Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Black Riders are Galloping on the Poisoned Wind.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'd like to keep the entries at this blog at a certain level and directed toward the metaphysical but the physical and the non physical are both a part of the whole. It's all one thing. One is simply resident in a bandwidth that transcends the sensory. People who measure existence by what they can see and hear, often acknowledge only that. It's an ancient argument that ignorance always loses. If something is around the corner and you can't see it, is it actually there? Of course it is. If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it does it make a sound? Of course it does.

So it is that we are going to be, not only, dealing with the mundane today but with the grotesque. Our lives are being affected by these things and these things are being intentionally generated by specific interests for exactly the effect they are having. These days... most of us are not very bright. That is observably so because if it were not so, what is going to be discussed here today wouldn't be under discussion. There would be no market for these things.

At first it might appear that the various things I am going to mention are not connected. They most certainly are... if only due to the fact that the same forces are behind every single one of them.

The Satanist and Zionist Alliance, which controls most of the governments of the West; maybe most governments as far as I know, are committed to fomenting a race war between white people and all the other colors. I don't need to add in supporting links for this. The evidence of it is everywhere, from Ferguson to the open borders immigration scam. The proliferation of Latino drug gangs in nearly every American city is also a managed phenomenon. None of this has anything to do with the numbers of relatively sane and honest people of every color everywhere. That is something else.

If certain people provably control the entertainment business (all aspects of it), the media and publishing (all aspects), the art world (all the galleries) AND they are promoting a certain quality of expression then it stands to reason that these are the forms of expression they are intending to promote because...? Well... that's an interesting question. Why? What's their point? Here are the lyrics from several very popular artists of the day. Please take a moment to ponder the artistic excellence provided. I'm sure there are those out there who will 'somehow' find artistic merit in these loathsome, ignorant, toxic and downright evil offerings but... what can I say? Ponder these timeless works at your leisure. Here is Lil Wayne with another renaissance man, Drake. Then there's the effervescent and high minded, Iggy Azalea. Finally we have the ever irrepressible Olympian muse Niki Minaj with Drake and Lil Wayne. Beautiful work eh? Doesn't it just make your heart swell with pride at the force of creative genius springing up like Kudzu on all sides? This is the state of popular music and I've only given you a small sample.

At the same time as war is being fomented between the races, it is being fomented between the sexes. You can thank Soros for this, as well as other Tribe members and Satanists who are behind it. Here is one obviously Soros funded group of psycho Amazons who came to attention by stabbing a statue of Putin. Of course, then there is the potty mouthed kiddie sluts, courtesy of the Tribe alternative sexual agenda and then there is the timely appearance of things like this being put together by the same people. You will note that most of this isn't harassment and if you spend ten hours walking through specific neighborhoods where this kind of thing is epidemic, it's not hard to go into the edit room and put together any impression you want. It goes without saying that all of these guys are fans of the cretins whose lyrics were previously posted here. Considering the state of the culture and how it manifests on the streets in urban locations, of course this is what you get.

Ironically both of the A-list power chicks supporting the travesty are having bad personal problems; Mr. Apocalypse of course. Here's Jane Lynch's situation and here is Ellen Degenerates. You can find loads and loads of really seamy stuff going on which I was completely unaware of but for the purpose of this posting am now aware of.

Now let us consider two Tribe lovelies who are bringing their own interests into the marketplace and one of them had a model made of her own privates for regular use by twisted psyches who are unable to find a real creature for their needs. It makes you just want to stand up and cheer when you see a member of that group who are pushing for more than equal rights, getting into such a supportive industry of the same. Then there is the other one and obviously the writer of this expose has run into being called anti-Semitic, given the mention of it.

Finally, let us call attention to the seriously funny side of the whole thing; you can't make this stuff up. Just read the article. You're probably familiar with Tribe owned TMZ which features pretty much only rappers and reality TV show actors and whose main focus overall is The Kardashians. They also own Fishwrapper and a number of other execrable sites that pander to the lowest possible level of people and professions.

Down and down it goes folks and where it stops? There is no end in sight is there? Now, the delightful Honey Boo Boo has been taken off the air; probably to drum up the ratings because it appears that they arranged for some guy who molested Honey Boo Boo's older sister (forced felatio) and got sent to prison for ten years now being out and cuddling up with the momma again; the inference is that he's got eyes for the little boo boo. Of course this whole thing was scripted. The truly tragic reality here is that this is a hugely popular show watched by millions. Who are these people? I have no idea but... it tells me what's going on out there and it tells me that things are going to get very, very bad in certain places. How can it not?

I didn't want to come in here and distress you today. I did not want to reduce you to the desperate need for a brain shower; the need to have your mind steam cleaned. HOWEVER, this is what's going on out there these days and the same people are behind every single one of these things and that is stone cold fact and can't be argued against. Coincidence? Cherry picking on my part? Craft whatever rationalizations you wish; nothing here is being mis-portrayed and nothing here is not one hundred percent what it is. Sourcing it all is a breeze. It IS what it IS. Huh... what do you know? There's a little ISIS in there.

