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Navigating the Road of our Karmic Misfortunes

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"May your noses always be refreshed by the scent of friends on the wind".

There’s a signpost on the right and it says, "Myths and Legends, Signs and Wonders up ahead. That’s where we’re going and what we may discover is that these things are none of what they are called. I’m not going to write about that today though. I’m going to write about an event that happened last summer, here where I live. I’ve had a number of people visit me and the results have all been good, with one exception. These are readers I am talking about.

I had one bad experience. I’m not going to name names, even though this fellow is busy spreading mischief and lies concerning me. It’s interesting that he was the loudest voice on another forum, claiming that we must vigorously check for psychopaths in our midst and then he came to my house and behaved like one. He’s telling a different tale about it. Unfortunately for him, there were two other visitors in my home and Susanne was here as well. There’s also a reader named Yuka who saw this fellow up close at the local pub, across the space of some days and some hours. Yuka was already familiar with him from the blogs and wanted to meet him and then there was that business with the police.

At the end of his stay, he went off without his laptop and that was because he was drunk the whole time he was here. He had a fellow call me from the Frankfurt airport asking me to send it to Frankfurt. I said, "Sure!" and gave my email address to send the address they wanted it sent to. Some days went by and then I heard from him back at his home that he wanted me to send it there, I sand, "Sure’ and got the address. I told him it might be 3 or 4 days for me to accomplish because I had to do something or other first. The day before I went to send it he called back to say, "Don’t send it because it will cost $450.00 This, of course, is absurd and I told him so.

The next thing I knew, he was flying back to Europe to pick it up. I see now that his intention was to create a whole scenario to make me look like The Big Bad Wolf. I told him I didn’t want him coming by my house because I was not sure how I would respond to him. I told him to pick it up at the bar by the banhof and that was that. The reason I didn’t want to encounter him was because I had found out that he had attempted to grab Susanne and kiss her and Susanne had managed to get away. She had been so kind as to offer to drive him all the way to the train station because he was so drunk he couldn’t get it together to catch the bus out.

I had already been pressed on several occasions to ‘tune him up’ because of his behavior and this was pretty much the last straw. Afterwards, I got letters from people telling me that I should contact him and set things right; like it was my responsibility. He had been staying with these people before he came to see me and one of them admitted that he had drank up all the alcohol in the house and that he had been advised not to come a see me in that condition. He had said something to the effect that he intended to see whose dick was bigger. That’s a nice sentiment.

During the several days he stayed with me, he never came upstairs to where I worked (he showed no real interest in me at all) or seemed inclined to hang out with me in any fraternal way, unless it was down to the bar where we sat for a couple of hours with my friend Yuka, on a couple of evenings, who observed the whole thing. He’d raise his voice in a belligerent fashion, coming to the attention of the locals and saying things like, "Well, in that case I’d just take out their fucking knees, interspersed with that kind of alcoholic redundancy that is garden variety the world over for the committed hard core alcoholic saying, "I get you but you don’t get me". Twice I was pushed to the limits of my restraint, where I thought the only thing is to teach this guy a lesson, maybe it will help him". However, I just got up and went home leaving him there. He got so drunk he couldn’t find his way back, so he slept under a tree and also the bar got broken into that night so... the police showed up some time later in the course of their investigations where I found out that his name wasn’t his name because they had ID’d him for sleeping under a tree.

I had other guests in from Switzerland. He spent most of his time in the kitchen where he insisted that I give him a guitar so that we could serenade the lovely ladies. He couldn’t play and he couldn’t sing and he kept insisting that I sing harmonies and then telling me that I couldn’t because I wouldn’t. I told him you can’t harmonize with someone who is out of key and I had no intention of being involved in that kind of smashed revelry that is entertaining only to those marooned in their own oblivion. At no time did he offer me the guitar to play or do a tune. He was bombastic, raucous and teetering on the edge of out of control a good deal of the time. I tolerated all of it but I was looking forward to seeing the back of him.

Through a European friend I learned that he’s still busy spreading mischief concerning me, as if I would ever treat a guest the way he insists that I did. This is the only occasion anything like this has ever happened but I suppose it must be my fault. He denies he did any of these things and aggressively denies his assault on Susanne but it all happened. Somehow he’s actually convinced some people of his end of it. I told the people who called me about him to tell him that what he really needs to do is to apologize and I would forgive it all but that’s not his style either. Now he’s hooked up with someone who knew me forty years ago and who hasn’t seen me more than a few days in all that time and who is also persona non gratia with all of our former associates and the two of them are contemplating some sort of "He’s the Anti-Christ" campaign (grin).

Why am I writing about this today? I’ve had a history over the years of being endangered by people I have befriended. I took one fellow in that I knew from The Guru Bawa Fellowship and I helped him get on The Maui Police force. Because I had told him to leave my house after two months for serial abuse of the facilities, he promptly told his new employers that I was a major drug kingpin and set about setting me up. Along the way, I took in another fellow and helped him out. He was also an alcoholic and when he wound up in a state of personal ruin, he went and sold me to the Maui Police Department as a drug dealer in exchange for a plane ticket home to Washington State.

I was in deep trouble finally, facing life in prison because subject number 2 convinced me that the Hawaiian Mafia was going to kill him, unless I could provide a certain amount of cocaine. I didn’t have any cocaine but I knew people, of course I did. I make no secret of having truly enjoyed getting high but I was never a dealer because I always used or gave away whatever I had. I searched out sources and got it together and saved his life, I thought. Of course, when I got arrested, the fellow I had gotten on to the police department went all out to sink me too. I had no money, my radio career was gone and I could barely support myself, given my front page celebrity as a drug kingpin. Of course the police found all kinds of pictures with me and George Benson and other people so... that made them think a few imaginative thoughts as well. The police were hammering on me to turn over associates and there’s no question I could have done some damage. On the face of it, I was screwed. Hawaii had the biggest percentage of dug convictions in the US due to all of the Asian first and second generation citizens. They had me cold, or so they thought.

