Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Broadcasting Live From Station WYOU.

I may go on for quite a pace today. Even so, I won’t cover what I have in mind ...but if I can just outline some of the countryside...

We encounter a lot of royalty on this planet. We’ve got the English Queen and the Black Nobility with the dense spider-webbed sub matrix of ‘The City’. We’ve got the Duke of Earl, King Creole, Queen Latifa and Prince; no last name, formerly a symbol.

We’ve got Knights and Rohan’s and knaves. We’ve got Lady’s in Waiting and men in ambush and we’ve even got those of us who Am not Bush and hopefully never will be. We’ve got the truly royal and the pretend royalty; mostly we have the cast of The King of Hearts running amuck through the costume closet and its’ “bad, it’s nationwide.” to quote an old rock artist. If any of us are sane we are laboring in the film of the King of Hearts. If you haven’t seen the film with Alan Bates, you should. It explains things to a degree.

The first thing any psychiatrist should concern himself with is protecting himself from contracting the sicknesses of his patients. The broadcasts can be intense. You’ve really got to use the fine tuning dial and program the tuner to skip certain stations. Unless you do you will pick them up because they tune to you.

Some stations have a hundred thousand watts and more. Some have only a few watts and Clear Channel is anything but. They don’t care much for sentiments contrary to their efforts at mind control and they’re hip to the power of music as a magical art. Some stations have been in business for millenniums. You don’t even know you are listening; feel gloomy today? ...depressed ...feel better than you thought you would for no discernable reason? Think about it. What shapes you, in the short term, over the long term?

I possess a degree of clairsentience. It’s not nearly as sharp as some. It’s a deal sharper than most. I didn’t know what was happening to me for some time. But all waters clear if you don’t stir them up.

When I posted at Slate Fray forums I could feel the thoughts of other participants. It was uncanny and often unpleasant. I got a letter from a poster there several weeks ago. He went on at length about how much he liked and respected me. I knew otherwise however. I knew why he was writing and what he really thought. This fellow doesn’t like me at all, but there you go. It’s not important that he should, nor required. What is required is that I know.

Sometimes I felt good there but mostly I felt slimed. Whatever my real intentions were I could not avoid the sensation of ‘mucking about’. You don’t scream “reality” in a crowded theater. It doesn’t make them bad people that they don’t like you. They don’t know any better which is why they are certain that they do. It’s more their turf than it is yours because the turf itself is a marketplace regardless of the illusion of free thought. The carpet underneath is about money. It’s called the bottom line. A prostitute is never going to appreciate someone who got a better deal.

Due to a particular analytical ability I know just what people think of me individually. I’m far more telepathic than I am clairsentient. All appearances aside, I get the message loud and clear no matter what the words may be saying. Surely all of you experience this to a lesser or greater degree. You can tell, more or less.

In some respects I was remarkably callow until fairly recently. It isn’t that the powers weren’t working but they were consonant with a fair amount of self-deception. Chalk it up to a form of innocence that either didn’t know or didn’t want to know. That isn’t the case anymore.

When people mean us well or ill, we feel it. It affects our mood. Some of what we get is personally intended and some of it comes out of the general well. You don’t have to be a bad person to catch shit. Many people of the time hated Jesus Christ and neither you nor I are Jesus Christ; not by a long shot; not yet. For those who Love much, much is forgiven. For those who Love, opposition and enmity are certain. To Love is to crucify hate. It’s automatic. Trust me, they don’t like it. It burns them. I’ve gotten far more enmity from what I say than for who I am. I’m not special but the things I talk about are. It is the enemy of the state. It can’t help that. The state is reshaped because of it and that compromises certain vested interests.

It’s good for all of us to remember that when we feel waves of hate and sorrow; get pictures of people; find these people in our heads; feel ourselves striving against them and all the permutation thereof that we are receiving broadcasts. Love is the shield. It is the only 24/7 effective shield. Love is a neutralizing agent. It’s also a mirror. An argument with a person in your presence may not have it’s origin in either of you. Watch, watch and listen.

It is very hard in the midst of reactive exchange to let go. But tell me; would you rather be right or happy? Is the cost of the affair worth the aftermath? Your greatest enemy is your reactive mind; if we could control the need to react, what a thing that would be. Surely there are those personalities external to us whose presumed status, sense of privilege and sense of self are challenged by our very existence. But their power to consistently hurt you is only possible through your reactive mind. If you seize upon what they send, thereby identifying with it, it can injure you.

An exhaustive treatise on this and its extenuations would prove to be both much longer and exhausting. There is enough here for the general outline; better that we ‘flesh it out’ with the results of the desire to understand. The world is in a desperate state at this time and many souls have given in to the pressure to become relay stations; repeating towers. A gram of Love has more power than a hundred tons of hate and hate has no defense against Love. Only fear can supplant Love and fear cannot live where Love abides. This particular maintenance is your chief responsibility to yourself and the world at large. Love, like anything, increases with attention; much as plants proliferate beneath the sun. If you don’t have enough you had better get some more. You really can take as much as you wish and your capacity to contain it will increase with the addition. Love will protect you. You really have no other armies equal to the task.


I’ve compared the mind to an airport. It could as well be exampled as a city, a leech-field or an ocean. I like the idea of an airport in this case, though all of them could as easily apply. You are the air traffic controller. It’s your job to determine which planes should land and take off. You’re the customs control as well.

