Friday, March 19, 2021

"If God is Watching you All the Time, is that not an Opportunity to Perform before God?"

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Whatever their arguments, what people are really arguing about is Change. Trying to control cosmic change is much like trying to catch all the raindrops. It is absurd before you start to think about it.

Consider the horse and then the cowboy. Consider the buffalo and the Indian. The Indians were erased by erasing the buffalo and with yellow fever blankets and whiskey. It was the end of an era and it is never polite and accommodating. It is relentless and there's no fair or unfair. It happens. So it is in this age changing as well. I'm not pro-cowboy or pro-Indian. They are players on the stage of time passing. The right and wrong of things gets handled above my pay grade. One thing you can't argue about is that it happened. It also didn't happen the way a lot of people said it did. Regardless.... it was a brutal thing. Only one brutal period among more than you know of or can remember.

There is a Sufi tale that illustrates how God handles the evolution of his will and his whims. When he wants to put on a certain show in a certain town, he sends in the assemblers and they erect the stage. The play is performed and it ends. Then the assemblers become the dismantlers and they take it all down, pack it up, and move it to the next town for the next play.

If you study history and you have some sense of truth and lies, you can see that human civilization has seldom been civil. We hope for better. A good number of us strive for better but... so many bad things happen and with the limited blueprints given by organized religion people don't understand why these things must happen. If you look deeper you can see that most of the time in most places everything is pretty much okay. It must be that Karma is a reality and it must also mean that sins and offenses follow us from life to life. That would EASILY explain all that happens. Oh yeah... and there are some powerful material forces that don't want people to understand anything beyond a certain point so that they are easier to control through attractions and fears.

Yes... there is a game that goes on here between the appearances of Good and Evil. Sometimes the meter swings one way and sometimes it swings the other. As long as you are engaged in the game, you have to abide by the rules of the game. You also don't have to play and you can become so irrelevant to the game and the players that they can no longer even see you. It happens. 'By blocking no one's way no one blocks him'

I've no interest in being a social reformer here. I have not seen one yet who came to a good outcome and they USUALLY made things worse. I have no interest in telling people what is right or wrong. I don't know what is right or wrong for them. I have seen this vary WIDELY between people. I only talk about good and evil or anything else so that I can bring God into the discussion. Everything else that appears here is only window dressing for that. God is the subject of conversation here. We make no claims to understand God but we do like to talk about God. I also KNOW that everything else is pointless. That is... ah, how shall I put it; 'according to the perspective that exists in me'. It does not exist in everyone. Not everyone wants this perspective because it takes the shine off of everything else. It removes the sizzle from the steak. For me, that's great! Not so for everyone. Not so for everyone.

You need to assume from the beginning; if you don't, life will most certainly teach you that not everyone wants to hear about this. Real circles of love are rare. They are like variations in ocean currents that appear in certain places. What I have found, as a replacement for a visible circle of love is an invisible circle of love. It will precipitate into being at the given time, sooner or later.

If you cannot find that circle of love in your life, it is a great help to visualize it into being and to enjoy the wonderful fragrance and higher emotions that are brought by agents of the Supernal Realm. You attract them with your faith and love directed at them. No sincere prayer to Heaven goes unanswered. Keep in mind that most people are already listening all day long to broadcasts from the Infernal Realm. This has exponentially intensified over recent decades. You can hear it in the daily soundtrack and the way the performers behave. No good can come of that BUT... that is their job. That is what the Infernal Realm does. Why should anyone have trouble understanding that? ♫ What's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game ♫

If you are under the influence of the Infernal Realm then the palette of existence is of a murky hue. You cannot hear the singing from on high. Out of sight out of mind, eh? Yeah... I was mixing me some metaphors (grin). The Infernal Realm is SUBORDINATE to the Supernal Realm. Period! End of discussion. Why then would you come under the sway of the Infernal Realm? Right... the enticements. Like the cotton candy that tastes like packing material. The rides that injure you (that's the point of the ride). Well? What do you expect in an amusement park in Hell?

Once again, the Kingdom of Heaven is ALL POWERFUL. Nothing can stand against it. Is Heaven patient? Far more than you can comprehend. Is Heaven tolerant and understanding? Far more than you can comprehend. Is that why we don't see right and justice done all the time? Yeah, it is. I am sure you have heard the statement, “the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.”

Here is wisdom; embrace utter reliance upon The Indwelling to guide, instruct, inspire and protect you. I knew this early on, except it hadn't dawned on me yet. It has now. Having gone through the things I have gone through and the trauma that came and went as well. Having endured the fruits of my own ignorance and that cosmic patience and tolerance aforementioned. Heh heh... I can say it is no easy road, though I am sure I made it harder than it had to be. Nevertheless, you have to be committed. Sometimes you even get committed. If you are not committed-determined and unrelenting, God will see right into that. You ONLY have to impress God, no one else. His angels are watching you, all day and all night. It's not like you don't have ample opportunity here on this stage of existence to get God's attention, since it is his CEASELESS attention that keeps you here in the first place.

