Sunday, October 13, 2019

In Search of Rest; a Spoken Hymn to the Divine Feminine.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been scrolling through the media of the day; the usual suspects and the home port (for the moment) at Pocketnet. After awhile it all gets a similar feel of being either an outright lie, or something woven into a tapestry of colors and thoughts to transmit an idea... sometimes I'm in agreement and sometimes I'm not and it doesn't make either one right or wrong just because I think it might be. I've yet to have enough information on most anything to be a qualified pundit. I've only got my opinion like everyone else, which, like everyone else, is a personal portal into that place where the sun does not shine. It is a sad thing that, in these times, that is the location far too many people get their information and their positions from.

The truth about the world is like a blob of Mercury on a mirror. Interestingly, the mind and its characteristics are very similar to Mercury and just as hard to pin down, which is what makes Concentration such an accomplishment. Many of us think we are capable of real concentration but on that I would have to disagree. Were we able to concentrate with force, we could cause whatever we could imagine in our mind to materialize before us. There are those who can do this but they are not to be found in the public square; most of the time. Faith can be teamed up with Concentration to wonderful effect and that is the reason for the scriptural phrase, “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN.” We all have heard the term, 'created out of thin air'. Come to think of it, some people do that with money but... I digress. God created the entire universe through the application of certain abilities and made it out of himself. I should here point out that God, in manifest expression, has dual persona. I should add there is more than that as well.

Because we exist, for the moment, in duality, we have the contrasts of existence to deal with. Whether we admit it or not, Harmony is the thing we seek to possess in our lives; go to either extreme and you repent of the effort. So we have the appearance of Male and Female and the Female often gets less of a presence in the hierarchy. In Christianity, that would be The Holy Ghost. I know there are people bound to argue this point but they will have to find someone else to do that with and... it's not the point of this short essay in any case. This essay is a 'setup' for something which will appear shortly.

Through the whole of my earlier existence, I was a worshiper of The Mother; the divine feminine. She who is the portal through which we enter into this sphere and she who is also the Active Principle. God, The Father, is still and motionless and acts on this plane exclusively through The Son. This is all going to be very simplistic so... forgive me if I leave out the major part of the presentation because I could still be here going on about it, even after I was no longer here ...and not come to anything near the end of it.

I am still very much in love with her but for the purpose of the work I do, I mention her far less than she deserves. Many people, thinking about The Mother, or any mother, think of her as nurturing and sustaining, comforting, selfless in her loving of her offspring ...but she is a variegated wonder and employs all of the colors of creation for her expression. You might think of God as the snow on a mountaintop. When that snow melts, it runs down into the valley and produces the riot of colors and life forms we encounter in manifest existence. She IS THE VALLEY. For all of her gentler sides, she can be exceedingly fierce and intimidating. Yogis and seekers who were unprepared have, on occasion, encountered her in the burial grounds and been driven completely mad by her visage as Smashan Tara. You could substitute Kali here, if that provides more familiarity.

Through psychedelics and an intrepid (some would say insane) desire to experience her, I went to some lengths on that account. As this particular existence, this brief appearance, winds down, I am coming more and more into her orbit again. When I was radically enamored of her I wrote many a poem and song and vignette about her. It was what she inspired in me.

I wish to share a warning with the reader about the Divine Feminine. There are any number of men who give women short shrift in the world. There are even those who mistreat them, traffic them, do all manner of evil things to them and think that nothing is going to come of it. If they get caught, as sometimes they do, some degree of punishment might be performed on them but in general, the persona of this sort of man rarely changes. It is caught up in their drive for domination and there are men who see it as the proper position for a woman. Women do represent the subjective in a sense but... it is ill advised to treat them with anything but respect and reverence. Here is why...

Unless you are Jivanmukti, you are coming back here and unless you possess the power of being able to precipitate into physical form on your own and... some do, YOU ARE GOING TO BE REBORN THROUGH A WOMAN. I suggest you use your imagination and consider all of the possible consequences of this. You might even reflect back on headlines and news reports in the media over recent years. Payback can indeed be a bitch.

