Thursday, April 06, 2023

"It Is Out of This Hum that All Things are Materialized into Specific Vibrations for Their Singularity of Being."

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When I first began to study The Tarot through The Builders of The Adytum, one of the first things I learned was to imprint the image on the Subconscious. The Subconscious is like a child and it sees and communicates in pictures. Children basically live in The Subconscious in their early years. Usually... The Self-Conscious doesn't crystalize until later on. Puberty plays a big part in that, though it continues to develop... usually... into the early '20s.

The Tarot cards are a series of portrayals that represent the cosmic archetypes that operate through and around humanity. I am only talking about the 22 Major Arcana cards. The Minor Arcana have to do with elemental and numerological progressions in ordinary life. I don't really address them because I have little interest in ordinary life. (grin)

One is encouraged to meditate on the cards for 5 minutes at a time, in order to impress and imprint them into The Subconscious. The objective is to cause these images to vibrate into The Subconscious and set up a resonance with the indwelling archetypes and draw them forth into the field of Personality.

Ultimately... it is to merge the personal will with The Cosmic Will to the end of completing The Great Work. This results in The Knowledge and Conversation of The Holy Guardian Angel. This is who speaks through The Intuition. Once The Voice of God is audibly talking to you, your part in the process is over, except to hold still.

These archetypes can also be referred to, in part, as The Qualities of God. These are the great treasures that are stored up where moth and rust do not corrupt. I no longer use The Tarot in my daily meditations because that which they were meant to activate, did get activated. I do have them circling the walls of my room... up against the ceiling where they can remind me.

For the couple of decades that I took the lessons, designed by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davis, they came to dominate my existence, and still remain one of the greatest resources for spiritual teaching that I have EVER encountered.

There have been a few other teachers that made an impact on me; Paramhansa Yogananda... Swami Vivekananda... Mikhail Aivanhov... Guru Bawa... Lord Vivasvan... Lord Amitabha. These are some of my invisible friends, but... not all of them. Certainly, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order... The Lord Jesus Christ and the archangel Gabriel deserve a mention as lasting influences.

Now... in recent times, I have discovered another source and that is The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There is also the text version, for those who want to follow along with the audio or use it as a standalone. I bring it up again because of the value of imprinting on The Subconscious.

In order to successfully imprint anything on The Subconscious, one needs to do it repeatedly and attentively. Often... we gloss over things and they never go any deeper into our thoughts. In Times of Material Darkness, people cruise over the surface of life. Trivia becomes an art form, in literal and observable fashion like the works of Warhol and others who celebrated the superficial aspects of existence. We live in the age of processed foods, and insta-pop-up throwaways; the effluvia of a disposable culture.

If we go no deeper into ourselves we become shallow and uniformed puppets of The Manipulators, Pogo-sticking our way through life, like Nike and Budweiser's new poster-thing. Unfortunately... that is the case with the majority of us.

We don't want to know about anything deeper. It might take effort. It might require dramatic change. No... better just to call Amazon and Door-Dash and get the important essentials brought to our door; is this really what we came here for? Of course not, and many of us will pay the price when we are left with no more than the transitory things that occupied our attention; none of which will continue on with us when we leave here.

Our attention is a matter of Life and Death. Don't pay attention and see what happens. Those who can hold their attention on something are capable of Concentration, which is the secret of The Magical Art. So it is that we have come round to the point of this essay.

I have been regularly listening to Patanjali's Sutras several times a day in ten to fifteen-minute bursts. It is not good to listen overlong. It is ONLY useful to listen for as long as you can hold your attention on what you are hearing. I follow along with the text because it really helps me to concentrate on what I am hearing.

I rigidly fix my attention on what is being said and read. I absorb it into The Subconscious. I imprint it. I do it again and again, and I will do it relentlessly many times more BECAUSE... I want to make it a part of me. This is what happens when you fixate it into The Subconscious... where it percolates, AND... eventually brings it to the surface mind in flashes of illumination. This is already happening to me, right while I read and hear the text.

Unfortunately... now and again, the text does not match up with the spoken words. This is a minor concern and I do not let minor concerns affect me. I try not to even let major concerns affect me unless they are of a positive nature.

I don't know how it is for the rest of you, but my life is filled with watershed moments that alter... enhance... or emphasize the course of my life. My life is only important to me for so long as I can learn about The Supernal Realm and progress toward a unity with The Divine. This I am doing by making The Word flesh. This I am doing by tattooing... branding... and carving this teaching into The Virgin Subconscious. This is the sex act that I engage in.

These are the seeds and efforts I sow, and these are the fruits I WILL reap. I do not concern myself with the cost or the work involved. I have no other interests save for coming into a resonance with The Divine and a harmony with all life.

The Sutras speak of Powers to be gained. I care not for The Powers. I do care for The Stations of Consciousness. If certain powers lead to abilities that facilitate my inward progress, I am pursuing them with my whole heart.

Several times a day, I enter The Cathedral of Lady Nature and I sit before The Altar of The Sun and partake in a communion of light... exemplifying that I do not live by bread alone.

There is an eternal hum that permeates existence, and it is from this hum that all life forms and objects are materialized into the specific vibrations that account for their singularity of being, by... the... process... of... adaptation, which is the particular means by which The Operation of The Sun is accomplished.

I would not hold myself up as any kind of an example of righteousness. I certainly would not recommend the paths I tread to get here, BUT... one thing I can say with authority is that I did get... inexplicably... to where I desired to go. From here... everything that follows is in The Hands of God through the medium of his angels. What I am saying is that this is possible for anyone else who might be so inspired to aspire. Aspiration being the higher octave of Desire.

