Thursday, July 28, 2011

Be and Become what you Aspire To

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“May your nose be in the fifth density when your body enters the fourth”.

I’ve been thinking about a few things over recent times. They have to do with the unique mathematics of The Mayans, aboriginal dreamtime, transmissions from star clusters, contemporary ayahuasca and Native American rituals. Despite occasional criticisms from those who have never taken accelerated inward journeys, I am convinced of the validity of such forays. I’ve mentioned, more times than I can recall, that in former times; in earlier times, it’s possible that such additives may not have been necessary. Then again, these experiences are a part of human history as far back as we have presently been recording, altering and fabricating it, in the interest of bankers and the Khazar psychopaths, who have profited from the distortions and... profited handsomely in the only coin they value. Their time is coming to an end.

It stands to reason that people have made internal quests with the assistance of the plant kingdom for this length of time because this length of time has all been Kali Yuga and is the warmest and dampest darkness, in which vile bacteria, masquerading as human, has breed and plundered at will.

I’m not going to talk about available comestibles and the employment of them. I don’t do that except in rare anecdotal moments, where I am providing some back story to things that I go through. What people may choose to engage in on their journey is not my affair. My affair and concern is the goal itself and certain mindsets that I believe also accelerate and validate ones progress and successes. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to talk about the single most important practice and perspective that one can possess, in my opinion. This is inspired by my work on “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”, which I am finalizing at this time and which I have been writing about at the book’s end.

I get a lot of emails, of all kinds. One type of email that I get has to do with the slow progress and elements of confusion, desperation and despair that enters into the hearts and minds of the seekers in this time. The main problem that I notice, and the cause of the states of being just mentioned, appears to be due to reaching; trying to get somewhere so that something will finally exist or happen. It’s a Sisyphean endeavor. It’s one of the primary deceptions of the separated mind. It’s the idea that there is somewhere you have to arrive at when you are already there. It’s the recognition factor that’s missing. It’s the surrender and utter reliance factor that’s not being employed. Instead we have more of the ‘driven mechanics’ that I have spoken about and mentioned witnessing, as I travel through the illusionary world of desire fueled appearances.

This being and thing we call the divine, or refer to by any number of names, sexes and indefinable singularities, is a part of us. It’s not out there somewhere, apart from us in some kind of a distant heaven. It’s not separate from us. It’s not something other than us. It composes and animates everything and is (contradiction alert) also apart from us in a certain sense. Its power and presence make up everything and there is never a time in the cosmic order when there is more power manifest than there is in reserve. This is always the case. The material sun is the source of all physical life on Earth and symbolizes the internal spiritual sun that is the true source of everything, including the manifest sun, which obtains all its power and virtue from it. Those who have worshipped the material sun over the centuries are also afflicted with that same sense of separation, confusion, desperation and despair that I’ve alluded to. The true sun is within and that is the being we need to come into the presence of. We are already in that presence but our awareness of this is not activated. It’s the awareness of the indwelling that has to be ignited, as if it were a candle, or something lit that grants illumination in the darkness of the mind.

You become what you identify with. The key to unity is merging. If the mind defines itself as separated from something then the perception is of distance and separation. One would be greatly informed by reading the works of yogis and mystics, concerning their relationship to the divine. So long as you see yourself at a distance from the thing you seek then you are at a distance, at least in the way you understand it.

The idea is to go about all of your actions as if it were the divine who was engaged in them. When you eat, you eat as if it were the divine who was engaged in it. When you commit any action you carry it out as if the divine were doing it. The divine actually does everything since there is no power to act outside of the divine. Whatever you interact with, you interact with it as if it were the divine. You encapsulate the whole of your existence as if it were an interplay with and as the divine. This is how you overcome the sense of separation. You recognize that there is none.

If you are reading these words from outside that construct then the sensation is that their meaning is something apart from you. If the mind insists on continuing that perception then it will continue. We can only experience fully that which we fully embrace. Success (as stated in the Bhagavad-Gita) comes quickly for the energetic. This does not mean only operating at extreme capacity for union. It also means consistency and determination of purpose. Extreme capacity can only be maintained with consistency and determination.

