Friday, October 24, 2014

Concerning a Recent Visit with a Dear Friend.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've learned so much from my mistakes that I am seriously considering making a few more (grin).

Well... my plans are solidifying and the divine isn't laughing (yet). This is a portion of what I want to talk about tonight. My destination and the time of arrival are being set. Now it is just a question of which island, since there is suddenly an interest from several residents who would like to see me in my old location. What will be will be.

Moments ago, I was standing outside the back door, smoking a short butt and watching a spider crawl along the wall toward the open door. I thought, ‘maybe he’s looking to come inside since the cold cannot be far off’. Then he stopped and I thought, “No... it’s the light he walked over to be in.’

Then the divine came into my mind and said, “You know it all comes together when you master Nature. By this I mean your internal nature; The external nature always operates in accord with whatever relationship a person has engineered by their thoughts, words and actions. No one escapes some kind of relationship.

Then the divine said, “You can accomplish this. You can certainly accomplish it with me in residence. Would you like that?” “Yes, yes,” I replied. “Well... you have proved that you won’t be diverted from the pursuit of me. It stands to reason that I would inevitably show up in a real and lasting manner as a result of your persistence. You have to firmly believe that and you are approaching this state which is why we are having this communication. You HAVE TO believe that I am capable of ANYTHING through you. There is no limit to what I can accomplish through anyone, should I so choose. From among humanity come my regents on Earth, Anyone might think, ‘ah, I am so far away. Ah, I have so much work to do to be worthy.’ Certainly anyone I would take seriously would have such thoughts. No one without the proper humility can host me. It’s a cosmic law. It is true that I see through humanities eyes and hear through humanities ears and... as the recording angel I catalog all of the events of anyone’s life but some relationships are special because I made it so based on the secret truth in the particular heart.

“Whom I choose to live in and act through, that is a rare thing indeed and it is only rare because the vast majority of everyone does not want this more than anything else. Until that happens, it doesn’t happen. Prior too, I give or deny pretty much everything, mostly to see what happens but also because someone really wants it, whatever it is.

“I know ahead of time how that’s all going to work out. If I really care about someone all kinds of unpredictable things might happen and to those on the outside it may look like misfortune but I am simply acting as a potter and shaping that soul to a particular end, based on capacity and whatever talents are invested in them.

“You hit on a good point my friend, the other day in the car when you said, “You possess everything. Why on Earth would anyone look anywhere else for whatever it is that they want?” Indeed. Not only do I possess everything that can be imagined by anyone but I also possess many things that are not imagined. I alone can activate all manner of things within one and as for, ‘ah, I am so far away. Ah, I have so much work to do to be worthy.’ The timeline is up to me. I can transform someone utterly in an instant and this is what the seeker must keep in front of them. This is an important thing to realize because it sets the ground for it to happen. As ones capacity for belief is limited, so is their ability to realize what they visualize. It’s that ‘faith of a mustard seed’ thing.

"To each according to their capacity is what I operate according to and when the time comes, I can light someone up like a Christmas tree. Of all the things that might be important in this or any life, one thing stands supreme among them and that is the discovery of me within. Once that happens everything else is academic, merely a matter of time. You have achieved this. You have little idea of the value of that and your recall of the things that have happened to you is often subjective. You need to cultivate a greater objectivity concerning yourself, or you could just ask me for it, heh heh.

“When one has a fine and detached objectivity concerning themselves, it is possible to see all of the events of ones life in a new light. In any case, once someone has found me, they are in possession of something greater and more valuable than any thing, any position, anything. They are in possession of something worth more than all of these things put together AND- should one be named my friend that is truly special for they become my companion in all manner of things and travel with me as the occasion permits. They have the certitude that one has in respect of a dear and devoted friend but how much greater is my friendship than any friendship one might have here? Here... yes I am here. I am here now and what will be will be;

“For one who has my friendship, he also has my counsel. Take this very much to heart my friend, once contact has been made it is only a matter of time. There is no departing away again. There is no trial or test, for the purpose of demonstration, that I cannot accomplish through you. Learn to look upon past events with new eyes. Learn further not to look to the past at all, nor the future either. It is here and now where and when I appear and eternity is here in the here and now. Everything that happens and everything anyone is in anticipation of is in the here and now. Heaven is here and now for those who have been granted entry and one of the greatest prizes is to gain entry while still resident here. That is assured for anyone who wants me more than anything else.

