Friday, October 25, 2019

Mr. Apocalypse is HARD AT WORK Behind the Veil of Appearances... Fraying at the Edges.

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I see more news from the streets these days, due to going to Pocketnet for my daily input of near facts, fantasy and outright hallucinations. I close my eyes and I see Mike Adams trying to swim through a massive silo filled with (cough) wellness products that address 20 different concerns and fix nothing. Next door is the Info Wars marketplace, with items running into hundreds of dollars, that vaguely have something to do with Iodine or something else. Did I mis-see what I saw... see saw, hee haw? Paul Joseph Watson is a fine social comedian, with a mastery of the 3 second edit, stitched together to create the appearance of continuity. He came out of Info Wars I think. Mike Adams and a number of people emerged out of that Alex Jones, Rothschild financed, controlled opposition thing.

People come to me sometimes and say, “C'mon, he says a few good things now and then.” It's like the people that want to convince me that Rap is worth listening to, because occasionally someone says something that is interesting and not 99% pornographic, female humiliating, 8 year old intelligence level celebration, of garish, heavy jewelry, formed in the shapes of cartoon characters and worn by people who fell off the Bell Curve into an entropic swamp. Yeah, this is racist because it might offend some racists. It's like a hundred thousand monkeys, pounding on typewriters and... whoever the idiot was that came up with this idea... saying they would eventually type out the works of Shakespeare. Well... that's bullshit.

People have been using Logic and avoiding the painful truths, demonstrated by Pure Reason, since they learned to argue and to lie, or lie and argue; I have a feeling it matters which of these you mention first. There are a great many things that I got good at because I didn't know, at the time I was learning them, that they would prove useless to me in the long run (cue The Eagles). There were things, concepts, ideas that I once believed to be true and later found were not true. One of the qualities about myself that I most appreciate and value is that I don't lie to myself. In fact, I consider that to be both REALLY dangerous and abysmally ignorant and... because I do not do this, I can tell when people are lying to me. I can tell when they are intentionally lying and also when they are unconsciously lying and... unconscious lying is a constant. It is, pretty much, going on ALL THE TIME. When I hear the truth it is almost a cause for celebration, it being so rare.

Just because most people lie nearly all the time does not mean I don't listen to them. I listen carefully BECAUSE... what people lie about and the methodology that they use, gives me an accurate picture of both their character and their values. One of the MOST undervalued powers in life, is the ability to consciously listen. Socrates was very good at this. He was also a master at using the tools of the intellect to magical effect. Here is one example. I have actually studied the philosophers and mystics of past times. It can be truly rewarding. These days, people read opinionated critiques from vapid, over-informed poseurs, whose only interest in any subject is to prove how informed they are. The result is that they prove the opposite. Many of today's intellectuals are Hell-Bent on making a name for themselves by diminishing the works of others. It's a rare event to find someone who studies, as they do, for the love of it, for the pure discovery, for the thrill (and it is a thrill) of Understanding.

I watched a video today by this lady, Millennial Millie.

She is also Info Wars connected. If you want a career in alternative media it is a great place to start. Epoch Times and Prager U. are also good vehicles for getting heard. I can't listen to Alex Jones though. He makes my skin crawl. I apologize to anyone who may be offended by my saying this. It's what happens. Anyway... I was watching Millie try to interview protesters on the street and I watched closely. This means I watched what was going on in the background. This is a technique I use much of the time.

I try to see around what is in the foreground. Often... there are equally important actions taking place off to the side. So it was that I saw people trying to influence people who were being interviewed. I looked for 'controllers'. You will find them integrated into these kinds of events wherever they happen. At the end is a black fellow with a beard that I recognize but can't identify. He's a politician or social organizer of some sort and there is a white man with him, trying to act on him, subtly.