A very similar thing had happened to me some years ago in Washington D.C. when I was hanging out with John Hall, who went on to be a rock star and then a US Congressman, because I had a following in the park and people would congregate to hear me speak, the feds decided to get me off the street and sent in one John Reed to ask me to take him and some friends into Va. to a fellow named Frankie, who had some pot. I insisted through the whole drive that I wasn’t handling any money but when we got there, John Reed went running into the apartment building and one of the undercovers called me to his window and said, "Here’s 20 dollars, get me another ounce. "I’ll give this to John". I said. Uh huh. So, next thing I knew I was charged with a violation of The Marijuana Tax Act. That carried a 20 year sentence and because I wouldn’t cooperate, I spent the next 6 years either inside or on the run. Finally I got a governmental pardon.

Back to Maui... well, no one wanted anything to do with me and the police were relentless about getting me to cooperate. All of what happened is retained for posterity in court documents- trial transcripts- and the words of the authorities of the time. The DA, Cardoza said to a group of people, "that guy and his girlfriend are two of only 3 people who never cooperated with my office in the eight years that I have been DA". As my case dragged along, I managed to get a public defender from the community, a former Detroit mob lawyer who had moved to the islands to dry out. Good luck with that. He was a formidable guy and between the two of us we went in one- several- fine day(s) and proved entrapment and became the only case of that ever happening in the islands for that range of penalties. Yeah, I’m in the record books (grin). The scenes in the courtroom would have made an entertaining movie. You couldn’t imagine how the hand of God went into action.

I went free. As a result I have no criminal record from any and all that nonsense ...and the evidence of not much sense on my part for not seeing that publicly speaking out against the empire is not recommended, which is what led to my trouble in all cases. I had a little too much Lenny Bruce in me every time I hit the stage. The result in Maui was that the fellow that they flew back in from Washington State to testify against me was exposed on the stand and my lawyer found out he was wanted for arson so the Sheriff was waiting for him on his return. The policeman/ friend I helped was no longer a policeman and not welcome among any of our former associates. These are just a few of the reasons that I know there’s a God. If you could see my life from the inside, you would be convinced too.

I bear no ill will for this visitor I had here. I do have to recognize that I have enemies and that sometimes people are willing to believe statements from questionable individuals without even taking the trouble to speak to the people who were there. I think some people would like me to be something less than whatever I am, which I have no idea of what that is. I would think these people who believe the claims of this individual; that I treated him terribly and wouldn’t send him his laptop and made him fly all the way back to Europe to get it and who accused him of being from Mossad (well, it is true that I kept his laptop in the garage in case it was a bomb) and several tales I have heard, would have simply asked to speak to the people who were here at the time. You would think they would have asked Susanne who would not lie about anything ever, or Yuka who’s been a reader here for years and who saw much of it first hand, or my Swiss guests but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is to believe this fellow because they prefer it this way. He is a psychopath after all and that gives him certain powers of persuasion. They don’t work on me because I know the type very quickly.

We’ve all got disgruntled associates in our lives somewhere. This one fellow who reads and contributes here sometimes is one of them. As I said, I’ve seen him for a few days in 40 years and I tried to avoid that but he kept coming around. I’ve been polite to him over time, when he emails and looks for validation as having been part of the wild and supernatural moments of my early life. In truth he was not very directly involved. My friends, Billy, Douglas and Howard and others were much more central and they know about this fellow and he’s not welcome where they are. He complains to me about it. I know what he says about me because his words go from one person to another and eventually someone tells me what this supposed good friend of mine has to say. He doesn’t have anything to say because there weren’t any events for him to comment on negatively, so it’s all innuendo and carping about personality issues. This is all done at a distance, with no contact and no evidence of anything. I just let it go by.

He talks about getting together sometimes or books that he didn’t send coming to me but I know I’m not letting him anywhere close to me and I know, as will be the case, when things get busier around here, as they will, that he will feel compelled to have his say but... maybe not... because there are all those other friends who know who and what he is and he might just shoot himself in the foot big time, just like the arsonist from Washington or the policeman, whose relentless vengeance caused the police department massive embarrassment. Are any of these people sorry? Did I ever actually do anything to any of them? No... but that is how life can be and the point of my writing this. We all need to keep our eyes open for those who do not wish us well but who operate under that pretense.

People can become very jealous of what they imagine another person possesses. Some of them believe it should be them, yet they never did any of the work or when through the suffering that it takes to be molded into someone who can do certain things. They just fume and seethe and plot, because life was unfair to them. Like the fellow who visited me and kept going on and on about the pretty ladies. I told him it was no big deal for me because I have them around all the time (grin- maybe I shouldn’t have said that but I said it in front of everyone and they all laughed). He said, "Well, I don’t". Is it any wonder why?

I’m laying all of this out because it has come to my ears and because I recognize that enemies can and will surface and sometimes you can’t defend yourself against them. The only way to defend yourself is to behave with the consistency that the trial and error of life has taught you how to manage. These things come with the territory and you have to endure them. We have to watch out that we don’t judge ourselves simply because these things happen to us. Life here is not a walk in the park, though I admit, I am looking for it to take that appearance soon. We just have to trust and walk our road as best we can and not bark back at the dogs that chase the caravan. These things happen but... good things happen too and sooner or later, the karma evens out and every life reaps the rewards of the efforts put into it. That’s what we should be concerned with; what we put into it. I keep thinking maybe that guy will apologize. I never went after him publicly or named him. I realize we’ve all got our private states of torment and maybe he will find his way out. In the meantime, the caravan moves on.

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A.Mouser said...

Thank you for your completely open summary of the events which transpired.

I focus on your words about keeping one's shoulder to the wheel and that karma will reward each one of us according to the amount of honest work we have done - paid or unpaid.

I would like to add as a former guest at your home that you and Susanne were very fine hosts in every respect.

Sincerely, Mouser

Anonymous said...

Everyone wonders why there is no real leadership, why no one is standing up to the Zio-Con takeover.

