Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Ebola Suicide Bombers and Ebola Bombers of Conscience.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

(my apologies for no radio broadcast Sunday night. I was engaged in doing it but the coughing and sneezing took its toll on my patience and we're just going to have to wait for next week.)

Visible Origami... my favorite blog and my first blog by about a year. Then I realized that less than one in ten people would ever be interested in the metaphysical angle irons of philosophical discourse (there's a nice turn of phrase, visible). It occurred to me that probably ten times as many people would be drawn to the socio-political claptrap AND... they were and so Smoking Mirrors was born. My point was that there would be a bleed off from Mirrors to Origami and... there was, so, it logically followed that Petri Dish and other diverse forums would add to it all and then... AND THEN! The counters went nuts and we had as many as four thousand readers on a blog at a time! Of course, cynical types might point out that, in truth, there was less than four thousand actual visitors but... it looked good and sometimes, looking good is all you need. Right? Otherwise why would so many Nimrods base everything in their life on the most superficial of considerations. Oh well...

In any case, today, “I feel like home made shideoliladilodiladi” to quote The Fugs. Hopefully it will have minimal effect on what we talk about today. What to say? What to say? Keep on keeping on? Do we have a choice? So long as we are corporate, things are being worked out in terms of our Karma and our aspirations. I often think of life as being a lot like a watch, a cosmic watch, unlike any other watch one has ever seen or heard of; at least half of the watch is invisible and the visible and invisible are turning at different speeds and often to different ends. When we think of ourselves, as we see ourselves, we are not seeing ourselves. There is a great deal more to us than that and this is the explanation for why inexplicable things happen to us and around us. Unless we 'choose' to look deeper into ourselves we haven't got a prayer as for a positive outcome overall. We may have our victories and our fine moments here. We might even cakewalk through existence, having earned that from the particular construction of the invisible side of time but that's just a certain length of tape on a limited cassette. That varies for all of us.

I can generally look into a person's eyes and tell how much promise exists for them in terms of affecting whatever operative destiny they are under the influence of. One might think of how they are when they are drunk or high, although these two 'can be' mutually exclusive'. So it is in the case of those who refer to being high as being stoned. Most everyone is intoxicated in one way or another, even if they are sober in a chemical regard, they are under the influence of something.

I tend to look deeply into colloquialisms and the peculiarities of language, terms and phrases that come into use; things like 'boots on the ground', 'hooking up'... ah... never mind, I'm not going to list them and I didn't even get to 'terms'. How about all the ubiquitous abbreviations that have come about due to cellphonafilia? I have observed people using these shortcuts far and wide and my immediate assessments are, this person is both lazy and stupid. I guess that could paint me as harsh and judgmental but as I wade through this unfortunate contemporary swamp of hairflippers and personas fabricated out of spray bottles, paint on and roll on carcinogens, I am at a loss to come up with a positive read on any of it.

These are the kind of people, en masse, who if you point out to them that they are killing themselves, they will snarl at you. They will refuse to hear you. They are like 9 year olds with their fingers in their ears going, “nyaah yah, I can't hear you.” These are people whose fear of being seen as different while at the same time striving to appear different, is strong enough for them to engage in survival tactics against you when you are only trying to help them.

I mentioned at one point, in so many words (I can't remember exactly how I put it at any one time) that I tend to bring out the best or worse in people simply by proximity. Because of the general and mostly consistent interior focus which I engage in, not to mention the invisible entities whose fraternity I have gained, as a result of it, invariably this acts upon others. Every single one of us influences the great surround ocean of being by what we think and say and do. Unfortunately, the mass of us are of unified mind in terms of the direction of our thoughts and desires. This creates a powerful atmosphere that pings on each of us and... UNLESS we takes steps to militate its effect on us we become helpless dog paddlers on unpredictable waters.

The lack of spiritual discipline results in material rule and most people who even think about such things are of the manana manana mindset; never put off for tomorrow what you can put off for next week. Many, many times I have advised people to study the very young and the very old; to visit nursing homes. Simply say you are looking for somewhere to place an aging relative. Take a good hard, Broad Daylight Awareness look at what is there. Study the eyes, hand movements, body language, should the latter even be a performing aspect. Think of it as a truly important exercise. Do not let your eyes bounce off of the scenario, look into it.

You might want to make the same request at kindergartens and play schools because they frown on people watching children at play. This makes a weird kind of sense since a very large portion of political and religious leaders are pedophiles and Satanists. One is a sexual predilection and the other is a life path that requires child molestation, torture and murder as a necessary behavior in order to ensure progress and advancement within the system.

