Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sturm und Drang are not a Comedy Duo from Hoboken and the Menu is Prix Fixe.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had such a profound and transformative spiritual experience this morning that I feel compelled to write about it. I won't be able to transmit the authenticity and power of the emotional force but I will do my best.

I was meditating and, as is sometimes the case, I was conversing with the ineffable. It was about certain very subtle things that I was aware of and that I was trying to make a feature of my character and that I hoped would bolster my integrity, which I consider to be one of the most valuable qualities that a person can possess. I hold integrity and humility in a class of their own. Without these... what can I say? A person would be in serious trouble from my point of view and also on a sure and certain path to dreadful epiphany.

Now, I cannot remember what triggered a response on God's part. It had something to do with my making an effort, in a certain direction, that most people would consider trivial considerations. They were also things that would routinely escape notice; the kinds of behavior patterns that usually, only the person doing them would be aware of but... it's like that tale of the master with the three disciples and the three chickens, telling each of them to kill the chicken where no one could see them. The one disciple couldn't kill his chicken because, “everywhere I go, the chicken sees.”

Wow! Most of the experience has now slipped away. Perhaps certain details are meant to be withheld.

I was told that events and circumstances were now going to drastically change for me, in a good way. I heard a number of wonderful things, which I disputed, to no effect. I guess I have done a few things right, among all of the ignorant mistakes that came along with them, to this moment I find myself in. Transformations are about to occur for which there is no previous reference. “Off the hook.” “Off the charts.” are some terms that come to mind. In certain cases it is going to be like nothing we have ever seen before. It's not all good, however.

I was told, in so many words; “I've tried my best to reach them but they won't listen. I hate to do what I am going to have to do but there is no other way to reach these people. Nothing less than seriously kicking their ass is going to make any impression on them. I've made every effort I could think of to get their attention and they go right on doing evil for the sheer enjoyment of it. The time has come to make some telling examples, examples with a long lasting impact.”

One must keep in mind the absolute incomprehensibility of the divine being. It cannot be measured or defined. It is beyond the scope of human imagination. Suffice to say that the power of God is limitless. There is NOTHING that cannot be accomplished by the divine. There is also nothing that happens of which the divine is unaware. He sees and hears EVERYTHING. His patience is also immeasurable. Well past the point that any of us could manage, he continues to be patient and to forgive. This is made far more dramatic when one considers that the crimes that are committed are literally committed against God. He feels the impact and the pain of these wounds because he is inside of each and every one of us and experiences what we experience. This seems unbelievable. It seems impossible but with the almighty, one must suspend belief, at least in the sense of any limitation and one must also push the borders of the possible to where they disappear ...into the measureless reaches of space.

As with anything concerning the divine, which includes everything I just said; it is and it is not. It always is and is not, simultaneously, so whatever I say is incomplete and ever will be... neti-neti.

Whoa... I just saw the news about the Middle East. Hmmmm. I get the sensation that something is going to derail this... I've no clear image; just an unformed impression.

Anyway... I was in tears at the end of my session this morning. I am so often reminded of how fortunate I am. Regardless of the relentless suffering I experienced in this life, I count it all as nothing by comparison with the present results. It is only in recent years that it has backed off appreciably.

I know there are people in this world that have everything that can be imagined or desired and if it isn't present, they know people who can get it for them or have it made for them. There are people who have more money than most countries. There are people who could singlehandedly wipe out both hunger and homelessness in the United States. Think of it! They could do that and STILL BE RICH! Not only are they not doing that but they are up to terrible mischief. Some of them fabricate wars for personal profit. This is not speculation. It has been admitted to; “If my sons did not want war, there would be none.”

Bill Gates is vaccinating children around the globe. Is he killing and/or paralyzing children? I don't know. What about Sheldon Adelson? The acts of George Soros are beyond dispute. What about the Koch Brothers? There are presently 2,208 billionaires, worth 9.1 trillion dollars. The top 8 billionaires have as much money as half of the entire human race. Wow!

I am not here to judge these people. In all honesty, I don't know who is who and what is what. I just don't know. Here is what I do know. I am wealthier than any of these people. I am wealthier than all of them put together.

