Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ambulances come and go, talking of Michelangelo

Randy Travis did a song called “Forever and Ever Amen”. It’s an insipid piece of treacle and it was a huge country smash. It’s got a line in it that goes on talking about how long the singer is going to love the sung to; “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men.” And it goes off on the forever and ever, ‘amen’ which... gives it a fundie Christian tang that’s sure to rest well with the church going, law abiding, dictator supporting people who imagine that Heaven is composed of people walking around in white robes with harps in perfect suburban neighborhoods. You might call it Stepford Heaven.

I don’t mean to demean lovers of Christ. I do think any aware mind knows that the organized end of Christianity is the harvesting fields of the demagogue. Here the silver tongued devils reap the ignorant and send them forth to die for bankers who have a great deal to do with churches because of the God and Country thing... so, onward Christian soldiers. Alternatively they milk them of their resources and dummy up one new adversary after another ....all of them alleged conductors on the Street Car to Hell. Very often the so called enemy is humanity’s best friend.

The idea that a successful existence is crowned by old men talking about the weather and old women talking about old men strikes me as a parody of life. It’s what happens when you wind up with senility instead of regenerated innocence. It’s the difference between forgetting who you are while you are on your way to the store or remembering who you were/are before you got sucked into the movie. Life can only end up in one of two places. I realize that each of those places has various levels; departments, accommodations and amenities but... you are either going up or down and that is dependent on what attracts you. In this ocean of life there are millions of baited hooks. As long as you are hungry there’s the question of what you are willing to eat and at what cost.

I walked into town today to get something at a store. There was a festival going on in the main plaza. It was for the pottery artisans (of which there are many in this area) to show off and sell their work. There were some hundreds of people there. I walked by, which is what I usually do. I’m sure they had some nice things there but I’ve got enough things already and not that much shelf space. You need shelf space to hold the things you buy and never use.

I continued past and found the shop I wanted which was closed. I headed back and saw an ambulance pulling away with its siren going. They had apparently been called to pick up one of the old men who were talking about the weather or, perhaps, one of the old women who had been talking about old men. It could have been someone younger though. I didn’t see who it was. What I noticed when I walked by, less than a minute later, was that there was no sign that anything had happened. People were doing exactly what they had been doing when I walked by the first time. I thought about how this applies across the board in this world.

While walking to the store and while walking back, it is my custom to study people and observe where their attention is focused and to see if there is any other person who is doing what I am doing. Sometimes I will stop and surreptitiously practice this for some time and it has been my experience that it is a rare thing for me to encounter anyone who is outside of the herd consciousness and who is monitoring it. On occasion I have noted criminal types who do this but... that’s their business after all.

You might ask, “How do you know what someone is doing?” It would take more than the space allotted to this post to clarify that. Let’s just say that if you have been employed at something for a certain amount of years you develop a sense of the similar. I can often spot martial artists by the way they move. I can spot criminals because I was in confined spaces with them for a period of time. I can sense danger ahead of time because I have encountered a lot of danger in the past. This doesn’t mean I catch everything every time. This is just to say that, like you, there are some things I am inclined to notice because that’s my area of interest or operation; excluding the criminal (grin).

People who study animals; plants, architecture, economic trends and so forth tend to see deeper into the subject than those who do not. Sometimes their knowledge is compromised by the promise of gain which comes their way by making erroneous conclusions for which they are well paid. This happens to economists who lie for the benefit of those manipulating the system. This happens with experts who appear in courtrooms. This happens with all sorts of professionals who get paid to present desirable data instead of the truth. Still... there are those who are after the heart of the matter and they would see more than those who were not or who did not possess their ‘trained’ eye.

Those who study themselves would tend to know more about their fellows than those who do not. As you can see, sometimes you can learn a lot about one thing by studying another. Those who study themselves would tend to know more about themselves as well. The whole point of this is that the world is a projection of mind. This means that those who are in control of their minds are also in control of the world... after a fashion.

We are not all looking at the same world. The personal lens colors and defines our environment, according to the way we have named it. We do live in a world of our own creation; worlds and mindsets can well be the same thing. Sometimes I am not saying anything but merely talking about something because the mind is engaged in whatever it is paying attention to and each mind is in a position to elaborate on what it is reading... as it applies to that mind. You have to come to your own conclusions.

It’s a fruitful experience to find some place in Nature and observe your surroundings; after a time you can go into town and do the same thing. It’s good to remember that everything you are seeing in town originally came out of the Nature you were observing earlier. It’s even better to realize that both of them came out of your mind. I’m speaking of the one mind because there is only one. The idea that we have a mind separate from the whole is what puts us in the fix we are in.

