Tuesday, October 08, 2019

"The Summoning of the Orcs of Antifa to the Low Unholy Days of Satan."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Comes now the metaphysical blog and we are most assuredly looking at metaphysical times. There is a pending, pressing, sense of social unrest and uproar. On Thursday coming, the 10th of October, the Orc's of Antifa, plan to engage, in a manipulated aggression against the infrastructure of a society that hasn't been bothered to officially criminalize their behavior. Is this why President Trump has activated The Marines? Or is that due to rumors of an early Ides of March? The pampered, privileged and uninformed generation that composes the main of Antifa, are as they are because they are uninformed and have no sense of deeper purpose. I suspect most of them are angry and violent for precisely those reasons.

They know, down deep, where they have never ventured, they are hearing only unintelligible moans of “who am I?”. They are incensed that the world is not osculating their posteriors the way their parents did and do' “Honey... what's wrong?” “I'm depressed Mom. My life has no meaning.” It does for me Sweetheart. You mean everything to me. You are my own little boy. How about some Sara Lee cheesecake?” “Oh Boy! Thanks Mom.”

Ingredients in Sara Lee Cheesecake;

Cream cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, cheese culture, salt, carob bean gum), sour cream topping (skim milk, cream, nonfat dry milk, modified corn and tapioca starch, gums, [carob bean, xanthan] carrageenan, potassium chloride, culture), sugar, bakers cheese (cultured skim, milk, enzymes), enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, eggs, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, Contains 2% or less: whole wheat flour, skim milk, modified corn starch, corn syrup, leavening, (sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, calcium sulfate), corn starch, salt, lactose, natural and artificial flavors, cinnamon, molasses, milk protein concentrate, gums (xanthan, guar), citric acid, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium caseinate, carrageenan, konjac flour, agar, dextrose.

This is all they are telling you is in there. Look at all the wonderful things that commercial bakers put in their products. Remember, this is just what they are telling you and be aware that GMO is all over these processed foods.

These Antifa Orcs, are the offspring of parents, who were too spiritually neutered to discipline their children, causing them to remain children, with all the petulance and anger that comes with finding out that you have no clue about how to operate in life.

All the things, that those of us who are paying attention, have been talking about, are about to happen. It's not just a mob of disorganized colitch students and unemployed 20-30 somethings. There is a brain center behind the 'walking point' shock-troops. They don't care what happens to those who are too stupid not to be there. Those in the back and on the periphery WANT chaos and bloodshed. It furthers their cause. AND... behind the on site manipulators, are the Deep State operators and the NGO financiers like Satanist Soros and others. In tandem are the liberal politicians from the state or city, where the demonstration is taking place. This accounts for what happened in Portland and Seattle BUT this time it is going to be different.

They are planning violent, social unrest at a Presidential appearance and there is going to be a heavy security presence, who are not like the impotent police lines in Portland and Seattle, who were told to stand down. This is also a FEDERAL MATTER! Hopefully... hopefully those empowered to protect The President, are well aware of the intentions of The Dark Side in this affair and their controlled propagandists in the Crass Media. Whatever happens is going to be Spun, Fondled, Mutilated and Sexually Assaulted by the ones who own that media.

Here is something to think and WONDER about.

The Dark Side FULLY INTENDS for there to be violence and martyrs for their cause. Ergo... the sitting government needs to be aware of the stage being set. I can't imagine that they are not BUT... we must also keep in mind that there will be those, possibly hidden among the law enforcement and certainly among the Black Bloc-Tards who are rogue enforcement agents, PRETENDING TO BE these unhinged barbarians. This has been PROVEN time and again at G-8 and G-20 gatherings. It's a fantastic opportunity for the psychopaths with their face bandanas and black outfits. There is also going to be a serious (from what I hear) weapons and hardware upgrade among the canaille.

