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A Choreographed Comedy of Errors in Search of the Mark.

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It is a weary landscape for the heart to travel in these days. Because of impossible expectation, ubiquitous perversity and poisonous and inadequate diet (of all kinds), men and women are not often an ideal interactive for each other. You see it in the divorce rates and you see it in the private life scenarios, well, you may not see that end of it but you probably are aware of it, through people you know or in your own life. This is all a part of the Tribe assisted, Satanic elite program of disunity, in the family unit. It's one of the major philosophical necessities for Communism, a Tribe created, Satanic Elite sponsored, shell template for populace control. Once again we got irony upon irony because the ideal of communism is supposed to be across the board equality and fairness in the workplace in respect of corporate influence. The opposite of this is Fascism, where only the rights of corporations are considered and where those loathsome reprobates on the U.S, Supreme Court conferred person-hood on corporations. Yet more irony where the Constitution they are employed to protect and which allegedly exists to insure individual rights, does the one thing most destructive of that construct.

It's an easy system of offense to engineer. Slowly, step by step, you put corrupt individuals in important positions within the government framework and once placed, you utilize them to dismantle all of the protections that made the system what it once was, or was supposed to be. There's an argument that it was never what it was made out to be but... at least it wasn't the travesty you see today.

All of these unfortunate conditions, political, social, environmental and sundry, combine to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and mounting despair.

Human nature is predictable in some ways, especially if you are studying the mass of it. Set certain forces in motion and you can easily predict what the public will do in response and it's no great reach from there to controlled behavior You factor this in with The Hegelian Principle and you're off to the races, or race wars, holy wars, some kind of perpetual wars to ensure public confusion and feed a Satanic economic policy.

Obviously, one of the public’s best defenses is the construction of strong communities of unified purpose. Even if you can't save humanity, you might be able to save each other and yourself. A powerful weapon for the public's well being is awareness and being informed. This is why control of the press and entertainment industries are so important to the bad guys and... they are bad guys. They may be deluded. They may be misguided (assuredly they are that) but they're still bad guys, or they play one in real life. The primary reasons that they outlaw drugs are two fold; they don't want people waking up to the bullshit they're selling and the powerful alcohol and tobacco lobbies don't want the competition. Of course, the government is not above running the world's biggest heroin trafficking scam in the meantime. They're all about hypocrisy. Whether it's trying to outlaw the Second Amendment, while selling automatic weapons to the cartels, or whether it's publicly deploring what they claim are human rights violations in other countries, while blatantly violating the rights of their own citizens, they are Johnny on the Spot with Academy Award winning hypocrisy. There's nothing they won't do and then lie about and there's no rules or restraints for those behind the velvet ropes.

As long as you try to confront or evade these outrages you're on the game-board and as long as you're on the game-board, you're a player and the odds heavily favor The House. Not only are the odds slanted in The House's favor but they cheat. Here is a classic example of the kind of lying, cheating, psychopathic lizards who are responsible for the way things are. The face-reading side of phrenology shows all one needs to see of the arrogance and depravity, writ large, on this creatures face. The article says it all. Until the bankers and their shills, like the aforementioned, are bought down and dealt with there's no prayer for parity for you. The game is rigged. There is no justice department in the United States, only a Department of Injustice. It must, I suppose, run it's course. It must be pressed forward into visible absurdity, to where there is no possibility of error in determination of what is and has been happening.

If one cannot contain the criminal state of the exterior, one must control their own interior. One of your principle adversaries is, 'the reactive mind'. You must gain control of the reactive mind. There is a power in this that is capable of accomplishing a great deal more than one might presently imagine. Much like the force of a purified will, it cannot be opposed. It will triumph. It is a fait accompli. It is much the same principle as to say that what is an idea in the cosmic mind is already a fact in the material realm, all that is further required is precipitation into form. It is why I say we are living in the echo. The primary sound has been sounded, now we are experiencing the reverberating after effects.

