Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the Road to Shambala through the Portal of 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I'll try to get this out to day. Posting will be sporadic over the next week or so, bear with me, I'll try to stay in touch as I go; perhaps even resort to what most bloggers do (grin) and toss out short paragraphs along the way).

Today is Christmas Eve when the 'vast majority' in western countries seek to celebrate the avatar Jesus Christ, as a small minority seek to ruthlessly dismantle all signs of his presence. The avatar is also The Sun King; no not Louis the Fourteenth but the ever returning seed force, of ongoing awakening and setting in place, the pillars of each age he consistently arrives in. Getting in tune with yourself has a lot to do with recognizing cyclicity and transformative reoccurrence and that means identifying the timeless behind the trappings of any time. This is the doorstep to the portal of eternity and cyclicity is a key, even if you think it looks more like a watch face to you. The eternal conceals evidence of itself all through the conditions of time and Karma, cause and effect. We may not fully comprehend what we see because we ain't there yet ...but we are on our way and everything is under control and “success is speedy for the energetic”. Emetic and diuretic, after a fashion and there she goes and thar she blows. I don't mean to be crass and/or profane but everything about you; ingestion, excretion, reproduction and on and on and so forth, has spiritual implications and we don't get far without integrating every feature and facet of the divine into the ordinary of our days or... allowing it to become integrated.

Everything about us is divine or, failing that, partaking of the qualities of the animal. That's fine for animals, who really seek no more than to serve in their way and to hopefully reincarnate with hands that can open an icebox, but it's not so good for human beings, who should be aspiring to something more than hands that can open an icebox or help someone take off their clothes. It should serve to inform, here in the land of the mesmerized, that the mesmerizer is king. However, that's just one of the primary occupations of the shadow of the light. You can have light without shadows (in certain places and transparency is the secret of that one) but you don't get shadows without light. Apprehending this makes being here a whole lot easier than it can seem to be sometimes. What I mean is, when you know that the light and shadow play a part in the whole drama (and drama it is) then you can get an idea of what you are dealing with.

People have been messing about with dual and non dual, or dvaita and advaita since before they started counting angels on the heads of pins and because of cloudy minds, they will tell you there is a distinct difference between Western dualism and Eastern dualism. Most of this is Chatty Cathy stuff designed to make intellectuals seem important enough to have a place in anything relating to ordinary lives, which they generally don't and why they are so arrogant about it. They're like most doctors who can't heal and often make things worse. The attitude comes with the territory; “Physician heal thyself” was something Jesus said but it was intended differently that most people would first imagine. You can look that up on your own. I use it here in its apart sense and it should be the first thing any would be physician thinks about, along with, “first do no harm”.

Arguing about dual and non dual is pointless. Recognize that they both apply and also that it's pretty easy to talk about non dual to other people but something altogether different when you seek to abide there for any time. Humanity has always had an enemy and always lived in a world of opposites. The point is that the enemy works for the liberator and that should put paid to dual and non dual. Of course, intellectuals will want to split gnat hairs over this till doomsday's break but that's their province, not mine. I would have cut The Gordian knot too but I'm a Leo (grin), or used to be.

If you take the words of Jesus Christ from The Bible and rely only on those, you will be fine. If you insist on adding in Paul, because you think you might want to start a religion; good luck to you. Some of you might want to take mushrooms with St. John of Patmos and that's okay also.

You can study The Vedas and the deep intricacies of The Tibetans and you can ponder Lao Tzu, you'll get more or less the same message but this message will vary in application, depending on culture and time zones and your capacity to absorb and bring forth. Some of us are always going to be deeper than others and so on and so forth. This has about the same relative importance as comparing clams with butterflies. Both of them get the point, according to their nature and one of them has the Pearl of Great Price and the other has those interesting transformations. I didn't consider these aspects of the two before I wrote them down. I only thought of transitory and beauty and the bottom of the sea; surface and depth. However, you can see what occurred to me afterwards and this is how the divine works in us and it should be as reassuring to you as it most certainly is to me. This kind of thing happens all day long. Reach in and grab yourself a fifty pound bag. Fly with shimmering iridescent wings, coated in sunlight and as momentary as a flower, or grind down upon your irritation, down in the dark and murky waters, until the pearl appears and the whole interior of your shell is lit with incandescent light. These are both parts of the eternal.

Lao Tzu said there is no difference between the surface and the depths. It's a matter of appearances. There's a profound mystery hidden in this but you have to discover it on your own. It's one of those things that can't be said and no matter how good you might be at saying things like this, it will serve to obscure, so that's a stalemate and yet another glorious mystery.

Let us think of mystery; in both the positive and negative sense. Let us think of it as a series of veils that obscures the form of the mystery. When you finally get there, there is nothing there... but you are there and no longer a mystery. Actually, something is there in both senses but that is only incidental to you being there. We carry our own dangers with us. We bring them to the point and place of expression. They do not have to express however. As Lao Tzu also said, “cautious as a wayfarer traversing an icy stream”. This was in the same sutra as the one that says, “No tigers claws can harm him, no bull's horn gore him and why? Because he has no death to die”. Didn't Jesus Christ say similar things about The Kingdom, immortality and what can and cannot harm you from “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth” to “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world”?