Pray for your duly elected president and for the government that still stands between the ravening mob and the rest of us. I recognize that there are many who do not like President Trump, or his methods; seeming lack of self restraint, absence of gravitas, OR WHATEVER... but he is the legally elected and empowered leader of this country. Most of you and those you know, except for military members, present and former, have not seen what happens when a mob rages out of control. I have. It is not pretty.

I never thought I would be praying for a Republican President. I never thought I would be such a Conservative as I now happen to be. I was ALWAYS an outlaw. I did follow every law that made sense to me but... if it didn't and didn't hurt anyone else, I paid no attention, except to exercise caution and be surreptitious when necessary. In other words, 'don't be an idiot'.

I have changed in so many ways. When I observe the rank hypocrisy and duplicitous nature of the Liberal Agenda, my innate sense of decency demands I have nothing to do with them. I am convinced now that they are determined to destroy America as we know it. I am certain they want to do away with ALL MORALITY, DECORUM and HUMANITY. I do not, will not, live in the world they envision through spiritual blinders. When I see mindless twits seeking to destroy the religious infrastructure (whether I have ever been a member or not) of a country, or to set people of one religious, or political system against the other. NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

When I see things like this, it is clear to me what we are dealing with. I am more outraged by the sociopaths recording the event on their cellphone. No real man or woman lets something like what happened here continue to happen.

Ask yourself why so many Democrats are in a hysterical lockstep. Ask yourself why various organizations and cultural groups are and have been virulently opposed to Donald Trump as president. Understand that anyone in power, who is not on the top rung, answers to those above them, or they will no longer be in power. President Trump wants to 'drain the swamp' and he's not just saying this. He is doing this. This has sent those impacted by the draining, over the edge. They are in Freak Out City and they have been in power for a long time and they have killed on many occasions to stay in power.

Understand that Bill Barr and sundry are going to be coming to THE PULPIT in a public forum and naming names and providing the evidence of crimes; SERIOUS CRIMES. They have been meticulous and painstaking and heads are going to roll. This means that those so affected, will go to ANY LENGTH to insure that they remain in power; ANY LENGTH. This includes attempted assassination and whatever they feel is necessary to protect their interests. Keep in mind that these Deep State forces have unlimited finances and access to all manner of weapons and explosive, not to mention assassination and suicide teams.

This is serious bidness and it is coming up very soon. This is WHY the president is taking steps and plans and protections are being drawn up because The President and everyone who works for him, knows what has happened in the past, to those who got in the way of the cabal at the top of the pyramid. The hour is nigh.

Keep in mind that... depending on the degree of your Faith are you looked after. You may well be in any case but REMEMBER, 'according to your Faith is it done unto you'.

The internet could go down. HAARP engineered disasters might occur. There is no telling what might happen. Keep your wits about you and your eyes- AND YOUR HEART open. Go with God.

End Transmission.......

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jamesC said...

Being on the right is the new counter-culture. Strange times, but I'm in. Won't say I'm a "conservative" because of their inability to do anything other than surrender each battle to to the "progressives". They couldn't even "conserve" the lady's room. I also pray for the President and hope that he will be able to create a sensible center populist movement. God help us all!

Thanks for another great post Visible.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Ooops! Missed the link to this VO.

The psychic pressure has gone way past 11! (reference to audio volume controls going from 1 to 10)

Were it not for the kindness of kindred spirits, where would those who know they have souls be now?

The One works in mysterious ways, THROUGH human beings as well as Lady Nature.

Thank you for being here and giving us all your all!

Continuing to be inspired by your creative, inspired work, I posted the following on Pocketnet:

A Tale of Two Believers

Keid said...