I've explained my definition of free will before. There is a cosmic certitude that prevails throughout creation. One can cooperate with it and work in tandem with it or one can oppose it. That is free will. That which opposes it will eventually fail, once the purpose of demonstration has been effected. The world is a stage. One of the greatest literary figures who ever lived and who left his legacy under the name of another man and who was a Rosicrucian adept said this some hundreds of years ago. Some decades after 'he came, he wrote, he disappeared', investigators went to the area where once he was supposed to have lived and found the man's alleged daughter. She could neither read nor write. She was in her forties. Of course, there could be a number of legitimate reasons for this but a deeper inquiry into the supposed existence of this man leaves many a mystery. That's neither here nor there. He said, “all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances”. Much can be gleaned from this in respect of the purpose of demonstration, as well as the generally misunderstood statement, 'everything is under control; take the reins'. This speaks to self determinism which is a direct offshoot of proper intuitive awareness of what is unseen. What is seen is appearances and appearances lie. Appearances lie. Emblazon this on your mind.

All of our existence is a choreographed tragi-comedy of errors in search of correction. The definition of sin in the dead language where it originated is, “missing the mark”. We go on and on and on missing the mark, until we do not miss the mark and then we progress. You can do the right thing or you can do the wrong thing, that's free will. We are actors. We are actors but for the most part we imagine we are unobserved. We are not unobserved, ever. We see everything through our own eyes in the first place and we are not the only one watching, even in that respect. There's a recording entity that makes a record of the play by play, every minute... of every day.

Anyone who doesn't think we've in one of the darkest periods since they began keeping track in this present go round (and then revised it according to their own needs) has only to look at the philosophy, music and art of previous times, along with the literature. This is not to say that there were not continuous outrages all up and down the line. It just wasn't as bad all round the world as it is now. You can see this as the gruesome inevitability of end times, or as the birth pangs of the new age; not to be confused with the New Age Movement, which is a lighter and more sanitized form of Satanism and a proponent of the rights of the individual's will to do whatever it wants to under the saccharine sophistry of contemporary moral relativism.

A course of Miracles is one of the main texts of the New Age Movement. I had people trying to foist it on me and I only had to read a couple of pages to figure out what it was. The same was true of Dianetics. You want to find out the sources of humanities major harms? You don't have to look very far. Think what you like about the author of that site, I'm only concerned with whether something is true, not where I got it from. Of course, we would all rather the truth were other than what it is, especially those of us who once imagined we might have a career at something but came to find that knowledge and promotion of the truth would prove to be a bad career move. You can't just insist that the truth conform to the parameters of your own self interest. You have to go where the truth leads and then you have to approach it from a variety of angles. When all of your conclusions prove the same result, you're stuck with them. Inconvenience and truth are blood relatives.

Yeah, it's no easy course. That's why you seldom encounter others upon that route but you do encounter others and you do attract a certain kind of attention that is far more profitable than the good offices of the agencies of temporal influence. It may not seem so but it is. I was extremely lucky to have had a hard row to hoe all the way to this moment. Otherwise, I no doubt would have been seduced as easily as anyone else. Certain things were made impossible for me. I had no choice. It seemed like a bad thing at the time but it has proven to be a good thing in hindsight. If you're getting pounded, often it can mean positive attention, seeking to get your attention and once done, the pounding backs off considerably. Of course, it could be bad Karma too but... you'll be the judge of that at some point.

The reticence of the majority to hold those responsible responsible, is all about the fear to confront the ones responsible because of their presumed terrestrial influence. Of course, there are other more powerful forces that circumvent them when the time comes. It's also about self interest and looking out for your ambitions by not making the wrong kind of enemies. What this accomplishes it to make you their tool. Good luck with that. Everything outside can be controlled inside. Everything is thought born. Everything is vibration subject to vibrational change. Everything is in transformation, whether you can see this or not. Any student of real human history knows this. To once again quote the master, Lao Tzu as we conclude here this day, “those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

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DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

As I've said before, I don't think it does any good to diss the elite because they can't help being the way they are. I have a son who has schizophrenia. Needless to say he has caused me a lot of problems. Several years ago one of my neighbors said something to me which I haven't forgotten which was "What most people don't realize is that people like him can't help it." That saying is hard to take into consideration when a crazy person is doing things that are causing you a lot of problems (and seemingly doing it on purpose).

