Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Come Let us Reason Together.

I always wanted to say that. Maybe it's similar to Richard Brautigan wanting to end a book with the word mayonaise. As far as that book went I think it would have been better just to have used 'mayonaise' for the text entire.

This isn't a real entry and I am sorry for that. I got half a dozen emails today about a slur directed at me over at BOTF by someone who's been in the habit of that on occasion. It seems I can never get quit of that place. So my time was instead taken up writing a piece at my alter-ego Smoking Mirrors site. Every so often something bad gets said over there about me. I'm less concerned with that than I am with the fact that no one there ever defends me(grin). I also have to hear about that too. I once had many a friend there and I can't remember ever in my life losing so many friends without actually having done anything. But what are you going to do? You leave home and everybody that stayed behind is pissed that you got away.

Maybe the hardest thing that any of us have to deal with is the distance between who we want to be and who we think we are. Well, in fact, who we are is not who we think we are in the world of appearances and certainly not what others say we are in the world of appearances. So we should take comfort in the fact that under the stains and shadows of our garments and beyond the distorted mirror of our own minds image reflected back to ourselves we are all bathed in light, worthy of Love and immortal, perfect in fact. The way I look at it, it's just going to give me new material.

I'm confident that on the average there will always be about 4 posts a week here. So I owe you one and we'll start reflecting on what that might be... now.



Anonymous said...

You know I'd defend you but I"m rarely there and when I am it's in "Faith-Based" where I never see your name mentioned at all. I never make my way over to that other board because frankly, I just have no interest whatsoever in what goes on there. There are some fine writers but too many hyper-inflated (and very fragile) egos. Kind of reminds me of being on the basketball team in high school.

There have been many occassions where I've wanted to post your material at Faith-Based (or at least post a link) but I figure it's not my place to do so.


Visible said...

Hi Ben;

My reference was only to people at that site and whom I have known for some long time. It's funny that you, the last person I would have been thinking of in this regard would be the first one forward. Nah, it's ain't you.

As to the other matter. I don't press my work on others. I figure it is there for them to choose. However, as far as anyone wanting to re-post my work anywhere... please... feel free, especially in a location like that. Anyone can post my work wherever they like. I'm not shy and you never know who you'll meet. Thanks for thinking of me.

p.s. I was more than half-joking with that reference. i guess I'd best be more clear in the future.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I read your brief over at S.M. I expect you're glad as usual to have something to exercise your considerable reasoning skills upon. I'm looking forward to what I know will be something related to all of this, seen in a cosmic format.

Off topic, I went over and posted at David halitsky's forum on you earlier. It seemed like the least I could do given the work he must have put into it. I can't imagine a coffe klatche of individuals speculating on the nuances of your work. That's probably further down the road; tongue in cheek of course.


Anonymous said...

tune in next week when. Well, I certainly didn't send you any emails.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see an end to this crap. I was horrified when I saw it but then I got the joke, sort of. I'm one of the people who wrote you about it and I'm also one of your friends who doesn't defend you. I think you're wrong about the feelings of the others there. I think they just don't see the point. I know that many of them come here. People are just shy about a lot of things.

You were larger than life when you were there and the amount of praise given and claims made about you surpass anything ever seen there before. It fried a lot of egos.

I'd go after John but I thought it was harmless. When you sent me his other quotes from the past I admit I was surprised. I didn't see them because they were buried in threads. Taken in that context his act seems more sinister than before. Had I known I would have reacted then.

I'm sorry for being a coward but I also don't want to 'out' myself in certain ways. I learn a lot more when people think I'm someone else.

a 'friend'

Anonymous said...

Even when it's short, it's sweet.


Anonymous said...

Even when it's short, it's sweet.


Anonymous said...

Brother, if you weren't as good as you are at what you do people wouldn't come around. Somebody hated Gandhi enough to shoot him and don't get me started on Jesus Christ. Our enemies define us as much as our friends. In that case you got a Hall of Fame batting average.

Just so you know, this is the first time I've ever said anything here but I am here every single day.

Some guy

Anonymous said...

I sent you those web sites that you wrote about at Smoking Mirrors the other day. I know I told you how much I admire your work in the email but I wanted to say it here too. I have good reason for that because Just Offal posted a call for your return at BOTF and the only two respondents were resident nitwits being sarcastic. You were right in all you said in this post in that uncanny way you have. Because no one showed up to say anything positive and no one defended you. I don't see the point of my doing it since I shed my old identity I have no MBTU to speak of. It is amazing since you had so much support while you were there and now there are just those few who bring your name up now and then and get shit for doing it. Well, I come here anyway and anyone else can who wants to anyway so there's no loss except for those who refuse to want to know. You haven't been putting up many posts lately. I hope you won't get discouraged. Thank you for all the good things you have got me thinking each day. You really make a difference in people's lives whether you know it or not.

posting as
cute huh?

Braja Rani Devi Dasi said...

hari bol sweet friend, thank you for dropping by!



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