This mind you inhabit is as aware of you as you are aware of it; much more so, in fact. We are tricked over and over about this mind and our mind and we seldom catch it. It has to do with (supposing you ever had) being present in the single mind and then stepping away into the personal mind. The moment you do, you are operating apart from the single mind and no matter who you are, you’re not good enough at it to be able to anticipate from a personal level what the single mind intends and that’s why it’s best to just stay there. Some of you try to but... it happens over and over. Some of us meditate in order to put ourselves in that consciousness but... oops, it happened again. The whole purpose of life is to achieve an inseparable relationship with the single mind; regardless of what we are told otherwise.

You can sit and talk about the weather, or old men. You can sit and watch this happening and, according to whatever it is, you can be doing it forever and ever amen. That’s what these wheels of existence are about. A hundred years from now, with a few curious exceptions, none of us will be here... or we will be here with no reference to where we were before. Yet... it all goes on as if it were to go on forever just as it is; some kind of eternal Norman Rockwell painting for some and all the other possibilities for those inclined in whatever direction they are inclined.

The ambulances come and go and they are not talking about Michelangelo. Sausages are made somewhere out of sight and so is most everything that appears before you. These days a lot of people are thinking about shelter from the storm. There’s only one real shelter in times of transformation and that is beneath the sheltering hand within the sheltering mind that has the entire spectacle completely under control. It seems to me that this is the adjustment that needs to be made; not hording gold, food and guns or being a member of some elite group in an underground fortress. This transformation is all about seeing what you are going to do and on what you will rely. And now we come to the end of this particular effort.

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Anonymous said...

I for one do not plan to go gentle into that dark night. If what you are saying is "don't fight back," prepare mentally but not physically, are you not playing into the hands of these overlords?

I'm grateful for the truths you offer up, Les, but the solution is always seems to be to lie back and relax....and I'm not a fan of being raped. I'm going to fight these motherfuckers with every fiber of my being. If that puts me in hell for eternity, then so be it. (AK-47s work pretty well and aren't too heavy.)

Got other ideas? Let me know. Educate me.

E Vero
p.s. this is my new name: old name, ts or truthseeker; the new name is for Mac and others on Ham radio. I don't want to be confused with Rixon Stewart.

Anonymous said...

S. Cat,
Thanks for helping me find that link to the Mossad microbiologist. I'll view it later when I have access to audio, which I don't on this old computer.

(next part : sorry very long!)

I wish that everyone would understand that something about the flu virus/vaccines:


AND some hidden science about pathogens, microscopy, the impossibility of germ theory (and therefore the uselessness of vaccines):

2) no link - sorry, just this summary of what I have found by doing some research. (This work supercedes merely treating microbes after they show up in the body [with colloidal/nanoparticle silver, etc.] as those treatments merely treat existing microbes and do nothing to repair the environment that gave rise to the microbes.)

This is a summary of what I've learned recently about Gaston Naessens and his work. Never heard of him? No wonder; his work is part of the esoterica of science and medicine. I read the late Christopher Bird's book, "The Trial and Persecution of Gaston Naessens." (It's from the 90's and is out of print. Some copies are available on,, etc.; I found one in my public library system.) I read it because it was referred to in a book by Nancy Appleton that I read this summer that is critical of Pasteur's germ theory.

Bird's book describes Naessens's fights with the medical establishment in Canada because he is not a licensed doctor but he has treated many patients (usually terminally ill and with no hope of conventional medicine helping them) with his analysis of their blood and administration of an intra-lymphatic injection of his treatment (714-x). Sound screwy? Maybe. I think that if I had cancer or some degenerative disease, I would give it a try, given his success rates (and those of other doctors now using his treatment). Plus the treatment has no bad side effects. (I'd take it prophylactically if it weren't for my limited budget.)

The main idea is that Naessens invented this microscope that can be used to view live blood at magnifications of 30,000X. This is quite an advance (on dead-specimin, stained x2500 magnification using electron microscopes), and has made it possible to view entities ('somatids') smaller than cells. (This work echoes that of earlier pioneers, like Dechamp and Rife, who also were able view 'microzymas' or whatever they called them then instead of somatids.) In healthy blood, the somatids appear to cycle through three stages: somatid, spore, and double-spore. In unhealthy blood (of those with degenerative disease), the cycle is extended to 16 cycles. The longer cycle appears to contain entities that look suspiciously like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts. This discovery supports the idea that a diseased state leads to the proliferation of microbes, not the obverse. His work on cancer is fascinating - it seems that, once in a diseased state, the cells divide too quickly (as too much growth hormone is present as a result of the 16-stage cycle), the cancer cells are de-differentiated (immature) cells (that lose the ability to differentiate into whatever cells they are supposed to be for any particular organ or structure); these cells require nitrogen and, once they reach a critical mass, have the ability to shut off the immune system's ability to attack cancer (but not other diseases) so that they can get the nitrogen from healthy cells. Naessens's treatment (injecting 714-X into the lymph system) hydrates the (sluggish, diseased) lymph system and also adds nitrogen (and other trace minerals) to the system. Nitrogen feeds the cancer, which then shuts off its special immune system blocker. Unblocked, the immune system is then free to fight the cancer, as it normally does (by eating up bad cells). The support for the immune system is, however, not specific to any particular disease which is why it appears to work for a variety of illnesses (from Lyme Disease, cancer, ms, lupus, etc.). be cont'd