As has been stated at other times, it may take trauma to bring us to a place of acceptance and understanding. Sometimes this is accomplished by weltzschmerz, or a loss of interest in all of the promises and attractions of the world. Sometimes it is accomplished by the growth of divine love, which possesses all of the attributes of the exercise within it. Sometimes it is accomplished through selfless service. There are a number of ways to come into the fullness of what is being discussed here. You have to find one of them. You have to go about your days as if you were already a resident of Heaven and already in possession of the company and qualities of the divine. Sooner or later it will become true in fact.

There is no other effort worthy of our time and interest. Everything else is a waste of time and we discover the truth of that sooner or later. There is a hunger within that can only be satisfied by the presence of the divine. It will trouble us until we have attained to it. People may deny the existence of this presence and they may war against the recognition of it but that is about as effective as shooting arrows at the sun. May you arrive sooner than later and awaken by the streamside at Cold Mountain and be warmed by the internal sun.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"Credo in unum Deum..."

Pax y'all

pax verbum

Terrance said...

"Having realized his own self as the Self,
a person becomes selfless."


Anonymous said...

Act As If

John said...

This is spot on Les. I couldn't have done a better précis on 'A course In Miracles'.

L.L.O. said...

Hey Les,
I was actually planning on writing you an emailand, yes, I was going to be "that guy" you just wrote about in the beginning of your post.
I started off the day by reading an article about a new housing development that just got approved by the courts to build 600 homes in the Clover valley near my home. This is a beautiful natural area filled with Oak trees and Maidu Indian artifacts. I've gone there since I was a child to escape the world and find peace. A lobbying group tried for years to block development but we all knew it was to no avail.
It will be a parking lot soon... "Sigh"
Anyways, that's where I was in my head when I read your post. I feel it represents a microcosm of our world and what we as a species are doing to it.
Thank you for writing this today. It's just what I needed to hear. With ALL that is going on (And comng down the wire, I can feel it too)I needed to be reminded of The Path.
I know what I have to do. The examples you listed are all one needs.
The rub is in becoming this "new" person and letting the older one go. I quite enjoy my life for myself but I intuitively know that there are some extraneous activities which must be whittled out of my being.
The path has been well marked by Sages and Avatars. It's incredibly straight fowrward after you see it (thanks entheogens)
It is, like you and the followers of Islam say, all about surrender.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

Beautiful my friend,just beautiful.
It is the tuning in or the "awareness of the indwelling"as you put it that is at the crux of the matter in being able to shine with the internal divine.(rhyming alert).
Personally,i find deep relaxation and a sense of solitude as essential aids to experiencing the magical states of divine union,though it will certainly be different for others.At the moment due to the demands of everyday life i still find the consistency and determination of purpose thing a little tricky.But at least i know where i'm at and thanks to your advice a more steely resolve will be forthcoming.Practice,practice and more practice.
Thanks Les for the inspiration.

serimaya said...

Thank you.It is finished.

kikz said...

"This being and thing we call the divine, or refer to by any number of names, sexes and indefinable singularities, is a part of us. It’s not out there somewhere, apart from us in some kind of a distant heaven. It’s not separate from us. It’s not something other than us. It composes and animates everything and is (contradiction alert) also apart from us in a certain sense. Its power and presence make up everything and there is never a time in the cosmic order when there is more power manifest than there is in reserve. This is always the case."

that is IT in a nutshell. and, the reason i find no solace in institutionalized religion. it garners only my revulsion, as its modus operandi over the ages has been to foment this perception of separation frm deity/divine, the utter worthless of mankind as original sinner and insinuate itself as mediator to ameliorate a nonexistent condition.
the big lie.

nice post les :)

Miriam said...

beautiful, Vis...
In conversation with others and thru meditations that open the heart more and more, there is the deepening awareness that Mother Earth and Divine are essential parts of us; we are imbued with them and we are inseparable. What we need to do is remember this, and become increasingly aware of this so that the separation we THINK is there(caused by the duality placed in this world thru evil) is no longer there.
We remember this by spending time close to them thru whatever means works for each(meditation, nature work, chanting, singing/music, etc), until it is not a separate event, but like breathing, for it really is the same as breathing, it is just that we have forgotten this.
Our task is to remember and to BE. Balance will come as a natural outcome of this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Les. Thank you for your continual reminder of who we are, in your fun filled, humble and gracious way.

