Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Comings and Goings in the Land of the Temporary.

Dog Poet Transmitting.

May your noses always be cold and wet and your minds not be so very dense.

Well now, there is a lot of talk about Obama's falling out with Israel being a stage managed disinfo spectacle. As with so many things, I don't know. So many things now appear to be lies, lies piled on top of lies. It's an incredible growth industry, like the private prison system. Lies are the currency of our times. I have been astounded of late to find out an incredible amount of things, once considered true are just lies. It is staggering and it also points up the fact that the alternative media is riddled with lies and liars. As some of us know, appearances are a lie. They are the fundamental lie. Many who feel they are telling the truth, are misinformed about the things they say and are therefore, liars. There are things coming out now that signal a tremendous sea change in the world atmosphere.

This morning I got up and noticed a very big change in my own life. I don't know what it is but it is a biggie and it is very positive. It has been with me since I rose. I immediately knew that something really big had happened for me but I have no idea what is. It has resulted in my talking to myself all day long at a clip heretofore unseen; talking right out loud, while walking down the street, no doubt to the consternation and amusement of the local inhabitants. For some reason, it all seems perfectly normal, although there is nothing normal about me, except that I am normally not normal. As Bruce Cockburn once said in his song, “The Trouble with Normal”, “the trouble with normal is, it always gets worse”. Abnormal is the new normal. As the world descends into more and more lies and confusion, it proceeds by increments. What this means is that it is difficult to track back to much earlier times, when things were different than they are now. It also goes around corners and you can't see back around the corner.

My defense against this phenomenon, is that I attempt to reside in the timeless, where nothing important changes. The ordinary procedures and deployments that take place in the temporary world are to come to terms with the temporary as if it was real. It's not. As said, appearances are the fundamental lie of the manifest world. This is a condition that most people suffer from and they store up their treasures in the land of the temporary and their treasures are temporary and so then are they, coming and going through the revolving door of coming and going. They repeat themselves over and over, without being aware of it because the tenets and truths of their comings and goings are hidden from them.

I'm in a really good mood and I have no idea why. I have been saying some of the most ridiculous things and making myself laugh as a result. Star-fleet Commander Visible got some kind of an upgrade or promotion and that, of course, is good news. I'm hoping every one of you will be getting an upgrade or a promotion, unless you are a Hasbara or a troll. We are then hoping you get a downgrade, or a demotion and that all of your efforts and aspirations are met with frustration and failure. I guess that's okay, since everything they engage in, is to the general disadvantage of the rest of us.

We are refugees in search of light. Down the road, up the road we go and where we stop, nobody knows, or something like that. I want more light. I want a constant increase in light, for better seeing and a finer, more pervasive awareness. This is what I want. I don't much want all the temporary things that surround us. These things come and go and the funny thing about possessions is that you don't have to do anything to wind up with them. They have some mysterious reproductive cycle. They breed in the night somehow. They are not the only things that breed in the night or, would that darkness?

Something has definitely changed in my existence. It's palpable. It's strange and I am behaving like a looney bird. I'm not in the same vector that I was in yesterday. You know how it is when something radical happens in life, something radically good? You get all light footed and playful and even a bit absurd. That's how I am at the moment. The world that was here before is now gone and I'm not all worked up about it putting in another appearance. It was a world that stayed around well past its due date and there was a sense that it was never going to change and then? It did.

Routines were just repeating themselves. Things that were tormenting me, kept on tormenting me, in my comings and goings, through the same consistent landscape. Meanwhile, 2012 hasn't cracked up to be anything like the 2012 that a lot of us expected, at least no so far. That can all change in a heartbeat though.

I get the distinct feeling that someone is approaching me, someone I haven't seen before or haven't seen in a long time. Some things I've been waiting for, for a long time, are on their way but, I'm not sure exactly what they are. It seems like I should know what they are but I don't. I don't know much about things that concern me personally. They are very much hidden and, as always, there is a very good reason. There is a very good reason for a great many things but we aren't given to know what those are either. Usually the powers that were, manufacture bogus reasons for everything. Otherwise we make them up on our own.

