Thursday, February 17, 2022

"You and God, Dancing in a Thousand Reflecting Pools and Mirrors in Which the Light of Heaven Shines."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Who... and what are we... after all? These are basic questions that we must be able to answer... or have answered for us... before we can move on to being of practical use. There is no greater possibility for our being than that of being Useful. Our bodies are often referred to as clay vessels. Supposedly... our appearance here is that of the temporary animated dust we appear in. There are two main ways that we can be animated. The pedestrian manner is to be animated for the pursuits of Appetite and Desire. The other is to come into resonance with a higher expression of ourselves, and through that resonance be... quickly or gradually, via Time and Experience, turned into a clear medium for this higher expression of our Self.

The alchemists talk about The Operation of The Sun and Moon aided by Mercury. If you could understand it... and it is not that hard to understand, the WHOLE of it is contained in the interplay of Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury. Everything having to do with The Sun is brought into being by The Sun. You can think of The Sun as Superconsciousness, The Moon as Subconsciousness, and Mercury as The Self Conscious Mind.

If you have studied the nature and character of Mercury, it is easy to understand why it is equated with The Mind.

The process itself is simple and you don't perform it anyway. It is performed on or within you (as you prefer) by the angel(s) of The Sun. It is accomplished when you cease to hinder it by resisting it through The Separated Mind... that fantasy of a separated Will, captured in the electromagnetic dance of Spirit and Substance, chasing after Appetite satiation and the objects of Desire. All that I can say about it is right here being said... but that is only your side of the equation. There is that other side, the subtle side, which you cannot hope to understand, BUT... which you can permit to be completed in you.

I can juggle principles, thoughts, words... and whatever you like, again and again, as I do here each day; to what end? I can paint pictures; not well, but I give it a shot. I don't know how many yantras, mandalas, and Tarot cards we've posted here over the years. The whole of the matter is an INTERIOR affair. It's between you... and the angel of God. You have to convince Heaven with your sincerity. After that, it is out of your hands.

Unfortunately... for the human-all-too-human side of you, the manner in which your sincerity is validated can involve a good deal of pain. You could call the pain... any and all of the pain, an effect of Separation Anxiety. You got attached to the wrong things and you will need to be separated from them, in order for The Great Work or The Operation of The Sun to be realized IN you. That's about what it amounts to; the suffering of being separated from one state of being, in order to be attached to another state of being... kind of like reversing what got you into mortal trouble and confusion... to begin with.

There are readers out there who know what it is that I do, and they know why I do it. They would do the same in my position. They do the same in their own position every day. We are following our Dharma. There is no big whoop-de-do about that. I'm not going to be getting a dozen roses for doing my job. It does come with its perks though, and there is a recognition on The Invisible Planes that makes our being here on The Visible Plane a great deal nicer and more comfortable than it could have been. When you play nice with The Invisible Plane it works like that.

One is able to REALLY enjoy the simple things HERE because The Supreme Enjoyer is in residence. This is something you know... when it happens... because there is no question about it. Following this happening, you get to hang out with your greatest friend of all time... all the time. It is the same one who has appeared in every friend and lover you have ever had. It is just you and God dancing in a thousand reflecting pools and mirrors in which the light of Heaven shines. You can dance your way right out of this world by SIMPLY dancing INTO the next one... behaving as if you are already present there, BECAUSE... you will be. You can dance like that... in and thru this world... because it is one of the nicer things you can do for everyone else, WHILE YOU ARE HERE.

God is an energetic, ALWAYS ON, reality. It hums within you. It is what the Om, Ram and Amen-Amun, and all the other many variants are about. You are SUPPOSED to hook up with that, AND YOU WILL... if you head in the direction of it, which... is at the core center of your being. It's like a film, “Journey to the Center of Yourself.” There are mountains and depths. There are monsters and shields. It's a Middle Earth kind of a thing, and you don't see it because a spell has been put on you.

Those of you who are not under that spell, and who also come here, know of what it is that I write about. Lately, they have this new condition. What is it called? Mass Formation Hypnosis? Something like that. It's been around a lot longer than that, AND... there are degrees and levels within this spell, and there is the same outside of The Spell. Whadda ya gunna do?

I pay less and less attention to what is going on in The World as time passes; and... The Eternal takes another seat on The Board of Directors, giving The Eternal a majority in the corporation that I am. We don't have arguments about policy. We have no financial aspirations. We already possess many times the wealth of The World, and far more than that. We are CERTAIN of outcome in every point of the process, which is handled by The Angel whose job that is... to oversee and to balance, to temper and guide us into standing still while it does its work. It is going on for everyone who is not resisting it. It has been going on since The Dawn of Time. It is the ONLY movie worth being in, and... the roles get better and better.

What happens here is my awkward and sometimes haphazard efforts to talk about, to describe, that which cannot be talked about and which cannot be described. Ramakrishna said, “He who has heard about Fire has Ajnana. He who has seen Fire has Jnana, and he who has cooked with Fire has Vijnana. What more can be said? Well, apparently a great deal, because a tsunami of words rolls over and through us every day. Words... words... words.... pictures are better but only if one can comprehend them. This accounts for the use of symbols but who... who really KNOWS what they mean? Who has cooked with them?