Why am I putting this together today? I want to bring your attention to just how desperate the times have become. It may seem normal and 'same as it always was' in your little neighborhood but it is now exactly as it was in The Shire just prior to the arrival of The Black Riders. As unreal as it all is... it's real. If what I have shown you today is going on and, quite obviously it is; imagine what is also taking place outside of your sightline. It is most certainly time to take personal inventory and try to figure out whether whatever it is that you have been up to is worth the effort you've put into it and worth your staying around to continue at it. Is a place to store your ass worth more than the ass you are storing? Is your ass worth more than your integrity? Your honor? Your dignity? Is there somewhere to go? Can you get there? Are you okay where you are? These are questions that can be sent to the inner regions of the subconscious and resolved according to the mysterious workings of that region.

It has been proven in the testimony of great thinkers, inventors and all manner of people who have found themselves up against impasses and creative blocks, where nothing they did seemed to be the answer, who sent their concerns into their own recesses and woke up in the middle of the night or the next morning and found the answer there. There are hundreds and hundreds of stories about this sort of thing, involving a litany of famous names. Perhaps the most famous example of spontaneous associative awakening is Archimedes and Eureka! Surely he was thinking about the matter for some time and his subconsciousness was sorting it out and then he stepped into his bath

You have within you all that you could possibly need to sort out your personal situation. You have to apply it though. It could well be later than you think. Some of the things illustrated here today are indications that serious shit is in the windshield. Wherever you may be in this hour, my heart goes out to you and I implore you to think about your situation and refer everything that you can't decipher or compute back to that engine that sorts it all out while you sleep and is the reason that there are dreams in the first place.

Finally, my apologies, once again for subjecting you to some of the horrific personalities, presently whooping it up in the ravenous fires of these end times. Maybe you didn't know it was like this and maybe all the dots as they connect to the main stain was not obvious. It should be now.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Yes, of course! I was struggling with a math problem related to diameters of spherical segments of curved surfaces at 90 degree angles, just drove me nuts....but as I walked one sunlit morning thc-ified I suddenly understood the solution.
Or in the morning, after sleeping, a good time when many answers come..

In the sad darkness of these days, there is still brilliant light, and love, and highly evolved beings...never forget this.
Les knows, we must,what's the word?...we must also have...'discernment'.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Makes me glad I dissed the teevee about 21 years ago. As for that waking up and knowing the answer, I remember that happening to me in a science course in high school, and I had to redo all my homework before school, because I did it all wrong the afternoon before. I've also gotten answers on what to do during meditation sessions during difficult situations.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"It IS what it IS. Huh... what do you know? There's a little ISIS in there."
Does it stand for
"Israel Secret Intelligence Service?"
Google has over 3 million "hits".

Anonymous said...

truth beckons like a feast to a beggar..

mucho gracias


Asil said...

The base defilers have definitely subverted what is good with toxic waste. Those who choose to fall into the darkness are joined by the weak of will, mind and soul. There are many who believe there are serious problems but only within the context of the regular structure of society. Few realize the entire construct of our society is hopelessly flawed. I also guess that what is most likely more grotesque is the debauchery that lies beneath the face of what we are exposed to.

I heard my first and last rap song years ago, while I was still living in the U.S. driving along listening to the radio. The rape of the music industry was happening in the 1950’s when the “benevolent” Rockefeller Foundation initiated changing the harmonious natural 432 Hz to 440 Hz.

So, we wait while the chaff is separated from the wheat.

And, for a moment of joy check this out:

I look forward everyday to see what you have written -- Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Actually according to Quantum physics, if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, it does NOT make a sound. There has to be an observer.

Laura in CA

Anonymous said...

When I heard there was a show called "Honey Boo Boo" that was highly popular I knew we are basically screwed. Welcome to the 'Dark Ages!'

I hope your relocation to the islands go smoothly.


Visible said...

Then quantum physics would be bullshit; or at least the particular individual that worked it that way. If I set a spoon to fall off the kitchen counter tomorrow afternoon and no one is in the house and a tape recorder is running it will record it even if no one is here to hear it. If I stick a tape recorder in Antarctica where there is no one for miles there will be recordings of the wind. A tree would not be unique in this regard not to make a sound.

Of course, my argument were I on the other side of the argument would be that God is everywhere and god hears everything no matter what.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The question on what's worth what. . .is anything down here worth anything 'cept our personal evolution? Will we care after we've moved on to the next realm after we judged our last life? Will we care about the hundreds or thousands of life lived before this one? Probably not, so will we care about this one? I don't think I will, outside of joking about some of the stupid things I've done. Though whoever I'm communicating with probably already knows all about 'em, so I probably won't even bother with that.

galen said...

I wasn't in the woods when that tree fell, but it was so damn loud.

Another Soros duplicity: Funds many environmental groups; funds nuclear power. The devil is shameless and thinks we're utterly stupid.

Watched that vid last night of the woman walking through New York. Those guys were set up. Her vibe was extortion/provocation: "Look at my body in this form-hugging t-shirt and tight jeans and say something about it. You can't resist me. Speak now. You are under my spell." Flirtation is now being demonized. Yes, some can cross the line, but this was orchestrated temptation purely for response. A trap.

On the debauchery. . . For years I thought it was only the moral demise that was getting to me, the ugliness and emptiness of it. But no, it was so much more. It was that it was happening right along side the planetary death (murder) of intelligence. Without intelligence there is a signing up to be done to, a zombie surrender to the dark side. And it's sold as hip and as cutting-edge freedom, while the slavery of it is parading its chains in lace and leather. It's a runaway train. Will only stop when it crashes and burns. Those who jumped off would do well to find each other and mend the wounds of mind-rape and body over-take.


