Thursday, April 30, 2020

"Sessions at The Stone Circle and Dancing with The Mother in the Wild Places Far from Town."

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Thank God it's Origami today. I can spend this time thinking about The Ineffable in all the ways that he/she is present in my life. When I was younger, I would have these bursts of enthusiasm for God and most of the time it was about The Divine Mother. This came to me via her appearances in Nature when I was on LSD. I used to see her in a regular fashion. Often she would be down in the lower portions of a meadow or right at the edge of the trees where a forest begins. She would weave her appearance out of the surrounding bushes and branches and she looked exactly like the pictures of the goddess in Hindu posters. Usually she had four arms and was mostly of one color, with highlights of complementary hues. She might be red, or green, and sometimes yellow. She would speak to me but it was more a language of feelings rather than words.

On occasion a male personality would arrive, but only in terms of an internal voice. I rarely saw a male deity, unless it was a flesh and blood personification, like the Man on the Beach. She was ALWAYS very much present, even when I couldn't see her. Sometimes I would be walking, or dancing through the forest, often in Wittenberg NY, in a development of 5-acre parcels, put together by a Woodstock attorney named Jerry Wapner. My friend Michael Green, the co-author of the book, The Illuminated Rumi worked for Jerry, designing ornamental signs and other promotional devices. Michael is an extremely gifted artist and one of the few people I know who has also dedicated his life to the discovery of The Indwelling.

Jerry had given Michael a 5-acre plot, as payment for the work he did over the course of time, and there was a stone circle there where we regularly had 'Sessions', based on the prototypes from Timothy Leary's time at Billy Hitchcock's estate in Millbrook, NY, where they had the original sessions. Michael was part of that whole network. About once a month we would gather at The Stone Circle and take LSD. Then we would spend the entire night chanting, “Om Amitabha”. According to Leary, Amitabha was the Buddha of Psychedelics. There would be between 10 and 20 of us at any given time. The attendees changed from one session to the next. Only Michael and I and one or two others were there every time.

The Riverby project was in its early stages when we were doing this. There were no main roads yet, only old logging roads made of compacted dirt. We would have to walk 3 miles up one of these rutted trails to the Stone Circle. For some reason, we often used candles instead of flashlights. I don't know why that was but it certainly added a mystique to the whole proceedings. We would get so high in the process of the chant that it went beyond the LSD induced state. Michael presided over the evening as The Fireman who kept the central fire burning. There were different roles assigned and somewhat based on the Native American Peyote ceremonies. There were several tipis there for living in. I lived there, off and on for several years, including in the winter when snow would rise several feet. I was often alone there and would take psychedelics and commune with the spirits. Often I would engage in, 'singing up the trees', where I would channel random notes, like jazz scat singing, which ran up the trunk of the trees and then passed through the branches and the leaves. The musical notes were like living things that stroked and massaged the lifeforms they passed through and over. The singing was some sort of atavistic ritual, likely Druidic that was brought up by my subconscious. It was incredibly magical and there is no way I can describe the intimate and profound experiences that I enjoyed on these trips into the Upper Astral Plane and beyond.

Many times I would find myself in the pose of Shiva Nataraja, which I held for long periods of time. This was all after my kundalini event and I know that sometimes what was going on with me freaked other people out. It was as real as real gets but very uncommon to the shared reality of the day to day that most of us are familiar with. Other times I would run down the rocks in the nearby stream, going so fast that if I had one misstep, I would have been hurt but it never happened.

My experiences were very different if other people were around. Once in Virginia this voice with a Southern accent appeared. It was someone from long ago. I remember looking up at the sky and watching a hawk hit another bird in an explosion of force and the voice said, “It don't pay to be too innocent.” I was at my friend Billy Rodenberg's property called Bear Den. It had a massive cabin and was on 900 wooded acres, high up on a promontory. You could walk a hundred yards through a clearing into a short stretch of trees where there was a huge flat rock that Mosby's Rangers used as a lookout in Civil War times. It was many hundreds of feet above the grassy Shenandoah plains below. I often heard conversations between spirits from older times there.

It was here that I would walk through invisible labyrinths of force and then a whirling sensation came upon me and I began to spin like those Sufi dervishes, finally launching off across impossible distances. I don't know by what power this was happening but it had something to do with moving through those corridors of the invisible labyrinth. I would literally fly in the air across dozens of yards and then land. So many incredible things happened and this went on for some years and was pretty much all I did; have these experiences. It didn't matter where I was, there, in a forest somewhere, by the seashore, in a desert. There was always contact with and communication with invisible and semi-visible entities. I loved this period of my life more than anything that ever happened before or after.

What has happened is that God has slowly, over the course of time, become a constant presence. It is like having the car window open now and again and the whole atmosphere rushes into the car but then the window is closed and it is only what is happening inside the car. Then the window is left open for longer periods until it is left open permanently. This is a crude analogy I am using but I think you know what I mean; that which was occasionally present, becomes continuously present and then it becomes louder? More enveloping?? Something... something.

