Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Meaning of Life is the Meaning of Ourselves.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Never have I seen it so crazy as it is right now. This morning I went looking for our dog Alfie. He was nowhere to be found. I was pretty sure the lady who rents the apartment below our house had lost him because he is always hanging out there. I couldn't find him anywhere. I search the house. Finally I looked in the basement, into a locked room; doors locked on both sides and... and? He was in there. There is no earthly explanation for this. It defies the laws of gravity, possibility, whatever. I wasn't down there and there is no way he got past the door on his own. Inexplicable, totally inexplicable. Good thing I found him and would not stop looking. He woulda been toast in a couple of days; worse than toast actually.

I can't figure out what is going on. There's a chain letter going around that has to do with me; first I heard about it. All kinds of things are taking place without my knowledge. How strange is strange? It's stranger than strange. It's new and improved strange. It's reconstituted strange. It's strange with asterisks. It's stranger than fiction. It makes fiction look like dead things that go bump in the night.

Welcome, welcome to Dog Poet Transmitting and the saucer pod where we seldom know what's happening but we do our best. We seek meaning. We seek authenticity. We seek truth. We seek. Tonight we are sailing in the saucer pod across lands yet to be created, across new landscapes yet to be invented. We seek, the undefined and the indefinable. We are like you, buffeted by winds and words that come out of nowhere. Is it real? Is anything real? We are not here, we are everywhere.

Massive changes await. We don't know what they are. Massive changes await both within and without. It is intimidating, certainly frightening, scary stuff. Stuff that waits in the darkness which is potential light unrevealed. It's not really darkness. We are the darkness, like being in a womb, unborn. Somehow we got things backwards. We saw darkness as light and light as darkness so when the darkness speaks to us it seems like light and when the light speaks to us it sounds like darkness.

How far away is the thing that we seek? Our mind tells us it is far ahead somewhere, off to the side, behind us perhaps but somewhere out of reach, always out of reach and it has remained out of reach for lifetimes, following life times. It is not far away at all and that is why we can't find it. It's part of us. It is inside us. It is closer to us than we are to ourselves. It is waiting for the moment of surrender and that is what all these difficulties of life are about. They are there to break us down, to show us what our helplessness is and we cannot surrender until we see and embrace our helplessness. As long as we do not recognize our helplessness. We are helping ourselves to avoid what we are in the defense of what we are not. We are living as what we are not and that is why we are on the wheel of pursuing what we are and we go on as what we are not finding new variations of what we are not and there is no end to the variations of what we are not and each variation of what we are not looks like some new variation of what we are. There are no variations to what we are. It is non-variable and we cannot bear the sameness of what we are. It is our inability to bear the sameness that forces us to seek the variable. This is why we are sensation seekers. This is why we embrace trivia.

We have no we. We have me and me is not real so the real of me we do not have either. Does this make sense? We certainly hope so. This is a massive stumbling block. It is why we do not connect with ourselves and we do not connect with others. The unreal in us cannot connect to the real in others. People sit at the feet of masters for their whole lives but do not get what is being emanated and projected from within, as an expression of what is real in everyone. They are focused on the external expression of something that cannot be represented by that. It is merely the transmitting device. You cannot fall in love with the transmitting device but you do. That is not why the teacher is there. It is the same with the teacher within. We are that teacher within. We are not the transmitting device that we imagine ourselves to be. We go on thinking of ourselves as the flute instead of the flute player. It's why we can't make the real music that the flute contains.

I'm hoping we can get to the heart of things and not continue to see ourselves as the chest which contains the heart or even the heart rather than what the heart contains. We are focused on the husk instead of the kernel. The kernel knows itself. The husk knows nothing. The husk is like the chaff as opposed to the wheat. The chaff does not bring forth new wheat.

On and on it goes and where it stops, nobody knows because, we are all nobody lacking the essential somebody. How did we get into this predicament? You can say that it started in what is called the Garden of Eden and our being cast out of paradise is what it is all about. We cast out, so we are told because we ate the apple and discovered that we were naked and felt ashamed so we hid from the lord. What does it all mean?