I read somewhere, that a sure way of getting in sync with the divine, is to play "sacred" music while listening to the birds sing. I started playing some cds I love, while tending to the doves. It is a huge heart opening and consciousness raising experience that I have ever had. Tears of joy stream down my face while I hold the babies or injured wild ones. I've noticed that the wild doves are working with me more, instead of fighting me, when I have to give them meds or tube feed them. I am in deep resonance with the doves more than I could ever imagine being possible.

Listening to sacred music while watching nature takes you to that edge, where you and the divine are one.


neal said...

Nose to the fifth (maybe not a perfect fifth), the body to the fourth, and so on, and certain parts still choose to hang out and wait around for the rest; even those otherwise occupied, this time around.

Everyone seems to be trying for acceleration, without being properly prepared. The falling up is only being equal to the falling down, and one should be ready to deal with what is asked for, I think.

Baby stars, circling singularities, the rush of speed masking the choice to preserve life. That's not a flame, or a moth, that's just kids being kids.

And that kind of stuff can bleed through all kinds of history, and keep things interesting.

Only one thing expands, and an infinite thing gets stuck there- that's OK, angry ghosts don't stay angry forever, it can just seem that way.

Anonymous said...

Gracias Dog Poet

Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff Les. Quick question: do you think the central sun is Sirius- as the Olmecs and Egyptians believed, or the center of the Pleiades- as the Cherokee and Ansazi believed? Both have some intersting arguments in their favor.


Bhakta Roberto said...

One has to see the utter futility of getting satisfaction in this world or from any relationship except with Krsna. Why? Because he/she is the Source of everything.
The ultimate truth is a divine Persona.
Actually if we look at our experience in life without any false hope, we can see this already. Everyone has failed and betrayed us, racing from one relationship to another in the vain hope of finding nectar. But the only real amrta, immortal nectar is in Krsna. Everything else is false and will disappoint us again and again. This is the first and the last teaching of spiritual life.

Thanks for the reminder. Need to stop my immature decision making and get into full surrender.

steve said...

Yes- I had a very strong feeling ( not an intellectual understanding) that I was all that I needed to be and that its not about adding on things to be more spritual, but its about stripping away to find the true self that always been there in perfection.

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada: Because God is absolute, His name, His form, and His qualities are also absolute, and they are nondifferent from Him. Therefore to chant God's holy name means to associate directly with Him. When one associates with God, one acquires godly qualities, and when one is completely purified, one becomes an associate of the Supreme Lord.

Father Emmanuel: But our understanding of the name of God is limited.

Srila Prabhupada: Yes, we are limited, but God is unlimited. And because He is unlimited, or absolute, He has unlimited names, each of which is God. We can understand His names as much as our spiritual understanding is developed.

Richard said...

Been doing some modern 'huasca in Peruvian jungle last week, not to accelerate the process but to accelerate the relaxation into the process.

Deal with Ego-content and dance like butterfly, sting like a bee.

Sarmoung to you all. Keep on keeping on, much gratitude for your writings.

May the Rose garden of your Heart always be in Bloom and your nose find the scent.
Woof woof....

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I'll weigh in here, without (I hope) taking any from what Vis has said.

Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through me."

I grew up in "institutionalized religion"; a formalized hierarchal system wherein I was expected to follow this same formalized hierarchal system.

Father Creator whacked me up side the head with a two-by-four eight years ago; this whacking brought me (though it took a couple of years) to a better understanding of my relationship with Father. It was not in any way, shape or form an easy transition; in fact, I pray I never get whacked in such a way again. I would really rather have Father take my life so that I can pass into His presence.

What I learned from this experience is myriad... way too much to put into this mere space.

