Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not Exactly a Walk in the Park.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The immensely gifted Patrick W. knocks this one out of the park.

Greetings my friends. Sorry for the absence of late. My computer stopped working a few days ago and when I took it to the computer guy, it turns out that the cooling system sprang a leak and in the process destroyed the mainboard and the graphics card. The cooling system also has to be replaced so... I'm looking at lengthy and costly repair and most likely will not have my computer back until possibly near the end of next week; how it goes. Today, Poncho had six seizures and that kept me occupied in ways I would have much rather not been occupied. He's been having a seizure every full moon like clockwork for the last six. That's about when we tumbled to it, mostly through hindsight. It actually, suddenly leapt into my mind. We're looking into a couple of things that supposedly stop them period but we'll see. Thankfully they are of fairly short duration and he recovers quickly but... it cuts my heart out as you can imagine. I've had a seriously extended run of bad luck now, for a significant length of time and no indication it's going to change in that respect. I remain hopeful because... possibly because I am an idiot. That's one way to look at it. Irrespective of these blanketing clouds, I remain strangely and almost serenely detached. Some part of me knows something but it isn't telling the conscious side of me anything.

I suppose, like many another, I wonder at whatever point the cosmos is trying to make. Today, after Poncho had a seizure in the car when we arrived home; he also had one on the way out, I was musing to myself that it was altogether possible that this solar system is the ass end of the universe and that the particular deity put in charge of this location, is one that seriously screwed up in more important jobs and finally got sent here where no one (except for those condemned to be here) much cares what happens. I was thinking that this particular deity was very much like George W. Bush, by relative comparison. That would explain a great deal.

I can see certain minds going, “C'mon Visible, you know it all works out”. Do I? I seem to act as if that were the case but it is also the uniformed and considered opinion of some unknown number of readers that I am clinically insane. Of course, I knew a long time ago that there was no possibility of seeing the truth, unless I went mad and beyond and I certainly did and that turned out to be correct and on the money.

I have to watch what I say at these blogs. When I am being sarcastic and satirical, some number of readers don't get it and they take me literally at all times. I've not been able to figure out why that is. It never was like that when I said things on stage, or (when I used to be in other people's company) in the company of others. For some reason, this virtual communication we have, veils the humor end of things, without which I really would be screwed. I've tried to get the point across that I am not always serious and it seems to me it should be obvious but it is not.

There won't be a radio broadcast this week. I am operating off of a net-book, with one gig of Ram and I don't have the necessary software to do what I need to do, although I might look for a way around that, I just wanted to say that there is a strong possibility that there will be no radio broadcast. I am able to write this post, so far (grin).

I think it useful to talk about being hammered ...because it seems to be happening to some number of people besides myself. What perplexes me is that it seems like I already learned whatever it is that this brutish, ham-handed massage is supposed to transmit to me but... what do I know? It's as if the conductor of the train fell asleep at the switch and the train just keeps moving over the same terrain, looping, to no comprehensible end, just looping.

I've read a lot of books and put a significant amount of years into certain studies. I've followed a lot of disciplines and some very unusual things have happened to me, to the extent that the unusual was commonplace. In recent times I have been told a lot of things that explain why I do what I do and why it impacts as it does in certain locations. I get a great deal of reassurance, although the reassurance is not satisfactory, by comparison with the wheel of events ...and they continue. I just keep going like some sort of obsessed, or possessed Energizer Bunny. I say things that are not reflected in what happens to me and I apparently see no contradiction in any of that. Most of what I say is in accord with ageless wisdom because that is where I got it from. I'm not trying to imply that I possess ageless wisdom. I'm merely saying, as a result of courting it to the exclusion of all else, I occasionally, or even frequently get transmissions, which is what they are, that show up here and I suppose the reader has to be the judge of whether what gets said is useful and whether it pings off of what they intuitively sense to be so with themselves.

I guess it stands to reason that I should be on the receiving end of certain things because a large portion of the population, is also on the receiving end of a lot of bad activity and bad vibrations, from a corrupt and psychopathic minority. Never before, in recorded history, has so many nasty customers been active and able to mess up so many lives. That's the nature of Kali Yuga. That's the place where all the dirty laundry gets done so that a golden age can follow. I've had people tell me that Kali Yuga is over but my suspicion is that if it were, we wouldn’t be experiencing so many things that are obviously expressions of that Yuga. Now, of course, it might be 'coming to a close' but... I do not get the impression it has closed yet. A large pandemic of bad thinking has to be neutralized or wiped out first. Many things that are present in the world of this moment, have to be done away with. A considerable amount of evil doers need to be shuffled off to their particular Buffalo. The wide construct of dysfunction and oppression, under which we presently live, must be dismantled completely. I could give a very large amount of examples of some really terrible activities but... I suspect you've heard about some of them, enough to know that the larger part of the iceberg is below the water.