Anonymous said...

part II on Naessens, cont'd

After reading this book, I figured out that Naessens was still alive and in Quebec. I called his lab and spoke to Martine, who speaks broken English. (Naessens himself does not speak any English, according to Bird's book.) She gave me an email address to write to him, which I did. I was very excited and asked to find out anything more about how to conduct live blood analysis (for prophylactic reasons as well as to help my friend with lupus). I wish I could get one of his microscopes (a cheaper, portable version or an adapter for a regular darkfield microscope). Alas, they are not yet available, nor is the training (to perform live blood analysis). They did send me some materials; the most important one is how 714-x works, it's chemical composition, etc.

After you've read the book and this article about how 714-x works, you might be interested in trying 714-x to repair your immune system, which can then fight cancer, lupis, or whatever more effectively. The lab address is ""; you can check it out yourself. More material is available on their website -- info about how to order 714-x ($400 for each 21-day cycle), a dvd about Gaston Naessens's research (and how to inject the 714-x), Christopher Bird's book (different title in Canada - 'Galileo of the Microscope'), plus other stuff (i.e., info and materials to use a nebulizer to administer 714-x, which will help the stuff get to the other lymph system).

Here are 2 more sites (blogs, really) that detail more stuff about 714-X.

Another one, which sells, 714-x, clearly explains everything (and –I checked-- it was created by the people):

Here's another, that details more of the science - and is a mismash of sources on 714-X; the lengthy article at the end was interesting:

e vero

Anonymous said...

Les, beautifully written and I agree. There are many of us here in the boot camp of life. Most make their bed properly before the drill instructor walks in and bounces a coin on the bed sheets to see if the coin will bounce. Sometimes there will be one recruit who failed in his/her task, resulting in everyone BUT that particular recruit in performing push ups, who stands there watching the rest pay the penalty. This is not the way to become the center of attention (Israel). The rest of us will continue with our daily tasks and are tired of making their bed for them. Recent world events seem inline with the old saying. The bed you make is the bed you lie in. I would rather do the push ups.

Visible said...

Not to mention the upper body strength it results in (grin)

Anonymous said...

"a fundie Christian tang that’s sure to rest well with the church going, law abiding, dictator supporting people." stepford heaven"

That is the kind of stuff that makes me laugh out loud Visible.

The reference to Michelangelo caught my attention because I have just finished off a piece last night with a pic of Michelangelo's last judgement. You have kind of inpired me lately to do a bit of creative writing myself. "Creative writing is probably using the term loosely though. Take a look at this one Les and see what you think.

You are not channeling me are you? I kid I kid!

anonymous said...

"It’s the difference between forgetting who you are while you are on your way to the store or remembering who you were/are before you got sucked into the movie."

A fantastic comment on life how we live it.

Peace, Mouser

psychegram said...

"These days a lot of people are thinking about shelter from the storm. There’s only one real shelter in times of transformation and that is beneath the sheltering hand within the sheltering mind that has the entire spectacle completely under control. It seems to me that this is the adjustment that needs to be made; not hording gold, food and guns or being a member of some elite group in an underground fortress. This transformation is all about seeing what you are going to do and on what you will rely. And now we come to the end of this particular effort."


Thank you Les.

Anonymous said...

I have had this thought for a very long time. There are two entities in our reality. One is our self and the other is everything else. The key to life is to realize that they are one.


greencrow said...

Hi Les and all:

I posted on the Smoking Mirrors site that I cannot connect with thetruthseeker this morning.

It was there for the past few days but now's disabled again. Rixon Stewart should have a regular place on this website where he can update us on his troubles. This would be health and safety for him as well because if someone will attack his website they may do worse....

I am also worried that like someone else speculated a while ago, if/when it does come back up it could be under the control of someone else. I remember when "Rigorous Intuition" was "taken over" by someone who was not the former "Jeff" who ran it. The new "Jeff" could not write properly and was very right wing and repressive. He kicked me off that forum for insisting (after being explicitly warned not to) that the twin towers could not have fallen the way they did without explosives.