All these scriptures that we read have a deeper meaning that what we are reading. Who is reading these things? The false self is reading them. How can they mean anything to the false self? They mean something to the false self, insofar as the false self can find meaning appropriate to the false self. You hear talk about the hidden mysteries. You may have read about these mysteries. You may know about the veil of the High Priestess. You may have heard about passing behind the veil of the High Priestess which closes forever behind the neophyte who is no longer a neophyte. There is no High Priestess outside of you. The High Priestess is within, in a secret place within. She discloses the truth to the seeker. This truth cannot be gained anywhere else. It goes deeper and deeper within and you are no longer what you were. There is no longer the one that you were. This is a process of initiation. There is a great temple within. There are residents there. They mean something. They are archetypes. They are resonating eternals. They make up the components of what you really are. They are the vibrating housing of the infinite. What I am saying is what I am saying and not what I am saying. Faith is the substance of things unseen. Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen. You are the origin of things unseen.

Why is it so seemingly impossible for us to arrive at the Christed state? Why are we so full of doubt? Why we see and not see? Why do we hear and yet not hear? Why do we fear external authority and give it power over us when it has no power? Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world. If God is for me, who can be against me? We hear these phrases and we think we know what they mean but why are we not employing them? Why do we not employ what we hear? How can we hear something and remain deaf to it? How can we see something and not see it? This is a mystery, isn't it? This is a great and enduring mystery. How can we tremble on the web of the great spider of Maya and have it drink our blood and be unaware that it is happening to us? How can we drink of the dream waters, the waters of Lethe and seek deeper sleep? This is not our real self doing this. This is our false self dragging us deeper and deeper into the murk. We are trying to hide from ourselves but we cannot accomplish that, not forever. Meanwhile our suffering continues unabated. Our suffering is the hallmark of our struggle. Why do we struggle? We struggle against surrender because we are unwilling to trust. We are unwilling to trust because we lack the faith and we lack the faith because we put both our trust and faith in what is not real. If we had but the faith of a mustard seed. If we had but the faith of a mustard seed.

What is going on? What is going on? What is not going on? Why do we walk around massive lies that we know to be massive lies and are indifferent to this? Why do we carry the truth around with us and are indifferent to it? Fear plays a great part in all of this. We fear exposing the existence of the lies to ourselves. It's the Emperor's New Clothes. All the truth we need to know is revealed in children's fables. We find ourselves unable to become as a little child. What is going on? Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we always hurt the one we love and cater to those who hurt us? C'mon people, get with the program. Who is this program being brought to us by? Who is the sponsor?

We are watching a lie take place every day and we are encouraging it. It makes us feel in solidarity with our fellows. We cannot bear the great aloneness but we are alone. We have always been alone because we are disconnected. Death is our greatest friend because death continually free us from the snares we get ourselves caught in. We rail against our liberator and we crucify him, over and over again. Thus ends the written portion of our communication today. This is a part of tonight's radio show and you will have that sometime this weekend. I felt it important to put this into writing so you would have it.

End Transmission.......

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

The radio show will be up some time this weekend.


Anonymous said...

After a telepathic episode with Alfie,he assures me he won't ever be going to that place again,,,,
Luckily it was only a short visit,,,Alfie says he will be right as rain very soon,,,,,

Also Alfie mentioned how he loves his master,,,,
And through all these trials and tribulations he will persevere

Love neil

bholanath said...

Serious, and ecstatic thanks and praises.
Searching and finding the dog, a bonus!

Anonymous said...

A moth spies a candle
And flies into the flame
Fried wings and moth entrails
Drip on to the plate below

A blind man dips his bread
Tastes the molten goo - and swoons
Thinking it the finest gravy
His caretaker has ever made

Heaven is a state of mind...

Clarity said...

What an important post today, Visible.

It's part of us. It is inside us. It is closer to us than we are to ourselves. It is waiting for the moment of surrender and that is what all these difficulties of life are about.

This is key, and it's what so many don't "get". How do you get it? I don't know. I only woke up a year ago, and I don't know why or how. My guess is that is has to do with listening to the inner voice. That has been difficult for me... how to discern the inner voice from my thoughts, questions, analyses... I never knew what was what.

Maybe it's because I've been so busy in the past month, but I haven't had as much time to think. And I very recently realized that I will get a message in my mind. It sits there patiently until I notice it. And when I do, I discover it to be truth, coming from the higher power within. Questioning it just makes things more confusing, and it tends to drive me crazy. I just accept it and know it to be true.

Why are we so full of doubt? Why we see and not see? Why do we hear and yet not hear? Why do we fear external authority and give it power over us when it has no power? Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.

Everything around us is a huge distraction. There are real dangers and there are things thrown out just to cause more fear, and they also add a little confusion into the mix. These things have been planned and the plans have been carried out for a long time now. Their goal is to keep us from arriving at the Christed stated because when we realize who we are, and how powerful we are, they will lose everything. Those are big stakes. No wonder they've been fighting so hard. They've done a damn good job of it, but not good enough.