Visible said...

Yeah... that's what I thought too and there is no telling if someone isn't walking right in front of her or how they might have rigged the sound or even got people to play along with their intents to begin with. I put nothing past these people. That there are certainly people who comment like that and that there are definitely places (streets) where you can bring that out is not in debate.

I really would like to get off this planet.

Ray B. said...

Haven't read Vis' article yet. Wanted to post this for Eudoxia:

Eudoxia Jones, October 29, 2014 3:38:00 AM
(posting here rather than at PD because people move on...)

As requested, I informed the Golden Age Project that my review was at and gave them the URL. Good idea.

Continuing on the "I started to get the feeling that the negative [RH] types seem to be naturally immune from the dogma, hype and just down right bullshit from the get go" :

I have no idea about the direct relationship of blood types to "their hypnotic trance like state." However, I want to venture an educated guess.

Assuming for a moment the Anunnaki intervention into human affairs, I mentioned long ago about 'in-groups' and 'out-groups'. Those individuals who either had no clue about their slave-labor-relationship to the Anunnaki or simply restrained themselves and 'kept their heads down' were allowed to stay in the 'civilized' areas and benefited from the 'goodies'. The folks who noticed and then complained or rebelled were either executed or banished. They kept their 'inner knowings' at the likely-price of subsistence-level living.

Over the thousands of years of Anunnaki 'selection', I suspect two almost-sub-species may have developed, much like the dog sub-species separated from native wolf or coyote species. One emphasizing 'obedience', the other emphasizing 'independence' (or perhaps 'inner knowing').

After the Anunnaki either left or went into the shadows, there was no doubt stirring of the population waters, big time. Of those human lines that survived to this time, some are probably of the lines selected for 'obedience' and others of the lines selected for 'independence' - with many 'admixtures'.

I wonder whether this is now genetically-linked in humans, much like the dog-lineage was selected for low aggression and high 'loyalty' (dependence?) and has subtly-different genes from wild-types. This would explain a lot of the observed 'behavior' in waking-up or not. Actual different sub-species? (Or perhaps only held-pain?)

Whether this is reflected in blood-types or not (or another genetic marker) is an interesting idea...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

galen said...

So what if, what if there was something like a Dignity Movement, where folks would commit (or at least try to) to involving themselves in endeavors that could lift us up out of the mud? Rough-draft suggestions but what if we had word guidelines to ask ourselves. In other words: Is what I'm doing:








(add your own)

These can still be adventuresome, cutting-edge, fringe. But is the moral compass subjective or is there a universal sense of right and wrong. And always the risk of any reach for morality being hijacked by fundies who think just about everything is a sin. What a mess. Thinkers are hard-pressed to wade through all this. But wade we must. Fuck. Sometimes you just have to say, Fuck.


Unknown said...

Kill your TV. Drop toxic addictive poison politely labelled "refined sugar" and remember who you really are.

Rain Waters

Ray B. said...

Vis, good (if nasty) column. Human nature is funny. If someone labels anything as 'forbidden', folks line up for it who had no clue of it or even inclination for it. Kind of a rebellious response, particularly if it is 'promoted' as being cool or hip. Even if it is bad for you...

Esoterically, one spiritual teacher said it was the "God is not There" phenomenon. As soon as you ban something, saying God is not part of that, there is pressure from the ineffable to fill that space. It expands until the deniers finally say "God is There, too." Note that this is different than saying you just don't like that particular manifestation of God...


I am perhaps more open on the "tree falls in a forest" argument, although from a more spiritual perspective. 'Reality' is not quite as solid as we perceive. This comes from my own experiences.

I'd like to add my own 'data' to the 'observer' problem. This has has happened several times over the decades, so it is 'repeatable'. However, it unfortunately occurs at random times. It most often occurs in bookstores, because I like books.

I will walk into a bookstore, hoping to buy a certain, specific title. I will go to the area it would be located in, and 'sweep' the shelves. If it is not there, I typically slow down and carefully look at each book in that section to make sure I am not somehow overlooking it. If no joy, I turn to go. Situation 'normal' to this point.

Occasionally, I get an impulse to turn around and check once more, even though I know intellectually it could not be there. Lo and behold, seconds after 'observing' no book, the desired book is sitting front and center, right in the area I had just carefully examined...

I was an aero engineer, trained to notice details, because you could kill people if you slacked. These occurrences were not sloppy looking. 'What' they are is unknown, but interesting!

Quantum mechanics (pun) have been tiptoeing around the 'observer' problem for almost a century. It is the "elephant in the room" of QM. Personally, I believe we will move to some Seer or Sage status when we sort this out...

By the way, Quantum Mechanics have explained away the 'recording instrument' part of the 'observer' problem by *defining* the collapse of the state vector as to only when the recording instrument is read-out by a Conscious Observer. Before that, the recording instrument itself is part of the 'experiment'. That way, the observer is still 'king'.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 -

War Between the Sexes = Feminism = Satanically Created Mindfuck = Destruction of the Family Unit = More Brainwashed Idiots Controlled by the Government = Mission Accomplished

Here's a foolproof formula for confronting a rabid feminist:

First off, ask her if she thinks a woman can do every single thing that a man can do - aside from those involving feats of physical strength - just as well as a man, if not better.