Well... if God is watching you all the time, is that not an opportunity to perform before God? There's no better way to get your chops down than that. The real gold is in the inspiration. If God gives you inspiration, you know. You definitely know. HOWEVER... if you do not honor the muses and the one who sends them, the well can and does run dry. This accounts for all those flashes in the pans and one-hit-wonders. It shows in failed potential. If you are after the common stages of The World and the watering holes of the rich, God will give you that. You'll get your fill of it. There are finer stages and more elevated audiences that one can perform for. That one, indeed, does perform for, wittingly or unwittingly.

Of course, for most people, these claims are absurd, why... where's the profit in that? If you can't see it, then... I'm guessing here... there isn't any. Moving right along.

FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN. In that one statement resides a wealth of spiritual law and power. It is directly tied to, “as a man thinketh.” We have all the power we need to turn life around, as soon as we know who makes it possible and get inline. You can also get things from The Dark Side, many do.

In times of widespread confusion and mistrust, usually orchestrated by the usual suspects who like playing The Sorcerer's Apprentice, it is PRUDENT and wise to have a channel to the light. One must NEVER forget that ONLY God is in charge and trying to guess his reasons is a strange kind of arrogance and stupidity joined at the hip but going in opposite directions, both of them wrong. We are in such times now.

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robert said...


Your enjoyment in sharing is a communicable ease inspiring gratitude!

Sharp contrast to the contagious disease of the fear criers littering the earth with discarded integrity...

Those attracted to voices singing in the wilderness like being with the angels and entertaining angels unaware:

When we see the many-faceted meaning of the latter phrase, that the deepest level of the human soul is angelic, coated in many lifetimes's worth of mud, we smile as we recover another facet of ourselves.

"It's not like you don't have ample opportunity here on this stage of existence to get God's attention, since it is his CEASELESS attention that keeps you here in the first place"

Touche, rim-shot and badabump!

That feeling when we know that the Observer is watching tends to intimidate and inhibit our indulgence, which is why people deny deny deny the spirit which gives them animate life. Turn it around and lean into it and life shifts into high gear!

" If you are after the common stages of The World and the watering holes of the rich, God will give you that. You'll get your fill of it. There are finer stages and more elevated audiences that one can perform for"

This helps explain the ennui which drives people to look deeper, beyond the human death culture (all of them) and look for oasis in the heart of creation, the center of the storm of physical life.

Been there, done that, over it

Now what?

If we are blessed by exhausting our personal will before having accumulated a karmic debt too heavy to pay in one lifetime (unless you are Milarepa or of his caliber), THEN we can try the way of surrendering the way of the rebellious puppet and adopting our adoption by the One

Whether through the entreaty of the Avatar of pure passion, exemplified as Yeshua or
through whomever we hear the call, read the memo and get the message, we find the stage where the play never ends, the ONLY place worth performing our artof being!

Where dead ends cannot exist and learning to love is sustainable beyond human imagination.

We may point to it in words and may grow to show it in our being and doing, but everyone must walk that way individually as lovers of the One before all others.

Imagine being the beloved of the Eternal lover and how generosity can never deplete the store of good will!

We can dream, can't we?
Why not dream the everlasting story line that never reaches a point but connects every wave into one resounding resonance?

All it takes is all we are and more.

Are we getting to the place where no event, no experience can satisfy our soul?
Only being in love with the One, with all the willingness to serve which comes from that state, will keep us involved with physical residence.

Are we there yet here?

We can talk ourselves through a lifetime, dying all along the way
When will we talk to ourselves as if we are intending to join the living Being in marriage?

"FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN. In that one statement resides a wealth of spiritual law and power. It is directly tied to, “as a man thinketh.” We have all the power we need to turn life around, as soon as we know who makes it possible and get inline. You can also get things from The Dark Side, many do"

Faith realized, played out into the seen, is the evidence leaking down from the unseen. Or, faith is the currency of higher dimensionality being paid to create the manifest. Or faith is the way that the limited mind can share in the creative power which brings all things into being.

Unlimited wealth obscured by fascinated focus on the filthy castoffs of beggared imagination. How to be beyond care knowing that life is unlimited, even by our best efforts to carry our own burdens to our graves.

"It's full of stars!"

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Les. Another wonderful uplifting message straight to the Soul/Heart.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a fine column. One of your best. Thanks!

Speaking of "We are in such times now," I am continually thinking of the 'unicorn' entity (Griffin) in the third "Men in Black" movie. This entity 'sees' all the possible futures (timelines) and is unable to distinguish which one he is currently-in until he can spot some defining element.

[Griffin shows Agents K & J the future, from his viewpoint.]
Agent J: "So this is how you see things? This is amazing!"
Griffin: "It's a gigantic pain in the ass, but it has its moments. many futures, and they're all real; just don't know which one will coalesce. Until then, they're all happening."

Our current times seem much like the above. One can feel the 'ramping up' of the energies; the heading into some version of a climactic finale. On one side, the baddies are making a final push, assured of their dominance on earth-plane. On the other side, goodies are chewing from the top down on literal reality- and behavior-changing measures (including Cleaning upper-level baddies). The 'collision' between these two sides (both of which are all-God) might be epic and titanic on earth-plane, or might just be a gentle sigh in the wind.