People seem to have a serious reluctance to seek a deeper meaning for things. They don't like to look at what is hiding in plain sight. Really unpleasant things are going on in the oppressed regions. This particular region is Central Banker Heaven, although it is no kind of Heaven. The general population of them are demons. They are on their way to their natural home and what they have been up to is coming to an end. Yes, the general public has had blinders on for a very long time. They don't want to know what they fear to be true. Therefore it is fear that rules them. There is no joy in such an existence. It is an empty and vacuous place. It lacks real substance because everything is on the surface. We live in a place where trivia is rampant on a field of ignorance. The one-eyed God of television is the living room altar. The governments are bankrupt. The economy is bankrupt. The religions are bankrupt. The culture is bankrupt. The winds of change are on the doorstep. We started out chasing the wind and now the wind is chasing us.

The bad guys, right on cue, have been exposed and are being more and more exposed by Mr. Apocalypse. In many cases they are bragging about their venomous practices. The conscienceless rich, are hypnotized by terrible excesses. They are a 3-D horror story. They are the architects of endless war.

Everyone who is here is here for a reason. They may not know what it is but they are here all the same. Seven billion people are here. Some kind of grand denouement is coalescing in the ethers. A small collection of remorseless psychopaths are destroying the quality of life for everyone. They came here from that far country of dumbass for a can of Whoopass. It's the time of judgment and the turning of the age and those who can't turn, will play follow the leader into the annals of infamy, or is that anals?

The things I see are all a kind of cosmic choreography. Everything fits into place, unless you don't see it and then all kinds of things are hidden, or replaced with a schematic that fits the theme people want to believe in. People adjust their viewpoints to harmonize with what they want to believe, based on what they think they want, until they get it and realize that it's not what they really wanted because that emptiness is still there.

What is real and what is not? That's something we have to come to terms with but this is constantly and continuously avoided. In the end, it's all false memory and sustained regret. Did all of those things happen? Did they happen the way we think they did? The clock keeps ticking and time goes by. Things don't get fixed because they need to be broken, to justify all the bad shit that goes down. Everything could have been fixed a long time ago and so many better dreams could have come to pass but this did not happen. Perhaps they will still happen. Perhaps they will.

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God in Country by Les Visible


Anonymous said...

blessed are the pure in heart...

... even a simple request will be granted when the supplicant is pure in heart...

a pure language has been purged from all the words that do not work

onward and upward effortlessly floating above the "FRAY"...{manufacured chaos}

blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness

the braindeadgoy watched 9/11 on Talmudvision...

further affiant sayeth nought

for the peace and dignity of the soil

we all need more light

missingarib said...

Vis, for some it is given to paint,to write, to dance while the majority demonstrate the "visions that were planted in my brain still remains within the sound of silence" as sung by old Paul Simon. The most reveling was offered by a certain mr Zimmerman a la desolation row:

"they're selling postcards of the hanging, they're painting
the passports brown
The beauty parlor is filled with sailors, the circus is in
Here comes the blind commissioner, they've got him in a
One hand is tied to the tight-rope walker, the other is in
his pants
And the riot squad they're restless, they need somewhere to
As Lady and I look out tonight, from Desolation Row

Einstein, disguised as Robin Hood with his memories in a
Passed this way an hour ago with his friend, a jealous monk
He looked so immaculately frightful as he bummed a cigarette

As he when off sniffing drainpipes and reciting the alphabet

Now you would not think to look at him, but he was famous
long ago
For playing the electric violin on Desolation Row

Dr. Filth, he keeps his world inside of a leather cup
But all his sexless patients, they're trying to blow it up
Now his nurse, some local loser, she's in charge of the
cyanide hole
And she also keeps the cards that read, "Have Mercy on His
They all play on the penny whistles, you can hear them blow
If you lean your head out far enough from Desolation Row

Now at midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone that knows more than they do
Then they bring them to the factory where the heart-attack
Is strapped across their shoulders and then the kerosene
Is brought down from the castles by insurance men who go
Check to see that nobody is escaping to Desolation Row"

Still if I had a rocket launcher
I most likely would have less to say!

live long

Anonymous said...