Dual, not dual, East and West. There's no difference. It's just something the mind does when it's not your friend yet. This is the key thing I want to pass along; now and at any time. What did Christ say? I'll have to paraphrase, “Do not call me master because a servant does not know what his master is about but rather call me 'friend'”. What did the Grateful Dead say, “a friend of The Devil is a friend of mine”; not knocking The Dead, just borrowing the quote. Become a friend of The Divine. He has any number of 'types of friends', though the numbers will always be small by comparison. It doesn't matter what else you may aspire to or want. It doesn't matter. Becoming a friend of God insures the possession of it and includes things of much greater value and durability that you didn't even think of; weren't capable of thinking of. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him”. Oh yeah, nail a golden spike where that cat wailed.

It is a drama but it is also a dance and the rhythm for it comes out of the sound of Shiva's drum. The cosmos is dancing and most people are clumsy partners. Adjust yourself to the moves of your partner and become like the figure in The World (21st trump). Every image and color in the card has meaning, just as with the other archetypes. That's the specific way that The One assembles itself to express some condition or enduring quality that you need. Without certain qualities you cannot advance. They are critically important. It is on The Path where the value and necessity of them presents itself and also where the opportunity to acquire them presents itself as well.

For all the tomorrow men and women who live it that further imaginary region, tomorrow becomes today. It is always today, just as it is always right now. You are right where the arrow is pointing on the map in the bus kiosk on the way to Shambala.

I was told last night that today, with the new moon and the Sun's entrance into Capricorn, that this is the day on which your new year should start. Get a jump into what should prove to be one of the most interesting years in all of our lives. Make that leap of faith and keep in mind that it could be so wide that it has no other side, or it could only be as wide as your fear.

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Alpha Silex said...

Happy New Year and thank you, Vis. I hope you received my e-mail. Protected travel and blessings. God speed.

JerseyCynic said...

We ARE on our way, Les. This feeling has never been as strong as it is this very moment - - for me, anyway -- as this post confirms it.

(the shadow knows)

Jackie said...

Hi Les,
Your words have become fuel to our souls,
Thank you! and Happy New Year!

kenny said...

"Enjoy and trust in the flow of your life."

Have a safe trip Les.

A most interesting year coming up indeed!

Anonymous said...

the width and breath of it all is truly amazing. may all us brothers and sisters with flowers in our eyes find the road and walk it.


amarynth said...

For Visible's Visitors from the US - I recommend that you have a passport as you will problems upon your return to the US without one.

"A passport or other WHTI-compliant travel document is necessary for U.S. and Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico. You may not be asked to present your passport if entering Mexico by land, but you will surely need to present one upon your return to the United States."

amarynth said...

Good blog Visible. So above, so below. Your writing has given me an idea (remember I'm a little left brained as well as all the other stuff). I'm going to sit down today and make a grid in terms of this now here in the physical drama (below), and what is playing out above and see what I can see.

I'm really looking forward to the oversized tarot deck that should be delivered in this coming week.

Visible said...

Huh? I'm glad you caught that A. You didn't need one the times I went there. Well, that's just more of that DHS, Zio-lock up the Christians stuff.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Les and All.
Today's message is filled with hope,plenty of light and less
shadows. Thanks Les

Visible said...

Man we have a tsunami of "Les". I wouldn't mind but no one in my life has called me that for 20 years. Thanks for all the good thoughts notwithstanding and I wouldn't care, I guess, except names have power and former associations. On my end, I do promise not to change my name to The artist formerly known as Les or a symbol following that. And it's not like I have any connotations on 'visible' because people also routinely call me Vis and Vee (please note the e's aren't actually there) and there's even some wags who call me Doctor V or Visible and so on but if it helps you with your spiritual progress I guess you can call me anything you want to call me but that doesn't mean I'll answer (grin).

Anonymous said...

Without faith it is impossible to please God.
Hey Visible, how about helping a brother out with something I struggle with every day for months now. I was a "slow" catcher in my youth. (hit third or fourth. good fastball hitter, couldn't hit the big time curve.) " Thimk" , I can't hit it. " I guess you can call me anything you want to call me but that doesn't mean I'll answer (grin).
Merry Christmas Dog Poet.
from Dave


amarynth said...

We can always take the 'Les' part off of all online activities? and you can be Visible.

Visible said...

I'm not allowing uniformed, anonymous Zio Trolls to slander Manly Palmer Hall, making things up, putting them in quotes and making it look like he said it. Go somewhere else.

Visible said...

That's Okay, Amarynth. I'm probably being silly. I just didn't want to have to get used to being addressed again the way I was years ago before it turned around to the way it is.

Steve said...