Of course she'll say, "Yes."

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous Renaissance artist (***crickets***).

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous author of classical literature (***crickets***).

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous scientist, other than Marie Curie, who, in actuality, didn't do much of anything except allegedly "discover" radium and polonium, which was then used to radiate unsuspecting sheeple via countless "x-ray" sessions, on behalf of the Rockefellers and their fellow AMA Satanists - and, actually, Marie's husband, Henri, was the guy who did most of the work, but hey, feminism was on the rise even back in the early 1900's, so they propped her up on a pedestal and gave her a couple of Nobel Prizes to sell the illusion that she was "a deep thinker", and, anyway, ummmm, I lost my train of thought there, just like a woman! - so, um, name another famous female scientist beside Marie Curie? (***crickets***)

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous inventor (***crickets***).

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous doctor (***crickets***).

Then ask her to name a woman who was a famous ANYTHING, other than a runway model, TV personality, actress, author of mindless sexual fiction, reality star, or paid political hack, and she'll turn purple and call you a sexist pig (she'll attack the messenger), or maybe she'll throw out Mother Teresa (who was a darkside tool for the Catholic Church), or that broad who created "art" by letting people stare into her vagina at an art gallery, or a couple of other feeble examples, and then she'll realize women haven't done much of anything, except bitch about how they aren't being treated as equals by men, which is like bitching because the sun came up, and then tell her to shut up and go make you a sandwich...

The MSM has been pushing the notion that women and men are equal, in order to separate the two sexes, and control both sides via the same old divide-and-conquer tactics - and they've been doing so with great success for a long time now.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 -

They are doing the same thing along racial lines, also with great success, as Visible pointed out in this piece; and I won't touch the racial thing, except to say, isn't it odd that there are Asians, Africans, Indians, Native Americans, etc., all with different physical attributes, all with different mental attributes, all with different emotional attributes, and psychological attributes, and BIOPHYSICAL attributes, but they are NOT supposed to be thought of as being different species, no! - and yet there are black birds, yellow birds, green birds, etc.; but no-no, when it comes to humans, "we're all the same!" (my ass).

Speaking of which, women and men are not equal. Women are not as creative, nor are they as intelligent, as men. A study was recently published in the UK, which proves that men's brains are actually larger than women's, and in all the right places. But you don't need the results of a scientific study to figure this out (see the above recipe for confronting a rabid feminist.)

Those in control know all too well that women are extremely - and I do mean EXTREMELY - malleable. They are deeply affected by advertising, the media, whatever their friends are wearing, whomever their friends are screwing, and whatever is in front of their faces at any given moment in time. And TPTP knows this. And they use it to their full advantage, and to the detriment of not only women, but their male counterparts as well.

A woman could be happily married to the greatest guy in the world, and she'd swear she would never look at another man, and then, one day, she's wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo's and she's at Safeway, and some guy who reminds her vaguely of Denzel Washington could say just the right thing to her, at just the right moment, and the next thing you know, she's getting slammed against the headboard at the local Ramada by some dude with dreadlocks and the IQ of a can of Spam. And afterwards, she'll pretend it didn't matter because her husband didn't notice earlier in the day, when she'd asked him if she looked different, that she'd lost five pounds, so he deserved what just happened between her and Mr. Dreadlocks, because she read something like that in a Cosmo article once, and all her friends had agreed with the article, so there...

Yes, women are different than men. Very different. They are very susceptible to bullshit. And if you love a woman, you have to keep very close tabs on her. VERY close.

You have to watch out for her, most especially for her well-being. Because society lies to her with malice aforethought and tells her she is capable of doing anything, and she can master the odds in ANY situation - just like the "super women" on the TV sitcoms and dramas - and well, that's borderline sadistic, now, isn't it?

If you don't love a woman, buy her a mini-van with a built-in television set, and call her on her cell phone every single time you know she's out driving it, and yes, you'll soon be collecting on her life insurance policy.

Anonymous said...

Ask the squirrel, that got his skull crushed when the tree he was perched in fell, if said tree made any sound. I'm am sure the poor little bastard screamed his lungs out.


missingarib said...

Vis, I don't remember a time when the boys from the protocol of zion weren't busy doing their thing.
The cenotaphs across the western world all mark the dates times and people who so "proudly" give their lives and God knows what else to the cause.

"The Satanist and Zionist Alliance, which controls most of the governments of the West; maybe most governments as far as I know, are committed to fomenting a race war between white people and all the other colors. I don't need to add in supporting links for this. The evidence of it is everywhere, from Ferguson to the open borders immigration scam. The proliferation of Latino drug gangs in nearly every American city is also a managed phenomenon. None of this has anything to do with the numbers of relatively sane and honest people of every color everywhere. That is something else."

The minutes of silence we observed out of respect for the fallen seems to have continued way past the 9/11 wake up call.
We have been seriously Fukushimaed, so there is no going back.
But we are not without hope without faith and certainly without love .
The twin towers fell and everyone heard them but one mustn't ask why?
The president was killed in Dallas and everyone saw it but we mustn't ask who?
The things we don't hear,or see are not the reflection of what we see and hear and ignore .