Everytime I want to go chasing the trucks going to the slave plantation, saying "Take me with you. I want to be a slave again. Being a loser is easy. I need company scrip to get things from the comp'ny sto. Erase my mind again and make it blissful.", you turn me around. I have to be the most indoctrinated slave ever. The presence of the ring made me a gollum.

Look at their mythologies creeping into their work; blackholes, wormholes, dark matter, pools of slime, all quintessentially portrayed by a person who can't stand up and speaks with a synthesized voice. That much is just perfect. Maybe dark matter would fill up their black holes. Maybe dark matter comes out of their black holes. Maybe both.

Our jobs are harder. A person could spend a month making a gallon of perfume and all they have to do is come along and put a fly in it. The good news is: we can do our job, whatever it is. To him whom much is given, much is expected.

You shine in the smoke belched from the pit, reliably.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Gratitude arises spontaneously.
As i awoke this morning, 4 am as usual, also a sense of a big inner change. Still processing the nature and significance of it, the impact.
As Ronald Reagan said ' It is not that the Democrats do not know anything it is just that the things they know about, they are misinformed.' he is not a hero of mine by any means, maybe he was drunk at the time, or it was his inner child being given a chance to speak.....
Yes indeed, it seems that the emotional body is starting to integrate what the intellect was perceiving , it is a world full of conscious liars, or the misinformed.........
Be well Mas Visible, your epistles are appreciated by me.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew, and your nose wet, and smelling the Rose scent......

PS the 'robot check' is akfour 9, ak '13'.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me, Visible. Woke up early today and all the negative crap had simply gone away. A page has been turned. A bridge has been crossed. A shark has been jumped. And it's all good.

How, precisely, does one keep a lid on the truth? It can't be done. The truth always wells up, from the sheer weight of its presence - like oil bubbling out of the ground. And that most definitely wouldn't be "peak" oil, made of rotting dinosaur carcasses. That would be abiotic oil, which is created naturally in the earth, and replenishes itself over and over no matter how many wells they cap and pretend aren't there, so as to drive up the prices.

They have tried so desperately, for so very long, to keep a lid on the truth, but now the caps are coming off. And there's no stopping it. Full speed ahead. Balls to the wall. The more lies they tell, the more the truth comes out. The tighter they squeeze, the faster they commit suicide. ("Would you like fries with those lies, sir? I might recommend the flies instead - they go better with the worms that will soon eat your eyes...")

The ways things were, are finally coming to a close.

"Carry is is coming to us all..."

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nourishment, Visible. There’s only two places I’ve ever seen “normal;” on a washing machine and on a camera. It’s merely a designation designed to box you in. Just look at who is defining normal for you and you’ll have your answer(s). Like loads of things, normal does not exist. And watt we have heyah issa fahyah tah cahmunehkate. Love Serena

Clarity said...

Visible, I do hope that the good you feel is a sign of what is coming for you (and that you did not write this for the purpose of demonstration). You have fooled me before!

People seem to have a serious reluctance to seek a deeper meaning for things. They don't like to look at what is hiding in plain sight.

I always felt I looked too hard for the deeper meaning, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I have made myself a little crazy on occasion...

Beautiful song today.

mikem - I saw your response but this is my first time commenting since. I loved it. If I can find the time, I'd like to check out that book. Keep on being you.

MiaBellezza - I was wondering where you've been. It was good to see your name again.

Ray B. - Your comments are always interesting!

Wondering about lightandlongshadows and a few others. Hope all are well.

There are many here, often anonymous, who post some very valuable and interesting information. Thank you for sharing. I learn so much here.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

7 billion people won the lottery, in fact.

A golden opportunity to realize, whether living on top of the mountain or in the dump.

Only a fraction of a fraction of either will truly cash in their ticket, this life.


Because the Lord gives everyone everything they wish for.

It's not a matter of being blessed.
It's a matter of accepting.

mike m said...

Yup, the "new normal":

The New Normal - Official NBC Site

Two gay dads and a baby mama create a totally new kind of family comedy. ... SERIES PREMIERE SEPT 11 TUESDAYS 9:30/8:30c. Main

Lee said...