In the Luke chapter 4 narrative of the temptation of Christ, Satan bragged to Jesus that he has control over the wealth of the world and that he gives worldly power to whoever he chooses (verse 6). Throughout history he has hand-picked psychopathic people to hold positions of power, for one thing because they most closely reflect his own personality, and because psychopathic people are easy for him to control via giving them what they want. Which is why I say that dissing them is a waste of energy, because, just like the schizophrenics, they couldn't change the way they are even if they wanted to. The elite aren't the ones who make policy in this world, it is Satan and his principalities who make the decisions. The reason the Lord doesn't intervene is because we continually give them legal rights to enslave us and oppress us (i.e. legal spirit realm rights which God won't violate). We all give them those rights. If we really want to be truthful about it, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We are our own worst enemy. To quote Pogo: " We have met the enemy and he is us."

Visible said...

Well DG, I suggest you devote more of your time to giving them hugs and really, apply yourself helping them to feel better about what they do. They just need love and understanding, so have at it. That's your department obviously. You do your job and I'll do mine. You may be the enemy, I'm not.

In any case, you're welcome to your opinion and the fruits of it. I'm guessing the schizophrenia is genetic?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
sunday morning
another week gone by
more lies circulated
more dead childs lives
more war,more hate
and then climate gate
evil spins
it lies in wait
but it already knows
its mind been slowed
cold hearts infected
with the want of gold
if thats what they want
let them have it all
drive round in big car
make all the rules
pretend they are wise
know everything
clever the devil
through his own fear
he sink
he dont know he is connected
just another one of us
one day old truth
will come
and turn
the devil back to dust
beware devil
you know what come
higher nature rise
and shine internal sun

...peace love to all....

Sunday, December 06, 2009 10:26:00 AM

Thanks Neil.

Vis, you said
"Everything is thought born. Everything is vibration subject to vibrational change. Everything is in transformation, whether you can see this or not."

How true. We are co-creators with the Spirit so lets all creat a better world. I know that we can change the world to a better one as we deal with one another one on one on a daily basis.

Light will overcome darkness.

walking hawk

Visible said...

Once we make a better us we'll have a better it.

And for those who are perhaps perplexed by my earlier comment, I have a problem with hypocrisy, such as when someone's internet name directly conflicts with comments being made and few things provoke my ire more than Bible thumping cherry picking. I seem to remember Jesus going at these freaks hammer and tongs. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me. And I was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia a long time ago and it's a real asset.

DumbGoyNot said...

No, I don't think hugging them would do any good, but I don't think dissing them does any good either. In fact I think it does more harm than good because judging and hating someone (and expressing it verbally) can amount to a curse aimed at them, and if the person being cursed has demonic issues the curse gives the demons more power, so that the person's behavior becomes even worse than it was already.

Jesus said we are not to judge our enemies but are to love them and pray for them. I think one reason he said that is because he understood that loving them and praying for them serves to pull the rug out from under the demonic power controlling them.

As for my son's schizophrenia being genetic, the kind of schizophrenia he has is caused by a virus called 'feline viral toxoplasmosis' which invaded his spinal fluid while he was in his mother's womb. She contracted the virus by cleaning out a cat litter box while she was pregnant with him.

Visible said...

You don't have the slightest idea of what you are talking about. In any case, feel free to employ your own world view and I will employ mine and quit cherry picking Jesus. He said all kinds of things including a great deal of fire and brimstone. I suggest you try these arguments on people more intellectually disabled to whom they will make more sense, they make none to me.

I also suggest you change your internet nickname because it is very controversial and could well offend all kinds of people. It also implies a good number of things I could go into but am too busy to because presently because my navel needs a certain amount of gazing.

Unknown said...

Judging a man's soul may not be our concern, but his actions that affect us and our loved ones most certainly are.

Failure to properly judge what to allow into your life can cause serious problems. (Seriously!)

