Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silverfishsteins, Riverworlds and Virgin Sperm Dancers.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know this is Origami but a brief nod out to one of the most virulent vipers to ever crawl out of a sewer drain, the loathsome and irredeemable Larry Silverfishstein. In an act of breath taking hubris, Larry lowers the bar to unimagined depths, declaring to all the world, “I am a despicable, greedy and malevolent shit and proud of it”. Not only was Larry actively engaged in the attack on the World Trade Center and the recipient of massive funds for that ...but now he wants to sue the airlines for an equal sum. He's going in front of a 'to the bone' corrupt Tribe judge so, he's got some kind of back door guarantee, one would think.

Speaking of ruthless, remorseless creatures who, long ago, savaged whatever dim light of humanity, still ghost flickered in that dark tormented region, where most of us have a heart, one of Larry's kindred spirits, a brother by another mother, has been detained. He's a real sweetheart. He didn't kill as many people as Larry but, it's altogether possible that his level of relative evil is pedestrian compared to Larry. Yes, the battle is already over, it's been won on the inner planes. As victory precipitates down, we are living in the echo of a departing darkness; no longer in harness, to the demons that drive men to war ...on the orders of bankers. Those who are still deceived, let them awaken or remain so, it is of small import, except to them. That's the problem with distorted history and the idea that it belongs to the victors who write it, it makes the present seem unseemly, unworkable, as if our efforts were meant to be directed at the world outside, instead of directed at internal inconsistencies and shortcomings, until the finer qualities are conferred, at which point, those efforts concerning the external realm will automatically be engaged. That's how the symmetry works, along the lines of the “physician heal thyself” template.

One of the things (among so many things) that compromise the inconsistent seeker and those not completely dedicated, could be called The Slough of Despond. It's not the only formidable retardant on the path, all of which are designed for the single purpose of dissuading the insincere, the dilettantes and fair weather seekers, who don't have a problem with, “any port in a storm”. It separates the men from the boys and doesn't require a crowbar (grin): should a gentleman offer a ewe his Wellingtons?

What is dawn but sunset somewhere else?
Change the world but better change yourself
We're all dying to be free
From the chains of memory
No matter where we search we find
She is the virgin sperm dancer in our mind♫

Or, something to that effect. Or, I wish I did but maybe I do. Life goes on with or without you and that would be the case, even if you were still here. I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again, for the benefit of science fiction-fantasy buffs. There's a series of books by Philip Jose Farmer, called “Riverworld”. It's a highly entertaining series of books, about the afterlife being all along the banks of a great river and everyone from history is there walking about. It's a trippy concept and effectively delivered.

It's not like there aren't hints and clues, winks and nods, lying about all over the place. It's not like what one might be searching for cannot be found, no matter what it is. Most things are hiding in plain sight. The difficulty is that many things are not presenting themselves in their actual form. It's sort of like a 'for those who have the eyes to see' kind of a thing. I mentioned Patanjali in an earlier discourse (the Alice Bailey translation). He discusses how any object will reveal it's nature, once one has managed to restrain the chitti (mind stuff). As was also mentioned at another point, unless one can gain control of their own mind, no real progress toward any truly desirable goal can be made. That's job one and any authentic tradition will say so. If they don't, there's something questionable going on. Either it is their intention to do the controlling, or it's one of those quick fixes, geared toward Americans and other lazy westerners, who want their results over a long weekend. The AMA/Pharmaceutical combine is working on an injection for all of that and it will probably involve both of those potential and undesirable (for some) results.

It is to militate against people unifying their consciousness and becoming competent at concentration and certain other talents that are de rigeuer, for the internal entrepreneur, for whom the veils part and then close behind them ...forever after... that they have filled the objective and material world with trivia and banality. It is a presumption on their part that,over time, the steady impact of this space case, garbage for the clueless, will have the desired effect of numbing down the consciousness, to a malleable state, for morphing into an unfortunate estate. Shit definitely happens and it is usually shit when it does, or they'd call it something else; wouldn't they?

There's a certain kind of unpleasant lassitude that settles over the mind, when expectations do not present themselves, at the time and place where they were expected to occur; such as that 2012 stuff, the attack on Iran, world changing calamities and so forth. As I said, the clock's off and “the quality of mercy is not strained”, though it may well be filtered. What that means is, we are in a zone of compassion, where certain things have been deferred, to see if there is anyone else who might still be inclined to switch tracks, or even catch on to there being tracks, much less a train that travels on them and generally does not ♫carry no gamblers♫ etc. It's to be expected that we can expect the usual results but you never know and that is why such kindnesses are extended; especially given another 26,000 years to contemplate the extent of one's failure; it's in the tongues of angels, not glossolalia. Tolkien got it right in a lot of ways. The darkness can't really create anything, all it can do is distort or construct bad copies of the creations of light. Light is always superior to darkness. The dynamics might change from plane to plane, as the particular laws of whatever region come into play and so on but... those who've seen far enough into the nature of cosmic workings, are unconvinced and will remain so despite all the blandishments of the dark side.

