Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Harridans and Soulless Whores in the Flotsam and Jetsam Tanks.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

You ever get the feeling that no matter how hard you try, you wind up being the woman in the dunes? I had recently realized that I was being played and from a great many angles, like 3 dimensional chess. Since I'm smart but... really a Pollyanna, because of my trusting dog nature and this terrible loyalty thing I can't shake. Once I discovered, irrefutably, that I was being played, worked, bounced from polar opposite states of “Nah, that's impossible.” to “holy shit!” I've been through one day after another of serenity getting buggered, by more darkness than you can shake a stick at; not that you would be able to see the stick in all that darkness. You might be aware that you were shaking a stick but as for any effect it might have... hmmm, that's a matter of debate;. Who's debating? Who are you debating with? Given that I don't debate, I only state... there's no real argument going on, things being what they are in any case. These are stranger times than I was expecting. Actually I was expecting much stranger times. It's simply that these are a different kind of strange than I was anticipating. Isn't that how it goes though? You expect strange and you get weird.

The worst part about it all is that I can't talk about it and that will certainly come off as either strange, or weird, depending on which you're disposed toward. It will look like one or the other, given that I usually talk about everything in respect of full disclosure. The thing is that I'm sure but I'm not sure. Even though I'm 99% sure, I'm 1% uncertain. This doesn't help worth a damn but it speaks to my state of mind. One thing I am 100% sure of is that it all has to do with affecting my state of mind. It's not likely to again because... once aware, the genie does not go back into the bottle.

The whole world is going to change now. It will change this week or it will change next week. I don't think it goes much further than that ...unless they are calculating the usual October thing. They usually have an extended scenario, locked in with varying possibilities, as they troubleshoot the likely fallout.

I watching that corrupt hack John Kerry yesterday at the Senate hearings and I noticed, sitting behind him, this extraordinarily corrupt looking woman. The arrogance and imperious disdain on here features was palpable. She looked depraved in the way that only a lifetime of depravity will confer on a person. I wondered who she was. In the process of watching this dog and pony show, where Senate leaders were conveying virtual blowjobs on those being inquired of, one them, who had been playing poker on his cellphone the whole time (John McCain) mentioned how delighted they were to have the wife of John Kerry back in the flotsam/jetsam tank. It turned out to be her.

This is Origami and I do want to stay metaphysical so let's keep that in mind as we go. Looking at John Kerry's face was an experience.

John Kerry is an Asshole
John Kerry - Satan's Asshole

The Satanic aspect of his persona was near hypnotic. If you play poker and... I have, enjoyably so, you know what a 'tell' is. Kerry was Tell City. The tics and giveaways were many. He was lying out of his ass, which I am confident happened to be on his neck at the time. He and his smug and 'in on it', privileged associates, on both ends of the charade, were engaged in a hideous mockery of all that they were put into power to defend against.

What is it that these twisted fiends want? What makes them think (how can they be so confident?) that they will get away with these massive violations? The forces arrayed against them are not inconsiderable. One answer is that the power of Israeli blackmail and dirty money leverage is so strong that all of these men and women are compelled to go along with it. On the other hand, Israel will definitely get hit, as well they should. There’s a real puzzle here. There's a real confidence on both sides. The bad guys, which are, at this moment, Israel and her bitch, America (England and France would be on this list but they're a tad stymied at the moment) seem to think they can do whatever they please. They're talking about a sixty day window of freedom to bomb at will with... with the option of another 30 days. It's ridiculous but... remember, 'no boots on the ground', 'no boots on the ground' as if that were to matter at all, given this enormous opportunity to carpet bomb Syria. What happened to the limited strikes over no more than several days? This was all a set up to go to a completely compromised, bought and sold congress, under the pretense of adhering to the letter of the law and coming away with far more than they would have had before.

Meanwhile, the confidence factor with the Syrian government, Hezbollah, Iran and Russia (don't forget China) is also very high. Someone has to be wrong in their presumptions. I can only pray and hope that it is the Satanic nation of Israel and their crack whore police state, bitch- America that's delusional about their optimism and capacity. I'm confident that both the United States and Israel are going down. Given that, it makes sense that sooner or later they will make the big mistake. Hubris is a guaranteed fall, quite often a spectacular fall and those fateful words of Nietzsche are indisputably true, “those whom the God's will destroy, they first drive mad.” We are seeing that. It's going on before our eyes.

I have to stick with what I know about the long term intentions of the cosmos and especially, especially given the fact that we are in The Apocalypse. It makes sense then, everything that's happening makes sense in light of The Apocalypse. It makes sense that these evil men and women would be moving machine like from one terrible act of mass murder to another, without much in the way of actual opposition. Sure, people everywhere are waking up but... they just shift their tactics and do whatever they want anyway. It has to be that they are being led into a trap. Still, it looks overpowering, the whole spectacle. All I can take away from this is that it is supposed to look that way, to deceive us and make us feel helpless. We're not helpless and definitely, if the effort has to be made to make up feel helpless then, we are not helpless.

