Monday, October 20, 2014

The Sesame Street Cookie Monster and the Architects of Evil.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know I am not the only one who thinks so. The sense of imminence concerning some large and terrible event, manifesting from a government sponsored act of terrorism is making itself known to some number of us. Previously I stated that I had a positive feel about the imminence. I take this to mean that they are going to do it but they are going to screw it up and get caught out. This has to be the source of my optimism because... what else could it be? The time is as right as it can get with the rigged election cycle coming up.

Looking at the various distractions being thrown out for public consumption, with the anticipation of creating fear and confusion, one can surmise that this is all by design. Into the midst of it will come one more act of national terror, similar to what Israel and corrupt intelligence services did on 9/11. Of course, the same people will be behind this effort as well AND... you can trace all of it back to the bankers and corporate fiends in high places. In the boardrooms of banks and multinationals the world over, every time there is war or any other disaster, the members of the corporate executive branch and the heads of operation, rub their hands together with glee at the prospect of all the money they will make. Pharmaceutical companies are ecstatic about Ebola and all of the rest of the plagues. They’re going to make money. They may not cure anything but they will make money, the same way snake oil salesmen used to make money when yellow fever and other epidemics of the time were going about, slaying at will.

Whether something is right or wrong... whether millions might suffer and die... whether extreme tragedy is visited on large numbers of people is of no consequence to these people. This is how business operates in The Kali Yuga.

In the meantime, all over the place, due to the tension generated by so many causes; hard economic times for those being fleeced by the higher ups, fear of pandemics, the unfortunate housing market, the high cost of health care that doesn't even result in successful healing; oh there are loads of negatives in abundance. Because of the high state of tension, people are in a surly and irritable mood. There’s contention all over the place. It all originates in the human mind and it is being consciously generated by psychopathic Satanists.

That there is an international network of Satanists is beyond dispute. They have signature behavior traits and we see the evidence of these things, even when we are unable to see the players involved. In addition, we are witnessing the efforts of Mr. Apocalypse in exposing highly placed individuals in UK government and entertainment, as well as other spheres. It’s not just happening in the UK. As I said, there are signature behavior traits that are identifiable as Satanically inspired; the ritual violation, torture and murder of children is a known aspect of their operations. The truth is; these things generate power. They generate force to be used in various unpleasant ways upon the comatose public. This is the reason that Israel, often gratuitously, attacks defenseless groups of people on their religious holidays. They harvest occult power, which aids in the creation of divisiveness and discord among the peoples of the world and they profit... accordingly.

None of us are going to suddenly mount Pegasus and come galloping out of the clouds tossing thunderbolts upon the wicked. Despite it being something all of us would greatly desire the ability to accomplish and despite our hopes that someone, somewhere, will do exactly this... so far we haven’t seen any of it. I want to point out one thing that we can do and which demonstrably will have an effect on the wider world. The main intent of the Satanic/illuminati elite is to splinter the will of the individual. When we are unable to focus or concentrate, they can go about their business unhindered. When any one of us manages to consolidate our will we become a force to be reckoned with. When any number of us acts in concert with each other, the power becomes exponential in force. Look at what has been accomplished in this world by just a few individuals with common purpose.

Do you doubt that this is so? Look at the response by the government when protesters sought to encircle The Pentagon. Look at the effect of people exposing prime time moments for terror activity and how the perpetrators back off from their plans. Surely they would have been at it already were they not under such scrutiny. This is an apocalypse and by no means has it intensified as it is going to.

One has to realize that the servants of The Dark Lord are well aware of the power that can manifest out of a public that is joined together in common purpose. They are well aware of lightworkers who operate in opposition to them. They know that there are other forces at work on this planet besides themselves. They are aware of rival operations of darkness, whose objectives conflict or differ from their own. They are basically black magicians, who work with symbols and rituals that enhance the impact of their actions. What does it tell you that they are so engaged? It has to mean they are well aware of forces counter to their own. Would this make any difference whatsoever if these other forces were not capable of effective resistance and potentially capable of frustrating their plots? The exercise of pure logic confirms this to me. Everyone else is welcome to whatever conclusions they come to.