On the whole, the people she encountered were both mentally and emotionally compromised. In general they did not know what they were talking about. Many of them (as is more and more the case these days) are from the alt-sex community, or they are of colors other than white and they are being collectively groomed to see all white people as privileged and as supremacists. These are all people who do not know who they are, have not achieved to any level of personal success, are borderline hysterical. Something has been 'agitated' in their minds and is rendering them into a state of perpetual uneasiness and rage is percolating just under their personality shield. This 'agitation' is a real thing and what I think, is that it's an internalized war between what they've been told and the part of themselves (perhaps their conscience) that knows they're being lied to but... they're invested in the lie, because it gives them a forum and a focus that, for some reason, they otherwise lack. It caters to their prejudices and validates them (not really). It makes them feel like they're important in a world they're not capable of making their way in on their own, so they become part of a mob.

For some decades now there has been a war brewing and until lately, it has been going on to the side; in the background. Judges have been appointed and elected to adjudicate on certain areas of social behavior. In order to see just how crazy daily events are becoming, here are some facts on the Texas transgender case. The Pediatrician who is the mother, seeking to turn her son into a girl, is NOT EVEN THE CHILD'S REAL MOTHER!. A judge in New York gave a couple of Proud Boys 4 years in prison for a conflict they didn't start and where the alleged victims DID NOT FILE CHARGES and who said he gave the sentence to discourage similar protesting in New York. Here is a picture of that fine judge. He said he knows what happened in Europe in the 30s. How the two of these things have legal bearing, I don't know.

Injustice... flagrant injustice is going on in America and the Satanists who are pulling the strings are also whipping up the clinically insane on both coasts of the country to take to the streets. There are other pockets of mindless outrage and you can't make a revolution omelet without breaking eggs. Transpose heads for eggs in this regard and remember what happens to the firebrands who stoke the flames of revolution. They are either killed or cast aside, once the goal is achieved. Look at Robespierre and Danton.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND is that regardless of the appearance of the present, they are no indicator of the final result. Some think of God as a potter. God is also a weaver, who takes all the strands of human experience and weaves them into a LESSON. We are only here to learn and we do that by having to endure the consequences of our lessons and reap the rewards of our industry and... ultimately to be shown that nothing is worth having that is not lasting. However long it takes us to learn that, is however long it takes ...and even if our past is truly dark, there is nothing we cannot be redeemed out of. The Supreme Lord's mercy is beyond human understanding and all of your crimes can we wiped away in an instant ...and this has happened a time or two or more and why this might happen to one and not to another; no explanation is given. It is that mysterious Grace of God. This is that priceless thing that is to be desired above all else.

The biggest problem people have about God is the anthropomorphism factor. They personalize God as a bigger version of themselves, with the same likes and dislikes. I wanted to live among kindred spirits, so I tried living in ashram settings. Thus I learned about palace intrigue, the power struggles and rivalries, pecking orders, the endless gossip and malicious slander. I couldn't take it. In Philadelphia I lived at The Guru Bawa Fellowship for around two years. To say that I did not fit in would be an understatement. There used to be a lovely lawn in front of the Overbrook Fellowship. Shortly after Bawa passed, the ruling junta had it paved over and assigned themselves designated parking spots. That said it all for me.

Just because things look chaotic and just because the manipulators and Machiavellian strategists seem to be having their way of it in Moron Country, IS NOT a guarantee of continuance. God the Weaver has not completed the tapestry and his point man, Mr. Apocalypse, is HARD AT WORK behind the veil of appearances... fraying at the edges, tearing rents through which the disinfecting sun can shine and generally being a pain in the ass for the self imagining, ruling elites. There is ONLY ONE RULER, whom both the righteous and fallen angels serve, as does all righteous and fallen humanity, no matter what their individual intentions. Even though Heaven is impartial, the wise serve Heaven because THE LAW is inflexible and perfect. Someone said, 'the mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.' (or something like that). If God is all powerful and if God's power is limitless and if both statements are true, ...and they are; you're going to be okay if you are a worker in the vineyards of The Lord. If you're up to some other enterprises, that's going to be sorted, according to how that enterprise usually gets sorted. You can whine about this all you like and trouble deaf Heaven with your bootless cries. I like a winner. I don't consort with losers so... voy con dios.