During this time, I've also noticed some small changes in people. It's only here and there, and it could be easy to miss. People - random people - strangers with whom I interact.... Some of them are acting just a little bit differently. They are waiting those few extra seconds to hold the door open, smiling more than before, and especially, those brief, obligatory exchanges with a store employee, clerk, or even a person on line, are being extended. They are lasting longer, and getting a little more personal, and more positive.

I think when you find certain things within, it changes what comes out. I am thinking more in terms of a feeling, an aura, a vibration.... something not deliberate or consciously done. Some people are reacting to it. As this happens to more people, it will continue to spread. Perhaps this is the way things will work out as they should. We just need enough people to find what is within.

I could be wrong, but until then, I'll enjoy the positive changes. On that note, I have a friend from work who is newly "officially" awakened, and she was interested in the links to these blogs. I hope she is reading here today. Welcome girlie! I am so happy to have you on board.

From PD:

Em, I will be checking out that podcast. Thank you.

preacher - I appreciate the link. I didn't have the required flash where I was, but will be looking at it shortly.

Neil, I love you back. Keep shining your light with those beautiful poems.

Vis - waiting for the picture and a ride, but I still love you. (grin)

@anon... Woof! Smoofies!


Clarity said...

Neil... that was you???

I thought... it is... it isn't.... it is... it isn't....

I decided it wasn't.

When you venture off the path every once in a while, it keeps things interesting around here!


Mouser said...

Thank you for these timely gems. Great questions you ask.

I have been thinking about what is going on and the following is my take. I'm sorry it is more practical than spiritual, considering what you have just writen and that this is Origami.

I believe the conquering of lands is taking place by paper. Those seeking to control the world have lent the separate countries 'money' at interest in order to put each country into unrepayable debt. All legalised by laws in each country. Gradually the debts will be called in by the lender and the governments of each country will have no legal choice but to 'sell' the land of the country to those who own the paper debt slips. All legal in each country. Once those conquering the world by paper have acquired all the land in each country they can declare that land off-limits to the former citizens. Agenda 21 comes directly to mind.

In the final result a handful of individual families will own all of the land on earth and all other people will be landless serfs, easily enslaved to work for food and shelter to the world owners.

Paper money and gold have no real value, but land that provides everthing needed to live is infinitely valuable. Own the land and the people are automatically under your full control.


the gardener said...

"Separation of the wheat from the chaff"... I get that now thanks to you dear Vis... as I go out to mow mow mow my boat-gently down the stream of high grass on this Equinox day of equal light and equal dark. I will encourage all my chaff to blow off into the winds.

the gardener

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a revelation about a famous Biblical statement:

I wonder who changed that?

Mark said...

What's it all about, Alfie?

How did you get behind that double-locked door? No one knows. Alfie's like us, locked in and out at the same time. Makes no sense. Where did we come from before we were born, what are we doing here (and where is here?), and where are we going when we leave here? Without knowing the answers to these questions, it is a wonder we are all not stark-raving mad.

I seem to remember having a better handle on these questions when I was a child, when "I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eyes, but then I looked and it was gone." Growing older, I became not so comfortably numb. And the dream is gone. These days, I need a shopping list, because the moment I walk into a Safeway, my mind goes blank, and I stand in an aisle wondering what I came for.

I don't think it's our fault. We are like fish in an aquarium, at the mercy of sadistic lurking forces who feed off human misery. The aquarium we swim in has been poisoned, and we are handicapped from birth. We try to do our best, but being blind, we spend most of our time bouncing off of things which constantly get in our way. It was never meant to be this way, but we were hijacked.

I have no answers, not much hope, and I'm growing tired.

GodSend said...

"We are all just prisoners here, (some) of our own device."

Someone came to set the prisoners free. Just ONE!

"You shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free."

"Satan is the ruler of this world." He is known as the GREAT DECEIVER.

It's simple, really!

GodSend said...

PS It's so simple, really, (even) a child can understand it! ;)

Anonymous said...

"There are no variations to what we are. It is non-variable and we cannot bear the sameness of what we are. It is our inability to bear the sameness that forces us to seek the variable. This is why we are sensation seekers. This is why we embrace trivia."

this is what i come here for. this is IT

thanks so much

liz in l.a.

missingarib said...