Thus as you state so clearly," Truth is a double edged sword. One should not pursue it if one is not amenable to the truth acting upon the one in search of it. This is the very facility that weeds out the insincere and regardless of the mistakes one might make in their life, if they are diligent in their quest, all these errors will be corrected and summarily erased. Once you come into your own, everything that was never a part of you to begin with, is returned to the source of wherever that shortcoming or inconsistency originated."
be well -live long

Dawn said...

Perhaps the moral compass got lost in the woods, and the tree fell upon it.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Have you heard of Aurore Dupin/George Sand and Mary Anne Evans/George Eliot? Hypatia? Hedy Lamarr? I've also known some damn brilliant chicks in my life, though two of them ended up as attorneys. I've also had some awesome chick teachers, one who was a published author, and once she even threw a piece of chalk at me in class for something I said in the late 1970s. They ain't all a bunch of bimbo airheads. And ifn ya don' t believe me, I'll strangle ya with my 5 inch armpit hairs!

(As fer inventions, does the concept of a nose hair coat count? I'm also real good a t embarrassing people in public in innovative ways.)

Anonymous said...

There always is an observer.

galen said...

Anon @ 10:09 and 10:10, Your sweeping generalities are breathtaking and I hold you more responsible for the polarization between men and women than you might know. You play right into the hands of the people-programmers. Also, please consider what women endured throughout history and all the opportunities they were denied, not just in education, but especially in art. Has your experience with women been so superficial that you can only see them as consumers and adulterers? Ever met a real woman? It's similar to when you meet a real man. You tingle because you see a whole person, doing the best he or she can, dealing with so much, trying to escape the programming we've all been doused with. How easily we slam the other and attempt to cage him or her into our opinions. Please reconsider. I know the feminazi phenom has a deadly sting, but it DOES NOT include ALL women. I cannot have you do this to my mother, my grandmother, my daughters.

Dawn, you're on to something. I'm pretty sure the spouse of the squirrel has the compass. It's likely being recalibrated, set on soul, aligned to spirit, a true, True-North of the human experience. There's so much to learn from squirrels.


insiam said...


the forest is empty of ears. no-one to listen. i.e. no squirrel.

try to keep up mickey :)

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, October 29, 2014 10:09:00 PM :

", um, name another famous female scientist beside Marie Curie?"

Emmy Noether.
Wikipedia: "Described by Pavel Alexandrov, Albert Einstein, Jean Dieudonné, Hermann Weyl, Norbert Wiener and others as the most important woman in the history of mathematics, she revolutionized the theories of rings, fields, and algebras. In physics, Noether's theorem explains the fundamental connection between symmetry and conservation laws. She was born to a Jewish family in the Bavarian town of Erlangen; her father was mathematician Max Noether. ..."

Emmy actually laid the foundations for theoretical physics that many males use without crediting her...

Rosalind Franklin.
Wikipedia: "[She] was an English chemist and X-ray crystallographer who made critical contributions to the understanding of the fine molecular structures of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite. ... Franklin is best known for her work on the X-ray diffraction images of DNA, which led to the discovery of the DNA double helix. According to Francis Crick, her data and research were key in determining the structure and formulating Crick and James Watson's 1953 model regarding the structure of DNA. Franklin's images of X-ray diffraction, confirming the helical structure of DNA, were shown to Watson without her approval or knowledge. This image provided valuable insight into the DNA structure, but Franklin's scientific contributions to the discovery of the double helix are often overlooked."

Ditto for DNA research as Emmy...

Annie Jump Cannon.
Wikipedia: "[She] was an American astronomer whose cataloging work was instrumental in the development of contemporary stellar classification. With Edward C. Pickering, she is credited with the creation of the Harvard Classification Scheme, which was the first serious attempt to organize and classify stars based on their temperatures. ... On May 9, 1922, the International Astronomical Union passed the resolution to formally adopt Cannon's stellar classification system, and with only minor changes, it is still being used for classification today."

Ditto for stellar research as Emmy...

Many, many more. You need to shed some old pain...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous parts 1 &2:

Your post seems designed to produce the same effect as the feminism you're railing against.


Smyrna said...

Old Portia looks due for some nip/tuck. She grew up maybe 150 yards from me back in the '80s, next door to my mate Tony. Quite funny what became of her.

Visible said...

Well... I saw all that coming. I want no part of it.

Yes, there is always an observer because there is nowhere that the divine is not; probably the quantum physics thing interfaces with that as well.

est said...

i'll take the bait

quantum physics
is a theory and only that

it involves all energy
and matter being connected

[even over time, and infinite space]

it is connected through awareness

hence the question about the tree

of course it makes a sound

that's a question of physics

if no one is there to hear it

they need to get out
into the woods, more

Visible said...

heh heh, well said. That is pretty much exactly what I was thinking was how quantum physics came up with that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Those Dancing Hypocrites on Invisible Wires of Compliance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the truth.

Reality-denial is moral cowardice, nor does burying one's head in the sand exempt one's derriere from the consequence of a military boot.

Anonymous said...


Try to keep up with the correct spelling.

BTW, If you post an insult and no one reads it have you offended anyone??????? Now I understand perfectly!


Anonymous said...

There is a difference between scientific knowledge and science.

" I often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science, whatever the matter may be."

By a guy named Thompson. This quote was given to me, and the rest of the class, by my sophomore physics teacher. I have read that Thompson derived E=mc^2 from Maxwell's equations before Einstein derived it from his special theory.

