Friday, October 17, 2014

Bypassing the Lands of Curmudgeon and Chronic Compulsion.

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Last week I was struggling to find a way to explain something. As is most often the case, it's usually something that happened or is happening to me and if it is something I perceive as useful, I pass it on. So... I was thinking, imagine the mind as an apartment with a lot of rooms, or a few rooms, depending on the personality and these walls are all on sliders and they can be pushed out and they merge with the walls they come up against so, theoretically, you can turn any mental apartment into a single room of variable dimensions. Imagine, as is the case with most people, this apartment is cluttered with artifacts and there are many shelves upon which are stored all manner of objects that made an imprint on the consciousness and so they remain there, resonating from the point of their relevance and time of impact.

Of course there are three floors to the apartment but one seldom has access to either the one above or below. The bottom floor is reached through dreams in sleep and sometimes in meditation. The upper floor is reached through states of exalted consciousness or via the engine of sacred comestibles and even in these cases, most often, only a certain level of the top floor is accessible. It should be noted that when people move out of the apartment (AND should they return, at a later date), they will not be coming back to the same apartment and when they vacate, they exit through the bottom floor OR the top floor. This is a critical piece of information but not something that most people pay any attention to, unfortunately.

Okay... let's say that one pushes the walls of all the rooms outward until there is only a single room and let's say that one empties the room of every single object and piece of furniture; keeping in mind that there are some objects and features that are a part of the room and they will not be removed. That isn't something you worry about. It's part of you.

So, now... you have an empty room; a single empty room and you have RSVP'd this room. An occupant is coming. You know an occupant is coming but you don't know when. The sense of arrival is a sense of imminence, so you are in a state of anticipation. You have been waiting on this occupant for some time but the occupant was not going to come when the apartment was in such a cluttered state, or composed of so many rooms. As long as there were so many spaces and objects of so many kinds competing for your attention, the occupant has no interest in being resident in such a confusing environment.

As you are waiting for this occupant, it starts to dawn upon you that the occupant has actually arrived but has been so quiet and near invisible that you didn't notice the arrival. Even though you know the occupant is now in residence, you can't, for some reason, get the sense of it. You know he's there, by some means but he is so elusive. It's something you kind of have to take on faith and that is part of the point of the whole affair. Everything you go through on your way to recognizing the resident is a part of the process, because in order to recognize and interact with the resident you have to grow in certain ways. Everything in life happens in stages and all of those stages are critical because they connect and if you come into the next stage at a level below what you should have, then the challenges placed upon you can be more onerous than they might have been. This is why so many people plateau out at a certain point and don't evolve or improve beyond that state and then chronic behavior comes in to play and the Land of Curmudgeon awaits down the line.

One has to recognize the indwelling occupant and operate in a state of joy and excitement at the newly arrived presence (which may not be newly arrived at all). Despite being generally unaware of the occupant; meaning you can't see or hear the occupant, you know the occupant is there and you go through your every day with as much focus upon this truth as is possible for you. You engage the occupant in conversation as often as you can remember to. You take the occupant with you everywhere you go. You make it a point to convince yourself that the occupant is more real than anything else in your life. You know that nothing in your life has any importance unless its importance is reflected in association with the occupant.

You stand there in that empty room and you remind yourself over and over that the room is not empty. You have made the room empty by casting out every though that enters in and by discarding everything you thought and believed before, knowing that if any of it was real it won't be going anywhere. With a gentle toss of the head and a short burst of expelled breath, you send every arriving thought packing. If you are committed to this and possessed of the requisite certitude, you will experience success pretty rapidly.

What I was trying to convey in the last Origami is the sense of expectation that one must carry about with them as one functions out of this empty room. One has to come into each day with an assurance that at any moment, this occupant will announce itself. One has to go through their day with the certainty that this occupant is already present and is watching, watching and waiting. One has to know that when their attention upon the occupant is greater than it is on anything else that one has reached a particular critical mass and success is then certain. It might come that very day and it might come later but come it will.

I'm still not able to convey exactly what I want to say. It has everything to do with how one feels about all of this. It has to do with the ability to engage in waiting expectation. It's something to do with ones emotional state and the direction of ones mental intention. In other words, I've been able to say everything I said here for some time but what I am actually feeling is altogether new. It's much more powerful powerful and consistent than it ever was and I attribute some of that to the tenor of the times and the arrival of certain graces upon the being of everyone so disposed to the reception of them. It has something to do with the direction of focus being maintained through stages. It's part of a natural progression that has been moving through time for a great deal longer than any of us have been here (this time anyway).