The multidimensional work of ego reality constructs' have an escape in effortlessness, release, knowledge framed with wisdom typified by these words (John 14:2)
1 “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. 2 “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. 3 “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.

“I will not speak much more with you, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me;
that ruler lies steals kills and promises !!

thank you Vis for drawing maps for the wayfarer.

live long

est said...

there's gold
in them there hills

this and the last
origami, especially

GodSend said...

"we were hijacked"

Well, Mark, you are right on target, sort of. Planet Earth was hijacked (occupied) by the ANCIENT ALIEN RACE (of Satan) eons ago and THEY turned our beautiful planet into Gulag Earth. THEY CULTivate us like cabbages and occasionally initiate feeding frenzies (wars, "Arab Springs", revolutions, famines, epidemics, 911, 311, etc.) and what we call civilization is nothing more than an elaborate scheme to CONTROL humanity and to generate food for the ALIENS (Negative Spiritual Energy), who LIVE in another dimension. THEY LIVE - and have humanoid, reptilian AGENTS (Israeli Zionist Slimeballs) who do their bidding, here on the plantation.

Thank God, there IS a way of escape! :)

Anonymous said...

Actually clarity am going to give up poems for a while,,,
Try and use that energy in another way,,,,
See what happens,,,,,

Love neil

the gardener said...

RE: Odin's Raven... how funny-a friend and I were working over the 'forgiveness' thing right and left and I stated that false statement several times in reference to my not understanding why it is necessary for ME to forgive those 'who know very well exactly what they've done and love every second of it'.

it can be all quite so simple-another one today that has had its red tag removed off of my mind's storage room.

the gardener

PSO said...

I keep trying all the doors.
I can't find the escape.
So I waited for my Master to find me. I have faith that he would, and He did. He found me behind these doors. I wanted to escape, but I could not, but I knew I was not forgotten.

This is my substance.
You knew me.
Now I know you too.

PSO said...

but that MAster I speak of, surely exists inside the real me, the one that is behind those doors , like the dog, Alfie- was.

so I look for the real me, cause I am, I AM, master of it.

that is what I forgot to add, but I forget anything of real substance these days. [wink]

Anonymous said...

I suppose that is all we are,,,,just pure raw meaning abstracted in our own interpretation of ourselves,,,,,
Or somethIng like that

Respects neil

Anonymous said...

So the body is the flute,, the life,,which is constantly trying to prove its self to itself due to the abstraction and the misinterpretation of the raw undefined meaning is the musician,,, hmmmm

Respect neil

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

like wot he said ^^^^^^^^^^

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis. I wanted to repost this here because I posted it way back in the last VO, and I wanted 'via Homer' to actually have a chance to see it. Thanks. (It may actually work with this column, also.)


via Homer, September 22, 2012 5:53:00 PM

Thank you for your kind reply.

"I must say your approach seems exhausting to me..."

We all have our own pathways up the mountain. I believe that I have had many, many past lives of an eastern monk/priest/seeker. Every time I see/do various eastern spiritual 'things', it 'snaps' me into vast unseen spaces. I dearly loved the 'grasshopper' scenes of long ago, took great joy from 'wax on, wax off', and laughed out loud at the portrayal of the enlightened Tibetan monk leader in "Golden Child." I have attended lectures of Tibetan lamas as they came into town, and it all seemed 'familiar'. (Strangely enough, I have not been pulled towards the present Dalai Lama...)

Somehow, I am absolutely 'saturated' in various eastern practices. I enjoy them in the manner of hearing a favorite sixties tune in an unexpected location. A deep, to-the-core joy. Chanting, instrumentals, even incense can shift me into that 'remembrance'. (An eastern martial arts movie that has a deep spiritual core affects me that way, but one focusing primarily on externals just leaves me wistful and somehow disappointed...)

However, that same saturation is in a sense my 'block'. I get a strong inner sense of 'enough' on that particular mountain path, whenever I am tempted to walk it. When I went to see different Hindu enlightened ones in their ashrams in India, I enjoyed the early moments and the 'flashback' effect. In spite of the opportunity, the 'enough' factor soon took hold.

Hence, for me, back to basics. I remember a teacher saying, "If I remove your body, what is left?" Somehow, that is my path. I 'sense' unseen presences, walk up to them, and say "Howdy. Want to talk?" This brings me the greatest joy. (For positive entities... grin)

I hope this makes sense. For me, this is my 'bliss'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Dodgy One said...

Having not forgiveness is an affliction upon yourself, it makes little to no difference to those who have wronged. Its like choosing to keep a puss filled boil.