Ebola... yes Ebola and not just Ebola but other viral dangers presently afoot. The powers of darkness have unleashed these things into the public realm intentionally. Already it is showing up all over the place. Let us consider something that may not have been mentioned previously. In the ravaged Third World where the assault of western business interests have been especially gruesome, there are many, many pissed of and deranged individuals. Suicide bombings are a specialty among this demographic. Can there be any doubt that those so terribly violated by bankers and American corporate interests will not see the poetry and effectiveness of Ebola Bombers?

I do not think that Ebola will take down civilization but it could well kill tens of millions of people. At the very least, you need to be taking high end colloidal silver daily. If it is half as efficacious as some people are saying it is, you could well be okay. Given the governments full support of Ebola proliferation AND the introduction of all kinds of other diseases and maladies through the government 'open borders policy', you are surrounded by ticking time bombs.

One can only hope that there appears, Ebola Bombers of Conscience, with connections in government and the corporate world who will voluntarily move through the ranks of the 1%. This is definitely looking like one of those, 'evils destroys itself'' kind of things.

These are some of the things we know and some of the things spreading fear far and wide. What do we not know? If there were ever a time for one to seek out some form of seclusion, this certainly seems like the time.

I have long talked about my desires for a community of kindred souls. I no longer think about this. If something happens it happens and it could only be in a small way, as far as I would permit. I am fully convinced that the various, unprovoked treacheries I have experienced in this year were a direct statement to me about my granting immediate trust to people because of my resistance to live in a world of suspicion. I was taken to the cleaners by some very bad people who sought, not only to rip me off but to injure me in any possible way. It is only later on, these days, as I can reflect on the myriad of events that I can see just how vile these people were. I ALWAYS look for the lesson in things that happen to me. Simply put, people who don't learn, don't learn. People who don't care will eventually wind up in very uncaring environments, the same for the indifferent, the criminal and whatever variant one has dedicated themselves to. If the exercise and apprehension of Love has been your motivator, you will eventually come near the well. Let me point out here that it is impossible to be in pursuit of a greater, more lasting or more valuable asset. You can't do better.

Sure... something like this might cost you everything else but... life is already set up to cost you everything else. Do you leave here with anything but what you have become and whatever Karmic trails continue in your wake? No, you do not. This is observably true. Many things are observably true for the observant. Job one... look within. Job two, make a careful analysis of your environment. Maybe I'm off about something here but... it's a good start. Don't be a mindless pinball, doing no more than repeating the same mistakes, bouncing one way or the other off of fixed bumpers. The game is rigged. The table is inclined.

Ah well... it could be time for another nap. Have a wonderful day.

End Transmission.......

Jeff H. from Honolulu, get in touch with me; can't find your email.

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est said...

no worries, my fine friend

we're all together, in the end

Anonymous said...

nobody seems to notice . . .
nobody seems to care . . .

George Carlin

Why do they call it the American Dream ?
Because . . .
(Please complete the answer)

Love it, Les

Visible said...

because you have to be asleep to believe it.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Ooh, I do like that 'esteban', being all together in the end. I too lament my lack of community. Though, I KNOW I am fortunate in that I have a strong group of people around me daily, who practice martial arts and actively seek out the spiritual in their lives. But the disconnect lies when they leave the mat and talk about recent acquisitions, home improvements, covet the iphone6, use fluoridated, toxic products and keep their kids up to date with their immunizations.

My husband and I will never own a house so long as it requires using the fiat system. I abhor brand names and have a friend in Japan who regularly sends me Fendi or Puma tokens, eager to make us twins as she says. My language is not robust enough yet, to have a true conversation with her about why these things upset me, but I am studying Nihongo with gusto.

I know these are quaint, small expressions of the larger picture. But I SEE and I CARE....

est said...

yes b[a]by,
don't get me wrong, we are all together, now

we are here because we were brought here,

by gods eternal grace - you ought to see the moon tonight

i am transfixed in the best of all ways
i wish you and all, a beau reve

Lou said...

VITAMINs D & C, selenium, a strong immune system and the AVOIDANCE of NEEDLES are the best weapons we have against Ebola IMO.