“Truly, visible, one of the most unfortunate things is the seduction of the human heart and mind by world glamour because it deceives one into the desire for pedestrian things which have no comparison with the gifts of the spirit. Therefore, it should be very easy for anyone to love me with all their heart and soul if they realize this. Not realizing this is a serious drawback in ones ability to proceed. The best one can hope for is a stalemate between their occasional attraction for me and the relentless distraction of other things they have placed value upon. AND consider this; anything one might long for and acquire, any relationship or... well, like I said... anything... how can anyone enjoy anything in any meaningful and profound way without me? I am the supreme enjoyer. This should make it even easier for one no matter what it is they think they want because only with me can there be any true satisfaction in anything.

"I grant all manner of things. For some I place blessing upon blessing on them. I manifest the cornucopia. I make the rainbow. I grant the capacity to experience and I grant the ability to learn from it. Anyone who has found me should be so filled with gratitude that there is no impulse to be cross with others or to think overly upon anyone else except as to in what manner one might be helpful. You will see the value of this soon enough. Whenever I arrive in such a way there is change coming shortly. Go and share this with others and practice that energized expectancy you have been mentioning. I’ll be in touch (laughter)."

End Transmission.......

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Odin's Raven said...

Congratulations and admiration on having achieved that friendship Mr. Visible.

Here's someone else with a sense of recent hastening of divine activity on and in earth:
ZS Livingstone

est said...

and here i heard the dharma
and it rested on my soul

the wheel is turning gently
as it turns may i be whole

and in the sky is fire
and in the wind is war

i met the beast in it's den
and into my flesh it tore

Visible said...

In these times of strife and want let us not forget the more needy among us.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sounds like the ultimate euphoriant. So now I know who to go to for that red nose hair coat (from Celtic noses) that's been promised me forever and never seems to materialise.

Jenny said...

Vis- it is well said- this post is it! If you end up in Hawaii I will surely plan a visit to my daughter there and visit you too!-jen

Anonymous said...

"Helena is nearby, boss. The young man who I mistook for this one is there too, begging her to love him. Should we watch this ridiculous scene? Lord, what fools these mortals are!"

Anonymous said...

Greenpeace is a joke. How many people that believe the mainstream narrative of man made, CO2 driven global warming have looked up to realize we are deliberately modifying our climate with aerosols? How many understand the implications of Agenda 21?

Oh, it's the oil companies you say, they are trying to hide the truth. No. That is a checkers game. There is a chess match going on here.


Anonymous said...

It's real. And it is right now.


galen said...

Quite a post, Vis. The PEARL OF GREAT PRICE presented with all the accessibility in the world. So much worry lifted off the shoulders. Gratitude, Vis.


Ray B. said...

Good "channeling", Vis! (grin)

I see various 'identities' between your experience of the ineffable and mine. Like you, I would not trade this for anything.

One 'difference' I see between us is the ability to love the ineffable. Let me explain...

Part of my current 'assignment' is to Clean anyone who shows up and tries to do negative things. The Cleaning includes not only this life, but all past lives. It is much, much harder than simply pushing the 'other' out or off. I have asked Higher Self many times, and always gotten the answer that this is the "Best and Highest Good." So, on we go.

Where this impacts on my ability to love all-God is in what I feel during the Cleaning of someone. Although Higher Self is doing the 'work', I am close-enough empathically to feel the pain coming out. I don't get details, but the amount of pain 'put in' by all-God (ultimately by all-God, by definition) is almost beyond measure - once you have experienced the full Cleaning of a few thousand individuals.