Good work this year, and here is an dustier old version of the verse:

"Yea, from the time of old they have not heard, they have not hearkened to, an eye hath not seen a God besides thee. He shall work for that one that waiteth for him."

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Peoples Republik of Amerika Comrade L. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

-Your comrade im Das Homeland-

Anonymous said...


I really enjoyed your radio interview yesterday. Please do more of that kind commuinicating if and when possible. It's good to hear your message from outside of the usual channels. I hoping you do another during your stay in Mexico.


Visible said...

broadcast for Mehico is mid February. I am considering just getting a station at that location for the occasional bursts and for transmitting meetings being held for those who wish they were there or just have that much free time. We can do a lot with a camera and mic.

Anonymous said...

Vis Ability unlimited in the New Year as the serenading serapes of Serapis stroll and strum while strutting their stuff and stuffing their struts as Sally Struthers slithers and slinks through old footage of sylvan serendipity.

White Christmas in the southern Rockies while the northern plains bask in gentle breezes with fruitless clouds interspersed with the slow awakening of Sol Invictus.

We have entered within the portals and portents of pendulous potential where the bards and skalds scribble and strive to keep the transition alive without the hype and the jive.

Off to see Aunt Mary Christine today as her 92nd is here. Merriment to all and to Vis a good flight.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis:

So...what gives?

Here's a direct quote of yours, from this very thread -

"I'm not allowing uniformed, anonymous Zio Trolls to slander Manly Palmer Hall, making things up, putting them in quotes and making it look like he said it. Go somewhere else."

Manly Palmer Hall was a Freemason, was he not, Vis? And a 32nd-degree Freemason (or 33rd, not sure which), at that. Manly Palmer Hall wrote many acclaimed books and short pieces about Masonry (you have referenced at least one of these in your online writings). And your moniker - "Les Visible" - well, that comes from "arcanum arcanorum", does it not, Vis, which is Latin (Roman) for "secret of secrets" or "the invisible" (and, by inference, "that which is less visible"). (Anyone who is interested, can Google "arcanum arcanorum Manly P. Hall" for more info - for the lazy, I have included a direct link below.)

Manly P. Hall wrote extensively on that very subject - arcanum arcanorum, the more visible realm, versus the invisible, or less visible, realm...and this cannot be a coincidence, when it comes to your moniker, "Les Visible".

Here's a direct link to one of Manly P. Hall's pieces dealing with "less visible/arcanum arcanorum" (note the typo in the subdomain below; I find this humorous on so many levels) -

So what's the deal, Vis? Are you a Mason and/or a Rosicrucian? (In at least one of your more-recent posts you stated, flat-out, that you were indeed a Rosicrucian). And why do you defend Manly P. Hall so ardently - a Freemason who routinely referred to the non-Masonic contingency as "The Profane" (which is the way pretty much all high-ranking members of the Craft refer to non-Masons; and hey! - come to think of it, "The Profane" happens to comprise part of the title of an audio book you wrote and produced, which you sell in your online store).

So...what gives, Vis? Do you just admire Manly P. Hall, and defend his honor here in your blog, because you think he was a tremendous human being - or do you do it because you are a Mason and/or a Rosicrucian? Or both? Or all three?

I would greatly enjoy reading any answers you might provide to these profanely ignorant questions of mine - and I'm sure more than a few of your readers would be interested in what you had to say about this as well...

Happy Holidays to all!

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

That horn will not gore you if you have your miessner field activated.

Annon said: Without faith it is impossible to please God. Fucking get now and grow up!

Bouncing to:

Thermo-Nuclear First Strike Advantages

Under estimating the Iranians, Russians and the Chinese first strike capability would be tragic.
We’ve gone beyond the balance of MAD (mutually assured destruction) and are now in a place of thinking the unthinkable.

The fact that the TV talking heads aren’t talking about the First Strike scenario, does not mean it’s not in play. Faced with the creeping PNAC hegemony plans well underway, these people are smart enough to see that the US holds the advantage if its allowed to let fly in a Zionist led WW lll and can be offset decapitated by a joint Russian/China first strike against the west.

We’ve recently seen the term ox cart technological society used to describe the Iranians level of technological prowess. Don’t believe it. All top universities in the world will tell you that their best students are Iranian and Chinese. When our western college grads are basically illiterate, the educational system in Russia produces the best educated scientists the world has.
Putin has said publically now that he is tired of being pushed around by belligerent US foreign policy and that Russia will push back. China provides computer chips for most of the world’s computers and it’s a given that these online computer stations are accessible with a built-in hardware back door by the Chinese.

The North American power grid is susceptible to sabotage and hacking; the Chinese have tested missiles knocking out orbiting satellites, so there goes communications and strategic guidance systems. They demonstrated a capacity to evade detection and surfaced a submarine right behind a US carrier. The advance supersonic Russian surface to sea missiles, renders the whole US Navel Fleet useless. The Iranians landed the US Drone with a successful hacking of the GPS guidance system. US fired missiles could even be backfire redirected on to targets in the US or off harmlessly into the sea.