You have been successfully corralled visible, but it doesn't matter. I marvel at how effective the Jews are in convincing people to willingly adopt labels such as "liberal" or "conservative" and thus endlessly perpetuating the left/right paradigm. Trump is clearly delusional claiming to have eliminated ISIS while simultaneously arming and funding them. This man is not draining the swamp he is the swamp monster personified. All that is happening is an excuse to declare martial law and treat ALL Americans as enemy combatants. This is where you and I diverge old friend and I must say, it's been fun but it's possible you might be getting a little senile sadly. But the good news is we both know God will definitely take care of us(you and those who are paying attention) senile or not...take care.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"On Thursday Comes The Furries and the Climate Change Junkies and The Khmer Rouge Antifa Thugs; Epiphany Awaits."

Ray B. said...

Vis, a very pertinent VO. Thanks.

There was an interesting synchronicity with your Simon Parkes post. I had just viewed it on the day before your blog. (I have watched his podcasts for a few years. I put his 'viewpoint' in my "Fascinating and May Be Pertinent" shelf in my brain. Caveat emptor.)

Since this is a VO and kind of matches with your observations of the current state of the world, let me summarize Parkes' view of what is going-on. Purportedly, he is quite psychic. He 'sees' inter-dimensional entities whom he has chosen to call Djinn (from the Islamic identification of them).

There is a complicated past history between the Djinn and humans. They are partly physical and partly energy. Basically, they were here (earth-plane and Earth) first, and regard Earth as their rightful home. Apparently, there was a 'conflict' between human consciousness and their consciousness. Long ago, when humans achieved a critical density of numbers on Earth, the Djinn were 'pushed' off earth-plane and Earth - into a not-quite-physical dimension.

As you can imagine, the Djinn hold a collective 'grudge' against humans. They will do anything to get-back-at humans, from messing-up a single person's life through setting humans at war with each other. (They are a part of all-God, and do have their own viewpoint of reality. I have begun to ask Higher Self and Others for a 'best-and-highest' solution to the current impasse.)

Although I see the Djinn as being nowhere near the top of the Power totem-pole, I do see them as a factor in humanity's current 'predicament'. Humanity has been down-educated about the spiritual (including inter-dimensional as spiritual). Most of humanity is woefully ignorant about 'interference' from above. These days, most humans don't even know which thoughts are theirs and which come from outside. This makes them easy for the Djinn to manipulate.

(And to be clear, the Djinn do not care about this cause or that cause, or this personality versus that personality. They just need to satisfy an ancient hatred, by whatever means is at hand. Conflict of any kind serves their purpose.)

This is my interpretation of Simon Parkes' view of our world. Some parts ring true. I have encountered various non-physical entities, both beneficial and hurtful. And, I do know that they can influence those without In-Sight. It might be useful to keep this in mind, during the upcoming times...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Yawn. Every day I get more reasons to be grateful for not knowing and for not thinking I know and also for not letting my head diminish my capacity for Love, thereby crippling my insight.

Visible said...

Criticisms without context or authors name are not allowed. For the reader who may be curious, I was called out for being 'downright nasty' for saying this, "Yawn. Every day I get more reasons to be grateful for not knowing and for not thinking I know and also for not letting my head diminish my capacity for Love, thereby crippling my insight." How this person found that to be nasty I simply cannot fathom but since a person who won't sign their name to what they have to say doesn't stand behind it and because I am not fond of cowardly ambush, I don't publish such comments and especially when there is no basis for them whatsoever. I cannot comprehend why people say things and then hide behind a rock? What is the purpose of that?

I REALLY went out of my way to make my comment compassionate, most especially when the person it is directed too and whom I have NEVER heard of and whose name is not really a name that can be identified, called me 'senile' just because I don't share their perspective. That kind of self importance and painful to be around arrogance cannot be dealt with. People who insult you for not sharing their opinions are not desirable company.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, I liked the post and think nothing of the 'Yawn' comment one way or another. On the other nostril, what do we KNOW in the land of illusion; Maya by any other name?


Visible said...

Hi Gene! Wow, it's been awhile. I have not heard of this lady. I do know Paul Stramer. I will try to look in on this in the course of my rounds. Great to hear from you!



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