I don't know all the details of the lives of the rest of you. I've heard things here and there and so I know that some portion of you have had difficult passage and especially so in recent years. There is, obviously, a reason that so many of us, who are in pursuit of higher states of consciousness and reunion with the one, have been put through so much. It certainly must have seemed like is was never going to end and then... heh heh... in some cases, it got worse. Well... there are things you can laugh about later on and things that never will make you smile upon reflection. I wouldn't know what to think if somehow everything turned all positive on me. I do know that at some point it will because that's how it works. EVEN... even if it only comes in on your way out the door... come it will.

I'm sure that many of us are astounded that we have actually been able to come to this point, more or less, in one piece. I was laying in bed last night and thinking about how I was some years ago, looking forward in life and thinking,”well, it has to improve sooner or later. Everyone has these rough patches.” I hardly anticipated that it would continue to be bad highway all along the route. A lot of it has to do with the state of the times and the brutal blanketing of materialism on all sides. If you were a stone cold materialist then you did pretty well and probably still are doing pretty well; materially that is. If you were someone seeking an 'authentic' haven of spiritual being, it's been slim pickings, especially since most of the spiritual communities in these times are material communities, also filled with plotting and intrigues, backbiting and what have you. I was pretty stunned to find so many ashrams and similar to be hotbeds of political jockeying. So it is that these days there are all kinds of westerners who insinuated themselves into these situations, got themselves an oriental name and prance about in performance role, lacking any connection whatsoever to whatever it is they are supposed to be representative of. I remember being told that Papaji, in the aftermath of creating a whole lineup up instant gurus, was said to be laughing about it, thinking it was all some kind of big joke that he had played on the wider community of genuflecting dilettantes.

I'm guessing there must be some communities out there that are decent and stable aggregations of good people going about whatever it is their business amounts to but... most of them are business operations and nothing more. I've come to believe that the idea of community is something for others to consider and think about. I don't want any part of it myself any more. I figure it's all where it is when it is as it should be and the same applies to me. Nothing beats having lots of private time when you've got the occupant in residence. There's a reason that so many people of a certain type become hermits. Nothing wrong with having people come by now and then but... that celebrity circuit? You wind up waving your hands in the air around your head all day long cause of all the mosquitoes and deer flies that invariably show up.

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Antony said...

Hi Long time grateful reader and very rare commenter, so here goes. I have been clearing the mind using the techniques you say and the " Be gone I am spirit " thought beater downer sentence, of which I think is from one of the books you recommended. Anyhow this also ties in with finishing the tarot fundamentals BOTA so for the past month or so I have been feeling a lightness and fluttering sort of a giddy feeling in my chest and for three days, a sense of well being beyond anything I have felt before and also seeing the beauty in nature to a level I hadn't seen before that sort of takes the breath away. But half way through my 51st birthday a couple of weeks ago I had a little nap and when I woke it had all gone, WTF...does it come back? it is still there in the background, the loss is tangible.
When there is so much bullshit about especially from sources that you thought were true and being able to see through it all leaves you in a pretty lonely place, so I am grateful that there is a place, which is why I am thankful for your blog where you can read from your writings and other commenters that re-assure you that you are mad but not insane like the rest of the planet at this time.
Hope it all comes together for you. Antony.

Alan Jong said...

What you got is community, the people who read your blogs from around the world in sense are community, and a spiritual one at that. In some ways your blog offers that a satsang a meeting of the minds in spirit. You create a refuge for us to contemplate the nature of spirit, and perhaps the spirit of nature itself which is the same one.

"Even though you know the occupant is now in residence, you can't, for some reason, get the sense of it. You know he's there, by some means but he is so elusive. It's something you kind of have to take on faith and that is part of the point of the whole affair. Everything you go through on your way to recognizing the resident is a part of the process, because in order to recognize and interact with the resident you have to grow in certain ways."
The resident is happiness, however it is, we align with it. In a physical world it's mostly with physical things and people, it's capture and release of the physical, in some ways it's like breathing, and eating. Life is full of needs, because the spirit of life made it so. No one should lack happiness in this world, but for many, and all to often happiness is not so easy to embody. Happiness cannot be given, it can be, shared, demonstrated, and embodied. I know you're happy most of the time. This song hits on the basic concept, but it's different for everyone. Spirituality is about finding your bliss, your happiness.