There is a point where science becomes speculation. Quantum mechanics is well past that point.

Meticulous, rigorous application of scientific method at the wtc would have shown where the building frames were broke and where the forces came from that caused the breaks. Alas!

Scientists will say anything for a grant. Morality and ethics are non existent in the world of science. Scientists are lap dogs for the military. Scientists are always servants and never masters. Science is more about how to fuck over your neighbor than anything else. If one were to divide up the human race by vocations the most dishonest people would be scientists and engineers.

What puts health in the body and joy in the heart is not requisite upon science.

Love, music, art, peace, all!


Anonymous said...

Ray B...thank you so much for your Wikipedia searches, which merely served to prove my point. I was hoping someone would do that.

As you may have noticed, my challenge was to name a FAMOUS woman who had achieved greatness and/or extreme notoriety in any of the fields that I outlined, and Emmy Noether, Rosalind Franklin, and Annie Jump Cannon, are hardly household names - LMAO (in fact, I'd never heard of them before, until you did your Google research, in your ineffectual effort to appear omniscient).

The whole point I was making, is that it's damned near impossible to come up with a FAMOUS name (unless one does Google searches, or Wikipedia searches, as you did), and if one is confronted with a rabid feminist, by issuing the challenge I outlined in my two posts above, the feminist would have to resort to digging deep on her I-phone, via online searching, to find even a single potential candidate - just like you did.

Why is this true? Because there are basically no famous women in those spheres of endeavor that I mentioned. True, anybody with fingers and a working brain could resort to Googling, but if they can come up with even one or two FAMOUS names, they would be very hard-pressed.

Whereas if one were asked to name famous males in those professions, the list is fairly massive.

I created the challenge because I'm sick of feminists who bash every single non-Jewish white male on the planet, as being "sexist", or "stupid", or whatever slanderous label they picked up along their merry way, due to being surreptitiously brainwashed by the media.

Like Ausonius said, "Truth is the mother of all hatred." And yet, the truth is still the truth.

So those of you who find yourselves facing a rabid feminist in the future, would do well to follow my recipe for shutting her state-controlled mouth.

I've been confronted by more than one rabid feminist, and in some of the most bizarre places that you could imagine. And by issuing the challenge that I outlined, I'm telling you, it will shut them up very quickly - and in some cases, if they are capable of it, it will actually make them THINK.

For the rest of you who babbled and attacked and came up empty (because you couldn't come up with a single famous name, other than actresses, which weren't part of the initial challenge for obvious reasons), uh, shut up and go make me a sandwich.

anonymous said...

Anon. @ 10:09
Arts: (painting)
Jackie Evancho - singer,look at "Dark Waltz"
Rita Streich - opera
Sheila Escobar - percussion

Politics: Aung San Suu Kyi (Burma,now Myanmar)
Indira Gandhi (India)
Margaret Thatcher (UK)
Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan)
Angela Merkel(Germany)

Medicine: Florence Nightingale

Authors: Margaret Mitchell "Gone With the Wind"
Louis May Alcott "Little Women"
Laura Ingalls Wilder "Little House on the Prairie"
J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter"

Inventors: The attorney firm who handles my husband's aerospace patents also handles patents for the actress Isabella're probably not aware that either of them are inventors.

During the war my mother was a riveter and small motor mechanic. Dad said she was so good at fixing motors that she could tell what was wrong by smell alone.'s all about perspective. My husband is good with physics and math. I play "Bumble Boogie" on the organ and like to sketch. He's a good problem solver and calls me the empath. Don't each of us have value, dear Anon? Sorry this is long Mr. Visible.

galen said...

When you need facts or stats, Ray delivers, a talent I must cultivate in myself. Anon, like Ray said earlier: "You need to shed some old pain."

Est, I saw you in the woods yesterday. You were walking your talk.

Buttons, thank God you are not from this planet; such a perspective is hard to come by. You jump-started my day with a belly laugh. One can only wonder your deodorant of choice.

Mickey: "If you post an insult and no one reads it have you offended anyone?" Perhaps you only offend yourself. Just speculating.

McCob, when you went missing I thought you might be hunting for the compass. There were rumors that it fell into a grain silo and someone fell in looking for it. Trapped for days, but eventually, nobly, made it out with accompanying squirrel. We now can find our way if we so choose, even anon.


Ray B. said...

Anonymous, October 30, 2014 7:29:00 PM

"As you may have noticed, my challenge was to name a FAMOUS woman who had achieved greatness and/or extreme notoriety in any of the fields that I outlined, and Emmy Noether, Rosalind Franklin, and Annie Jump Cannon, are hardly household names..."

Ah, I see why you missed my meaning. In my opinion, it was the patriarchal culture in science (as elsewhere) that 'assured' that these women were not honored and feted for their contributions. Not the scale of their contributions. If any of these women were instead a 'male' in the turn of the century culture, they would have been front-and-center in the textbooks. You are looking at 'censorship' of the worst kind, not capability...