It's never been my job to depress you, or to get on any kind of a consistent whine about things I have no control over. It is imperative that I engage in as full a disclosure as possible and that I tell the truth insofar as I am able to. At the same time, it seems necessary to me to keep a keen weather eye out for silver linings. I see a lot of good things happening too. They may not be happening to me but the movie isn't over yet either. I like my chances for the other side a great deal more than I like the chances that await the abusers and psychopaths, running rampant, without restraint ...and seemingly without much opposition either, until very lately.

I'm guessing we are in some kind of collective fugue state and that we are being tested to see how much we can bear and if we are worthy to 'get there'; wherever it is that 'there' is. Sometimes I think, well, there's no way I can manage to stay the course because I'm not supposed to stay the course. I'm supposed to simply be buffeted until it is unendurable and then... and then... once broken, I can be informed how close I came (Humor alert).

I know there are some number of people who are truly getting put through it. I know I'm one of them. Somehow I was rendered unable to accessorize my existence like some people. I've lived on a very tight margin for a very long time. I've been paid off in a certain coin but it's not negotiable here in anyway I know about (or have been able to figure out), except for making me aware of things in such a way as to be able to avoid the majority of them which, is a good thing.

I know there is this force breathing down my neck and relentlessly trying to pressure me into saying certain things and maybe even wailing about how unfair it all is. I know there's a reason for that. I've felt considerable pressure to make truly unfortunate moves over recent days. I haven't made them yet but they beckon. I've been under intense pressure to scream at the sky and say all kinds of things I won't repeat here and it may be that I have done that very thing. Following that, I am told that it doesn't matter what I say or do, it changes nothing. I have no choice anymore about anything and that is one of the reasons I don't worry about anything. I know but I don't know and I am told that so many good things are coming and that nothing I go through here in the Valley of the Shadow is going to affect any of it. I've been told a lot of things. I don't repeat most of them for various reasons. That may change as circumstances do.

Ironically, since my computer went down I have been able to go back to work on my book and instead of transferring what I have handwritten from earlier times, into the Open Office software, for passage on to the editor, I'm just writing it out off of the top of my head and I'm not unhappy with that. You never know how things are going to get done and it is definitely true that you don't know 'when' they are going to get done (grin). I hope I haven't brought any of you down. That was not my intention. It is simply my nature to be straightforward and direct about whatever landscape or countryside I am passing through because, for some unknown reason, very much understood by many who come here, we are many of us going through similar scenarios and talking about it helps a certain process of unification in which there is much strength. I sure do hope the weather changes, sooner rather than later. I hope things are going well for the most of you. We live in interesting times.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

don't fight it Vis ... just say what needs to be said ...

Visible said...

heh heh... uh... okay

WWS said...

"It's as if the conductor of the train fell asleep at the switch and the train just keeps moving ... "

Les ~ For now, it's much more important to know who's driving, rather than what the destination is (and fortunately, so far, no bridges have been out).

The OWS folks weren't quite right when they said it's the 1% vs the 99%.

In reality, it's our 1% vs their 1% ... and we are working on enlightening that critical 15-20% of the remaining 98% which will tip the balance in favor of our Engineer. ~ Bob

Visible said...

Every time I get close to feeling low, something like this shows up, Patrick Willis Rocks it. GEMA won't let you see it in Germany. Very kindly, Patrick put it up somewhere for me to download it.

Moon Cricket said...

There is no way that they can conquer us. The soul is eternal and your words emanate from that ancient and eternal source. Thank you for being the "hollow bone".

josey said...


A few weeks back I went into a string of wild obscenities and expletives during my nightly prayers/meditation the likes of which has never been seen or heard before or since. It went a good half hour strait.

i wasn't struck down on the spot, but it could have gone that way.

It didn't feel particularly good or bad, it just was. The level of pissed where I was at was way beyond charts and measures.

Rob in WI said...