Being your brothers keeper sometimes involves hurting his feelings by telling him, "No." Of course that is just useless mouth running unless you possess the will to actually make No mean No. You don't have to solve his problems, but sometimes you do have to stop them if they get out of hand.

If someone sets himself on fire, then runs into a fireworks factory, what is the more loving response...
1. Let him blow himself and everyone else up?
2. Hit him upside the head with a fire extinguisher, then use it to put out the fire?

I'll grant you that neither choice is ideal. (Pray to god for a sudden intense, localized, mini-tornado to put him out.) Unfortunately, god does not seem to respond when I do that. Maybe you have better luck.

Sometimes love isn't all kittens and sunshine. Sometimes it hurts because it is trying to prevent a greater pain to come.

Pity doesn't help either. Help someone if they'll let you, but be ready to walk away if they don't. Sometimes they just want company on the trip down. Help your loved ones as you can, but know that ultimately you are not responsible. They must want to help themselves.

As an example, Les has been less than cordial in his reply. His love is not the kind that is commonly Visible in the world, but he means well. (I think.) Here is a case to apply love and just let him be, cause it doesn't appear to be hurting anyone and who knows, it might help.

Unless his navel has something to say about me. Then I say we beat him with the fire extinguisher as a warning to others:)

Anonymous said...

Hey DumbGoyNot,

On occasion you have to remove the infected, diseased branches from the Tree of Life if we expect the tree to Live.
Hugs and kisses won't cure the problem. I realize that there is a time and place for that, but in the case of humanity being infected by the tribe it's simply not going to work. Research the last 2,000 yrs. or so.

Not being negative but just the facts man.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

Then again if we all go to Israhell and give them all hugs and kisses they will start treating the Palistinians like the humans they are.

walking hawk

Anonymous said...

There are cherry pickers and there are fig pickers. I would classify Texe Marrs as a fig picker, but a liar just the same.

What he deemed the multitude unworthy to know, in that intro to another one of his books, is that it was Saul who consulted the witch and she conjured up Samuel (who did NOT like that one bit) and Samuel told him he would die the next day in battle.

It says in Leviticus and Deuteronomy "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". Now, when you have counselors and priests advising you to consult one, you have some canaanites in the temple. How did the prophets know? Those stories have jews in the woodwork.

He promotes that Judeo-Christian idiocy that Yahweh is a desert tribal god of the evil jews and Jesus came to slap him down.

Nahum 2:3
The shields of their mighty men are red, the valiant men parade with flaming torches and in chariots in the day of their preparation, and the horsemen are terrifying.

It looks like that desert god has no love whatsoever for the house of Rothschild.

Here's a funny thing about that red shield: If there's not blood on it, it's not protection for them. Every system they ever had required it, including our own usury capitalism. Based on scarcity rather than abundance; when people die there's more for everyone else.

It's Texe Marrs shield too. Mordecai and Marrs are synonymous. He's a jew pimp or he would heed the advice of Paul: Drunkards don't preach!

Drunkards are the judeo-Christians of these days.

Anonymous said...

I have found two constants in all of what you speak about.
Lying and forgiveness.
Everyone lies, a lot. And if you're a really good liar you can ascend up the ranks in government or the corporate world.
And then we have forgiveness which is used as a means to not call the liars out. We don't often call people out in our personal lives, too complicated, time consuming and a lot of flack for trying to tell the truth. Could get you in a lot of trouble (but do it anyway!)

Schizophrenia is caused by abuse in childhood. At some point in young adulthood the mind floods from the trauma. At that point people try and speak the truth but no one will/can listen, just shove drugs at them and make them shut up!

So we have a society which ignores abuse and institutions which compound the abuse. The message one gets again is shut up!
Have a family which has experienced abuse? Shut up! Work for the government and see wrong doing? Shut up! Work for a corporation and you don't want to lie for the bottom line? Shut up! Work for the military and see people blown away for no reason? Shut up!

If all schizophrenic could speak their truth instead of being shut away and shut up, we would have a much better world.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Vis (again ! ! ! )
Multo Grazias !