It's the sad commentary of the material plane that it is so seemingly self contained and not easy to see out of. This is why yogis engage in progressively more impactful meditation techniques and why some number of us engage in psychedelic voyaging and why would be saints get all worked up about self denial and the victory over appetites and desires. All of these things are effective, so long as right intention and consistency are in play... “hey, hey hey”!!! I think that's from Yogi Bear. How appropriate. And so, here we are on the rock and rollercoaster, of points insane and unpredictable change, hoping we've got it right; as far as our assessment of things go. There's a lot of new age bagmen operating far and wide, riding from one town to the next, fleecing the fleeceable (canny observer types should read that link). It's something I maintained years ago. It also gives you some idea of the setting and costs of this venal adventurer; definitely a false prophet out for maximum profit, most definitely. This doesn't even seem to me to be a case of “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” It always looked to me more like a tinhorn sideshow/rhinestone cowboy thing and I only had to hear Herr Pig Nostrils speak for a short time before I tuned him out.

I never have been able to figure out how these people can live with themselves. Even worse, many people believe that unless they are paying a lot of money, they aren't getting their money's worth. Well, it all depends on what you think something is worth in monetary terms or... if you are after something priceless. Of course, that's not free either because it requires industry, dedication and a certain amount of requisite suffering. Quite often these fees are too much for those who will gladly throw lots of money at something and... it is true, enough money will guarantee one the exclusivity they believe they deserve; sitting in the front row... ooh yeah!!! operators are standing by, they'll be kneeling in a minute.

Well, we've reached the end of yet another posting and... I'll see you in the next one if there is one. Hopefully there's been something useful here, or otherwise, hopefully you'll come across something that is ...in the process of your day.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List


the gardener said...

Just reading about that same judge who sanctioned the 911 widow and her lawyer for daring to 'slander the judge and his wife for their "anti-semitism" !!!


HELLerstein is the ONLY judge anyone involved with 911 can go through for anything! Who died and made that man GOD?

But finally, like they all do and always will the one who profited big time for the loss of the three asbestos tainted buildings he had just bought and over insured, has to push it and get greedier.

This is what happens when psychopaths are not dealt with properly... they just keep on and on and on... grabbing, grubbing, killing and connecting.

My prayers for ELLEN MARIANI and her fervid works against these unjust players!


All about timing and whether you can survive the low kicks to the teeth, kidney punches and death threats always presented.

Light is shining on these demons... great big old searchlight is operating on full charge. *Grins*

the gardener

the gardener said...

"Riverworld" is such a great concept! I can see many popping up into the river... lol

the gardener

Anonymous said...

If Hannibal Lecter opened a deli, he'd call it "Liverworld".

Anonymous said...

He should be suing the Israeli companies who owned the security forces at those airports who allowed the so called terrorists to board...But Jews only attack the Goy.!!!

Ginnie said...

Again....yesterday for no KNOWN reason, the song and especially the words to "This Train" were running through my head! I can't tell you how many times what is in my head comes out of your mouth/keyboard! Same channel. Same station! Wow!
"This train don't carry no jokers. No high-tone women no cigar smokers"...again wow. I love the brain/spirit meetings we have!

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how those darned Israelis took over the Vatican and Freemasonry and all the various secret societies of the world. Those clever, dirty dogs. I think the Israelis were behind Jack the Ripper. Oh, and the Murrah Center bombing in Oklahoma. And the Waco thing, David Koresh. Those bastards.


Visible said...

sarcasm is only effective when it applies. Those who are sarcastic concerning the truth are representative of the species bent on the extinction of everyone else, except for a permanent servant underclass

Anonymous said...

Nine one one was done as a punishment of and warning to those who were not carrying out the goals of the Greater Israel Project (demolition of all Mid East for reconstruction into Ziobeast Club Med with buffer zone full of resources surrounding) fast enough. The final phase for the project started with Irak War pt 1, but was not completed by the deadline 2000. Therefore the punishment that served as a warning of what would happen again and worse if the project were not completed as demanded. It's likely that other Nine one one like situations are already set up, waiting to go if all does not go as the ziobeast demands.
Just my opinion

Visible said...

One thing I think they're doing is blackmailing various nations of the world with the threat of hidden nukes in the country.

Ray B. said...

Good Origami today; touches on a lot of important points. Thanks!

Vis: "The Slough of Despond"

This is a very important issue. It 'takes down' a lot of folks, independent of any psychic intrusions. Ironic; the more we truly open, the more we see/feel. Worse, the more empathic you are, the more you are really in the muck. (This is because of 'opening' in a 'fallen' culture. If we opened in a healthy culture, it would be wonderful, and self-reinforcing to boot...)