Here is where I am having trouble loving all-God. In the future, I may have some enlightenment-experience where I go "ah-ha" and truly understand why all this pain was necessary to be inflicted (again, ultimately by all-God, by definition). Love may blossom from there. Right now, though, I am some small space from just planting my feet and giving all-God the finger. Most people have no idea of the amount of pain lurking in their background. I have some idea of that, and it is horrifying that a 'loving' all-God was the willing 'instigator'.

At this time, I do what is "Highest and Best" to the best of my ability. I embrace Higher Self, and gratefully. However, I have a hard time truly loving all-God, having actually felt what all-God manifested 'down here'. That is probably my 'core' issue of the moment. Perhaps my personal 'dark night of the soul'. I pray/wish for a higher understanding of that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Erik said...

To Ray B.

Maybe the question is "Who is doing the suffering?"

Supreme enjoyer might imply supreme sufferer as well ...

Talk about unconditional Love ...

Hope this helps, OneLove

galen said...

Ray, careful who you "clean." It's like careful who you pray for. It may be interfering. You asked and heard that "It's for the highest good." But it may not apply to all situations. And it could result in you taking on what's not yours, thus the extra burdens to carry. Sometimes the pain we carry is just what's needed to burn something out of our space and help us take our next step. Just my take. And as far as being upset with God, here's a poem from many years back that shares some of the same sentiment:


God is boring
God is tough
God is restless
God’s a bluff
God is hopeless
God is gone
God is distant
God’s alone
God is heavy
God is old
God is gnawing
at my soul
God the twilight
God the night
God the darkness
inside light
God the aged
God the dust
God the dew
that fosters rust
God the father
God the son
pissing poop
on everyone


It felt good to write that back then. Sweet permission to get pissed at God. I hope it brought some laughter to HE-SHE-IT-ALL.

The "loving-all God" supplies a blank palette. We are in the great experiment, paint brushes in hand. How often I enjoy your paintings, Ray.


dneil said...

word, rings a bell brother v.
one love.

Anonymous said...

the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual...

dig those minor prophets

like Zephaniah 3:9



Anonymous said...

via Homer..

An iffa yin turns out to be yang
i don't mind

Haha! i don't care if yin turns into yang (it always does)

Anonymous said...

Zephaniah 3:9

est said...

a nudge will always work
a shove will hardly never

you can steer hinayanas
but you can't steer the weather

Ray B. said...

Galen, thanks for the helpful comments and the poem. It helps, truly.

On being careful who you clean and not interfering, I hear you. When I was doing healing stuff in earlier times, I would always ask whether it was appropriate to do so. Several times, I got a clear "No." Some other healers did not, and I worried about them and the 'situation'.

Once, a Boeing engineer friend got Hepatitus C, and was basically slowly dying. He was born in China, and I knew he was dreading having his mother-in-law immanently come over from China to live with them, and all the old ways associated with that. So, I hesitated to do any healing moves. Instead, I called on various higher beings to 'sort out' with his Higher Self whether living or dying was more appropriate. When I went in to check on him a day or so later, he was already dead...

I also remember reading that Satya Sai Baba would only heal those who had completed their karma around a certain situation, because removing the 'ouch' too early would just set them on a cycle to re-manifest something for the clearing of that karma. In essence, when he healed someone, he was just speeding up the recovery after the karma had been fulfilled. I took that viewpoint to heart, because it 'felt right'.

I actually got out of 'healing' from a personal-involvement standpoint. Now, I just step out of the way and let Higher Self do it all. I just hold an intent of connection with Higher Self and "Highest Good." Before, I remember using Ray's energy/intent and sometimes taking things on. (Remember the Ellen Burstyn movie "Resurrection", long ago? Kind of like that.) I also periodically ask Higher Self not to 'land' various stuff on Ray (grin).