I have zero interest in my perspective being proven out. I have a 100% interest in my perspective being in alignment with what is so. I did not set out with any preconceived notions about what is what and who is who. My conclusions and beliefs all came about through relentless inquiry. When a line of investigation consistently proves the same thing over and over again, I am inclined to accept that as being what is so. When the same protagonists come up over and over again in relation to heinous acts and policies, I take it to mean they are responsible for them. I look in every direction seeking... who else could it be? What other results of reasoning are possible? Is there a cabal of individuals that exists invisibly and which uses these poor unfortunates for its intentions and designs? The only thing I have found in all my searching is... yes, there is an invisible lowarchy of disembodied entities but... the individuals they are working through are ‘fully in accord’ with their objectives.

There are some numbers of people who do not want to believe that those conclusively PROVEN to be the architects of evil, are, ‘in fact, the architects of evil. In some cases this is because they are members of this demographic. In some cases it is because of fear that they will be ostracized for truth telling and so it is better to blame it all on some group that is less likely to respond in the manner this group is known to. It can be from ignorance too. They have allowed themselves, due to possessing no more than a borderline intellect, to be convinced by the shallow and ridiculous claims of the architects of evil, in acquitting themselves of those acts which they most certainly have committed. I suggest that one look at the very high number of Tribe participants fully engaged in nefarious activity and then consider the REMARKABLY tiny number of them in residence planet wide. Then... why not take a few weeks, or months, or years (as I have) and look at their historical record.

Certainly it is not a good career move to call attention to this but it is a really, really bad move, career wise, in a cosmic sense NOT to call attention to these things because... after all... they are true and reluctance to do so... proves you false, weak willed AND of weak heart. Certainly one would prefer that the culprit turn out to be the Sesame Street Cookie Monster, or some aboriginal tribe, whose only media is the coconut telegraph. Most telling is who has near absolute ownership of the media and to what ends they turn its use. You really have to be stupid not to see it and a coward not to call it. I can understand cowardice. That is also the product of a divided will.

I digressed away from my original intent of commenting on the force that can be individually generated by the possession of a unified will. If you want to make a difference, unify your will. You will discover that all of the policies of the servants of darkness are toward splintering the individual and collective will. There HAS TO BE some reason for this!!! We have recourse to powers unguessed at. I could list quite a number of single individuals whose lives impacted on the entire world but... so can you if you choose. All of then were in possession of a unified will.

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Mike said...

You refer to these scum-suckers as Satanists. I see them more as Yahweh-ists. He is the dark lord. Look at all the misery he caused in the bible.

Visible said...

That's just semantics and I clearly named them as well; "a rose by any other name..." except in this case it would be a turd by any other name would smell as foul"

Juan said...

What bothers me most, is not the reaction of the tribe when you shine light on them, it's to be expected, but the reaction of the conditioned masses, especially the very educated masses. I have seen a few educated jaws drop in my time and they probably didn't even realise why they were outraged that the chosen tribe was being criticized. I'm past worrying about offending sleepwalkers now.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

taking out the trash

galen said...

I figured out. The purpose of the Ebola debacle:

They don't want us to hug.

Fight them on this; fight them tooth and nail. Hug soulfully. Hug passionately and tenderly. Hug with connection and abandon. Hug.


Ray B. said...

To All: Sorry about the long absence. I haven't yet read any of the columns since Oct 11th, so am out-of-date on any discussions/wisdom. I'll get to those as I can...

I just attended a week-long family gathering; the first nearly-complete one in around twenty-five years. I had been both looking forward to it and dreading it for months. It went pretty well, considering all the differences...

est, I wanted to thank you for the 'God bleeding in' comments from before then. I had a funny experience around that. When I looked at each brother, etc., this time, it was like there was something 'additional' there beyond all the personality aspects. It was nothing I did or was looking for. It was just 'there'. I tried all kinds of words to describe it, but none seemed quite to fit. Additional 'fullness' seems the closest, but still not quite right. Almost like additional 'light' or 'presence' within the person, compared with what I remember from last time. Even with all the 'warts' and personality defects still present. I'm taking this as a positive occurrence. Cool, but unsettling...

Anyway, glad to be back!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Kazz said...


The reason these slime bags are getting away with their karma is because they have indoctrinated the masses to adjoin their selves to their corporate entity (name on birth certificate).

Under common law/God's law there is only MAN/WOMAN. When an individual adjoins their self to their corporate fiction (John Smith, Jane Doe etc) they step out from under common law, which is where all your rights and liberties are, and they step into civl law/man's law/Babylonian law/maritime law/law for slaves, OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL!