You can count on it that Russian magneto electric stealth submarines are parked off both east and west coasts of North America and the Gulf of Mexico. Most US cities could be taken out in a minute. The continental missile silos coordinates are on Google and can be destroyed before they are able to launch.

Enjoy your traditional festive season with your loved ones and family, it’s likely your last.

Have your self a very Merry Apocalypse.


WV: ovios
fukd up.

Michele said...

"It has taken hundreds if not thousands of years for Satan to perfect his plans but God the Creator takes only an instant to create.

On the birth of Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice God has given us eternity and immortal life. Satan can only provide a facsimile of power, his power is degenerate and calls upon the lowest of instincts - the here and now, instant gratification of personal desires over the suffering of others.

Christmas for me creates a personal link between me and the Godhead, everything else is a counterfeit, an imperfect vision. Satan needs to manipulate the created to construct his adulation, God and Christ only need our belief and faith in eternal truth and goodness. I hope that everyone finds his connection to God this Christmas."

Bless you and have a good Christmas and I extend that to all your readers."

Visible said...

Anon, you attribute some pretty vile things to Manly Palmer Hall as if he said them, which he didn't.

You used quotation marks and then kept using his name and then kept going on about what degree of Mason he was. You stay anonymous. I will print anonymous but their opinion gets no respect in the negative because they don't stand behind it.

I belong to no fucking orders except a very ancient brotherhood which I do not even know the name of. When I mentioned The Rosicrucians I meant that spiritually I am one. They are not connected to The Masons and only someone who failed high school history would think so.

Please let no one comment here about this group that is uninformed except for maybe giving Alex Jones and his buddies head on some level.

My name came out of the blue while choosing names for band members and because people often can't find me. You people that see the cosmic spider behind everything and don't understand the roots of Masonry or that it got hijacked and that the same Jews behind the rest of the crap are the ones who did this are infallibly members of this order or work for them wittingly or unwittingly.

I work for no man. I belong to nothing but the human race and not that for much longer. I get paid by no one except the rare donation. I work for free most of the time and thereby prove the power of what I believe in. If you hire the best private detectives in the world you won't find out any more. Do it. Do it today.

I'm not letting someone come prancing into this site and defame a man whose shadow they can't stand in and who do it behind anonymity; a man who bore severe physical problems, yet spent his whole life serving humanity. He was and is a good man. Masonry is like any order composed of millions of souls. There is good and bad. When you or anyone have DIRECT evidence of what you say, I will listen but as long as it is coming from some source that operates off of hearsay and innuendo, I'm not interested.

Alpha Silex said...


Yes sir, you have all that right. The Russians just tested some new nuke missle within the past day. 36 ton warheads, I believe? It's also been reported that they are actively developing a 100 ton warhead the U.S. has dubbed "Satan". I've been telling people for ten years we'd be facing this scenario in the near future. The future is here. God help all of us.

The sun just spouted off another one this morning, must be what I was feeling.

What is happening with you Pats today, Vis? A.P. looks like he just had a horrendous injury. Sucks big time, love that guy. Check out Jerome Simpsons grab today too. Wow.

Terrance said...

Merry Christmas Visible! Thank you for the inspiration!

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

My apologies for misnomering. Vis it is from now on.

Into inner strengths we all must delve, to make it through year twenty twelve. Best wishes to all! Safe journey, Vis!

Anonymous said...

Sovereiignty at 7:47,

You are on target. I work with Russians, Indians and Iranians. They are sharp, capable and motivated scientists and, most refreshingly, their thought processes are clouded by years of PC mush and stupid media-induced crap when compared to my fellow American co-workers.

The Chinese are motivated and hard-working and but in the balace, but originality is not their strong suit. The are innovators and adopters, by and large. Moreover the Chinese seem ever-increasingly weighed down by their emerging nation/cultural hegemonistic baggage to an extent that is beginning to rival the Japanese I worked with 15 years ago. The difference is, withing a generation the Chinese will be the new 'Ulgy Americans' of the world.
Such are the wages of the capitalist system.

Visible said...

They are winning. they have the ball with a minute and a half to go. It's second and five and I don't go by initials. That said, I wasn't even aware the game was on today. I didn't realize they had opened the Saturday gate. I should have but I don't keep up. Occasionally when I am writing something I have a downloaded game on if it looks interesting or a movie. Now they have first and ten again; not bad given they were down 17 to nothing in the first half.

Anonymous said...


Tonight is when I put Lord Buckley's 'Scrooge' on repeat. And groove.


Visible said...

I'm assuming a "not" should be interjected into this phrase "most refreshingly, their thought processes are clouded by years of PC mush and stupid media-induced crap when compared to my fellow American co-workers." (grin) Of course, if I'm wrong it would maybe still make sense but only sound weird (grin again).

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas spirit and not spending your time here only, even though, incredibly, I know there are thousands of people watching porn at the moment. We just listened to some Elvis Presley and did harmonies, which actually sounded pretty good. Could be the Baileys Irish Cream; not in my case grin), I was spot on but the rest of these people won't even join in unless they're lit, which they seldom are; thank god for that. heh heh.