Insofar as preparing oneself for what to do when the "roof caves in" ...I think it's important to make a "safety plan" with loved ones about where to meet if all the communications systems go down. For whatever reason, I have told my partner to meet me down at a Marina where we have a boat...I think the roads will be clogged with people and cars and the waterways may be more navigable.

Of course, we should also have the boat stocked with essentials but we don't.


nina said...

... Till human voices wake us and we drown.

Anonymous said...

Hey, ugh...Les, is that your name? I came across this post via another website, and while you are still entitled to your opinion, you are obviously not a Christian and like usual have NO knowledge of God's word. Typical. Don't lump all Christians together. There are those of us who have enough discernment to know that our government is not right or left, they all play for the same team. If you know the word, then you know how the end is gonna come. And like your first commenter, I will fight like hell as well, because I have a family, and I will die to protect them. "People will perish for lack of knowledge". Go read God's word and get a clue before you end up on the down elevator. Oh and by the way, hell is a real place. Good luck!

Visible said...

I love it when people prove my point-

"I will fight like hell as well, because I have a family, and I will die to protect them."

There's that Christian response we know and love.

If you would read more carefully instead of getting that fundie violence hardon that so many of you with so little understanding react with all the time you would see that I didn't lump all Christians together. I choose my words carefully, more so than you.

And I stand by what I said except to say that I might have used too much restraint.

Visible said...


I communicated with Rixon about this but he goes his own way.

As soon as I know anything you will.



Anonymous said...

the great artist, try's to paint a picture through all men,all of nature,if we would just allow him to...peace

Anonymous said...

"No author can write about only spiritual avoidance of violence and claim to be holistic. And nobody on this planet can claim the moral high ground on a guy with a revolver under his bed to protect his family.

Authors like Deepok Chopra and Wayne Dyer talk about removing violence from our thoughts. And they're right! No doubt this thought removal is key to the success of avoidance. But, their advice is not Holistic: It doesn't integrate the physical with the spiritual and mental aspects of the subject.

These authors write about spiritual avoidance of violence within a context of safety provided by others. It could be police, local security or guards hired for large events. It's more likely to be you or one of their neighbors that truly protects them because:

"Even though most people do not carry guns, the mere possibility that an intended victim could be armed with a handgun eliminates millions of crimes every year" (Living with Glocks by Robert H. Boatman)."

full article here:

Visible said...

Just as 2 + 2 is not 4 and the sky is not blue anything can be anything when it is declared by anyone. Sometimes they even have proof and man... when they've got a link it is surely an imprimatur from God.

However, when a basic assumption is wrong and the text in question is right there as evidence... whatever follows has no meaning. One might consider the legal state which relates to 'the fruit of the poisoned tree'.

Tag teaming and catcalls from anonymous bleacher seats only affect the players with rabbit ears. Otherwise it's just noise.

Animadverto said...

In reading the “Art of War” and “Art of Love” I came to a conclusion: they are the same thing. The Earth and the Universe are the same thing: both are violent environments. Some “tout” that they are beautiful and in “balanced harmony”. I ask these people, what acid trip are you on? The only prevailing laws are “chance” and survival of the fittest. Most debate attempts consensus and agreement among humans. Clearly, this never has been achieved nor will it ever will be achieved. I refer to this as the “Paradox of Fate” and/or “The Physical Plain Paradox”.

So, let’s say you are walking on a mountain trail anywhere Mother Earth. You are minding your own business and enjoying the beauty Mother Earth has to offer. Out from the scruff a 90 lbs mountain lion leaps at you. Fight or flight? You will never outrun that mountain lion; what is your best option? Will God condemn either you or the mountain lion depending on who kills the other first? Is it your decision to be slowly eaten alive? After all, the mountain lion is hungry and you will make a great meal.

Answer me this question and I will give you the next lesson.

Visible said...

Let's say you are in harmony with existence even if no one else is or, if the general trend is not to be.

Let's say that although most people experience life as a random game of chance it is, in fact a perfectly woven tapestry of circumstances, that can be accepted a variety of ways and that every choice alters the weave of the carpet entire just a a stone thrown into a lake will ripple across the entire surface.

Let us say you are walking through the wild and come upon large wild animals. Let's say the person who is writing this has experienced this several times. Let's say that the writer and the animal went their own way on each occasion.

Let's say that hypothetical is, by definition hypothetical. Let's say that "what if." is irrelevant next to what is. Let's say everything depends on the state of mind of the person engaged in whatever it is.

Then it would seem that we all speak for ourselves and... no matter what... seldom if ever is there a similar fate.

