Sunday, October 20, 2019

We are Ephemeral Dreamers, Like Surfers on an Evanescent Wave.

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I saw this website and... is it a joke? Is it satire? Apparently it is true. There are people who don't eat vegetables AT ALL. Do I need to delineate the implications?

I want to be optimistic. I want to have faith in the human race but... it's a challenge. The level of insanity in these times is... breathtaking. Once again... as MATERIALISM intensifies, INSANITY intensifies. As MATERIALISM proliferates, SPIRITUALITY diminishes. As RELIGION trends toward FUNDAMENTALISM in all faiths, ATHEISM increases. As traditional forms of worship die out, SATANISM rises around the world and UNCONSCIOUS SATANISM is the greater part, by far, of that particular dynamic. The older religious traditions have been hijacked by Satanists and... the result is that you get this. As social mores embrace more and more of the ABNORMAL, you get more and more of this sort of thing. The woman who wants to turn one of her twin sons into a daughter happens to be a Pediatrician. Yikes!!! Double yikes!!! If you can't intuit what her motivations are, let me clarify it for you. She didn't want two sons. She wanted a son and a daughter and ALL THAT COUNTS is what she wants.

What you have seen so far is CRAZY. Ah... but you haven't seen crazy yet. This is CRAZY. Every time you think it's all gone too far, something happens that is proof positive you haven't seen too far yet. It is clear as clear can be when you see The Media celebrating something like this. As crazy as it has been getting in this country, it has already gotten much worse in The Crown Colonies. There is no rhyme and no reason to what is taking place and this says it as well as anything might.

It goes without saying, for me, that The Infernal Realm has been 'permitted' to express in diabolical fashion for the Purpose of Demonstration. Keep in mind that The Divine is in complete control of EVERYTHING at all times, so there is a purpose to everything that happens.

One thing we know is that animosity previously unseen, a raging hatred, is being stirred up for the President of the United States and for those who support him. An army of discontents is being assembled under the banner of Antifa, to foment utter chaos in America. Here is a mind-blowing visual of the sort of person who comprises the footsoldiers in this army.

Ponder the spiritual implications of her neck tattoo and gaze in wonder at what she has done to her face. There are tens of thousand of self mutilating, self loathing, troglodytes, who have washed up from the River Styx and are now wandering across the landscape.

There was a time in our country where the corporal punishment of children got outlawed. Attendant permissiveness caused a lack of discipline across entire generations. Those of an age where they should not possess power suddenly had power and began to understand the benefits of blackmail and other deceits to get what they wanted. Their parents indulged them at every turn and a nation of spoiled brats were raised. Then these entitled children, who had gained no maturity, were set loose on the world and the world kicked their asses and compromised their emotional investments. This is overly simplistic but I am in no mood to analyze it in deeper detail. You can see the results all round you. In concert with their selfish natures, a deep anger was born, a resentment for their perception of unfairness in the world. This was milked and shaped by cynical teachers in their schools. Many of these teachers were not normal in their sexual behaviors and this was insidiously included into the curriculums, as was a contempt for established religion and since they had been raised with no moral compass their internal gyroscope did not function properly.

At the same time that all of this was happening, the modern world became stranger and stranger. Bad stuff was happening. It had always been happening but the sense of a prevailing wrongness in the world made life surreal. They were learning bad things. They were doing bad things. They were eating bad food. The work ethic had turned to shit and there was no value system.

There was no Diabetes a hundred years ago. There were none of the cancers that there are now. People are developing allergies and environmental sensitivities. More and more of them are being born autistic. They have no sense of self. Life is turning into cosplay. Tattoos, Piercings, body mutilations and all manner of gender dysphoria appeared and you have what we see all round us today and through it all, percolates a collective unrest, a pathological impatience, an increasing dissatisfaction and ever greater concentrations of rage at the world, the governments and the religions and each other. Everything and everyone becomes a target.

Okay... I rambled all over the place in the attempt to make a few rough edged observations and now I'm floating on a Styrofoam container in the Sargasso Sea with my Tweedledee, Tweedledum buddies, Flotsam and Jetsam. Moving right along, nothing to see here. Folks, you already know these things and it was a bit lazy and disjointed of me to wander around, as if I'd had a few (AND I HAVEN'T!). There's so much going on today and I've only been here now and again, so a lot of this got written while I was somewhere else.