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
On this 800th anniversary of Mevlana's transen-dance it 'behooves' those of the Heart to be in the Heart.
No matter what one may 'think' of the author of this site, perhaps closing the eyes between the nose and the eyes of the mind-controlled 'thinking' brain and opening the eyes of the Heart will allow for a clearer and more adequate perception of the 'author'. Perhaps...... Awe and Gratitude, such ...well the words are always short of description of the Reality, ... nonetheless .... human gifts from the Divine that have been made into 'bonsai' traits if they exist at all.
Ahh the Sema in Konya, Shams and Rumi in Damascus, The Rose Garden, Jellalutin in Divine ecstasy, yet Shams nonetheless placing him in 'tests'.

kenneth said...

instead of "dissing" the elite. I guess we could close our eyes, and hope they go away. or 7 billion people could just roll over. for a long time most people didn't know anything about what the elite were doing, that's slowly changing. the good thing about this is that their garbage enablers will brought out into the light

David V said...

One thing that Jesus did was cast out demons. If there was someone in the family or in the 'hood who went around doing destructive things to themselves or to others, while "not themselves", I'm pretty sure the diagnosis would have been "He hath a demon". I notice that, right about the time Jesus appeared on the scene, there cases of demon posession everywhere. You don't see that much of it before then. One theory is that this was because the Jewish religious system was reaching its logical and inevitable boiling point -- much as it is today.

I don't know, I've met but never had to deal with demoniacs, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to. I was chased home (unarmed) by a bingeing crack head with murderous intent a couple of years ago, after I foolishly complied with his wife's frantic request that I go see if I could prevent him from hanging himself. He didn't hang himself that time, he came after me instead -- and he was definitely "not there". He DID manage to hang himself later, so I won't have to worry about HIM ever again.

Not to denigrate schizophrenia as such. If it works for you and you can control it, go for it.


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible

What exactly is your issue with cats ?????

If you do not invite people to do un-natural acts with cats, you end up with zero or no compassion for people who suffer effects from viruses found in feline guts?

Zoo-phelia combined with feline gut viruses lead to a particular form of schizophrenia, which has the cure of many hugs and honey shared by bears ?

Bear-hugs, lavender flower honey to all....

David V said...

p.s. I have read several of Texe Marres's books, and they do contain some powerful truths. One thing he wrote, which sticks in my mind, is about how the illuminati rule through theater and illusion. They create entire events, simply for the purpose of deceiving the masses into following their agenda. Real battles take place, real people really die, and so forth, but the whole thing is made up. See the movie "Wag the Dog" for a good idea.

Probably the penultimate example was 911, during and after which millions of Americans were hypnotized in real time by a made-up scenario, the real-time narrative of which convinced them that they had to submit to a fascisct police surveillance state, and go on an endless crusade to murder off as many moooselims as possible.

Other recent examples include Aurora, Colorado, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon. It's gotten to where any time some event like that takes place, I automatically suspect that it it theater and illusion. You simply CANNOT believe anything you see on US new media anymore -- and that includes even the weather. For example, look into the freak snowstorm that hit South Dakota a few months ago.


Thomas said...

"Forgive them, for they know not what they do" - this includes myself and dumbgoynut. However, I do realize the "necessity" of protecting what is innocent and loved, which seems to me to be what Les is doing. I'm pretty sure that Jesus loved even the ones he cursed, but realized that sometimes a knock to the head is the most loving action that can be taken. Trying to understand Cosmic Love is rather like trying to look in a million directions at once. Until we're there, how can we know what it's like, eh?

just my two cents...

nice post :)

Visible said...

A cute eulogy for one of the great fiction writers of our time

Visible said...

Well, I don't think about them all that much, they just come up when I write. I write what comes. People are welcome to take it up with my source, just as they are welcome to debate who or what that is... but not with me. I'm working on universal love but that's also not my department. I work in the Department of Descriptions and Exposures. We're located in the wilderness over by Jeremiad Junction.

Flecker's Magick said...