One most important point needs to be made here: the phenomenon has nothing to do with the Ideologies used by the various deviant players. Being a psychopath is common to any and all groups, Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. The second point is: Just because we can identify many Zionists as a gang of psychopathic manipulators on one side, because they have used Judaism as their ruse, and have hidden themselves behind the masses of normal Jews, does not mean that their ostensible nemesis, Adolf Hitler, was a "good guy." In fact, it is not uncommon for psychopaths to play exactly this sort of game: to be working together behind the scenes while presenting a confrontational farce for the consumption of the masses.

wv: glesses
Propaganda lenses that only allow one to guess at what is unfolding right before one's eyes.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild said...

Without media disinformation, the legitimacy of the military operation of zionists bombing Libya would collapse like a deck of card.

Anonymous said...

My faux friends have went on and hurt themselves more than I could have if I had tried. It's just a damn shame,it could have been so good.
From Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Ah! My Les Visible friend, and (oppa) guru. If only I had the patience to recount the Judas in my life. LV you are a target for those that seek to put you in your place…( I say the spiritual world). You are blessed for not bringing children into your person affairs. Blessed are the children, and you would sacrifice all to protect them & not pursue the mission at hand.

It was painful reading your dealings with a drunk, and you being so passive. Trust is the first test for anyone that enters your personal sphere. You need not explain, yet in doing so, you show yourself to be the humble teacher with challenges just as the rest of us have.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Alcohol always brings out the best in them.

The man in the bottle is a demon.

This demon can be defeated, internally and externally.

It's not really hard at all.

Patience is a virtue,
but not always.

Django said...

I wish I could say I was as grudge free as you seem to be.That's one of my bigger challenges now and no one has treated me nearly as badly. What a colossal waste of energy. I am making some headway, though a good deal of it is just due to passing time.
Your equanimity is inspiring.
Best to you and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are far too friendly; you leave yourself open to this type of abuse.

Then again there is me. I live in a cave, in the hills, on the remote north east coast of Australia and don't encourage anyone to visit.

You are a brilliant, brilliant writer able to communicate with millions of people through your words; why wouldn't you have wannabes and in-genuine people who want to 'rub shoulders'.

You don't need to be paranoid but you do need to be more cautious and more so as your (most recent) popularity increases. Times today are not as the 60's.


William Freeman said...

Talk about synchronicity. My ex-girlfriend from over 10 years ago has decided to show up the midst of my friends. She's one of the very few I didn't part in peace with, because it's part of her game. I offered her countless chances to settle our differences, but sadly she declined. In fact our whole relationship was like a chapter out of Eric Bernes book "The games people play", only the nastier ones.
She's telling tall stories about me now. One or two people, whom I wouldn't have expected it from, have listened, which has prompted a few arguments and made me very angry. I don't want this anger and the temptation to justify myself, because, like you say, it's barking back at dogs chasing the caravan. It's a waste of time and energy.
Ghosts very often come back to haunt you if the business hasn't been settled. I'm not sure how to exorcize this one. The girl is in quite a mess, as she clearly hasn't done the work. I have.
I think I'll just do what my Sensei tells me in training; wait, anticipate, but wait until you can do so no longer, then use your enemy's momentum against him. Don't unnecessarily hurt him, just show him his place.


William Freeman

WV: Excia - the act of seeing off old ghosts.

Anonymous said...

I too am plagued by this behavior by certain individuals where I live,it seems some people would sooner rub dirt rather than to face their own karmic responsibilitys,i suppose with a wetiko or completely disconnected mindset comes compulsive lies and manipulations all in the name of competition,I feel lucky that I had seen that part of myself by the age of 21 and worked to disassociate myself from it as where I live this is a common mindset ,for years and years I have only really tried to help people out when they needed help, but still have to deal with behaviors of some who find it difficult to step back and just take a look at what the hell they are doing I pretty much keep myself to myself dont really socialise much as most of the people are just going round and round in circles degenerating further and further,regular use of alcohol and various other intoxicants keep them in this mindset it seems
I hope they break the spell at some point as I know when they do,things will clarify and they will feel a lot better about themselves and find it unnescesary to keep going over and over these motions.....
so mr visibles dont you worry I dont think anybody over hear thinks you are the antichrist or something.I certainly dont,and if any one trys to pressure me into that way of thinking I would immediatly be suspicious of them....

respects neil

Mark said...

I’m old enough to remember a time when spreading rumors was severely frowned upon in our society. We used to call them “busybodies” and they were avoided. It was also a time when people had the sense to mind their own business. But the times have changed, and now people are paid to rat out their neighbors. Today, people see character assassination as an acceptable aspect of interpersonal relationships, that when someone you know displeases you, they are fair game, and in this game, the truth is pliable and subject to personal interpretation.

A Nazi once said that if you repeat something enough times, people will believe it, and I know from personal experience that it is so. My life has been haunted by innuendo, a sticky substance that is hard to wash off. Only time can erode innuendo, as people eagerly move on to juicier topics.

I would argue that a murderer has more integrity than a slanderer, because the intention is clear: to destroy a life. Slander is also called character assassination, and although the intention is less clear, it is just as valid. So to all slandering cowards I say that you are not fooling anyone whose mind is still open, and those who cannot create are the ones who wish to destroy the ones who can.

duey crim said...

I have a couple of friends worth mentioning. One likes to completely lie about his reality to others and somehow holds it together like super glue. He is either masterful in his manipulations or everyone sees right through him just like I do. It's pretty sad when I have to ignore most of his stories knowing they are 70% false. He has very bad recall also. He'll tell stories about events which I was at to others or even to myself, and I would have to correct because he was painfully exaggerating. Strangely he is a very good person to me. Is he rewarding me for being a "bad listener" and not asking questions? We play in a band together and he hooked me up with 2 nice guitars for free. It's a strange relationship.

My other friend is very like the drunk you talk about here. He used to pop pills, smoke, drink etc. Now he is clean and sober. He just smokes cigs. He can keep it together only if he's on a conquest to get a new girl or display his dominance somehow. Yet we have good conversations about life and the struggles against addiction.

I learned that you have to appreciate both sides of the coin of every person you meet.Sometimes the sides of the coin are too disproportionate and you have to move on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds really bizarre. You have had a interesting life to say the least. I have always felt people make their own trouble. Sounds like you befriend the wrong people. With your insight I would think you could see right through them. I have always been a suspicious character and I guess not the friendly person you are. Also I would never tolerate someone like the dude you describe in my house.