If one presumes that they are the be all and end of of the life they are living then the way it is dealt with is left up to them for the purpose of understanding the implications of personal action. If one presumes they are an extension of something that composes the universe entire then everything is very much different than it is in the former.

Anonymous said...

I notice you alter the mood in the comments section sometimes and I've been reading you long enough to know there's a reason. That's not why I'm commenting though. You put that Randy Travis song in there because you know that it starts running in a person's head and won't stop. I know you did this on purpose but please pick a different song next time. Otherwise it was one more fantastic read.


Anonymous said...

San Francisco, 1967

“When Chaitanya Mahaprabhu passed through the forests, all the plants, trees and creepers were delighted to see Him and rejoiced in His presence. Plant life is like that in the spiritual sky—fully conscious.”

“And these trees, Swamiji? How conscious are they?”

“Oh, spirit soul is there, but consciousness has been arrested temporarily. Perception is more limited.”

Swamiji strolls by men playing checkers, passes beneath the tall oaks, past the shuffleboard court, then stops and turns to speak.

“Just see. Old people in this country don’t know what to do. So they play like children, wasting their last precious days, which should be meant for developing Krishna (God) consciousness. Since their children are grown and gone away, this is the natural time for spiritual cultivation. But no. They play games, or get some cat or dog and lavish their affection on it. Instead of loving and serving God, they love and serve dog. But love and serve they must.” He shakes his head, and again looks at the shuffleboard court. The old men shout as they slide the disks toward the numbered squares. “This is most tragic,” Swamiji says. “But they don’t want to listen. Their ways are set. Therefore we are speaking to the youth, who are searching.”

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just like most Christians to condemn someone to Hell for telling the truth. Les never said anything about how one should not defend their families. That kind of thing is automatic. He was talking about the larger Christian movement which is an intolerant and nasty bunch of goons who all think they are going to heaven over the dead bodies of their victims.

Gos isn't a Christian. God is the force behind All religions and anyone who doesn't know that is on that down elevator which I do believe includes you.

Animadverto said...

“Let's say that hypothetical is, by definition hypothetical.”

I am a Palestinian boy of 11 years old. My parents were killed by the IDF two years ago. What relatives I have left have so little that they can not even provide for themselves and their children. The last time I ate was three days ago. My stomach is always upset; the water here is not clean to bathe in, let alone drink. I don’t remember the last time I could bathe. I don’t think very clearly, I am hungry. I listen to the elders and the adults; their words are of anger, hatred and revenge. It makes me full of anger, hatred and revenge. I can not leave Palestine, all passages out have been blocked. I feel no love here, no one here will take care of me. Most of the time I am in hiding, but I have to go out to beg for some food and water. It is hard to avoid the IDF or even older children who take from me what I have gathered. Often I am beaten for what little I have, which is essentially nothing. The clothes on my back are dirty worn and ripped. The shoes on my feet have holes. I live in constant fear.

Oh Lord, in words that I can understand, how am I to survive this misery. I am of hopelessness and despair. Please give me direction to release me from this prison of suffering.

Anonymous said...

"It’s what happens when you wind up with senility instead of regenerated innocence." - A gem. Evoking TS Eliot in the title too.
Thanks to e vero. I'm reminded to read the book on Naessens I got but have not read.
It seems to me love and service to any form of creation is good and worthwhile, not just to humans. Everything is made of god-stuff, imagined or extruded by the one Mind, everything connected to the one Ground. We must act on that truth, with goodwill to all.
We choose the time and circumstances (and form?) of our birth and life on this planet before we are born, and we have more than one cycle on earth, to learn from past mistakes, and correct our courses, which answers some of the great mysteries of existence, suffering, inequality, and seeming unfairness. It doesn't answer the question of why Evil (or the total absence of Goodness) exists on this plane. It just is.
Thanks to your insights, I feel hopeful, in spite of the potential horror of the planned pandemic.
A query to you, LV. Impractical theory and speculation. Many these days seem to follow Sitchin in his hybridized human and extra planet postulates. His decipherment of the seals and inscriptions oh which he bases these seems to be wrong, as scholars have shown.
Do you have anything to say on this hypothesis of human origins?
Best. "hillside"

Visible said...


Honestly, I don't know. In my travels I have seen examples of many of these things. I have also found that they could only touch me through my fear so I made companions of them, It seems that whatever I treated them as they became.

Once I was caught in a haunted Indian burial ground after dark. I was fifteen miles from highway on either side which would have taken me somewhere. So I had to walk through the darkness all night long until I got to the further highway. As soon as the sun went down, they came out. It was a fiercesome thing. The first words out of my mouth when confronted by the early riders was, "Hello, my friends" and that took me through. I danced all down the highway that night as they howled above and around me. I have never forgotten that.