I'm guessing there is a unity of the mind that they are most concerned about. There is this mysterious thing that happens when enough of the population has awakened to a degree and are informed about what they are awakened to, to a significant degree. This is something that happened when a whole lot of protestors got together in an attempt to levitate the Pentagon. The authorities responded as if there might be something to it.

Never has that rabid police dog, America, been so broke and so over extended. Never has the rest of the world been so united in their opposition to this Israeli controlled juggernaut of outrage and abuse against the rest of the world. There is no way that either of these demonic entities can prevail against the rest of the world. No one ever has taken over the whole world, ever. Something happens at a certain point, as it did to Alexander, as it did to Rome, as it did and will to anyone and everyone who attempts it. So... it's very likely that this is what we are looking at now.

Can it be that they are simply so mad and crazed by the appearance of their own omnipotence that they believe what their perverted imaginations tell them? Can it be that they are no different than any deranged mentality that is hearing duplicitous voices, urging them and convincing them, urging them on and convincing them they can? It seems more and more likely. As usual, you follow the money. You look at the strategic situation that Syria occupies, the concerns and plans of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and how that affects the movement of oil and the desired movement of oil in terms of desired profits and in terms of the needs and long range plans of Russia and China. It's all right there and you can find it if you look and study the big board. Into the mix comes Genie Oil, which involves drilling for resources on stolen land and which is a part of the holdings of the Satanic Lord (snicker) Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney. What it comes down to is the control of resources on the big board game of international profit. It also then comes around to land theft and consonant with this, are the actions of The International Bank of Settlements and the IMF, as well as the usual Central Banking scum, who create debt in order to steal resources and compromise the political spectrum in all those countries who have things they want. It also ties in with Israel's desire to seize vast amounts of land that they have no right to. They have no right to ANY of the lands they presently occupy and it is coming out about the fact that they have no genetic tie to those lands and that they Palestinians do. It's coming out that the Palestinians are Semitic and they are not. This is why they are so busy seeking to expunge all Palestinian history and their intent is to murder all of them and most everyone else, if they get their way.

They know they are on a time line. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to. They know that all the lies they have woven over the decades are unraveling. They know what Mr. Apocalypse is up to and they are trying to head him off at the pass. What they don't get it that Mr. Apocalypse has got them surrounded. This they do not know because they are not allowed to know it. They are now being driven into the necessary actions that will convict them as the criminals they are and bring them to judgment. I'm leaving you with this because it may look different for awhile. Then again they may not. Don't get sucked into buying into appearances. All of us, every one of us has to be certain that unstoppable justice is on the march.

End Transmission.......

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bee wrangler said...

Yes indeed, they are on a timeline. We all are....mine is leading to freedom. I am now even more aware of how interconnected we all are. Having been an outdoors type and fishing for food often, cleaning my catch to eat it was no big deal. This past weekend we slaughtered a couple of our many extra roosters(only need a few for our flock ) for meals this week. My son helped me and my daughter too. Now we all understand how deeply we should be connected to our food sources. It is a new day for us all. Loved your words today- I am off to work now, to do my little part in this big 'ol plan-jen

Anaughty Mouser said...

Bang on Mr. V!

Bang a gong.

Get it on.

"Evil by definition always destroys itself in the end."

Peace and love

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I can see the end in a very non-abstract way due to a part-time job I have. This country is running on illusions as obvious a nose on an elephant's face. I'm wondering if I'll see another Vernal Equinox, not that I'm really looking forward to that. On the other hand, whatever happens will be all right. It can't be any other way, having nothing vested in anything except to get to where I'm going in however many pieces I will be in to get there.

I must admit I am enjoying this to the fullest. I may be one of the biggest bastards on the scale of obnoxiousness, but there's nothing I like better than justice finally being served, and I don't mean on a plate with a side order of mushroom risotto, and a glass of blood orangeade. That's for small children.

I also feel something is coming. I just wish I knew what it was. My demi-gods refuse to tell me.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for an Origami today... And here it is!!!! I just can't thank you enough for writing your blogs... Or should I say, allowing the blogs to written through you. Yeah, I think I'll say the latter. :)

And that picture of Kerry.... Good God in heaven, or should I say evil satan from hell? Think I'll go with the latter on that one, too. That picture is worth 2,000 words! (And none of them good).

I just listened to this weeks radio show and you mentioned Lord Vivaslan (apologies for spelling). I took your adivice last month and said hello to him one day after going outside. You're right, his voice is BIG, to me anyway.