There is a tale being told at this time and we are all here to witness it. It is an ancient tale and it has been told many times before. There is a reason that over 7 billion people are on the planet at this time. There is a reason that such a large percentage of people fall into excess, when excess is possible. There is a reason that certain personality types are drawn into the lazy effeminacy of same sex congress, which is the official, sexual expression of Materialism, just as Atheism is the official religion of Materialism and Satanism is the official philosophy and selfishness is the preeminent behavior characteristic. It's all a package deal.

There is a reason that people get stupider and why intellectual curiosity is the first thing to go. There is a reason that the Kardashians are the Short Bus trendsetters. At no other time would pretentious, talentless Pop Tarts like Arianna Grande and Taylor Twit be let anywhere near a microphone. There is a reason why soul numbing Cenobites are permitted to huff and strut like meth addicted Orcs and squawk like merciless crows, picking the eyes out of new born sheep and go on and on, endlessly, about how women are whores and why they are encouraged by their paymasters to toss bricks of cash at hookers and beat up their girlfriends and I could go on and on too but I won't, you already know.

Why are they coarsening the feminine principle? Do you wonder who is behind this sort of thing? Who is it that reports the news and hires the writers that comment on the culture and blacklists everyone who doesn't parrot the infernal line? Can I get an Amen? Who is inciting all the violence between different religions, different ideologies, different colors? Every time you look under the rock the same reptiles are operating the sausage factories where they make the laws.

These are no new evils under the sun. All of this has been around as of old. In no sane culture would ugly, snake-eyed pedophiles, be allowed to fondle prepubescent children at things like Drag Queen Story Hour. Who could possibly be powerful enough to corrupt the entire national library system? Who could possibly be powerful enough to make the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, the richest man in the world (owner of Amazon) and the mayor of the city of Atlanta, all come forth and publicly support this kind of behavior? Members of this group of depraved child molesters have web sites that offer every perversity imaginable.

No culture has ever survived epidemic sexual perversity and these trends ONLY appear in the decline of a culture. This is one of the reasons you see massive homeless encampments in the richest cities in the world, where all kinds of plagues are gestating for outbreak. Meanwhile, every sane solution is opposed by the people in charge of policy. “There is something going on here but you don't know what it is.”

I had a wonderful morning today. I heard some remarkable things and I heard the same statements I heard in earlier times only... this time... the denouement is ever so much closer to taking place. We forget, in our mesmerized state, where the charged particles of material dust that magnetize our attention and send our desire bodies into states of flaming excitement, we forget that one day... THE DAY will come. There is no peace of mind here and you may count on the certainty of inexorable destiny, to bring it all to a fitting, irony drenched, conclusion. Something is going to be happening here that we've neither seen before and- in some cases- not even heard of before. The powers and luminaries of the celestial realm are very well cloaked. At least they have been but... hidden from sight is not the same as being non existent. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there. I've been told that the Gates of Shambala are soon to open. I've been told that all those strange sights and flashing lights are soon going to be doing more than simply popping in and out of view now and then.

You know, Dear Readers, I NEVER ask for donations and for some time there was a consistent flow of it that provided me with something of a cushion in my coming and going. For some reason and for awhile now, it has melted away into practically nothing at all. I've one consistent donor and that's all. I'm not in need. God takes care of me. You can be sure of that ...but I had hoped that the readers would at least support me in other ways, like going over to Pocketnet and up-voting my posts and the like, or maybe leaving a comment. There's been precious little of that either. That did surprise me. Perhaps I don't deserve it. Maybe my writing chops have diminished to the point that I don't deserve further attention. I don't know. Maybe the well of inspiration has run dry and I'm the only one that doesn't know this.

I'd been hearing from readers that they couldn't comment because Google was making it near impossible with all the capcha hoops to jump through. Thinking I saw the writing on the wall, we have migrated to Wordpress and Pocketnet, so that the reader could be free of the nasty behavior of Zio-Google. Thank god for The Elf. I don't know what I would do without him. NO! I am not asking for donations. I wouldn't do that. I was only asking for a little reader support (of energy, NOT currency) but if I can't even get that well... I'll still keep doing what I'm doing. It's all in God's hands and I'm not complaining. Life has never been better. I'm not trying to guilt trip anyone and I really am fine. I was simply thinking we were all in this together and I had expectations I probably shouldn't have had. It's probably something that I am not seeing. I'll be asking about that.