Anonymous said...

I love this post Vis...was needing to read these reassuring words right now.
love to everyone,

Anonymous said...

Just want to comment on Antony's post. I am astounded at what you say because I have had exactly the same experience! And as a result I feel horrendously sad and as if I am grieving the loss of a loved one! In the end I feel that it is me who has somehow closed a window and therefore it is equally me who has to find a way to open it again. For the moment however, I just feel lost.

Visible said...

Dearest friends and all of you who feel isolated, alone, depressed, helpless and the like, please keep in mind the state of the times. Also remember that the divine, THE DIVINE resides in you. How incredible is that? When the almighty decides to do something who and what does he/she use? He/she uses us. We are god's hands.

If you are engaged in service, you will forget yourself. It does not have to be onerous service. Do something you love. It should not be difficult to find something you love to do that is also of service. It keeps me sane and better off mentally and emotionally than I might be by having my days filled with things like this.

If you are somewhere that you don't want to be... move. If you are surrounded by depressing circumstances that can be a lot of the problem. If you are surrounded by dense population that can very much be the problem.

I know I just said I am not interested in community but that doesn't mean I would turn my back on it. If some number of sincere seekers wants to throw their lot in with me we could probably afford something really nice and pulling together with our various skills we could certainly maintain ourselves.

I've been recently burned, both psychically and financially by scoundrels but that hasn't diminished my love in general at all. I don't think anything can do that.

As many of you know, I am looking to migrate to The Big Island in December. So far that looks good. I have somewhere to land with a cool and aware person and although I can't stay there any length of time it gives me a foothold in which to purchase a car and find a living space,

Of course, I am not in a position to carry anyone financially. I just manage to carry myself but collective living with the right chemistry reduces the general expenses CONSIDERABLY.

Short of this sort of thing you have to continue to reassure yourself that GOD IS IN YOUR LIFE! Ergo, the divine knows what to do and will lead you should you give an ear to the interior voice. It doesn't always come as a voice, it can come as a hunch, or an image. Develop confidence in your path. You believe in the divine right? Therefore the divine believes in you and ANYTHING you are being put through is done for a very good reason. Establish unshakeable truth. I've been lucky with that; being thrown into dangerous prisons and being on the street moving from town to town (that was awhile ago) gave me the opportunity to develop this.

Like Sam Johnson said, " knowing that one is to be hanged in a fortnight concentrates the mind wonderfully" For me it was facing a literal life in prison sentence and being let off scot free and which had never happened before in that state with similar circumstances. As you develop trust in the almighty, you develop confidence and as you develop confidence it radiates out from you and impacts on the general state of your existence, triggering serendipity and good fortune AND... the divine has EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING!!! that you could imagine and a great deal more than that. Think about it! Why go anywhere else? Why rely on anyone else?

All of us, let us be confident despite appearances. Even at a distance we can generate all sorts of positive result. Personally I have already been involved in just that numerous times. It works.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis and dear all, the anonymous comment was me, and here I am commenting anonymously again :-) (grin). Thanks to you Vis I always have a little voice telling me to keep strong and keep faith! And that is what I try to do :-) so although I feel I have lost the feeling of lightness which I interpreted as the presence of the divine, I tell myself that I have to keep on keeping on and the divine will make itself known again in my life. It may just not be in the same way. I have no reason to complain, I am happy, have my true love by my side and have no immediate money problems and I live in a beautiful place. I was about to start of on a tangent there (largely related to the state of the wider world), but have to stop myself, it is what it is. I'll just have faith and will continue to have faith. My ability to have such faith is largely due to the inimitable Les Visible, the magic weaver of words and also to the commenters here who are (on the whole!) of very good quality compared to the people who comment on other sites. I love you Vis, from the bottom of my heart, and wish you and all who visit here the very best that is on offer in this life. Much love


Visible said...

Well thank you for that, on behalf of all of us. In any case, you generated the topic for the next Smoking Mirrors which I am engaged on at this moment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

To me, it seems as if perhaps you're talking about your higher self, and emptying that room is divesting yourself from all things temporal. Like vested interests and the self-imposed obligations that go with them. I have no idea if we're on the same wavelength, but this is a killer post.

