Friday, February 04, 2022

"There are Much Nicer Places To Be than Here. We Can Get to Them by Being Much Nicer Here."

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Another week in the doldrums of the year; the general atmosphere, not the one in my head. It's that time when Nature is quiescent, having fallen back upon herself, gathering her forces for Spring. These seasons come for nations just as they come for individuals. They come for planets. They come for solar systems. There's a bigger and bigger reach of time, each time it progresses, this cosmic weather of endless rise and fall. It is the grand sex act of the universe, continuously replicating and reinventing itself. In times of light... science follows a higher guidance. In times of darkness, medicine forgets how critically important nature is to health. In fact, there are some who don't need doctors at all... lawyers either. Their fortunes are tied to the one who holds the whole of it together in his literal (not metaphorical) hands.

There are fellowships that exist between kindred spirits. Sometimes they are called a Brotherhood, and sometimes a fellowship. They move in the sea of humanity, but they are not invested in the fortunes to be made from it. Fortunes are won and fortunes are lost. Where does that leave you? Where is your fortune? I cannot tell you how many times I will think something or say something, after having read something, and there is a corresponding Biblical or Vedic saying. I know The Bible has been hammered and shaped to certain ends. I also know that much truth remains in it, and... since I call tell the difference between the truth and a lie, the other parts don't concern me.

I am endlessly perplexed as to why people can spend so much time arguing about something, and never bother to go look for it and find out directly. People who have never seen rain are arguing about rain instead of going to where the rain is and experiencing it, so that it becomes visceral, which is the only place anything meaningful happens... in the visceral... because at least that leads somewhere that the empirical and the ephemeral do not. If you swim on the surface... you will never have a clue as to what goes on below. Butterflies are beautiful but they are not around for very long. You become what you emulate. If you are drawn to The Everlasting, The Everlasting will be drawn to you. It comes up out of the depths and clarifies the understanding about what is on the surface... as it rises up the column into the living light.

People have all kinds of ideas about what might happen after death. You sort of go where you already are. You can imagine that that makes for some strange environments in The Beyond. It's not really beyond. You are in it at this very moment, but only in a phase of it. Once the body is no longer the playing field of The Mind, you go where thoughts and feelings are actual things... vehicles of force. It makes a great deal of sense to master these things before you get to a place like that. You have to live up to it. You can, literally, just walk right out of Here. There are people who can step right outside of their bodies when the time comes. You are already living where you are going so... make sure it's something you are okay with.

There is no future in being downhearted, except to be more downhearted. Grief is its own reward and so is being detached from all negative emotion. You wind up on a plane of being that is very positive. I take a lot of my direction from The Sun. What is The Sun doing? It is shining. That says a great many things depending on how long you think about it. I think about The Sun a lot. The Sun happens to be a conscious agency and he very well knows what we are up to down here. He can see us individually. There are particular archetypal forces that are personified and move among us on occasion. They have bodies in wardrobes where the rest of us have clothes.

It is possible to live in your own paradise regardless of what The World gets up to. The World can find you anywhere, but... it mostly keeps to its particular zones when it gets up to less savory enterprises. Wherever there are concentrations of darkness, somewhere else there are corresponding concentrations of light. We are ALL light generators if we so choose. One doesn't have to spread bad news and rumors of one thing or another. The Shadow force is at the peak of its abilities, which are nothing at all when it comes to The Light. The Darkness is ONLY present where The Light is not. It scurries away soon enough when The Light shows up. There are times when The Light demonstrates concerning The Darkness... heh heh, and we are nearabouts to that now.

All those Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter types are going to be experiencing what they had only been pretending to experience before... as Middle Earth becomes a reality... sort of. The Light is coming. If you are at all sensitive you must have some sense of that. The Old Order is having its control taken away. This is why they are so desperate with the viruses and vaccines (that are not vaccines). This is why they are trying to drum up a new war. Hmm... but everything is not the same as it was before. Every now and then the tables are turned and the same people are not still sitting there. We get a renaissance, a flowering, like what the 60s presaged but could not live up to. Sometimes that happens to an age.

This means you are not moving just into a new century but into a new age as well. It means a much bigger degree of transformation. This will give rise to a Golden Age. I do not know how long that will last, (grin)... but they usually have quite a few seasons in them, certainly a lifetime or two. You need to get used to the idea that your body is just a suit of clothes you wear for this visit. Usually, a departing soul goes to another kind of place for a while, once he leaves... though time is very different there too. Then you're right back here again... to pick up where you left off. This is why I say, 'you have to live up to it,' because that means you can head off ANYWHERE you wish to go, you just have to live up to it. It will form itself around you.

One can burn up Karma in other ways besides just going through it. One can burn it up much faster and more efficiently in other ways. Pure Bhakti, Pure Love, will take one right up the ladder as if it were an escalator in high gear. It's a spiral staircase escalator that operates internally, and it can transport you to any world there might be. There are much nicer places to be than Here. We can get to them by being much nicer Here. There is a kind of magic that Love performs which changes The World you are resident in... whatever world it might be... and makes it a wonderland of possibilities. You just start living up to it and you will be taken there.

I got to see how life is in many places since I have been here. I've been places where life was dirt cheap, and places where people lived The High Life. You don't have to be there very long, if you are a good person... before you realize it is not for you. Let those who want it be welcome to it. I don't understand excess at all. It looks like a mental deficiency to me; living in massive debt, living in the driving expectation that there are better days ahead where you can be even more excessive, buy a bigger boat (or several), buy a bigger house (or several), buy your way out of what's coming... no... that's where the currency runs out of influence, and the place where you need it the most.