End Transmission.......

Tonight's Song is-

♫ Miracle of Love ♫


Anonymous said...

"One must keep in mind the absolute incomprehensibility of the divine being. It cannot be measured or defined. It is beyond the scope of human imagination. Suffice to say that the power of God is limitless. There is NOTHING that cannot be accomplished by the divine. There is also nothing that happens of which the divine is unaware. He sees and hears EVERYTHING. His patience is also immeasurable. Well past the point that any of us could manage, he continues to be patient and to forgive. This is made far more dramatic when one considers that the crimes that are committed are literally committed against God. He feels the impact and the pain of these wounds because he is inside of each and every one of us and experiences what we experience. This seems unbelievable. It seems impossible but with the almighty, one must suspend belief, at least in the sense of any limitation and one must also push the borders of the possible to where they disappear ...into the measureless reaches of space."

Your writing is very near to perfection each and every time.
Practice makes perfect - True that.

Dog Bless Les

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised by the small number of followers and comments at pocketnet. I like all your stuff that I've read over the years but these last months (year?) have been exceptionally good not least because they're so practical eg. the affirmations pamphlet and the book downloads. You use to put things like the snorting technique in but now it's the whole post and often something to read and master or attempt to that most of us never knew about. In short you've become more direct in pointing out the "how to" while continuing to explain the "why".

I'm not the most articulate person and I'm certainly one of the least computer savvy people to come here so if I can manage it so can all of you. Come folks -"Get with the program!".


Anonymous said...

I read all your writings and always look forward to the next one. This is the first time I have commented. Feed back is important, I know. So let me just say, please keep up the good work. I have a very curious mind and would appreciate your opinion on one matter: with all the sex going on in the Epstien case and similar though out the world, where are all the off springs from it?
Do they just eat their own like Saturn? No one talks of this. Surely some of these women got pregnant. What happened? Are these children raised as more monsters? Just wondering.
I had a theory that sex without love results in defective off springs. The spirit does not pass correctly to the new creation hence it is distorted some how. MB

Alan Homcy said...

Visible...I don't have words to tell you how much your words have helped me. I have been a faithful reader for over a decade. You, in my opinion, are the best writer on the internet. Bless you. Bless you. Thank you. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you once again, indeed there have been so many occasions that what some of us experience in remote corners of the world is so out of the common stream of experience that your internet epistles confirm synchronicity that allows me at least accept the sensation of being a thumb amongst, not fingers , but hoofs, or vice versa.... in any case this morning a sense of Joy, as if uncorked, from a dusty spiderweb covered bottle in some corner, is just , simply, bubbling into my awareness...
to use a line from an Eagles song, we can spend our time making money, or, use our Love making time.....
Be well, Be alert, Cheerful Love, Grizllybear hug

Lighted Guidance said...

Good Day Visible!
Thanks for this post! It seems we are at a pinnacle or tipping point of no going back. Each day I am amazed also by the events unfolding, and yet it is like a stream in full force that will get stronger and stronger, until a shift of something bigger, brighter or something magical aligns with the Light of ones soul and mind, and the ones not aligned in light will simply go elsewhere or whatever the Divine has planned for their learning and growth. I noticed 30 years ago a shift in people and consciousness that started to go amiss, to where we are today. I know it was orchestrated and designed to lower intelligence for that is how power and control stays in power and control.
My life is guided by the Light/God/Creator, and I have also been living thru some adverse financial problems, that make no sense and completely came to a halt for no reason, and yet the Light has my back, and my needs are being met. It all seems surreal and hard to explain, but I know you know what I am talking about, as I know what you are talking about. The energies are coming in very powerfully and nothing under this frequency can stay the same....change must occur. Personally I believe we will see change before the end of the year or sooner. We wiil see. Hang in there brother and thanks again.