So everyday since, I try to say hi to him when I walk my dog in the morning ( she walks me, truth be told). Some times I forget at first, then I look up at that big Florida sun and send him my greeting ... And my apology for being so rude not to say hi right away. He just laughs in that big voice and says, "I saw you when you came out and I just knew you'd remember!" He's a very kind soul and that's putting it mildly.

Kinda silly to be commenting on the radio show here in Origami! Sorry about that. :)

Have a great day, Vis!!!!


Anonymous said...

My son showed me this morning, I needed the laugh. I don't know how to add the link, go to You Tube and type in: Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus performance. I thought you may enjoy it too.

Lori from too small to count Wyoming.

the gardener said...

Came across this particular little piece of nasty last night and it-though very convoluted is the 'proof' but there is, of course, more value in many being dead... than alive.

Most people are probably familiar with the 'strawman' concept whereas, upon our births that are registered since the FRA of 1913, numbers us as collateral for investment deals.

I've gone into that rabbit hole many times and do not doubt it one bit and would like to know more about the CRIS bit of investing off of our worth through the criminal courts of this country where they've really racheted it up to either imprison, involve or kill the people of this country using just one interwoven industry involving all the 'officers of the courts' to incredible lengths... this is A HUGE INDUSTRY. So many 'judges''courts' 'lawyers' ... but reading this CRAZY SHIT the thought about how the stupid people always say about any 'conspiracy' "thousands of people would have to be involved! They couldn't all keep it secret!'...

there are thousands involved in these investments! At least! involving the bank, hospital, gov industries... all making money off of the monies granted to every number allotted to that 'strawman' us which always will be addressed with the names of 'us' in CAPITAL LETTERS.

Just like the foreclosed upon homes having those bogus fraudulent loans 'paid off several times through fraudulent ways' the prices on all our heads are double triple dipped as well!

That 'dinner date' photo of the Assads and the Kerrys tells so much... these monsters are in bed with each other-their 'own people' be damned... they can just cash in those investments made off the bodies set up to carry those monies. All of 'Assad's people' Haha! All of the American people?

More profitable dead than alive. So get those FEMA camp notions of round ups out of your heads anyone silly enough to think they'd do wholesale round ups of 'the people'... tend them, feed them and house them? THAT COSTS MONEY!!!!

here are the links that show the court docs with the investments through the Federal Reserve submitted by the courts with courts and court cases documented... lots of TX case numbers so those with experience in the courts investigative could have a field day with this data but the writer did not provide a KEY to read these coded docs with but this is why they DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHETHER WE ALL LIVE-THEY GET BEAUCOUP OFF IT WHEN WE ALL DIE!

I haven't read it yet but I have read some of it over the years-is a head spinner of great magnitude the lengths these dark ones have gone through to deceive the millions of masses-sure they've got the same thing going on in other countries-hence the tens of millions slaughtered in all the world wide wars since the creation by the monsters of Jeckyl Island...

[Political history of government and law]
By Judge Dale, retired
The Bankruptcy of America - 1933 on page 36]

Rumormillnews article with many links at site

Fed Reserve Trafficking Americans?

Judge Dale's ebook

This DOES explain the outrageous behaviors of the gov thugs (part of the 'officers of the courts' string... having no respect for property or human life... to such a blatant degree. Do whatever they want and instead of punishment are treated to honors, bonuses and higher ranking.

the gardener

the gardener said...

Almost New Moon too. Virgo Sun and Moon... don't know if Robert is going to do his show today-11 am PDT... but MUTABLE earth Virgo, ruled by Mercury is always speaking out of both sides just for the energies I've seen unless you are totalitarian on them for 'no games, no tricks, just truth ' with them...

Planet Mars is now at 4 degrees LEO (fixed fire) approaching a fixed square to Saturn in Scorpio who is right now at 7 Scorpio (fixed water)...

With Jupiter, also in water, at 14 Cancer (cardinal water) making everything bigger-that string of EQs off of Japan is big news.

Neptune, also in water, at 3 Pisces (mutable water) OPPOSITE the earth energies of the New Moon, Sun and Moon (aka the Lights) this is a very powerful psychiatric type of New Moon...

as in... massive mind fuckery. Be very wary of liquid refreshments such as alcohol... I can also sense that IT'S A GAS, GAS, GAScould be making itself very explicit with the hydrogen sulfide explosions/fires and deaths being so in everyone's faces that having this as an explanation could be very soothing.

So we've got both the lights along with Mercury in Virgo... virgo likes to get creative with the stories... dampened down or dispersed by the whacky waters of Neptune in Pisces...