The balance of Nature has gone seriously missing over the course of time. Perhaps it's been out of wack longer than we imagine but recently it has gone seriously out of wack. With the coming of The Aquarian Age, which we are now in, many of the finer qualities of The Divine Feminine have been awakening in the human psyche. Unfortunately... because of the force of Materialism, it has turned a great many men into behaving like women sexually ...and causing some number of women to behave in alarming ways that do not enhance their beauty or dignity. For those of us who are strong enough and MORE IMPORTANTLY- ROOTED IN FAITH, we are the beneficiaries of those higher powers of The Divine Feminine, which are empathy, compassion, Wisdom- via The Sophia, intuition, Virtue. Well... there are more, of course ...and you can scout those out on your own, should you care to.

The Kundalini, is coiled in The Kunda at The Muladhara Chakra, at the base of the spine. When this is awakened, it rises up the spinal column, where it finally attains Godhead in The Crown Chakra, which is the Sahasrara. Alternatively, before its ascent, it is the snake in the grass. It is the radiant energy which expresses in countless ways here there and everywhere but the point is, The Kundalini is female. The true drive for union in any of us, is with our creator. Spirit has no sexual identity. The soul contains both principles but that only comes into play at a particular point. One's sexual energy can be expressed in various ways but for me there is only one way ever again and thank God for that. When sex is perverted, the force presents as an offense against Nature and oneself. It is the primary tool of Black Magic. Once again, Concentration very much comes into play. There are some seriously bad players out there and you don't want to encounter them and you won't, if you are already beneath The Sheltering Wings.

I, in no way, which to disparage our sexual nature. We'd not be here without it. I am also not suggesting that being here is a desirable condition over all. We each have to determine that for ourselves. Some... very much like it here... at times. I am not one of them. This is not to say that I am out of sorts with my situation. I get the implications and the opportunities and I am good to go and happier than most. There are just better places to be overall.

It was my intention to come here and post a poetic effort of mine in collaboration with Patrick Willis and I thought I would write a brief introduction. Well... you can see what happened (grin). That was what I originally had in mind. The piece is titled, In Search of Rest.

(here is the text for those who want a written guide) and it is my plan to follow this with half a dozen more of similar content at Pocketnet over the next couple of days, in honor of that great and splendorous marvel, The Divine Feminine. I hope these provide some meaning for those who are so inclined.

Om Shring Shriye Namah

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is-

The days are counting down for those who have been accessing my work at Blogger and Fakebook. I never have mentioned all the various ways in which they have harassed me. I just put my head down and kept on keeping on but soon now they are going to shut me down at those portals, not that I care but... you might... so it is best if you join Pocketnet now and don't worry... I'll be putting together a mailing list for each post. If you email me and give me your name, I'll put you on it for when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Viz
quite inspiring and profound- In search of rest.
thank you again ; ]

Ray B. said...

Vis, a Divine column (grin). Thanks!

Vis: “...the scriptural phrase, 'Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN'.”

Faith is very important. For many things, however, I believe Faith is a veiled Remembrance:

Above the Soul level (which is still in SpaceTime, although of a higher frequency), we never 'diffracted' into varying lifetimes. We are like a person looking at a Jukebox, able to select whatever record interests them in the moment. Even at the Soul level, one can 'walk' between the imprints of different incarnations with proper training.

It is only down here on earth-plane that we fall into a Collective (un)Consciousness 'trance', which at this time precludes the above Knowledge. In more enlightened times, Faith was less required. We Knew. At present, we only have a dim Remembrance, which inspires us at a deep level to have Faith. (Faith can also be cast as an Intuition of more.)
Vis: “...I was a worshiper of The Mother; the divine feminine. She who is the portal through which we enter into this sphere and she who is also the Active Principle. ... When [Kundalini] is awakened, it rises up the spinal column...”