Visible said...

Well... I don't know how to thank you for that outpouring of support. That was all I was really talking about. This should tide me over for a few months (grin). As for Pocketnet, it is important because time is getting short and the more people we can reach, the better. The winds of change are blowing across the land and it could go either way, depending on where we are going individually; should our individual manifest as a collective of unbroken sticks joined together against the dark horsemen of bloodthirsty political brush fires. You know what I mean; I hope.

Google is cutting off my ability to comment. Time to move to other places

Anonymous said...

Vis. As always you are thee wordsmith. Truth and wisdom prevail.
About Google?? So far no problem. I m not very tech savvy and I
Could drown in all these passwords and passcodes. I’ll manage pocket net when I absolutely have to. In the meantime keep on truckin Vis.
These bast#$%$ arn’t going to survive much longer. I imagine taking off in a huge ship, watching the Earth get smaller and smaller as the fools left behind give us the finger thinking they are the winners. I feel sorry for the Earth , I hope she survives

Greg said...

I love you too brother ,but trying to post.gets in my face to much .Living in W Texas I enjoy my solitude with my woman,trying to garden with all the weirdness going’s on,its always good to see your thoughts before us,as a light showing the path.Yours in Peace an Love Greg

Visible said...

email me, Greg

GregS said...

Hi Les
wish I could say something, there is a lot to say. A lot to talk about and a lot that has to be said. Where to begin?

By now it is clear that we are all living in a time of ignorance and illusion, but how it all come about is a story unto itself that is yet to be uttered on this planet.

So, it seems, the end-times Apocalypse is going to involve a lot of storytelling.

It seems long ago, a type of team-pack mutiny occurred of man with ghod, almost some 4,500 years ago, and we here now are in the mature stages of a culture still living in the long shadows of darkness cast from the lies and deception that were constructed in place of truth.

So everything we have been told about ghod and everything we think, and all our sources of reference to ghod is but the diabolical antithetical construct of a dialectic device that has been gradually assembled over the last four and a half millennium.

Straight after the mutiny, before the antithesis of ghod projected itself into the exoteric realm, it incubated for about 900 years within the esoteric latitudes of scholarship and academia, running unseen in the background inverting all the reference texts first, before it was brought out to project into the public domain as an exoteric construct. Ie, the Abrahamic monotheistic construct.

This is what the story of the disappearing ghod will be all about and why the times-end Apocalypse is going to hit with such a destructive force upon our standing institutions of the day and will be a broad sweep across the totality of our understanding of ghod, our world and ourselves.

The world we stand on, the nature of particle physics and exactly what are we, are all going to change, if it turns out we are the product of a replicating system.

If ghod is a replicating system, then what are we?
If ghod replicated us in their image, then what are we?

What are we?

The revelation of the Apocalypse has the potential to lay waste everything we currently think we know about the world we stand on, ghod and therefore ourselves.

If it is truly light bearing it should penetrate deep into physics and open the doors. If it opens the doors into the metaphysics, then we know we are in the presence of the light-bearer. If it does not penetrate into the metaphysics and open the door to light, then we are still waiting for the light bearer to come.

If ghod is replicating and we do not understand the system that is replicating, then by default we will not understand ourselves little alone our own divinity and our close relationship with intimate breath of the cosmos.

Anonymous said...

God's pencil
I'm happy to be God's pencil because:
1. I'm held in his hand
2. he keeps me sharp
3. he picks me up and uses me for his purpose
4. i'm used to try out his ideas and I'am not afraid of mistakes, there's an eraser on my head just in case
5. he draws pictures and writes words with me
6. I am previleged to be made aware of his ideas first hand
7. I'm replaced when I'm too short to of be of any more use
So for a short time anyway, I'm with him and we do stuff together..

Alex Burachynsky

David said...

Dear Visible. Thank you so much for your postings that have guided, informed and entertained me for well over a decade. I signed up on and followed you, here's hoping it helps to keep getting your messages out.

Visible said...

Thank you David!

GregS said...