As all religion is law it is important to understand the ramifications of doing the above, because if you state you are someone who you are not, you commit fraud and step out from under God's covenant (protection), which means you have stated that you are not a living being, but rather a corporate entity, who is under their lawful jurisdiction. It pays to purchase a legal dictionary, because certain words we read on contracts do not mean the same thing when written in legalese as they do in English.

Jesus Christ told me to KNOW THY LAW. I thought I read this in the Bible but now I cannot find that quote anywhere. All I know is that it was Jesus who told me to learn the law!!!!!!

This is the way to fight these people without bloodshed. Stand firmly under God's New Covenant as a 'child of God' and ask to see the contract that obliges you to perform. If they do produce the birth certificate it exposes their fraud. Since the birth certificate was created under Trust law they are in breach of the trust because they, as the public trustee, have not acted in the best interest of the beneficiary (us), which they had to swear an oath to do. I have had success doing this and so have others.

If they ask you by what name should I call you, I tell them to call me Christian, because Christ died for my SINS (SOCIAL INSURANCE NUMBER).

This is why Christ said, 'KNOW THYSELF'. We are men and women under God's law not corporate entities under Man's Law,

The legal maxim is that which is created can never be greater than that which is created. Man/woman created the governments, churches, corporations so they are UNDER man/woman, which is why they have gone to so much trouble to indoctrinate us all into adjoining ourselves into being corporate entities. Why do you think there is so much emphasis on WHO WE ARE? Show us your paperssssssssss!!!!!

GOOGLE YOUR 'STRAWMAN'!!!!!!! And read the words of Jesus Christ, because he has left you a trail of crumbs to follow.

DO NOT sign a UCC form to gain control of your STRAWMAN so you can discharge your debts, because if you do you will not receive your reward from God. Those who are rewarded in this life will not be rewarded in the next. When you understand that discharging your debts merely puts a heavier yoke around your fellow man/woman you understand that discharging your debts makes you part of the problem, so it becomes a choice of conscience. This is why this information is being made available to us now, because Satan wants to take down as many good souls as he can, and he knows his time is nearly up. It is because of people like me that they will soon be chipping people! If you get chipped you are stuffed!!!!!!!!!! It is better to let them kill you.

That is all I have for today.

That's all folks.

Visible said...

I'm on my way out the door and just wanted to say, put that focus on. Let your divine intent be relentless and strong; all day long.



TravisBaskerfield said...

Your spidey-sense might be on cue.

Watch what happens on October 27/28 and December 30 this year. A big one planned for January 6th 2016.

That's my diagnosis, based on my spidey-sense and some numerical analysis.

Visible said...

I had to leave school today because I felt uneasy.

est said...

i hear the leaves
blowing 'round

that's what happens
when you hit the ground

there's a meteor shower, up above

well that's what happens
when you fall in love

insiam said...

things fall appart
so that other things
can fall together

Insiam :)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Ya know, I wonder how many of us are still gonna be here in 2016. Will there even be a u.s. or israel? Is the u.s. gonna try and do a Chekist type purge on the sheeple between now and then? Round 'em up under the medical martial law thang that may occur due to the so called ebola outbreak, which I think is something else other than ebola, created in Hell knows what lab?

Oh well. We shall see. It would be nice to get nuked on October 27/28. Of course if nothing happens, I may be tempted to e-mail you a virtual nose-lick, so if you find a 'SLUUUUUUURP' in your in-mail, you'll know who it's from.

Anonymous said...

There was a weird feeling in the air this morning. Something is brewing.


Anonymous said...

uneasy how Vis?


Visible said...

hard to say but no indication why by this time so... and the feeling is gone (for the moment).

galen said...

Insiam, you just made everything okay.

Est, thanks for the reminder. I hear those leaves.

Last night this came out of an irritation:

Fundamentally speaking,
I'm no fundamentalist
and it's fundamentally true
I put up with you
in a fundamental kind of way

Is fundamental fundementia?
seeing only what the tunnel shows?
in fundamental mind-set
standing up on tippy-toes
A fundamental stretch
to wipe out all the rest

Essentially, inherently
fundamentally intact
I watch you try to press me in
to a box that's fundamentally thin
thin and rigid and very small
while all the while I pray to Christ,
"Please. Tear down this wall!"