I will say this though. I learned (and am still learning) that Father Creator is Absolute and is Absolutely Sovereign. Nobody controls his/her life. Nobody. Where one is is where one is according to Father's purpose/plan for that one.

I learned that what Jesus stated - that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, is absolutely true. If one does not learn this in this dimension, he/she will learn it in the next.

Jesus also said: “Whoever listens to you listens to me; whoever rejects you rejects me; but whoever rejects me rejects him who sent me.”

Institutionalized hierarchal religion has given Jesus a poor reputation. I believe it was Gandhi that said "I like your Jesus, it is your Christians I do not like." I can empathize with that since at one time I was one of those Christians.

Jesus came to bring us back to His Father and Jesus is more than sufficient; there is nothing that I can do which can add or subtract from this sufficiency.

And so I try to focus on Jesus; I try to see this world through his perfect eyes, I try to interact with my brothers and sisters (and it is immaterial whether or not they know Jesus) through His love and understanding. All are precious to Him; all will return to His Father through Him... again, if not in this life/dimension, then in the next.

I can view the world knowing that all, the good, the bad and the ugly, are playing those roles assigned to them by Father Creator. I can know that the khazar usurpers are playing their assigned roles while at the same time knowing that they too will (eventually) return to Father through His Son's perfect love. I can understand that since Father is Absolute and Absolutely Sovereign, evil is according to one's perception (the Patriarch Joseph told his brothers "What you meant for evil, God meant for good"). And so I know that the evil being conducted today will eventually turn out to be very very good for quite a lot of people around the world.

I genuinely believe that we are approaching that time when Father is going show the world that the evil that has prevailed for so long (in our perception) will be judged; those that have been engaged in this evil will be required to make recompense to the world. Father's judgement is not about eternal damnation or hellfire; it is entirely about recompense. And it is about bringing His creation back to Himself.

Anonymous said...

There is no you. Save yourself a million hours. Test it, try it, prove otherwise. There is life there is happiness there is comfort there is pain there is worry there is anxiety there is sadness, there is fear, there is courage. You don't own it. There is no you. Take that ball of nothing that you call you and let it float away. Enlightenment 101.

No Offense Intended Vis
Patrick V 1.0

est said...

"we can only experience fully
that which we fully embrace"

you're either
all in

or not in it
at all

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Peace and love,


Anonymous said...

Les, I sure enjoy your writings.
True freedom is in surrender - you may call it the Will of God, or you may call it living in the moment, or any number of things, but how joyful to give up trying to lead the universe and simply join it.
And yes, the more you 'want' something the harder it is to find/have it. Ask any lovestruck kid. 'Wanting' automatically sets up the distance.
-An ex-wiccan who by God's Grace is looking around in amazement.

That they all may be one, as you, Father, are in me, and I in you; that they may also be one in us...
John 17:20

est said...

a little something
for our 'chosen'

i'm not sure where to begin

we have the same father
our mother is the earth
we are all gods' children
from the moment of our birth

how we treat each other
is how we will be judged
you can call yourself
whatever you like
a point i won't begrudge

you've been given gifts sublime
but not for waging war
can't you see i trust in you
to realize what they're for?

can't you see your the hope
the worlds been waiting on?
when are you going to cut the bs
put an end to the endless con?

when will you find the courage
to trust in the good of a man
that you haven't met and never will
if you continue with this plan

how can you judge another
and give yourselves a pass
picking off folks helicopter gun ship
always seemed a little too crass

if you want to kill a man
you must look him in the eye
put your hands around his neck
and listen to his cry

listen to his pleading
'i'm not ready to die'
take his life into your hands
and let his spirit fly

then you will see his sorrow
then you will see his fear
you should know better after all
when death is always near

it's just a suggestion i'll throw out
and only for what it's worth
why don't you give those nukes up
save your selves and the rest of this earth

and this goes for all of 'us'

Anonymous said...

pierre said (upon only 3 glasses of wine)

words words, yadda yadda.
(but words are all I have.... Bee Gees)