Strangely enough, much of the answer to what you are presenting is expressed in the comment that follows yours. You may not believe in karma and you may think that some action on someone's part will bring justice now but... whether we believe in karma or not, it believes in us. That Palestinian boy didn't just happen out of the blue. He got there somehow.

This does not absolve us of responsibility to do what we can should the opportunity present itself. I'm not one of those who says, "Well, that's his karma." But my experience has shown me that everything has a source and a basis for being as it is for as long as it is. Everyone is free to disagree as they choose but that's what I have found.

I don't deal in hypotheticals. I might as well argue about the meaning of a movie as if it had some meaning in my life. Something that happens in the movie theater might matter but not what happens on the movie screen. Most people don't wake up one morning and say, "I had a dream and it changed my life."

Don said...

They're going to test you. It's the natural thing to do. I'm a fan of the confrontational when you know with a solid root right where you stand. Be careful cause everything concerning what you do have gone up a level or two lately and you are catching a lot more attention. I know you will acquit yourself well but always remember that restraint is the better part of valor. That's a quote and I've seen you use it before.

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate it if anonymous 7.50 pm would come back and explain to me exactly what God's word is. I want to hear about it in more detail.

God's word would seem to me like it would be very omnipresent. Yet I run into so many people who seem to understand this thing much more thoroughly than I do.

They never explain the word in detail. Tt is usually just a quick drive by to let you know they understand everything and I am on my way to hell and then they are off on their merry way.

I have formed a rudimentary outline of what I think understanding the word is however. You went to sunday school, you can recite a few bible verses with very liittle understanding of what they really mean, the preacher emphasizes that you are one of the good guys, you keep donating money every sunday and you go to heaven regardless of what you have ever done.

Everybody is going to heaven there are just different levels of heaven. People who understand the shill game and try and help others with it go to higher levels. People who walk around in a trance explaning how they know the word end up again on a planet about like this one until they learn to figure out when somebody is shoveling bullshit in their face 24/7.

Of course most likely there are planets a lot worse than this one. The universe is a big place. I think that is where the stone cold killers and psychopaths end up.

Learning is an ongoing process. Once you think you know everyting is when you cease all learning. That situation is very akin to someone whose dialogue consists of I know the word.

I knew a Tibetan monk once who spent many years in the Potala. He was smartest man I have ever known in my life. He passed away some years ago. He was also more fun to be around than anyone I have ever met. He did not sit around however and tell me he knew the word and I didn't.

The seventh day adventists used to knock on his door as well as the mormons and want to talk to him about getting saved. He would always tell them he was willing to listen to them for as long as they wanted provided afterwards he could talk to them about Buddhism. They generally just went on their way in amazement.

He loved wearing a little blue baseball cap around that said crusaders for Christ. Lord I miss that man I almost want to die so I can see him again.

Animadverto said...

Without a doubt the most spiritually enlightened blog on the internet is this one. Like you, and perhaps many here, I meditate often. In fact most of my days are in meditation, reading, observing and listening. A piece of me is this little boy in Palestine, although I can’t come up with a solution for him. I attempt to protect him as much as I can while I am fending off the vultures nipping at my own back. For the time being, they have scattered – I have a very sharp tongue, blessed by the divine with abilities.

I have herd that we choose our time here. Perhaps some do and some don’t. I can’t imagine a child choosing fear and suffering; I can’t buy into that explanation. Like you, I have command over the animals – which, by the way is somewhat ironic, since I have no preferred affection for them. They love me and I am somewhat indifferent towards them. Admittedly, I can’t resist a really cute puppy with bulging, expressive, curious, innocent eyeballs.

OK, so the both of us admit to the fact that there is a tremendous amount of injustice and evil here. There is no concise manner in which I could explain myself, the life I have lived here. I can only say that I have been in opposition to the forces here for a very, very long time. I am a reincarnate but not from here. I will not come back here, but here may not exist anyway, which from my perspective, is not such a bad thing.

Peace and tranquility does not exist on this plane. Seeking out and connecting to the supreme consciousness, by its nature, is the admittance to this fact. So here we are and it’s going to get real ugly soon. I will not go quietly into the night, I will not be crucified upon a cross (trust me they have tried and failed) but I will not come back here. One spin around this “shit pile” is all I can take. Perhaps this is the very reason this dirty little place exists to begin with: for those with two brains cells and a synapses, knowing this is where they don’t want to be.

On another topic I am interested in perhaps you could speak:

A query to you, LV. Impractical theory and speculation. Many these days seem to follow Sitchin in his hybridized human and extra planet postulates. His decipherment of the seals and inscriptions oh which he bases these seems to be wrong, as scholars have shown.
Do you have anything to say on this hypothesis of human origins?