From above and within
a universal breath
fundamentally clean
blows through my chest
the tunnel starts to crumble
the box turns to sand
and all is gracefully reduced
to a fundamental plan

Walls and dogma fade and depart
fundamentalism finds a heart
shows its old self to the door
fundamentally reaching up for more
And no hand comes up empty


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Weird. My last day at work got cancelled, my nose toy ended up not going to work because of a sore back, and his music meeting was cancelled last night.

And last I checked in the news, nothing. Oh well. Not quite 11:00 antemeridian, here. Maybe a BART train 'ill derail? Who knows?! Getting nuked at ground zero would be better, though.

Anonymous said...

Could part of your uneasyness be because our new Ebola Czar just publically stated that the biggest issue we are all facing right now is overpopulation?

Yeah, he did say that. Just google it. The sound quality sucks so you'll have to turn the volume way up.

I'm putting my helmet on now.


David Fiske said...

Hi Vis,
all well with me, flourishing in fact. I let the world go its own way and follow my heart into pleasant places.
Take a peek at this:

Nate said...

Yes, the tribe will continue doing their thing until they are shut down or no more.
Not sure which way that will play out, but it's not my call.
The ARS song "Not gonna let it bother me tonight" comes to mind.

Been having too much fun modding and playing with guitars to give it a moment's consideration tonight.

Tomorrow is a different story.

Peace and Love

Anaughty Mouser said...

I also feel a strange vibe of an uncertain/unpleasant kind - like the powers of darkness are sharpening their knives while they smile upon us.

I just keep reminding myself that time and time again during the history of the world that evil always destroys itself in the end by definition.

The Tribe is destined to destruction. The world will be a better place when they are completely eradicated from having any power - no longer able to cause war at their every whim.

They really are lost and evil souls.


Peace and love

flyingcossack said...

jews are going to turn off the power this winter ... cold weather city centers, good luck

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny sad and solemn... People hold tightly to opinions and beliefs that they have never examined in earnest. My family had a pseudo intervention on my behalf the other night. Why don't I just get a cellphone they ask.

Everybody knows that cellphones have enhanced our humanity. Information on hand. But I see everyone looking down at a screen, alienating themselves from each other and their immediate surroundings. I am sure they are all looking at important and uplifting information.

Should I bother to point out that our consumer electronics are a sort of Trojan horse? That we are being devolved by a non human intelligence? That we have no idea how this situation may be rewriting our DNA? Oh, and how it never ends... Now WIFI is everywhere and nobody can do without...

No, I should not. Because nobody will hear it. And they already have their prepackaged shrink wrapped knee jerk response ready. Their opinion which is impressed onto them through pop culture and with the backing of the masses.

They say truth will set you free. I suppose it will leave you bleeding in an alley too...


Anonymous said...

I sure hope the bankers have enough to eat tonight. I am so worried about them. Such wonderful souls...

Visible said...

The truth will set you free. It is the lies that will leave you beaten and bleeding in an alley.

galen said...

To David @ 3:21

How do you do this, David? 

"I let the world go its own way and follow my heart into pleasant places."

I ask because I'm curious and because it brings up concerns. Does it mean we turn our backs on life's challenges? Is it as viable a choice as passionate activism, getting in the face of the oppressors? I do believe that old adage, to all things a season, but there are so many I have known who are using every season to not be involved in rescuing our rights, or helping to make life good for our children and their children. Is it not playing right into the hands of the controllers to "let the world go its own way...?"

I mean, can we have a balance of "pleasant experiences" combined with getting in there and confronting the beast? I see that that can happen in so many ways; it doesn't have to be big, public or heroic. Just everybody doing something.

I think of that famous old quote: 

"I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees."

These words help me overcome my fear and procrastination.

Well, can't prove it, but seems to me on some level any who showed up on earth at this time signed up for some heavy assignments. Yes, I love to play, love art and music and nature. And all of that (along with our very selves) is threatened. Most unpleasant, no?


Anonymous said...

"Truth is the mother of all hatred." - Ausonius

David Fiske said...