Let me segue to a few useful things of a spiritual nature. I don't suppose I have to tell you that we live in 'interesting times', as the Chinese refer to it (they are also living in interesting times). If you don't have the ageless hand of the ineffable at the tiller of your life, you could be in for some grim moments, on your way to unavoidable epiphany, or a dread awakening of one kind or another. Here is a series of paintings.

Thomas Cole The Voyage of Life series

There are four of them. They are by Thomas Cole. He was an artist from The Hudson River School. They are called The Voyage of Life and represent features of existence that one is advised to be mindful of.

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Childhood
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Childhood

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Youth
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Youth

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Manhood
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Manhood

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Old Age
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Old Age

Let me again quote the great, Paramhansa Yogananda; “if you don't look for God in the Springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.” When I first read that, it sent chills up my spine (for real). Then a wave of joy percolated through my frame as I was made aware of the truth that I had done just that.

However ineffective I may have been. However haphazard and cobbled together my methodology may have been, I have sincerely sought after The Divine my whole life. No matter what has happened to me, that has NEVER altered and FINALLY. FINALLY!!! I made it through the murk into the light. I can hardly believe it but... so it is. There is still work needing to be done. There are adjustments to be made and perhaps an even greater determination is required. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. At least now, the one that I had sought for so long, is here. So... I'm going to share some details from my daily disciplines in the hope that they may prove of use to others.

I meditate about 4 times a day. Don't overdo the amounts of time spent. Only continue while you can maintain focus and concentrate. I've yet to etch the time-frames into stone. I pray on occasions throughout the day. I repeat the following phrases at every point in the day that I can remember to do so; when I am brewing some tea, when I am walking about, when I am watching a movie, or a sporting event. Whenever I remember, I repeat; “I am the eternal, pure and free, self illumined Atman.” At other times, I repeat, “Every particle of my being, from the physical to the spiritual, is filled with the presence of God.” One could exchange 'love' for presence, should they choose. I repeat these while in bed awaiting sleep and upon awakening. I repeat these phrases while meditating, maintaining an inflexible certainty of their literal truth. I let my heart swell with the love of the ineffable and you are free to visualize that as Jesus Christ or Lord Ishvara, who is the same by another name, in a different tradition... or ANY realized master, or The Mother, should you choose.

At a certain point I repeat The Pattern on the Trestleboard.

The Pattern on the Trestleboard

I will be releasing a video shortly that demonstrates the images used and my hand positions while doing this. I close out by expressing over and over how deeply I love the ineffable master of all things. Though one should never pursue powers for the sake of the power, powers do come AND repeating certain phrases, or words with INTENTION and an ever growing degree of FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION, guarantees that they will come. You can compare this practice to what happens when learning a musical instrument. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between practicing for an hour a week and an hour a day and an even greater difference should you practice for more than a hour a day. All activities are commensurate with the time and intention invested. PERIOD!

Some of you may be familiar with my course, “Learn to Play Guitar like Carlos Santana- Guaranteed.” (only ten dollars!) The course is comprised of a single lesson and it follows thusly; 'Take your guitar into a room and practice for ten hours a day. Meanwhile, listen to the music of Carlos Santana.' I stand completely behind this method.

If your intention is that all powers, which will surely come, through austerities and other spiritual practice, is to be dedicated to union with the ineffable... so shall it be. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

This is also certain to bring success. Go into a room or into Nature. Take only water and for as long as you can manage, pray and cry out to God for 3 days, only pausing to sleep, (or for elimination, which you don't have to pause for) and continuing immediately upon awakening. If you are not satisfied, do it for 7 days. Does this sound extreme? It is extreme but IT WORKS. God is ALWAYS WATCHING AND LISTENING! He/She is most especially impressed by sincerity and inflexible purpose but even more especially, by LOVE; God is a slave to Love. Such dedication cannot fail to gain a response. However, you do not have to be so extreme. You can pray and cry out silently within, all through your day as often as you can remember and you will get results. There is NO FRIEND LIKE GOD. Make God your friend.

End Transmission.......

This should serve as a brief intro. We'll expand on all this in the next Visible Origami

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robert said...