Alpha Silex said...


In 15 years? I agree, but that would presume any of this is still here. You sound a lot more optimistic than I, but this all depends on how you see things.


Of course an update broke, just as I sent that last one. They had pulled within 7. There was a lot more time left than I had figured too. No lead is safe with Brady back there. I was referring to Adrian Peterson. He just gets back to playing and this one looked ugly. I've always been somewhat partial to the Jets and they screwed the pooch today. Sanchez looked horrible too. They've completely imploded this year. I knew there were games today, but figured there were some today, the rest tomorrow. Last night, someone brought it to my attention that almost all were being played today. The regular night game will still be tomorrow night. This is the only time you will ever find me watching the idiot box. Everyone needs to get some chill out time, in their own way. I don't even bother with movies anymore, though I will always consider watching an older one. I can not support the garbage that phoneywood puts out there these days. How people can continue to see remake after watered down remake or sequel, is beyond me.

Iris said...

Re: "Tsunami of Les"
You can call me anything you want except late for dinner!" ; p (Sorry! Couldn't help myself!)
Wishing you everything beautiful and sacred and an awesome 2012!


Visible said...

I live in Europe, I don't have to watch American films but Margin Call was pretty damn good this year. You can't be talking about The Pats and throw in an A.P. when he plays for The Vikings as if it had to do with my team.

It looks like NFC this year anyway but you never know and I am sure this is pissing everyone off talking about this. I'll close by saying the good news is that both The Giants and the Jets suck and I would never support a team where the coach brags or he lets his players do that. Class has gone missing all through contemporary life and never more obviously that in sports. People have lost the awareness that you are only as good as your last play and if you start dancing around early you will have your head in your hands later. Class: dignity, style, grace, ...they left town on the outward bound trailing the future behind them.

Denny said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for helping me to remain
insane in this sane world.

I'd also like to wish you and all those rarefied souls who comment here a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

Have "Fun in Acapulco".

Visible said...

and yet another 'Les'. okay, I'm changing the whole thing. that's a message and I guess I'll do it, seems like a shame given how much time I'm intending on hanging out but you have to do what you have to do.

Anonymous said...

Well, hey, if you say so, Vis (about Manly P. Hall and your name). I can't argue with that, you got your name the way you got it - it's probably serendipitous that it ties into arcanum arcanorum. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt there, I certainly don't know everything. (I still find it quite odd that you laud a 32nd-degree Mason - Manly P. Hall. But that's fine. There are good apples and bad apples in every group, I get that, too. Once again, point taken.)

But here's where it gets dicey. If I am understanding you correctly, Vis, you are saying that any Masons who do evil are under the influence of The Tribe.

So you are blaming The Tribe for all the evils that exist within the Freemasonic fraternity.

And I'm afraid that's too simplistic, and too convenient, and too easily disprovable, using even the most basic mathematical formulae.

Here's a direct quote from you, in your rebuttal to my initial post -

"You people that see the cosmic spider behind everything and don't understand the roots of Masonry or that it got hijacked and that the same Jews behind the rest of the crap are the ones who did this are infallibly members of this order or work for them wittingly or unwittingly." (Now, my first point here, Vis, is that the same can be said for you. You wittingly or unwittlingly work for the Masons by pointing the finger away from them, over and over - and I think it's the former, but this cannot be proven either way. And it's secondary to my central argument here.)

So...let's use a little abductio ad absurdum on this blanket statement of yours.

Here's your premise, if I am deducing what you said in that statement I quoted above - "All Masons who do evil are being influenced by The Tribe - all Masons who do only good are NOT under the influence of The Tribe."

This is mathematically impossible, Vis. But let's walk through part of the mathematical exercise, for illustration's sake. First, we'd have to pull up the names of all the Masons, past and present, living and dead. Then we'd have to go through them one by one, and separate the names of the ones who did evil. (Let's define evil as the following - Blackmail, torture, rape, pedophilia, extortion, theft and murder. I know that's not a complete list, but it will do for now.) So, what are we talking here, Vis, at a miminum, down through the ages - 50,000 evil-doing Masons? (And that's probably on the low side, but let's use it for purposes of this hypothesis.)

So, what you are saying here, Vis, is that all 50,000 of those Masons who did evil were under the influence of The Tribe.

That is a statistical impossibility, sir. It is flat-out impossible.

You are constantly going on and on about The Tribe - and lauding the Masons, even openly ADORING some of them, as in the case of Manly P. Hall.

And I think that makes you the Alex Jones of Freemasonry, Vis.

You are doing for the Masons, exactly what Alex Jones does for The Tribe.

Same old crap, different gatekeeper.

I rest my case.

Class dismissed.

Alpha Silex said...

I heard about that movie and you're fortunate to have a better selection of films at your disposal. I really haven't seen many foreign films, as I don't know much beyond English. I'm not sure I could sit through an entire film with subtitles, either.