To Galen
I think we need to do what we are called to. There seems so much wrong with the world one could get totally messed up worrying. It is partly that at age 75 I don't feel to get strained worrying. As Vis so often writes Mr Armageddon will do his 'thing'. The 1% will go down. I don't have to bring them down. Where I live and what I see is beautiful. I think it is pleasant to meet someone like myself that is not doing a dump on it all. For many years I tried to improve the world and then decided it was not my job designation. The world and people will change in their own time. I can't prophesise the time line. No one can. But it is clear that something has to break. We can't go on like this. Someone has to smile, laugh and grow his vegetables now and in the new world.
And who knows, just being like that can do something for the world. At least it is not adding to the stress around.
I like happy people and like to feel the 'Ineffable' and don't just pay it lip service. I suspect Vis does too.
Did you read the essay? Many more on my site.

galen said...

Yeah, yet if the water comes to our door, we'll all be shoveling.

Okay, David, I understand. Seventy-five brings many other considerations.


Kazz said...

Dear David,

The American Indians, Australian original people, along with all other native people's were all doing what you are doing, right before their countries were stolen, they were herded onto reservations, and then they got to sit and watch their family and loved one's die as they were infected with small pox that came interlaced in warm blankets, kindly given to them by the invaders. These are the people that humanity are up against. While it is tempting to sit this one out I would like to point out that as an older person you have less to lose than the young. It was the lives of young people who brought you the comfort and tranquility that you are currently experiencing (you may well have been one of them :o)). You, along with the rest of us, owe all those souls who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Food for thought: Jesus said life is eternal. The Buddhists believe in reincarnation, and that seems to be the general notion, so although you may be near to exiting this realm I think you should start considering what state you are leaving it in, because when you come back LIFE MIGHT NOT BE SO PLEASANT! Don't fool yourself into believing 'she'll be right mate', because if we, humanity, do not get on top of this problem the rest of eternity is going to be a REAL BUMBER!!!!!

My guess is that the people that don't stand up, along with the people that caused these problems, are going to be the one's reincarnating to this plain, until they work their shit out.

Really the smart choice is be a part of fixing what is broken, or die trying, otherwise your next rotation is really gonna suck!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Kazz

galen said...

I read the essay, David. Thank you. Inspiring. And a bit more transcendent than where I am. But it's something to reach for, and I'm glad you have that peace.


galen said...

Well Karen, there you go again:

"While it is tempting to sit this one out I would like to point out that as an older person you have less to lose than the young. It was the lives of young people who brought you the comfort and tranquility that you are currently experiencing (you may well have been one of them :o)). You, along with the rest of us, owe all those souls who gave their lives for our freedoms."

First of all, Dave explained that he sees he's approach as being helpful, so in one sense, he is not sitting "this one out." I don't think his "comfort and tranquility" has anything to do with soldiers, or as Joan Baez calls them, "paid killers." And what freedoms are you referring to? The ones we were born with that are every day being trampled on? Is this now Fox News, home of the brave. Tell it to Gaddafi.

Nothing against soldiers. True self-defense is a beautiful things. But what it's morphed into today, God help us. No one on the planet is safe. Tools of empires, stealing for their masters. The few who see the game deserve our support. This few is growing every day.


galen said...

David, thought I should read another of your essays, and this title pulled me in:

"Living in the Ruins of Catastrophe"

. . .and who isn't?

Anyway, I extracted the bit below from it and post it here as offering. Thanks, David.

"Instant focus on the latest scandal; instant oblivion on that and on to the next; till one reels unsteadily with the weight one now carries. We really need a skill to handle this or we become the catastrophe. Read that last sentence again. We will become the catastrophe. Do you want that as your future?

"Spiritual vaccination! I don’t mean living uninformed in a cocoon of isolatory false optimism, but practising good emotional hygiene to rid ourselves from inside of the resonances that latch onto bad news and become fervent spreaders of it. We become what we dwell on and there is a danger we become that awful virus of tragedy contagion. So daily we need a hygiene that cleanses us. Meditation etc. I have my routines that affirm the beauty of life in me and outside me."


Kazz said...

I am afraid you are barking up the wrong tree Galen. I am without any tact, and always have been. My father once told me I had as much tact as a train smash. I have not changed!

The people running the show are working very hard. Somehow I just don't think sitting back and believing that the Divine is going to save us will work. My experience with life is that if you want something to be different you have to get off your arse and change it. God helps those who help them selves!

Everyone who allows their selves to be forced to adjoin their selves to their corporate fiction (name on birth certificate) is a consensual slave. They belong to the Satanists. There is no argument about that! That deal is sealed.