It jives a little with something that's going on with me, where I'm feeling less connected to the body in my meditations. Feel like I'm getting closer and closer to getting out of it via what people call Astral Projection, though I suspect it's more Etheric Projection if people go to places that are like an improved Earth.

Wonder if it has anything to do with having not eaten any chicken, which is the only animal I still eat, for the past 5 or 6 weeks? Or simple evolution.

long john said...

Chapter 18 - Conclusion of the Bhagavad-gita


sarva-dharmān parityajya
mām ekam śaranam vraja
aham tvām sarva-pāpebhyo
moksayisyāmi mā śucah


[Krsna says:]

"Abandon all varieties of religion and philosophy and simply surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear."


Throughout the Bhagavad-gita, the Supreme Lord Sri Krsna has described various kinds of knowledge, processes of religion, knowledge of the Supreme Brahman, knowledge of the Supersoul, knowledge of the different types of orders and statuses of social life, knowledge of the renounced order of life, knowledge of non-attachment, sense and mind control, meditation, etc. He has described in so many ways different types of religion and philosophy. Now, in summarizing Bhagavad-gītā, Lord Krsna advises that one should give up all the various processes that have been explained; and that he should simply surrender unto Krsna. That surrender will save one from all kinds of sinful reactions, for the Lord personally promises to protect one.

Even if one is not yet free from all sinful reactions (karma), simply by the process of surrendering to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Śrī Krsna, he is automatically freed. There is no need of any other strenuous efforts to free oneself from sinful reactions or attain spiritual liberation. One should simply unhesitatingly accept Sri Krsna as the Supreme Lord and savior of all living entities, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. With sincere faith and love, one should simply surrender unto Krsna.

According to the devotional procss, one should simply accept principles and activities that will lead ultimately to the devotional service of the Lord, love of God. If, by executing various activities and by the holding of various beliefs and philosophies, one does not come to the actual point of Krsna consciousness, all such activities are in vain.

Anything that does not lead to the perfectional stage of Krsna consciousness, should be avoided. One should be confident that in all circumstances Krsna will protect him from all difficulties and sinful reactions. There is no need of thinking how one should maintain the body and soul. Krsna will see to that. One should always think himself helpless and should consider Krsna to be the only basis for progress in life. As soon as one seriously engages himself in sincere devotional service to Lord Krsna in full Krsna consciousness, at once one becomes freed from all contamination of material nature. There are different processes of religion and cultivation of knowledge, meditation in mystic yoga, etc., but one who surrenders unto Krsna does not have to execute any such methods. Simply surrendering unto Krsna will save one from unnecessary waste of time. One can thus make all progress and immediately become freed from all sinful reactions.

In other words, devotional service to Kṛṣṇa, in full consciousness, is the most confidential part of knowledge, and this is the essence of the entire Bhagavad-gītā. Karma-yogīs, empiric philosophers, mystics, and devotees are all called transcendentalists, but one who is a pure devotee is the best and superior of all. One may be perplexed as to how one can give up all varieties of religion etc. and simply surrender unto Krsna, but such worry is unnecessary.

One can directly surrender to Krsna, and thus instantly attain to the transcendental platform - the spiritual world which is above the modes of material nature - simply by means of chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra:

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

Chanting the Hare Krsna mahamantra is devotional service, which will automatically bring one to the highest plane and perfection of life.

Unknown said...

Another top shelf Origami

Sunyata leaves one feeling lonely. Along comes a form fitting upgrade
Who was feeling lonely?

An ever opening flower


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Satanic Conning Towers of Subliminal Hellfire.

est said...

ah agnes
in french it flows

phonetically it'd be

in english it is a bit
harder as in agg-ness

a beautiful name either way

Laura said...

I just really love this Origami, dear Vis, and as one reads along and feels yes, yes, yes, you know the divine occupant is truly there and creating the deep resonance felt within.

In times like this, where the heaviness weighs upon us, having this alive in our consciousness and living it, moves us onward and upward.

Words are escaping me, yet my heart is full, and I am grateful for the truth you express and the light you shine.

With love, in grace ~

Visible said...

a new Petri Dish is up now-

The Shuffling Dream Zombies and the dance of the Marionettes

Anonymous said...

Thanks, mucho gusto



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