who I would love to crazy glue their equally sorry asses to the kitchen floor and force them to listen to Prof. Petras and others as enlightened as he until it finally sinks into their miserable, myopic, zio-mesmerized minds that a self-declared, land-stealing, shitty, rogue, pimple of a state has systematically and with definite malice aforethought led the world to the edge of destruction, all with the full cooperation and complicity of said politicians with said sorry asses. The zio-masters of deceit, aided and abetted by their butt kissing zio-minions, are named and exposed brilliantly by the Petras/Abaya article -- a well researched who’s who of who does what to whom and for what purpose. It’s a keeper for sure.

Richie (Dana) said...

You know what Sir?
You are awesome.
It is so interesting to me to see a real true christian.
I applaud you.

If you get a swelled head about this, it will be your downfall. (Grin)

Gregory F. Fegel said...

To the gardener:

The Dem Party is very much right of center, even on domestic issues, and the Dems are indistinguishable from the Pubs on foreign policy. The Dems are just there to create the illusion that the USA is a democracy and that we have a "left alternative"; the fact is we don't have a viable alternative, left or otherwise. Clinton and Obama leftists? The truth would be funny if it weren't so horrible.

The elitist Oligarchs have the shell game for the rubes
well under control with their bogus "Two Party System".

Allison said...

Good to see Origami back as it is my LV destination of choice :)The crazy animal behavior is really escalating, almost as if the elments themselves are rising in horror at the pungent chitta of man. I saw that Ke$ha got attacked by a seal or some shit like that the other day. Never would have noticed it had it not been for your insights in some posts. Now that I am cognizant of it I am seeing it everywhere. Cue "The End" by the Doors... Love you LV

david griffith said...

Good to know you're still around.

Played your song over a quiet background t.v. session of Leonard Cohen at the Isle if Wight .... and couldn't tell the difference when it comes to tone of voice.

'Like a bird on a wire.' resonates but Dylan's 'Mr Jones' - who doesn't know what's going on - also resonates - almost as much as it did decades ago when I first heard it and thought ...

'ooh....what am I missing?'

Here in Oz, the brilliant flames of Autumn replace the summer that never was and the only problem I've found with being left handed is the inability to use someone else's guitar.


Eamon said...


Let's just say that, although I hold my hands in a fight as if I am a southpaw, my right is really my stronger punching hand...which tends to confuse opponents ;)

Love y'all... may God's grace enable all of us to go with the flow throughout the entire process of dissolution, purification and restoration. Godspeed :)

gerryhiles said...

Dear Vis,

I read most of your posts via Rense - I should get around to a direct subscription, but shit happens in my life too (too often, e.g. last weekend I had two attempted break-ins, plus my invalide "scooter" got vandalized, as it did about 18 months ago, plus death threats then.

Bad Karma? Well I have done nothing much wrong (to harm anyone) in this life and I don't believe in reincarnation, so I have no coherent explanation for how and why I have been attacked, have had three lots of cancer, have lost nearly everything material about four times and have ended up, at 69, with bare essentials materially and with no one I can count on, except for a few "welfare workers", who come and go ... as they stress from the load placed on them by the uncaring psychotics who run this world.

Hey I was once a "carer" as a highly regarded school teacher (not that I realized that at the time)but even people who you once thought of as 'friends' are actually jealous of you (me) and disappear in droves if you (I) get into trouble, such as marital strife.

My theory is that when you (I) get into strife, these fair-weather 'friends' get a subconscious tap that they are just as vulnerable, give or take some twist of "outrageous fortune".

My theory extends to what Maggot Scratcher said, "There is no society, just individuals pursuing self-interest."

Having studied anthropology I already knew that tribal ways of caring about each other had been destroyed and that our species was/is in terminal trouble ... I knew that about 1979, aided by a profound dream about 1976.

In the dream I climbed a mountain and then entered a cave, which narrowed.

A voice said, "If you want to see the wreck of the Titanic (the hubris of Western civilization), then you will have to push very hard ... then I found myself millions of miles from this planet and there was a hole right through it.

Indeed there is ... the total breakdown of social relationships, the psychotic government/banking/Zionist push for war, and the fact that your 'best friend' is probably your worst enemy.

JerseyCynic said...