With your outspokenness best to watch who you befriend. Mossad agent comes to mind or another entrapment of some sort. You familiar with Edgar Steel? A true patriot who was framed by the FBI. His trial is this month. He trusted a guy who was an informant. They are saying he plotted to kill his wife and mother-in-law. His wife is on his side. The government evidence stinks to high heaven but you never know what can happen in a federal kangaroo court. He has been in jail for almost a year. At 65, if convicted, any time he receives would be like a life sentence.


just me, Laurel A. said...

les, don't explain. the ones throwing stones likely have a whole lot more to lose if your insight were to aim their way. and they know it. you are a threat to the stupid and the lazy inhabitants with whom we must co-exist. ew.

and worse, this is the most common way that our "law enforcement" and "fbi" do their jobs -- by finding a weakness, a past history, or an opinion, or a tendency to help another with no judgement on your part....and then they frame you and nail you. easy way to earn a living, and they know they will succeed and they know you wont hurt them, because they scoped you out first to determine your patsy-value. i am sure not saying you are a patsy, but your nature and your loving nonjudgmental ways do leave you open to those who want to catch fish with little effort. they just set you up, and twist the results. your past? so what? its life. what you do with it is yours and no one else's.

my solution? i get all unhappy because i was happy being me, and then someone crapped on my i deck them. then i move on. times are tough. i don't have the energy or the youth to put up with stupidity. if i can i walk away, i do -- otherwise, i knock the fool out from under my feet first, then i walk on away. its a good thing i am too old now to bother with more, i guess.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,  for me these people or really their personas are just one more lesson to be learned in this game of life. 

I grew up in the late 70's/80's in las vegas of all places. 

It was an experience that I'll never forget. 

The fact that their are/were more 'churches' per capita than anywhere else combined with at least 1 dead body turning up weekly besides alcohol being served 24/7. It being called sin city is well deserved. 

We had slot machines in every grocery store, they were invasive.     

It was a very intense environment that has come full circle and I know it has shaped me into someone who knows justice is just around the corner. 

Love to All,
DW in the Tahoe Forest

amarynth said...

Strange, the things that are happening. We're in the 'age of revelation' in my experience. The MSM shows it to us in the big picture, and we experience it in the little picture.

Changes, personal changes are happening - astounding personal changes that sometimes leaves me a little stunned. This happening to other seekers around me as well. Someone said to me this morning something like this .. "Love can now 'suss' out intent, before it can even start or change to evil."

It is still difficult to go to old things and 'fix' them. Some of them cannot be fixed and they don't want to renew? What then? Where does the karma fall?

Anonymous said...

let men label you as they may

Visible said...

Fud, there were periods in my life when I was not as tuned in as I should have been and also some of this was karma and the way the second half worked out was an incredible drama, many people on the island were aware of it so it was a demonstration vehicle. As for the fellow who visited me, that was an honest mistake and I had it in hand at all times. Despite an atavistic tendency that we all have, when our patience is exhausted, and we get the urge to John Wayne a scene, the restraint on my part was the better portion of virtue. It could have turned into a bad scene in so many ways and it got toreodored out the portside window.

Susanne did not tell me anything until he was gone because she's seen how I have been inclined in past times. Those days are over but the challenges are not. We just learn to finesse them in different ways. It's all about learning here. Willingly or against one's will.

Anonymous said...

Your honesty exposes your motivation.
I do not agree that you should change your ways or be less open or vulnerable when dealing with others, as these are the very things which enable the magic.
Any decent human being would never think to take advantage. Those who would do so, only expose the blackness within.
Sort of a vetting process, don't you think?


Unknown said...

This tale, and some of my own negative past experiences with mortal flotsam is the reason I will NOT let anyone new into my personal life. Virtual friends are fine, but I don't want them in my flat or livin' next to me. (Well, except for one Danish writer I'm workin' with. . .maybe.)

Erik said...

Hi All,

Yeah, i have had my fair share of con-artists as well; one has cost me my life-savings ...(not my ex-wife btw)

In my younger years friends described me sometimes as 'too gullable' Oh well, I used to call it 'trusting';)

My experiences left me with only two choices; Either to 'build a brick wall and trust nobody' or the one that I chose: be trusting and on (yet another) mis-use of my trust deal with it as a fact of life ...

Anonymous said...

Great Post Les. I've experienced the same from certain people, jealousy and resentment manifesting in relentless character attacks and lies spread. I'm in hollywood, working actor, so some of that comes with the territory. add in my skin color(dark) and having the audacity to get actual work in films that people have actually seen, and having "friends"(mostly not dark-skinned) who think that THEY deserved it more than you, plus the only reason you got that gig was BECAUSE you're black, not because you earned can get real nasty, real quick. I've had to drop all manner of "friends" because of this kind of thing. I set the record straight as much as possible, move on, and cut out the dumbasses from my life. occasionally I get one of 'em back for their behavior :) but I try not to get into retaliation much. bad for the karma. I love your writing, stay strong man.

DaveR said...

I think you tolerate some of these things for the same reasons I do: This too shall pass. The jerky house guest will leave, the stupid police thing won't work, etc.

Life is a parade. Just smile and wave.

Anonymous said...

We all need to keep our eyes open for those who do not wish us well but who operate under that pretense.

...tis true, that and tis true tis soon not to be of issue but for now...rears ugly heads or looms or....has the sheriff waiting for them for arson type compuppence...all/none of the above.

Thanks, Les, as per. and As usual, with love and lots of it, especially between the lines, MV

Anonymous said...

Why give pearls to a pig, when it can only throw it on the ground and trample it? Avatar, Jesus Christ

Even if a fool lived with a wise man all his life, he would still not recognize the truth, like a wooden spoon cannot
recognize the flavor of the soup. Avatar Buddha

Les a shitload of people before and here on this plane now have a lot of 'esplaining to do, Lucy!" But brother you are not one. That is why your caravan has so many carnival workers, magicians, philosophizers, practitioners, seekers, seers(?), prognosticators, trolls, poets, techies, etc. Such a human spectacle traveling through cyberspace and gaining momentum for a meshing of the spirit in a possible physical locale is a loud dog whistle, even to coyotes existing on the fringes from encampments of the past. Phuck them!