Sorry about that, I will cease with the football comments here. I just thought of you when I saw they were down 17-0. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely check out Jerome Simpson of the Bengals TD. In '94, my friend's Dad had season tickets to the Jets and we went up there to see them play the Pats. This is when Bledsoe was still in top form. We were up all night, tripping our balls off on highly potent Beavis and Butthead hits and continued the craziness through the game. His Dad had no idea the entire time which made it all even funnier. It was quite a day, so that's why I'm partial. Otherwise, I could care less about either of them and yes, you're right on with your comparison to contemporary "culture". Ok, no more football. Sorry again, everyone.

Visible said...

No, I did not say that and you are attempting to mind game me, because it is the night it is and the season. I get it. 'class dismissed' says it all and we will hear no more about it. I've already dealt with your Zio-troll crap several times.

Twisting words is easy and Fox News needs you. It ain't hard to see who you work for and who you want to take the attention off of. It is not going to work and your options here have granted you freedom from here and an invitation to the Benjamin Fulford threads. Have a good time. Presence dismissed.

Nate said...

Vis and all,

I just ran across this elsewhere and had to contribute.

"Be the person your dog thinks you are. Author unknown."

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Visible said...

Nobody has complained yet. I just get concerned that they will because this is more important than that; not me but all of us.

Bledsoe, he's the one Brady replaced. I was quite a fan of his prior to that. I take it you are talking about Beavis and Butthead acid. Boy have I got tales to tell about ingestation and people who didn't know what was going on.

I will check out the play you mention (I've always beeen a fan of cold weather blue collar towns; except when I'm not and I am very glad you told me.

I thought it was all happening tomorrow. That shows you how much I keep up but I do scan it all. I've developed this kind of speed reading thing with everything, where I can grab the essentials and still have a lot of time left for not taking in the other 90% of the details. I don't know when it showed up. All I know is that it's here now.

That troll that showed up just now is a pro. Being pretty invulnerable to all of that I could see just what he was aiming for and it wasn't pretty.

Of course, the thing is to react in expected fashion and pro or not, they turn over their hole card. They can't help themselves. This is why it is more important to be one of the good guys; all morality aside. You don't have to worry about the truly large amount of things they 'have to' be concerned with.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Everyone else went off a couple of hours ago, lightweights (grin).

I won't see you with anything new tomorrow, I don't think, but there's plenty of space here.

Be well and Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

A rose by any other name
or les is more or more or les
I'll call you whatever you wish
just keep writing

Caltus86 said...

Hi Vis, thank you for all the great effort in doing so many post and commentary that resonate with most of your readers. I wish all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Peace, Love and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Vis at 10:32

Yes, that should have been 'not' in there.

Sorry about that.

polyb said...

The following statement is FALSE. The previous statement is TRUE!


Richie (Dana) said...

"Presence Dismissed"
That is a classic, and beautifully simple.
The ultimate put down.....with no inappropriate language necessary.

Mr Visible. you never fail to surprise and entertain me daily. It kinda makes me feel sorry for the troll folks as there is no defense for the statement.

Truly excellent.


Richie (Dana) said...

Anon 7:26, 11:56...

Your work is known here. We easily recognize what the work is.
If you are a bit confused at the nil response, let me educate you a little.
The people who come here are not grounded in the physical world. Our treasure is elsewhere. A very important point is that we know you are doing God's work.
You see....God is in control of everything at all times. He is the one who gave you life to get up this morning. He gives you the clever knowledge to write as you do. The next breath you take is directly from him. You are here for a reason and we know what that reason is, even if you do not.

Because this is "For the purpose of demonstration", your talents are needed and required. How else would we find the right path to the creator of all. For this I thank you.

Please know that we wish you no harm in any way. We are simply on a path that is beyond the understanding of those grounded in the physical.

I did notice that you took the time to wish everyone "Happy Holidays".
That is very politically "correct" but around here we tend to acknowledge the greatest and most hated Avatar to grace this earth. The name is Jesus and despite all attempts to discredit his work, not a soul can deny that he is the reason for this season.

That being said.....I wish you a very Merry "Christ"mas.


Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
Merry Christmas and may all other joys be upon you. Blessings on your journey, a journey of a magian for sure. I spit on the trolls.

Zen Shaman said...

be well, i apologize for butting heads a few times. it happens to team mates occasionally

Anonymous said...

This comments section has been largely confusing. Thank you all for wasting these moments of my life.

(No, really, it's not like I would have done any better!)

Footballs? Manly P. Halls? WTF?


Neko Kinoshita said...

Enjoy the holiday,

Merry Christmas to all.

Winter solstice by any other name and all...

Hey Visible, you don't think their calling you by the name makes you the meaning? Nah, just teasing.

Don't feed the trolls and enjoy any excuse for a party.


Anonymous said...

Entering Mexico from the USA:

FYI... US citizens (and also non-citizens entering Mexico from the US and then re-entering back into the US from Mexico) DO NEED TO HAVE A VALID PASSPORT.