Gracias dear visible!

It began to go downhill when the state indoctrination centers, aka schools, began to EMPOWER BULLIES, by training the bullied to walk away and surrender their space to passive-aggressive narcissists.

We are all going through beauty-withdrawal!

As the money-powered orcs plow their deception trains through the crowded sidewalks, casting dark smut all over the eyes of the world, we strain to see the beauty inherent to Creation.

Man's brain farts stink up the place but especially the brimstone odors from those bent on destruction, bent over by the dark hermaphroditic former angel....

Inner beauty increases its intrinsic value and those who fearlessly shine for all, bring sustenance to those suffering with "beauty-deficit syndrome"

Without the flow of divine beauty, our perception process withers...

Anonymous said...

being that a blind man can see, the train left batshit crazy at light speed long ago, does that prove that socrates and orwell were correct

torus said...

Regarding the BOTA Trestleboard, or the Sepiroth in general. When one performs the Qabilistic Cross, typically as a prelude to the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, one points to one's own heart as "Malkuth". The "kingdom" is in the heart. I like that. Some occultists may point to the genitals as the "kingdom", go figure.

Anonymous said...

Several days ago, i watched an episode on PBS about the Hudson River School.
The works by these artists are unmatched in their beauty. I was deeply affected by it, because i hadn’t seen as many of them when presented together, comprehensively. Usually if i’m at a museum the collections are not so complete. but it’s the same feeling when i’m in front of works like these, only better. Truly beautiful. And i thought of you and your appreciation for Thomas Cole while i watched.

Thanks for reminding us.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


torus said...

I too appreciate the paintings above. I'm a sucker for those who can capture the subtleties of light in all of its analog beauty. Which brings me to 'Joker'. Much ado is being made of this film and its dearth of CGI along with an overt homage to Scorcese. The critics panned it as being a call to arms for disgruntled white men. Think of the wave of homicidal cross-dressers with mommy and maleness issues that 'Psycho' unleashed. I hope I wasn't too hasty in dismissing that. But that's not my point. I haven't seen 'Joker' and I have no plan to. Most seem to praise it as high art. I need to see another contrived, scripted, punched, whipped, shot and beaten punishment of the flesh as much as I need to see yet another round of scripted, contrived, punched, whipped, shot and beaten dead horses. "You talkin to me...? Are you talkin'!?' Why is that 'iconic'? Why do you know to whom I am referring? Even DeNiro takes a bullet to the head in 'Joker'. The punched, whipped, shot and beaten DEAD horse. I can't stomach Hollywood...AT ALL.

(Pardon me for that)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"When You are Through Sleeping with the Swine, Jacob's Ladder Will Appear in Your Dream (of Life)."

Jeff v said...

Vis, I have read that in ancient times, flies would land on the urine of some of the people, this was attributed the high sugar content.
Enjoy reading your blogs. Thank you for what you do.
Jeff, v

Ray B. said...

Vis, an informative column. Thanks!

I believe humanity was 'overwhelmed' long, long ago. (Or, we allowed it to be done unto us, to get down here for the physical experiences.) We were shut-down, in one way or another.

The unfortunate part of this is that those who remained in higher Stations could now do whatever they wanted to us - Good, Bad, Ugly, or Beautiful - without us having much say in the matter. This went on for millennia, while we worked-on gaining Experience.

Now, a sizeable portion of humanity is ready to move-on, mission accomplished. However, our way is being blocked. Most of those who have 'completed' are aware of this conundrum, and are growing impatient (and other words). This is one of the background reasons for the way the world is now 'behaving'. The propagandized world is False on every level, and people intuitively know it and reject it.

The pressure is building. It will be interesting to see how the matter is resolved...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Greg Bacon said...

Not sure about this God and Devil thing, as I was indoctrinated into the Catholic faith as a baby and spent 16 grueling years under that lash, before I walked.

Drifted into the Pentecostal Bible Thumpers, the ones who talk in tongues...Only other time I saw that was when someone ate too many 'shrooms or LSD.

Lost my faith in that bunkum, but I do try to improve myself spiritually each day.

But all this insane nonsense about gender fluidity, men having periods, castrating young boys to turn them into some kind of freak, there's too much of that BS around to be organic.

Makes me wonder if there is a Devil.



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