How many people on this site, who claim to be evolved, are still consensual slaves?

You are either free or you are not! God is not going to save any of us, because we put ourselves here and it is up to us to get ourselves out of here, at least that is what I have been led to believe.

While having a garden is a great thing, especially considering the toxic GM foods crowding the supermarkets, and I completely understand why it is necessary for all of us to create a window of escape to maintain one's sanity, there is a large danger of opting out to do what is pleasant in the face of so much unpleasantness. The elite want us to do this. which is why they have gone to such lengths to make us all so soft and dependent.

I look at the masters to formulate my walk and what they have shown me is that they had little time for anything that was not in line with the Divine's Will. The question then is does the Divine want us to plant a garden or to spread the word and save the world. What did great people of the past do? Buddha LEFT HIS PALACE and although he sat underneath a tree, he was not gardening! Jesus told his apostles to 'get back Satan' when they suggested that he might not have to go and be crucified. Socrates ended up being killed even though he was given the option of running away, and Joan of Arc ended up getting burned on the stake.

The point I am making is that the people who do make a difference usually end up suffering for it. In Australia our prisons are filling up with Saints. I don't imagine they have much of an option to garden! I was thrown out of a police station a fortnight ago, and yesterday I pissed off numerous army personnel. My point is that when people suggest that we should go off to our nice place so we can be happy I feel like yelling 'GET BACK SATAN', because he is the only one who is going to benefit from people like us taking it easy.

Sorry if I have been too hard on you David but my children's lives and future are at stake and you have no idea how damned hard I can be if I have to!!

If you really think me too callous then go look at the faces of those little children in the rubble in Palestine and then come back and tell me how hard I am. How people in the Western world can continue to go about their everyday business and not be driven to establish change, with the current landscape, is beyond me.

I used to love reading a good book or watching a movie, but lately I don't seem to be able to focus on much of anything accept finding a solution to the dilemma we all find ourselves in. While I am absolutely sure that God is on the job, my understanding is that we, Western world people's, and those elite heartlessly ruling third world nations, are the focus of God's disgust, because while many of us are still living within certain comfortable parameters the rest of the world are being systematically exterminated.

I guess, deep down, I don't want to find peace while so many of my brother's and sister's are suffering so badly. I feel too guilty!

I could draw a parallel between Nero fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground. He was happy but what about the rest of the people?? If you are happy to potter in your garden David then good luck to you.

galen said...

Karen, take a few deep breaths.

I was just making the point that my freedom comes only from God. And also that David's right to choose his own path is just that, HIS right.



Kazz said...

Galen, we will get along a lot better if you stop being so condescending.

It was the elite's right to chose to become child raping, and murdering Satanists. That does not mean that I have to approve of their choices!!!!!!!! That is my right :o).

It occurs to me that the satanists would gain greatly from being able to lull people like us, that are posting here, into a false sense of security (you are safe so don't worry about the rest of the world), but Christ said as you do unto others so it shall be done unto you. Well currently the idiots running Australia into the ground are waging unrighteous, and unlawful wars in the name of the Australian people, and I for one will not tolerate this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because that is my right.

As for talking down to people, well it seems a lot of people appear to want to live in denial currently and if I have to be a bit of 4 x 2 to illicit a reaction from them so be it. I am a tough cookie and have never taken a backward stance, so I don't intend to now. People have no choice but to wake up around me because I don't give them a choice. That is my choice :o). If they don't like it they can remove their self from my presence because quite frankly I don't want to have anything to do with people who are happy to let others suffer while they potter in their garden or do whatever else it is that people do to escape the reality of our times.

You are either a part of the solution or you are part of the problem, and those who are happily going about their business while the world falls apart around them are a part of the problem. Silence in the face of such terrible crimes makes them an accomplice, whether they like it or not. There is no sitting on the fence this time around.

I have already told you I don't bow to anyone, especially child raping, murdering degenerates. I have taken a page out of Christ's book and will happily drive these people out of God's temple (our courts), and my country, God willing!!!!!!!!!

galen said...

I'm sorry, Karen, your responses are so frequently unrelated to what went before that I simply have to let them go or file them under doublespeak. Not that it's intentional on your part, but the communication is not clear.

Letting go. Would like to call this one a draw.




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