"6. I am previleged to be made aware of his ideas first hand." ha, like riding in the carriage.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Greg, I don't understand "riding in the carriage" what do you mean?
Please explain thanks.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I am glad you had your Experience. Good for you! If you remember more details, and it feels right to share them, I would love to hear them. (It often happens that experiences 'conducted' in higher-brainwave states - theta or delta - remain in those states, unless one has developed a down-shift symbolic-language to keep-conscious the essence of the experience as we drift 'down' into alpha and then beta. Better a near-translation of the event than to lose it altogether...)

Vis: "Why are they coarsening the feminine principle?"

I have wondered about that area, too. (In addition to "Why would you want to ruin a species?") My socially-unacceptable version would be that females are naturally more receptive to higher-states than males. Males get easily stuck in the intellect, i.e., left brain. This 'pins' them to earth-plane, except in intellectual discourse of higher-states. On the other hand, the right brain is where intuition resides. I suspect it is easier to 'unify' the brain (apparently a predecessor to conscious deep-meditation, not just dream-states) from right-brain to left-brain than vice-versa and thus to experience actual higher-states; not just talking about them. Plus, I suspect that child-rearing (motherhood) is prone to development or retention of psychic abilities - telepathy and empathy.

Anyone (seen or unseen) who would want to 'take down' humanity would concentrate on "coarsening the feminine principle." To proceed in plans to overwhelm/shut-down the higher-centers in women (and men, too). To be clear, I am not talking putting about women on a pedestal. I am talking about allowing their natural abilities to come forth, unhindered by those who would debase them. Allowing the feminine principle to shine more clearly...

In earlier times (in some ways, wiser times), the feminine principle was allowed to 'manifest' in a number of public roles: goddess, seer/shaman (seeress/shawoman?), wiccan, priestess, wise-woman, healer, herbalist, etc. All with varied levels of Wisdom, Love, and Power. Those who would destroy/debase humanity went after them first, using co-opted or spirit-dead men to accomplish their long-term goals. It has slowly hardened into Patriarchy, of steadily-worsening types. (For example, look the steady rise of programs to maximize left-brain skills rather than to maximize right-brain skills.)

I actually expect - if there is any 'good' Apocalypse to come - that the feminine principle will lead the way in Awakening. It is less 'encumbered' than the male principle. Of course, I expect the feminine principle to come through both women and men; just that more women will ride with it than resist it. Should be interesting times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

GregS said...

Working in close quarters like standing on the running boards sharing his intimate thoughts. You know, ghod can only use sharp pencils and only sharp pencils work. If they are not sharp enough they usually drop off all by themselves anyway. lol

Kazz said...

Luv Kazz

Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis: A very interesting column that sounds almost like you wrote it (or he reads you):
Our Ruling Elites have No Idea How Much We Want to See Them All in Prison Jumpsuits.
Throw-in Mr. Apocalypse as the 'instigator', and there we go...

David Fiske said...

I sent you some money Vis. Good luck and keep going.

Visible said...

Thank you, my dear friend and I AM grateful but that is not what I was asking for. I specifically asked for another means of support; now I am getting money. I also feel like an idiot because somehow I did not make my point clear or... more likely, that point just can't be made (grin).

Asil said...

Dear Visible, you weave incomparable tapestries with your words – I greatly appreciate your knowledge and truth . . . you have the Christ spark within you –
Love always

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Always spot on.
And so eloquently stated.
Carry on

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Pope says eat fish on Friday's, all will be well.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Cool post, and I get from several of my metaphysically inclined sources that the shoite is gonna really start hittin' the fan next year. Also, during one of my meditative sessions I was informed I would not see 2021, which I hope is the truth this time; considering how much I hate this place. Bein' a semi-coastal calipornian (Bay Area brat), that seems likely.

Visible said...

Here is where you go to sign up at Pocketnet here.. if Facebook censors me, or if Google does the same, you can find me at Pocketnet. No one is throwing me off of there. I want you to check it out anyway because the news flow there is cutting edge and BETTER than anywhere I have EVER been. There is a high level of intelligence with a (thankfully) small percentage of dingbats and opportunists there. Anyway, you have been warned and you will know where I am and if you need to search for me there, my user name is visible. Many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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