I learn something every time you write and the spice of the comments only adds to the recipe.

Love always,


wv; shitload- a port a-potty the size of Washington D.C. Full to the brim!

Sergej said...

Reading this, I think we all know such people and such moments. But what really bothers me (always did), among them there were some who actually had the potential and the basic qualities to be so much more, but were screwed somewhere along the way. While I never hated them, I used to despise them before. Nowadays I just feel sort of sorry for them, kinda like "such a waste of potentially good human material" or rater "such a pity". Now that one thing sometimes angers me, that "why the fuck did it go wrong with them", not in a personal way but in general - you see them getting shot along the way like pigeons and they never even realize it.

Sergej said...

@ post #1 mouser: it's a pity that karma doesn't necessarily fulfill in this life, but can span over several incarnations as it seems. That realization is sometimes unsatisfying frok our short-term POV.

Sergej said...

And one for you Les, read this article:

Not about the contents as such, but there is a point about rats and snakes in there which should resonate, it does with me anyway.

Anonymous said...

I had my Wolf Creek experience a few years ago, the effects include something akin to 'The Whine' probably for the rest of my life (crazy loud tinnitus). Same attitude and disfunction of the assailants (same self-victimising as excuse for victim creating - why do they need to rationalise, why not just do it? honestly like Kurtz (Brandon version) .bloody cowards I think, or just too damaged). Same turn the other cheek, do the right thing behavour from me. I share you sensitivities (not sociabilities), and I have dealt with my harbouring Dirty Harry fantasy hankerings. And I eshew them for my sake. I leave that for god. (There was some instant Karma in my above event, after my departure, but they probably do not learn, and they do so much damage on their way through the china shop).

still, take care, not too many good guys to loose in a war of attrition with scumalikes. look at the example our 'leaders' set for them anyway.

Visible said...

Here's another example of what I'm talking about

I'm not a member but some of you are. Now there were any number of witnesses to this meeting and as far as I remember it was a fun engagement. I haven't read it but it looks like the aliens don't like me eitehr.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if they have a name yet for "fear of being too paranoid"? Anyway, have you considered that drunkenness can be a useful cover, that making a pass at one's partner can be an attempt at creating division, and that laptops can be used to send A/V to those who "forget" to take them away?

Nice to see a lessening of troll presence today. Got a kick watching how swiftly members of this fine assembly jumped on some of them recently. Better if they settle for an occasional "subtle" negative suggestion than make us waste our time with their lengthy attempts to manipulate.

Was wondering what others thought of that "warning" at the end of the "vision" about the snake/woman in a recent post (don't mess with her, and you won't be harmed). Were you aware that the Khazars come from the Scythians (think of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family, but check Herodotus), and that the Scythians trace their origins to the sons of a union of Hercules and a snake/woman monster (the Gogi)? It makes that warning a little more relevant, don't you think? And is that serpent where all the stuff about reptiles and dragons comes from? Just wondering...

Sincerely, OriginalSpin

Zel said...

Les, you've championed the concept of the Apocalypse as a mechanism which reveals the rats & scumbags of life - instead of explaining yourself and making a case for your defense, why not trust that process, which seems to be in full swing now, and allow it to do that work for you - the old give them enough rope to hang themselves theme.

I suspect you're probably a pretty good guy in person, and the people that know you, or read your blogs wouldn't believe a bunch of shit coming from the mouths of morons.

Find the center, wait with detachment, poised, and you'll see them implode.

Rob S. said...

From The Art of worldly wisdom of Baltasar Gracacian.
Do not fail to catch the other's mood; lest you give him pain instead of pleasure. With that by which some would oblige, they molest, because they do not grasp the spirit; ways that flatter one, offend another, and what was intended as a compliment, becomes an affront: it has often cost more to make a man unhappy, than it would have cost to make him happy: and so his gratitude ans his thanks are lost. Many trying to voice a eulogy, have pronounced a curse. Missing the mood may have changed your eloquence into loquacity.

Anonymous said...

Why must people blame us for what it is they do?

I'll spare the digressions.

I'm keeping the faith.


Anonymous said...

maybe there is something in the water? (yes, plenty.)

I'm not feeling the respect for people, lately, myself.

I posted Michael Jackson's video "Leave me alone" to accent my mood, and deleted a third of my FB friends.

Rabbit said...

Interesting how similar our experiences of life on some levels resemble each other I must say. Mine is already out there, the Ziopaths have been abusing the knowledge and twisting it to mean more, for years.
No way in the end but to be open about all things, and I am and seems you are too. That way no secrets to be found by enemies, people just say "oh reallY? I knew that, everyone does" and life moves on.

You can't please everyone and many people have agendas and karmas which preclude the chance of positive interractions.

Sergej said...

Sergej wrote:

Well Les, I was curious enough to register there now and from what I get most of them actually do like you over there, It's just that some of them are J*ws and have a problem with some of your statements regarding that.

Regardless, the article I linked is quoted from somewhere else and well worth a read.

A meet with Rothschild? said...


Fine words brother. Welcome to our unintended parade.

Let the wolves bark at us - we have angels of truth protecting us on all sides.

Just ask Les - otherwise he/we wouldn't still be here.

I think we should ask for a simple, peaceful meeting with Evelyn Rothschild.

We should honestly and humbly point out what is ailing the world and point out the because of fractional banking in 192 of 197 countries owned by Evevelyn that only he can turn the present world situation around.

We can let Les do the talking.

If Evelyn won't take the meeting or is uninterested in making any changes to begin to right the world, we can just politely go away from him because there is literally nothing that we or any other mortal on this earth can do to change things as long as Evelyn has the exclusive right to print all the money he needs in the world.

At that point we should gather to pray for God to help the world because we are locked in to the killing and the misery - forever.