People do the same things every day with mind-numbing predictability. Why not do the same things every day with enthusiasm and joy? If these are expressions of Right Intention and Right Effort then Joy and Enthusiasm you will have. This is where the power-to-do comes from, and why everything else is such a meaningless and Sisyphean Labor.

MAKE IT MEAN SOMETHING or... don't bother. If it is your preference to eat, and breathe, and all the other things that having a body requires of you, in a perfunctory and uninspired manner, I doubt that Heaven will be much impressed, and you will... as is eternally the case, reap precisely what you have sown. Do not live an unexamined and uninspired life.

May God spark and galvanize each and every one of you to a higher destiny; that destiny which is your birthright to accomplish, if... you think that might be something that interests you.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

"...Aspiration being the higher octave of Desire...".

Divinely sublime descriptor.


robert said...

Visible unfolding our knotty hearts and folding up our tents of suffering, radiating through the Intermind...

Lest we forget to be mindful, inspired words remind us

This I am doing by making The Word flesh. This I am doing by tattooing... branding... and carving this teaching into The Virgin Subconscious. This is the sex act that I engage in.

Stark contrast to the deathly ritual machine most bow to in escape from themselves, to be entertained.
Entering what?
A state of trance with which we are too familiar?
That soul-numbing sameness we perpetuate to avoid facing death directly?

When we were still pre-pubescent, we could find endless content within our own souls, as angels entertained our minds with playful response to our energy flow patterns

The memory of that enchantment has been hijacked by merciless killers, offering our adult minds a simulacra of innocence by barring the faculties of mind that can adapt to higher frequency being from entering the door into the industrial daydream machine.

We are drawn in to a subjective prison cell where our mind stops thinking but does not then continue into deeper levels of being
Teased with surcease from beta brain wave interruption, we fall into habits of mind more like iron maidenware than flowing gowns

We pay our precious attention to what we think brought us to the dance but our dance partner has become a media mirage!

How to pay attention to our self, our greater Self, long enough to change us?

Adapt to higher octaves?

There is an eternal hum that permeates existence, and it is from this hum that all life forms and objects are materialized into the specific vibrations that account for their singularity of being, by... the... process... of... adaptation, which is the particular means by which The Operation of The Sun is accomplished.

We are sound bites from the eternal apple
We resonate with ascending scales or descending scales, based upon our will to pay attention
to allow the infinite observer to see through us what we need to see to start living off and within vision

Aspiration being the higher octave of Desire.

Ka-bam! (rim shot, cannon boom, eureka moment!)

Like overblowing a flute, a horn or shifting energy of the voice into upper harmonics!

The overtones are analogous to the Oversoul to Soul relationship

Instead of being overbearing on the vocal cords, yelling or barking with the fundamental tone into shreds
Instead of getting off by dissipating our kundalini force at only the sexing chakra and running out of lamp oil
Instead playing dominance games in the dirt and killing off the One we love

The octave above the fundamental, the second harmonic is where creativity has space to spin
The solar chakra above the second is where the we begin to radiate and kindle others
The octave above the ground is where the Self finds many mansions to play along with the Creator

When all the deceiving anti-life bad actors have in hand is a false narrative, a psyop, a dominating delusion
What will become of their fatal fantasy when the children awaken and play their trump card?

What can compare to joy shared like sparklers, lighting off every one nearby?
How can hate sustain upon ever yielding waves of laughter?

Are we prepared to be good enough to our shadow to make love our unifying force, enveloping and embracing?
Not firing lasers from 10 paces to rend holes?
Can we act like the One and re-integrate all fractured feeling and broken promises?

Time is telling us and we shall be seeing!

0 said...

Patanjalis Book 1, at about 12:30 minutes into it.

"13. The right use of the will is the steady effort to stand in spiritual Being."

"We are to think of ourselves as Immortals, Dwelling in the light, encompassed and sustained thru spiritual powers, The steady effort to hold this thought will awaken dormant and unrealized powers which will unveil to us the nearness of the Eternal."

"14. this becomes a firm resting place when followed Long, persistently, with eagerness."

Ie. it becomes the place where one Dwells even when no longer held in iteration of form.

Habit, the double edged Sword. Cultivate Rightly or Cultivate Nothing. Nobody comes for Nothing. :)


Anonymous said...

Really lovely, Mr. Visible.

...another heapin' of helpin'.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Took God's Remarkable Creation and Self-Sculpted a Tragedy Incarnate. You... Fed... The... Beast... Within."

Anonymous said...

All my life I’m nearly 60 I have been seeking reading studying and practicing.. in the last year after directing my prayers to the highest of highs I finally realised that that the entirety of Gods creation is perfect for if it wasn’t it would unravel into the void from which it came … I followed dissected, listened to various teachers who had also followed dissected re-packed and packed. It was all very clever and a very mystical journey, only to realise that all I needed to do was to turn my attention above and beyond all this and embrace God and his son Jesus Christ ( Jesus took me a little while to understand 😌)and all I ever sought would be given and revealed… all else, it’s just a journey to this realisation that God is supreme. That all God wants is a dialogue and conversation with you and for you to recognise and place his son Jesus Christ almighty above all else and through him and only through him will we come to know our father and all his creations. Eventually I just surrendered because all I really wanted was to be recognised known and loved by the creator my father our father … it’s very simple we just over complicate it … I e never felt so at peace and loved 🥰



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