I 'saw' something akin to this when I was doing counseling. For some clients, at the conclusion of a breakthrough, they had interesting energy flows. Those who were 'intellectual' had energy rise-up from beneath their feet, up through the torso, and permeate their system. They ended-up more centered. In the reverse, those who were more 'emotionally-based' had energy move-down from above their head, down through the torso, and permeate their system. They also ended-up more centered.

What was interesting was when both 'movements' happened at the same time. Each 'flow' would move in its native direction and pass the other. There would be some 'oscillation' for a time. Then, a great blast of energy would head 'outwards' from the center of the torso. Intuitively, I knew this was creating a manifestation. So-called male & female energy/purpose/archetypes coming-together and Creating. Even the client 'knew' that something profound had happened.

We have such great Potential when our latent faculties are re-awakened...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Franz said...

Great post!

Sergei Bulgakov did it for me. May work for the slower among your followers... I know that because I was the slowest of them all! Bulgakov was a sage as well as a priest, and what it is about Orthodox that produces so many of them? I've often wondered. George Ivanovich Gurdjieff is another who comes to mind. But Bolgakov discovered a new aspect of the Goddess.

Sophia he called her, and met her at the Caucasus while hiking. He was still young enough for it to do some good. He puts it like this:

"...And an unexpected feeling rose up and grew within me—the sense of victory over death. At that moment I wanted to die, my soul felt a sweet longing for death in order to melt away joyfully, ecstatically, into that which towered up, sparkled and shone with the beauty of first creation. ... And that moment of meeting did not die in my soul, that apocalypse, that wedding feast: the first encounter with Sophia. That of which the mountains spoke to me in their solemn brilliance, I soon recognized again in the shy, gentle, girlish look on different shores and under different mountains. …

The rest here:

torus said...

My "problem" with reincarnation/re-embodiment theory is;

Modern” Homo sapiens (that is, people who were roughly like we are now) first walked the Earth about 50,000 years ago. Since then, more than 108 billion members of our species have ever been born, according to estimates by Population Reference Bureau (PRB).

That leaves a rough 100 billion souls that are either "jivanmukti", or...
Subsequently introducing more layers of complexity and speculation. Have those 100 billion "ascended", or are they attending a cosmic "night-school" course on being a "better human"? All to compensate for the faulty operating-system given to us which none of us ever asked for? To pay off karmic debts we don't even recall incurring?

In my limited understanding this a "demonic" doctrine, which only inspires more fruitless speculation. Perhaps Revelation is past tense rendering all hope of a glorious future to come as just more fruitless hope.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"In Dreams of Appetite we Sleep the Sleep of the Dead. Awaken!!!"

Ray B. said...

Supplement to my above comment: Normally, I might get one baddie* come-around within a full-day period who requires Higher Self's 'attention'. After that comment was posted, I had six 'visitations' within a half-day period. Higher Self had to call-in friends and baddies-turned-goodies to cope. Quite a furball. By the end, Cleanings resulted in a few more 'neutrals' and good-guys.

I'd guess that my comment riled-up a few folks on the other side. Cat out of the bag and all that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.
* My definition: Good-guys are trying to raise the consciousness-level of humanity. Bad-guys are trying to lower the consciousness-level of humanity, or maintain it at the artificially-low level of the present.

Unknown said...

They want your next life before it begins they want you to be born into slavery.

Visible said...

Unknown; Yes... that occurred to me when I heard about L. Ron Hubbard being out on his boat with many beautiful young women and getting them all to sign billion year soul contract with him.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Going with the status quo is extreme slavery. And everything here including parents programmes us into it. We are not trained to lead a cost effective lifestyle in time or resources. But hey! That's not economically viable for the system.

As for the feminine (or masculine) divine, I'm not sure I can fit into that; nor can my nosey-poo. in fact, I KNOW we can't. We're kinda balanced close to 50/50, but hey it works. I have the worst characteristics of both genders, and my nosey-poo has the best. So if anyone licks their plate at a restaurant or challenges you to a burping contest in same locale, it will be me!

Then again, Mary Read, Anne Bonny, Jeane de Clisson and Lizardbreath Bathory didn't exactly get the memo, either.



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