"The Ebola disease outcome is determined in the first few days. Surviving patients show an early and strong immune response and by day 4 viral numbers drop dramatically. Fatal cases show a weak to no immune response with high viral numbers. ... the innate immune system is quite important in making the decision of survival or non-survival." Doctor Erica Oilmann Saphire PhD Virologist, CDC Ebola Project Lead Scientist

“In a 1995 peer review publication out of Africa the use of selenium supplementation was given there [Africa] and it reversed Ebola. … they found in a large number of cases there were gross deficiencies of selenium. … in this country there are a number of cases of gross selenium deficiency as well.” Robert Scott Bell Note a lack of selenium allows viruses to rapidly multiply

Ebola is not magical; it is only a virus. If you can defeat most viruses you have a good chance of defeating a naturally (as opposed to a NEEDLE) acquired Ebola. IMO Ebola does not kill; it is the victim's weak immune system, especially their Innate or Natural Immune System and perhaps African (for now) "vaccinations" that is doing most of the Ebola killing.


Dan in Ottawa said...

My apologies for not being super-me
Sublime, superb, and super-duper

I’m coughing and sneezing
Laughing and crying
Barfing and freezing
Shivering and oozing the puss out of me

It too…took its toll on my patience
So I took a stroll with the patients, laughed at the trolls on the way down. We were looking for a cabin in the sky, on a clean lake where the turbine trout fly. No chemtrails, geo-engineers and GMOs

But that was just a dream...

We ended up at Desolation Point.
There was no bull kelp.
No sea anemones, no starfish, no snails, no insects, no flies: It was a no-fly zone...

No parking, no barking, no thinking allowed.

No shouting or WRITING OUT LOUD
No whispering about the dying Pacific. No articles, no reporters, no comments, no nothin’
There was hardly any life left.

I left my heart in San Francisco and my pancreas in San Andreas.
I left my kidney down in Sydney and my liver in Liverpool.

We were listening to Dana Daiichi and Fuku Shimatsu on the Rense Radio Network while elsewhere in the United (in crime) Nations, they were screaming bloody murder at carbon and Syria!

I’m no longer looking for a heart of gold; maybe a silver pancreas or an iron lung.

I left my brain somewhere in Spain (mainly in the rain). No aspartame, just aluminum, strontium and barium…

And to spice it up: uranium, plutonium and cesium 137.

Hasta la Pasta,

Vlad The Inhaler

Anonymous said...

No one writes completely shit poetry like that,laced with passive aggressive rage who doesn't have some kind of agenda. Hopefully V you won't tarnish up the area here with that kind of garbage which does not show talent or intelligence.

galen said...

Dear Anon @ 10:03,

Sometimes poetry is just for fun, or release, and that poem above came with apologies in line one, and still, some clever morsels abound in the midst of a good overview of the onslaught that haunts our every day.

"Dana Daiichi and Fuku Shimatsu." C'mon, props for creativity and grand assonance. Esotericism spawns curiosity.

Dan/Vlad, clad in "I don't care if it's perfect, I'm putting it out there," leaves us his stirrings, raw and undressed. So what if you can't deal with the mess. Where's your poem, Anon?


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Sad, Sad Inactive Epiphany of the Doomed Lab Rat.

Anonymous said...

People who cannot identify what is shit and what is not shit eventually wind up eating it and still not be able to tell. People who bend over constantly to accommodate everyone and everything out of some mistaken largesse of compassion eventually find themselves in deep need of it.

galen said...

Without compassion, we're doomed. And we gotta call 'em as we see 'em. Stay away from kids; you'll discourage all their efforts.

Let's talk about your dad.


Anonymous said...

elementary psychology clumsily performed on people with an intelligence level much higher than your own only illustrates the fact.

i've got no more to say to you. i said what i had to say. you pander seeking to seem wise and all embracing. it's ineffective.

galen said...

Just because you have nothing more to say to me doesn't mean I have nothing more to say to you. For starters, where's your poem?


galen said...

Off to view the eclipse. Ahhhh these time zones. Here be more to criticize:

I gave it away
and it was taken
the goods of my god
collected and claimed

I am Cyrano behind the curtain
whispering wantings and love chants
walking wearily alone

I gave it away,
the ghoul of cruel generosity
came upon my personality
and took from me my maps

I hide now below balconies
in bars and bordellos
I am Cyrano the ugly beauty
attracting the theft of piracy
working to make my life work
to breathe the oxygen of respect

Gotta get it back
the gold chip
that tells the story of wonderland--
a beautiful place for everyone
‘cept Alice.......
......and Cyrano

The goods of God dressed in a girl
standing in a window disguised as a woman


Anonymous said...


What we got here, is a sniping troll.


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

9/11, ISIS, ISIL and The Black Art of Reversed Kabala.



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