You have my heartfelt respect and gratitude for sharing what many of us are feeling/ going through. It gives you a special place in the congestion that the inet has become.
Be well sir, always, Grandpa snarky

bee wrangler said...

liked the song today, gonna reach you somehow.... like that very much. Strange trying days here indeed. At my nightmnare of a job friday i was hollering at the whole world from up on the ladder...mad at my job, myself for doing it, and at the bees too. Much better today- i see the forest for the trees now. I am enjoying a few days off, watching this country go down the drain. Now I could care less, more interested in getting me n my bees to a place further away from the city. Wouldnt you know it as things go this possibility has fallen right into my lap through an old friend from the bee club. I am hoping it really does happen-jen

DaveS said...

Vis, the world churns and as it does, so do we.

I've decided to end my internet! I can use it for free at the library which will save a bucket of money for my love and myself. Plus I won't be wasting time surfing... we know the world is gonna change, I don't need the play-by-play anymore.

Peace to you and everyone who stops by.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I apologize for making this so long; I couldn't figure out a way to make it shorter:

There are several reasons why I don't think it does any good to keep on hammering the traitors of mankind who are in positions of world power. For one thing, because according to Scripture, those who are really in control of everything are the fallen angels (i.e. unfathomably evil, supernaturally powerful and intelligent spirit beings) who seek out miscreant humans to do their evil work (Ephesians 6:12). And if for some reason they fail to 'do their duty,' the demons will simply replace them with someone who will (in Luke 4:6 Satan bragged to Jesus that he chooses whomever he wants to be in power). Scripture refers to all this as 'the kingdom of darkness.'

Another reason is because according to Scripture what you judge you become (which is a loose paraphrase of Romans 2:1). There is a fine line between discerning and judging, and if we cross over the line into judging, we give rights to the demons controlling those we criticize to rebound onto us to produce in us the same behavior (e.g. the Americans and the Israelis judged the Nazis and now they have become the Nazis. The cops judged the robbers and now they have become the robbers [in their role as highwaymen]. The labor unions judged the bosses for their greed and now the unions are just as greedy as the bosses. And so on). Nietzsche put it this way: "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

That's why the demons love it when we criticize (judge) evil people and the things they do, because it gives them more and more rights to interfere with human destiny and to prop up demonically empowered top-down-control entities to run everything (e.g. the Zionists, the Masons, the Jesuits, the State of Israel, the 'Israel Firsters', the Bilderbergers, the Neocons, Monsanto, the mainstream media, the system churches, the Fed, the IRS, the DHS, etc.). Once the demons obtain enough rights (of dominion), they have the power to cause the unthinking and incurious masses to love the top-down-control (1 Kings 18:21, Jeremiah 5:31, Revelation 13:4).

Another reason why I don't think there's much wisdom in doing a lot of complaining is because it lends itself to producing an attitude of self-righteousness, which engenders spiritual blindness (e.g. the Pharisees). Another reason is because the people who could make a difference aren't listening anyway... all they care about is being well-fed, comfortable, and entertained (and to have their egos stroked). Most of them have replaced the real world with the counterfeit world of TV, movies, facebook, computer games, pleasure-seeking, consumerism, mundane religion, etc., and aren't interested in knowing about what's going on ('fiddling as Rome burns').

So it's a paradox that while it seems that criticizing evil is the right thing to do, it usually ends up producing more of the same. There are potential solutions to the dilemma we face, but I don't think constant bitter hyper-complaining will solve much of anything (well, it certainly hasn't thus far). So, to boil it down, the reason I think we should back off from criticizing and complaining is because has the potential to give the demons even more power (to afflict mankind) than they already have.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Dancing with the Retards, Fry Cooks and Sewer Felchers.

Visible said...

Well DumbGoy Not; You're not engaged in it right? So, according to your computations it's win win. There you go.

Rabbit said...