I do hope that all the Cleaning that 'I' and others do will kick-start some form of 'freedom of movement' for the human race. Might make it all worth it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"The God Memorandum"
To: You
From: God
"Take counsel.

"I hear your cry.

"It passes through the darkness, filters through the clouds, mingles with starlight, and finds its way to my heart on the path of a sunbeam.

"I have anguished over the cry of a hare choked in the noose of a snare, a sparrow tumbled from the nest of its mother, a child thrashing helplessly in a pond, and a son shedding his blood on a cross.

"Know that I hear you, also. Be at peace. Be calm...."

Anonymous said...

why would anyone drive a hinayana!!?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

George Soros and his Kind are Evil, Mass Murdering Monsters.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

George Soros and his Kind are Evil, Mass Murdering Monsters.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Kinda weird. I heard this before a long, long time ago, but never paid attention to it or the lyrics, so it might as well have been new to me, and I head it yesterday at a Trader Joe's after reading you blog, and it seemed to tie into you blog, so I post it here.


The combination of your post here and this song kind of hit me like a two by four, and I mean that in a good way. And then there was a series of dreams I had last night that I won't bother y'all with, 'cause they wouldn't mean anything to anyone but me.

Visible said...

That is odd since I have a song called Help is on the Way.

galen said...

You're welcome, Ray, and yeah, I believe any effort of clean intent matters and helps.

Now, I just have to go here: I mean, you mentioned Sai Baba. Will we ever know the truth about all the sex abuse charges? See:

I wonder what THE BOOK OF TRUTH says. I may just have to borrow Button's Akashic Library card. (grin)


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I screwed up. The title is HELP IS ON ITS WAY, but hey! Rise Again has a good song and pretty sad video with the title: HELP IS ON THE WAY. They're a good band with an even better song called HERO OF WAR.


Oh, and I might well post the other:


The weirdness of all this with the coincidences is a'wackin' me upside. And there's so much more.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I don't have that card yet, but I interpreted a familiar chick's voice from the Otherside, I have less than 9 months to get it. ;O)

Then on to the job of gluing the Universe back together again from a better, more efficient vantage.

galen said...

Weekend perspective:



BCii said...

"Love will find a way."

(I've been thinking.... Within 3-D duality, from the standpoint of the Love-aligned polarity, we have two kinds of expression: expressions of Love, and requests for Love. Sometimes they appear as a mixture of the two. Any request for Love will be granted, in the fullness of time. And so Love always finds a way. That way can be short and quick, or it can traverse through infinite time and space to reach its destination. I don't know if this thought has any relevance or truth value, but I have been watching it pass through my mind.)

Vis, I am blown away that you have the kind of experience you do with the Ineffable, in a personal form. That is so awesome! Beyond words. Incredible. You have something exceedingly rare, I would think. That is a gift of gifts. Lady Fortune has a thing for you, most definitely. Congratulations!

My own, far more ordinary and mundane experience of life (which I now simply love -- it's mine, straight from the hand of God!) "broke through" into a very distinct, much clearer and brighter realm just a few days ago. Like night and day, on a subtle, yet immensely deep and powerful level. It changes everything in the quality of the experience. A quantum leap, so to speak. Like flipping a switch. Now, there is not a moment when I don't feel like I'm having an experience of the Divine.

The end of doubt, worry, judgment, sin, guilt, regret, rancor, blame, victimhood, powerlessness, division, suffering, impatience. Any and all of these things may appear on the surface, but the place where I'm now "coming from" is beyond their reach. The view is integral, unshakable.