This is why I am a big investor in Spiritual Gold. I don't have much in a pedestrian way, maybe too many guitars. I have what I need, but Spiritual Gold? All those things they say that money cannot buy? Spiritual Gold is the preferred medium of exchange for them. Spiritual Gold is a real thing. It is good anywhere in The Universe. It is a buy your way out of trouble, get-out-of-jail-free card, where you don't get into any of those in the first place unless God wants to demonstrate something, and then... yeah, that all comes into play. I have seen it take place with my own eyes a few times.

There is no telling where fortune may put you, though there is a good chance you gave Fortune all the help it needed to do that. If God is with you there is nothing that can get in your way. In order to have God with you, you must go with God in the first place. You'll want to fasten your seatbelts because God likes to drive fast sometimes. Sure... but he has forever, so what's the hurry? That's not the point. Sometimes God just likes to drive fast is the point. I know firsthand why so many people do not take this route. It's a little too high tension for their tastes. There's no tension in it though, and you can't hope to survive if there is tension. When God is in the driver's seat, he knows what to do. You have to trust him. That's a big part of the relationship.

Getting to know God, and getting to know yourself, which are similar in many ways, WILL take you through every permutation of The Matter, so that you can understand it, more... uh... fully. Heh heh...I don't know. I feel very good these days. Some might say that that is when you should watch out. I'm not particularly feeling good about what's going on in the wider world, but that hasn't got anything to do with me. There is something going on on The Inner Planes. That means something is going to be coming DOWN... from ABOVE (grin). That means big changes in the wider world.

It will be nice when it all evens out.

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And not many links... for whatever the reason=

Well written by one of the most powerful lawyers in the country=

Ah... that's too bad=

This is what happens when no one really likes you. this is also what happens to all of those who are so confident of their power and position and then it turns out that everyone knows about you. Gossip, it is the standard of industries in which there is no joy of creation. Sure... he'll land in the cushions somewhere else, so far as that goes and... maybe not. Times have changed=

They're coming for each other. Those of evil disposition cannot remain in accord with one another. They ALWAYS have a falling out=


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ayuh, and that's why I can't quit bitchin' 'bout this one. NDEs are such a package deal, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I can't see how people can be happy with this HELL HOLE after they had one.

robert said...

Visible One of Many,

Your service to all is a better example than the Judas-minded wannabe revolutionaries.

The dolt minded (adult minded) invest their identity in making a difference that THEY CAN BUILD A STORY UPON!

Surrendered selves make better conduits for pure light shining, without discrimination of appearances.

It makes a great deal of sense to master these things before you get to a place like that. You have to live up to it

Aye, there's the rub for most humans wanting to stay human, as defined by inhuman slave masters, instead of growing back into divine blueprinted existence!

Living up means raising consciousness above the gutter which corporate assets are permitted to inhabit. Gopher heads to be knocked down by automatic zombie responses.

Hard to see the percentage in that conception of service!

From experience with the personal, as ANY resistance to higher energies incoming causes suffering, this one notes the following patterns:

Thought from a personal perspective is useless worry, giving attention to illogical fear and produces nothing useful to Unity

As a-dolts, we allowed the conditioning to STOP and THINK, interrupting our attention to the Present to chew on mental cuds

As we have all seen demonstrated in the zombie collective, giving one's self over to mindless emotional jags, incited by industrial mind control, is not the way either!

How do we be most mindful?

By noting that most a-dolt thinking is an interruption of the Mind of the One.
Thinking in conventional, limited boxes, is an error process, interrupting the flow of life and of being present, bringing a state of negative self-reflection.

Contrast this to meditating on a state of unlimited-ness, feeding positive impersonal attention in a loop.

We can observe in much finer detail when we radiate love out into the space which holds us in tender regard!

If we stop and think, we summon memories to a jury of our fears.
If we say and unconditional yes to All-That-is, we can still provide the light of our attention, calling all angels to provide the increase in divine light showing.

Our emotional nature is under constant assault while humanity is in the birthing process, in the pipeline, seeing the light but also feeling the push, the inner drive to break out of our cocoon, soon!

When we step away from our present life flow, a followng sea of unhealed emotions can overwhelm.

How do happy children do life? Their spirits are surging outward 24X7.
Should their experience unbalance their serene observation with some emotional event to process, they express the pain and with some love, move right along!

A-dolts horde their painful experiences as the rationale to stay in over-control mode, keeping life's flow at a distance.
How has our capacity to heal our pain and right our listing ship been reduced below that of childhood?

Be here now or be in suffering
There is nowhere to go to escape who we have made ourselves, other than the recycling bin.

That moment of epiphany when we see the comprehensive pattern enfolding us, proving we are a beloved creation, being groomed NOT to be sex slaves for disconnected souls, but to be more than our limited minds can conceive.

We are the product of Divine conception even while we wallow in a mire of our own making.

As freedom raises its unbridled spirit on mother Earth, we rejoice along with the Unified field.
Unity is the playing field and division is a game running out of time!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, sometimes it is harder to do then to say but it is only right thing to do,
Let God Drive, He is a great driver and you can't go wrong with him although it is quite sure with Him you won't get where you planned to get, and even if it seems He gonna drive you to your tomb He certainly won't drive you to your death because you may loose your mortal life but with Him you will win eternal, so why care for theater of appearances, step back and look at it as the stage drama where you are an actor, at one moment show ends, all that suffering and joy turns into distant past and we laugh at how we could get so deeply involved in something so unreal, everyone goes home to those homes that are at our previously chosen destinations,
and who knows better right direction and how to get there then the God, so again,
Let God Drive!!!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You See the Rough Outlines of All Passion and No Brains that ALWAYS Appears in the Beginning."

Anonymous said...

Who are your Ghosts?



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