Visible said...

I could swear I already answered that question about Sitchin in this very thread. I think I said that I have seen a number of these creatures.

I'm not interested in them or Sitchin or Scientology which also has some of the things that crept out of Beelzebub's Tales to his Grandson and a little Urantia book on the side.

I can't answer to what might appear in the fevered imagination of any separated mind. All I can say is it is made of mindstuff and can be as easily dissolved back into it as unrefined 'potential' energy as opposed to kinetic.

The orgins of life lie in mystery but one could imagine a serpent- the actual appearance of the dynamic radiant energy behind all form. It crawls in the grass and it is a hood over the head of the immortals as an irrefutable statement of their triumph. Personally I don't have much inclination to fight anyone or anything because I already won. I do occasionally make a statement of that but it's not what I would call combat.

This battle everyone seems so enamored of fighting got won a long time ago. Since I am the charioteer for the victor I have a ring side seat to the spectacle. There's a lot of special effects to be sure but the battle is over... or it's not. That's a matter of personal choice and perspective.

I have raged with unbearable passion in this life against all of the shadows inside my mind and it came to nothing more than I in abject surrender before the feet of the master.

Let them blow the doors off of the house. This particular structure was not raised by hand.

anonymous said...

Hey Don what's with the spin on the questions?
"Acquit yourself" makes it sound like telling the truth is somehow against the law.
"Test you" meaning power, pussy or gold...good luck with that.
Howzit you got his sudden feeling?
You hear something?
You ever hear this one:
"A hero dies only once, but a coward dies a thousand times."
Maybe yous just musing - maybe you ain't.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, LV.
I don't know to whom animadverto's 12:56 comment is addressed.
I've been reading books on psychic phenomena for several years, to see what was being said about the meaning of human life, consciousness, the survival of consciousness after physical death, etc. I've also been reading about NDEs and hypnotic regressions into past lives. All were by serious researchers and organisations or by the mediums, NDErs, or the therapists themselves. Eg below:
I've not seen any thing in any of the three sets about humans being created as hybrids by extra-planetary visitors, a la Sitchin (whom I've not read, but from snippets, and looking at photographs of the inscriptions and seals, think his work is not scholarly - but very lucrative, I gather -, so do not trust his "research" or accept his postulates). If others independently come to posit a similar scenario, and there's corroboration from other disciplines, I'll revise my opinion. I won't take just his word.
As for non-human types of beings, from benign and helpful fairies to frightening forms, there are reports from many cultures about sightings and experiences with them. So they obviously exist. Another mystery. Hillside

Don said...

not don

I was musing. I know if one tells the truth they will be tested to the level of their belief. That's how the system works if it is angelic or demonic. There's no need to be angry with me. I'm also telling the truth. I don't think our boy has anything to worry about with the power pussy and gold but I know that the one who offers it can also increase the desire for it at the same time. That's the actual test. If it were all that easy there would be a lot more success stories.

Anonymous said...

What were you employed at that you eluded to in your 7th paragraph?

You've been locked down in the U.K.?

What exactly is your area of interest, studying people? Like a sociologists? I always found that subject interesting.

And finally, could you elaborate on what you mean by 'those who are after the heart of the matter' 'trained eye'(3rd eye, pineal gland, etc)

Thanks Les, I have been reading your blogs for over a year and think what you bring to light is just perfect. Everything is everything.

Love you man.

Anonymous said...

the hum of the universe penetrates deep into everything in existance, man needs to learn to tune himself into that hum...peace

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up and tonight is also the monthly Smoking Mirrors radio show of which this post is a portion of it.

Curly, Moe and Larry got Game.

Knight Templar said...

Greetings Dumballah....Animadverto said... Hypothetic response: You are a product of an environment created to create YOU. YOU being the disfunctional unit that is whelmed with such disdain for life that YOU are incapable of energetic thoughts or actions inured of emotive response and lethargic to the point of no defiance. Lengthy sleeping habits are symptomatic of depression; where sleep is not attainable, catatonic listlessness is generally the demeanor of the disenfranchised. An 11 year old having suffered so much would likely be so passive as to be doscile, like a stunned Lamb. Your point is mute because you have made hypothetical reference to a phenomena that you have no real understanding of. Oh, and children that are battered one way or another don't make choices they just look for sympathetic eyes. Vulnerability being their poison.

Pondering the vageries of human nature and the enormous potential of Man as Godhead is one thing. Defending ones pretty daughters against child molesting Yids, whose Talmud states that forcing your dick into the vagina of a two year old goy child is akin to poking her in the eye with your finger: Is another!