If it can help anyone, I have developed a few 'tools' to deal with "The Slough of Despond".

The first step is, as Vis hammers in, to Know Thyself. (This is especially important for empathic types.) By this, I mean to step back, as it were, and observe yourself over time. "This is me when I am angry." "This is me when I am sad." "This me when I am calm." Over time, you develop a 'felt sense' of self. Kind of a deep 'This is You'. (Earth-plane self, not Higher Self, although they somewhat overlap.) Then, you can begin to tell when someone/something is influencing 'you'. Somehow, it doesn't match your 'felt sense' of you. If it is your immediate environment affecting you, you can walk away or engage, knowing it is not 'you'. If it is a psychic attack, you can take steps.

When it is simply the sense of 'crap' and I feel down, I remind myself that sadness and fear are not 'survival emotions' in this time and place. If I allow myself to curl up in a little ball, the bad guys have not only won but are probably laughing at my state. (And might 'pour it on', to boot...) This realization usually kicks me out of that 'ball'.

If the above doesn't work, simple 'contrast' usually does. So, again, I take a step back from my incipient condition and feel how it is different from a happy/fulfilled 'felt sense'. (A part of Knowing Yourself is also observing yourself when happy, etc. -grin-) When you can consciously hold those two states in your mind/body, usually a vast roar of rage/pain comes out at the 'felt' Contrast. If felt through and not flinched from, I usually feel much better - more centered and aligned, even if nothing has changed in the world.

(Note that I am not saying to not feel whatever is brought to you by life. A baby or young child feels exactly what he/she needs to feel in that moment, and then is done with it. On to the next experience. This is massively different than "The Slough of Despond".)

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

wiggins said...

That is the major poo baa.........nukes in other countries. Wow why didn't any sane person think they might hit us with that shit? Oh right...I forgot.

Visible said...

Anonymous sniping by craven cowards is not allowed here.If you got a name you can get in the game, otherwise you can piss yourself in fear in private.

Anonymous said...

It is a saying of authentic esoteric teachings that one need to extract the Light from the Darkness.
Doing this transforms oneself.
It is the way of redemption.
The sleeper begins to awaken.

Anonymous said...

Thought I would try to "post a comment" for a change. The last try went through but usually...frustration. In the sense of thoughts drifting in the cyberspheres. You are a peach Viz. You are so far ahead of the rest of us you could take off a year and still be well ahead. Here, in Idaho my hideyhole I rebroadcast the full spectrum of ambient harmonic tautology to the clueless consumers of corporate fantasy and joyously watch the great wallowing. We are a sorry lot and I welcome the great looming takedown of our tricknocracy. Praise be upon you. I regard you as my TRUE FRIEND...Chipster the old hipster.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

A fine epistle in-deed. Just what would Yogi say to Schweinburger, who after promising not to fire him as a condition for managing the ' pin-stripes', did so with less than the 10% of the season, something like ' it ain't over till the fat lady sings?.

It would seem that any tribe member whose family name starts with 'S' has a fixation with the repetition of that consonant.

May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom, fed by the early morning Dew. Should the drop of Dew fall on an undigested bit of straw at the base of the Rose in the garden in Damascus, after all shit happens, may it, should it have some consciousness alight, not enter into ambition at the sight of Shams and Mevlana as poles of Love.

Be well, Love

LorieK said...

Eewwww Lucky Larry! Just looking at that creature tells one all they need to know. I asked Larry when it was going to be enough in 2009. Now here he is again, money junkies are never satisfied. Creep. Ugh. Good pic of good 'ol boys, Larry and Governor Eliot Spitzer on that page too. Eliot never gives up, either.

Anonymous said...

Please, everyone. Take a break and listen to this.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Nearly Unendurable Stench of a Gone Dead Culture.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that what you wrote* is absolutely the truth. The reason i believe this is knowing that you have powerful allies assisting you in revealing truth and have demonstrated this many times over the past few years *Tuesday, July 16, 2013 8:17:00 PM
Also - it is likely the reason why the ziobeast is the only entity on earth that refuse to allow inspections of its nukes (because they aren't all to be found inside their lands, but are in others')

Respects to all souls


Ray B. said...

Vis: "One thing I think they're doing is blackmailing various nations of the world with the threat of hidden nukes in the country."

I have mentioned the following before, but it bears repeating in this two-minute-attention-span age or for new readers.

This long paper is the single scariest thing that I have run across on the internet. It is a report by Warner D. Farr, LTC, U.S. Army...

You may have seen it already; it is from 1999. Lots of details that I had not known. Well worth the reading.

Especially, MOST especially, check out Appendix A estimates.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Queen of Farts and the Cat-Houses of Congress.



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