Howard Lewis said...

Now, the Congress thinks they can close down government, take their perf and go home or into a British protectorate to enjoy their filthy lucre. Send them to Japan to enclose those reactors that their wanker-buddies at GE built. And have their final act as U.S. Government officials be to type up papers to give life sentences to any personnel with a college degree who helped build the Fukushima facility. Credit where credit is due.

Worse than we thought initially said...

You would think someone would have seen through this, and realised they could produce their own money and owe no interest, but instead the Bank of England has been used as a model and now nearly every nation has a Central Bank with fractional reserve banking at its core.

These central banks have the power to take over a nations economy and become that nations real governing force. What we have here is a scam of mammoth proportions covering what is actually a hidden tax, being collected by private concerns.

The Rothschilds own the central banks which use fractional banking to fully control 192 out of 197 countries in the world. The other 5 are already planned for takeover by military force (read war) if necessary.

With all the Ph.D's in economics it is a wonder that not one single scholar has pointed out that fractional banking is creating money out of thin air - keeping as much as the creators wish and lending out what's left at interest. And the creator is a private individual.

Think of a mafia boss who also has his own money printing press in every country which he controls. Right now 192 countries.

50% of the people on earth live on less than $2 per day. This is by design.

The IMF, WTO and World Bank work to maintain the status quo.

No one can ever topple a mafia boss who can print his own money to pay for armies to fulfil his will.

There can never be a change in the present system of poverty and wars as long as the Rothschild family is literally holding ALL the cards.

Please give me your opinion of the above desciption of the present world.

P.S. When the Rothschild family control the fractional banking in all 197 countries they will be able to 'disconnect' any individual from the economic grid who questions or opposes the system Rothschild puts into place - making it impossible for that dissenting individual to buy food.

john m. said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for another valuable column where you lay it all out with honesty and love on dealing with the devil in human form. A great example of your mastery of upekkha, Buddhist equanimity. Your last paragraph is a beautiful summation of how this particular phenomenon fits into the bigger picture of human experience.

Id like to take the opposite side, though, since we all really contain all sides, and enemies and friends serve the same function in the grand illusion.

Although I consider myself an awakened being, I still behave like an asshole from time to time, just like your "friend", forgetting to be aware and responding with an animal instinct to cues from the dark side, desire-moments of one form or another. Afterwards I say to myself, shit, how could you have done that? But there it is, clever as I am, I am not yet a Buddha. The fact that I realize my mistake soon after may set me apart from the asshole you had to deal with that day, but only in the degree of my stupidity, not in the quality of it!

I had a teacher once who told me, once you are awake, it does not really matter what you do, you can never hurt anyone else, and you only hurt yourself a little bit. I guess he meant something like, whatever happens to us is all God's will, its all a lesson, there is no one out there to blame. From this perspective, even the asshole has his own path to awakening.

You had a different point to make here, I know, about how the awakened being can deal with this situation. But it is easy for us readers to identify with you and condemn the fool, though I think most of us also play the fool on occasion. Just sayin...

With great affection and appreciation for all the love you channel...

Anonymous said...

Sergej 12:30,

I know what you mean. I had to cut off one of my closest friends about nine years ago. I'm still wondering what could have gone differently. I miss the friendship but I don't miss the what I had to wade through. Was it by accident or by design?

the BCth said...

Interestingly enough, the other night I dreamed that someone associated/aligned with LKJ was criticizing you on points that, in their emotional flavour, closely matched what was said in that thread, even though I was never aware of this disagreement/drama beyond wondering at the fact that you and Laura were no longer "friends" on facebook. My take on the criticisms in the dream was that they were valid points, but that the person wasn't seeing the whole picture. It was a useful dream, though, a bit of an antidote to the unhealthy tendency to raise up brilliant individuals such as yourself on a pedestal as a kind of infallible guru. I know you don't want that, you go out of your way to stop it from happening, and your humility is one of the reasons I appreciate you so very much. Thank you for being what you are, and for being honest.

Fractional banking 1 said...

"I am afraid that ordinary citizens will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create and destroy money. And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of governments, and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people. " Reginald McKenna, when Chairman of the Midland Bank in London
In the early history of European banking people deposited their precious metal valuables at goldsmiths and received a note of proof of their deposit. Eventually, these notes began to be used directly in commerce and so traders no longer needed to redeem their gold to perform the trade. Soon, goldsmiths realized that people never appeared to withdraw all their deposits at the same time and saw an opportunity (to commit fraud) to issue new bank notes and lend them at interest. This then changed the function of goldsmiths from passive guardians of bullion to one active in (a Ponzi scheme) interest-earning and so the precursor of modern interest-paying banks. Moreover, the issue of a promissory note by goldsmiths (criminals) as proof of deposit is an early form of paper money. From this simple process was born the modern, immensely complex fiscal system called fractional-reserve banking (Frankfurt’s Bauer).
In the seventeenth century deposit banks such as the Banks of Amsterdam and Hamburg were trusted by their customers since they guaranteed to back all of their receipts fully by the assets deposited with them e.g. gold and silver. This type of deposit banking, 100% cash reserve ratio, is often called "giro" banking, "100 percent reserve" banking or more often, Full Reserve Banking i.e. all currency circulating in a financial system is backed up by an asset that is generally considered to be a stable store of value (the only honest way).
Thus, in such a system, the cash reserve ratio of all banks is 100%. Full-reserve banking is thoroughly moral fiscal system.
Fractional Reserve banking, also called Minimum Reserve System, is the near-universal practice of (completely fraudulent) banks in which less than 100 percent of bank deposits are held as reserves i.e. A fraction of total deposits are retained within the bank vaults to satisfy demands for withdrawals. The portion of the money not held as reserves -the greater portion- is used to earn income by means of (usury) loans and investments i.e. by lending at interest to obtain income that can be used to pay interest to depositors and provide (futher) profits for the (private) owners of the bank.
This mechanism causes the banking system, with consummate ease, to expand the money supply of the economy through the “creation” of new money.
Unfortunately for lenders and bankers using Fractional-reserve banking there are times when creditors (the owners of the notes) lose faith in the ability of the bank to back up their note and rush to redeem their notes. When depositors collectively attempt to withdraw more money than is in the possession of the bank then it is said there is a run on the bank, which often leads to the bank refusing to honour its debt (the jig is up on the Ponzi scheme).

