Thursday, January 06, 2005

Why Do You Think They Call it 'The Big Bang'?

All the young college beauties matriculate into the minds bedchamber. Why don’t we pick up a six pack’s worth and drink them on the way home? The variations on a theme are legion; each one comes in singing a new song, or so it seems; another ship of dreams laden with spices and exotic materials from the Orient side of the equation. You may call it nouvelle cuisine. Sometimes it looks to me like pastry in a bakers display window. Sometimes it looks like an amusement park ride called The Washing Machine. Yes, as someone once said, “and the beat goes on”.

The power of Mars is not only sexual energy but volition as well. Venus is not only Love but the creative imagination. A twist at the waist and a catch in the throat and you may consider yourself headed home. It’s at a point like this that more penetrating minds begin looking for code at work.

A lot of people, most everyone really, do not know that the Hebrew Alphabet came from the Chaldean Flame Alphabet.... Hmmmm, Aleph, Beth, Alpha, Beta; look what I found and I wasn’t even thinking about it. Anyway, that assumption about primary origin of the Hebrew alphabet looks like a form of deep politicking over protracted time.. You lift up one thing and you find another and another and another.

Susanne tells me that last night she woke up and thought the TV was on. She couldn’t figure it out for a bit and then she realized I was talking in my sleep; a rare thing for one who is ordinarily during sleep as quiet as a mouse overdosed on Seconal. She said it seemed that I was speaking in Latin and having some sort of reciprocal conversation. Whatever the language may have been, I was fluent in it. Lately I’ve been getting emails from someone who writes from an address that can’t be replied to. I know this because I tried. The letter is just one word. The first one was ‘ehben’. So I responded with Chokmah; which seemed appropriate, though some might argue for Tiphereth. The next was ‘handrail’ and I replied with “get a grip.” But I didn’t reply did I. It was a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it. Is that a message too?

Ahebah which is Love and Achad which is Unity, share a common association with the number 13. Maybe you can see that they have a lot in common. Elohim gets translated as The Lord God, but it is a feminine noun with a masculine plural ending, actually meaning ‘the joined male and female spirit of God.’ Supposedly they said, “Let us bring forth.” Or ‘beget’. So you see how the Lord God is just what someone wanted the interpretation to read. This should make you think about your King James Bible. Now, you put the letter Peh at the beginning of Achad (Love) and Presto! You get Pachad= Fear. Do you think when your mind gets challenged or do you just glaze over like a baked good? Do you wander away? Do you get annoyed? We don’t really want to know do we?

Sex and Death anyone?

Most of the world’s problems are caused by a misunderstanding of the sex force. Of course a misunderstanding of something leads to a misapplication, which leads to undesired results. Why not take a moment to check out the graffiti scrawled on the tunnel walls of your sub-conscious mind. Sexual energy is sacred. When it isn’t treated as such you will have problems. Luddites and Fundies of all stripes have problems with this. They got a repression problem. Repression as you should know, always leads to guilt and then Presto! again, now you got the gas that feeds the industry that is forever building the inmate city. Yes, the imprisoning force is the liberating force. The serpent in the garden and the messiah are the same. Understanding is the true determinant of prisoner or free status.

There are few more profitable actions than to see the sex act taking place in everything, at all levels, at all times. Is this a dirty thing? Murder and War are sex acts; rather more forceful than the recipients might wish. Rape is probably more directly associative. Dying on the cross; seeming to die on the cross, or perhaps transiting death- experiencing it as it is thought to be known and then unveiling the eternal for the salvation of the human race is... a sex act; man, talk about your climaxes. But then, Jesus isn’t on the cross, you are. Let me take this moment to offer a toast followed by the imbibing of mysterious wine; “May the Roses Bloom on Your Cross.” May the green leaves glisten with that cosmic dew.

Most sex doesn’t create Unity. It creates separation; hence guilt. Maybe it’s just a sense of wasted effort, or like badly digested food. Consider the refinements and ironies of the sex act. It comes up from the brutish animal spiraling into intercourse with angels. Consider the mating of Black Widows and The Praying Mantis. While studying a form of Praying Mantis Kung Fu, I was able to travel back into an actual yoga that involved a spiritual equivalent of this. I should point out that only the mad may safely venture there. It’s kind of like meeting Smashin Tara in the graveyard; I can’t tell you how many times I saw Kali waving her arms at me in a meadow basin while working on preliminary Tandava.

I realized some time ago that I could not make love individually to all of the beautiful reflections that abound. Around the same time I realized that I could make love to all of them simultaneously; as consistently and as often as my intention went to it.

It’s not that sex is wrong, not by a long shot. It’s what we are expecting and what we feed that causes us grief. Children aren’t just human forms emergent into the phenomenal. You have all kinds of children. You are raising many children and they can be just as much a problem when they grow up as any of the ill-raised people you encounter. It might be wise to kill some of them; better to never give them birth. But cleanup may be all we have sometimes. It’s a simple matter of not feeding them. Of course they are going to cry out for food. You did feed them before. We fail to see analogies. We fail to understand. And we often think that by keeping out of sight we remain undiscovered.

I love sex. I love the idea of sex more than anything. So few people know where you can go riding the sex force. You can ride the sex force as if it were a mythical beast across Heavens that the ordinary mind cannot imagine. Why not have the greatest possible sex? Why not take every experience to its highest possible point?

Breathing is sex. Eating is sex. Talking is sex; verbal intercourse? Everything is a sexual act. This is the real message of Tantra. I suppose you could go take some tantric lessons course from a former Reichi practitioner who doubles as a re-birthing consultant and who is going to put you in touch with your feelings to the degree that they understand what that means but... but... wouldn’t it be more pleasant to be able to say, the next time someone tells you to “go fuck yourself”... wouldn’t it be nice to say, “I’ll get right on it.”? It gives, “been there, done that.” a whole new meaning.