Can Neptune drown out the energies of mutable Earth Virgo? Can mighty seas of Neptune ruled dissipate the man made monstrosities flowing into the ocean around Japan especially since the 'earth has gotten all mutable with the recent deep quakes'?

Will Jupiter in Cancer just go beserko with its energies sextiling those of the earth signs in Virgo? Opposing the tiny plutonium powered Pluto in Capricorn bringing down all the thrones of power secret or otherwise? Will the SUN bash the shit out of all those electronics spitting out tons of fake $$$ paperslips used to keep humanity, secretly, in chains...sold on the stock market like the chattel our selves represent to the idiots that be?

the gardener

here is Robert Phoenix radio show site with links there to all his pages... hope he has a show today-he's a very busy man right now. Love his works.

m_astera said...

As I said several years ago, the goal is to get an "enemy" to nuke Israel, where they have conveniently crowded six million Jews together. This would accomplish the long awaited human sacrifice of six million. The intent is to thereby increase the size of the Jehovah egregore, pushing it beyond critical mass and bringing this little fistula on the ass of creation under full control of negative forces.

Old reader said...

I guess this news bit will warm the cockles of a few hearts? Anyone know just why he is in sweden? And why just visiting "swedish jewish places"for his photo op?

Or if hotlinking didnt work

Ray B. said...

Vis: "You expect strange and you get weird."

I love it. Great wordsmithing! (And true...)


Vis: "The whole world is going to change now. It will change this week or it will change next week."

A note from the 'bat-shit insane' front: The level of 'entry' of the 'Turning' process is now north of two-thirds. I still have no sense of what it involves. Whenever I ask Higher Self whether the 'shift' will be small, medium, or big, I get a definite 'Big' response. We'll see...


Vis: "I'm guessing there is a unity of the mind that they are most concerned about. There is this mysterious thing that happens when enough of the population has awakened to a degree and are informed about what they are awakened to, to a significant degree."

My take is that this is one reason that the whole 'process' has taken so long. Simply outing one faction by some form of physical revolution usually leaves general consciousness about where it was, thus paving the way for the next generation of bad guys to emerge. A 'grass roots' awakening changes things permanently, by shutting out certain options (yea!). Another good result could be the general population getting closer to a realization of all-God, thus sparking the emergence of all kinds of Siddhis. (I'm also thinking of the movie "They" in this regard...) Maybe this falls under the "You expect strange and you get weird" category (grin).

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

What is on display at this time is out in the open mass murder, attempted genocide,crimes against humanity done by global crime gang. Many of the top players like Kerry, of the global crime gang now openly, organize, plan, and make public pronouncements -signals to their partners in crime - for such crimes.

It is unbelievable, yet, not a single, public outcry, by anyone, any government is made.

Apparently such crimes only matter if threatened against or are supposedly committed against the chosenites.

All of this adds up to irrefutable evidence of exactly who is in charge of global money, media, so-called law, so-called international organizations that are supposed to curtail such massive crimes.

Whatever this is, ongoing now, demonstration, Mr Apocalypse's whacking stick, how much longer will it go on until the global crime gang members are rounded up and contained - forever? The absolute corruption,idiocy and hypocrisy is becoming unbearable.

Copernicus Kidd said...

ancient waters will rise

Ginnie said...

I don't recall anyone posting this
but it is very "weird"

Kinda tells you who/what his "god" just might be.

Yes I am "hotlink" disabled! Or is it something else interfering?

Anonymous said...

Kerry wants his private beach front property in club-Med Israel - now!

The merchants of death and destruction send their bag men to the political whores for global crime gang via Rense

Old reader said...

If there is to be an assault on syria, i will put money on it this week, in fact i would go on the history of previous events, and put my money on it for after midnite, syrian time. And the places that will be hit will strategically include places where jewish residents will not be, because of the holy day of rosh hoshana. Rosh hoshana. Thru to yom kippur. The Days Of Awe. Remember the last usuk war? rummys famous "shock amd awe" campaign. Heralded by trumpets, bugles, joshua at the gates, a day of atonements, a day of giving back where you owe. Funny what some people think they owe, or are owed. Funny they wont try to hide that this is a repeat of previous land grabs. That is what this is.

Did you see russia brought three MORE of their battleships with nuke missile launchers into ,the sea at this walmart self checkout lane for those with 20 syria or less in their cart?

Visible said...

Heh heh, 20 Syrians or less in their cart.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"What the WMD attack in Syria did do, however, is expose the presence of a series of facilities whose “output” makes Sarin gas look like child’s play."
US Bio-Chem Terror Factories and Syria

Visible said...

Check out the people holding up blood-stained hands behind Kerry.

Old reader, not yet stupid reader said...