Speaking of Shakespeare;

“When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself, and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featur'd like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.”

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Les,
Do you realize that 'you can do magic'?
I could tell you a story or 10 maybe a hundred, but you would likely not believe them.
I'm pretty sure it all works out, with a bit of magic on our part of course, right out of the ether! So take care. Again 'you can do magic'. Stay cool. Pray.

Visible said...


I am actually aware of that and presently so engaged.

Anonymous said...

I'm not being sarcastic, not my intent at all.
Just wanted to point out a very inspiring song i often listen to.
"You can do Magic" by 'America' from back in the days long past.
Take a listen some very cold dark shit rainy day when you are all alone in the middle of nowhere, "Running on Empty".
Its not about a woman (but that works too), other magic is afoot now.
People say there is nothing perfect in this world, I disagree, because music can be.
There are a few other things that are perfect too, not many, only a few.
You are a talented writer and I really like reading your 'thoughts' they are inspirational.
Who knows maybe one day we will actually meet and have a conversation? A world of wonders it is.
So take care and keep writing.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add something to what I said earlier.
'Icons', are an interesting subject for me.
They are meant to convey a message immediately, no thought involved, as soon as you see it the
message/instruction is absolutely clear no need to even think. Could be a picture, a sound, a taste, whatever. A common understanding as to the meaning, period...
So where does the message come from? Obviously someone else trying to tell you something they think you should know about. Kind of a dah momoment.
The Icon, you should know immediately what 'the message is' simply by seeing it or hearing it.
It matters not the 'medium', the message is the 'message'!
Confuse the message with the medium it was sent through.That's how they fuck things up on purpose.
So there are religious Icons, one look and you know the message instantly. The 'Mother and Child' "Christ bearing the cross' says don't fuck with this! The skull and cross bones says Poison!!! Death is ahead.
How is it then that we miss these obvious messages?
Why are the messages being distorted? for what purpose? Who gains and who loses? with distorted messages?
just wondering on your thoughts.
I don't want to waste your time I was just wondering what you thought.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Source in control. During a period, I had issues with car. Alternator and distributer were going out. Once my car died and I managed to roll my car into a parking lot of a side street to a small luxury housing area. Guest parking. I had to walk 2.5 miles home at 2:00 in the morning, and I had a cool short exchange with a black dude walking in the opposite direction of I. Me thinks he was an angel. . .literally. Two other times, my car gave out just as I was coming to my complex, and I actually managed to roll it into my parking spot on momentum. Last week I actually ran into someone at a petrol station. I didn't see her, but it seemed like I hit the breaks on the moment of impact. Damage to her was slight, and all was taken care of by my insurance. It seemed like I was taken over. Being taken over seems to happen on the road, repeatedly. Automatic reflex of slamming on the gas to avoid being clobbered by a semi has happened numerous times. And surviving getting whacked by Southern Pacific in 1977? (That still pisses me off, but hey! If I have to serve a life sentence, a state I don't particularly like; ESPECIALLY after the memories of the Otherside, I might as well be an obnoxious bastard; huh?

All your talk of tapestries reminds me of 'A Tale of Two Cities' and 'Metzengerstein', which I wish I could find in English. Jane Fonda at her prime.

Now off to Smoking Mirrors. Two posts in one day. What a treat.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

This 'agitation' is a real thing and what I think, is that it's an internalized war between what they've been told and the part of themselves (perhaps their conscience) that knows they're being lied to but... they're invested in the lie, because it gives them a forum and a focus that, for some reason, they otherwise lack. It caters to their prejudices and validates them (not really). It makes them feel like they're important in a world they're not capable of making their way in on their own, so they become part of a mob.


Cognitive dissonance is the differential between objective truth and subjective story telling.

TDS is actually just a collective PTSD…. from non-stop media lies vs reality

Banging our head against reality causes something to yield: our attitude!



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