A slow, profound, attentive enjoyment of everything you do is the key to an entirely new world. I really shouldn’t have to say any more about how unfortunate it is to wander through the kingdom dressed in rags while surrounded by wealth beyond measure.


Visible said...

Hi Ci-inc

I always appreciate your imput. I'll digest this and collect a response for later. On the matter of Bald Tony this post is especially relevant. Fred's sexual thing is all fucked up. But I'll be addressing that with the release of his song in March at a number of locations. I didn't want to have to do this but, there you go.

You should know that there are those among us who believe they will attain celebrity through some connection, no matter how irrelevant, to someone who has it. It's almost a defining characteristic of a stalker. I know enough not to be flattered by any kind of attention because I understand the root imperative.

Clumsy and inaccurate flailings have no real effect except to spotlight ignorance and lack of ability. Those who have climbed from tragic circumstance into achievement are always going to be a threat to those who use their circumstances as an excuse for bad behavior. As long as it always remains the other guys fault and their conditions are those of failure you will have that budding Saul looking for the road to Damascus. Imagine the embarrassment when the lights go on. The irony is that I'll have to trade being pursued by homoerotic insults to being pursued by abject cringing apologies; no matter either way since you have to run in order to be pursued.

There's a pack of them and if I could ask for anything it would be a better class of detractors. Then again, they likely don't exist.


p.s. the less certain people aree mentioned here the better. Some of them live for this- pathetic as that may be.

Anonymous said...

A spectacular post. I've some experience with both Sepir's; Zohar and Yetzirah and so I can state unequivocally that this is prime, prime.

On the other matter, you know I'd be honored to head over to that site and cork that sucker good. I'm sure the feeling prevails here in that respect. It might be fun to see what he's like with a cloud of Stinger Missiles around his head.

Anonymous said...

Darn, that was me, sorry.

z a

Visible said...

No, that's not the way to go. What's important to understand here is that I don't even go over there. I wouldn't know what anyone was saying about me unless it reaches me some other way; I'm thankful for email alerts or I might have missed this and had a raft of suggestions to follow.

When I play, sometimes there's a drunken lout making an ass of himself near the front. Usually this doesn't happen because I don't draw those kinds of crowds. Now that I'm in Europe, where people are, on the whole, more civilized than Americans I never see it.

When the time came in the past to deal with virtual drunks I had the means and it was very effective. Once I move out of range it isn't important anymore. In awhile or so I think we'll be able to say that what's perceived as a problem by others will have been neutralized. It may happen sooner, given the self destructive bent or it may happen on schedule with all available rope played out. How ever it happens, as amusing and devastating as it will be, it won't amuse me. But I do have to work on my chops and give evidence of reach... after all, I'm a avatar (grin).

Anonymous said...

a super piece of writing Visible! I wish this other stuff didn't intrude now and again. Slate's full of impotent blowhards like the clown Ci-inc mentions but they don't deserve mention here. It's like letting stray dogs into the house to sleep in your bed.

This is a higher class joint than Slate. People know how to use a knife and fork here. Theyre potty trained and generally don't shit themselves in public. I went buy Slate yesterday and was nauseated by some of the self-serving claptrap by star posters, especially at Fraywatch. One of them wrote a whole post outlining how someone else responded to two of his posts and then pointing it out to the editor as something fascinating for him to look at. That's worse than picking our nose on a TV show. These people got no shame.


Visible said...

Greetings ciinc.

I was born poor to a military father and lived in dependent housing throughout. In the U.S. and abroad. I never actually went to Swarthmore. I was getting a scholarship there because I had a 4.0 average during a community college stint and came recommended by professors as a bright guy. When I say, 'continue on' I meant it differently than taken.

I am principally self educated except what I got in rudimentary form in school. I quit high school after the tenth grade and had to go into the service because of all the trouble I was getting into.

I didn't come from money and I never really had any. I have met a number of very rich people and some of them may have been my friends.

I know a Nancy who is set to inherit about 100,000,000.00 Her people own a huge ski resort outside Aspen and mucho property there and I think they had something to do with hotels. She is actually a friend of another person who replies here. Susanne went diving with her a couple of times and she came to a party at my place in Maui once. I didn't find her to be very sincere or someone I would want to invite into the intimacy of my life.

I'm always glad to drive the moneychangers from the temple if I am cued to do so.

I had some good breaks in life if you count not being killed, not doing life in prison and having marvelous health. Other than that fortune has not smiled overly upon me me the way that so many wish it would shine on them. I do notice a trend now, spanning a few years, in which things are getting better and better and better. I would say that I am in a divinely serendipitous state compared to sundry. I am filled with a profound gratitude most all the time and it doesn't have to be reflective in outer circumstance, but it passes through them without effort.

Magic has been a constant and help from Elsewhere always at hand.

Visible said...

Oh by the way, I was supposed to tell you that I had BOTF shut down for the day. Impressed?

Anonymous said...

This is a truly inspired work. I'm realy glad I found you Les. Very often what you speak about on a given day plays right into what's happening in my life. I see where you say you are grateful all of the time. I am beginning to feel that way too. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This is some outstanding writing. I'm not sure about the claims being made in the responses but the work has a viceral certitude that I haven't encountered except in ancient texts. I most especially like the seamless flow of the thought. The inspiration is obvious.

Anton Marquis
presently from lovely Los Angeles

Anonymous said...

whyen are you going to put up more tunes?

Anonymous said...

surely there is to be a weekend piece?

Anonymous said...

sweet and ringing with truth. i'm glad i stopped by.



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