Feelings.....feelings......there is of all things, a "heroes run" scheduled for philadelphia for anniversary of 9/11. I dont think they ever had that there before. Why this year? Why 9/11? Why philadelphia? So many training drills in that city the last month. Online, lots of larp activities. Why?

Its not that syria has anything no one else has. And its not to discipline them. Something will be done here to distrCt, if miley didnt do that for you, and something will be done there to distract. If none of it ever does that for you. Its a bank grab. And they must control the masses thru fear, fear of past and present and future. Fear. Just fear. Some always die. As many as they need to kill to get you to see and taste and smell the fear. Learn the fear. Worship the fear. Want the fear. They need your fear. Its like sex majick.

Farmer said...

The entire planet is surrounded.

They are being driven to the insanity of the abyss. The closet is waiting for them. For all to see, even the most loyal of robotic drone program zombie.

If they get out of hand, in the white walled padded room, then the Universe sends a big ball of fire crashing down on their bases, armies, etc, from the heavens. Even the main cities of mayhem the Earth itself will swallow if need be.

The underground bases fill with oil and gas, from all the fracking, and drilling, in which they "knew so much about", now destroys their future plans of hole hiding.

Makes sense they dug all those hiddy holes, since they are infatuated with assholes, and cylindrical orifices, filled with oil that looks like diarrhea. The future MO for these People will be readily perceivable this time. Hopefully. Since every country had kicked them out, at one point or another, those gypsies with the crooked noses, it seems the lessons are hard learned as the neanderthal skull is still with much of Humanity.

Oh passing well, and they dribble dry on a hung wire in hell, while having to watch reruns of barney 24 hours of the day, with eyelids tooth picked open.

But dont hate them, they signed up for this, and actually like it, the little sadistic fucks, and the Universe aims to please, and pleased they will be, hanging from their assess from hooks watching a purpose suit, with a Human inside.

The entire event will be televised, from hell, live, 24 7, that people will pay per view, and those proceeds will be redeposited back into the Treasury.

These are life sentences, times 3, like they like to add on to people in the system, just because they like numbers.

So they will all get extended life sentences, that they will actually serve. Working on the time and space continuum issues, for the live feed, from hell to Earth, will not be a problem, as the higher court of realms has a vast logistics department.

I would say 500 year sentences will suffice. That will surely pay off the national debts of the nations of the world, as a yearly subscription of 200 dollars will be charged. Watching people hang from the asses on hooks while having their eye lids propped open, while watching barney, one would only tune into see, a few times at best, and then it would get boring.

But, that would certainly set a precedent for any future ilks that want to take the world down the direction it is now.

Oh, and there will be a certain machine, that is behind they all.

Even in punishment, the Universe aims to please. So is giving a sadistic sociopath, such treatment, really then what they desire the most?

Probably. They push, because they secretly desire someone to stand up to them, and turn them into drooling meatbags, that are hanging from hooks, watching barney, while the machine works them over 24 hours a day.

So is this heaven instead of hell we are talking about sending them to?

I say we send them to heaven, whereby they will be tortured by love, compassion, empathy, etc, until they cant stand it any longer, freak out, drive, and break through one of the pearl gates, and then electrocute themselves on the electric fence that guards the parameter. "keeping people out" is what they say. Uh huh...

Anyway, that is their future, I suppose, being marched into hell still living, and watching their faces turn from anger, sorrow, to happiness, and joy.

I dread that day, seeing them so fucking happy.

JerseyCynic said...

lori - omg I needed that laugh too.

let's see if I remember how to do this...

(if it works, I'll come back and tell you how to leave a link)

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Although there are indeed varying degrees of holiness, ' holy shit', you are one strike away from a perfect game. The finger tip tango is extraordinary.

From one 'dog' to another, it is a dog -thing this trusting nature, going from no it can't be to ' holy shit, it is'. Been happenning a lot here at the ' end of the world'.

Must be the whore of babylon, lillith, sitting behind hubby with her ketchup ready for the fried shit on a stick coming from the vibrations of SS 'sec. of state' purple heart winner's tongue. Or one of her principal emanations, if not incarnation as such.

Then again Nietzsche went mad from syphilis, maybe he was mad just before his litle head conquered reason, and the limbic system, after all that delta framed smelly cave did not lead to alpha and omega, although one sure can hope that at least it was extasis for a while for litlle freddy.

Be well, be Alert

the gardener said...

Yes!!! Robert Phoenix just announced on his show that "Friday's guest will be LES VISIBLE"... yahoooooooo!

Link to his show at (trying that linkage out)

please, if you have the time, do check out those links about the 'investment of our strawman accounts from birth certs through the fed reserve' which make us all more valuable imprisoned or dead than alive and crimeless.