This requirement has been in place for a few years now.

Again, you DO NEED to have a PASSPORT... if you wish to go into Mexico from the US and then come back into the US from Mexico.

Otherwise, you will most likely have BIG PROBLEMS getting back into the US.

Also, obtaining a new passport in the US can be done in as little as two (2) weeks time, but you will have to pay extra (at least $ 100 dollars) and you'll have to request special "expedited" service.

Go to any US Post Office and they will tell you exactly what you have to do (and pay) to get this done, and they will process your passport application.

And btw, new passports now have RFID chips in them.

Anonymous said...

Les is more.
Have a very Merry Christmas.
No snow in Canada?

Billy G Ellipser

Sim said...

Hello Vis

Here is a gift - for us all.

Merry Christmas!

Visible said...

thank you all.

Yes, well, the M.P. Hall thing could just be called usual fare. The football thing has been explained of late but my motivation in bringing it up was just along the lines of fuller disclosure and because this holiday time can be unpleasant in many ways for many people.

I don't go into the holidays with any preconceived apprehensions or bad memories, even though you wouldn't call my holiday history something Norman Rockwell would paint.

I know a lot of people have bad memories and just wish they would be over. I don't experience that but they can bushwack me with the unexpected, just from the tensions in the air so I was purposely being a little more banal and pedestrian. That will fade (grin).

On the positive side, I just found out that I am going to be on the Jeff Rense radio show in a couple few weeks and that should be interesting. Jeff is a real pro at that and I enjoy and like him. He's been a loyal friend and I'm looking forward to it. Should be some interesting and even, possibly, exciting times coming up.

Warning said...

A friend would always tell a friend his gut feelings of danger - even if those proved to be unfounded, before the damage is done.

My gut feeling is that something is amiss. Your trip to Mexico is a perfect chance for Mossad to get a Judas to give you a kiss on the cheek in the garden and then crucify you to pkysical death and put the video on You Tube as a warning to all bloggers who speak the truth about the Rothschildean NWO.

Beware of crypto false-jews bringing gifts especially if it is special K in Mexico.

They may not use nails instead they may peg you and kill you and put the whole thing on the net.

I sincerely hope I am wrong. Ask for God to warn you if your life is in peril. Ask Jesus Christ to protect you.

Something is not right about this set up.

A friend

Anonymous said...

You're not missing anything on this side of the pond L. Just think if people will stampede for a pair of ugly ass shoes what will happen when the last few cans of beans & msg are up for grabs. If six figure incomes, nice cars, comfy house and plenty of adult beverages and well stocked fridge won't take the bitterness edge off of people then nothing will. It has to be a supreme competition at all times. You can't play a simple card or board game for fun, it has to be some epic confrontation and someone has to be the victor and stomp on the hapless loser. Then that rush wears off and on to the next abomination. Always with some idiot box televisions pumping out harsh noise and mind numbing idiocy and televisions must be everywhere with the same views and talking points on every station. Since happiness is not to be found there must a scapegoat so they say how they hate niggers (sorry about the laungage) while grooving to a B.B. King blues lick, they'll say those damn Afghans are scum while enjoying some Hindu Kush buds, those damn spics are awful while swigging a Modelo or Dos Equis. Why the government ought do something about (insert issue here) is a common refrain, when that approach has got us in this sorry state of affairs with 1-2% annual growth in the economy and so many rules and regulations that anyone thinking of starting up a business just gives up before even starting. If you were thinking about visiting the great beacon of freedom you might want to reconsider. P.S. I don't care if you're a mason or an eagle scout or a leftfielder for the Toledo Mudhens, if it gets you through and makes you happy then it can't be bad. P.S. sorry about anon the browser settings won't let me choose a name.

est said...

if only each one of you
realized the love god has for you

you would sit down
with the lords crown

so still so silent
so peaceful so sound

and inside the answer
that's where it's found

Visible said...

I got your earlier comment about greener grass. If that was what they had in mind they could do it anywhere but they would have to be allowed to. They don't have the kind of independent control you imagine they do. Acquisition of a certain substance in such a manner is unlikely, as another route is already mapped out so... yes, I'm getting a certain hysteria from certain quarters and none from others and none internally.

You can't go through life apprehensive about the very forces that need to be identified as to what they actually and essentially are, in order to negotiate the terrain.

Everyone has a cassette tape in the cosmic tape player and there are chances and risks along the way, depending on who you are depending on. My greatest risk lies in not depending on the one I depend on and that is an unlikely scenario.

That said, who knows? Well, God does and he'll let me know. He'll abort my passage or do any number of things but I have all sorts of places I am supposed to be now and all sorts of things to do.

Being paranoid and limited by fear of movement, as if one were really safe anywhere, is not my style or I'd never have been considered for the job in the first place.

Visible said...

Another consideration; Eustace Mullins, in his time; David Duke and a host of other names that I could add here are far more high profile and pervasively effective and in their face than me. I wouldn't attribute too much importance to me. I don't have a very wide reach and don't expect to. I have other business in any case. Put me up on youtube? Heh heh, well, that would up my audience, though there wouldn't be much of a followup.

amarynth said...