The following is worth keeping in mind:

"Judaism is one of the oldest living esoteric traditions in the world. Virtually every form of Western mysticism and spiritualism known today draws upon Jewish mythic and occult teachings—magic, angelology, alchemy, numerology, astral projection, astrology, amulets, altered states of consciousness, alternate healing and rituals of power—all have roots in the Jewish occult."

Rabbi Geoffrey W. Dennis
Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism (2007)

Visible said...

I am afraid I don't agree with that and one has to consider the author and his connections to it. All these things actually come out of Chaldean and Egyptian magic and also from the East. they were adopted by these people. They didn't come up with them, not according to the texts I've read. We can, of course, agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Maybe men and women are not compatible not because of the Satanic agenda to destroy the family unit but rather the reality of humanity as a whole.

Many pretend to be something they are not during courtship, in the public eye, etc but in the privacy of their home with the curtains closed they are an entirely different person.

Perhaps another contributing factor to the decline and divorce rate is also that many marry for lust rather than true love. Many are given warning signs during the dating process simply because they have great sexual chemistry.

The myth that in the good ole days people did not divorce and human nature was just a picture of pleasantness, sugar and spice and everything nice is just that...a myth.

Humanity and human nature has not changed since the beginning of time.

Perhaps we just notice it more because there are more people today than decades past. But ass...les have existed and always will exist. Same with the selfless and the selfish...well you get the point.

The devil is just an excuse people use to justify letting their darkside roam free. Even those who think they are doing good may in fact be doing something that contributes to an evil outcome(for example those involved in making and promoting antibacterial soaps. While there intentions are good the reality of these products has quite the opposite effect and detriment on society as a whole).

Flecker's Magick said...

No need for us to disagree. We're on the same page.

i Posted that statement in the hopes of provoking a negative response. Glad you caught it. The dialectical reasoning that ensued between us shows exactly how the tribe tries to co-opt and twist the truth of virtually everything that matters, even the esoteric.


Smyrna said...

Francis Bacon, eh Vis? It seems he wrote/translated the King James bible also. The Psalm 46 'shake' 'spear' encryption.

Rocking post by the way. Worthy of printing out and stuffing into Christmas stockings.

Have slung you a few bob for some Christmas tofu. Enjoy.

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

This is a little bit of a non-sequitur, and I'm only going to throw this out there once, but I'd like to put it out there. If one dials their area code then 999-9999 and talks, all you'll hear is the EEEE OOOOO EEEEE OOOO sound, repeated over and over until, and maybe it's only me, they hang up, after being harangued for a while. I got that advice from a metaphysical type that passed away, telling me that the phone lines have been tapped for a while and that was 10 years ago. I tried it for a while now, and now calls get dropped rather frequently, which wasn't the case of me doing this "just for shits and grins" up until about 2 months before the Snowden/Snowjob deal; whatever's going on there. Not suggesting others do this, but I am not bluffing about that which I say to the gangsters, if that's really what's going on, and they "want to know everything". Tee hee hee. Now, and I'm not saying one way or the other that there's been influence by me on them, but I got a little tipsy, staying away from alcohol for long intervals, and bitched about just how terrible the Earth's situation is and how said gangsters can continue apace to fuck themselves about the deal they made, and I heard multiple sounds of a phones hanging up and remember saying "oh, grand, now I'm talking to R2-D2 or some shit" as a bunch of weird bloops and beeps were produced, which was in between having to dial back after being hung up on or whatever. Within the week, out came the Snowden affair. I only got hung up on twice today, with one "conversation" lasting 25 seconds, then CALL DROPPED. If you're feeling brave or whatever, try it, and note the extreme echo effect when you first tap in of your voice. After the first click, it goes away. It used to be loud the whole time for me, but given enough "turn it the fuck downs", the feedback of being recorded, then it's gone after the first click between EEE OOOs for me, that is. I know how crazy and goofy this sounds and, hell, pretty much is, but try it first for a while before you call me crazy for giving a major shite about Earth's NO HELL ON EARTH POLICY. I'm trying over here with "a little" self-sacrifice so the dumb dumb satanists know just who despises them and why.