Funny how the audio word verify sounds like a direct line to hell :(

Chinese Sneakers said...

Just grabbed this gem on the first read through. Had to bump it for the echo. Listen:

"We fear exposing the existence of the lies to ourselves."

Perfectly put.

As always, much respect to you for consistently putting out essential reading like this.


JLOC said...

The more confusing your writings become the more clarity I get out of it. Or should I say we?

Thank god you are here Les. Your appreciated much more than you know.

JerseyCynic said...

wonderful, beautiful - thank you

(I'm still playing catch up at the WTF post -- I've always wanted to start a wtf movement. forget OWS - I'm putting up WTF? yard signs -- forgive them NOT)

Oh, the places you will go!

Anonymous said...

Well flash boom bang, you're back! Encouraging stuff. Dazzling. The ebbs and flows are necessary for growth and the flows keep getting stronger. It sure isn't easy to believe that at ebb time. By weakness, my strength is made perfect. I'll make it a point to be thankful for that, next ebb-time.

There is another message hidden in what the prophets write (as scribners). They write with archetypes, symbols and numbers. I have good reason to believe the subconscious mind is digesting a whole different view from the topical story, when reading a prophe'ts words. Once after reading some scriptures, I thought I was being a goof-off and a slothful student for thinking about the great pyramid. But ... shall be unclean to the 10th generation ... bastard will not enter the temple..., it occurred to me I WAS thinking about the scriptures. Is the building tolerance of the great pyramid 1:1024? One stone cut outside of the acceptable tolerance, and put in it, would have fucked up the whole thing. On the surface, it seems a mean thing to do to a bastard. It's a metaphysical law. Clean + unclean = unclean. Did the Manu build that as their temple? If 100,000 slaves can move those 50 ton blocks 500 miles, they can NOT move them .001 inch, or cut them to that accuracy with chisels. Grunt force kg m/ s^2 didn't do that. I've guided in heavy loads by cranes, and those heavy loads can't be set to that accuracy. The heavier, the sloppier.

I wonder, when I find it hard to learn something, if it's because I'm trying to learn a lie or if it's because a lie is resisting being forced out.

People can't make circles. Time is like an eraser behind the pencil. Microbiologists have seen a force they call 'wisdom'. A length of blood vessel or nerve materializes here, there and finally everywhere, all according to a holistic design. With wisdom, did He create it. All this seemingly unrelated schema is impossible to make sense of, until that final connecting piece. Wisdom and those eureka moments come like that. Mine sure isn't complete.

I like to appreciate that the Canne baals had unrestricted editing rights of all scriptures for hundreds of years, and only changed some topical things, wholly missing that power in the archetypes and symbols and numbers. Eyes to see and all that.

wv: dianaki31
HI Anak! Se ya on the flip flop

Anonymous said...

"...The feeling of guilt would have increased proportionally as the new religion began to affect the conduct, as distinct from the superstitions, of the Norse, as it did only gradually. The holy men who sold immortality to the Norse shrewdly concealed from their customers the price that would eventually be demanded. They not only did not try to change the established norms of social conduct, but they even invented miracles to sanction those Nordic standards, e.g., Jesus restored the sight of a blind man so that he could split the skull of the enemy who had insulted him. It was only when Christianity had been firmly established, by fire and sword where necessary, that the religion began gradually and progressively to tighten its noose about our throats, as its dervishes discovered that more and more of the natural conduct of healthy men had been forbidden us by the Jewish god. The Christian concessions to the Aryan ethos were gradually eliminated — some only quite recently — and the subconscious perception of biological guilt was proportionately exacerbated. And the menticidal poison was the more deadly in that its virulence lay below the level of cognition."

-- Professor Revilo P. Oliver, "Thoughts On Afterlife", (August 1980)

neal said...

Sorry about the dog. Just ask, that Anubis, coat of many colors, choosing when, at the expense of not exactly where, that is not in the books, just the tablets.

Sometimes the company ends up in the basements.

I swear that is a personal choice, war against the machine is temporal, whenever, most end up when it matters, and close to where that leaves off, it is not in the books, yet.

Now, you do what you do, I will just be some door for this, whether any land different, that is not this department, just ways and means (grin).

steve said...

Hi les - appreciate this article very much

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Kali Yuga, Train Wreck Brigade Shmoos.

The Cosmic Player said...

"There is no you, me, or this and that. There is only I (universal)". Wonderful post Les.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

That's some great title!



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