I recall the time I received a progress report from my English teacher, Mr. Bennett. I was in the 9th grade or freshman as some people call it. It read, "Lee is easily satisfied with the caliber of work he is doing". I was devastated.

I really thought I was doing well, but Mr. Bennett was way smarter than I was and nailed me.

Due to his effort and encouragement, I became interested in books written Dickens and others.

The point I am trying to make is that many of us are easily satisfied by the slop that is fed to us.

Mr. Bennett like Les Visible, took the time to wake me up. There is a grand world of knowledge out there and all we have to do is open up our eyes and read a book.

Dammerung said...

I'm utterly convinced that the Bad Guys win. When your only hope is a literal miracle or suspension of natural laws how they've always been, you ain't got much of a hope at all. Sure maybe the Ashtar Command Bodhisattvas are going to save us at the last second. But frankly, I wouldn't count on it. Bernanke just shat down QE infinity and gasoline just got a little pricier. The Little Guy loses again.

Zoner said...

If we're all checking in I will add that my transition was to a far deeper sense of utter helplessness and loss of attachment to this world. I surrender. Nothing works anymore, or could be called "normal".

Can't say if it was "good" or "bad", but it is very real and quite pervasive.

Something washed over some of us it seems.

Be well, people.


katz said...

I woke up this morning w a headache from eating too much apple pie the nite bf. I walked down the long flights of stairs to discover that once again, I need to call the plumber. Thankfully, I know a good man who can clear my pipes.

not that any of that matters, but I decided that the Libyan massacre was a result of the NATO massacre, closely following it as karmic revenge, w a dose of darned tired of American queers w superiority they raped him like they did to Gadaffi.

Meanwhile, once again, Israel instigated riots with their below quality movies....Moslems should ignore all Jewish films as pointless and w/o value.

someone needs to tell that wooden-headed moron bamney er Romney, to STFU bc those Moslems might think he's gay as well......

Anonymous said...

Life goes on...

We all keep on truckin'
what other choice do we have ?

Sometimes I wake up and want to go straight back to sleep.
Dreams are fun.
Life is dull..
99.99999% of the time.

When I was a young lad I couldn't tell the teachers what I wanted to be 'when I grew up'.
Didn't understand the question.
Still don't.
"When I grow up I want to be a useful member of society, a wage slave, a money junky.
I want/need to earn lots and lots of money so that I can buy lots and lots of useless shit that I don't even need and hopefully be attractive to the opposite sex"

"Good lad!"

It's the waiting..that's the hardest part.

♫♪ You know shes waiting Just anticipating The thing that you'll never, never, never, never, never possess Yeah, yeah ♪♫

Never's all temporary anyway.

Love and all That.

UselessEater U.K

Anonymous said...

Feathers dancing in the midday sun
Luminous gatherings in a token of the wind
Wild intoxicating spontaneously harmonising
Overflowing circles going round deep within
Love glows golden flowing everywhere
Pouring sunshine at the feet of heavens grace
Emanating unifying fields of open butterfly's
Draws the chords along a sweep of heart embraced
Along the names of the colors of the rainbow
Trails of songs flying hearts on summer bees
Universal blossoms infinite everlasting
Strumming vibration livened waves in the sea
Of dreams that dream opening wings of an eagle
Energetic notes beaming essence of sublime
Courses rolling charging heightening the liver
The heart the soul the love of all one mind


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

we should all ignore Jewish films, but there wouldn't be much left.
case in point
Agora. I was wondering how long before the holocaust was reeancted.

personally, winning the peace that I anticipate towards, perhaps being a challenge I anticipate forgiveness, moderation, and perhaps taking my orders from the one who set it all up for me (and presumably made the suffering worth while and for a reason).

2nd part of this Keiser report, allegations of heinous crimes in an Orphanage on an Isle of Doctor Moreau (B.Econ, B.Acc, Nobel peace Prize, Rhodes Scholar etc.) Actually
Jersey, HM's jurisdiction.
We are not amused.

preacher said...

The spark in the powderkeg..

Angry protests spread over anti-Islam film

And so easy to make.
I saw twice explicit 13:13 today.

insiam said...