Fractional banking 2 said...

Fractional-reserve banking also has a tendency to increase the money supply within an economy corrupting the currency and encouraging inflation.
Nevertheless, the temptation such a system offers is immense: to invent money and lend it to others (friends and cronies) who pay interest on the loan and at the end of the term the lender gets the principal back with interest.
Moreover, the bank or lender does not need to have any collateral to make this happen. The indecency of this money-out-of-nothing process was such that "financial regulations" where brought in by the bankers (Rothschilds) to make their system appear something more moral. Thus, these "financial regulations" called for banks to have a "reserve amount" that is a percentage of the amount of money they invent. But, herein lies the rub: since all money in a fiat system is invented and relies on confidence, it does not really matter if these "reserves" exist or not.
Thus, at the basic level the fractional reserve process is this simple. As long as the "costs" and "defaults" are exceeded by the "profit" made from the "interest received" then reserves increase enabling yet higher levels of leverage. In short: it is a system in which the lender/money creator becomes very rich indeed (Rothschild international fractional banking dynasty).
Say the bank has 1,000,000 of cash (or gold) in the vault. They then "loan out" $100,000,000 to borrowers who use it for consumer spending or to invest in businesses or whatever. And here lies the rub: by the magic of the "fraction" in the fractional reserve banks can loan far more than they posses by the fractional bank simply opening a checking account of $100,000,000 which they are more than ready to loan to whomever suites their criteria of credit (or their geopolitical desires).
Fractional banks do not have to save up the money, but simply, by the stroke of a pen or tapping of a computer keyboard, create wealth out of thin air. Before the rise of the central (Rothschild owned) banks and their monopolization of money, the provincial banks were able to issue promissory notes which gave real substance to function they performed. That is, the conjuring trick of creating wealth out of thin air. Moreover, since demand deposits at the new bank function as equivalent to cash, then the money supply of the economy has just, by the magic of fractional reserve system and its deposit creation multiplier, increased by $90,000,000 (i.e. $100,000,000 – $10,000,000 = $90,000,000).
A central banker, Graham Towers, Governor of the Bank of Canada from its creation in 1935 to his retirement in 1955, explained this rather bewildering phenomenon whereby bankers create instant wealth out of thin air:
"Banks create money. That is what they are for. That is the Banking business, just in the same way that a steel plant makes steel. ... The manufacturing process to make money consists of making an entry in a book. That is all. ... Each and every time a Bank makes a loan Bank credit is created -brand new money."
Moreover, this pernicious and eminently corrupting process of instantaneous wealth creation and its power, or rather the power of those who control the process.
Chairman of the Federal Reserve System (owned by Rothschild) during the House Banking and Currency Committee hearing in 1941:

Fractional banking 3 said...

"PATMAN: Mr. Eccles, how do you get the money to buy those two billions of government securities?
ECCLES: We created it.
PATMAN: Out of what?
ECCLES: Out of our right to issue credit money."
In former times, a bank guaranteed that gold, silver, other valuables or paper money deposited with it in good faith remained securely locked within its vaults and the public knowing this trusted the bank. That is, such deposit banks acted as warehouses and backed all of their receipts fully by the assets deposited i.e. what was deposited with them in good faith stayed with them. This patently honest form of banking is called "100 percent reserve" banking or Full Reserve Banking and is the antithesis of (Rothschild) fractional reserve banking, the (suicidal) preferred model of ‘modern’ bankers.
Today, both commercial and (Rothschild) central banks practice Fractional Reserve Banking, which essentially means that bank deposits are backed by only a small fraction of the cash they promise to have at hand and redeemable at once upon demand. This is patently a less (dis)honest form of banking than Full Reserve Banking and capable of great misuse and abuse by those private individuals who have command over the private institutions who practice fractional-reserve banking (Rothschild). The usual minimum fraction of reserves (the reserve requirements or cash reserve ratio) required by modern banks to have on hand at any given time is in the range 10-12%. That is, with a 10% cash reserve ratio a bank can loan out $100,000,000.
The $90,000,000 (i.e. $100,000,000 - $90,000,000) is created by a flourish of the bank manager's pen, or rather; money is created out of thin air. That is right reader; banks create money out of thin air …. Literally, "wealth" out of nothing! They create money, as if by magic, that had not existed before. This banker magic was alluded to in the original Royal Charter that gave the founders and owners of the Bank of England (Rothschild) the mandate to conjure wealth out of thin air:

"The bank hath benefit on the interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing."
This fiscal conjuration is essentially a sleight of hand, an economic accounting trick whereby apparent wealth is introduced into the economy by the stroke the pen. That is, modern banks issue promissory notes not backed by anything of merit and circulate them as if they were genuine instead of metal money (gold or silver). In a profound sense this technique is a counterfeiting operation since paper money, backed by nothing other than a vague promise to honour and a general misapprehension of the masses that in trying times this promise will be kept, is foisted onto the public as genuine credit instruments backed by something tangible (it is not).
However, unfettered banking devoid of governmental constraint -"free banking"- results in severe perturbations to the process of instantaneous wealth creation out of nothing. That is, to the counterfeiting process whereby banks create wealth out of thin air using the magical formula of Fractional Reserve Banking.
And remember one family, Rothschild, owns all the banking in 192 of the 197 countries on earth.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Josh in NC said...