Helps explain to me why there are over 200,000 deaths by doctors and no lawyers will touch it! Most people don't even bother... just people die and move on... but nobody does really 'move on'... just torture their selves and end up manifesting dis-ease of their own helped radically along with the poisonings of earth, sky, water and spirit.

ALL NATO countries having the same systems as ours utilizing the investment numbers gotten off our birth certs and using us as collateral for the investments through the fed reserve makes sense of why so many countries' leaders will sacrifice their own people.

There was also mention that one can 'buy out their own investment capital for $600,000 in this country, less in others and thus will be unaffected by any laws in this country... the admiral law.

Extreme notion? of course. But what is going on here in every system turned industry is extreme. Unbelievable. Outrageous and also answers 'why do they lust after this fiat money to the murderous degrees that they do?" Buying out their own and all family etc interests could run into millions of dollars explaining WHY all the officers of the courts are so blatantly selling out the populace of tax payers and other unknown to them slaves... of them!

Will be an outrageously good show about Vis' new book and current events this Friday... yes!

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Aloha, Les,

Notice how the last 2 World Wars followed a similar schedule: the trigger events in the summer (esp. August), with the kickoff to the real slaughter in September. Here we are again. Think it might have something to do with the "holidays"?

Giving thanks everyday,

mike m said...

Was watching the jewish news channel last night and man they have some fucked up shit going on over in Israel.

They even had mass chaos giving out gas masks to the resident dupes.

What made it so bizarre is when they interviewed some of them when this "thing" started.

It seemed very nonchalant at first but then there were delays in the truck arriving and distribution of the gasmasks and the people that were interviewed earlier all of a sudden were becoming agitated and you could almost see a sense of desperation come over them.

Do these people actually wish to live this way with their racist and superior attitudes?

I could not feel sorry for them, only for their victims.

Then I switched over to the Bionic Woman and I forgot it all while I reveled in the beauty that was, and still is, Lindsay Wagner.

Unknown said...

An interesting security measure has been turned off a month early, in the middle of a drive for war.

No, it isn't hot linked. Deal.

Visible said...

Boy! The house was nailing Kerry, Hagel, Dempsey and of course Satanic tool Obama. They had it handed to them!

mike m said...

@Wednesday, September 04, 2013 5:07:00 PM

Caught that on the "jewish news" also. 8 million people in that hell hole with 6 million of them jews.

They are getting the ducks all lined up.

Visible said...

you might like this. Barbara Michels left this on my Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared at what these Zionists may be setting up.

Isaiah 17:1 An oracle concerning Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.

I fear that these Zio traitors are just chomping at the bit to strike Syria. Once Syria retaliates the Zio creeps may just obliterate Damascus.

These Khazars are doing everything they can to install the antichrist as their leader.

God help us all.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's a claim that the Israeli-American missiles fired in the Mediterranean were an attempt to provoke Iran and Sria into revealing their air defences too soon. No doubt they will keep pushing.


Anonymous said...

This interview Rense-Chossdovsky is a must listen:

Eudoxia said...

It's not the first time the FODS (forces of darkness) have threatened to take out Damscus. While it might very well be the case that Assad is in on it, maybe he isn't, what is known is that he's armed to the teeth. This is not Libya, serious shit will hit a serious fan when all this goes down providing Mr Apocalypse doesn't turf a spanner in which I have to agree with Les is what I strongly suspect too. It's too brazen and just far too arrogant but that's how psychopaths operate. They think only they can see what they are up to because the rest of us are too stupid. However, they make grave mistakes with this type of magical thinking and grave they will be. I can see the unleashing of overdue Karmic debts being repayable by these assholes in one fell swoop. Do they think they are actually above the laws of Karma, I guess they do. I wonder how many life times of abject misery will be bestowed upon them in repatriation for a life time of murderous, recalcitrant disregard for humanity and all biological life forms on this planet. How many blatant crimes can these people??? (and that is a big question - are they really people) actually commit in one life time and remotely think they can get away with it is totally beyond me - this even defies insanity. But that's what we have. However, when we really look at things what we have got is a case of The Three Stooges vs the rest of the world although I'm sure this is of little comfort, given these are 3 dangerous stooges. This has to be a sting operation of the highest order - I just hope it's the positive forces behind set sting and not some other negative power's retribution campaign - so many questions here. But at the moment I won't go with the latter.
I'm just curious to know when are American people going to figure out that when any member of congress talks about national security interests - they are not talking about the American people.