Life like all natural systems appears to be cyclical in all important respects. That includes fortunes. I've been way fucking down on the receiving end of streams of shit with every glimmer of light soon turning to yet another train coming down the track. There are some writings and even videos from different parts of the last journey of mine scattered about the net which I know will store some grim moments for posterity if such a thing ever were to be. A decade isn't too far short of how long the big life cycles seem to take. Now I'm on the other end of the wheel and it is pretty nice actually. The only thing which kept me going when I was at the bottom and saw no chance of scaling the walls out of there, was the faith I had in the cyclical nature of it all. I saw the light of my salvation about two years before it came down. My best friend reminded me back when he was best man at our wedding about a year ago now. Somehow even in the midst of cynicism about religion and society and drinking heavily I predicted I'd probably end up converting to Islam and marrying some sweet little Eastern girl. It was in relation to a discussion about exactly the cyclical nature of life and how I knew the wheel would turn upwards again in its turn. It was only an example but maybe something else was already at work. Today here I am. Oddly enough, and despite being beside myself with grief (there is a vid online from the night it happened) I recognised the sign of impending positive changes in the death of my rabbit companion who had given me a reason to get up each day for the worst years. Cadbury's death somehow was a key point and was intended as part of a bigger plan. Today whilst I still grieve, I also recognise the essential role that event played even in finding my wife, which was itself an almost impossible random thing in itself, as fragile a moment of serendipity as ever there was. I knew something of creation and its creator before but today more than ever I marvel at how the universe swings. Allah u akbar. Hang in there Les, it's only a ride.

Anonymous said...

Les, you were channeling George Carlin (who I love(d) when you wrote this post.


Anonymous said...

Peace be you upon all
Dear Vis,
Just wanted to let you know that all is well on the island. I pray that you catch the wind in your sails on your next crossing of the great void which is the Days of our lives. I have found that the love of nature is the best way to fill the void. My life is so much better alhamdullilah(all thanks and praise to the lord and creator) i am in love with my baby,and I just love watchin him grow day after day. I wanted to fight but instead I chose to escape reality.Keep on keeping on. I am happy and wish you the very best and Whatever that god wishes for you to happen to You soon.
Love and respect,

Allison said...

You are straightforward and direct. Deutschland must have rubbed off on you :-) Good post as usual. I have always been under the impression that we will be in the Big Kali Yuga cycle for hundreds of thousands of more years, but as far as cycles within cycles, we are supposedly cycling out of the mini-Kali Yuga. Who knows really ? I cant trace my epistemolgy beyond hearsay anyway. I think as you have said many times that the entire universe is within us. If so , then the Yugas are within us and the horrors we see in the world are our own projections. I agree, this reality blows. I cannot imagine why I or God created it. From a left brain philosophical standpoint I guess my argument would be that a unified whole (God/total consciousness) created duality for the sheer Hell of it(pun alert.) Since it is changeable it is illusory, but it seems real. In fact, if it did not seem real and inescapable the very integrity of this 3-d reality would be compromised , as we would be able to duck in and out of it at will. Without the horror and the time factor and the trapped factor, this reality would be more like a virtual reality video game and wouldn't have the "kick" of a "real" reality (redundancy alert !) Oh well , thinking out loud really. Great stuff. Definitely resonates. I would love to get off the wheel altogether, no good or bad karma, no duality, etc. That's my goal.
Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Love ya Les

If we aren't put through it, we can't see it. Remember its not visible anyway!

Oh, we asked for this chance to see you know?!

The last two full moons burned me right up too. No sleep, but lots of change.


DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I have to admit I do slip over into judging; it seems almost impossible not to when you see so much of the evil that's going on (which most people don't see [don't want to see]). One time about twenty years ago I asked my old mentor how to judge righteous judgement (in reference to Jesus' statement in John 7:24 in which he said "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.") and my old mentor said "The only way I know how to do it is to judge without emotion. The minute you get emotional about your judgement you have crossed over the line into unrighteous judgment."

Another method I have found to help steer clear of judging unrighteous judgments (i.e. the kind of judgments the demons can exploit) is to pray for my enemies (behind Jesus' admonition: "But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you..." (Matthew 5:44). Of course, in the real world, doing that is a lot easier said than done (you almost have to have an anointing by the Holy Spirit to pull it off).

This kind of goes along with the following which the Apostle Paul had to say about dealing with one's enemies: "Therefore if your enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head." (Romans 12: 20).

This is all about spirit realm stuff which most of us don't grasp. This has to do with fighting evil in a way that most people have no comprehension of. I will admit that compared to guys like Paul, Peter, John, etc. I'm a complete novice at it. But I am getting better at it as time goes by. One thing I have noticed is that when I pray for my enemies I get a sense of peace (that I don't get by hammering them and complaining about them).

Farmer said...

to josey.

ahhh, you had a captain dan moment with god did ya?

those are fun.

the last time i had one, was, well, i would rather not talk about it.

way beyond charts and measures of what is real or not.

some dogs are strange, i will leave it at that.

Farmer said...

Dumb Goy Not.

The Universe is a paradox, so what.