Forgiveness, total forgiveness, will take you there. When you realize, in your heart, that there was never anything to forgive, that God is truly all-encompassing, all-powerful, all-loving, infinitely wise, the beginning and the end of all things, indivisible, and perfect... When you realize, in your heart, that God is not separate from anything in the world, that God composes all that is in the world, that you the person are is a thought in the mind of God, and who you really are is none other than God... When all this comes together, you have entered the pearly gates. Narrow is the gate? Yes, because only the One in you that you truly are can pass through. Now, you do bring everything with you, you understand. Because you are all that. You see now that there was never a time when you were not in heaven, in the state of As It Is -- you just hadn't remembered that you were.

Everything comes with you. Your ego, your body, your habits, none of that magically changes or disappears. What is now different is that you don't see a problem with the way things are. You're no longer divided, no longer fighting, no longer waiting, no longer the victim of any of the things that used to bother you and make life a pain -- on the level at which you reside and are aware.

Forgiveness is immediate. It becomes second nature. I have been getting the odd moment when I think I may have lost my place in this state, or feel like I might be in danger of that happening, but as soon as I remember to forgive that thought or feeling, peace returns like it was never gone.

I have this constant flame going in my heart. I am seeing everything with new eyes. This is incredible.

The Grace of God has found me. The Love has found its way. We are One.

Aloha. May the Grace of God find welcome in your heart as well, and open for you, forevermore, the gates of Paradise.

- a weary traveler who has found rest unto his soul

BCii said...

There was a typo in the fifth paragraph above. It should read, "the person you are."

Thanks for reading!

est said...

i was referring to the hinananas
described by jonathan swift

he didn't just write ' gulliver's travels'
but many more essays critical of his times

in this story, the horses [hinayana] are in charge
the humans -get this- [yahoos] are subservient

there are many other stories he wrote
all worth checking out [city in the clouds]

he was, as is our most gracious host,
a social critic of his time, much like dante

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Speaking of Jonathan Swift:


How could I NOT take the bait to post that, being what I am?

est said...

love to push

did you read the story [link] i posted awhile back

the premise was a restaurant
[the title escapes me]

that served it's patron's
well, other patrons

just up your alley
i thought you'd get a kick

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


I have a vague recollection of having read a cannibal tale on this site, but I'm not totally sure it that was it. If you can repost, I will read it again if I read it before. It's been a while, and my memory is hazy. I'll probably recognise it if. . .

I did put up a link on restaurants in Pakistan serving up long pig a few days ago after a post that was bogus on a dude in Texas asking for an 8 year old or less crotch dropping as his last meal.

I ought to call out on that, but they have so much off the wall stuff, they might as well be the "WEEKLY WORLD NEWS" of the internet, but they do have a couple of real stories every day, and those are usually pretty easy to find. I ignore the religious garbage that makes up so much of their bandwidth.

The 3rd Elf said...

Visible's radio show is now up...

Anonymous said...

it's people!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

LOL!!!! If I can find that in English, we gotta watch it this weekend.

(Do any of you guys ever worry about me? Heh-heh-heh!)

Visible said...

I don't

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I saw the flick alone, had to stop it and rewind a few times since I don't speak French, but it was pretty funny.

Delicatessen, 1991.

Just couldn't resist. Cannibal humour is my thang, after all. We may have noticed.

Kazz said...

The Father has spoken to me also Vis :o). He told me to wait patiently, and remain faithful and true to my journey as the darkness climaxes, by being balanced and humble, which is not so easy to do :o).

I will begin by apologising to all those whom my zest has devoured. It is all too easy to become that which we seek to overcome. Love is the guarantee that thwarts the dark's attempts to divide and conquer us all, so I will love my enemies with all of my heart, because my soul wish is to remove the yoke that has been placed upon humanity. It lifts my soul when I lift another, just as it destroys my soul when I destroy another, so please forgive me if I have destroyed rather than lifted you. Hopefully my apology will help heal any damage and lift us both to a higher place of clarity :o).

Love, peace, and light

Anonymous said...

I do..

galen said...

Me too.


Anonymous said...

excellent, visible,

this is one of the best posts in a long time. Please keep more of this type of post going.

Alan from Perth



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