It is not possible for one person to tell another, what it is, and how it works. The important thing is that it is and that it works. The important thing IS THAT IT IS, AND THAT IT WORKS!!! Find it! How do you find it? Well... it's not lost in the first place so... that should help. It is also looking for you, that should help too. Take your attention off of The World and put it on The Divine. The MOMENT you do this... it triggers a reaction in Heaven concerning you. Then... as previously mentioned, your sincerity is tested. If you want an easy fix, there are all kinds of seminars by Gleem-smiling androids who will talk you through it while they take your money. These seminars are like a bag of potato chips or any fast food. You know... the kind where you are hungry half an hour later.

When I joined with other kindred spirits in a macrobiotic restaurant in Woodstock, NY, originally called, “Five Rock City Road”, and then... “The Pentacle”, at my first meal I had a combo plate of rice and beans and assorted accessory items. I did not even notice any return of hunger for over 24 hours. That is the difference between real food and the shit most people eat. Garbage in and garbage out, you do the math.

It is the same with Spiritual Truth and the usual fare from everything else. One leaves a lasting impression and the other leaves no impression at all. You have to go deeper. You have to sink beneath the surface so as to avoid the crowds. Be mindful that there are things that live in The Deep and you have to be ready for them or... better stay closer to the surface until you are on a first-name basis with The Minotaur.

Life is... pretty much like this (think of it in Cosmic Terms). Your Mother takes you to the playground (The World) and she lets you run free. There is nothing else for her to do. Off you go. You get banged around (we all do) and left bleeding in the dust under the Jungle Jim. Perhaps you get up and... once more into The Fray. You continue to get banged around. Your heart gets broken. You get disappointed. You get old. It's no fun anymore. You're alone (even if you are not alone). You are filled with regrets and thoughts of failure over what you did not accomplish (you have the next life for that). Perhaps... in despair, you cry out for your mother. She's right there. She never went anywhere.

She takes you in her arms, sometimes disguised as The Angel of Death, and she makes you all new and sparkly and clean and cuts you loose again, and... the same thing happens again, and again, and again, and again. The winning idea is not to run off in the first place, but... where would all the drama and spectacle of life be if you didn't play? That's something you are going to have to figure out for yourself.

End Transmission.......

Some leenks=

They have no intention of letting up, and the degree to which they have been able to brainwash people into promoting this sick behavior is an amazing thing. History shows what happens to cultures that step off into the deep end of sexual perversity. The people really running things send in whoever is playing Attila this season=

VERY USEFUL information. Note the last line and consider our regular advisory to STLL THE REACTIVE MIND; still the Mercury=

Always something new (to me)=

We'll be seeing both sides of the possibilities here as the new awareness comes in=

Looks like Shillery is hot under the collar=

Another view from another window=

If you believe; there are no questions, if you don't believe; there are no answers. The future is closer than it appears to be in the mirror, yes... the future is behind you because it has already happened many times before. It happened to you today, but... you probably missed it; yeah... you missed it.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.”


Anonymous said...

There is something, not new, but delightfully different about your writing. After
reading your posts I feel as if I've been on a magic carpet ride. Gracias!


Anonymous said...

“Learn to never react.”

Been a long time since I’ve commented, but I still read. It seems I come here just at the right time to get just what I need. That’s nothing new around these parts. I saw elements of The Chariot in that article. I’ve gotten away from Tarot for a while to my detriment. I like the idea of thinking you’re already there and then your there. I’m going to adopt that!!

Think I’ll adopt learn to never react, too.

Q Research continues to do its thing even though Q hasn’t posted since December of 2020. I really believe they’ll be back as everything Q said is still in play, like having to walk through the darkness before getting to the light, The Great Awakening, and the military is the only way. Anons knew who Durham was years ago. My theory, which couldn’t possibly be true is that Durham will end up not being able to prosecute the bad guys because of judicial corruption. That’s when the Storm begins and then the military tribunals. The military is the only way…

Glad you’re still plugging away Vis!! It’s still pretty dark out there, but I guess that’s a reaction. Thought I was going to stop
Doing that 😂😂


Eric said...

Mr. Visible,

Thank you for what you do! I just watched "The Frayed Angels" again for the, who knows how many, time. It is a thing of beauty and great spiritual depth. As are you, sir! I note that hints of the B.O.T.A teachings have sneaked into your work, lately. I find the writings of Doctor Case to be very helpful to me in these troubled times. I find yours to be so, as well. I am a loner, following a lonely path, which sometimes seems to want to rend my psyche a bit more than I might like. I slip now and then, but always seem to find the path again. Materialism is a heartless bitch, who still has her claws in me. Lord willing, I can cast her out and get on with the Great Work. Just keep writing, I'll keep reading and Working and with a bit of luck I'll shake your hand in the Great Beyond. Thank you, again!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up! Now off to Etidorhpa. Drury seems to be on the same page as you from what I've read so far.

Anonymous said...

For all of us who come here ,God willing, one day we may all be of one skin as Mowgli might have said.


Visible said...

"We be of one blood, you and I."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Most Especially Want to Shut Down Our Access to The Pineal Gland and Kill Our Spiritual Nature."

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I should have checked."Of one blood" it is.

Anonymous said...

I get it - everything you said. Your wisdom is welcome in my world.



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