Once the operation, the mechanism of accelerated spiritual evolution is initiated, it doesn't stop. Everything else becomes increasingly secondary and it can involve practically ANYTHING. There is no telling what might show up, in need of experiencing, in order to get past it. It can be incredibly chaotic and make no sense whatsoever in the context of accepted spiritual practices. One can be seen as utterly bizarre to others, dangerous and unhinged even, but there is nothing one can do. There is no one who can be asked for help, other than the indwelling and all-pervasive spirit. One can be in the company of gurus and teachers and find that they have no idea of what is happening to you because they aren't permitted to see it. It felt like being in a wasteland that was composed of countless people moving in all directions with no real purpose BECAUSE... there is ONLY ONE THING that is important but that is not understandable by others who have their own agenda, woven out of Karma and it's resolutions. They are in a fixed orbit, under the impression that they are free, but they are on rails that they cannot see and anything said to that effect can upset them greatly.

Once I was in a desperate state and at my ex-girlfriend's condo in Kihei, Maui. I found a copy of the small book, “The Mother” by Sri Aurobindo.

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I was unstable and unsteady. I think this was during the time of my pending trial for 3 Class A felonies. I sat down and read the entire book. It isn't very long and I have included it here for you. Somewhere in the process of reading the book, I was overcome with the most remarkable feeling of Divine Love. I have only felt something similar two or three times in my life. I was transported! It lasted until I concluded my reading and for a short time after and then... it was gone! Ah... what a sense of loss I experienced. Somehow, almost always, in my most desperate hours, succor and interior sanctuary would appear.

Now it has come in the long-awaited appearance of my Guardian Angel. I have been shown that the angel has been with me for some time but I just didn't know and often did not recognize who it was, but references to all of those times have since been made by the angel and I can see what I formerly could not. This appearance has completely transformed my state of being. Yet... labors and tests still remain and discomfort can appear at any point, however... the angel is now there. I had been told I could go no further on my own and must wait for the appearance of my guide. That has now happened. Well... we have not yet taken off in a smoking hot hurry anywhere, but I guess something is coming at some point. There has been talk of a thing called, The Investiture... but I don't know anything about it.

I wanted to mention so many events that transpired with The Mother but it didn't happen. I was only able to mention a few. Once I was in Palm Springs, alone in a friend's house and I had taken some psychedelic and she showed up interiorly. She had on an elegant hat, which I could feel and she was dressed very expensively and had quite a few jewels on, and I was led to understand that that is how she manifested there in the playground of the rich. I could feel her feminine nature entire and all of my gestures and movements were decidedly female.

Over recent decades I have gravitated away from her but now she is returning and I cry out for her every day but she is in no hurry it seems. My Guardian Angel presents as either female or male. Some are more one than the other and some are either and mine is either and carries Torricelli's trumpet. As I have reflected on the various roles and powers attributed to my angel, it becomes more and more clear why she is my angel and given the tenor of these times... a great deal more.

I can see how the gay thing has become so epidemic in these times and it is due to the return of The Divine Feminine and BECAUSE OF THE INTENSITY OF MATERIALISM, those feeling the press of this energy, have been acting it out on the material plane, instead of letting it activate the higher virtues which she brings, such as intuition, compassion, wisdom, forgiveness, beauty, patience, nurturing, unconditional love and others of similar import.

This is a good thing that she is coming back into her own. It is going to take time for it all to integrate and become part of the new pattern of existence but... come it will.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, man; did that hit home. My nosy-poo has GOT to read this. I never did what you did, but. . .

Anonymous said...

Visible prabhu, you are officially a All Time Greatest Writer of Americana!
Yes, lofty heights, rarefied air, cheering and applause heard and unheard. Well, it's all heard, innit.

Speaking of the Mother, I once upon a time realized Lord Shiva's wife Goddess Kali eats only prasadam offered to her husband Lord Shiva. I felt all at once truly greatful for this! As if had it been the total accomplishment or worth of my life, it was soooo worth it. Just a little tickle is all it took, lol.

Anyway, enjoy your Pulitzer nomination! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I once met a Scaly breasted munia that to sang me the Story of The Taster.

Anonymous said...

Second that. You deserve accolades galore
A Pulitzer and then some....

Good going as always.

Ray B. said...

Vis, you seem to have had one of the most unusual lives possible. Thank you for sharing it.

Did you ever have the opportunity to visit some of the age-old Stone Circles sprinkled around Europe? Not to mention Faerie Glens, Holy Wells, and early Abbeys. With your 'visionary' sight, it might have been interesting. There is so much that today's eyes do not see. Hopefully, that will change...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Yes Ray; Supernatural events have been pretty much the norm for me. I did visit one of the stone arrangements somewhere outside London with a fellow named Scott that I was visiting at the time. The world is getting very strange.

Anonymous said...

All hail


Love you.

. said...


I am leaving my comment here for your podcasts, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Welcome home.

Luv Mother

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"The Stupendous and Accelerating Fall of the Late and Great American Experience."



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