My understanding, at this time (as this is subject to change if and when additional information comes to hand) is that the American national security interests are the interests who own the bonds of the American people. As per Zen's post above when speaking about the Strawman, we are nothing but dead corporate fictions to these parasites, they have enslaved us via our birth certificates (now there's the mark of the beast if ever there was one LOL). We are collateral to these assholes. Why is it, when you hear the term collateral damage it applies to loss of not just human lives but the bonds that lie behind those human lives. So when the human dies the bond stops generating revenue would it not? Such as fines, registrations taxes etc, all goes to the bond holder and in the event of death the entire bond's worth goes to the holder. This is because we have abandoned our claim to the sum behind the bond. Zen is this your understanding of the bonds? I have heard rumours that all the revenue goes back to the Vatican, which would not surprise me either, after all the Vatican does lay claim to our souls. It would almost be fucking outrageous if the original Gnostic texts didn't actually teach this. Then again on the subject of the gnostic texts, could this entire Syria debacle be the 11th hour - the fall of the Archons????????????????? Food for thought, for those who are aware of the, lets say, subject.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much for being you Les!!! Even though half of the time I can't really understand all the lingo, I get by, and really appreciate the message you send out!!! I just wanted to say something to anyone who fears any of these weasels or what they are doing (or trying to do) to us....

Whatever their agenda may be: It does not matter one bit! Whatever they do or say doesn't matter. The only thing that matters are the thoughts you think. They try to bring us down and corrupt us all with all sorts of low down dirty tricks. This is all done to try and trick us into sending out a negative vibe. Which the Universe will gladly accommodate. Remember, whatever you send out will be returned to you. So be mindful of your thoughts and be sure to send out that positive energy! I try sometimes to even send out positive energy to the ones creating all our problems. I know that even if not in this life time, they will need in the next! And although its very hard to see these people are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. We need evil bad people to show us why we don't want to be like that. There cannot be light (good) without the dark (evil). So please keep positive people and lets show them how much more powerful the light can be than the dark!

Love your work Les. You are an inspiration!

Peace out!

ltravail said...

For the LORD will have compassion on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land; and the stranger shall join himself with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob. And the peoples shall take them, and bring them to their place; and the house of Israel shall possess them in the land of the LORD for servants and for handmaids…Isaiah 14:1-2

It is as evident as the blue in the sky that the Zionist “tribe” has wrested nearly complete control of the social machinery of the “western” world. What’s so puzzling is why most of the “goyim” world so sedately stands by in wait for their own demise as the breath of life is being stolen right under their nostrils. They’d rather tar-and-feather a messenger of that fact, a la Viz, than the real perpetrators of their impoverishment – mental, spiritual, and material.

As much as I’d like to join with Viz in believing that some ineffable force for good will come swooping down from out of nowhere and turn back the forces of subjugation, I don’t see it. I am not an empty-headed atheist who lacks the imagination to entertain the idea that there is more to existence than mere bodily functions, but as the old saying goes: god helps those who help themselves…and if the “goyim” are too diminished of spirit and vitality to be sufficiently vigilant to defend their own being, then it just doesn’t seem reasonable to expect that some ineffable force for good will come swooping down from out of nowhere to save them from their just dessert. That apparently being the case, then perhaps that’s unassailable evidence there is a surfeit of dead (literally and figuratively) weight in this world, and that a new world order spring-cleansing is providential.

In such a light, perhaps the Zionist-led demolition of life as we’ve known it is not as “evil”, as satanically driven, as it would appear on the face of things. Perhaps they are, indeed, doing “god’s” work! And doesn’t this prospect align with Viz’s interpretation (as best I understand it) of the biblical passage: Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, Be not deceived? The “goy” world, in its pandemic apathy, certainly cannot be said to be doing “god’s” work. Most of these lethargic souls are overtaxed when simply asked to fire up a neuron, much less work up a sweat in defense of life and liberty! Who could shed a tear for a humanity of such guise, were it to be ground to dust and blown in the wind?

insiam said...

Im sure many that visit here are aware of what Albert Pike was reputed to have said in his letter to Mazzini in 1871.

He was fairly accurate in his predection of the cause and reasons for the first and second world wars:

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other.

Visible said...


"As much as I’d like to join with Viz in believing that some ineffable force for good will come swooping down from out of nowhere and turn back the forces of subjugation,"

I never said that Hasbara Boy. Of course, I haven't done or implied any of what you say but hat's par for the course.