Chapter 4
v1 Now look! A day will come. On that day, it will be as if there is a very hot fire. And then, every proud man and everybody that does evil (things) will become fuel (for the fire). And on that day, they will burn’, says the *LORD of Everything. ‘Neither a root nor a branch will remain among them. v2 But for you (people) that respect my name (this will happen). The sun of *righteousness will rise with health in its wings (see notes). And you will go out and jump happily. (You will be) like young cows (that people) let out from their pen. v3 Then you will jump on wicked (people). They will be like ashes under your feet on the day when I do these things’, says the *LORD of Everything.

I'm over and out to rudetube, Clarity...

JerseyCynic said...

PATRICK??? wt? gotta wonder who's working his remote control. I don't know what to say ..w? w?
poor guy.. maybe?

Clarity, love those empowering videos! I'll put it through my pass it around email blast. I'm just starting to plow through the comments over there

I've been meaning to ask you all...Does anyone read Denise Lefay? I recently came across her website

Anonymous said...

First, from your last Origami post, henceforth I am going to call you, "Mor Visible".

Don't sell the nebulous short, your last two post amply demonstrate that it is fraught with relevance.

About ten years ago I was standing in front of the Engineering Building at my alma mater, Berkeley.
I spotted a short man looking quite approachable. Turns out he and I had mutual friends, and he said his name was
Lofti Zadeh. I remembered that he was the inventor of "Fuzzy Logic" and tried not to let my awe get in the way of the conversation.

I mention this because my own creativity has blossomed in the last ten years and I attribute it to my own brand of fuzzy logic.
To Wit., we don't need all the building blocks of a mental edifice to be finish hewn before putting them in place. Throw the ideas,
perceptions, and inklings up and, although not always immediately apparent, another part of the mind, albeit sometimes
the collective mind, will connect them, down the road.

Downright Dave

Anonymous said...

Greetings good Sir.

Nobody asks you in person "How do you know you're not an MKULTRA subject?"

Only someone with a disguised agenda would do that.

Who would want to lead you away from examining the very real scourge upon our planet - the zionists?

Everywhere you look the cabal is openly cooking up disharmony, oppression and murder.

Nobody's business is just that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

As you have written - Mr Apocalypse taps his walking stick and outs another scam-crafter:

creator, director of the "Kony '12" video arrested for wandering around high on yet-to-be-determined substance, nude and semi nude, vandalizing automobiles, and masturbating - in public ...


Visible said...

Gee, anonymous 9:56 are you handcuffed to Jason Russell?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Kony 2012 Cuts the Chuck E. Cheese.

Allison said...

I have not even read the post yet and the title has made my day...hahaahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...


you got a really great collection of posters here. That says a lot about you. Some funny and profound crap flyin in here........Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Dear Gregory F. Fegel said...

I am sorry if I posted anything giving you the idea that I am under any delusions about the political machinations of the regime.

I didn't know it until I publically proclaimed it that LOVING RALPH NADER was so unusual. lol

I am in love with Ralph Nader-could not throw away my vote on any evil or lesser of... the selections are just different sides of the same piece of paper-all very blatantly psychopathic gamers-owned by the same masters. *shrugs*

To the issue of "MKultra"-as yet another military kid (Navy) I hope I am not the only one who did a soul check on self to ascertain whether or not I was myself 'got'... not knowing any different due to my military upbringing (as brutal and dysfunctional as ...sigh... les') in adult civilian hindsight there were many experiences that I underwent that I don't know if civilian kids would be privy to.

Luckily for my mother's brood-litter of children-she watched us like a hawk... protected us from the locals' discrimination of us.

I really feel sorry for the military kids of today's world-with many having BOTH parents involved with the military-no sober stable in their 'dependent' lives.

I just found my last military 'dependent' ID card issued in c.early 70s... interesting document.

the gardener searching for a little tin whistle on this glorious day that the Lord hath made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

MiaBellezza said...

Well, Les, I have gone through probably one of the worst weeks in my life with plenty of bizarre things occurring. Funny how you mention fishes as a fish of the color purple comes to mind.

Most bizarre thing was one morning I went to the back door. Fresh powdery snow had fallen and on the door mat was written in snow: !V! and so perfectly drawn that it could not be of a normal occurrence. There was also a dot under the V.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Whistle-Blower Raphsody in Asia Minor.



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