I haven't read anything as yet regarding Obama's fallout with Israel being disinfo. But i have thought that all along. I mean come on it is the same script as the last run up to election. Paint the guy you want to win as a peace maker and the loser as a war hawk. Never mind the facts as the masses are too dumb to think anyhow.

When Obama is reelected things will proceed as planned.

Anyone can see how the masses are brainwashed and how they react as per script, according to latest sound bite news, by simply looking at yahoo news comments on whatever the day's propaganda topic may be.

Straight from the pages of 1984.

preacher said...

Diplomat Killed in Libya Told Fellow Gamers: Hope I ‘Don’t Die Tonight’

"... he was a popular figure known as “Vile Rat,” and alternately as “Vilerat” while volunteering as a moderator at the internet community Something Awful."

dyGray 23?

Anonymous said...

I didn't wake up feeling the usual - which is utter hopelessness and despair. Instead I felt unusually motivated to 'let it all go' and believe that the awesome life I desire is already here. I still had moments of doubt throughout the day, but it was easier to override the negativity with happy visualizations. On any other day, that would be close to impossible to achieve. Something is most definitely afoot and here's to things only getting exponentially better for those of us that truly deserve it.

Obama did tell Netenyahoo to basically fuck off, so there is hope that israhell will be forced to eat a big bag of shit and like it. The question is, would they still be insane enough to attack Iran w/o the US backing them and risk being blown off the map? One can only hope....

Glad to hear that things are finally turning a corner for you Les. Thank you for the uplifting blog post and the words of encouragement. May the infinite bless you and everyone here 100 fold for all of our hardship and pain from living in this twilight world.


Anonymous said...

"Show business is an extension of the Jewish religion." -- John Lennon

MachtNichts said...

In the dying days of our present, ever so materialistic world, there seems to be an urgency of the younger generation to experience the excesses, even being part of the 99%. May be, they know there is not much time left. And, may be they are prepared for take-off but still are too much intwined with this delusion.

A car is not enough, a truck is not enough, a 6in lift on said truck doesn't do it. Then there is a dirt bike and a quad. Never mind a boat and a ski-doo.

What I'm trying to say is that some of the young whipper snappers are not spiritually unaware. They are out for their own enjoyment without necessarily neglecting their fellow citizens.

I know, Vis, this is something you have written about a lot. And, I agree it boils down to a matter of degree and the karma involved.

Sheesh, don't even know if this was on topic. Someone made me do it. Silvia

John Rambo said...

"I'm hoping every one of you will be getting an upgrade or a promotion, unless you are a Hasbara or a troll. We are then hoping you get a downgrade, or a demotion and that all of your efforts and aspirations are met with frustration and failure."

Kind of strong language, dude.

My logical question that is presented to you in as respectful and polite a fashion as possible is this:

It is okay for you to judge "trolls", jews or whatever, but it's NOT okay for others to judge the level of hypocrisy that western, specifically American, women now exhibit daily?

So far, I have been HATED ON, merely for asking the question "Are women willing to hold their fellow women accountable for their crimes on an equal level to that of men?"

Just for asking such a question, I have been slandered and been called a woman hater, a pedophile, a criminal, a terrorist, etc, etc, etc.

Now if you look at a place like India or the Muslim world, and you ask such a question? Most men will agree with you.

Why is it that western men are so sexist and discriminatory towards women that they refuse to treat women as EQUALS and hold them accountable for their crimes, the same way they would hold a MAN accountable for his crimes?

Is it not hypocrisy, brother?

With respects,


Anonymous said...

It is fun to think aloud or talk to yourself and laugh at silliness. It keeps you young. Make sure and have a good laugh every day it will keep the doctor away.

Big Jim's Smart Paint (Dumbass)

Skepticfrog said...

Kid yourself not, the diplomat in Libya was killed to achieve a specific purpose, by the PTB. He was plain sacrificed.
Two professional photographers watched the video on TV in my presence (this is no hearsay), and they both immediately noted (with surprise): The cameras were not hand-held but on tripod(!), and the camera equipment was professional grade (sharpness, color, resolution, lens). So the filming of the "show" was organized, predetermined, with professionals set-up on the spot, recording the "show" for the (stupid) public's consumption. Now, who could do that?