Anonymous said...

Daily reminder that the Holocaust is a HOAX and that six million jews DID NOT DIE


Visible said...

All that may be true about the manwomen thing as well but there is no question that the material age and the pressures so applied through it have an effect. This is obvious because all you have to do is go back a hundred years and compare. I'm not unaware of these things but my point was otherwise and didn't require the sort of total fleshing out only expected in book form.


Fletcher's Magic;

That's amusing because I did respond to Dumbgoynot in a certain manner and I do that kind of thing routinely and on purpose to see what kinds of minds are lurking out there.


Gracias Smyma!!! Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

"Henry Kissinger also manipulated the New Age craze. Henry said people who would believe that guides and masters were leading them should be guided by masters, and he considered himself one. Henry said I could trust anyone who wore a crystal as part of my 'family of man'...that's what he called our mind-controlled group because it was a family experiment in dynamics, breeding, rearing, etc. These experiments encompassed how everything affected a person, and they felt they might as well teach the slaves what would be the best for their future progeny. A whole business was made of the New Age to the slave community. As books and items were created for those searching for truth, the self-appointed 'enlightened ones' who were 'in the know' manipulated the spiritual ideologies in order to hide many of their mind-control realities. What was behind much of it was really a group of men, controlling mind-controlled robots and herding them in the direction they wanted them to go." - Brice Taylor, from the book "Thanks for the Memories"

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Treatise on not Criticizing the Criminals who Abuse us.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I think it's interesting that I came off being the bad guy in this scenario. For the second time in a week. Last week one of my best friends (for 35 years) came out to my house to drink some wine with me and a neighbor of mine. After we had been talking for awhile out of the blue I had a clear remembrance of a dream I had about four years ago about a guy who is a famous televangelists who is also a deceiver and I told my two buddies the dream. I haven't had TV for 22 years and so at the time I had the dream I had never heard of the guy. But in the dream I heard a voice telling me the guy's name which was Sid Roth. The dream was in two parts and both times I heard a voice telling me his name. The dreams exposed him as being somewhat on the order of a magician/sorcerer who has power over the people who buy into him. I woke up after the second part of the dream and out of curiosity I got online and typed in 'Sid Roth' to see if such a person even existed. I was sure surprised to find out who he is and what he's about.

So, I told this to my two buddies and when my longtime friend heard it he got really angry and started trying to argue the points of the dream. The more he argued the more he poisoned the well of his own argument, which made him get even more angry, and so on. I had no idea he was a fan of Sid Roth, in fact I didn't know he even knew who Sid Roth is. As it turns out he's a big fan of Sid Roth and he tried to run to Sid's defense for all he's worth. But all it did was make him look stupid. My neighbor sat there trying not to laugh as he listened to my longtime friend desperately trying to defend Sid Roth. So after a few minutes my longtime friend got up and left. And now he's not speaking to me. And all because of a dream I had. Anyway, all this reminds me of this statement the Apostle Paul made to some of his friends: "Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?" (Galatians 4:16).

Visible said...

You hardly come off as the bad guy. It's a difference of opinion and I am sure there are some number of people who may agree with you.

I have a problem publicizing or putting up a front that gives the impression I practice something that I don't. All kinds of things are easy to say but they are hard words to live by. I'm where I am. When I am somewhere else I will be there the same way I am here now except differently operational.

Loving everyone and forgiving everyone are fine ideals but near impossible to practice. People want to preach one line of goods or another, that's fine with me. I'll speak from the moment I occupy until that changes. That said...fuck those creeps and the whores they rode in on.

Roth is usually a Jewish name and a number of well to do snake eyed preachers happen to be Tribe.

Anonymous said...

Check it! Anarchast with Luke Rudkowski: Being the change you wish to see


Anonymous said...

I had that quote about knowing the end from the beginning running in my head all day yesterday without checking in here to this post till this morning. Very encouraging to read these words and feel them reverberate through my life. Thank you Visible


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Somewhere in Recent History, Normal Killed Itself.

Anonymous said...

You gotta Wango Tango, Baby!




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