My suggestion for you is to head for Haifa and stay away from website where the natives are intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Now I've seen it all. So I've got the TV on in the background with the sound down tonight, while I'm doing some work on the computer, I glance over, and I see a commercial for Cottonelle bathroom tissue. The tag line for the commercial is, "Let's talk about your bum on Facebook." WTF? (What will it be next, an ad for Trojan condoms, "Let's talk about your schlong on Facebook.") So I change the channel immediately and accidentally unmute the TV, and this actress is sitting on the guest couch of a late-night talk show, and she's talking about her "vagina hubris". And the host (Conan O'Brien) asks her, "What's that?" And she says, "That's when you have lots of confidence in the ability of your hoo-ha," and she motions toward her vagina with both her hands, in a double karate-chop fashion. Mike Tyson happened to be sitting next to her, just for added bizarreness. So, yeah, I shut the TV off at that point. They'll be fucking like dogs on TV before you know it. It's going in that direction, and fast. "Everything goes"..."I was born this way"..."If it feels good, do it"..."Sex is the do-all, end-all, of all things, and only cool people realize that"..."Nothing matters but getting your nut off". Pervs, pedos and fags, will soon be doing the nasty on our small screens, 24/7, while the blood of our neighbors flows in the streets and the politicians and bankers applaud this long-overdue, new-found freedom of warped sexual expression; and we all gorge ourselves on genetically modified Twinkies until our heads explode. Can't wait. Maybe I'll put on some overalls and saunter down tuh the Walmart at that point, and randomly hump up against some clueless single mom's Big Mac-engorged ass, while she stands there in her flip-flops in the checkout line, chomping on her Aspartame-laced gum and thumb-fucking her cell phone keyboard. If you can't beat 'em, boink 'em. (Hey, now I'm getting with the program! And it most definitely is a program, as in, we are programming you to do whatever the fuck we want you to do, but you can't see it, because, "conspiracies are for crazy people".)

Robert said...

In a nutshell, the humanitarian intervention excuse to invade Syria is bullshit. In the empire’s mind, non-compliant and counter-allied states, such as Iran and Syria, cannot be allowed to benefit from and to control significant oil resources, in an area where China could secure protected land access to these resources. The war in Syria is nothing if it is not a predictable march forward by the dominant global empire. The sectarianism on the ground is as significant a motive, from a macro-economic perspective, as the war propaganda spewed out by the empire’s sock puppet politicians and disinformation media is truthful. Sectarianism without financial and military support on either side has a way of turning into negotiated accommodation.

Eudoxia said...

intravail would you be referring to all people who don't do God's work such as Lloyd Blankfein for example, empty headed athiests? Well we all know Lloyd is definately doing God's work - he even admitted it, psychopath extaordinair there. The original genes must have come from good ole Yahweh given he must have been the original psychopath. If you can't see a problem with this guy then you are one seriously disturbed dude. I think there is a force of good prevailing on this planet. It's called Pluto transit through Capricorn. Whilst this will not happen overnight it will happen and it is happening NOW. If you are not into astrology then may I suggest you acquaint yourself with the meaning of this particular transit. As I'm sure you won't I'll explain it for you in the slightly altered words of a favorite mystic of mine. This transit will inevitably destroy mercilously and without any compromises whatsoever, in the mentation and feelings of all beings, the beliefs and views held by centuries rooted in him, about everything existing in the world. One thing I'm not sure about is just who the conduits will be who orchestrate this (maybe it's many who knows, not moi) but what is known is whoever does won't necessarily be in control of it - Zionists included LOL

Annsie said...

You know what I find a bit worrying.. Kissinger stated earlier in the year that Israel won't exist in 10 years, they also had an usual war games in the middle east a few months ago which had a the Arab countries included except Israel ..They want the reaction.. in fact it appears they are gunning for it..They are definitely moving their chess pieces into position.... War Games

Anaughty Mouser said...

"Robert said...

In a nutshell, the humanitarian intervention excuse to invade Syria is bullshit. In the empire’s mind, non-compliant and counter-allied states, such as Iran and Syria, cannot be allowed to benefit from and to control significant oil resources, in an area where China could secure protected land access to these resources. The war in Syria is nothing if it is not a predictable march forward by the dominant global empire. The sectarianism on the ground is as significant a motive, from a macro-economic perspective, as the war propaganda spewed out by the empire’s sock puppet politicians and disinformation media is truthful. Sectarianism without financial and military support on either side has a way of turning into negotiated accommodation."

"the empire", who is that?

Rothschild, zionism, international bankers, international corporations, israel government, United States of America government, North American Treaty Organisation.

Directly aided by MSM, IMF, World Bank, WTO, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC and many other pro-zionist organisations and groups.

The whole plan of the empire is laid out in the Protocols of the Learned(sic) Elders of Zion.

coletteonice said...

Negotiation? Not now or ever.
The ineffabable! force that is so busily swooping? ...blah blah..get some sunshine down ya boy...or Hasbara boy as vis said recently....the lack of basic life force 101...there are supplements you can swallow you know?
If interested reply, yes interested.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Nocturnal Bot Flies of the Apocalypse.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Dancing with the Stars, Mr. Apocalypse Eclipses Mr. False Flag.

Visible said...

Interesting switcheroo on the obvious. I don't think anyone is going to buy it though. Look closely at your phrasing.



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