Ego demolition
Observer of the Observer of... (Well's time machine, a mirror image of another mirror image of... ad infinitum - his idea of time but mine of endless well, doubt and creative destruction)
Presence Awareness, Suchness, Das Ist Das and I (Decartes) IS, that's all.
Contrition, Self Hate, Self Love. Promise of Redemption, at least a bit humble.
Mud, Feet, Pain, Obsession, Repitition, Prayer? Maybe not a waste of time, maybe Is. Dunno.
Gratitude. Gone/Come so far, (Silvester Stillone Rocky), 'Aint So Bad.
Aint So Good either. Better an Aborigine before Whitey? Or am I taking this, what I have, for granted? Is there magic all around, including the roads and highways.
Priviledged. These Times, This Brain, Capacity for change. (This Blog) Time to perhaps, if only for one moment (hasnt happened yet), to just BE. (but not like an (Radiohead) American Idiot).
(Heinlein Waiting IS) Preservation Until....the new today.


wv: reauttie . My Aunty bakes a good Ratatoulle ( 4 glasses OK?)

Anonymous said...

I see better from your writings. Many thanks.

LV sometimes plays the role of the glasses that helps my physical eyes see beauty clearer.


The Cosmic Player said...

I think the ideal goal is to achieve those heightened states without the use external factors. Due to the fact that our pineal glands are severely degenerated, the use of psychedelics are first step in the process of initiation/remembering. But from there we must learn to achieve those states on are own. Besides psychedelics are like dumbo's feather, siguls/charms that we think we need in order to fly. But through tantra and the proper use of our sexual nature it is possible to regenerate the pineal gland and the entire nervous system. It takes time and patients but it works and you avoid all of the "bad trips". Keep up the good work Les.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les!!!
Miss Ya

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Post Les.....I would also like to interject the teachings from Neville Goddard, who has many books on the subject of consciousness and awareness on
One of my favorites is "The Power of Awareness", in which he quotes passages of the bible and tells us the true meaning of what it was trying to teach us.
In a nutshell, and this man's genius cannot be actually put in a nutshell, he tells us that the universe has already been created, we are here to manifest anything, everything we desire.
At the risk of sounding like the popular movie "The Secret", his work predates the authors of that title by 50 years or so. He teaches that "Man acts as he does and has experiences he does because of his concept of himself is what it is, and for no other reason."
Because everything has already been created, it is up to us to use our WILL in determined, focused attention on that which we most desire.
Will is the force that moves everything in the universe. We are Thought-Energy-Will
When one lives in the END of the desire as though it has already happened, the desire becomes fact.
I believe why Jesus said to the effect, This you can do and more if you believe.
I don't want to over-simplify this concept because it truly takes determined focus, will and passionate desire to manifest...but that is what we are here to do, especially now during this transition. The awakened ones have a huge responsibility to keep cluttered thoughts and emotional turmoil out of the collective unconscious allowing only pure concentrated effort to dream this world into what we desire.

I believe we can make this world anything we want so long as we dream a new dream.

Goddard's teachings seem to go so well with Les's writing today I just wanted to share it will all of you.
A new world is only a dream away!

Charlie said... Well there you have it..wonderful writing as always LV.

Anonymous said...

Welt (world) + Schmerz (pain) = Weltschmerz (world weariness)

Anonymous said...

I find myself in a place beyond words these days.

WV Proye

Visible said...

New Petri Dish-

Mr. Apocalypse and his Walking Stick.

Anonymous said...

Succinctly put. Very pretty. Re-cognition is the key to whom and where we never left.

Anonymous said...

On Children from Intro. to ''GITANJALI' by W.B. YEATS 1912

`They build their houses with sand and they play with empty shells.
With withered leaves they weave their boats and smilingly float them on
the vast deep. Children have their play on the seashore of worlds. They
know not how to swim, they know not how to cast nets. Pearl fishers
dive for pearls, merchants sail in their ships, while children gather
pebbles and scatter them again. They seek not for hidden treasures,
they know not how to cast nets.'
W.B. YEATS September 1912

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, I couldn't have said it better myself.

(next comment should be: NO SHIT)

And i could have put my name but i thought you would appreciate the anonymous tag. (grin)

Besides, unfortunately for me, i don't know you.



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