I would bet that everyone that comes to this blog has experienced their fair share of the jealousy and haters. I've seen a bit of that. I like what you say Les about continuing to put one foot in front of the other, putting out the good efforts and eventually we reap the positive results of those efforts in our lives. I admit though that we have to be discerning and watch who we associate with. I have found that when we ignore the warnings inside about someone's character that we usually pay for it to one degree or another. I would imagine that the further on the path you are the less and less you come into contact with these things but I guess it can happen to anybody and we all have to deal with it to one degree or another. After all we all do live on that planet they call earth right?(grin) So like Les said I guess it just comes with the territory. Speaking from a personal perspective there are a lot of selfish sheeple out there and plenty of assholes too and I see no real defense other than what Les describes. No matter whether the situation is big or small, handle it from our working proven experience, handle it the best way we know how, trust our instincts, and I imagine above all else move on and don't bark back at the dogs chasing the caravan. Unfortunately the way the world is today you come across various types of this stuff on a daily basis. Someone is always dogging your heels, trying to break you down and take your human freedom away, people looking for a way to take advantage of you, energy vampires looking to suck on you, assorted jealous angry assholes looking to destroy you, etc. God forbid you don't get in line with their way of being and thinking, that pisses them off royally and then they have to try and take you down. Gotta find a way to find some self-worth and importance for themselves ya know. These days I feel that it's unfortunate that I live in America because the population is full of these types of people and I witness and have to deal with this stuff daily so don't anyone tell me that I'm off kilter in my observations because I'm not. It seems to be rampant, at least in this country. Anyways I may be getting a little off- track here from the original essay but suffice to say I enjoyed this post Les. We deal with these things the best we can, we concentrate on the positve present but we also concentrate on the positive direction we are heading towards and we let the Divine sort out the rest. No matter what the circumstances, the obstacles, or the karma, I would hope we make progress without to much headache(or worse). Visible Origami is what brought me to this site and I always enjoy the tales and lessons that Les so freely shares. This blog is a real service to others. For me, it is both a challenge and a pleasure to be here. Feels good Les, thanks. Pond Owl

Visible said...

Well, I have read a good portion of the threads from the SOTT site

There are quite a few lies there. I didn't take any drugs at the visit and the people saying I did are lying. Don Duca was with me there and is a regular around SOTT.

He knows I didn't have anything and I certainly didn't come on to any of Laura's daughters who are the size of tractor trailers and my lady was right there with me. Wouldn't she have said something? I did do an off color parody of the song Wild Thing but the only questionable line was, "You make my thing sting."

What's with those people? I see that Michael Astera is part of the thread. My god. It looks like SOTT has gone over to the dark side. The exaggerations are ridiculous. I suggest that anyone curious ask Don Duca (I don't think he'd lie) if he saw me taking any drugs. I was a guest at his house. We drank Armagnac and though pot was smoked at his place, it wasn't by me because I don't care for it.

My memory was that it was a fun evening and there were no drugs involved. A lot of the people were drunk and having a good time.

What happened was that Laura just decided she didn't like my saying I liked psychedelics and has just been at it since then. They have got this enemies in the woodwork thing. Meanwhile they have an enormous chateau loaded with amenities and aren't doing bad on the donations end I guess.

They certainly are curious about me. They go into my comment threads looking for things to comment on.

Anyway, on my soul and all I hold sacred, they are telling quite some lies and this cannot be good for them. Why they want to disparage me like this I could not guess. Very little of it is true and there was mostly a general sense of well being and good times. If they didn't like my performances- and everyone was performing- me no more than anyone else, they were certainly laughing and acting like they did.

I make no secret of liking to get high on occasion. I just didn't do any of it there and that's known to others who were with me. This is more amusing than anything else. I didn't know that Laura had removed herself from my Face-book friends, must be recent. Don had gotten angry with me about mentioning MMS or whatever it is and I think this newest thing came out of that.

I'm not going to make mention of things that won't serve the interest of higher nature. I do think they should apologize for lying straightaway, lest the results of such behavior come back upon them. It really made me laugh to hear that I was being suggestive to the daughters. Susanne was right by my side through out and if you had seen the daughters you wouldn't need any further reason to doubt what I'm saying. I realize this might be seen as hurtful but it's necessary to give perspective.

kikz said...

m astera... @@eyeroll...

Phuck them said...

I recommend you do not give one more word to these inuendos and mud slingings.

They can not continue this smear without continuing response from you.

A friend

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Our Hidden Enemies who Pose as Friends.

Visible said...

Thank you for telling me I had to back away. It appears however that I was psychic just this once because the whole SOTT thing came up as a result and guess who showed up over at the site, none other than the fellow the Origami posting was about.

So I did one more posting on it at Smoking Mirrors this morning and that will be the end of it. I don't fancy pissing matches and I tried to be forging and fair as well.

abe said...

Sorry to hear Les,
I've imagined hangin out over on the continent once or twice. But since I nearly drank myself to death twice(or thrice) while visiting family in Texas, I figure it probably for the best that I stay here in CA.

Ever think of doing a new Shangrila World Tour?

wv: unsui = those teach the teachers.

Anonymous said...

the old people would tell you not to do your dirty washing in public .that you can judge a man by the company he keeps etc etc .better to stop that drink & drugs man as they only take u to the dark side i know i was a traveller there . give these monkeys enough rope & they will eventually do the right thing as ive found when ronged just sit back & let karma work her magic

Visible said...

If you would pay more careful attention you would know that I have little to do with drugs and drink. I do wish people would quit projecting what they think they know. I am where I am, no one knows better than I what I am up to.

Frog said...

Thanks for the writing Les,
And yeah, the Judas test. More proof you are the real thing, as the darkness devotes more resources to smear you. We, your readers, can see what you are. You know what you are. God knows you. What else can you do?
Anyhow, if I were to read crap about you elsewhere, I would discount the source because I have read and listened to you. The weak, will as always, be deluded. Can't do anything there.

neal said...

Those ones over at SOTT, seem to be becoming all about making war and splitting hairs, lately. That was the only forum I ever considered communication with, for a while. I was somewhat politely asked to leave, for not being colinear with the western intellectual european mindset that tried to explain the mysteries, even the ones they had no claim to. I think they never considered the trickster implications inherent in the place they have been living in. I've seen it happen almost every time. I think it's sad, and dangerous, and confusing to those that are hanging around- but there may be a lesson in that, after all.

Sergej said...

If I only knew about your history with Laura Knight, I would have refrained from linking that Tibet article from her site. Sorry about that, seems like sometimes I have a talent to do things at the wrong time in the wrong place...



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