As to your slur against me, these women popped up in my general readings about science. I reflected at the time how ill-served these women were by the culture of the day. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to expose these 'greats' to the light of present day. Thanks for the opportunity!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Robot catcher: "nedicis Goddis" ! (grin)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

In the cabinet I have Aqua Velva Musk, Right Guard Sport, and Brut Revolution. As for being and observer, I am now. I'm an ancient has-been who's falling apart by choice, since I feel I've given enough to this planet. When I was less that 45, I was a ball of fire. Am now 52. No, I'm not famous; though some of my work is. Only those I tell know who did what I did. Like those on this forum know I'm a retired Nosehair. Not nose hair, but NOSEHAIR. Two Nosehairs, really; considering I play Igleson Snortworth III from Georgia Atlanta, and Schnoodles Langtail from Nooszhlerville, Scotland.

Sensuous Nosehairs On Tap

And here's a partial list of some of the things I've done:

I free-climbed a mountain cliffside when I got stuck and couldn't get down. (The thing that talked me into that rescued me.)

I was almost killed by a donkey once, and a mule on another occasion.

I've climbed to the top of Vernal Falls.

I've done a static line parachute jump. (And misunderstood all the directions.)

I used to be a freerunner before the word existed.
I've flown in light planes. (I hated it.)

I've had my picture taken with me on top of a phone pole.

I ran under a utility truck as it was pulling out of a petrol station.

I was flown to New Jersey to rescue a data centre site. It took me a week.

I've befriended raccoons to where they'd come right up to me.

I worked 45 days in a row once.

I worked a 24.75 shift once.

Our album (which I wrote 90% of) is a major hit on SoundClick.

I've been a poet, a writer, a musician, a visual artist. (I now refuse to do any more.)

I worked for 19.5 year stretch without once calling in sick.

I used to be able to clean and jerk 95% of my weight. (When I weighed 112 lbs.)

I survived getting hit by Southern Pacific, and have met Death. (Still here. Had a job to do.)

I've been on underground radio interviews in character.

My work is famous, though I'm obscure.

My art has hung on other people's walls.

I've saved a few lives of varying species.

I was the cornerstone for the building of a millionaire, and I walked away. (The dayam thing works for Bayer now.)

I can also probably outdo Ramsay Gordon with some some of my chow, but of course if you tell anyone; I will have to e-mail you a virtual nose-lick.

I also freely admit I'm nothing to look at one way on another. Well, except for my nose. Ah yes, my glorious nose. Legend has it that it contains the Universe in the right nostril.

Eudoxia said...

I forgot to post this it's been sitting here all night!

Thanks Ray B for your message, GAP will appreciate that and all for sharing information. I particularly loved your review.

As for the genetics I have to agree with you there, I've never been certain of the neg types either but I have always had a hunch, and there does certainly appear to be sub species within sub species from personal experience with dealing with those who are just so shut down for want of a better word, or whose cognitive dissonance defies reason. In fact I could even say that perhaps cognitive dissonance is a symptom of the sub species and I'm sure we've all encountered those in more abundance than we'd have liked.

Viz - the Dark Riders, far out!! I was just saying to a friend of mine last night who is really pissing me off at the moment, and I don't know where this came from but I yelled at her on the phone and said "We are running out of time" and I swear to God I have no idea where that came from............

galen said...

Holy shite, I listened to the whole dang thing, Buttons. For years I've read your nose references, not understanding, straining for context and today all that was cleared up. This is truly an innovative and original work, fast and loaded. Nose-gestalt. "What is this!? What is this!?," I kept asking myself. Shades of Zappa, interacting with Fivel and Reepicheep. Slack key by Snuggles. Lily Tomlin gossiping with Minnie Pearl. Aliens trying to fit in at a fourth of July picnic in the Appalachian hills. Backwoods, sneaky blues in a couple of haunting instrumentals. Laughed so very hard. Second listening required. Right on time for Halloween. Crazy. Thanks for bringin' it, Buttons. 


Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

I find it sad that you could categorise half the world population in the manner you did. What we say gives others a much deeper understanding into who we are. I think your perspective elevates you so high above your mate that there is no equal platform where two evolved thinking beings could actually interact at a respectful and trusting level. You speak of protecting your woman, which I find very admirable, but when you infer a woman cannot be trusted you expose an inability to trust. This comes from either a failure to trust in yourself or a failure to trust in your partner.

You pick your partner, so if you pick women who cheat on you that is indicative of your priorities and choices. My experience has been that any worthwhile changes to my life have always been precipitated by a change in my attitude first.

My IQ puts me in the top 3% of people on this planet, and since approximately 50% of this planet is male, your inference that women are not very bright would not seem to hold water. You state women are malleable like that is a bad thing, but if a person is not malleable than they are not open to change and expansion, which means they operate under an ideal rather than a paradigm. How can a man who puts so much faith in science be an idealist?

I agree that women can be preyed upon, but so are men. Rather than keeping a good eye on your woman, perhaps making sure that she is well informed (aware of certain dangers) and takes certain precautions would be more easily obtained. Otherwise you would be treating your partner more like a child than an equal. As I once stated, I was hauled over a guys shoulder one night, while I was simply waiting outside a club for a cab. He had walked half the length of the car park before his friends managed to pry me out of his hands and even then they had to hold him down so I could run to safety. From that time on I always drove unless I went with a friend, so I did not have to wait for a cab.

I don't see men as being better than women, or vice versa, they just are who they are. People are individuals, so to generalise to the degree where you categorise Earth's inhabitants according to their reproductive systems seems extremely limiting, and for a man such as yourself, who claims you are intelligent, does that not seem a bit narrow minded?