Lets not get too caught up in the perfume of great notions to miss the physical reality of our imminent conflict.

I Have my head in the clouds and my feet planted firmly on the ground. And my powder is dry mate; No fucking vaccines for me or mine!

Cheers uncle Les,


tim said...

The word of God, everyone's favorite. I'm assuming the poster was refering to the Old/New Testament. My favorite part of the Old Testament is the 10 commandments. What language did the finger of God use on the tablets? Sumerian Cudiform? Sanskrit? Egyptian Hyroglyphics? Hebrew was not a written language for a few hundred years after Moses died. So which is true; the burning bush or the Egyptian Book of the Dead with the 10 commandments 90% written. Rape and slavery slipped God's mind? Those didn't make the top 10 list. And you turn the page and the next thing you know the Hebrews were killing and stealing the land from the Cannites. If you believe this to be the word of God you're a spiritual kindergardener.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, best.
Due largely to a certain lack of forbearance with certain things I've had over 50 employers in my life. One thing TBTB attempt to inculcate is fear. Fear so they have control and power.
What's the most onerous, unpleasant things that can happen to a person, according to their propaganda? It's losing a job, getting fired from a job, living in poverty.
After having these experiences over and over and over again, they've lost much of their sting. And I realized: many of the corporations I formerly worked for, corporations whose representatives I refused to take abuse from-are no longer in existence. And I'm still here.
So I at times consider that it's better to rely upon things other than what those in authority tell people to rely on.

kikz said...

nice one les.

for those who dig the 'greeks' the 'discourses of epictetus' are a neat/sweet/petite clarification for the subject of 'mind' and its focus.

in the first chapter epictetus allows us to understand in actuality what is 'in our control', and what is not.

chapter XIX - covers how we can effectively behave toward tyrants.

if one reads nothing else of our ancient friend epictetus, these chapters alone will have been worth the meager effort expended.

command and control of our thoughts is offered as wise conduct, and neatly echos the kybalion.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I was being a bit tongue in cheek there I am fairly familiar with what the word is. Stick your fingers in both ears and it will enhance the word. It is a vibration. I have a sarcarcastic nature and there is little I can do about.

As for Stitchin he is making some money alright but he is a pretty good starter kit for those interested in the history of the planet and how we got to where we are today. Actually from what I understand he received some heat from his tribe because they didn't feel his research was something the herd need worry about.

Those cuneiform tablets are some of the few remaining documentary evidence of what did take place in mankind's early history for anyone interested in this. I am not prepared to state that Stitchin is right on all counts with his interpretation but he does a fairly decent job I thought.

The tablets are simply a segment of Vedic history. They verify exactly what the Vedic literature says happened at the beginning of time. The Vedic references explain that human civilization began by the arrangement of the Supreme. Man was given an original consciousness by which he had knowledge of the Sanskrit language and was guided by Vedic information, as taught by Lord Brahma and the numerous sages that followed. Thus, the ancient Vedic culture is the primordial culture of the whole world and not exclusive to India, Arabia, or Sumeria. It is universal.

The pyramids are found among the Mayans, China, underwater in the Bemuda triangle and off the Pacific coast where once was the land of Ur. Amost every existing civilization understands this except the West which still clings to kindergarten legends such as man being molded from clay.

Every known civilization speaks of giants from the past. This is across the board. The cuneiform tablets simply explain who they were and where they came from.

A computer generated gene analysis awhile back showed that man indeed came from a universal birth mother the scientists nicknamed Lulu via the Sumerian tablets which indicate the same. The sumerian tablets indicate twelve sequences of racial groups were created using a type of cloning and the first one was named Adam.

A character Stitchins mentions in his books Ninurta via the tablets is also mentioned in the Vedic Mahabharata and it has a fully working design of the space craft he used.

The bible explains the break up of the languages as commanded by God at the tower of Babel. The Vedas explain what happened in great detail in the mahabharat war.

There is little doubt however that Sanskrit was the universal language at one time. Shamans of Siberia spoke it and it is still the language of the Navajo.

That having been said Stitchin doesn't have a patent on ancient knowledge and I would quibble about the one he calls the lord of the unverse being Anu as opposed to Antu. Anu is the female and the Chinese still name female children Anu.

Visible said...

There's a new stew in The Petri Dish today-

The Department of Terror wants You!.

Anonymous said...


In few words you spell it out well!

"The whole purpose of life is to achieve an inseparable relationship with the single mind; regardless of what we are told otherwise."

Im not sure how well this is going, being sidetrack by the ever changing nightmare of the world these days. But to, I have more reason to to walk away from the crowd and focus on her voice?



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