Griffin [speaking of the last game of the 1969 World Series]: "When that ball is pitched to Davey Johnson - who only became a baseball player because his father couldn't find a football to give him for his eighth birthday - it hits his bat two micrometers too high, causing him to pop out to Cleon Jones - who would have been born Clara, a statistical typist, if his parents didn't have an extra glass of wine that night before going to bed." [Jones catches the ball, ending the game in victory for the Mets]

Griffin: "A miracle is what seems impossible but happens anyway. I lost my planet; I don't want you to lose yours. It'll take a miracle; but if you pull this off, you'll be my new favorite moment in human history."

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Just ran across a thoughtful, hard-hitting article by Miles Mathis that begins with sex!

Anonymous said...

On various blogs and message boards, I've noticed a huge uptick lately of comments where people are wishing for doom, death, the appcalypse, and "just want it all to end". That's a pretty bad omen when so many people are projecting their thoughts that they want the world to end.

The only way to avoid this it seems is to start thinking about God as much as possible. But everyone can feel it, "the end of the world is about to happen"

Janne Granlund said...

You wrote a very good column about God. I prefer the word All mighty because God is actually derived from a Sumerian priest named Godea a long time ago, not that it does matter we speak of the same thing.

One thing is free will. As long as you do things of your free will like putting them pigs on factory food line you will yourself experience karma for that. There are so many ways we are being programmed and misled, intentionally or unintentionally. There is one thing called conscience and sinning against it will have consequences. Sometimes mild sometimes hard. There is no ens in sight as long as we do not listen to its divine voice.

You might do things out of pure lazyness or stupidity but the judge is a similar one as you are. You long would you watch atrocities yourself? Then there is the youngstre syndrome meaning you do things but do not take responsibility. Killing is wrong but there is no problem killing on remote. Slaughter you wouldnt ever do but yet eating is totally ok and God its tasts soo good, like an orgasm!

You want to live and grow and change and be beautiful but forgetting the same time that every second someone, though merely a cell or few in your body sacrifices its or their short meaningless life to ensure your wellbeing.

Wheh one truly understnds this conscience and thankfullness for every day, and respect for others of your kind is huge.

I do not want to be negative. Happiness is the key to a good life. At the same time it is difficult when we live in a such hominid species civilisation, dont say human, true humans are the victims here, and in animal form too, shapeshifted over times, and animals themself and the land itself is a victim, and the sea. Repent repent repent repent repent repent repent.

Suggest a suitable name for this hominid civilsation. Shitters? No shit is good fertilizer..

Anonymous said...

Janne this is not the Captain Kangaroo version of the human alphabet. People have already learned their lessons here for the most part.


Thomas said...

How strange a world... When everything is in upheaval, it is certainly wise to stay near the center of it all - God. The center is quiet, while the storms rage around it.

I've thought about this recently, I think it's interesting:

The yogis say that these 4 are connected:

Vital Energy
Life Force

and that controlling one brings all 4 under control.

The mind can be controlled by prayer and/or concentration (it takes practice)

The breath can be controlled by conscious will (be gentle)

The vital energy, which the body gets from food and sunlight, which rest replenishes, and which is used for physical, mental, and creative pursuits, can be controlled by living a moral and prudent life - husbanding ones energy wisely, and not wasting too much of it on stress, fretting, or needless activites, especially sexual activites, as they use a lot of it.

The Life Force, perhaps the most arcane of these 4, is the force that is known as prana prana and Qi. It is what moves in the chakras. It can be controlled by Pranayama, being conscious of the energy that moves in the body, and directing it. It is subtle. Practice can allow one to recognize it.

The 4 are connected. We are whole beings. Controlling one allows control over the other 3. Controlling 2, even better.

Janne Granlund said...


It is true that we have, you and me and many others. but yet, until I see physical manifestation I dont actually believe a shit.


I can tell you how we her in F in times long ago used to sail the unkown seas filled with terrible spirts and beasts and how the ancient ones sung the land into becoming, dreaming. And creating. Whats it worth to have a beautiful mind if your physical is a hell like for many of us her still is. Dont get me wrong, appreciate your point of view but there are levels beyound our understanding and belief withoutr action is worhless piece of shit.

les visible, I will write to your site. I have followed your work a long time and support you this way. needless to say but I say it anyway. love is a stranger and and dont be afraid or the stranger is gone

King J of the red diamond

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Though I can't stand life, can't stand the Physical Realm (I don't see how any NDE-er can.), and disagree with tons of things about being here, I'm still working for Source.

Man, I bitch too much. Statistically, my sojourn in this Hell Hole has been better than most. I mean hey! Only 5.5 years outta more than 58.5 was something of a nightmare, and even there I had my escapes. Acres and acres of wild land you can roam behind your backyard was great, and I did get my revenge.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"This is What Comes of Living Your Own Truth When it Happens to Be a Lie."

Jamie Wave said...

'arrogance & stupidity joined at the hip, going opposite directions, both of them wrong"
I laughed whole-heartedly at this! What a gnarly picture that paints in my mind!



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