We’re going to be thinking airports and oceans for the most part here.

Most people think that their thoughts are their own. And they often judge themselves according to the quality of their thoughts. They identify with their thoughts. Often they fight their thoughts as if their thoughts were an unwelcome or unwholesome part of themselves. When Wordsworth said that, “most men live lives of quiet desperation” he was spot on.

But your mind is only a fenced in area of a much larger area. It’s actually an illusion to begin with. It’s that place where you have determined ‘I am I’. Think of your mind as containing an estuary at one point. All individual minds contain an estuary into the great sea. Depending on inclination depends what you are accessing. So you could say that, to some degree, your thoughts have something to do with you but it doesn’t mean they belong to you.

You’ve made yourself what you are by a process of selection and rejection. Sometimes you are more vigorous in attention and sometimes you are lazy. It’s a common condition except among exceptional souls. Exceptional souls possess a greater understanding of process and conditions. They’re dealing with the same things everyone else is dealing with but they do it differently.

I’ve mentioned certain techniques that are effective in bringing one to an exceptional state but I will assume that most people who hear about these techniques will have one of several reactions; they’ll think it’s a good idea but they’ll just go right on the way they’ve been going, they’ll dismiss it out of hand because they know better and no one is going to tell them what to do or they’ll be thinking about something else the whole time they are hearing about it and just gloss over it.

Some few will attempt to apply these techniques but will run up against the inertia that attends new projects and it will become a dust-catcher like the guitar in the closet and whatever temporary objects of ambition there might have been. What none of them are realizing is that they are already doing something in this regard but it isn’t as effective or it’s flat out wrong. You’re not saving time or turning a corner by repeating yourself in an incoherent fashion; talking to yourself isn’t a bad thing but it’s pointless if you don’t understand what you’re saying.

Let’s say you’ve got a room and it’s so full of objects that you can hardly move around in there. Well, if you’re happy like that, fine. But let’s say you’re not happy. The smart thing to do would be to empty the room completely and then selectively re-introduce the things you want to keep; maybe add some new things. Then you throw away or sell off what you don’t want. It’s like a new start. You might want to add a big window to bring in more light. What you want is to get the room just the way you like it. You also want to maintain a sense of space so you can move around; dance if you like. Space is good.

Some of the airlines that have been landing at your airport have been doing business with you for some time. Just because you send a plane or two away doesn’t mean they aren’t going to continue to try to land. Certain passengers have been doing business in your town for years; they are accustomed to entry. Nothing is accomplished without consistency except confusion. Once again, if you are perfectly happy and content with conditions, fine. Most people are not. So you either do something about it or not. And let me add again; you are already doing something. Everything in your life is controlled in the tower. Everything outside you is controlled by the tower. Who’s in the tower? Sometimes lightning hits the tower. A moment of epiphany will come, tomorrow, or in a hundred thousand years. Some rely on the hope of a greater evolution. Some take the reins in hand. Some control the borders. You’ve heard the phrase, “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.

If george w. bush says something and you agree with it, if you support it, you’ve made arrangements to get together with bush at a point where the things you have agreed on are balanced out on the scales of reality. Wherever you agree with something you have made a contract. Everything you say and do is part of a contract. Going along with things can lead all sorts of places.

If bush wanted to hang out with you; invited you to the White House; would you go? He’s at the top of the game right now. Conventional wisdom says there’s a profit to be made here. Many people seek to curry favor here. It’s an exclusive buffet line. Diana dreamed very hard about being a princess. How did that work out? Try to remember that what’s outside your head is inside your head as well; as within so without, as above so below. If someone thinks it’s a good idea to go kill a few hundred thousand people and you agree with that, you’ve made a contract to get together on the killing fields to carry it out somewhere down the road. Believe it. War is a constant- inside your head and outside your head. Clever deferments work for the moment. Many people think that if they bypassed something that they have bypassed it altogether. But you can’t simultaneously make war and avoid war. Cancer is an army of insurgents. Someone with a phony passport at the customs line is a virus and may well be a terrorist.

You are bush, inasmuch as you support him. You are Gandhi inasmuch as you emulate him. Our personalities are quite flexible. They are built up out of our belief systems. We are what we think we are.

One who stands at the gate of the mind and controls what leaves and enters is in command of all directions ongoing; is, to a degree, in control of the phenomenal world. Mastery is the state of one who is in control of thought, speech and action. Discrimination is the key. You have to know what is what and that is determined by what you believe in. So where do you get your value system? On what do you base your code of conduct? What do you want? A good determinant is to look at lives lived and decide if the result of that life agrees with you; if that’s a course you’d like to take. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do you want to be a princess?


Anonymous said...

Nice one, haven

Anonymous said...

It has got to be rough for you walking this walk. It's no wonder we live in a world of alcoholics and all the other types of bad escape artists on one hand and the rigid fundamentalists trapped in denial on the other. This is excellent work.

jusr wandering by.

Anonymous said...

I was in the process of having a bad day (a rare event I should add) and after reading this it doesn't really seem so bad anymore. Thanks for reminding me who is control here.


Anonymous said...

You're a lighthouse.

z a

Anonymous said...





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