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a free download of Michael Collins Piper's book The Judas Goats. It details the 'controlled opposition' in American public life.

the gardener said...

Oh dude Rambo...whatever are you blathering on about? Go crawl back up your mother's vagina and gestate a while longer.

My best friend and I held our one minute of hate fest on Condi Rice the other morning... which quickly turned into a giggles and shit fest going over that funny video where Condi is standing all straight and stuff holding up 'her' book at a Barnes and Noble event held... just for her! And the bulbs (...) are poppin' and the questions (...) at this prefab fake event start coming... mainly commands like 'Condi-look here! Condi! ' and this guy says after he tells her to 'smile' which she does... her big red juicy vagina full of teeth smile and he says 'Condi what did you do at the Bilderberg's? Why is it secret Condi' and she just stupidly comes back to 'life' and says something dumb like 'this... is my book' then slithers away fast.

But they aren't done with her yet. They're across the street from the manufactured event... with bullhorns... and she's got like an entire hard armed squadron protecting her from... three people with bullhorns... her people have like... Oozies... and they bundle trundle her inside the van like a kidnap victim and with full police protection whisk her out of a big city venue.

They were shouting with bullhorns statements like 'YOU'RE A KILLER' you're a war criminal and will be prosecuted Condi!' What were you doing at Bilderberg's Condi?" ... with those arms pointed RIGHT AT THEM... three of the little people armed only with their MOUTHS... and laser focused wits.

It was a funny vid... 'Condi promoting her book'... it was funny seeing all the big money spent on Condi... all the big protection spent on Condi... all that energy... spent on Condi.

Felt great, alive, hopeful with intentions Thursday the 13th... though had no more reasons for such than on the 12th...but then saw that Time Zero vid with the 'novelty' graph lines taking a dive to the bottom of the line with some 'novelty' happening the 16th... SUN day... yay for SUN days. Then the 17th a dive to the bottom of that charting... how novel!


the gardener

PS-also noticed yesterday (thursday) tons of the little birds back around... maybe to harvest all the seed plants like the thistles etc...but haven't seen them for a while-glad they were all happy and doing their little bird things.


I was hooked into a Roxy Music's spree--- a nice little vacay back to the early 80s-where Michael Lutin says we got into a 'spell set' which is ended by the Saturn return of that time line... now. Thirty years already. Like a sleepy time spell 30 year war...

the gardener said...

PS-here in theocracy land the kids had their annual bonfire where to start the party jammin... they beat the shit out of some old car on the field with sledgehammers etc with everyone who wants to getting to slay the beast sleigh like its 1999.... a little fest with a humongous burning fire to start off the festivities known as 'homecoming'... just to burn off all those virginal frustrations. lol

the gardener

Anonymous said...

I have been noticing an increasing trend on the boob tube lately. Commercials and television shows depicting white, non-Jewish males as drooling idiots and complete morons worthy of the scorn and contempt of women, children, and males of all other races and creeds. There's a Little Caesar's pizza commercial running these days, wherein a white male in his 30's rushes into a pizza joint to buy a $5 pepperoni. He's excited, and whips his shirt off like an idiot, and some black man in the background chastises him and he puts it back on. There's an insurance commercial wherein a white male in his 30's walks into the room, right after his wife says, "We love the freebees our insurance company gives us." And the white male has on a beekeeper outfit, and the wife speaks to him like he's a little child, and says, "No's 'freebees' not 'free bees'..." There's another series of insurance commercials wherein a white male in his 40's is portrayed as yet another idiotic stooge. His wife is the "smart one", because when the "hot Black insurance agent" easily defuses her moronic husband's queries about the insurance "products" the Black agent is peddling, she bashes him and chastises him and tells him to shut up, and then makes eyes at the "hot Black insurance agent".