Farmer said...

Dumb Goy Not.

Maybe that is why God in the beginning said not to partake of the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Or even look at it.

But instead, just be, and rely upon me personally, was the intention.

But they thought they could figure out a paradox, duality, instead of living like children in the heart, and here we are still, lost in the maze of the paradox.

Get out of the paradox, and solve the polar conflict.

Farmer said...


There is only one driving force, and that is the Great Spirit(or insert your name here) of all things seen and unseen. All things that are, were, and will be.

Nothing does not exist because of this one. Everything exists because of this one.

It forever has, and forever will be, this way.

Farmer said...

Great Spirit is the living Consciousness, all of everything, and nothings total sum.

These subjective perceptions of concepts, we have no real understanding of the reality of. Therefore all the many religions, faiths, and spirituality. Just the many expressions of the Great Spirit through the individual parts of itself.

The toe, cannot rebel against the body of a man, otherwise a man cuts off the toe, or heals it, which ever one is most expedient. Same for a leg, arm, organ, or even parts of the brain, if need be.

Same with Great Spirit, but not really. Or maybe sometimes, but only if never.

He look over there ------>

what color is that color of white?

how many names can we come up with, and different constructions of marks on a page to describe it?

At least 100. Not 1oo, but 100.

No, not 1ol, but 100.

Lets get fancy even, and make the markings really complicated, thus expanding the amount of numerical marks can be added to a page. one hundred. no, not one hundred and one, but one hundred. yeah you are right, "one zero zero" is more accurate. no, not laugh out loud, but "one zero zero".

Tyler Vincent said...

"The more practiced he is, the more does his recognition of such deviation coincide with his adjustments.

What do we mean by the expression of 'letting go'? It is evident that on the way to true being, there are many things from which we must inevitably be parted. This is best expressed by Master Eckhart. According to him – and it is an ancient truth – the letting go with which we are concerned is 'the letting go of our ego.' This movement enables a man to extricate himself from the net in which his identification with his world-ego continuously ensnares him.

This letting go of the ego, however, means much more than merely relinquishing all those objects to which during his lifetime a man has become attatched. It entails the giving up of the entire life pattern that has revolved around the 'positions' taken by the ego. In this pattern all our thinking, feeling and doing is orientated towards whatever is firmly and finally established. Wherever man is held fast in the grip of any static system (whether of facts, attitudes or values) his life in the world is impermeable to its real meaning. This meaning is always personal and is always in the process of transformation. The only attitude through which it can be discovered is one of inward knowing and existential realization. 'Letting go' means forsaking the brilliance of the rational mind and entering what may be called the semi darkness of another form of conciousness in which is revealed an inner light. In this way alone can the rigidity which transfixes all thought and behavior be dissolved and the kind of thinking that turns all things into objects, give way and die. Only when we let go those attitudes wherein we rely solely upon what we 'have, know and can do', will there arise a new conciousness which the creative dynamism of life is contained.

'Letting go' requires not only that we relinquish those imaginings that have determined our understanding in the past, but also the behavior that corresponds to them. The result of all rational, ego-centered points of view is a kind of willfulness. Therefore the consequence of letting go must be the abandonment of any attitude that leads us to believe that everything depends upon our own 'doing.'

An ego orientated towards rational aims is always concerned with notions as to how life really ought to be. By letting go in the right way, we learn to 'let in' and 'let happen' that which, in spite of all our ideas, projections, desires and prejudices, meets us directly in the shape of the world and comes from the constantly-stirring essential being within.

The desire 'to do' prevents us from hearing this inner call. By holding fast to conceptual patterns and images, we block the road to our union with Divine Being. Only when we are finally able to give up our ordinary way of thinking will we be able to receive and accept that which is and, as a consequence, give ourselves without reserve to all that arises.

Thus we see that letting go requires that we give up any idea that life must be what we expect and we desire. Time and again our faith is destroyed when the process of God's justice – inevitably incomprehensible to us – does not correspond with out conceptions as to how things should be. Therefore, the prerequisite for genuine faith is to give up all such conceptions. True faith develops only when life is accepted in whatever way that providence, always in conceivably, offers it. It is brought to birth in us when we are able to receive, from unfathomable life and absolute Being that which, through all conditioning, strives towards the light, in the form of our inner states, challenges and impulses."

The Way of Transformation: Daily Life as Spiritual Exercise (London: Allen & Unwin, 1988)



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