Trolls of the type showing up here usually follow a pattern. And when that does not work, they vary the pattern. Fear messages are designed to create an atmosphere where fear can take root. Fear creates a visceral response, and that is the objective. To create a moment where that physical visceral response is of such a nature, that it serves to obscure for a moment the one in charge .. This creates a new canvas, where the fear monger can paint their picture on. See it for what it is and we're being treated to a highly sophisticated version.

I'm not telling Visible anything that he does not know, but perhaps for others. Have you read The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World?. This mechanism is quite well and creatively described in there. That book is not only a novel you know.

Visible said...

Here is a truly great Christmas Gift. shared with us by my friend Poor Richard. Enjoy; especially enjoy the beautiful awareness that the message creates in terms of understanding the truth about past realities while we suffer under present illusions.

Merry Christmas, all day long!!!

Anonymous said...

The masons are the tribe of Dan. The craftsmen on Solomon's temple. The judge of all of his brothers. The serpent in the road that turns the rechabites might against him. And the young lion and adder of psalm 91. For purposes of demonstration, Dan has to allow these rechabites some liberties.

Your sophistical heckler is of the kenite tribe rechab. They have 3 main functions. Tirathites loud speech (not true speech), Succathites are censors and Shimeathites are monopolists. Gotcher blueprint for the mainstream media? Found in 1 chr 2:55.

The nethinim and sopherim of Ezra and Nehemiah, whose heredity coudn't be proven. They paved the way for the dark ages when they burned the library at Alexandria. They have no use at all for any library at Alexandria, and that's the scary and unbelievable thing.

Hidden from their lawless and handicapped minds, it gets more complicated than this, but they won't hear it from ME.

Anyhoo, the young lion and adder will leave you alone.

Bar's open

Ray Zerwitt

Anonymous said...

V, thanks for all the gifts you share. I'll call you les no more.
Happy trips to all, from Minnesota

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Has anyone tried this new cinnamon whiskey with eggnog?

Getting loaded on this shit….

Peace to all.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't implying that you are not safe to travel to the US or anywhere, just giving a head's up. All those behaviors being criticized, I'm guilty of all or most them as well. You can call it trolling or whatever you like but if you never admit that things are fucked up then they won't ever get any better. I was just implying that maybe there is no season of discontent because people are happy with the way things are. As for mason membership that is your business and none of mine.

gurnygob said...

Les go on your trip and dont worry. God is looking after you.


Visible said...

It is obvious that many people are not happy with the way things are.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding piece, Vis. And a great load of pudding for afters. For holiday cheer may I offer these:

a dose of Mills Brothers

Love to all, Jeff

est said...

figure it out
i can't

she is the one

Anonymous said...

no sign of there ever being a solomons temple so do tell how the masons are related to someone called dan?

Anonymous said...

meadow green
calm of life
unions word
heart of sky
risen instance
sunshine stare
rainbow pattern
truth is fair
air of spring
spark of fire
through the winter
of falling liar
a charging lion
the hunters bow
heart of earth
rivers flow


Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I put down the New Testament at Paul, detecting the glazed eyeballs and esoteric meanderings. (maybe they were persecuted and speaking in tongues or just stoned immaculate), but the lack of JC simplicity meant I might as well reread the gospels.
onto the Tarot now, it's already manifecting in my dreams.

wv: extersta. bringing out the stuff,

Anonymous said...

calming circle
warming breeze
full and hearted
truth does weave
sunlight patterns
vibrant feilds
dynamic essence
senses heal
wheels of turn
unions make
nature springs
earth does wake
life uplifts
piercing clouds
by heart of truth
sky and ground


Smyrna said...

Les is a fine name. Here in the antipodes it is quite common. Pronounced 'Lez', not 'Less'.
When I think of you, I think of Lez 'Visible', not some double entredre play on words 'Less Visible', even if that was your intent.
Check out former Australian Cultural Ambassador Sir Les Patterson if in any doubt as to the coolness of the name.

Visible said...

That isn't the point Smyrna. I'm not debating that. It has simply to do with the procedure of my life in real time (not internet time) for 20 years. Like I said, it's not all that important. I just brought it up because it's not the case in my living space and hasn't been for a long time. The transfer got adopted in 1983-4. It's my fault for not presenting it in virtual space from the gitgo.

Smyrna said...

It was a grand Visible Origami post what ever your preferred non de plume or nomenclature, Mr.Visible. I've been down in the land of groupthink in the big city, yeah!

When folk can dig that Diablo is just a puppet of the ineffable, not a competitor, then we are 99% home.

I had to walk a few miles, with dead ends and wrong turns, on top of what I 'knew', before I knew
that. That knowledge is crucial.

P.S. I love football too. Maybe not the same football as you know it, but the same essence. No, I don't mean soccer.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Horse Latitudes of Interim.



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