Although women cannot do everything that a man can do (allowing for the fact that some unique women are as strong as the average man), neither can a man do what women do, namely have babies. I personally see no difference in the level of intelligence of men and women, but I do see that this male dominated patriarchal society that we have all been forced to live in has done nearly everything to remove any opportunity for women to contribute at a meaningful level in this world, which is why there is such great destruction and so little nurturing. Personally, I love having a man around, but if I did not have a loving, trusting partner I would rather fly a solo. If one cannot be happy on their own they will never find happiness with another anyway.

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Money doesn't Kill People, Bankers Kill People.

Anonymous said...

“On one issue, at least, men and women agree: they both distrust women." (H.L. Mencken)

Anonymous said...

I think you're on to something, galen.


(not Mickey but close enough)

Anonymous said...

Wow: I'm appalled.

Went searching for Karen Norman (Kazz) online to find her email address so I could write to her personally. No luck there, but I was sickened by what I did discover.

"Enlightened" souls virulently flaming her Youtube channel after having read her comments posted on Vis's blogs!

Whut's widdat peeps?

Just another good reason to remain "anonymous" here folks, and anywhere else you're tempted to post online...

You run the risk of freaks and trolls coming after you with a virtual ax if they take umbrage with your comments and opinions.

Sad state of affairs and why I don't generally comment here or anywhere else, other than very infrequently and only under the protection of the "anon" umbrella.

You're a better and braver one than I Gunga Kazz: my hat's off to you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Ye're welcome. You can download it whilst it's still free, though at the rate 'STEVE' goes, that might be forever.

Anonymous said...

@ anon re: Karen Norman

I found Karen's you tube channel and saw the comments in question under the discussions tab.

It's obvious a couple of people went far and out of there way to stalk her online in order to deposit those flaming sacks of dog poo on her doorstep a month ago, then ran away.

I have to also wonder if those flaming sacks were dumped by any of the commentators who have gone far and out of there way to slice and dice her here, albeit with a butter knife.

Sad indeed, any way you cut it.

Anonymous said...

P.S. (i think it was eddie devere)

Kazz said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your concern :o). The truth is I am somewhat IT challenged so I am not even aware of the fact that I had a youtube channel. I am pretty sure that I have never initiated one. I could be wrong. I hope these people are not harassing some poor individual with the same name! As for the loonies who want to be keyboard warriors, I learned a long time ago that people who threaten others are full of sh.t. I grew up in one of the roughest areas of Australia and I have had to defend myself on more than one occasion, this also holds true whilst I was travelling overseas, so I am not too shabby when it comes to hand to hand combat.

I am a very blessed person because God keeps a very good watch over me. I still get my lumps and bumps but this is generally because I warranted the experience to grow.

As for the loonies, well I am more concerned about the government, who appear to be the biggest loonies of all. They know who I am because I was extremely vocal in my courses as university, which is why I got thrown out on a regular basis, even though they continued to pass me, times with high distinctions LOL.

A word of warning to those threatening me, the police keep a pretty close eye on me, so if you want to kill me you may have to get in line :o).

I have been given information by the Divine that can free humanity from bondage and this kind of knowledge needs to be shared. Many people have been killed throughout history in the service of the Divine, and if I am to die following such pursuits, well we can't live forever because we all have to die some time :o). Death is not something that I fear, even though I have a wonderful life. You see I have been to Heaven many times and it is a truly beautiful place, one that I am happy to return to when my mission on this plain has been achieved.

Lots of love Kazz

est said...

i disagree

why would you be afraid to a fix a name
to what you've written ?

unless you are advocating insurrection
or treason or

assassination or armed revolt or
murder, mayhem or riot

then you can say exactly what you want

just don't say FIRE !!!
in this crowded theater

Kazz said...

Dear Est,

It is the corporate deluded Satanists, who believe that they have obtained ownership of this world through might, who have committed treason against humanity. The outcome of the Nuremberg trials at the end of WWII, where German officer's and soldiers argued that they were simply following orders, was that they were found guilty, because the law clearly indicated that each individual has a higher duty to humanity then to any superior officer. The elite have judged them selves!!

I agree with you all, none of us know anything beyond what our own hearts dictate, that is why I live according to mine, after all it is a more intelligent organ that contains more neurons than the brain. Not to say intelligence isn't paramount, but intelligence without heart can be merciless!

It is because none of us are masters/mistresses of anything beyond our own temple/body, that we leave that up to the Divine, which is why none of us should ever bow to another and hand over our authority. I found out a long time ago that no one has my best interests at heart like I do :o).

Since I will be held personally responsible for what I think, say, and do than I WILL that I am mistress of my own universe and hand over control to no Man/Woman, only to the Divine will I bow.

Cheers Kazz

est said...

i'm not sure why you included my name
do you want to say something to me ?

Kazz said...


I was responding to the post you wrote above mine. One cannot commit treason against a corporation, and the corporations that are currently running Western countries (as well as most others) were all acquired via treason or unlawful wars. The people running these countries and people into the ground are the 'men of lawlessness' that the Bible speaks of.

Hope that clarifies for you:o)

By the way love your poetry, you sound like a very gentle soul.

Luv Kazz

est said...

what you hear
is the > echo

of your own 'soul'
> all it ever is



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