On pretty much every single situation comedy in existence (none of which I watch, but see commercials for frequently), the white male lead character is an emasculated buffoon, who is surrounded by women who constantly cut him down, and children who do the same thing (most especially his own children). You see it virtually everywhere; it's very pervasive and in your face. And because of this subliminal brainwashing, if you venture out into the world and have the misfortune of being a white non-Jewish male, and you find yourself surrounded by women and/or children and/or Black males, they will bash you, ignore you, act superior - and if that doesn't make you succumb and act subservient, they will throw fits like little children on "Toddlers With Tiaras" and/or scream and verbally assault you in an attempt to express "dominance" and "act like their cool peers do on TV".

I am now of the opinion that white males are the least malleable of all the two-legged humanoids - thus, they are being mercilessly assailed via these mainstream media brainwashing techniques. Or, "programming techniques", might be a better phrase. (Interesting that they call the whole operation, "television programming".)

Women are extremely malleable, I truly do believe, and are much more susceptible to having behavioral traits thrust upon them, than is the case for men (white men, most especially). Thus, they get obsessed with things like shopping, losing weight, wearing makeup, getting breast implants, looking "hot", being politically correct, avoiding being "racist", etc. And I think that's a result of this constant MSM brainwashing as well.

Just some observations on a dreary Friday morning in the U.S. of A. Hope I don't get hung on a cross for expressing my observations and opinions here, but hey, if so, it will probably come courtesy of a brainwashed, man-hating woman. In which case I will forgive her in advance, knowing what she is up against, and I will also do a preemptive strike prior to that happening, by saying, as a perpetual rebuttal, in advance of her oncoming scorn, "I rest my case."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

Riding a Water Buffalo into the Parts Unknown.

Skepticfrog said...

insiam: "When Obama is reelected things will proceed as planned."

1. We know that the voting is rigged, there is not only testimony, but empirical evidence to that fact. Consider: since electronic (computerized) voting machines are in use, exit polls and published voting results differ significantly. You must be a real dummy not to be able to draw the correct conclusions to this "anomaly".
2. The public's mind-conditioning by the media of O'bummer's continuance has just begun. This AM it was announced, that according to "two polls" Bummer is surging ahead of Mitrom. (Not that Mitrom would be an improvement - but the PTB prefers Bummer - it seems).
Bummer can be blackmailed on three significant levels: 1. Birth cert.; 2. Homosexuality; 3. His real political commitment (communism/socialism). There may be others as well.
In the eyes of the PTB Mitrom may not be quite as controllable just in case push comes to shove.

So this is how it's done. Bummer would be the loser in a REAL election, but they'll just fix/rig the voting. If people wonder how come he won, they already have been planted the idea via the "poll results" that the "majority" would vote for Bummer, never mind they don't personally know anybody who has voted or would vote for him.

In a way it's amusing to watch this farce, and how this spectacularly stupid populace laps it right up, and they'll actually will go and vote. Unbelievable.

mike m said...

Friday, September 14, 2012 3:52:00 PM

Did you also notice that all the fat, ugly, obnoxious jew characaters are depicted as "cool" and "funny" and they always have goodlooking female partner?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. John Rambo,

Behavior is not discriminatory.


Skepticfrog said...

Odin's Raven:
You provided this link:
I went there. Pushed the "download" button. So what comes up? "You MUST be logged in to download a document.
Log in with Facebook" Facebook, hmmm?
Well, we (I) KNOW what Facebook is about. FYI: It's a personal-data mine and readily accessible repository of personal info for the you-know-who.
My conclusion is that they want to know WHO read this book. (I guess I'm paranoid - but it has paid off so far in my life).
There was a period in the country where I'm from, where the mere reading or possession of certain books got you killed. So I'm mindful of this - and yes, paranoid; history can, and has repeated itself. And the SAME ethnic minority runs now this country (US) as it run that one at that time. I KNOW what they did and were capable of. I don't expect them to be any different THIS time. The prove time-after-time that they haven't changed one iota.

Skepticfrog said...

John Rambo:
With this women-thing you're trying the old propaganda/influence book tactic: Side track the theme and discussion into something totally different, unrelated and preferably superfluous.
This crowd here is more educated and sophisticated than fall for this simple-minded tactic.
I believe you have to do much better here, or ply your simpleton tricks elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Gardener @3:24

RE: the nose dive on the 17th--It's Happy jew Year on the 16th, don't forget; Kosh-Er-shana.




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